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16 Dec
Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Pocket

Posted by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. in Strategy | Dec. 16, 2014 | 79 Comments

Apk file size: 35.0 MB

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Trading Card Game

Enter the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe with the fast and fun spin-off Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM. This online Trading Card Game (TCG) features intuitive rules and an addictive gameplay, making it easy to progress through levels., Beware - it will take strategy, skill, and luck to become a true BAM master!

Explore an exclusive storyline where you can challenge your friends, customize a Deck from over 500 specially adapted Cards, collect rewards, and Duel Opponents of all abilities. Whether you have two minutes or two hours to play, just hit BAM!

The heart of the Cards is now on your mobile device! Summon your courage and prepare for battle in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Pocket! This Trading Card Game has it all—create your own unique deck and develop unbeatable strategies, play against your friends, or even compete against Duelists from all around the world.

Can you dominate the Duel Arena?

Become the ultimate Duel Master by building your own unique deck from a selection of over 500 original and legendary Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. Enhance your Deck by combining unused Cards to create stronger and rarer Cards. Challenge your friends and rivals and dominate the Duel Arena with your skills and unrivaled expertise!

• Train and compete against your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters in an exclusive storyline.
• Construct your own unique Deck from a selection of over 500 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.
• Build a powerful Deck and compete against your friends and rivals in the Duel Arena.
• Exchange special Gifts and tips with your friends!
• Explore the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! and unlock new Challenges and maps!
• Collect Rare and Legendary Cards to Boost your Deck's strength!
• Use Recipes to create stronger Cards through the Card Crafting system.

Whats new

    - Duel in tournaments LIVE against other players and show them who's the real BAM MASTER ! (Exclusive to BAM Pro players)
    - BAM Pocket is now available in French
    - Cards from the Root of Evil Booster Pack now appear in the deck editor
    - Series I Booster Pack prices were switched back to old prices
    - Various improvement and bug fixes

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. part of our Strategy and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Dec. 16, 2014. Google play rating is 77.9709. Current verison is 1.11.1. Actual size 35.0 MB.

Download yu-gi-oh-bam-pocket.apk 35.0 MB


Jonathan Simon-Hart

Not Yu-gi-oh It's just not yu-gi-oh TCG. Not sure what it is but it's not that, no matter what card art they rip off. If this is unliscenced, what these people are doing is illegal and you should not give it your time or money.

Mike Jones

Dont get it... Whats the point of a 'log in' if you have to keep doing the tutorial? I dont understand that.

jon l

Rip off Bought game did update a while back and still new updates dont let me collect my pro account... another rip off company

Chris Norton

Yes and no Very odd spin-off of the TCG. Its almost too simple. Also, in-app purchases ruin apps. Its kinda sad that pay-to-win has become the standard for games. All that said, I'd play this again, and I like the catchy soundtrack. Tweak the play, add in some more and varied music. Rock wouldn't hurt. Til then, solid four stars.

Christian Hunt

Love it but can't play After I updated it I can't play it anymore. Every time I open it it keeps saying I have to update in order to play and I click update but nothing ever pops up and I go to my apps and its already up to date. Anyone else have this problem and able to fix it or what?

harvey lingad

Great Game I love the offline mode since im always traveling. It reminds me of the times when im enjoying the anime itself. Gonna give 5 stars if only you can hold and set more cards during battles.

Kimori Nakamura-Kohsaka

Bummed Played this game on fb and loved it...had it on my tablet and it tried to update one day then told me I needed to download the update but everytime I try to it tells me 'item not found'...I want to play this game again but nothing I do will allow me to...

Kyle Baker

OP opponents Once you get a certain distance into Tropica City all of the opponents have overpowered cards and are unbeatable unless you spend stupid amounts of money to get booster packs, and even then most of the really good cards aren't available to you to use but your opponents can. SORT IT OUT!!!

Cameron Rabone

One Big Fault Yes the game is addictive and fun but the very big fault I find in the game is you can only have 15 cards in your deck. And you only hold 3 cards. If the game was set to a 5 card hand ( so you get alot more variety in your hand) and say a 50 card deck (once again more variety and a better selection rather then say 10 battle cards and 5 magic or spell cars) Then I would definitely rate this a 5

Desten La Grange

Good but seriously needs to update. Good game overall, but every time I play every single time it crashes my music app. Never had a problem before like this. And on top of that it uses so much frigging CPU after a few minutes it freezes my touch screen and I have to reset my whole phone.

