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23 Jun

Posted by MyKronoz in Health & Fitness | June 23, 2016 | 97 Comments

Apk file size: 2.2 MB


Wear ZeFit and Get the App to keep track of yourself 24/7

ZeFit is a connected watchband that tells time, tracks steps, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality






*ZeFit will help you stay motivated and active throughout the day*

Learn more about ZeFit at

Whats new

    *Miscellaneous bug fixing*
    IMPORTANT : don't forget to upgrade the firmware of your ZeFit by our PC or MAC software available on:
    *Résolution de bugs divers*
    Afin de profiter pleinement des fonctionnalités disponibles, nous vous invitons à mettre à jour votre ZeFit grâce à notre logiciel disponible sur

MyKronoz part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update June 23, 2016. Google play rating is 47.51. Current verison is 2.28.4(build18). Actual size 2.2 MB.

Download zefit.apk 2.2 MB


Ma NaiR Sangchai

Doesn't work Mostly app dorsn't sync with my phone LG Nexus 5, it says tray again. And data was not matched.

Bill Montreuil

Won't sync now steps are counted when I am sitting and wake up alarm doesn't work

Sebastien Caron

Update with more than 10% sync success ? sleep data or activity data no longer works for all the latest updates :'(

Catalin M.

Retard app 90% of the time the app doesn't sync with my lg g2 , although in the description it says fixed issues with lg g2 sync. Why did I buy this device if it doesn't work?

Eric Buchanan

Pretty good. But one thing... If you could allow users to determine how long the watch will vibrate for an alarm then it would be perfect! Also I sometimes experience syncing issues! Not good.

Margarita S

Thx! Well, it didn't offer me any update options, but somehow it works now. ****Xperia Z1 Couldn't sync at all, the app just crashes every time :(

Federico Marchetta

Poor 1. The only MyKronoz ask I can't install on my main phone; 2. Why does it need network and login every time I use it? Never seen this on other apps! 3. Very basic and slow

Dobromir Dikov

Syncing... Whenever I try to sync I feel like sending an mp3 over IR in 2003...only that it actually worked sometines...


App works for a week I was skeptical reading the reviews but went on to install it as I was gifted the watch. A week later. Its says 9999 error. A bit later IOSException. Doesn't log in. I'm sure its a software problem & the developer can sort it out. Please do

Mia Moore

Problems syncing with S3 I have problems every few days with syncing to my S3. My steps show up for a very brief second in the app then a random number comes up which is always less then the steps I actually did, the distance I went and the calories burnt. Only thing that works all the time is the alarm. Ive updated the version of software on my zefit and the issue still keeps happening. So frustrated. This issue needs to be fixed

Nunthapol Pongrattanaman

Very bad application I can not connected Zefit with note2 android4.3 ... but you tell everybody you fixed it already.... really disappointment... good bye Zefit and all of your company products

lubabalo mafa

Pairing/sync not working as it used to I'm struggling to pair my LG3.. It used to work perfectly fine with the older updates.. Please fix!!

Mirela Chicu

Syncing is horrible Even the device says a number, the app displays something else. At this moment I can't rely on the app. Please fix it!

Adrian Luca

Almost there Still has some issues, but it's working far better on Nexus 4 android 5.0. Please rezolve the reminder text that is not showing. Not working in LG G3 android 5.0.

Macieo JusticeIII

Disappointed As a pro athlete my time is valuable, especially now when this is my off season. I spent most of my day trying to pair this unique beautiful device. However it's headache

Artjoms Inkins

Not working sync with HUAWEI P7 :( Very dissapointed, but I will pray for updates and stable work... :)

Poramet Pawanna

Very annoying Lately, my Zefit is not working properly, it wakes me up twice again two minutes later from the wake up time I have set. The sleep tracking is not working at all. Sometimes before I sleep, I switched to sleep mode but it turned back to tracking activity itself when I sleep. Many problems so far and I am confused if it is because the watch or the app. Please help! It is very frustrating.

Gary Grant

So far...useless Won't pair or sync, and I have the listed nexus 5 that it should work with.

Piotr Faltynowski

Doesn't sync properly (still) after update, G3s It synchronizes with LG G3s only once, after pairing, and at the same time it clears all the data from zefit. Very disappointing. Firmwware 1.17, app from December 12, 2014

tTristan C

So many issues Can't sync data because it deletes the data. Can't upgrade frame work of zefit. So disappointing. Starting to wonder if it was worth taking this watch

Beverley Allardyce

It needs work, would like to see the option of manual input of some data like sleep length.

