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16 Jun
You Must Escape

Posted by Mobest Media in Puzzle | June 16, 2016 | 171 Comments

Apk file size: 54.0 MB

Your one and only mission in this room escaping puzzle game is to find the way to open different doors and exit each and every room the adventure has to offer.

↗ Challenging puzzles
↗ Logic brain teasers
↗ Easy to start – impossible to put down
↗ Explore different themed rooms!
↗ New rooms added frequently
↗ 100% FREE for Android!

How to play:
Find and combine objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room!


Game discussion:

Whats new

    Version - 1.1.8 - Fix
    Version - 1.1.7 - Fix
    Version - 1.1.6 - Fix
    Version - 1.1.5 - "You Must Escape 2" out!
    Minor changes
    Version 1.1.4 - Minor UI changes + - "World Escape" - out now! Escape around the world!
    Version 1.1.3 - In-game walkthrough option
    Version 1.1.2 - Final new levels update!
    Version 1.1.0 - Fix for KitKat devices.
    Version 1.0.9 - new levels added!
    Version 1.0.8 - new levels added!
    Version 1.0.4 - new levels added!

Mobest Media part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update June 16, 2016. Google play rating is 89.5383. Current verison is 1.1.8. Actual size 54.0 MB.

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Lovely Life

More levels Get more levels, the game is amazing. I love to play it when I can't sleep or I'm just bored. This game is amazing, even though I cheated on some levels. I love it.

Sarah Rampling

Very easy enjoyable game Couple of tricky bits, like all the games by this dev, never let down, no pop up ads don't mind the ads running along the bottom. Please make more games!

Robert Washman

Really great game This game is nothing but hours of fun. This game make's you think. It's about time there a game but make's people think out side of the box as a web designer and game programmer I really enjoy this game.

Sj Jackson

Amazingly fun I thought that I wasn't going to like this game because of the difficulty in these types of games but it's surprisingly easy and I find myself enjoying it. It makes me feel smart and like a good problem solver

Vicki Tibbitts

I loved it. some of it was tricky,but I love a good challenge. thanks. I loved this escape game. Very challenging,tricky.Thank. I love a good challenge .

Nafisa Kadhim

Perfect entertainment Loved it! Not too hard still interesting - perfect game to play when you have some time to kill, take a break, or challenge your mind. Only complaint was that wish the objects had names - but that won't decrease any stars for the awesome game! thumbs up!!!

Craig A

Fun Started off pretty easy....good for beginners, but stayed interesting and challenge increased on later levels. Nice app!

Lynn Przytulski

Lovin it! I'm having a great time with this game! It's challenging but not impossible, so I never feel like a complete imbecile.

Eric Ansbro

Difficult if not impossible to play for those who are visually impaired. No option to zoom in on codes so that you can read them more easily. This leaves you unable to complete the level or viewing the walk through and memorizing the codes so you can complete the level.

josh smirk

Its great I was struggling ing but i managed to escape all of them id use the walk through did youse use it❓

Kevin Cope

Fun Really fun, quite easy though but some levels quite hard

cheryl baril

Uninstalling Got to level14 couldn't finish because an ad banner was covering up the bottom of the reboot number screen. If i hadn't of gone thru the walk thru i would have never known that it wasnt me screwing things up. Gave you 5 stars before. Fix please.

kim jones

Malware Fucked up my fone.. Repetitive text. Wtf but a good game.

Charisma Henderson

More please I'm slightly obsessed with escape games and I loved this one! Challenging enough, but not so much I needed the walk through very much. I only used it 3 or 4 times and just to get me unstuck. Go ahead and install it.

emili sharmin

i really enjoyed the game. my phone didnt get stuck while playing this game which is really good. i will install other games developed by you.

Karen Mayo

So far its not too hard. But thats only 5 levels in...... i very much enjoy these types of games. im looking forward to the others

Nicole Pickens

Game kept closing and youtube video kept popping up mid-level! I get ads but put them between the levels not popping up during the level.

Nekasha Dennis

OMG Dude this game is so awesome you get into it like so totally deep xoxoxox ?

Patti Fawcett

Was fun , Should you make a game with more levels I'd play it, like 50 for free 100 if you make in app purchases. :-)

Sarah O'Neill

Great game to get the brain working, can't wait until the new levels arrive. The 4 stars is due to the lack of levels now.