Tyler Toner

I really need help So I downloaded it and undownloaded it almost 5 times now and it still will not work. It only crashes when I go into a duel but everything else works normally. Please help! I even turned on Bluetooth hoping for it to work.

Tony Konners

I like but, Pleeese make dungeon dice monsters,also i would appreciate u making a slugterra game

Matt McDonald

Great game @johnathon simon-hart; idk what you're talking about. What there doing isn't "illegal" they own the rights to the game, show, and the name yugioh therfore they can do what they want with it. Plus if you were smart enough to check the back of the cards, it's said "konami" and if you gander right below the name of the game, it says it's created by konami. Don't throw around legality issues when clearly you don't know what you're talking about. Good game konami.

Josiah McBride

Glitched Game is overall great other than the fact that when I face a person with an unknown name in PvP it won't let me win or lose... still says fight next to there name no matter how many times I have fought them!! So in other words, I can't use the arena because I can't continue fighting other people after I run into an unknown name!!! Please fix. I paid for this game and can't use what I paid for!! Once it's fixed I will give five stars

Frank O. Baez

Best new card game Simple, easy to form deadly strategies. Very interactive


Addicted Absolutely love it. I found out that if you bought it and you're having trouble and it's saying you didn't have to repurchase it that if you go into the settings there is an.option to restore your purchase. Restore it and it should be good to go!!

Mark Philips

A disgrace to Yu-Gi-Oh I shouldn't have to sign in to any social media to access certain cards and THE OTHER HALF OF THE GAME! This is a very big setback for players like me who just want to play the game and not deal with redundant social link ups. A complete disappointment and excuse for a yugioh "game".

Devyn Gordon

An Actual Review Please don't listen to the other people reviewing this game, they are apparently too stupid to just go to the options menu and restore BAM Pro. This is a good, addicting game. And if you like Yu-Gi-Oh or liked it as a kid, you'll feel some nostalgia. My only complaint is the requirement of energy. It gets to a certain point where even after you buy Pro, you can't progress farther without buying more energy or waiting several days (which is boring and causes a loss of interest in the game). Have fun....

Kate Gunn

NOT HAPPY I beat everyone in the game...I had to delete it with nothing more to do..I decided to reinstall and see if things changed...I had beaten all things towns and beaten all now the game has me started at level 1 with nothing I worked forever to acquire...please help I restored my membership. GRRRR

Tyler Murphy

Scam Absolutely do not buy, purchased bam pro, worked fine for a single day, and then demanded to be paid again. UPDATE: Thankfully this was a glitch that corrected itself. Reading the reviews, I found this is a common problem. Still, this is game breaking , and why I rated 4 instead of 5.

Thinus Jacobs

Updates I enjoy playing this game, but it gets really boring when I have completed just about everything there is to do and you guys do not do any updated or create more of a story line. You said that you would be doing it months ago, I am still waiting...

eljay sabado

Nice TCG game easy and simple... just like in the anime.. not too complicated to play. i like it! I just have to comment on the technical part , the game data can't be moved to the SD card memory. It eats up chunks of my internal memory that makes it not good. I hope the developers could fix this issue.

Vladislav Pejic

Love it awesome Pls some new things in store and more packs and more maps and pls dont stop updating always update,pls new updates,more maps,pls.update now pls its so interesting i want more pls more updates

imeraan norodien

I'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF I download this game coz the reviews were good and i really like Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid but then it said i had to download another thing for like 87MB AND I WAS LIKE SURE WHY not the it took more than a half of a gig of data.I dont know if thats a lot for you guys out the but for me thats a lot and i dont definately recommend this game.

luis trinidad

i love it and could konami put yugioh duel arena the game is good but i wanna see better i know konami could put duel arena or yugioh tag force games i expect mor from konami and i would fun and it would be great if thay put duel arena on the play store if anyone else likes this maybe konami would put it here that great no better than great it would be fantastic

josh perkins

Great game just finished You don't need to pay for coins. You can beat the whole story with strategy. I just finished the story that is available but we need more updates!!!! At least finish the tropics city

Rachel Knight

What the heck!? I played for one day and I got to the point were it says I have to buy the upgrade. Was great! Loved it, but that's crap!! Your tournaments don't work! Then this!? Bunch of crap! I shouldn't have to buy the upgrade to play. It shouldn't stop all of a sudden cause you want money! Every free game has the option to upgrade you guys made it so we have to and thats crap! So F you and your Game. You greedy basturds! For ruining what was an awesome game!!

