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3 Jun
Zen Koi

Posted by LandShark Games in Casual | June 3, 2016 | 262 Comments

Apk file size: 40.0 MB

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Grow, breed, and collect colourful Koi on the way to peaceful transcendence in the stylish new experience from LandShark Games Zen Koi. With soothing gameplay and a meditative soundtrack by System Sovereign and SFX by IMBA, Zen Koi is a unique blend of languid action and strategic collection. Level your Koi by chasing and consuming a wide variety of animated little fish. Find other Koi and breed to create rare patterned offspring. Progress along a mythological path of expansion, guiding your Koi toward its final ascension into dragon form.

- Free to play
- Soothing, intuitive gameplay
- Unique smooth flowing action
- Calming atmosphere and beautifully toned environment
- Hundreds of Koi types for collection, including hard to find rares
- Share Koi patterns with friends
- Limited edition Koi pattern awarded to the first players to download and play

Zen Koi is free to download and play. However, optional items are available via In-App Purchase within the game to expand upon your gameplay experience.

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Whats new

    - Brand new Collector's Koi Packs to purchase and collect! They will be released over the next few weeks.
    - New 'Hasu' Collector's Koi pack bundled with pearls.
    - New 'Splatto' Collector's Koi pack bundled with pearls.
    - New 'Monkī' Collector's Koi pack bundled with pearls.
    - Bug fixes and improvements

LandShark Games part of our Casual and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update June 3, 2016. Google play rating is 87.2607. Current verison is 1.7.6. Actual size 40.0 MB.

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Jessica Dopplick

Awesome This game is so addicting, great boredom killer, very interesting to play, with our without Internet connection

Jamie Ang

Nice relaxing game with awesome devs Nice casual and relaxing game! Developers fixed the loading crash problem too and reply to support emails promptly :D

Brooke L

Fun, but could get expensive This game is very relaxing and enjoyable overall. That said, the push to buy pearls with real money is very strong, since you quickly build up eggs, but only get a few slots for Koi and must spend pearls for both additional Koi slots and additional egg slots if you want them. This forces you to either pay a fortune (the cheapest IAP at 4.99 is only equivalent to a couple of slots), or "release" a lot of Koi without the ability to play them, breed with them, etc. There really needs to be a way to earn pearls in-game at a decent rate. Many people, myself included, are happy to support developers by purchasing a package once in awhile for games we enjoy, but not when the game tries so hard to force those purchases (and gives so little in return). Also, this game would work much better on tablets (and look amazing in the process) if you enabled landscape mode. I want to keep this game installed, but realistically I almost never keep games that make me turn my tablet to portrait mode. It's just easier to do everything in landscape. Fix the pearl issue and I'll give five stars. Add landscape and you'll have a player (and occasional payer!) for life. ;-)

Timothy Hatfield

5☆s!!! I give this game 5 stars because it's amazing and very relaxing. Disappointed that you can't use the dragons. I do have some suggestions. 1: maybe a seperate pond specifically for dragons with different activities. 2: more designs. 3: ability to pan out the pond a little. Other than that, simply amazing :) great work devs, keep it up.

lynn james

Zen Koi Very relaxing. Having to leave a koi pond of 28, this brings back great memories. My only problem is I can't afford to buy the pearls etc. But there are other ways to get them, it just takes time. It's soothing to play and pretty.

A Google User

Thank you very much for my rare fish. Could I suggest a roulette, free every twenty-four hours, for a chance to win pearls and koi? Perhaps a daily bonus?

Theodore Agnew

Awesome game but one more thing missing.... Can you please make dragons playable that would cool but overall the game is good.


Love this game. I'll be changing to a new Samsung phone soon. How do I continue my collection on the new phone? Would absolutely hate to lose my collection.

John Burke

The name is perfect Zen is precise. This game is relaxing and enjoyable. ?

Leo Arvith

Very best game This game is from my friend. When i played it, the game is very best. My favourite game is Clash Of Clans, Zen Koi and Minecraft pc

Denise Reimers

Wonderfully addictive, so relaxing and fun, i would give 10 stars, my new favorite game

Jordan Allain

Great! I am very glad I waited and kept it installed despite the loading issues. Theyre totally fixed now and its a fantastic game. Love it.

Jenn Rodriguez

Easy relaxing stressless This game is so relaxing, I love koi fish but can't own them these might not be real but it's the next best thing

Sasha Cobb

Enjoyable I like the game but I'd like it even better if there were more opportunities to earn pearls.

Bertin Ruiz

Fun Very fu. And time consuming

Jensen Soto

Great game! Peaceful game with beautiful creatures..

Jeffrey Robinson

Great game peaceful I love collecting the different fish

kim shafer

Good game Great game! It just needs more tutorials i almost gave up trying to figure out how to breed your fish . Needs more help arrows to point the way!

Vanessajenkins Jenkins

Coy fish So pretty need more fish and stuff

Teo shi yuan

Have to stay online I find it annoying to constantly stay online just to progress in the game

Alyssa Leadbetter

Great game! Omg I'm an avid gold fish lover so this game is absolutely amazing. The fish are so cute and they wiggle around the pond like little fish should. This game is so much fun!


Awesome ^_^ This is a fun little app!!!

Norma Allen

Zen Koi Very Relaxing and Fun

Gabrielle Warner

Fun game relaxing and visually appealing Way to go!

Caitlin Fairchilde

Soothing and engaging I love the idea of this game, it is meditative as well as encouraging. I love the mechanics and concepts.

Misty McDivitt

Ah! That makes sense... I couldn't figure out what was causing the red screen and the slowing down lol. Thank you so much for the reply!

Kristin Stickle

Cute and simple fun! It's the weird love child of Pocket Frogs and Spore's cell stage (minus the stress of things trying to eat you all the time). I do have a beef with the preposterously tiny limit of active koi one can have before spending pearls to increase this limit, but it's a new game and hopefully a work in progress. With the right rebalances, it could become something really great!

Ethan Raaum

Great game but... This game is, and dont get me wrong, fantastic and calm but I had to restart it because if I tried to hatch an egg it would glith out and crash but oh well this game is fun

Yl Y

Good game!!! Addictive but relaxing!! thanks for the reply.. really need some effort to get the pearls. Thought of buying but really expensive.managed to get 2 dragons just by playjng 2 days so still quite enjoyjng. Keep crushing within the last 20 mins. Like 5-6 times. Playing kindly fix it. Thanks.

Ben Davis

Great, relaxing game! I never thought I'd say that about a game! I love playing this game to wind down after a long day. Very relaxing!

Vitavas Vanich

Good job Its the best KOI game. Just one question, how can i get more pearls except from buying a package?

Izabell Rameriz

Nice ^_^ It's very relaxing. Just had surgery so this is what I've been doing since all I can do is lay down and rest. The only thing is that it takes a very long time to get the fish to dragon. And you only have so many slots for the fish. But I still enjoy it regardless.

Kirito SAO

Yeah... It's okay, but I'll still give it 5 stars.

Darren Mendel

Nice, but... Can we breed between our own koi?

Julie Matthews

Relaxing Fun relaxing game after a hard days work its great to unwind with

Roxane Nebab

Calming It is very life like and fun, but I am having problems catching the pufferfish things, since they puff up. Can someone help me catch a few??

Jem .J

Very Enjoyable! Really enjoying the game I find it very relaxing but I'd like to play the same saved game on more than 1 device. What happens if I replace my phone. Its hard to really take the game seriously when all your hard work can be taken from you if your phone breaks or you upgrade to a new one. Please make this possible like so many other apps do. Some suggestions.. Instead of keeping the hatched koi in menu's we could have our own pond to keep them in which we could decorate with items earned through sets etc

Kira Stanford

Very calming This game is amazing! If you play it when you are stressed out it calms you very fast. Love this game so fun!