Aisha Ikkert

Not enough levels! Loved it, but wish you added more levels. If you do please tell me


I love this game and the challenge ls it gives, i got stuck on one level with the fire place but i think.its cause my phone froze so.i restarted it and am trying to play again but than i got this rate game thing, so crossing fingers it will let me resume after this lol.thank you for this game its a lot of fun and very unique and clever

Fahir Slick Azeez

Fahir Azeez Great game keeps the mind thinking. They could upgrade the graphics much better than it is.

Lucy Bocek

just what i needed These puzzles were actually perfect for me! Not too east, not too challenging. And I li e how every level had puzzles that weren't used in the previous Ones. Anticipating for the new levels!

Sharon Wilbur

I love the puzzles and the concept but I wish the collected items were a little bigger so I could tell what they are.

Gabbi Murphy

Great mind This keeps me busy all day. Just wish it had 100+ boards

Darlene Norton

pretty good i was stumped quite a few times which brings me to my point of raiting. i went to use the 'watch walkthru' and it never worked for any bored ever. i did however find help on youtube by searching the level i needed help on. fixing that would make it a great game im looking forward to more levels

Michelle Weir

A bit easier than others I've played, but now I've finished it, it was pretty hard in the end.

Lekha Sasidharan

Awesome brain working game..I downloaded it for my 9 yr old n it's putting him to task..

babs horler

A good game. Not too hard. Let's hope it stays that way as I progress up the levels.

Anthony Arias

Asome game! Althoughe one room at a time, kinda makes it to easy. Like can not look around other walls for more difficulty.

Susan b

I hate this games it even gives me scurvy I hate this game shut it down now don't make me slap y'all

Ferran Fields

You just have to love this game challenging but so time consuming.

Dylan McKinnon

It was a great game but I couldn't always watch the video to help me out if I got stuck! If they'd fix this problem I would give 5????? but as it is I gave 4! Worth installing!

Carlton Dacosta

Nice GAME Good game to kill the time. Need more level.

Jessicabolger Bolger

It was good but You need to add more levels I finished it off very fast it should be endless. I will keep it to see if you update it but if not I'll delete it

Marsha Lee

I couldnt click to the spot where I needed to touch on my screen. Need to make game totally accessible during play

Emmanuel Michaelides

it's ok Some items aren't clear as to what they are and other items are hard to see due to the color scheme but, with a single exception in the medical room, each puzzle has all the clues needed to pass it.

Cory Lindseth

Overall, loved it Only criticism, it is often difficult to tell what an item is, either before or after it is in your inventory. However, some may consider this part of the challenge.

Juliet Ling

Fun game I like the fact that it has no time limit and I can play the game at my own pace. If I ever get stuck at any point, I can always watch the walk through video.

Steve Mazza

Light fun It's a fun puzzle game. Most of the puzzles have a good level of difficulty. Some of the places you have to click are almost impossible to find, like to look in a corner of a room seems to require a click on one of a very few pixels. Also, some puzzles defy logic, like needing to drain a bathtub to get a key under water. Hands, anyone?

Megan Hale

Nice game from good developer This is why I love the android market. We have awesome developers who make consistently good games and who don't bombard the user with ads. The ad running along the bottom is just fine, not too intrusive. All of the escape games by this developer are fun when bored and not too overly difficult to the point of not being able to figure it out although there are a couple hard spots.

Ann Wood

Enjoyable game Enjoyed playing it, seemed a bit too easy at first but got trickier. Looking forward to getting more levels just waiting for them. Thumbs up .

Kathryn Cunningham

Needs more levels I have played before and it was out of boredom, i then got very attached to the game and started to play it more offten. I got to the last level and i just about died when it ended. ???

julie hoetker

Great game ! Not to hard and makes you think . would recommend to anyone

Tynisha Campbell

05-17-15 We love it me and my kids it's very fun we enjoy playing the games that we already played it's so much fun we love it

Adrian Siau

Really challenging Fun and keeps you on your toes. Every clue makes sense, you just have to think hard!