Emma Holm

Upset.. Okay....let's just go right in to it its diffrent than on laptop I finished the game on Laptop then when I was gonna use it here I gotta start all over pluss it's not fun when i was a bam master on laptop but can't get my DP what's the point with pro actually I don't get it...i mean I could do anything on laptop but now I can't almost do a thing sorry for the bad comment and all but I'm just a little upset because of that. Don't judge me for being a girl playing this its just who I am.

Austin Kennedy

Hey konami you need to finish the game plz and may I ask would it be possible to have codes or cheats that can be but don't have to be used except cheats are disabled at arena so cheats just for story mode plz reply I'm a big fan of game The description is the title

James Justice

It's ok play some time ago n had alot of cards n gotten far n now have to start over n now have to pay for the game ? Other than that it's ok to pass the time

jacob watson

This new tourniment is rediculous. If you lose a victory token is taken away? That gives people you spend soo much money trying to get the best cards the best chance at getting the tourney elete card. Just change it so you dont loose tokens and i can safely give BAM 5 stars

Long Nguyễn

Nice idea but.. The gameplay is disappointed and there are too many over-powered cards in Tropica City part

Atticus Denzil

Worst game ever Money hungry and imbalanced, no fun either. I have the pro upgrade and lots of cards still boring game and can't get cards I want and it cost lots.

Brandi Pates

Good game. Bad bugs I installed the game and after playing awhile I decided to get the Bam Pro. I paid $4.99 for the Bam pro and it was supposed to come with 25 DP but after the purchase I lost all the DP I already earned and didn't get the extra 25. Tried to contact customer service for a refund but got no replay. I don't recommended using the in app purchases.

Zachery Tanner

So much better now The game was bad before so many glitches and bugs but now its so much better now and getting the bam is so worth it the story is great and so is the battles just hard to get dp but that's all that's bad about the game

Andy Young

Why change the game I don't understand why they have changed the game some much why not stick to the standard 7500 life points so it's always a sort of fair dual and also why has all the attack points been changed from what they originally were like dark magician has been cut from 2500 to 2200 and blue eyes white dragon has been cut from 3000 to 2200. Stop changing thing the original was best

Paul Kim

It was fun but it made me think that the worst card was the best card because it was all I had..... but it was awesome:-)

Brandon Carvalho

Much Better! With the series 1 cards back to a reasonable price, and noticeably less freezing (so far) there is now an air of hope for better things to come. This is by far my favourite form of YGO because of its quickness and I'd love to see it continue to grow. All I can really think of to suggest is a new pack and more areas added. Maybe even bring back the gifts for friends for that extra boost and incentive to log in and play with friends/acquaintances. (Live dueling is also a step in the right direction.)

Tom Kelley

Zte whirl 2 problems needs to be fixed I played this on Facebook before and I loved it but now for when I try to use it on my phone it crashes before the first duel please fix this I would like to play on my phone I have android 4.3 on the zte whirl 2

Zach Penitence

Arena I love this game. It is one of my favorite games. Ive been playing and donating for a couple years. My only issue is that the arena is frozen. The last person to duel before refreshing the list keeps saying i didnt duel him. My loss or wins do not count. Id appreciate a solution to this and i wil give a deserving 5 stars <3

Вадим Елка

:D cool app It a wery cool game I'm a fan

Thomas Peacock

Why crash I wanted it to be good be good but I couldn't even play it, as it crashed every time

Chris Leon

Way restricted To much restrictions unless you pay to play after a certain point there's no new way of keep on getting new cards or any of the currency it's a complete rip off from the real yugioh which means that all of the game should be free to play and the cpu is over powered unless you endlessly grind I don't mind the in game currency but still that crap always ruin any game that has the right of being called a game especially since it's a rip off game you shouldn't have to pay in order to complete the game