Super relaxing Easy to play and relaxing, however I wish there was a way to earn fish slots aside from paying for them. It would also be nice to have some variation in the dragon designs. Also would recommend mixing up the environment, after a while it gets very monotonous and loses its charm and interest.

Eric Oliver

Fun but wants $ too much It's a nice, rewarding time-waster with good graphics. My only problem is that it REALLY wants you to spend real money. No ads, but there are nowhere near enough egg and koi slots. And the pearls are fairly pricey. Otherwise, great app. *and for the puffers:you have to come up directly behind them*

Jilleesa George-Walker

Good but slots limited. More plz. Beautifil relaxing game play but not enough fish and eggs slots. I don't review on games but i completely adore this one. Its captivated my interests and is simple to learn to play . Breeding aspect of it is well done. But make fish slots easier to obtain. Like say can get one of you catch 2-300 blue or green prey in a single game play. Cause it takes away from the enjoyment having to choose which koi to abandon when egg slots are full. Or theres a new breed of koi you want to begin level into a dragon

Elizabeth Parker

Oh my I LOVE this game Beautiful music, not too much of the ideological jargon, great interface, extremely easy to play, leveling up, challenges... Did I mention I LOVE THIS APP??? SO COOL!

Michael Stinson

Koi First of all I love koi fish so this game is awesome to me lol I really don't have any complaints either it glitches every so often and it had stopped on me once and when they turn in to dragons is so cool to watch!!! I love the game add more stuff is my only advice lol fish, color, anything lol

Tamara White

Paying for slots So far the only way I've seen to gain slots for new fish is to buy it. Other than that it's a great game. Good stress relief just wish I had more room for new fishies. Would be 5 stars otherwise.

Brian Sell

Soothing Wonderful game. Great for easing anxiety and tension.

Alex Jamison

Zen Koi It's an awesome game. I don't usually rate my games either. I wish there were more slots for fish though.

Yl Y

Expand pond .... The crush was auto fixed after updates. Thanks. However would like to feedback. It will be good if there's a little map at corner to show the location of the 'gate' after activate to expand pond as sometimes been going round the whole pond just to look for it.

tiffany darling

1 star because I can't play it because they won't fix it to my type of phone and I'm not going to buy a brand new phone redicules on there part I really wanted to play this game 2 but if they can't make it to where its also compatible with my phone then its not worth downloading I will down load when they fix that. Kyocera rise vergion mobile android phone.

Nessie Medina

Make me feel like one The game makes me feel like one of the koi fish I have like 4 fish and like 6 eggs. •﹏•

Amy Johnson

Very Relaxing This is a great stress reliever. It is very entertaining.

Emmaleigh Rodriguez

More fish! When I look for m mates I can't find any, its so hard to find other fish, please fix

Taryn Boyd

Soooo chilled This game is awesome. No pressure in anyway. I dig how it doesn't take long to become a dragon. ... BUT, it seriously needs more fish diversity and the dragons should all have their own look. Sadly game loses its hold, due to monotony.

miguel castro

How can I breed my fish lol

Haley Brown

Good Just wish you could play with dragons just like you can play with koi.

Nicole Tsoukalas

Really nice :) I just started playing and it is really nice, it's fun to play and quite relaxing.

tay hawley

breeding probs cant catch up to the other fish and theirs no instructions on how exactly youre suposed to breed them at least put some instructions in the game

Shelia Holm

Relaxing Love the game great to zone out to and enjoy

kumar mathi

Super game I love it , when others see it ,they want to play it.

Moss -i

Great game Addicting! This game could be so much more fun though!

debby cook

Love this game it is so totally awesome. One thing can anyone tell me how to breed the fish

Tinian Raven

I find this game very relaxing. Also caters to my I'd

Bianca Archer

Humm Please make it so u don't have to buy koi slots! Serious problem!!!

Margaret Ray

Doesn't work Game opens but won't connect to the internet. It's not my connection because all of my other internet connect games and apps are working fine. Must be a bug

Kristin Baldwin

Very relaxing! Slow pace and relaxing tones.

Sarah Wrigley

Just like it says Very peaceful game. I enjoy the bug-hunting, as it helps to pass egg hatching time. Also enjoy that you have to hunt down other fish, and the egg offspring is random. I started with a black and gold fish. What about you?

Britney Terry

Beautiful but not sticking Is definitely relaxing and beautiful with no bugs but once I got my dragon was kind of disappointed I couldn't do anything with it. Wish there was just a little bit more to the game.


Love this game Ditto what an earlier review said about a map. That would be a useful feature. And how about an indicator of whether the koi that just hatched is a duplicate?

erick gonzalez

Great game. I like this game alot, but for the moment it has to stay a 4 star. Making it a tad easier to get pearls and mabey a market that will let you trade fish without having the whole face book friends thing. But a great game over all :D

Callie Bennett

Very nice Just wish you started with more Koi slots

Alfred Jeanlouis

Realistic Really well designed and looks like the real thing

Emily Schuster

Impressed I wasn't expecting this to be as fun, rewarding and relaxing as it is. Keep it up.


SOOOO AWSOME YOULL LOVE IT ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN DOWNLOAD IT KK OMG PLAY also they should let us play as the dragons right !?!

jennifer wojnarowski

Peaceful I love the game! However I've only been able to play it once as there is a connection issue. Please fix it as soon as possible.

Whitney Shmeowbert

Very chill ,pritty fun, and very zen :)

Natalie Grant

Enh... It was cute and, well, zen, but after swimming around for fifteen minutes it's incredibly monotonous. You have one habitat, and unless you're willing to shell out some serious money you can only have four koi at any given time. Boring, much?

Johann Salazar

Finnessed me of my money So i was extremely excited to play this game in the beginning because of how the graphics looked and because of how original the whole concept of the game was. I was so excited that i payed $1.99 for pearls and began to grind my way into getting a rare fish and i was even able to get it high enough for it to become a dragon. I was so happy when i saw it evolving only to see that IT DISAPPEARS AND YOU'RE NEVER ABLE TO USE IT AGAIN. All i know is that all those hours i put in are basically for nothing.

Richard Bray

I just started playing this game I like the game alot i wish there was either a mini map or a menu map so i can see entire pond why make it grow huge if i cant see the whole thing

Nikki Myniz

Where are my pearls!? Paid for them still haven't received anything? This is kind of a big deal ?. Totally ruined this game for me.

Lisa Falls

Good time passer Good and calming. Only annoyance is trying to get the puffer fish but otherwise i love it!

Lacee Cave

Relaxing I love this game. The graphics are beautiful and is relaxing to play after a stressful day!

Anton Dudznsky

Good game Good overall game. The only really frustrating thing is finding the symbols. It's too long to find. It'd be nice to have an indication that I'm close to it. Don't have to point to it, but something.

Gregory Joiner

Very nice! Calming and fun. I have chronic pain and sometimes the meds just don't work and I need something to take my focus off the pain. This game works well for doing just that!

Celeste Rankin

Fun Great game, very fun and addictive, just wish there were no ads at the bottom of the tasks. Some glitches, and when I watch videos to earn pearls it never works..

Sarah Jackson

Fantastic This game is one of the best I've ever played. It's challenging, but not the point where you quit. It's beautiful, smooth, and clean. Very well executed, nice work.


But.. May I know why after I updated the game started over with my account being lost and when I back it up it still won't give my account? :))

Hans Chrisman

Very fun My only complaint is that it's a little slow paced. And I don't like paying for upgrades. If add-ons were cheaper I would be more likely to pay for them. But I really like Koi and it's fun to collect them all.

Rhiannon Fleet

I was super excited for the update because I had hoped it would fix the issues. However, I still am not receiving pearls for ads watched and am experiencing freezing. It's becoming increasingly frustrating to play the game, so I won't be picking it up again until the next update.