Kaylei Westcott

I beat the game!! But.... I would have have this game 5stars but I didn't, this game should have not had videos to beat each level, bc I don't think that it's fair, it's technically called cheating, love the game tho

Cheese Stick

Wow This was pretty good it was hard and it made me think and I love anything kinda like mind Benders. So if you like anything that makes you think really hard and tests you then you are sure to love this.

Laodicia Laodic

Fun but short Couldnt put it down it was too hard for me though because it isnt obvious for some of the objects. Also if you figure it out with out the hint that you would find for the answer it wont let you complete the room. But I really liked it.

Mario Quevillon

Very fun ! And relaxing :) I love this game, the puzzle make sense and are not too hard but still challenging. No pop up ad while you play except when you want to watch a walkthrough which I'm ok with. Amazing game. Going to try more from this dev.

Cathy Wharfe

Addictive! Once you start you can't put it down! Some you have to really think about but I worked them out eventually. Was sad when got to the end as could've quite happily carried on for hours! Great fun.

Denise Snellgrove

Interesting diversion A fun way to pass a little time. Puzzles are challenging but not too hard. Online help works great when you get stuck.

Scott Juskowiak

Pretty solid The user interface is one of the better ones I have seen for an escape game. The puzzles are all solvable, but still take some thinking. Nothing too difficult or obscure, which is preferred.

Addison D'Camp

I couldn't get past level seven but I kept putting in the right code?! So tell me what I'm doing wrong !

Kari Geoghegan

My favorite game designers. This game is a lot of fun without all the riff raff the others throw at you. Will look for more games by the same company.

Beth Hewitt

Great game! A few of the puzzles just didn't make sense, but overall it was a lot of fun.

Wes Evans

Doesn't work on level 3 Did it correctly and even confirmed with the walkthough. Epic fail!


A little frustrating at times.... Good graphics! Some things did not make any sense whatsoever. Some clues did not lead you into the next one. Storyline not making sense at times. But it is a very good game it requires you to do alot of thinking and observation. Putting 2 and 2 together and making 5 will get you all the way to the end! The creators just need to tweak a few things is all like I said. Great couples cuddle game too! Lol

yoyo dunn

Fun I love it because its challenging but I think there should be more levels because I finished all the levels and I'm a little disappointed but I love the game

Trevor O'Dell

ADDICTION WARNING Warning! Do not! Play before bed (won't sleep). Play before work (will be 5 minutes late). Play around spouse (will completely ignore loved one)... All in all this games was challenging, addictive, and fun!....more levels please!!!!

Alison Dight

Really cool Great app. Lots of fun and I appreciated the YouTube walk through's of each level if you get stuck

Bobhead Dufus

makes you try by exercising your logical thinking. Got a brain fog a couple of times, but suddenly a solution to that problem appears. Roll on more levels.....

Michael John Simpson

Enjoyable. I enjoyed this very much. Once or twice the "clue" didn't make sense and I had to look it up, but overall a good game.

Jade Johnson

This game is challenging and fun I love it you can find things to open the sore and creep on going love it

Morgan Little

The Boredom cure Lovvveeed it!! Fun, challenging and is a huuuuuge boredom cure!!! There is 16 levels that were equally interestingly insane!!! ♡????♡

Cheryl Abrams

I like it It made me feel smart and stupid. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more rooms.

Margaret Kirby

Great bedtime activity I love doing these before I go to sleep. They are fun and relaxing.

Emma Davis

Awsome Its a hard but fun game. It is very much like can you escape. But it is still really tricky but fun. You should get it.

Genon Lagerfeld

Pretty great game I became addicted very quickly. Not too difficult if u have a brain and there also should be easier ways 2 get hints instead of watching puzzle be solved

P.A. MacR

Ess-CA-pei Fun game. Really forces you to think and pay attention. Also, click everywhere. This is not made for small screens.

Jerri Mcdaniel

Love it! This is the best escape game I have played. It is not impossible to play. I have never played one that I did not keep needing help. I hate that! But I love this game, it is not to easy, and not to hard to play.

Pep inmystep

level 15..really,shame on the owner!! i was playing enjoying then I get to level 15 and it stops will not allow me to finish I typed in the code after putting the music puzzle together then nothing,I give up uninstalling this game is on sumbull✌?

