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16 Feb
XPrivacy pro license fetcher

Posted by Marcel Bokhorst in Tools | Feb. 16, 2015 | 64 Comments

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This application allows you to fetch an XPrivacy pro license.

You can fetch a temporary XPrivacy pro license right away and after two hours you can fetch a permanent XPrivacy pro license. A permanent XPrivacy pro license is required to access the crowd sourced restrictions: Fetching an XPrivacy Pro license requires an active internet connection, but using an XPrivacy Pro license does not. See here for more information about the pro license:

To use an XPrivacy pro license, you should install a recent version of XPrivacy, for example using the XPrivacy installer:

The pro license fetcher will not work if Lucky Patcher, Freedom or similar is being used to bypass license verification!

For support on the pro license fetcher, use the support button in the application.

For support on XPrivacy, please go here:

If you install OI File Manager, you can select files:

Exporting and importing can take quite some time, you can read here how you can reduce this:

Payments are meant as donations to the open source XPrivacy project.

XPrivacy - The ultimate, yet easy to use, privacy manager.

XPrivacy can prevent applications from leaking privacy sensitive data by restricting the categories of data an application can access. XPrivacy feeds applications fake data or no data at all. It can restrict several data categories, such as contacts or location. For example, if you restrict an application's access to contacts, that application will receive an empty contacts list. Similarly, restricting an application's access to your location will send a fake location to that application.

XPrivacy doesn't revoke or block permissions from an application, so most applications will continue to work as before and won't force close (crash).

Read more here:

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    Lollipop compatibility

Marcel Bokhorst part of our Tools and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Feb. 16, 2015. Google play rating is 92.8451. Current verison is 1.20. Actual size 49.0 KB.

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Pete Glass

Great app Very good app for controlling permissions. FYI...after purchasing you get a temp license for 2 hrs and can't apply "fetched permissions" until the time period expires to keep people from abusing the refunds available in google play. Definitely worth the money imo. -- For the people that are having problems with the pro license not working, make sure the XPrivacy pro license fetcher app isn't restricted in the XPrivacy app and reboot your device after downloading the license file and it should work.

J Hill

One of very few apps worth the cost to me I've only bought a small number of apps despite having Android phones since the Moto Droid 1 debuted; this and Titanium Backup were the most expensive, yet these along with Greenify are the most valuable and worthwhile purchases I've made. The extra features in Pro are worth the money, I should've bought long before I did. Crowd-sourced restrictions would be especially worth it for a new user who doesn't understand all the permissions, would've been great when I first started using XPrivacy

Mario V

So so good Seriously... This is the best android app function firewall i have come across... I was more than happy to make my donarion... Thank you Marcel

Gusai Ashadawi

N5444elementalx The best thing for your privacy, take control. Edit. Xprivacy is the only reason why I accepted lollipop, thank you so much.

robin rehan

Hi there. . No Internet connection or too many try..can u fix it please. ?

Cosmin Nahaiciuc

Great app if you care about your privacy. Although I already had a Pro licence (through donation), I've redundantly made this purchase for two reasons: firstly to support the developer for this FANTASIC app and contribution towards privacy, and secondly to remind everyone reading the negative comments posted here that IMPOTENCE has, and always will be the major reason for frustration. The app works great and there is vast support online from both, the developer as well as other users. The app is worth MUCH more than this mere contribution.

Brandon P

Love this program!! Have been using this program for over a year now and I love the customizability and the privacy control. I would never imagine having a phone without this program. Now he made it easier to support him through the Google store.


Great features, Awesome work & Greatest Dev! Support the dev for all the hard work he spent on this project. A must have tool for privacy/sec enthusiasts. Keep up the great work. ***EDITED: Whoever said THIS not working or dev not helping them not true and you must be using dirty trick to get it work and refund? Oh, come on why so selfish? I was in the forum everyday watching the dev answering the question, not counting his efforts to make this works as of now. It's not easy to do all alone as an independent developer. Stop being selfish noob!

Francis Hong

Security that works use with care. The people that know, know. Use this with honesty and yes it works. And privacy is important why? If its not, send people that dont like you every password you have, just dont send it to me.

Mike M

Perfection Works beyond belief well and the Pro license is worth every penny. Developer has fantastic communication. Worth every penny.

lalo lalouve

Great replacement for openpdroid Thanks. I hope you manage to maintain the package.

Deeptanshu Gupta

Perfect!!! A must app if you want to control your data

doug gibson

A must have app. Works great.

Jam Diamante

Thank you! Purchasing this to support your endeavors.

Donny johnson

You donate because it's awesome. When I read that the maker of this app spent over 2000 hours and hadn't had much support I had get the licence, if for anything support. It is the most privacy you could get without buying a "black phone". So thank you.

Mickey Mousec

The best privacy app on android. I have been using this app since it first appeared on xda many moons ago and it has worked flawlessly on all the devices I installed it on. Bought pro licence to support dev as the price is a pittance compared to the work thats gone into this, and the use I have got out of it. In these days of mass snooping by pretty much everyone, this app is essential for anyone who values privacy but still want to use a smartphone for anything besides phonecalls. Easy 5 stars from me.