Gunn Smoke

Beautiful and relaxing I love this game, though I am experiencing a few bugs. It's constantly having trouble connecting to the server although no other program does. It will set back my progress and has yet to actually give me pearls for watching videos. Hopefully this will clear up. It's a beautiful and relaxing game for chronic anxiety, and fun even for those without; I absolutely recommend this game for anyone looking for a little zen.

Merrissa Engstrom

I enjoy playing this game, but there's way too many glitches that make the game freeze up and progress gets lost....fix it please!

Anne Gove

Highly Recommend Very relaxing and yet mind invoking. Great for people with anxieties and it's so calming and beautiful!

Evelyn Valentine-Tora

I love this game so much I play this more than I should, I'm sure lol. I have one tiny request, that maybe we could have all the fish on our list swimming around randomly in the pond while we play? That would be so cool, and literally, the only thing I could think of to make this game better than it already is :) thank you for the awesome app, guys :)

Chris Tout

Peaceful but pearlless Nice casual game but pearls are in short supply and you don't have much room to keep Koi without them. If you like spending real cash on virtual items, this will make you very happy...

Christine Cornthwaite

Idea is nice Nice and relaxing little time waster. But they dont give pearls as reward so you have to buy to hatch more than 4 fish. I am pretty sure there are heaps similar and better games out there.

Action Doll

Great update!!!!! If it takes over 7 hours to hatch an egg to breed, we need more than 8 egg slots! Also sometimes i keep gettimg the same color mate i do not need. Other than that the game is a good game. I recommend it for people that like to collect things and for novice gamers. Edit- they are now placing pearls in flowers. I changed rating to five stars. Many hours of enjoyment on this game.

Sofia Alequin

Awesome Its a really nice, peaceful, n beautiful game. I'm little confused on how to find the expanding circle. It would be good if u added a hint spot, when someone is close to it.

Lai Lulu

Awesome game This is a really cool game and i absolutely love everything about this, but sometimes it just have some error and freezes and i have to restart the game, other wise this is one of the most relaxing game I've ever played.


Don't pay any money for this game It's really repetitive and you lose progress/waste of time because when you max lvl one of your koi fish it dissappears and you never get to play as a dragon.This is a copy of hungry shark but in 2D but wayy less things to do and really boring after a day or so. If y gys want to make this game better and worth paying money for make the pond have more plabts/corals and more fish should be swiming in it , maybe add some accessories for the fish and a home for them.after ascending make a dragon sky world...

Chezzeh R

Love this game! I really love this game and can play for hours. I've had it for two and a half months now. My only complaints are that you never receive pearls for watching ads. I'm not sure why this hadn't been taken out yet if it doesn't work. And the new update has caused a few new issues, but I'm sure they will be fixed with the update. Overall, GREAT GAME. :)

Lara Hawk

SO CUTE! The game is so relaxing it almost makes me feel like I have an actual koi pond in my backyard. The only complaint I would have is the in store purchases some of the coolest looking kois are in there and I don't necessarily want to pay for them but still worth it if you love it. Definitely give this game a try.

Kohgi Hito

Relaxing I really enjoy the simple gameplay and calming atmosphere!

Family Sweek

Really love this game. It is very pretty, definitely peaceful, non-competative and fun for the whole family. Reminds me of the peaceful and enlightening game play of Monument Valley. The Zen Koi is a new addition favorite to our very small favorite game library.

Amy Thompson

Relaxing The only bad thing I can say about this game is I don't have enuff time to play it. I'm working on my third dragon. The dragons are beautiful just like the koi

I Ketut Wedha

Best game ever No ads...nothing to buy...smooth display...relaxing...well done!!!

Peace Devil

Really nice koi Its a really fun and relaxing game. Would be good if I could link up to either Facebook or Google to save my data online, that way we could play on other devices but not lose our progress

Shayne Hensel

Ok Fun enough but whenever I watch advertising for pearls the servers never register new pearls as they always loose connection.

Shaggette Hudson

Soothing A great way to unwind and get sucked into something beautiful, graphics are wonderful and the different fish are amazing.

Ben Garza

Very very zen indeed It's as if I have an actual koi pond...only its just one fish that's a sort of love machine. I'm OK with this

Nathan Hernandez

Actually cool Idk why im so into but i suprisingly love it.. its calming and very addicting

Audry Cornforth

Good but You should make it to where ita easier to find a mate and have your mate follow you or be one of the koi u can play as

Kirk Thommesen

Pay to win Yes it is a relaxing game but too much of it is unreachable without money. Lacks any sort of challange.

Hazel Maxwell

Nice! Haven't realized any glitches or problems yet.

Mistee Karthick

Relaxing Very relaxing and addicting game. Easy to play easy to level up. Great game that I can play for hours.

Zachary Smart

AWESOME!!! I love it, it just a relaxing game that has beautiful idea to it but I do wish you could swim as the dragons.

Lizzie Reedy

Omg best game ever ! This game is so fun but its really hard to ! Great game

Jeff Denis

Free pearls do not exist Server issue everytime you watch an ad so you basically make them gain money and you don't receive anything in exchange... until it's working properly don't bother trying it the pearls are way too expensive.

Aubree Mckeehan

Luv It Although sometimes when I play I'm not able to get stones to expand my pond I wish you could do that all the time.the rest is fantastic!

Noelle S.

Relaxing but.. This is a beautiful game but I'm really disappointed that you can't have one main pond with all the fish you raised. They just grow up and turn into collector cards and you restart with your next fish. So if you want a game where you can collect fish and grow a pond then this isn't it. Want something relaxing to pass the time? Then you found it!

Cordy Hill

Zen Koi A slow game of making your koi grow into adults then dragons. However it's something to occupy myself, my baby and his father to pass the time by instead of sitting bored.

Bettylou Mariposa

Almost Pocket Frogs was very excited to see a game similar to pocket frogs. But having to buy pearls and having to pay for more than 4 Koi... Ridiculous! Too bad but going to uninstall!

Andrea IsBatty

Relaxing This game is very simply yet just challenging enough to keep me busy for a while. It's a nice way to wind down after a stressful day.


Reminds me of spore If you liked the beginning of spore, where you swim in the water as a tiny amoeba collecting food, you will probably like this game ^_^. The only bad part is that there is nothing that can hurt you - you are the biggest fish in the pond (at least as far as I have played) so there is less of a challenge.

Isabella Busch

Incredible! I absolutely love the graphics, as well as the music. It's incredibly calming, and the idea of "from a koi to a dragon" is lovely! I love this game, and hope,to see more like it in the future.

Tina Matthews

Awsome This game is very relaxing relieves stress and anxiety great affects and I can't put it down..

Tamara Michalak

Very Zen Love the game, would give it 5 stars but the earning a free pearl for watching a video does not give any free pearls. Error message comes up. Please fix. Plus please make pearls cheaper or add more to Packages

Joao Lobo

Now I can't earn pearls ... Plus I lost 3 pearls yesterday, just like Jeff... this game has potential idk what's the matter with so many errors, galaxy s6 edge unlocked, Europe version

Rachel Edman

Great calming game Good distraction from stress and anxiety. Also fun to collect all the fish.

Melissa Skydreamer

Beautiful but ... I think everytime you get your koi to ascend that the pond features should change and the goals should be different. At first playing this was relaxing and exciting but now its just boring seeing the same pond and having the same goals. All that changes is the koi. Borrrrring.

Amy Maloy

It would be a great game if it didn't freeze all the time. This game reminds me of pocket frogs. I was sad when pocket frogs was pulled off the android market. This is a nice replacement and I enjoy it very much. The only problem is that the game stalls and freezes much of the time.

