Download XPERIA™ Theme: Black apk 2.0.A.0.0 free for Android smartphone

8 Sep
XPERIA™ Theme: Black

Posted by Sony Mobile Communications in Tools | Sept. 8, 2015 | 112 Comments

Apk file size: 1.2 MB

This is the official wallpaper download application for your Style Cover Window from Sony. When you have downloaded and installed Style Cover Window wallpapers, they will appear in your list of wallpapers under Personalization in the Settings menu. There are several colors available. Match your Xperia™ wallpaper to your Style Cover Window.

Sony Mobile Communications part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2015. Google play rating is 80.5209. Current verison is 2.0.A.0.0. Actual size 1.2 MB.

Download xperia-tm-style-cover-window-b.apk 1.2 MB


Jaychandran Rajasekaran

Amazing theme.. Just blackened everything.. Nice to have wid a black colored xperia

Kevin Braddick

I did give this a 1 star, but now changed it as after recent Sony update it is now working great :) only taken a few months Sony after that rubbish lollipop update :s....

barigala Prashanthkumar

I have a inbuilt theme like this what's the use of downloading this theme I will give you 5stars if the background of all pages are completely black,including the settings page.

Jason Copeland

Update to customize It would be much better if the developer gave us access to customize the colouring within like the text input and such.

Colin Hatcher

Mmm... Looks nice but would be ace if it actually done what it's supposed to! Sony - sort it out!

Pete Moloney

Waste of an install Since lollypop update. THIS APP WILL NOT WORK WITH STYLE COVER SCR26. So far no reply or update on a fix.

Hesham Osman

Pls i dont want this golden yellow color in tge keyboard auto cirrect not matching

Celi Folch

NEEDS AN UPDATE Doesn't work since I updated my Xperia Z3, please fix it ASAP.

Philip Williams

NAHHH Doesn't work with the latest update. Therefore pretty pointless. May as well be a cheap knock off flip case from the local market.

Tony Collins

Doesn't work! After the update - I'm not alone on this one.

Ant Edwards

Doesn't work! Come on Sony, get it fixed!

john paul nonsol

Good themes But i want to upgrade my xperia t2 ultra to lolipop.please do everything

Shane Grimes

Crap Does not work dont even think of buying this item sony sort it out its no good putting accessories out for people to buy if it doesn't work you are basically robbing us of our hard earned cash

Robin Richardson

I have a smart looking case that won't communicate with the phone,

S. Emre Cılız

Way to go First thing is first well thank you Sony for this visually delightful skin/app. I liked it before but after the update I love it I'm giving 4stars but this shouldn't curb your enthusiasm cos still some fine adjustment is needed to get awesomeness cheers!

Paul Irwin Pablo

User customization It would be even better if the users can actually customize certain parts of the UI. 5 stars still. Simple yet stylish

Nick Mitha

New colours are fugly!!! Which moron decided that piss yellow was a better colour for the indicators and highlights??? BRING THE RED COLOUR BACK!!!

Lea Jurock

Works after update! It took me a while to figure this out, but now that I did it works great even after the update!

Phaidonas Solomou

Liked it but I want more useful apps like: make a call from window (or call back), reading latest sms, flash light, reading all of latest notifications to no nead open the case for no reason...

syawal ludin

Background folder Beautiful black theme but need black folder background please. Its still white when open the folder at app drawer. Im put my folder at front screen. Please please please dev change it. It will be perfect :)

Varun Mar

Good Needs everything pure black.

Kevin Widjaya Surya

Live wallpaper Why not make it live wallpaper for this like the one that xperia theme with a lot of colors.

Mihai-George Barcaru

STYLE COVER IS WORKING AGAIN After the recent software update, the Style Cover (from Sony) is working again. Thanks !

Mrudula Dongre

Amazing I downloaded dis theme n it just looks stunning wid my black z1..

Christopher Kay

Beautiful update Z4 is coming!!!

Fahad Ahmed

Loved this app...Sony you are my Favorite Mobile phone ? brand.. What a theme...I was really waiting for this theme....I love it...finally ma wait is u Sony...Xperia

Ehsan Rahro

Thank you.wrey nice theme

Mauricio Londoño

Menus still white.

Loki s

Cool Black is my favourite colour and I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't built in.Anyways..Great theme..

Shahrul Nizam

Nice This is the one ive been looking for. Simple and nice

Tracy Willett

Since lollipop update the app just keeps crashing! It was fine before. A little limited however as to what you can actually do in the window

Yvonne Kane-Brooks

After lollypop update.... Thank goodness for this theme! After giving in to the lollypop update, I'm now faced with a plethora of garish colours... Not perfect but a VAST improvement being able to tone down to a sleek black theme

stephen owen

Style Cover Updated phone to lollipop. Now have to force stop this app every other day and use NFC to reconnect cover for it to work. When it crashes it either says 'the clock has stopped working' or 'style cover has stopped working'. Worked fine before update.

Stephen Evans

Relieved I'm not a fan of Material design and was glad to have found this black theme. I hope someday Google develops a system wide dark theme. The bright colors of Lollipop seem childish to me.