Claudiu Daniel

No longer works on 5.1 Will not start anymore. And even before the app would not sync the sleep time anymore. Please hire some programmers.

Wai Kwong Lo

sync not work sync not work when my samsung s5 update to android 5.0

Alin Marius Ihutiu

Problem solved.. Nice work... Now I can sync zefit with nexus5lg phone running android5 lollipop... Thanks for the good work

Botirla Sorin

1/5 syncing tries work not always syncing with my s2 lollipop 5.0.2. also icons from the bottom side look verticaly stretched

Allen Bosinney

The only big problem is the Synchronisation The smartband is good but having problem synchronising my zefit with my phone. It fails all the time

Sonny Arellano

MotoG zefit Sync well except the sleep tracker! And does someone know what is the latest firmware, mine is 1.17. Is it the latest?tnx

stefan damian

LG G3 issues Unable to connect to LG G3 (with android 5.0).

Hanoz Tarapore

does not count Steps the device does not count steps at all. The steps, calories burnt, distance traveled counts are always zero

Calvin Chan

Cannot sync to my mobile and doesn't work in server Always cannot sync in server and sync for half data

Henry WC Chuang

Can't connet to my z3 bluetooth!!!!!!! How to solve it?

dudsadee p.pakdee

HTC M8 android 5.0.1 After sync with HTC one M8 data on apps is not correct, not matching with Zefit

Eleni Ioannou

Doesn't log in It just says: [9999]Error!


Not bad...not bad at all... What about a hart rate monitor in this App? Then it would be perfect!

Ciprian O

Great work with last update

Kristy Schmidt

Sleep function sucks Love everything but the sleep that tells me i get up at 6am every morning but i don't. will be returning.

Sachin Dominic

Does not sync on my Oneplus One Every time I try to sync it says try again...experiencing same problem with the app for 6 months now

Николай _

Doesn't works with Android 5 devices I got Nexus 4 (LGe960) on Android 5. My phone can't find my band. Please, fix it.

Иван Шрамко

All works! Not really intelligent system with pairing, but still good

James Elliott

Complete Rubbish I always give apps a fair go, the design of the ZeFit watch is nice, I like it. But the Android App is rubbish! On the product packaging it clearly states that you can do everything through the app, which is why I bought it. The ZeFit doesn't sync with the app, it Just says a new version of the software is now available please download it for the PC. Well I don't have a PC, so a lie. I contacted support and they say all they say is yes use a PC. So what's the point of the app? To waste my time of cours

Christopher Varakliotis

Problematic sync Sync fails most of the time and consumes way too much battery power. After 3-4 failed sync attempts the bracelet reports low battery.

mac kijpalo

Cannot setup with my phone I cannot sync with my phone Doogee DG550 I must sync with pc only So bad

attapol Eksuwan

Cannot setup zefit with myphone (Samsung Note3) Do everything written on screen and troubleshooting page, but there's still no signal from watch. Price is low, but it is too expensive for useless toy. Battery life is around 24-48 hrs (not 7 days as claim), even it sits on the table for a day. Worst quality product I've ever purchased. Already send e-mail to support mailbox, Only acknowledged mail is replied, No solution.

Artsy Teetrik

Thanks after the firmware update!!!!! Now I can sync my zefit with my HTC one m7 via bluetooth!!! Thanks a lot for hard work ;-)

Brad Valentin

Not working What should happen when I select the country because not see any change. Another thing that does not work is synchronizing with HTC One M7.

Poomsak Ngamwongwan

Cannot sync with Galaxy S6..!!! I should read this review before I buy your product. Software cannot sync with my phone. It seems to me that you will never fix it. Bad one... don't buy this junk....!!!

Petrushchak Bohdan

The bracelet doesn't synchronize with my phone. It worked only once when I first linked the device to my phone. The reminders also do not work.

slawek jaminski

Zefit Can't even sync with my HTC M7 rubbish

Nobantu Maqubela

It won't connect with my Bluetooth?!?!?!

Heather Martens

Data shows on Zefit but not on Samsung mobile even after successful syncing

Daniel Mahwai

Worst purchase ever Regret purchasing this unit, it doesn't sync most of the time. When it does it records sleep time as if someone was sleeping during the day.