Venessa Venegas

Freezes Love the game but it freezes constantly and the ads on your goals menu are in the way. Forget watching ads for pearls too because you won't get them.

maky carolino

Cool easy to play . relaxing , wish theres something to do aside from catching small species . Just like feeding frenzy , but this is more relaxing .

Ocelot Gaming

Nice. It is a beautiful, relaxing game. It could not be better ?.

Mak Clark

Ahh... Beautiful! Nice music, soothing sounds. What better relaxing game than this?! Love it!

dania Calandrino

I keep playing it... This is a game to zone out and pass time. Good for when youre on the train, or just waiting for excel to load. Try it if you have anger issues, or a hard time being patient. Then one day you'll realize.... you've completed several rare fish collections. And that is all. Maybe when i ascend enough koi i'll be able to ascend from the role this game plays in my life.

Ben Ruth

Ok but lots of bugs. It's a nice game and relaxing, but the game hangs a bit after some actions, like watching videos and you don't get the pearls promised after watching the video.

Corina Walti

Cute I really like this app. The graphics are nice and its relaxing. My only complaint is whenever i watch a video to get a free pearl i never end up recieving the pearl so thats why im giving it only 4 stars

Nik Blake

Cute and relaxing Easy to pick up and put down, relaxing and so far not glitchy, although I did loose my special koi from my inbox, but that could just be a network error on my part, what with the spotty WiFi at my job.

actually sami

I really do enjoy this game and I've sunk a few hours into it, and I have only a few complaints. I'm going to sum it up as best I can it really seems like one of those apps where they only want you to spend money. granted, it is fun and relaxing and I truly love the idea of it but the pearls thing is what gets me, it's so hard to find them and when I tried to whatch the video for free ones my device froze not once but twice, I will be Unistaling it due to the restrictions of my progress

Kayla Alexander

Some issues I only have 3 complaints about this app. First is the that it doesn't save your progress even if you're signed in with Google or Facebook. Second, if you click on an empty fish slot it doesn't automatically take you to your eggs. Third, if you watch the videos to earn pearls it loads back weird and you have to Restart the game which is really frustraiting. I really love this game and if the developers could fix those few things it'd be perfect!

Sierra Sugar

Fun and Addictive, but... Just downloaded today and already been playing for an hour or more. Fun way to pass the time. ********** [[ DEVs ]] ******** please make earning pearls a little easier/faster. This is the only real negative. And will cause the casual player to uninstall from frustration from not having open fish or egg spots. **** I would pay $5 for a full version & not have to worry about ads & finding pearls. Or one that makes pearls plentiful in the lotus flowers. Maybe make leveling the each rare different.

Jennifer Ellison

Was fun... Until it wouldn't stop crashing I could get over the the fact that you only get 4 spots for fish, but having it crash every 5 minutes and I lose my progress. Nope. Waste of time. :(

boog bunneh

Glitch It's a fun game to pass time or just relax. The game glitches horribly though. I'll be mating a fish and glitch where did that fish go? Better yet, why did the game glitch? I'll be chasing dinner and poof glitch, where did dinner go? I'll play the game but I'll never buy into it or spend days on it. Too darn glitchy!

Jeffrey Doyle

Here fishy fishy So far it's a beautiful and fun game in fact got a few friends hooked on it too. Only problem is sometimes I have to reload the screen when it freezes.

emily stieben

Love it...but.. Seriously love the game. Its very addictive. Very soothing and easy yet fub gameplay. BUT there certainly are a few downfalls. Crashes multiple times and reverts back to 3-4 levels backwards, doesn't award pearls after watching videos and disconnects from server often. Also takes a while to load between screens.


Love it!! I absolutely love this game! It's so relaxing, especially when you have to stress off. Would really recommend this if you're suffering from anxiety, depression, or anything. It really gets your mind off everything. The ad and server issues are fixed, and the support team is just the best! So don't be afraid to contact them, they'll gladly help, and they reply quickly. ?

Jack Louisse Montemayor

Super ? it! The koi's are so cute and things are calm and yes, ZEN! Perfect if you are stressed and just wanna take things easy breezy.

AJ Roemisch

Fantastic Game with many awesome features. Great music with beautiful graphics. Gameplay is simple to learn but harder to learn the little tiny details needed to master the game. I could definitely see myself spending a excessively large amount of my free time playing this game. I did have a problem with billing on a purchase and the support team dealt with it promptly and solved all of my issues. This is an excellent game that I have no issues at all with giving them some of my money to support the team behind this fun game. The only thing that I would add is a "Display Pond" where you could store Koi that you want to keep but not ascend. The size of the Display Pond would be determined by the amount of ascended Koi that you have. Interactive dragons would be fun as well.

David Carter

Slow. You just watch a fish swim for hours and collect stuff. It takes for ever to get anything, and there is no action. Just relaxing music and direct your fish.

Reny Valcheva

Doesn't let me expand the point The "?" Button tells me to expand my pond but there have been quite a few levels and the button for expanding the pond doesn't show... What do I do?

Don Salmon

Awesome relaxing game The only drawback is not being able to use you dragons. Otherwise it's pretty cool and very zen.

Big Lindsay

Relaxing This is a perfect mindless relaxation game. I have been playing for a month now and it hasn't gotten old. It's fun to collect all of the fish and see them ascend into dragons. It would be even cooler if you could play on as a dragon. Maybe the developers will make a dragon version some day.

jessica olsen

Problem saving Sometimes when I exit the game it doesn't save where I'm up to and I end up having my already ascended koi back to before I ascended it ans half my hatched eggs missing, other than that it's a great game. Plz fix the saving issue. Thx

khendee sapph

Lacking 1. What am i going to do with the dragons? 2. Pls add more different quest in each baby's getting boring coz of the same pattern to level up.

Chris Carlisle

Relaxing but Upgrades are ridiculously expensive forcing either pay or grind forever. And limited baby slots don't match with how often get eggs either poor balance or scheme to force pay. Recommendation... Skip it unless have too much time or too much money to waste.

Amy McGovern

Forces you to pay I really liked this game at first. Its fun, pretty and relaxing. As I got my 4th koi after a measely 30 minutes of having this game I already have to pay gems to get more koi slots. And there is no way to get free gems other than 1 gem per video. These phone games that force you to pay are ridiculous. I certainly am not spending my hard earned money on a phone game. Stop making it all about profit. Uninstalling, won't be going back.

Corinne Prescott

Amazing! I love the challenge and the fish. I was surprised that I was able to get a Dragon in about 2 1/2 hours! The only thing I don't like is how much it costs to get a new slot.

Slavik Torkin

Changed my rating of this game from 5* to 3* because I found out that the game crashes a lot during the add videos and when some other app pops up... I use LG G3.... fix the crash issue and I will change the score... Oh and suggestions about the game... It would have been more awesome if all the Koi that I collect swim with me not have a separate pond for each Koi as if there was only one Koi in the entire pond... to distinguish between your Koi and the Koi that you can reproduce with you can make them glow different color or smthn.... at least then the pond would be populated with fish and Dragons!

Dustin C

Love it Not going to lie... It's repetitive, but highly addicting. It does give you a nice zone out, stress free game style with no gimmicks or worrying about dying or starving.

Victoria Mae

Beautiful, simple and relaxing game. I tend to get into some "odd" games. This is one of them. It's beautifully done, relaxing and just difficult enough to be challenging. And my kids love it, so it's a total win in my book.

Anna Nguyen

Lost my save/progress after the recent update. Had over 150 pearls saved, was working on the Tobaru pattern. Very disappointed especially after spending in app.

Penny Herring

Beautiful Graphically pleasing and well rounded little game. Perfect for spare time. The ability to obtain currency by watching adds and random drops in the pond is a bonus. Stunning!