Warren Abbott

Fun game I enjoyed this game and played it with a young friend of mine. It was great figuring out the puzzles together. My only ding is that some of the puzzles require pinpoint touches, and one puzzle inparticular would not let us solve it until I went through the motions, even though we knew the answer. These are very, veey small issues. If you like a puzzle, get this game.

Dana Taylor

Eh It was pretty good overall but im pretty sure after a few room that they just started making crap up & it made no sense.

Katie A.

Varying degrees of difficulty The beginning levels are very easy. I thought this game would be one that I passed on to my kid to increase his self-esteem. .let him feel good that he can solve the puzzles like mommy.... but as the levels got higher, there were a few parts that stumped me enough to view a piece of a walk through. It was a relatively quick time waster which is good for someone with a short attention span like me :)

Bryan Hanacek

Try it out Enjoyed this game and was a good way to kill time. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a logic challenge.

Christine Evans

Great fun. Nice clues in case one gets stuck. Ready for more levels.

Crystil Murch

Great But For Some Random Confusion I really enjoyed the game overall. My kids go absolutely crazy for it too (my oldest is 7 and she plays it over again regularly). There are a few parts where you need the sound on and a few that seem completely disjointed and don't jive with the rest of the logic the game seems to follow but all in all it was a great game and I'm hoping for more levels soon. :)

Nolan Robertson

Super Sensual Gaming Experience My girlfriends and I had an incredible an Sensual experience with your door game. Good game! Very sensual!♋???♋?⌛ Thank y o u so much for your sensual door game? Yes! That's all it is, isn't it? Just a simple door game on the surface.

Zarien_328 Muhammad

its ok I would rate it 5 but at level 15 I kept enter the right code, right name and year nothing happen. I keep playing just that level for more than 24hrs bcoz I like to challenge my self until I have to use walkthrough and knowing my guess was frustated.

Colleen Hartigan

Loved it Only thing while I loved the steady increase in difficulty, I made it through all levels far to quick. Can't wait for more! Oh I did get stuck on one level the link to the video was helpful, don't have to watch the whole thing. I just found what I was stuck with I stopped the video and went back to the game.

JaNaye Stafford

Great game.. Can't stop playing once I start..!!

Tammy Porchia

Good game Good game. Helps with boredom. My 9 year old likes it too.

Lejla Mahmutovic

Logical game I literally love this game it is really good and of course it's logical game.Buuut I'm stuck on level 9.... lol!!!

Julie Thomas

More please!!!! I love this game! Not a mindless game here. Hard enough to be satisfying, but not hard enough to bring on major frustration!!

Lauryn Valencia

Addictive Its so fun to play and its very time consuming so it helps pass the time if your bored. I also liked that it shows you videos on how to pass that level I hope you enjoy this app as much as I did

Booce Bungler

So Cool Loved It! I'm usually not in to bad 3d animation but this Game was really cool. But just one problem... There was WAY too many places where you had to look at that were hiden

sue gee

LG g3 Some levels are easy n some are just ridiculous and u have no choice but to watch the ads. Not to mention I finished the game in 2 hours. Boring!!

Daniel Staver

Just right Just enough of a challenge to the games to keep my interest but went fast. No problems with loading or unexpectedly shutting down like similar games. Well done!

Tressa Anderson

Addicting Not too easy, not too hard. Easy to see graphics. Like it a lot. Wish there were more rooms to a game

John Cena

Mind blowing n confusing game Good ,, I loved it , I played all levels so very good

Laura Woodswalker

Doesn't work. When I click on the items half of them don't open I got up to level 6 and had to watch the video. Sure enough, I had tried to open all those bricks & they didn't open. I'm deleting this game.

Julie Cain

Gets the mind flowing At first it was kinda lame with random things. But as the game went on, it became more addicting. It gets a little more challenging but not hard at all. I like the room to room play. More levels please!

Shana Morning

Great game I loved this game. Some of the levels kept me guessing but were not hard to the point that they could not be figured out.


Fun and challenging Fun game, and also challenging at times. I got stuck on quite a few levels. Lol. I would have given it 5 stars, but my only complaint is that when you pick up an object, it doesn't tell you what it is. You just have to guess, according to the artwork, what it is. Which is really annoying when you're trying to figure out what object to use or how that object fits with another one to make a new object. Other than that, I would say it's a good game. Makes you think!

