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14 Mar
ZXTune - Chiptunes player

Posted by Vitamin/CAIG in Music & Audio | March 14, 2016 | 95 Comments

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Player of computer music from ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, Sam Coupe, PC, Amiga, Atari, Acorn, C64, SNES, Nes, Sega, GameBoy, TurboGrafX, MSX.

Supported formats:
- ZX Spectrum (ASC, FTC, GTR, PSC, PSG, PSM, PT1/PT2/PT3, SQT, STC/ST1/ST3, STP, VTX, YM, TurboSound tracks, AY with embedded player, TXT files for Vortex Tracker II, CHI, DMM, DST, ET1, PDT, SQD, STR, TFC, TFD, TFE)
- Atari (DTM, GTK, TCB, SAP)
- Acorn (DTT)
- Sam Coupe (COP)
- Commodore 64/128 MOS6581 (SID)
- Amstrad CPC (AYC)
- Super Nintendo (SPC)
- Multiplatform (MTC, VGM, GYM)
- Nintendo (NSF, NSFe)
- GameBoy (GBS)
- TurboGrafX (HES)
- XSPF (import and export) and AYL (import only) playlists
- Archives (ZIP, RAR, LHA, UMX, GZip and 7zip)

Integration with music catalogues
- ZX Spectrum music catalogue
- ModLand music collection
- High Voltage SID Collection catalogue
- Modern ZX Spectrum music catalogue
- Josh W catalogues
- Amiga Music Preservation
- The AY Great Original Resource
- The Mod Archive

- single version for phones and tablets
- supported resolutions up to xxhdpi
- works on Android starting from 2.3.3 (API v10)
- pausing while incoming/outgoing calls
- headset playback control (not for all devices)
- different interpolation modes with performance and quality optimizations
- caching of playlist entries on local SD card
- lock screen playback control widget (Android 4.0 and newer)
- home screen widget
- send modules and share references to modules from, and
- ability to set chiptune as ringtone
- search and playback modules from archives

Used permissions:
- internet access/network status for remote data sources access
- read/write SD card for local data sources access and playlists export
- read phone state for incoming/outgoing call processing
- wake lock for scan service speedup
- change system settings to set chiptune as ringtone

Also try the desktop version of ZXTune!

Whats new

    * added KSS format support
    * decreased size of application
    * fixed playback of some HES files
    * fixed playback of arpeggio effect in tf0/tfe formats playback
    * added catalogue
    * fixed Joshw catalogue listing with special symbols
    * support unknown authors' modules listing in Modarchive catalogue
    * fixed ringtone creation for modules shorter than 30s
    * fixed some crashes

Vitamin/CAIG part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 14, 2016. Google play rating is 93.0344. Current verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Scott Williams

Stable, many formats, still a few things missing Such as Unreal UMX support. It's pretty much a custom marriage of XM/S3M/IT, innit? Also, would love to see a scrolling tracker view. Sometimes the track's fun to watch scroll by. Aside from that, seems to have a good selection of formats it can read, moreso than XAMP. Though it can do the two aforementioned things, this one reads more in the end. Doesn't seem to have an option to obey loop commands though, unless I'm missing it. SPC plugin, while a nice addition, is slightly inaccurate. Tempo is improperly read (about 5-15% too fast depending on song), and the samples are all being read in a way to put them up an octave too high. Sounds like it's on speed and heluim. Worth a giggle to listen too, but simply not right. Reverb instructions seems read properly though.

Matthew Feeney

Good It's good, but why does the search option not work? It just keeps saying searching, when I type in a name.

Collin Pierce

An excellent chiptune player! On a whim, I decided to look for a chiptune player app for my Droid phone, and decided to give ZXTune a try. I am happy to say that it works quite well for the most part. Song looping works great when turned on, and SID, AY, and SPC files loaded without a hitch. In fact, I'm jamming out to Rob Hubbard's Skate or Die theme as I type this! However, as of this time (4-15-2015), there are a couple things to keep in mind: There is no support for SNES playlist files (.rsn), only single song files (.spc), so if you have rsn playlist files, you'll have to extract the songs as spc files, which thankfully can easily be done with any archive opening program that supports .rar files. There is no support for NES (.nsf/.nsfe), Sega Master System (.vgm), or Sega Genesis (also .vgm) chiptunes. Besides these two issues (both of which can easily be fixed through future updates), I've had a blast with this player. If the two issues I've mentioned above are fixed, I will happily update this review and give this app five stars. Even so, this app is quite solid and I highly recommend it.