Amna Raine

Beautiful Everything about this game is great. The design and graphics are beautiful, the music and sfx calming and the game is casual enough to play whenever you want. The only downside is its hard to get pearls if you're using a galaxy s6 because the watch ads feature doesn't work. But still, it's a really cute and zen game.

miranda mcewin

Internet costs me rare koi Twice now I have had rare koi show up. Both times the server was lost seconds after the egg was laid. The game promised me the egg would show up the next time I started the game, of course neither one did. I wish I could play the game without being connected to the internet. I'm not buying anything in game if I'm going to lose eggs over and over.

Jessica Ann Striegel

Extremely relaxing I needed something to get me through my days and since I am pregnant with #3 my days can be very stressful! This helps tremendously with keeping me stress-free! Just wish you could earn free pearls another way so you could earn more than 1 lol other than that live this app!

tanya leone

Enjoyable but repetative. 1. Try to spice up the leveling process. Repeating the same process is not nice. Perhaps you can put the dragons to use? 2. The music. I have not heard any variety at all. You should add more tunes to help reduce an already repetative game. I think the game can offer way more than it currently does and look forward to extra features and improved dynamics.

Catherine Anthanasia

Nice I like it But it's difficult to collect the fish if we must buy the place

Deaf .Sound

spent the time maxing out my third coi because I was super excited about it turning into a dragon. turns out all you get is a picture of a dragon and you don't get to play with it. this game was fun and entertaining, but, that killed it for me. I won't be wasting the time it takes to play this anymore.

Matt Kernel

Relaxing and fun to play. Occasional freeze, glitchy movement and whatnot but otherwise it's a fun relaxing game.

Tonya Coller

It's fun and the music is soothing. It's fun and calming and the music is soothing. I have liked it on Facebook and hooked it up to there and Google+.

Golden Skills

Awesome! Finally something new and unique. I really Like this game, it proves that video games have no limits, even on phones. You just need creativity, can you add missions and daily tasks ? How about more fish types ? A 5v5 online mode(each time you touch an enemy fish it is considered as hit=-1hp, each have lets say 5 health points) ? A racing mode (a long path terrain under water, 3,2... 1 go! On the way there are buffs and obstacles....? Oh and I like the visuals, very beautiful.

Angelina Gail

Glitch please fix It's a great game, beautiful visual and fluidand soothing gameplay, great game all around. But one of my koi ascended to a dragon so I was playing with one of younger koi when it glitched and the koi went back??? To a koi and the level went down??? Like I last saved it at level 21 and today I ascended it to a dragon but the the screen glitched when I turned my data on and now it's on level 20. I'm just really frustrated and I hope it'll be fixed. Just to clarify none of my other games does this.

Brooklyn Key

Great Its amazing. It has great graphics and its very relaxing game, but it takes to long to get to the last stage of the fish. Its hard to get some of the fishes like the ones with the different designs are hard to come across

Arianna Jarvis

Good I like it. Very calm and pretty, and the breeding combos are nice. There just needs to be a bit more of a tutorial. It would also be nice to have a mode where you could watch all of your koi and/or dragons swimming around.

Valeria Martino

Pretty.... I love the way it looks, how pretty and peaceful it is but you should add an Online mode or something exciting that happens because it does get pretty boring and frustrating to find the stuff you need and how much of that you need.....But I like it because im the type that can stare at the creen for hours.......

Asmund The Old

Zen Koi *REVISED* A neat little game and relaxing as well. Was disappointed when you couldn't play as a dragon after evolving the koi and still feel the game could with some more work but I think the developers have achieved their goal of making a stress relieving game. BUT it's becomes sooooooo tedious and repetitive after a while. so.. painfully.. BORING! Upset with my self for spending 2 bucks on this game..

Nick Bennett

Excellent game with great support Really great concept, nice upgrade path. If issues are experienced the support through their in game help system is excellent. Their staff were really great in assisting me with sorting device problems.

Ji Kang Lim

Great art. Very repetitive. It's okay. Nothing else much to say about it. This game is overrated. The art is nice and all, but the game is too repetitive for most people to even start the second fish. Good fist attempt I guess. No real depth in story line other than some cultural references.

Yoshi Light

Where's the other Koi??? I'm lvl 9 and still haven't found another Koi in the pond... Anyone know why??? I thought once the msg "Your koi can now breed" popped up I would be able to breed my koi? Game is tedious and irritating now since all I can do is eat two kinds of fish. Kinds ultra lame.

Amber Doo

Relaxing Distraction... It's a different kind of game & keeps my attention, but without the frustrating level roadblock or the purchase spam that alot of fun games seem to amount to. Beautiful graphics + cool color scheme = relaxing gameplay. It's fairly simple, but never boring. Perfect! Thank you. <3

Bella Farmer

Zen Koi I love this game. It is very relaxing and entertaining. The Koi fish are really beautiful and the music is soothing. It's fun and exciting to watch your fish grow. Nice to have a fun game that isn't hard or too challenging!

Krystin Peel

Love It But Needs Work Im using an LG Stylo And Love Zenning Out To This Game I Do Not Mind Not Using The Dragons Or Even Putting The Dragons In There Own Pond For Us To Look At And Enjoy The Fun And Zenful Work We Have Done Would Love To See That Does Crash During The Videos For Free Pearls Its Kinda Useless At The Moment And I Agree We Should Have A Pond Where Our Fish Swim With Us Or We Go Out On Our Own I Personally Love It Either Way So Pretty An Relaxing Keep Up The Good Work Guys Cant Wait To See Updates Might Rerate

Rhonda Delapena

Fun, peaceful This game is very relaxing great quality graphics great soundtrack and just overall time consuming

Angela Aaryn

GREAT GAME ? Love It? This game is so fun to play ~ ! I wouldn't get bored with it ? It's so fun to breed new pattern of Koi Fish and transform them into Dragon? It's a very Good & Relaxing Game to play with !! ^ ^ Create more new pattern of Koi Fishes would be very great too ~ Keep up the good work Developer ?

Christopher Martin

Relaxing yet fun! This simple yet captivating game provides hours of soothing entertainment. It's smooth graphics and enchanting music make it a must have.


This Game is Absouloutely AMAZING! The fish are so cute and I love how you can find different creatures as the pond expands. I am trully addicted to this game and the images, colors,and sounds truly are relaxing but the game is not something you would do to feel relaxed it is more fun than relaxing but it is great. This is great if you need a boring yet addicting game PLEASE GET IT


Adorable *^u^* This game is so cute! I fell in love with the adorable kois right away, the graphics are amazing and the controls are very easy to use :3 And honestly I'm also happy that pearls are very easy to get ^^ It's a great game and relaxing too since there's no way to get your kois hurt or worse, you're just peacefully swimming around in aim of becoming a beautiful dragon and up till now there's no major thing to complain for me :3 The only minor thing I have is that more starter koi slots would be nice xD

Haley Bazer

So far, I don't like it... I LOVE IT! It's great & very relaxing. If you enjoy beautifully relaxing games, then this is a must have! There isn't any time constraints, you can glance up at the t.v. without worrying about the pause button. It's just a great little game with beautiful graphics, interesting goals, & plenty of things going on to keep me interested! A new, definite favorite! Thanks!

Laura Lockwood

Nice, but gets repetitive I like the game but it would be nice if there was some variation. Each koi has the same skills to upgrade, the same number of levels to complete, and the same requirements for completing each level, all set to the same music. So really the only variation you get is what color the fish happens to be. If each koi (or each collection of koi) had different goals I think it would hold my interest more. It's very pretty though and if you want to zone out and not have to think about anything then this works well.

Jakob Scotney

Love it It is beautiful, but it's repetitive, adding special challenges or different foods/body shapes. Maybe in a sequel. What would be really cool is a sort of pond for eggs. To see them hatch in there and for your hatched Koi to play in there.