Lauren SquarePants

Fun Find clues to escape each room. I enjoyed this game. The graphics are good but it's not always clear what each object is so it's hard to know what to do with it. I got stuck a few times and tapped around furiously hoping to find something! The walk-throughs don't explain why each step needs to be done but still allow you know how to move on. As others have said this game is addictive and over too quickly!

Laicee Brown

Awesome This was so fun especially if you have a long car ride games like this make it go faster my only complaint is... why's it so short!!

Muni Sekhar

Good .. Tough game.. Last third level , the clues are not related or given properky. It delends on total luck. Please maku sure the every link is connected.

Anirban Datta

Good bt still need more improvement Must mention the name of item we receiving

preetham jain

Mind game I love this game and I hav completed all levels hope there are more levels in future by developers

alli lent

Too short finished it in one day.. puzzles are awesome but it's way too short :/

Tia Boyd

Good brain teaser....just need more levels Challenged my mind

Harshad Jadhav

It is fun. You have to push yourself to think. Nicely framed riddles.

Akanksha Mishra

Interesting game Some more features in game and hints etc can be added

Jane Hawk

Best game ever You should get this game out of any other game it is the bom

Juancarlos Santana

If you ever wanted a 'saw' experience Has you feeling like houdini and sherlock and oceans 11 all in one.

subarna bhattacharya

Fake game Level 15 does not match with what is shown in walk through video...its a fake game with fake level...code dont work as shown in walk through video....worst game ever...creater is cheater

phoebe shipley

Love it! Not too hard as to make you give up!

Akshata Guruprasad

It's awesome I got some hard ones.


Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssse Try it is a best game world free hints ?

Kathy Bovell

Great game Starts off easy and becomes a little more creative as you progress.

Jeanne Johnson

Love it It was so easy and I had a lot of fun

Nidia Zuniga

Challenge Great time passer j can not pass number15

R.W.H Seventy Eight

Good Very interesting, good for brain.

Donald Piccione

Doesn't work I get The message that "unfortunately has stopped". I have Android 6

Karan Cyzone

Nyc game but very but very few levels.

Jasmine Smith

Yeass So fun and such a mind challenge

BIORTON Official

Awesome game for mind Fresh your mind, I sure you will be adict

Scott Lawson

Mr S Lawson Brilliant Game I Am Totally Loving It Thank You So Much.

Yoga Vignesh

Omg This is amazing ... First it is easy... But after some times it's tougher it is more enough for me....this game is simply superb whit this sound quality....

Archana Suresh

It's interesting Need to use brain

Haimanti Batabyal

Very interesting But one problem.

Gerard Ahern

Love playing this. You don't realize how much time goes by while you play it. Addicting!!

Alex Salcido

You must escape I loved it

Lopita Gupta

This is very nice game

jayasri goli

Brilliant game Its challenging to find the key using all the things

Steven Vaughn

Good Game This is very entertaining.

Manoj Tripathi

Nice game....would recommend to practice your mind I like it a lot for the puzzles are mind stressing and it is seeming to be real as the graphics are good.Though I would very highly recommend to add few more levels or add a chat box to chat with anybody you know.

Pete Bellanger Jr

Love it! Makes you think!

Cao Quy Anh

Like it . good game

Katie Steel

Pretty good, would like some feature changes Overall, the puzzles were good; challenging, mostly, but not too obscure. It would be nice to be able to zoom in on the objects you pick up. I can't always tell if it's a screwdriver or a pick or a slim knife, for example, which would help in knowing where to use them. It would also be helpful to have the option for hints, instead of watching a walkthrough when you get stuck

Brigi Farkas

Pretty cool! Lots of fun. Sometimes I wouldn't be able to find certain areas though? I would tap everywhere and nothing else would happen, so I'd watch the video and see that there IS still one more place to search?? So I'd tap it and it would work, but I know for a fact that I tapped it before too and it didn't :/ I guess that's a part of the game, that you have to be thurough in your search but....

Annie Eppler

I cheated Well I got stuck on level 15 or 14 so I saw an ad or at least something like that ,it gave me all the answers so I flew threw the game and finished it on June 28 ,2016 at 12:18AM even though I started three days before that!! All though the first levels were pretty easy so I didn't cheat on all the levels! :-) :-(

Troy Zimmerman

Love these games... Challenging and fun.... wish there were more levels. This one and can you escape only took me an hour or so to complete. Would be nice if there were captions when you click on an item so you know what they are. Some items are obvious.... Some are not. But I guess that adds to the challenge.