Karen H

Doesn't sync with phone Updated my app and now watch won't sync with my phone at all. Do not buy!

Ko Belicia

Cannot sync The ZeFit is totally unable to sync with my S5!!!! I have attempted to do so for more than 5times...

Ramūnas Aišporas

Buggy Problems adding reminders and changing clock face. Synchronization doesn't work since socond day I started using this device. Such a nice device and such crappy software...

Gerald Henton

Fail to connect, with HTC One M7, 5.1,. Rate - 1* I found a windows (7/64) computer and installed software on it. This allowed me to set-up the ZeFit. It now will sync with my Android. That said it does not show any data. I can change goals etc. but no numbers for steps, calories, Etc. are shown in app all fields show 0 for all days Rate - 2* Did some updates, both Android / ZeFit and now getting Data, Pedometer seems OK, the other numbers seem very low. Rate - 3*


Not bad...not bad at all... After 1 month without charging the device the sync is not working...

Alexandra Alexandra

The application do not work properly. It crushed a million time until now and it's keep showing : [9999] Error! I've been loosing all my data because the application isn't work.....

Artsy Teetrik

SOFTWARE IMPROVED! Can sync with my android phone now via bluetooth. Everything works so far so good for now as it was REALLY ANNOYING not to sync via bluetooth before. Keep up with good work guys ;-)...but why sometimes sleeping tracker doesn't sync via bluetooth!?

Janice Gan

Won't connect The watch wouldn't connect to my android device at all. My phone can't find the watch's Bluetooth device though the screen of the watch was lit and my phone's Bluetooth was on and visible. Followed the steps exactly but still wouldn't connect. Love the watch's design and i would use it on its own but I don't see the point if the app doesn't work at all. Help fix this please ?

terri burfield

Wont sync Mine wont sync at all tried restarting my phone endless time, tried charging my watch and it still says I have 60/ battery when its full ? worked fine yesterday, today it doesn't want to play

Aleka Sarah Vladareanu

Doesn't work on Android 6.0 Just got my ZeFit and it doesn't work to pair it on my Motorola Moto X Pure Edition (Android 6.0).

Justin Binda

Doesn't work at all. Had this thing less than a day and I'm thinking of taking it back to the shop and getting my money back

alexandru george

The last update is junk, i'm on my wi-fi and tell me to check my internet connection, for this 1 star


Nice update The last update that was in Jan 2016 fixed the issue with sync. I'm happy that I can use the watch now. Keep up the good work.

Razvan Radion

Error 99999 Worst app on the entire galaxy

Dylan madine

Syncing Software improves the syncing

FM Arizala

Sync problem Since day 1 syncing to apps is troublesome. This piece of equipment should be an encourage for your fitness instead it provides you more stress

Krini Tolia

Sync problems I've contacted support 5 months ago about my problem where was no fix at the time.. 5 months later still can't use my ZeFit. Very upseting and waste of money.. The stars are for the very kind and patient supporter that answered my tickets!

Kūgis Mūgis

With this program it is just an overpriced digital clock. What's the point of the sleep tracking if after syncing you can't get any data?

Gerald Henton

Fail to connect, with HTC One M7, 5.1,. Rate - 1* I found a windows (7/64) computer and installed software on it. This allowed me to set-up the ZeFit. It now will sync with my Android. That said it does not show any data. I can change goals etc.. but no numbers for steps, calories, Etc.. are shown in app all fields show 0 for all days Rate - 2* Did some updates, both Android / ZeFit and now getting Data, Rate - 3*. Had device for a month, android will go through motions of syncing with device but will not get any data from it. Android will display data that has been synced from windows computer to MyKrono website. Display is impossible to read in daylight.

Stephane Mezzarobba

The synchronization of activities with the watch just does not work (Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0, watch firmware upgraded). The set up of alarm or goals is working Ok. Sometimes I have to try 2 ot three times. I sent a request for support three weeks ago and I still don't have an answer. Fortunately, the sync with the PC is a little bit better (I sometimes have to press the clamp firmly on the watch to make it work), so that I can analyze my data. I would recommend the watch which has a good autonomy (5 to 7 days) but not the applications and the support.

Aren Soo

Android Zefit App Doesn't Work! I installed Zefit app on my Android and IOS mobile. IOS version syncs well, android doesn't do it at all!