June Murdock

I just want to be a dragon Can u make after well get a dragon like a sky map and play as the dragon pls and yeah this is a good game beautiful music and pls male a thing when u can play as dragon in a sky map and eat sky creatures or burn something like that

Chelsea Smothers

I like the game but i cant hatch my eggs bc of pearls. This game doesnt really give you anything to recieve pearls. I have 4 empty egg slots but its tell me i dont have any open. And the fish dont stick around so he looks lonely. I dont know how much longer ill be playing this game

Rhianna Taylor

Love it but... I love the game because its really cute and calming but I do not like the green things. They stick on me and pester me and I really don't like touching them because they always stick to my koi. Please get rid of them

Apu Ghazi

I loved it It was so great, this game really fills in time when u have nothing to do. This game is also so unique. And there is I many coi to collect. And I only got this game not to long ago, and I already love it.

Kiernan Bierley

Super Cute This game is very cute and I love the style. It is also relaxing with the music and fun to play. I enjoy chasing around fish to mate with and eating the little fish/algae.

Hallie Yeager

The game is beautiful and support really fixes things! I LOVE this game, and had just completed the first 4 sets when the update came through and everything was lost. I was heart-broken, and couldn't face starting over, so was about to delete the game when lo and behold, support actually responded to my email in a helpful way, and worked with me to resolve my issue and everything is back where it should be!

Sherric hale

Lovey dovey stuff Relaxing game it's like a cigarette without the killing and cancer relaxing namaste you are my friend if you play this game so like totally awesome OMG this is like the best game I ever played ever since the nineties love you ciao bella totally awesome to the max okay Daddy chill down

Ano Tong

Achievement bonus calculated error Collected total 16 dragons but it show only 14.I need to clone 2 koi again. When I collected total 16 dragons and I have 88 pearls.It suppose 88 + 30 = total 118 pearls but the game only gave me till 99 pearls.....the games is interesting on begining when playing but will getting bored coz just keep repeating same task with different print of koi only....

Jc Walton

Lovely game It's really cute and is actually quite calming. I really enjoy the game. :)

Brittany Beckham

I Love It, Except For One Thing... I love it but I'd love it even more if you could update it so you can play in koi mode to make another koi OR switch to dragon mode to continue the adventure as one of your dragons on Koi Mountain to grow into an adult dragon and start training with the Elder Dragon and other adult dragons to protect the Dragon Island and the baby koi that are raised at the Temle of The Elder Dragon. I mean, the dragons at least need to be used for more than just to get Dragon Coins so they don't get bored... right?

Stephanie James

After update eggs not hatching After installing the update my eggs sometimes just sit in the pond with the circle around it but not with the "loading" style swirl around it to show it hatching. It just stays there and I can't access any menus. When I restart the game the egg is gone and I have no koi, please fix this, I really like the game

Gen Zoroga

Better fix your ads You better fix ads while it is on screen, either the game stop or it crash , after seeing those ads my reward(pearl) cant be redeem so pls put attention on it, thank you

David Christian

The blowfish is annoying Loving all the stuff in the game so far, and the repetitiveness doesn't really bothers me, what bothers me the most is the blowfish, which wasn't supposed to be the hardest one (since it's unlocked earlier on), but so far is actually the hardest one to eat, and it's annoying i need 6 of it to make 1 gem. Maybe make them have a blindspot? Or make their transformation slower

Laura M. Quintana

I loved this app when I first installed it but have noticed it hangs a bit lately. Also, the ads have become very intrusive and often take me out of the calm this game used to provide. Is there any way to disable these ads at all??


Cool but...... Fish are cool but dragons are cooler. When I finally ascended and I got a dragon I found out that a dragon was just a collectable sticker. You cannot play with the dragon. I would love to play with the dragon plzzz. It is a waste of time so fix it or I will tell everyone to badly rate this game.

Erin Murdoch

Really good except one thing. Sometimes when I just start the game after a couple minutes of playing the game freezes and I can't get out of it until my phone realizes it's not responding. Can you please try to fix this! But otherwise great came. Only one other thing I don't like is that you need to be connected to wifi to get special "prizes" from the flowers and to get to expand your pool. I find this annoying since k like to play this at the best stop fro. School and there is no wifi so I can level up but not expand.


Very Relaxing The music is beutiful and the sound effects are tasteful. Not annoying at all. The artwork is nice as well. Watching the fish swim around and catching food is so relaxing. Talk about a stress eliminating app. This is it.

Réka Solymosi

It could be so much more I really wanted to get addicted to this charming game but I just can't. I got tired after ascending my second koi to "dragonhood". Some problems I had in gameplay: 1. I don't mind in-app purchases where it's motivated but here I just didn't feel the need for more pearls/slots or prettier koi 2. Doing the same gameplay over and over with just slightly different koi as only variation got me bored. I wish for more variation like seasonal/daytime changes, more kinds of prey and more objectives to achieve.

Ashley March

Lag and freezing Its a pretty good game. But the constant lag after I play it for more then 5 mins. Or how about the freezing? It freezes and I can't even go back to home screen on my phone until it decides it wants to... Fix please.

A Google User

Worth the glitchy install... Amazing game. It just had loading issues. Had to download a few times. Then I opened it before moving to sd card. It opened fine then I moved it to sd card. Now I have no loading gliches. Hopes this helps...

Jack Moran

Fun but... The problem is you cannot get the gems offline there should be an offline option but otherwise fun and great

Lize EM

I just love it, the only problem is my kids are fighting who plays next! Would have loved it if the kois you already have could swim in the pool too and you can activate it either in the menu or by touching on it as it swims by. It sometimes gets "lonely" just the one koi in the pond. Thanks, good job!!

Nadia Corinna

Great fun and beautiful BUT makes my phone overheat within minutes to the point that I'm worried it's damaging the processor. Literally too hot to hold comfortably. Not a problem with any other apps I use.

vivek kumar

It's an awesome and satisfying game It's relaxing and calm music and the unique concept of the game. I love it!!

Angela Molnar

A very good game. I really enjoy this game app I will recommend this app to you. You will love it to. Well I got a new phone and now it wont let me download my game. Very very very sad. I loved this game so very much. / well i typed to soon. I dont know how they did it cs i used up all my data trying to but they got my game to my new phone and i couldnt be more happy about it. Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate this very much.

Evelin Lara - Garces

I love this game I thought is was stupid like all the others but it is amazing and so relaxing

Belle Waterson

Ehh Its nice to pass the time on the duration of two days after installment. However it takes way to long to level up the fish. Good idea, but becomes boring quickly.

Love Yourself

Love it I love this game sooooo much...Is my favourite game of this week.I can't stop playing it.Please add more types of kois and make it easier to breed kois beacouse I have lost a.lot of beautiful eggs by this case.Great work

Kael Platt

Amazing! It was super interesting and VERY fun; well paced and good mechanics. My only criticism would be that I can't view my ascended dragons as individuals, only as collected patterns [Unless I just didn't see the option.]

Bella Angelo

Zen Koi I love this game. It is very relaxing and entertaining. The Koi fish are really beautiful and the music is soothing. It's fun and exciting to watch your fish grow. Nice to have a fun game that isn't hard or too challenging!

Stephan Pegues

I totally love this game! I love playing this game, whenever I have an incredibly long or frustrating day at work this game is the best way to relax and deflate some. I also have give give a load of credit to all the people who made this awesome game, and their fantastic Customer Support team. Even with my insanely sporadic work schedule, the customer service rep. Kim helped me the whole way through trying to regain my save data when i lost my phone and progress. This game I recommend to everyone, great job Landsharkgames!

Bethany Haynes

AMAZING and relaxing The music is beautiful. The graphics are amazing and the whole thing is peaceful. Totally addictive. ?????????

