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30 Aug
Zombie Invasion : Escape

Posted by Amphibius Developers in Action | Aug. 30, 2016 | 91 Comments

Apk file size: 22.0 MB

Part 2 of a brand new horror thriller adventure, featuring the living dead, from the makers of the hit point and click adventure series, Curse Breakers and Zombie Invasion : T-Virus

You have faced the zombie apocalypse, now it's time to put an end to it. Prepare your ammunition, secure your weapons and get ready to make your escape. The dead are living, and you are the only one that can stop the invasion.

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You were a retired Special Ops soldier living a carefree life, but that all comes crashing down when Professor Morgan creates a deadly mutation virus, which returns life to the dead. The virus has escaped the lab, and you were sent in put a stop to it.

After fighting for your life, and surviving an undead assault, you were able to secure the T-virus antidote. But the danger has not ended here, the zombies are loose and it's time to acquire new weapons and a way out of this living hell. Deliver the anti-virus and save humanity, evade the undead and make use of your surroundings to escape. But don't get bitten, or it's all over, and with you, the only hope for mankind.

It is all up to you now soldier. You are our last hope. You must do whatever it takes to escape with the anti-virus and put a stop to the undead nightmare. Good luck!

-Inspired by classic point and click adventure games!
-Incredible graphics with detailed scenes and objects!
-Stunning new sound effects guaranteed to cause a scare!
-Interact with multiple heroes in game to expand the story
-Experience exciting shooting gameplay against zombies out for your brains
-Many items to collect, combine and solve puzzles with!
-Multiple puzzles to solve and challenges to complete.
-Logical and realistic zombie outbreak scenarios.
-A dark adventure full of chills and thrills, face off with the undead!

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Amphibius Developers part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 83.7858. Current verison is 1.08. Actual size 22.0 MB.

Download zombie-invasion-escape.apk 22.0 MB


robert osborne

Angry Game is unplayable due to ads that keep popping up this won't make me want to buy the ad free version

Anthony Stevens

Don't get it!!! Nothing but a commercial buh bye.

Bradley Roberson

Ads Way too many ads makes it not worth paying

Alethea Schweitzer

Great Once you get the hang of it

Jane Medders

Love the game.


Horrible! Playing this game is unbearable due to the concentration of ads.

Kat K

Zombie Invasion escape Great idea but... It throws me out after every move / clue that I find / use. I've never experienced a game like yours. It's the most irritating game for that one particular thing. Please, at least let me have a half an hour to play. let people play a little before you advertise and just throw them out of the game. Let us have some fun! Boo to u! I have to uninstall.

tony krenn

Warning This is a very difficult game. One of the early games by this developer they've gotten a lot easier since the first couple. Getting through this game without needing a walk through would make you an exceptional individual.

Curt Sutton

Too many ads Unplayable ... ad opens every 10 seconds. Uninstalling.

Carol Riggleman

Needs updates faster Liked it

aj jones

Wtf Too many adverts uninstalling.

Robert Ashford

Sucks Ad every second

Honesty David

I dislike it It's annoying!The whole point of the game was to find hidden stuff.! Actually ill click on one of the material n it will freeze.

Karen Pin

Sic If I could give it 10 stars I would..

Rick Gonzalez

The sudden interruption of ads about every 20 to 30 seconds seriously impedes game play to the point of the game not being enjoyable.

Danielle Weglar

Pop up central So many pop ups I can't decide if I would even like to purchase. Puzzle games are like mind exercises. Who can concentrate with all the pop ups

hard corners

Ad infested unfun Free version is virtually unplayable

Tee Jacobs

Really loved dis game had me wanting more only issue to many ads. Can't wait for da next 1.

Vonetta Medlock

Difficult But Doable It took several tries over several days to get through this, but I did get through it after just sleeping on it and clearing my head. The sound effects DID screw with me but only ended up making the game a fun, more-intense experience. I definitely plan to look for other escape games by this developer!