Rky Le

Rubbish thing. So much syn problem. Worst. Try to update watch software but no pc unable to detect watch!

Cristine Palcoto

Won't Sync I've downloaded the app on my samsung s6 edge. Everytime I try to sync it, it tells me to light up my zefit watch then my device shows it's syncing, but would always end up saying Try Again.

Karthik Vasudevan

Really poor product and incapable app This is by far the worst app I have ever downloaded. Few things which inform this: 1. The app never syncs to the fitness device, all my readings are zero and only goals get updated, 2. They asked me to download a PC windows app which I did and that app never recognizes the device in spite of doing everything they ask like driver installation, 3. The calorie count shown in machine is completely wrong (shows 100 calories for one hour of squash which is absurd, should be 800-1000 calories). in all TOTAL WASTE

Badiu Ionut

Sync issue Cannot sync from HTC One M8, android 5.0. I have tried several times.

Ruby Ruby

Shitty.... Can't connect the watch with cell phone .... And computer's software can't ues either.....what's that !!!!!!

Eleni Ioannou

Doesn't sync!!! It has been 3 months and the problem is still there

Dubravko Simunovic

App not sincing, pc app download blocked - malware

Andreas Avraam

HELP It cannot connect with Sony xperia z2

Antionette Jansen van Vuuren

Zefit APP not working I bought the Zefit device but I am unable to register it on my phone. Either it displays a connection error or it does nothing at all. Whats the use to have a smart watch, but I cannot even change the time without the APP. Such a dissappointment!

Steven Byte

Can't use Changed from one stat because servers where offline. Will update if I find this any better.

Artsy Teetrik

Funtions properly now! It works well now after its sudden crash yesterday (error message: ppl can't log in the app via smartphone nor labtop). Thanks for the prompt action!! ;-)

terri burfield

Love it now after problems I have persevered with this app and my watch for about a month and I've grown to love it I realise the problem was that I have to uninstall the app reinstall it and update software every couple of days which is ok if you're running it on Wi-Fi could get a little annoying if it's using your data great app but need to sort out the software problem

Alan Mergold

I can't connect it to my galaxy s5 and every time I try to connect to it through the app it doesn't work and I tried to connect it my to computer but it doesn't recognize it and it says it's charging.

Krini T.

Sync Problems fixed About a year later and after I lost all my hope for ZeFit it to work, the last update it made it work and it can sync and it's useable! So props to them for that! :)

Breezy Cloud

It's disgusting. I can't even sync watch

Laurie Brooks

I cannot get it to link to my Samsung S6

vlad florea

I have 2 major issues with it, that make my purchase money thrown out the window. 1. I can only sync data from the smartband to the PC. (I can change reminders & time format but I could never sync to my Samsung S5); 2. The data I sync is not removed from the smart-band. This means that every week I have to reset the smartband, otherwise I will receive the 'Memory Full' message.

Joey Teo

Don't waste time and money to buy this watch!! Just throw this watch away will do! It's keeps prompting me to sync and the memory is full. I have tried to download the new firmware and keep trying to sync but it's impossible and keep asking me to try it again n again n keep unsuccessfully. I don't understand why this watch sync n software are so lousy.. my friend experienced the same issue as me. The help desk will only keep repeating asking us to retry over n over again. It's didn't solve our issue at all. Even after download the new firmware, sync didn't able to detect it at all.

Sass Mustonen

Sync problem Sync problem on my Galaxy A5 2016, android 5.1.1 says try again.

Winson Low

Syncing issue I have updated my zefit with the latest firmware. However, it always has problem syncing the data from the watch to my app. Anyway to solve this?

Aurélien LAJOIE

Simple and cheap Do the job for a nice price.

Lee Qin

Cant change the time format

payam mirzaei

dont waste your time and money dont waste your time and money

Janice Gan

Won't connect The watch wouldn't connect to my android device at all. My phone can't find the watch's Bluetooth device though the screen of the watch was lit and my phone's Bluetooth was on and visible. Followed the steps exactly but still wouldn't connect. Love the watch's design and i would use it on its own but I don't see the point if the app doesn't work at all. Help fix this please ?

Galuh Arfianto

I'm so upset, i have tried to sync since 6 mo ago, til today Nov, 06 2015 I still cannot sync it, even I can't change the time. No software development from Mykronoz/zefit team, I believe all the problems written here are about sync issue. So i beg you please to fix this bugs.

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