Christopher Nelson

A tranquil game of patience I was amazed by how calm and addictive the game is, the graphics and sounds were so soothing and enjoyable I couldn't put it down. This game requires a ton of patience but isn't hard, however, I do wish the dragons were a better payoff, as a still image of the cartoonish dragon isn't motivating enough for me to raise 49 more koi, if anything the koi are more interesting than the dragons. Overall, it's an amazing game to play, but I wish there was just a little more to the dragons than what they are now.

Anna Bergan

Almost 5 stars When ever I go to see what I need to get next( the little bugs and fish to become a dragon) a ad pops up and when I hit the exit button the fish have black squares on them not all of them just some but other wise awesome love the game!!

Senya John Tyler

Great game but ads are too much This is an awesome game and great concept but the ads just get too annoying. For a game that's supposed to be relaxing, the ads make it just that little bit frustrating. As you progress you need to do more things in a list but I can't see the bottom of the list because it's covered by an ad. If there was an ad free version I'd pay for it, our just keep it with the ads for pearls concept, that would be ok, but the forced ads are just annoying and detract from the game.

Fred Face

This game is so calming and relaxing. It even helped me through my grandmother's death. I highly recommend it. The art style is beautiful and I love just watching the koi swim back and forth. I love breeding koi and eating different things and watching my little fish grow into a dragon. This game is probably what kicked off my koi obsession. I only have 3 small complaints about the game. 1) It takes a long time for your koi to grow up. 2) I wish that pearls were easier to get. 3) After a long time of not playing, I came back and couldn't see what things I was supposed to eat to craft the rock/rune things. Probably a glitch. Other than those small things, this game is perfect.

Kathy Crawford

Relaxing, limited game play, and EXPENSIVE Good graphics and it's calming. It is a bit repetitive. After just two days I've already become tired of it. The game is also EXPENSIVE. Why charge 100 pearls to open a slot? It was bad enough to charge to charge 20 but 50 to 100 is ridiculous. It's a shame the game play had to be so limited. The dragons are not playable. The levels are played the same: collect food, level up, expand pond, become a dragon....repeat. It doesn't help to justify the high price tag.

Ocean Crose

Zen koi/Amazing? This game is so fun and addictive and adorable at the same time and I enjoy it in every way. I love all of the fish patterns available to young and older users of sort. I believe this game should be rated 5 stars and u should definitely get it or u will miss out on alot. This game keeps u satisfied when u are bored or helps u to find that one game that will last u forever. ??

Dallas Hape

Loving it This game is beautifully built and soo calming. The egg list needs to be longer, and the pearls should be earned thru each level not bought. This would make the game alot more enjoyable if it weren't based on spending money to upgrade fish to dragons. Other than that definantly a battery killer because im soo addicted. 4/5 rating for now :)

Kaitlyn Amos

Thank you for your great customer service I previously recommended and rated this app 5 stars, until my old data didn't transfer over like *I thought* it should. The Developers responded to my review and sent me an E-mail. After I provided the information I thought they needed, they responded and transfered my data the next day! I would definitely recommend this app. The game is very soothing and fun. You eat food and breed until you turn your koi into a dragon. I love the soothing music too.

Maddie Hansen

I love this game it is amazing and beautiful absolutely beautiful. The idea is original and uniqueand is not like any other game I have ever seen or heard. But my koi got so far that it only had three more levels left and now I just can't get any further. There's no gem crafter thing on the bottom right of my screen and I tried everything. I even tried getting a new koi to dragon in case it was a one time glitch bit now with my new koi it can't get past like level one. Because of the same glitch please fix.

Helena Bossendorfer

Unique!! I love this game simply because of the unique idea. Not many companies make decent evolution games. 1 or 2 suggestions though... more than 3 slots free at the beginning would be good. Also, if things cost a lot of pearls, more than 15 to start with would be great! If these things were considered to be put in, I would give 5 stars. Well done LandShark!

Fat Tiger

Sooo fun I have been trying to find a game were you can pass down genetics, and this one is it. it took long to get my first dragon but i felt accomplished. I can play it for hours straight, my only complaint is you can only have 4 koi at a time but i get around it. P.S. my art teacher wanted us to make zen drawings and i drew a koi from here and she loved it.

Nicholas Lees

Good game! :) Lacks replay value! :/ I haven't played this game in about a month because it just feels like there's no purpose to it other than to collect different patterned/colored koi and dragons. If I really wanted I could just draw my own. So my suggestion is maybe add some sort of scoring system and/or other mini games within the main game. It looks great and plays great which is why I like it but after one time through the story there's just no incentive and it begins to feel like work instead of fun.

Sharon S

Relaxing I really love this game. Its relaxing and I catch myself playing for hours. I did have one issue arise and the game will occasionally reset to its previously saved spot. This wasn't an issue until I made a purchase and the game reset. I wasn't able to keep my purchased items. But the game developers were quick to action and fixed the problem within a day. I received my purchased items and extra koi fish as an act of good will. Overall this game has me invigorated.

cameron miles

I like it but I don't like it I mean I love the breeding genetic type of games. There isn't any genetic component. It's fun breeding for more koi but you can only have so many live koi and few more as eggs. However it takes so long to grow the koi into a dragon that it's a real drag and the breeding part of it is stopped as you mindlessly eat whatever sea creatures you need to get to the dragon part and once I do. I start to question what I'm doing here as I can only look at one extra koi as to me the breeding part was the fun part.

Birsan Ioana

Great game but... The fact that you have to pay so much money it's a buzz kill for me. The pearls from the pond are like real pearls, rare. And after I bought a new slot so I could have more koi, the next slot needs twice as more pearls. And after you ascend the koi to dragon, you can't swim with it. So basically, I will probably uninstall. But it's truly an AMAZING game, but I don't like to be limited like that.

Samantha Saifyrd

Calm and relaxing U unlock ponds, eat bugs to collect and unlock and breed to collect differant kinds of fish, all the while no stress of pushing u to an end, more of a calm game with calm music that is a good sit for a few mins and play while waiting for something thing. I find it very relaxing. Never feel like that is a cap u can not reach without paying unless u really want to own all the color patterns, not just have the collection gallery for them. 10 out of 10 game for me

Krista Flare

Very fun and relaxing game Doesn't seem to be any consequences but the koi are rich and varied in color and pattern. Breeding can be a might hard as mates are unpredictable and often faster than you are, but it's well worth it if you get a rare breed. Pearls are given a plenty as well though some of the bundles are absurdly priced.

Kai Haschke

Poor offline playability The gameplay, graphic and sound are great and very relaxing. Sadly the game does not function properly, when you play it offline: no new quest for pond expabsion, no hidden gems or pearls andif you levelwd your fish up while playing offline it can happen that the level-up gets reset, as soon as you go online again.

Nicole Evans

Beautiful Game This game looks beauutiful and flows nicely. Music is calming. Gameplay is simple and easy to understand/get the hang of. Can keep you entranced for hours. The reasons I give 4 stars instead of 5: *The music loop could be a little longer so its not so repetitive. *Information could about how to play the game should be available. Like I have no clue how to eat puffer fish. *There should be a few more ways to earn free pearls because the game stops responding when I try to watch videos and I'm never rewarded.

Christiana Sims

Soothing Very relaxing and fun at the same time! I never could ever find a game like that! Look I know this is supposed to say that way but what if you could play with other people? Like while you explore you can see some other people's koi? Like they could breed with yours but you have to either accept or decline in order to breed! I know its way! Past what you are thinking but maybe you could think about it?

Fritz Bryan Abing

Excellent Game! But.. Overall, this game is excellent raised to the power of infinity plus one. Will you please add some features in which we can also play with our dragons because I think its useless if we cannot play with them. And also, can you add more colors & a koi's color combination. I would really appreciate your efforts. But if you can't, it's okay. That was just my opinion haha. Thank you for creating this legendary game..