Peter Cunderlik

Excellent! Probably the best app to listen to Rob Hubbard on the go. Or to Speccy beeper tunes. Or everything else. :) Would be great if I could simply press button "keep surprising me" when the player would keep playing random tunes from all sources. Essentially like a radio.

Kris Jankiewicz

Best player This computer sound player is the best. I use it everyday. Great quality sound and full of options.

Genoperno Translucente

good app I found a solution to avoid having to scroll through the file system always looking for music. I put all the files in dir zxtune in sdcard and I always leave the browser there with playlists at hand. ____ Since the last update I can listen to the soundtrack of Plok :°) . You can also add support to midi? There are lots of beautiful ost in this format (tyrian, theme hospital, ultima online ...) _____ Ok I sen you an email (even if my terminal is a bit poor)

Jeroen Serdijn

Just works

Kyle Perkis

ZXTunes! Lots of creative musicians on ZXTunes, this app is excellent. Check out the High Voltage SID collection (check out 'Data') and blast some chip tunes at an appropriate volume level!

Shankey Ahirwar

Really good chiptune player

Rik van der Veeken

Great player I was searching for a player which automatically returns to the song you paused it on. This app does that! It also supports media buttons. The only feature I am missing is a widget, if this comes I will rate it 5 stars! I've seen the integration with the Android stock lock screen widget. But I mean a normal home screen widget, I would use to start the music.

David graham

Good player I like this player but not all songs/tunes are available. Most of the time I get nothing found after selecting a file.

Teemu Känsäkangas

Works great on Nexus 9 after last update No complains. SID-plugin could sound better, though.

Guybrush Threepwood

Works great for SID chiptunes This is one of the best players. It has pretty good fidelity and the playlist navigator is better than other apps. I had trouble with choppy playback on Galaxy Nexus but the developer pointed me to a setting that fixed it. My only complaint is that the app tries to guess the length of the songs and sometimes gets it wrong, causing the song to get cut off too early.

Tiziano Riolfo

The only way this app is going is up Need synth to get through the day? You've arrived

Sean Parker

Works well, needs search A search function would help enormously for the online collections, maybe something for a future release? Looking forward to what else is planned :)

PM Pope

ZXTune is awesome! You know how one chip tune can make your day a million times better? Yeah? Keep on multiplying that & your have ZXTune! Great job!

A Tab

Super!!!!! I love it , I am back in time. I still use zx spectrum for plying music demos, but this is better because of creating playlists... and working great...

Brad Jernigan

Chiptunes rule And ZXTune is a great way to listen to them

Daryl Burns

Great little app for the nostalgics I was one of the old farts that owned the c64, spectrum and Amiga. Love listening to some of the old tunes and, every so often, I'll remix one or two of them. This app is great and has a huge library of songs, loaded from the internet on demand so doesn't take a huge amount of storage just by installing it, unlike some players... Kudos to the developer. Friendly and responsive when a bug is reported.

Janez Valant

Very nice player! But please consider adding Atari ST SNDH support. Its widely used novadays

Björn Johansson

+ One of the best sid players? - Cannot be installed on storage card, only on phone mem. :( Forces me to uninstall, pls fix!

Adrian Black

Good format support .. UI is "basic" There is some overlap with Droidsound with this (the Amiga file formats) but ZxTune seems to support a ton more 8bit formats. It is missing some like NES and such, but can play a whole lot. For mods (and similar) it doesn't list the instruments so you can read the author's notes so that would be a nice add. Another big lacking feature is it would be nice if it could scan your designated file library and create a library so you aren't just looking at filenames. (For formats with embedded names.) No lockscreen music controls either (at least on my Nexus 5.) Great effort and I'm sure it will continue to evolve and get better. I played some files to test and they all sounded great.

Addie C

Amazing app! Navigation of online collections! Broadest compatibility of any player yet. If you like chiptunes get this NOW. Who needs to get paid?

David Waite

Brilliant Very nostalgic! Thanks for this.

Daren Pearcy

Great, relive those classic tunes! Please add the option to browse by letter in the browser. When you click "Authors" the list is too long, you should be able to select all authors beginning with "S" for example.