Youtuber Life

Challenging and Addicting I love games like this because it challenges me and I get to see how intelligent I am. It is also addicting, like I played all the levels. One thing I don't like about this app is that some things are a bit to hard or not obvious. So, you have to watch a video to see what you missed. Anyway, this game is awesome and you should go check it out.

S. Smith

Didn't get too far It was good up until the operating room with the microscope. After viewing the video I still don't understand how anyone could figure that out. It made no sense. Uninstalled. EDIT: Changed my rating from 3 to 4 because the graphics were good and the interface was easy to navigate.

margaret willis

Great fun and quite a challenge Some levels are more difficult than others but all required a lot of concentration. I've done a lot of these but still had,to look at the video on 3-4 of them - one level I had to watch the video 2-3 times, LOL! A LOT OF FUN!

David Kline

Meh... Overall the game was addicting but in several puzzles it's difficult to know what you have picked up and where to put them. For example there's one place where a lock looks like a hole in a door so I never thought to put the key in it... another you get a big grey slab. I thought it was a door stop... the Win95 graphics are amazing too!

Daniel Roberts

Nope Easy game, though very poorly designed interface and nonsensical clues: just tap everywhere. Not really that fun because of it. Plus, there is only ever one solution, even if you see something else that would work. The big problem though is invasive ads. I don't mind the banner on the bottom; I know these guys are trying to make money, but a 15 second video after every level? Nope.

Keke Xu

Total Time Passer! I downloaded this because I was bored one day. It turned out great! The levels aren't too hard and if you really got stuck, you could watch a tutorial. No mandatory purchases to complete the game. It's like no other game I've ever seen. Please add more levels soon!

Kelly Krummen

Fun game, too short I really enjoyed this game. The clues are a bit cryptic at times but they do have a theme. A bit short, so if you have any hour to play you could beat all the rooms. Overall, I'd definitely recommend it if you like thinking/puzzling games.

Roa'a J. Zaidan

Fix the problem and I'll give you a five! One of the best "scaping games" so far. I really like the puzzles however sometimes it doesn't make any sense. You need to know that some of us has no clue when it comes to read musical notes for an example. So try to make puzzle that challenge our minds and don't need previous knowledge on some of the fields. Thank you. Looking for more levels to solve.

Lauren Richter

Definitely the worst escape game I have ever played. I am very good at figuring these type of mysteries out, but some of these clues you could not figure out unless you already knew the answer. Very ambiguous and irrelevant clues. Also, If you try to tap on something to zoom in, the tap sensing field is super huge. If you tap on the wall a few cm away from an object, it zooms into that object.

Shubhankar Amitabh

Fun game It's fun, and not too hard. If you get stuck just tap everything you can see and if you still can't get through you can watch the walkthrough (although it gives everything away). Anyway, nice game and is pretty clever at some times.

Cherry Carlisle

Fun, puzzling I feel like this would be better on a tablet as I can't tell what some of the items are on my phone (too small, no zoom) which makes it difficult to figure out where to use them. Overall it was fun, beat it in one sitting (maybe 1hr??) and had some trouble in some rooms, so I'm glad there were video walkthroughs so I could see where I was stuck. Kept my attention, which is difficult sometimes. Overall I'd recommend.

blackwood six

Almost perfect I wished it could've gone on longer. And a couple of times the screen froze and I had to restart it again and start the level all over from the beginning which was a bit annoying.

Subhash Kochar

A challenging game It is a good game but what i felt at some places was very difficult or u can say it was hardly possible to guess types hidden puzzle. Hardly any chances of guessing that makes a little upset. Rest all is superb. Waiting for next levels.

Nagendra Babu

It does not have proper clues.. decoding the numbers there is no proper way... Only creators know it.. To get to know the decoding we need to watch youtube video... Here two ads we need to watch one from app and one from youtube...

Nathan McLeod

Good fun, well laid out, 1 dumb clue Overall I found the game quite fun and most of the solutions made sense except for one in the lab. It would be nice to be able to have a zoomed picture or description of what you picked up though.