Ashleigh Gauch

Fun game I play this game for around a half hour every day and already have 3 dragons. The progression is nice and the koi are beautiful, plus the game itself is pretty relaxing. I wish there was a paid version or something I could do to remove the ads the sometimes pop up after you look at the gem screen. Unlike the ads for pearls that you can opt into looking at, these ads give you no benefit and linger for a while. Honestly, that's the only thing that kept me from giving it five stars.

Amelia Loveland

A Good Game ? When I first came upon this game I wasn't sure if I would like it. I thought this app would be like a pet game or a game were I had to care for a living thing. To tell you the truth I'm not a big fan of those games. I got this game because it said that Zen Koi was theripitic and calming, and it sure is! This game is not a pet game, all that you do is steer the Koi fish and eat fish to expand your pond. You also try to collect other common Koi and rare Koi. I love this calming game!(sorry for long review)

Veronica Grace

Beautiful and fun I'm really enjoying this game. Very relaxing and engaging. At first, I was annoyed at the limited space for eggs and koi, but then I realized that once I added a koi to the collection then I could clone it using the pearls whenever I want. So, I release the common ones and save my koi slots for rare ones. Then after I raise a dragon, I then go hatch all my eggs and only keep the ones I currently want to raise. I've had no problem collecting pearls in game & like the bonus pearls for completing a list.

Mariel Buentipo

I LOVE THIS, but... I love the concept of this game! But the only issue I'm having is that when I level up after completing tasks to expand the pond, the button for new tasks on the bottom right hand corner disappears. So I'm left there floating around with no purpose. The koi is still able to catch fish, but I'm not being preesented with a fish count or a new task. :( I haven't been able to complete a few of my kois' journeys to becoming a dragon because it's not allowing for me to continue. </3


This is a really nice, relaxing game. The only thing I don't like is the quality of the ascending from Koi to Dragon -- it just looks choppy. And how our dragons don't have the nicknames we gave them from when they were koi. But that's just me being picky. Fun and addicting game though!

Asriel NightCast

Beautiful A cute and easy game thats hard to put down. Its extremely calming to tap around and catch food so i love to play it at night or to calm myself down then im anxious. The only problem is when i watch videos to get pearls, after the video is over i always get an error screen and no pearl :/ is anyone else having this happen?

Debra MacArthur

Cool fish designs, mind calming Put it on my phone 1st, now on tablet too. Very calming but also addicting when you're trying to see how quickly you can level up & ascend to the next pretty patterned fish. On my phone, I'm up to 49 ascended fish/dragons & unlocked all the collector koi patterns. like other reviews, takes long time to get enough pearls saved for spots for more koi, just watch videos & take short brakes they'll add up.

Shannon Payne

Pretty decent game Fantastic graphics. Smooth and easy to operate. Fairly intuitive but needs a few tweaks. It would be awesome if, once the koi become dragons, we could play the game with those. I also don't entirely understand the purpose of building up a collection - unless that's just for bragging rights? It would also be awesome if we could see the specs of a potential offspring before deciding to keep or release it (level of rarity, speed, and agility).

Article X

Super Calming This game is super relaxing and calming. It's a bit repetitive, but if you're into collecting things, this is your game. You think it's a simple koi game and then BAM they transform into dragons after they unlock all parts of the pond. I'm highly addicted, and I love all the different colors and patterns you can achieve. Highly recommend.

Cassi Hinson

Pearls not given Love the game but when I evolved my dragon it reset that koi and and took my gem progress back a level. Had to do it over again. Also when watching videos to get pearls, the game freezes and had to be force closed when the video finishes. It does not Give the pearls for that video. I'm out five pearls and a dragon point. Notepad from support yet. Will increase rating if it is fixed. Love the game other than those issues.

Michelle Huntley

Enchanting and Soothing Ok, i love this game. I've installed it on two devices. It doesnt sync, and I have no problem with that. I let my son play. Knowing it's perfectly safe for him, and that he loves watching the fish evolve into dragons as much as I do. Now, I have one small annoyance. Having paid for pearls to get rid of ads, it becomes hard to choose the option to watch ads for free pearls. I like this option. I want this option. And it works fine until you buy pearls. Then its spotty. Sometimes its available sometimes not.

Ryan B

Cute and Fun This cute little game is great if you like casual collecting games. Personally, it's not the kind of game that I'd sit on for hours at a time, but it's perfect if you've got 5 or 10 minutes you need to fill. If you can handle repetitive tasks then you could perhaps handle playing for hours. It has in app purchases, which seem kind of steep for what you're actually getting, but you can get the currency by watching videos or getting lucky and finding them in flowers. Or just fork over 2 bucks and be good.


Meh.. It is pretty and I do like the music, I just wish it had more variety. More music, different kinds of dragons (not just the lizard with the pearl in a different pattern), more fish, make the fish more like obstacles? Like they can eat you or something? And why do I have to buy different patterns of koi? Once I've gotten my koi to dragon status, I've earned that pattern! And why can't I breed that different pattern with other patterns to make a new pattern? I think that would make the game more like a game.

Kayla Gerrets

Nice and relaxing Beautiful, takes a bit to learn, and it's a challenge to chase after some of the prey in your lake. My only complaint is that it can't seem to handle being suspended while you check on another app. I suggeat you fix that. Otherwise, I'm keeping the game on my phone!

Caitlin Parker

Awesome game. Zen koi is a great fish game. Only takes a few minutes to learn.. All kinds of beautiful fish and Zen koi skins. However the only thing is that after a while it gets boring.. It should have a player mode where you can see other players and make new skins with them, And pearls should be a bit easier to get. Like maybe 3 pearls a video. Apart from all those.. This game is amazing.

Sara Elizabeth

Pretty cool The concept of the game is quite relaxing and the graphics are awesome. Anyway, it would be great if we could SELL our koi instead of releasing them. Like, for one pearl each ? if you play the game for too long, like I have, you start getting too many kois you have already collected and you just let them go, without gaining a thing!!!!? But love the game tho, good job ??

Olena Marie Dy

Beautiful Design This and is so cute! You raise your Koi until it becomes a dragon!! I just have a few suggestions, the eggs list is too small!! It takes so much time to release dragons so I need more egg space to breed more Koi colors!! Also, I wish everything were available offline. I find my Koi not being able to gather gems while offline, thus we keep eating but no gems can be earned. I am thankful for this amazing game!!

Jenn McMahon

Zen Koi is a really great concept and it would be an addictive game if earning pearls was easier than just an odd one found in the flowers and watching videos for one pearl. I get why you'd charge for pearls but for me spending money to get further in games isn't playing the game. If there is another way to earn pearls and I am just not aware, perhaps more in-game guides are needed. The graphics are awesome and I have enjoyed the game.

Daniel Golightly

Pay to win... despite ads Pearl appearance in the game is a very low number (under 4 in over 20 hours of play) and these are required to "win" (by collecting every koi). In fact, you need twenty pearls to unlock the fifth koi slot. That's 2$ real money. The cost of pearls goes up significantly beyond that, all the way up to 100$. Therefore, this "game" sucks. Period. The end. Especially in a game so heavily supported by near constant ADS in in the crafting menu.

Sonya Dovgaleva

LOVE ALL OF IT I love it! The art is beautiful, it's sounds and music are really calming, it's fun and it doesn't have any bugs other than those little pearls for ads doesn't work, it crashes at the end... So, I have ideas. Maybe there's a whole other pond with ALL of your koi and maybe you can play as the dragon after you complete the journey and fly over the water and collect prey again but upgrade to something even bigger? And I think being able to breed your own koi would be cool. Thanks for making this app!

Courtney Sampson

Love yet hate Uodate: this game will not save your data like other games if you uninstall or change phones all your work is gone! This game is amazing, calming, stress free, cute, ect. I have recommended this game to everyone I know and they all love it too.

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