Pascal Pochol

Awesome! I've noticed zxtunes for desktop a long time ago, but only discovered the Android version today. The fact that you can simply select a folder in one of the online collections and start playing is awesome. I only wish it had playback controls on the notification but I'm not going to remove a star for this detail. I'm sure it'll come eventually.

Jason Kreller

Awesome App! This is one of the best chiptune players I've ever used! I love being able to immediately play songs from online sites like modland. If the developer can keep adding support for more audio formats, this will be the best chiptune player available! Thanks for all of your hard work!


could be better everything is played at a slightly higher pitch and speed, modules aren't properly repeated when there's a custom loop point set (it just starts over). it doesn't seem to read the slight Atari player format, the options menu is somewhat empty (being able to set stuff like the playback frequency and sound buffer size would be nice) also the interpolation for modules needs improvement

Daniel Åkerud

Fscking Awesome The SID support w/ HSVC search is pristine. Thank you. <3

Renee Brown

Did not not play I attempted to play my 8bit tunes which did not work, then tried mp3 and it did nothing.

David graham

Good player I like this player but not all songs/tunes are available. Most of the time I get nothing found after selecting a file. *edit* up to 5 stars, after recently getting new phone and updating app, not having any issues and much improved.

Googel Chairmen

I'm looking for a player to pay .nsf files from my phone ...what I get is a player that only has search capibility through my browser. Worthless :/

Sanya Playstation

Really good! A good one, with awesome online database so you no need anymore to find some vgm and then move it to card. All already in a cloud and you have simplest access to it. The problem is that songs sounds too quiet. Please made some boost options.


Chiptune Lover! I have an app where I can actually listen to tracker format songs. Best portable chiptune player ever! :D

Gábor Király

It works. I should write something useful here, but whoever finds this program already knows what it's for.

Manuel Ignacio Galafe Herrera

Amazing chiptune player!! I really love it, thanks to the autor for this fine piece of software. Please, can you add the LDS format? Or add the option to mute/solo tracks on mods/vgm/spc formats? LDS format was made by Andreas Molnar, the guys from Adplug have the source code. Regards from Chile!

Simon Bishop

The app now keeps telling me 'no network found' when i click on tunes ive dowloaded. Its at it's best offline. If now you need to be connected to the internet, makes it useless to me. responce - 10/12/15 i downloaded them with my internet, when i try to play offline, say when im out, keeps saying network not found - they used to work fine offline :(

Cole Martin

Good, but... When I try to play IMF music (Wolf3D music format) which the description says the app has support for, whenever I try to load an IMF that can be directly put in Wolf3D and playable on any IMF player (it is proper IMF), it says "No supported tracks found." Please fix this bug.

Paul Overy

Best app ever Seriously cool retro app, plays tones of old formats and supports songs directly from the net.

Chris Jackson

Fantastic Would love this app even more if it supported loop points and song length detection for Sid tunes.

Mooshroom Cloud

AWESOME! I love the amount of support it has, and the amount of space I save! Could we get MSX support too?

Marek Argent

A very accurate player. A lot of formats supported.

Some Guy

Absolutely Awesome It has a huge collection of awesome chiptunes to listen to. I could listen to it all day. Definitely a must have for retro gaming fans.

Rainer Koschnick

Fantastic Doesn't get any better than this. Just one small URL bug, it can't load files with "& a m p ;" in the title (it would create an URL like "a%20& a m p ;%20" where it should probably use the actual & sign for display and retrieval). See "Josh W - NES - n" for examples, e.g. North & South.


Simply Amazing I really love this app. The ability to play songs straight from music catelouges is extremely handy. Are there plans to support minigsf, mini2sf, and miniusf files for GBA, DS, and N64?

Terry Bonesteel

Won't play anything that's already on my sdcard

Jimmy Kumpulainen

Awesome I can listen to WIN.MOD on the go!!

Paul brown

Superb app that works very well indeed running it fine on my cheap vkworld 700 pro phone .

Jamail Luckey

Cool Great but still can play miniusf. Files plz fix this

Dave Schlick

Wow! Just bloody amazing!