Feltrin Eros

Very bad It worked a couple of days. After that no way: I reinstalled it several time but it does not work any more

ph trivedi

Gorgeous look Excellent theme.Maches with my xperia z ultra.

Sameer Borah

Lollipop upgrade Doesn't let game textures work if using this theme and phone has android lollipop

YS Tan

Quite good Could the black be extended to apps, perhaps start with apps which come with the phone first?

Shane Grimes

Thanks A big thanks for updating the app works perfectly now

Tanoy Samadder

Xperia Z1™,jst love the color black....=D>

baldev singh

Hope this works perfectly without using much memory and processor

Shamik Gupta

It lacks motion like in the previous version Apart from this app/theme there are other things that i am missing after the android update. Like easy access to auto brightness, the bar at top was better before and much more.

Hayden Buckley

Really good theme, genuinely good, 5 stars well deserved

Mridul Mac

Sony! This is nice theme with my xperia black. But with this theme there should be compatibility for icons. The combination of sony themes not fit with icons. Sony! You have to do this genuine updates for your loving customers!

grumble dore

Great but How can i get that notification thingy to ur lockscreen

Dr. kyaw Kyaw

very nice for my Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Peter Bluetooth

Awesome Don't know how but my Z2 seams even faster now.. Great theme.

Christopher Tominello

Works great... ... Even with lollipop. Z1S 5.0.2

Lendra SS

Xperia Z Just change my wallpaper and lock screen.

Sara Adli

Theme This theme perfect!! I like it

Mihai-George Barcaru

BRING BACK THE BLACK THEME FOR THE STYLE COVER Used to work just fine (after the Lollipop ? update , with the style cover), then you bring this "update" without any valid reason. WHY ? How can we downgrade to the previous (black/orange) WORKING version and get rid of this INFAMOUS blue,green version ? BTW: I have payed 25 € for the Style Cover and I WANT THE ORIGINAL WORKING VERSION BACK ASAP.

John Arnström

Just out of principle Yes, I'm giving it one out of five for the same reason as everyone else. Not because I dislike it that much - but because it should have been a different theme altogether. I know this change has to do with the Xperia Z5, but change just for the sake of change isn't always the right thing.

Alex Kaminsky

When it says Black I expect it to be Black Instead of it I got a lot of blue stuff and other colors. And even the front page is not Black but rather dark grey. Please fix or make it possible to roll back to the previous version which was much more black than this one. For now I'm switching to the other theme

Abram marba

Still shows blue components. Also, why not make all system background black,instead of blinding, battery draining site?

Elinor Whitehead

Stopped working Used to work perfectly now it crashes first time I close the cover after reconnecting, every time. Cover is pointless if app just crashes.

Frederik Nagel

Loved it, but then the update came It's like ordering a rack of ribs and patiently waiting for it to be prepared, and then just after you start your meal the chef comes round and replaces it with some scaffolding. "Hang on a moment, this isn't exactly what I wanted anymore"

Robson A. Moraes

Wow I was using it to get rid of the lollipop colors and get a visual similar to kitkat. NOW YOU DESTROYED IT, THANK YOU.

Zeerak Ali

Black != Blue I think Sony hasn't put its software dev staff through the color-blindness test before hiring them for a job which requires color vision. Petty mistakes like these are ensuring Sony's inexorable slide into irrelevance.

Ryan ReverendRyu Jackson

Useless since last update. Turns the notification bar, and other elements, bright Cyan. Not black. Which it previously was. This is about to be uninstalled, unless the next update restores the black theme. In the meantime, I recommend others to use the preinstalled "white" theme, as the dark grey it uses is better than most of the other themes for neutrality.

Jacques Engelbrecht

Black? I'm not understanding the idea behind the turquoise accent in the theme. I would have gone with a light smoke grey instead, as this theme is supposed to be 'Black'.

Mehdi Qadimi

So much blue and green Actually I don't like this new update, last update was the best why you change it so much and why in this new update we have a lot of green and blue, this theme is black theme not blue or green theme, I think you shouldn't change this theme so much

Mike Thompson

Ruined by latest update Used to be the perfect app for removing ugly Lollipop colours, but then this update splashed sky blue all over the place. Why???? A total customer killer. I can't roll back the update, so I've kept the app for the wallpaper but switched to another app for the main theme, one that's actually the black it claims to be.

David Riley

Why change black to grey? Sony why have changed this theme? There was nothing wrong previous version. The colour is now grey. Please restore it back to black!!

Pete JC

Used to work. Now it does nothing Think its complrtely disabled after the 9/9/15 update. Can u please get rid of all the bright ugly electric blue.

Abdullah Zakir

Previous version was better Ever since it got the update it has lost all the black labels... There's blue status bar instead of black and many more... I fail to understand why it's named black... Please fix or downgrade, the previous version was better

Red Laughter

Completely unwarranted Horrible update on all fronts. I can't find any positive thing about it. It was perfect with black and yellow, why change if it's not broken? Sometimes you wonder how people can get paid for such tasteless fixes like the last one.