Jordan Hashbrownieman

Loving it. Reminds me of the best type of Yu-Gi-Oh! The oldest one. Simply fun and very addictive the game is easy and im waiting to get money from my job the buy Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM PRO. My Machine Combo is Lethal! Good game I highly recommend.

luis trinidad

i love it and could konami put yugioh duel arena the game is good but i wanna see better i know konami could put duel arena or yugioh tag force games i expect more from konami and i would fun and it would be great if thay put duel arena on the play store if anyone else likes this maybe konami would put it here that great no better than great it would be fantastic

Aj Armer

Fun, but..... Fun game. Nice cut down version of yugioh with its own feel and Strategy, sadly like a lot of games with those dreaded in app purchases it feels like you need to pay to get the full enjoyment out of the game. Not the worst IAP system I've seen but it really feels hard to get a competitive deck without spending any money and since the booster packs are randomized... But overall still fun to play and the story is classic yugioh, dueling solves all problems. Amnesia? Lets duel! Lost? Let's duel!

Choong Kim

Awesome!!!!!! I love it! I don't know what the other idiots are talking about, that this is a rip off. (Learn people how to like things!) This is awesome! Even though I don't have facebook, this game is still awesome!


Forcing fb Would be 5 stars if i didnt need to log in with facebook, after x amount of level you have to pay 5 bucks to keep playing the missions, im down for supporting a game i like so i went to upgrade but i need a facebook acc to do that, i dont have one nor do i want one so instead they get an uninstal

Mike Pohl

Liked it It's a nice game but not like other yugioh games has some different rules and is faster gotta try it. But I hate that you need the premium to do everything. At least the arena could be free or all the story missions

Roman Gruber

Extra content must be downloaded. Serious a first install and after a slowly liading screen you gave to download another 100 MB. Too big aplication. Adfitional downloads outside google play. I am not impressed.

Doug Bockover

Craptastic! If you want to play yugioh that isn't yugioh then get this game. It doesn't even resemble yugioh, its total crap.


Why the extra download? It's OK.... But then you get pass level 15 it asks you to pay to advance.... Would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for that.

Jacob Murray

Good game but needs to change.. It's log in options. Not every one has or wants a Facebook or likes to attach games to Facebook. Also it is only free through the first city. Unlock the full game for a fan base keep the bonus contents for purchasers. Add a multiplayer and friend add that is non Facebook related and u would actually consider buying this game. I've never bought a mobile game before but i could see this being the first if the changes are made.

kenneth carrasquillo

Can't even play Just installed it but it wont let me get into the game bcuz during the loading screen it keeps saying i have an unexpected error

reece facer

What's the point Google I am fed up of games that I love like this that actually don't work for my tab I can't even play a duel without it restarting the game and most of the multiplayer stuff I have to pay for to be honest people have paid enough money to get the technologie for it and internet it is stupid.

Maria Shrieves

Do not get this game. It stops you from getting past level 15. The old Facebook version wasn't like that. It wants you to pay £4.99 to continue! What a disappointment I was really getting into that. I'm never having any thing to do with yugioh again. I'm getting rid of all my manga and my real decks too! This is the second yugioh game app to disappoint me. Just stick to Magic the Gathering. It is what yugioh is based on.

Dantoine Irving

That guy dumb if he was a yu gi oh fan he would know that this is the creators game but since we're on that what kind of stupid game u make here the other one is better but it's not even compatible with my phone such a ripoff

Richael Tan

Sad why need use money for battle with my friend? not same as coc, sad

Baylee King

It was a good game just when u get to a higher plc the oponetes monster gets a boost every 5 seconds when he destroys my monstar,when any other monstar destroys mine,is the other monster I attack loses,if there monstar and mine are about to attack when they match first begins what I am saying is ther monstar always gets a boost and I don't even get nippwd. Plz fix

Cody Osting

I love it this game is my new drug I am so addicted to it I played this on Facebook constantly and I'm so glad that I am playing it again constantly thank you so much play store I love ya

Anthony Garcia

Good Would be nice to see some new material for the only app that I ever paid for new fusion cards, obelisk the tormentor, new story duels, just saying.....smhh like wtf

Meritico Gaime

False Advertising Good simple game until you are done with a few stages in offline mode then the only way to do anything else is to pay for it. I don't mind getting a full game from trial normally but when even after you have the full game you have to pay more money for cards. Seriously someone needs to calm down on the greed. One or the other works but when you ask for an endless supply of payments you can just go shove it.