Dmitry Semyonov

I love it, actually. One less star is mostly because of not enough UI polishing and testing, and due to problems with playback of .ay files: - It seems there is not enough CPU power to play .ay files on LG-P690, and I can understand that, but there should be a way to automatically skip them in this case. (May be I'm wrong about the CPU power, since .ay playback works properly for the first several seconds, and only then starts stumble every other second.) - When used in the portrait mode, the information about currently playing composition on the Main tab is cut. If I try to switch to the landscape mode, the information disappears completely, and does not re-appear after switching back to the portrait mode. Moreover, playback control buttons stop working after switching the modes. - Searching over all supported music archives (or even just over ZXTUNES) takes forever, and it is impossible to understand without proper progress indication, whether it is actually doing something or is just stuck.

Austin Roberts

Works perfectly Plays several file types I tested great, and sounds good too. Very simple to use too. Miniusf support would be good, as well as a more polished UI, but it plays the music great and has notification area playback buttons too!

Jouni Karlsson

Plays everything I throw at it, which is great! The UI isn't bad but looks really outdated, especially on modern phones with Android 5.x and newer using Material Design. Would suggest either going for a really retro 8-bit look or redesign the UI with Material Design standards.

Turbo Hz

I wish it supported Atari sndh files

Simon Skyrim

Wow It even supports dbm and files archived in lha. Make this player fully support AHI and I will give you 5 Stars. *EDIT: reply to your Answer: To bad you feel that way, this player is good. But there is many other players that are just like this. You can make THE player, that supports everything. Even Symphonie and Stone Tracker. I would really have loved AHI Support. No other player has ever had that.

Sigurður Finnsson

I can forget myself for a long time just browsing the supported music archives. The archives have great collection of the classic authors as well as more modern stuff. The player has good quality sound and many formats are supported.

Janez Valant

Great player! Would love to give 5 stars, but still waiting for SNDH format. It is really THE format for Atari ST music. Anyway, great work and hoping for SNDH support in the future! THX! This was not meant as a deal. It was honest view on great player, which sadly doesnt support my fav platform, thus i cant give it full praise. I said i hope for SNDH, i dont expect it just because I want it, or to lure you with stars. It is after all YOUR project.

Callam Porter

Incredible I love it. The only issue I have is when I try to view some Sega CD soundtracks, it crashes, likely because of the immense size.

Greg Buffum

Does what it says Love the built in library feature!

Chris W

OK but Doesn't play AdLib tunes and several others.

Matthew Feeney

Good Nice Snes, Megadrive, Nes and Gameboy integration. Mega CD tunes don't work due to file size error. Great otherwise. Good work. :-)

Chris Nash

Fantastic It even plays mod music directly from zip archives! Awesome.

Konstantin Yeliseyev

Love it! ?? The best.

Ozone Sama

A very well thought player with lots of useful functions and supported formats. Thank you!

Zachary Lohrman

It's great and works as expected. I only wish that the notification area would have the back arrow as well.

Mojo Jomo

Superb! I usually find something to moan about with most apps, but so far, not with this. One little feature I would like to see added is the ability to pause playback when a Bluetooth headset is switched off - as it stands, it just continues playing from the devices speakers.

P Robinson

Great work dute ! Ha, title would not give me a clue it also would even know Amiga/C64 formats - but it's the best i found !! Also .DBM playback and huge online mod database - what a great piece oft Software. Really good job - well done

Magnetic Rex

Excelent It supports almost all sound channels if not all of them. Which is something most Apps out there should fix. Also, no ads are visible . This is a huge thumbs up from me. I recommend this if you need a good nsf player

Jonathan Leung

Great for all chiptune needs! Pretty awesome for getting NES and Super NES soundtracks on the go! Can also make ringtones out of them which is really nice. Only things that kept it from a 5-star rating was that I have to go in and out of folders to get to my MicroSD card (when I expect to see the root folder) and the tracks are listed numerically but by first digit (so tracks are listed like "1, 10-19, 2, 20-29, 3, 30-39") which is awkward, would prefer a truly numerical listing.

Paul Jacobson

All my chip tune needs in one place :) Does exactly what I want. Great work!

Ekadasi Newton

Whoa... Just whoa! I've been into chiptunes and demo scene for over a decade. I use XMPlay on my computer and wanted something similar for my mobile. While some features are different, this app blew me away. The browser is one of the best features, no contest. While I do have my own collection of mods, being able to look for more right from the app is really sweet. I'm in love. Future support for midi files would be pretty cool.