Chris Walls

Good game But can't get past all the wall safes and to many ads

t ko

Awesome It was awesome the only thing that I hated was the ads every minute. But if you like puzzles and adventure then you will love this game

Jerry Guardian

What a waste of the beautiful game The ads just are way out of control

Logan Boyd

It sucks there's no codes and and the combo is wrong on the combolock

Timothy Ballard

Nicely done. A little instruction would be nice, otherwise a fun game

Aubrie Alexander

Cooooool I loved it

Scott Phillips

No help hints no walk through this game sucks

atul pu

Soooo good Please tell me what is the use of battre

Marie Giddens

What is the code on white box with cigars What is code on white box with cigars

Dani Triyana

To many ads Its so annoying by so many ads and so disturb me!

elaine robertson

need more i love all your games i just wish you would make more everyone moans about ads but just turn off wi-fi tbats what i do

Sylvia Glassgow

Can't pass Can't pass the part of you spin the thing

Jugga Smocks

Stupid ads Could have been awesome but the ASDS are way ridiculous. No joke, like every 30 seconds

Carolina Sanarau

Too much ads Ads are really annoying, popping every minute. The puzzle game is ok.

Jamie Landeg Jones

Ruined with ads Why do people spend so long writing apps, and then make them unusable with over the top ads? You want to get paid. I get it. I also regularly pay for apps, but the popup ads here are so often, I can't even tell if this game is worth paying for.

William Foreman

OK OK, a few buggy parts. I would have rated this higher if the clues had some logic.

Brian D

Not fun Not fun... too many ads

Amanda Grissinget

Zombie invasion escape Zombie invasion is awsome

Holly Davison

Cant get past the safe, cracked the code i just cant get the stupid safe to work. I was enjoying it until then.

Zelda Bronkhorst

Enjoying it until I was really enjoying this game until I got to the safe. I cracked the code but everytime I try to crack the safe adverts interrupt and it messes everything up. I don't mind the adverts because I suppose you have to get paid from somewhere but they become a bit annoying when you're in the middle of a task they seem to pop up every few seconds. That is annoying otherwise I really do enjoy your games.

Joseph Hoffman Sr.

Zombie invasion: escape Like suspence and thriller, with puzzling task's to get through the story line.....all in's good....i like it. Just wish it turned out to be a whole game though...

nate hathaway

Great one that lasts awhile This was a fun and frustrating escape, that's a good thing. The idea of killing zombies is fun but they don't attack you so its just another puzzle really but still adds to the experience. Will they update? Dunno, but it would be good to have more Eps, it had some time on it, so not bad. My only suggestions make a life bar for zombie attacks so they can actually attack till you figure out how to kill, just leave room to stop attacks but give a feel of might not make it out alive since life bar won't refill

Alison Fleury

Would give it five stars if ads didn't pop up every 15 seconds.

P Jay

Not the best escape game Ads keep popping up out of nowhere, too many of them

Martin Foster

The game is fantasic when u can get to play far to many adverts and game crashes some timed when ads pop up and have to reload game fix these and you get 5 stars

Goblin Shark

Way to many ads Constant ads on the bottom which is fine but then you interrupt game play every 30 seconds with a full page ad just make it a paid for game instead of annoying the heck out of people and no I'm not planning on purchasing just to remove ads hitting the uninstall button on this one

Sherry Hammond

Would have never made the end without the walkthrough!

Tiffany Clouse

What's the next game called I want to play it I've done played zombie invasion t virus and this one want the next game please

David Wilkinson

Zombie Invasion Escape Ads pop up every 30 seconds, makes it very unplayable

Latasha Dargon

Dumbass game Take away bugs and I'll rate 5 ★

Vicki Black

Don't bother, I'm uninstalling! I did not even get out of the first room and had 4 pop up adds, why can't you just play a "free" game without having to hit the freaking back button because of hitting the add instead of the game!

Corne Cairns

Still waiting for the update since last year!

Mike Palmer

Too many pop ups Too many pop ups every few seconds. Needs hints now and again got all areas open and all but two safes open with no clue where to go from there. Frustrating more than fun.

karim dsouli

Cumon pals What the come to the save?

Jemmalyn Ga

love it. please produce more :)

Bhawesh Saboo

Very good game ☺? well i had played first part and it was damm good and know i m going to install dis one???

Ruchi Tiwari

How to open that locker above butterflies

Lynn Ellis

Too many adverts Potentially a game as good as its predecessor but completely ruined by the adverts that pop on to the screen every 10 seconds. Pity.

Jullian Landreth

Fun It is addicting game i like is there a way you can make a zombie invasion 3

Gwen Lawson

Frustrating Can't play it, ad's get in the way.