Moritz Baur

The most important app i have When it comes to improving the privacy of your phone, this is the best app out there by far! A shame that so few people are backing this project. A huge thank you to the developer! I hope that you can/will keep up the exellent work!

Jared Rice

To Dev Thanks for the work over the years, I remember when crowd source was free. It is the least I can do, thanks brother for maintaining this project.

Joshua Walkington

Rejects licence verification I bought this wanting to support dev and app but I use it and it just rejects my verification every time. I refunded and uninstalled and re bought and reinstalled same issue. Fix this or I want my money back!!

Fabio Volpe

The best app ever! XPrivacy is what all people need for their devices: be able to take care of their online privacy. We must choose what apps can do and what they can't do with our personal data. Privacy is one of the most important features of Internet and we need to preserve it if we want to preserve Internet as we now it today. Great job guys! :)

Pickles Gaulden

Excellent 10 star Superb work! A must in this current climate with the Snowdon revelations, dodgy app permission's. Thanks to Devs and all the hard graft gone into it.

Dustin Ta

Great app, works perfectly If you keep on getting the message (10117 view/Srv_android. intent.action.VIEW) ,remember to change the permissions of Nova Launcher.

Nicolas Sitinas

Most important app For those concerned about their privacy

Jeramy Dalpe

Well worth it

howl deedoo

I ONLY WISH! ADMITTEDLY ENVIOUS (LG G3) I give this app 5 stars because it came so highly recommended by someone I trust and respect. I can see from the other feedback that it's highly-regarded and does what it claims to, with a developer who has great pride in their work. Am regretfully (and sheepishly) uninstalling it though, because I didn't know that it only works with rooted phones, and mine is not. I'm disappointed, but only with my phone and myself. Apparently no counterpart exists for phones that are still rooted. Hats off, just the same.

Billee Khammany

Love the app just hate the license bug errors Cant seem to pro licensed keeps giving errors..

Dave Jessee

Totally worth it! Please support the developer. You'll love the app!

Odin The Allfather

Best tool available An app that every phone should have imho. Support the dev because this app is priceless.

Wade Turney

I appreciate the hard work Support the developer. Excellent app.

Abdul Siddiquee

Good to have this option in the play store

Meda Dony

I don't recommend to buy this app because it has lot of troubles beside the worst support compared with other apps.1 start and I wish 0 available with your unlimited bugs and app

Linda White

!! CAUTION !! Beware ! Most settings are not working!! I tested all these but they don't work from setting menu? Serial, Longitude, Latitude Mac address Phone number, and Country and when I contacted him he didn't answer because he knows that many settings he has they don't work. I wish from Google to remove this app and this developer from market because he refused to be honest person..

David Wilson

Vital An important tool for any Android device

Siss Discour

WARNING !!! WARNING! ! ! ! BEFORE YOU BUY There is no support or help or even respect for paid users.

AnnA Dan

#HE IS USING THE DIRTIEST WAYS FOR SUPPORT!!! 6 days only speeches and no support from this developer at all and all I got from him "GO ASK IN THE FORUM" and investigate with you why you don't go and register there and write your problem there. I wish I didn't email him beside DIRTIEST WAY and half answers methods he is using, he said if I will write the comment he will report that to Google. HE doesn't have a tutorial video for all the options and he makes and asks people to go to that forum to increase the registration on the website. SHAME ON YOU! !

Helen Banister

Worst developer ever, but clever WATCH OUT! Only using his app to spy on us!

Richard Jones

Xprivacy Is a MUST HAVE app! This is one app I must always have on my phone! I love that I can still use apps with unnecessary permissions & know my privacy is protected by Xprivacy! I been using this app for a long time now & I finally got to donate! Thank you so much for this app!! I hope to donate again! Everyone should have this app!

Ralph Miranda

I didn't know a Pro license was available Please support this dev! Although it doesn't work without severely limiting caveats on Lollipop, XPrivacy has helped me protect my family's privacy for awhile. I hope it makes a successful leap to Lollipop so I can use it again but I'm buying this now because I should have long ago.

Bilal Naeem

The most important app on Android. I appreciate the hard work and effort the developer has put into this project.

Adobe Adobe

My favorite Privacy App Thank you again for all of your hard work!! Would love to find a way to export / import backup that includes system apps and processes that I have restrictions on and not just user apps. Regardless, thank you again for everything!! EDIT: You are correct, that was my mistake. Thank You again for creating the best app ever made for Android.

Daniel Virokannas

?? Words can't describe how useful this app is - a game requiring Internet access, while not needing it? Nope! Facebook checking on your location? How about no. The crowd sourced restrictions page isn't far from genius. I find it hilarious how so many apps have only 3 out of ~20 permissions approved, by over 80% of people who have submitted them - really gives you an idea on how much bs apps collect. Running out of characters - TL;DR: buy it. Best dev ever. ?