Kaztec Ent.

Its not the same I was hoping for the actual Card Game of Yugioh. You know with the deck and the field and the actual cards not a half fast app game. Very unsatisfied. I would download the other yugioh app but its not supported on my device for some reason which is dum cuz i have lg optima and idk. But overall thid game gets two thumbs down its kinda dum and not worth the download

Carlos Solero

Good game but its not free I started playing this game 2 days ago and i beat it all perfectly all the way to level 16 where it forces you to pay over $3 just to continue the story and i believe that that is just plain ridiculous and that they should change that(just a thought)

Joe Gleason

Love the smooth running its not yugioh its more like magic witch is cool with me hate the pay to win bs though

Troy Johnson

Just upgraded to pro and now I lost all my progress and it keeps kicking me off when trying to start again

William Morrow

Love it It's so fun and amazing I can't stop playing it but I don't know if there are fusion cards yet if there aren't u guys should put fusion cards in the game other than that I give it a 10-10

fadl el chami

Not cool man You need Facebook to play with friends. I don't think it's fair to be forced to have Facebook to enjoy multi-player.

Shane G

the people who run it are thieves I wanted to buy a new deck and bought there largest pack 118 dollars. And the game glitched and even thought my bank statement shows they took my money, I received no credits. I have written emails for weeks with a screen shot of my bank statement and still they do nothing. The games a rip anyway to get a competitive deck you need to spend over 200 dollars.

Andrew Malkasian

Arena is broken Great game will put five stars if you fix the glitch with the arena. Unknown opponents are glitching the arena. I have to beat them before I can refresh (get 5 more opponents) but I beat them and it doesn't count it as a fight

Rey Eminence

Game play It's different from the real game I wonder why but a good game. Not the best version I have played but good.

Seliah Keller

Don't Waste Your Time When I download a game, I expect play ability. I don't mind ads, heck I don't even care if you push your paid version. What I do mind, is being completely cut off from ALL play ability without paying to upgrade. Here's a hint, developers : Most of us WILL NOT buy your paid versions, and cutting play off completely only results in uninstalls. 2 stars for misleading and greedy, underhanded tactics. And uninstalling what was an otherwise GREAT game.

Andrew Copley

No where near as polished as the Kongregate version was when it was shut down. Friends and multiplayer have far too many bugs. I cannot add friends at all, frequently kicked out of the server even on a Wi-Fi connection, puts Unkown players into my arena list and I cannot get new rounds in the arena, I am not showing up on my team's top 50 list even though my score is high enough. They screwed over Kongregate players by closing the game at a time of high popularity and I was excited to download again. However, with all of the bugs it is not the $5 for the pro version since half of the stuff is buggy.

Tsukai 12

They just want us pay! I was play yugi for years and they make me stop coz they want just money. I was play on comp untill android thing happened. Now they wont let me play unless i buy pro. Not fair :( Now there is no Yugi anymore. I cant buy in my state :(

Trio Blaze

Smh In arena mode every time an unknown player pops up rather i beat them or not it stays there without gaining or losing points preventing me from getting more duels. Seriously you guys have a good game here and just letting it go to waste. Needs bugs fixed as well as new maps like the pc version. Also it says i can buy legend cards but all i see is the same cards over and over again. I guarantee that if you guys fix this it would rise above most games.

toby teems

It's fun but disappointed So disappointing you play it for a while in the in the middle of games they want you to buy the full game that's not right but they should be ashamed of other selves for that like you spend money on there card s are energy cash you should unlock it the paying the full price very disappointing

Muhammed Barzinji

Can't play after level/$tory 15 Why can't we play after level 15? Is the 5 buck the only way to continue gaming? If so, then shame on you.

Teren Kyryluk

Was fun, until.... Forces you to log in via Facebook or pay to continue the story. I don't have Facebook. Why couldn't it be like every other game and log in with Google+? Very disappointing. I enjoyed it a lot

Raymond Pascacio

Don't buy the premium version I liked the free trial so i bought the premium, i was unable to add friends amd sent the support team an email, a week ago, and they didn't bother to respond. I should of stuck with the free version. My advice is don't spend your money.

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