Elaine Hyatt

Fun! Great game but stuck. Can't figure out what to do

Lawrence Daet

Good In some parts of the game, it gets really hard.

Mallory Brown

Ads pop up and mess everything up

Ben Franklin

Puzzles too vague

Lheo Gamboa

It's cool to me great game

learsi gomez

How to play Me pilipino b dto pls help anu b mga code hrap mang hula eh, what's the clue numbers, how to open the volt and the codes I need it please help me

Lungani Mpanza

How to play this???

Jo Mama

Too many ads Im sure youve seen all the reviews that say too many ads yet nothing resolved. Either you dont listen or you dont care. Either way very disappointing. I wish you all the success but I wont visit or patronize any ad in your game(s). Nor will I be annoyed into purchasing an ad free version. I pay for apps that are creative, fun, and rest on their merits not by goading users into purchasing based on ridiculous amounts of advertising. If you dont want people to play for free dont offer a free version.

Terrence Rivers

Unplayable You get add pop ups every 20 to 30 seconds. Waste of time

Grace Malacad

Love it But.. To many adds

Adam Presberry

Not bad safe is tough


Too many adds And it was far too easy. was still a fun game to pass time

syahid Rafi

ads ads i can't play the game bcause ads everywhere almost every seconds..

Marlene O'Connell

Jumps to ads every 10 seconds-SUCKS! First one was better, no ads. Then they suck you into downloading the continuation. Uninstalled after first minute.

Debbie Proulx

But to many adds

Rachel Fletcher

Stop pop ups Loved the first one but the ads stop game play every 30 seconds in this. uninstalled before I left first room

Katie A.

Most intrusive ads ever!!! I understand and that they have to pay the bills, and i usually dont care about ads.. but geez at least do it in between actions . This game has still frame and 5 Second video ads popping CONSTANTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF SOLVING A PUZZLE or INPUTTING A CODE , OPENING SAFE, SHOOTING ZOMBIE. etc... It's is beyond obnoxious! The game itself is challenging enough to be interesting but you'd have to have the patience of a saint to put up with the ad disruptions. if the codes had reset every time an ad interrupted, i never would have been able to complete anything. Devs, please do something about the timing of these ads.. it's awful! your game could be a 5 star free app even with ads if they werent incessantly interfering with actual game play.

Harley Butler

This game sucks! I played the first one and loved it but this one is bland and makes no sense why do the weapons disappear after one use when there is clearly enough ammo to last a few shots and how does pointing laser at a piece paper reveal a code that wasn't there along with the ending seriously going through two games to get a downer ending like that what a waste of time. Finally the ad sales that pop up every five seconds, the game only does that so you get frustrated and buy the ad blocker so the developers get money.

Chawana Norman

Nice I think its a great game..spooky challenging but simple enough to fiqure out great graphics.would love to give a five but the every ten second ads while im playing the game is very distracting and annoying.

Nelson Villanueva

Uninstalled!!! Too many ads!!!im playing then suddenly game is cut coz of stupid ads then game will start all over at the beginning!!what a crap of game!!!

uni uni

Stupid game and too mutch ads

Bhawesh Saboo

Very good game ☺? well i had played first part and it was damm good and know i m going to install dis one???

steve finn

Ad ad ad ad ad ad ad fricken ad Whats with the constant pop ups

Rachel Curtis

To many ads. I would give it 0 stars but it won't let me.

Ravi Borana

Total time west game Don't download this

Enola Yvonne Edwards

The ads are a major issue. BTW the positive comments are those of the developers, not people playing the game. Since the ads pop during the game, you cannot finish one task in the game until you exit out of the ad. Because of this very annoying issue, I would encourage others to email the developers until they either get rid of the ads or give an option to buy the game to get rid of the ads completely.

Duayne Royston

I wanted to play this because I love zombies and escape games, but the ads are killing it for me. I can't excuse ads that pop up deceptively in the middle of tasks to force me to click them. Move your ads to the bottom of the screen or pop them up when you tab out like all the other escape games. Also seriously needs a way to zoom in on objects you pick up, I picked up a paper with a hint on it and I couldn't even see what it was before it turned into a tiny unreadable thumbnail.

Misty L

Error My white chair will not move once i unbolted it. Overall i like it so far

Margie D

TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Played this before.......but now there is TOO MANY ADS........WILL UNINSTALL!!!

Carlos L

Good game Fun, addictive, just challenging enough.

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