Chris Wright

Stop Giving Away Your Information Why would you want to freely give away YOUR personal information to marketing agents? If an agent came to your house and asked for the kind of information your phone is giving away you would throw them out! Time to throw the same "marketing agent" out of your life! But honestly, great app, thanks! Consider making a basic mode to make this app more appealing to non tech savvy individuals - the UI would be overwhelming for many people, but I love the finite control. Donated to support dev, not the features.

Moritz Baur

The most important app i have When it comes to improving the privacy of your phone, this is the best app out there by far! A shame that so few people are backing this project. A huge thank you to the developer! I hope that you can/will keep up the exellent work!

Christi M

Hate the Pro license feature, but love the apk Anyone who cares about permissions is going to make sure you get paid for your work...and you've clearly done a lot. Thank you. Perhaps a more visual method of PROOF to selected changes is desirable, but I've been generally satisfied with the consistency of apk crashes after denying specific requests to believe the other not so verifiable changes have been implemented as well. I probably won't bother with this license process till needed, seems slightly obnoxious.

timk FX

Hands down the best way to license an app. I hope others will learn from this dev.

Midhun Pankaj

Sorry.. I know this app is working for others. But not me. Too bad. And of course, I've got xposed installed and other modules are working fine. So that ain't the issue.

Todd Edwards

No app like this one Works great...million times better than a permissions manager. Getting the pro key is hoop jumping...just say "I don't know" on all the splash screens, get a temporary pro key, wait 2 hrs THEN (don't touch any other buttons) when it says "press any button" ONLY press the "permanent" button. Then done. Well worth the effort.

Steven Whitney

Simply works! Very easy to use and gives privacy control back to the user.

Snake Plissken

Best Since Google doesn't take our privacy seriously, take matters into your own hands!

Andrew B

I can't recommend this.. The micromanagement required is a FT job. Had to uninstall after weeks of tinkering. Crowd sourcing options are 90% worthless.

S Wo

I can't imagine using Android without xprivacy!

Bazzio OneZeroOne

Pffft Forget it ~ you won't get any license

anon ymous

Amazing XPrivacy is the greatest privacy tool available for any operating system. There is nothing that compares. A must have for everybody. The pro license is a great way to say thanks for the continued support and dedication provided by M66B

Memento More

Very is my licens, for what i gave $$ before one year? Very is my licens, for what i gave $$ before one year?

Rohit Mathew

If you value your Privacy, get xPrivacy. Discover what your apps are doing in the background and xTerminate the unwanted and unwarranted data mining. Reclaim your privacy, with Xprivacy. Get the premium version today!

Jip Borsje



Good it needs a icon hide feature, it's unuseful after ganing 10-year license and there's still icon on my launcher :-/ but other features are great || edit : uninstalled license app and xprivacy still remains as pro good :)

Adobe Adobe

My favorite Privacy App!!!! Thank you again for all of your hard work!! EDIT 1: You are correct, that was my mistake. Thank You again for creating the best app ever made for Android. EDIT 2: Still going strong all these months later!! I never have any issues with XPrivacy on this Snapdragon Note 4 regardless of the ROM I use.

Smite L

Scam Blocks "Pro" features until after the Google Play refund time limit expires so you can't test to see if they actually work. Don't buy!

Ian Macdonald

This is truly a review of the pro licence fetcher, not the pro version of XPrivacy itself. Whilst the licence fetcher is the easiest way to avail oneself of a pro licence, there's a catch. It will initially fetch only a temporary pro licence, which excludes use of the crowd-sourced restrictions database. A full pro licence can be obtained two hours after installation of the temporary one. The reason for this is to prevent users from performing a one-time mining operation of the database and then claiming a refund inside Google's 2 hour window. I understand the developer's concern, and apparently he has experienced actual abuse of the system before this measure was put in place, but the way in which abuse is now prevented instead punishes honest users and prevents them from being able to make a full and proper assessment of the unrestricted pro version of XPrivacy. This possibly even violates Google's terms and conditions for a paid app. Once a permanent pro licence has been installed, the full power of XPrivacy can be wielded. The licence is comparatively expensive, but XPRivacy represents a substantial investment of the developer's time and energy.

Louis Narvaez

Supreme ! Because I could try it first. It deserve his money . So even if I wasn't OK and still not OK with an other application... This one YES !

Chris Kelly

Thank you! I swear by this app to people. It's just amazing how many apps run away with a load of personal data and people are oblivious. I refuse to be one of them. Thanks to your hard work, I can feel safer using almost any app!

Daniel Virokannas

?? Words can't describe how useful this app is - a game requiring Internet access, while not needing it? Nope! Facebook checking on your location? How about no. The crowd sourced restrictions page isn't far from genius. I find it hilarious how so many apps have only 3 out of ~20 permissions approved, by over 80% of people who have submitted them - really gives you an idea on how much bs apps collect. Running out of characters - TL;DR: buy it. Best dev ever. ?

google user

I download it but have no idea what to do next

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