Gabby De Leon

SUPER confusing This game is fun.. but it gets really confusing on the third level. What I would do is play the video to help me because there were some points in the game I was just completely stuck! All in all its a fun, challenging game. I got better as the game progressed and I trust you will too! Even if you do need a bit of help..

Alhussein Alkhorasani

Not so nice Sometimes it's too complicated to be solved by thinking! It's better to make it shining! I do not mean to make easy, however, it's better to give rational hints! Hope you all the best! Plus, 18 missions only


Quiet Good Really awesome one and the best thing is Very easy to play all you have to do is that use your Brain.... otherwise may seems difficult or uninteresting....More Power to you..bring some more levels..

Maymay, Josh

Awesome :) so very interested and enjoyable to played. This is my problem i couldn't escaped on the level 14 any someone can help to escaped on that please. I need the code to open the door . I hope someone can help to out of there. Thankyou.

Airicah P

Fun! Only a few levels in but, seems like exactly what I wanted. Quick and easy to play, yet challenging enough to be fun! Will keep playing all the while hating the obnoxious ads, but hey at least it doesn't cover the page

Vinay Prakash Tiwari

Ultimate game Fantastic game, if love to judge ur brain u must play this game batter than all escape games because keys are always placed at a logical place no need to shake ur phone or do such foolish acts with ur phone like in other games there are such idiotic levels.

Marcela Murillo

It's too short! The game has a great mechanic, but 18 levels only! So, download it if you have some waiting to do and need to kill time.

Lauren Ulseth

Many glitches I love doing these games, but there were not enough levels and too many glitches. I had to back out of the game and reenter several times to get it to work properly.

Stewart Bunyard

Very Frustrating. Starts out well, but soon descends into a very frustrating experience. Puzzles that make no sense and are completely illogical, even after you've inevitably had to look up the solution!! And locations you're supposed to investigate are so obscure it's untrue. So many times I ended up just randomly tapping the screen covering every inch, still not finding some random point on the screen. In the end it sapped all the fun out of it. And completing became nothing more than an annoying chore.

Yay super fun I got stuck a few times towards the end but the videos were really helpful. The first levels were really easy but that's how they're supposed to be. There was a steady increase in difficulty. The ads really didn't bother me.

Dennis Labadie

Great Game This game makes you think...a great puzzle / search game. Some rooms more difficult than others, but you just need to keep searching and not give up. Hint button is there if you are stuck.

Joe Knapp

It passed some time It's an OK 18 level game, some of the things you have to do are very obscure. Some of the key pads took multiple tries WITH the correct code, and some spots you have to touch activated other spots you don't want.

Ok The only problem is not being able to access the walk through for a particular level. That means you have to give up the whole game entirely when you get stuck at a particular level.

Corinne Littlefield

Just challenging enough I liked this game very much. I did not need to constantly rely on walk through like so many other escape games. Please make more!

Elijah N

Absolutely Mind-Puzzling! And to think I could never get out, Some of the places are very well hidden.. Well done. Loved it! Can't be any better!

Carla Oliveira

Loads of fun!!! The challenges are creative and fun without being too overwhelming that you want to give up. I started alone and found several friends looking over my shoulder wanting to help. I made them download the

Chris Hayes

Increasingly stupid Ok, "challenging" is one thing, but this game seems designed only to frustrate you into clicking on the help button so they can show you commercials. The first... dozen boards are ok. It's the higher ones (18) total, that give you absolutely no clues & blindly clicking while hoping something happens.

linda lewis

Interesting game, but was annoyed to keep having to watch the walk through whenever I was stuck on one part. Would be better to have hints as well. But I'll still play other games by them.

Jackie S

Great game. Easy if your smart. Hard if your not very bright. I finished it in 2days after I've downloaded it. Soo 3stars cuz it was good but not that much of a challenge. On to the next escape game… byeeeeee

Tom Inniss

Very enjoyable Some levels were a lot easier than others, and there were a few really obscure puzzles. Overall though I enjoyed it. Killed an hour or 2 at least!

Nanda Kishore

Very interesting. Fun game. We can pretend to be a Robert Langdon or an Indiana Jones and explore :P plus there's help in case we get stuck! Awesome!

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