Glen Turner

Good idea but needs work Plusses and minuses for me. 1. Plays a lot of formats. 2. Searches straight from online archives. 3. Doesn't play MP3 format. 4. Playlist doesn't populate after loading a saved playlist. 5. Random play doesn't seem to work after loading a playlist. 6. Basic player interface. 7. Not any options for customisation. 8. No equaliser. All in all not bad but not the best...

MegaPhil X

Great but... The app works great but I was expecting to be able to mute certain tracks of a NSF song. Like for example to be able to only hear the Triangle channel or just hear the Square1 and Square2 channels. Is there a way to do that?

Marios Sklavenitis

Plain awesome Most used applications on my devices. Congrats to the developer

jo jo

love this app the best chiptune player, so many choices


Cant browse from storage

Patrick Wilson

Smart... Great player! Being able to connect and favourite tunes in online library's is a great feature.. Best player out there.. !

Ian Cowburn

Superb Lovely no nonsense player for chip tunes and mods.

Aron Somodi

I won't decrease the number of stars from 5*, but please, dear devs, fix that annoying ENOMEM bug! I have a Note 4 with 3 gigs of RAM, but when I play a few SIDs after each other (from the official HVSC zip archive), it seems the player tries to allocate memory for the new song without freeing the previous song's memory space, and displays this error message: "mmap failed: ENOMEM (Out of memory)". I've upgraded my phone to the latest official Android: 6.0.1 from 5.1.1, and the bug is still present. Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work!

Zee E.

Works for a good amount Samples are broken on some things and the rom for some chips is missing compatible methods to play. The samples that do not play are on raizing hardware games. Most notibly armed police batrider. Even with the required rom for the samples

Jakob Kaelin

Wonderful App! Only minor complaints. I've only used it for playing my .NSF files so far (why I downloaded it in the first place) and it plays everything just fine, the only things I dislike is that I can't set it to infinitely loop the tracks (5 minute max) and that it lists the tracks incorrectly, doing it as #1, #10, #11,...#19, #2, #20,...etc, which is annoying when trying to listen in order.

Vladimir Stojic

Awesome Everything you could ever wish for regarding chip music is here.


MY FAVOURITE AND MOST USED APP!!! I had trouble finding files to download but then I noticed the archives. They have music from nearly any game you can think of. Some tunes in the archive are unsupported by the app but I suppose the archives are from people other than the ones who made the app. Great app. I'm listening to it right now as I write this. The playlist and ringtone features are also neat additions.

Aron Somodi

Nice! A beta version I was given by the developer completely fixes the ENOMEM bug while playing SID files, so it's almost perfect now, minus some Bluetooth stuttering issues, but it's already the best!


Best retro music player I know Look. Im getting straight to the point. I LOVE this app and It plays all of my favorite consoles (.nsf, .vgm, .spc, etc) but there is a small problem with .kss and .hes support. I cant play other files in the kss and hes files. It plays just 1. But other than that if you like retro game music and need a good app to play retro game music on. This is your app!

Teo Opic

Awesome...But. I often listen to .SIDs and .MODs and I'm glad I found this app. But I would really like an equaliser and I can't see the lock screen widget. Otherwise an awesome app used daily. Thx dev!

Dixon D-Wolf

Cant play minigsf,gsf and gbs format,(edit)"No Supported tracks found" error appear but for other format works...

Pavel Revak

very nice my ideas: Skip to previous song must restart current song, and next time click skip to previous song (like other players). And allow to export as ringtone full length of song (.sid). Thanks!

John Avila

Cant play music, browser. At line 1 column 48 syntaxis error. Cant get tunes in browser cant play new content.

Good player. It plays both Atari ST and XE music.Maybe In future Adlibtracker2 music format will be nice too !

Patrick May

Excellent I love this program. The interface makes good sense and is easy enough to use. It seems to support a ton of formats. Fantastic. DBZ FOREVER!!! !!! !!!

Jamail Luckey

Cool Great but still can play miniusf,minidsf, Psf,Spc,Psf2, Dsf. Files plz fix this

Anthony DiRosario

Does as advertised Great app for playing my favorite music.

Nick Shvelidze

Awesome app, definitely recommended for everyone

Henrik Gustav

Nostalgia I absolutely love it!

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