David Eff

Useless, not black, typically Sony nowadays. No options for white text on black background anymore so remember to carry a charger everywhere.. Sony's help forum run by trolls who keep the mods on short leashes so don't expect your dissent and complaints to be tolerated there either... Ggwp Sony you broke something that worked well again...

'Sufiyan Shaikh

Blue...!! Hop nxt time U guyz not tryin "Black vid Pink" Whr evry smartphone makers r updating their "Softwares" to let work their products better n better..... Sony you are updatin "Nightmares" to make your product worst n worst. I knw I did a big mistake in buyin a Xperia C3, n M sorry fr dat kindly accept My Apology. Pls cn you start updating your Softwares, not Nightmares, I hv faith in U dat 1 day U'll b satisfying Ur custmrs not good bt atlst below average level or by average level.

अमित कुमार

I just enabled my G+ to write this review.. Why are you guys ruining every thing every now n then.. What is wrong with you people. Sony is a global brand, people who love it, love it for it being Sony, the elegent, the robust, the reliable.. Simple the best.. But from quite sometime from past the is simply killing the Sony heritage in every sony app. Be it related to audio, video or themes. No doubts, despite of all losses in the Sony culture, performance is improved for AV apps, but in themes, you guys are killing our eyecandies.. Stop it.. For better of people.. and yourself.

Richard Macleay

Just stoped working a few days ago and keeps crashing. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times but still crashes. Hopefully this will be fixed quick or I have a redundant cover which cost me £30.

Himanshu Dhorey

This is supposed to be a PURE BLACK theme & it doesn't have lockscreen add-ons Even custom launchers like GOlauncher have better themes than you Sony. I just wanted everything in only a good Black Background and everything else like the text in white, you did the complete opposite and totally ruined this theme. And can't you add extensions for music player and all other small things? Not only to this theme, but to every theme of yours! Samsung has achieved it very well FYI.

Rasto Balaz

Terrible Worst update ever. Fire the guy responsible. Just kidding. No, seriously..

Jibreel Martinez

It's so blue It just hurts my eye, I like the old one better with the black and orange theme.

Emmanuel Heal

Blue instead of black?! Oh my god! People should learn something! We rate not according to our personal taste but if the app does what it says. So, I give 2 stars cause it states black and the accent color is actually blue!? Is that a joke? Please I love the new Xperia Z5 wallpapers and I really want to use this theme but it has to be black like in the precious version not blue!

Milos Beocanin

From good to very bad Used to love this theme. Latest update ruined everything. Light light blue menu on a black theme?! Why? Lock screen appears to be just black, like there is no wallpaper..

Jong Hendryanto

Try to fixed the colour to original black The colour became grey black in my xperia c3. It should be black, its not match like you said. Please consider this..

Neil Baldry

Fix for Sept update.. No more grey bg and turquoise sms I have found a way around the new grey wallpaper and the turquoise message colours.. Firstly I selected the White theme (which uses grey in the sms area) then backed out to the 'Personalisation' screen and changed the wallpaper to the Xperia 'Live' multicoloured wallpaper, in the settings, you can then choose the Black background which is actually black and not the Grey as is the new update.. Hope this helps ?

Cristian Arion

Blue is the new black? Wtf? The new update turned my black theme in blue with a little green!

lala belga

Blue Why so blue? Hahaha! I can feel it too. :p lol... I download this theme because of its black and yellow color..

Xander Henri

Blue? I downloaded this theme because it said it was black. Which is what I wanted. What I ended up getting was black and yellowish gold, which I started to enjoy. Now I think I speak for everyone when I say we downloaded a BLACK theme in the sole purpose of having the colour BLACK NOT BLUE.

Dwayne Fernandes

Definitely messed up that last update The last update messed up the theme. Yea I see the new wallpaper but I also see ugle blue Status Bar. Settings menu aint the same either and this theme used to help me get what I like. Now its just as useless as the others to me. Please Revert back to the old colours.

Andrew Mischuk

Bad changes When I closed my cover it used to show my wallpaper which was cool but now it's just black, lame. Ironic because nothing else is black anymore and those are the things I want black. What are you even doing? Also it keeps reapplying the theme when I restart my phone.

Gary Robertson

WTF? Why update a perfectly good theme with this crap, the theme was fine until this update which has ruined the look and feel for me, uninstalled!

Amirul Azim

Previous Version Better As all the reviews say... We expect black when it says black... The previous version is good. Why would you release an update and ruin it

Nicolas Heaton

Cover not protective cover OK mine now has a black theme but one of the least protective cases I have ever had (Z3) the Z2 case was better.

Shandy Mkhosanna

What's this? Misleading name. Plus I thought I'd get the black pouch that's shown on the screenshots. Xperia, y is du dis?

Manan Parikh

Bugs Status bar and other bar customisation is gone... Was this an update or drawback?? ?

Rizaldi Tri Yanuar

Good update, but... Why did you choose blue as the status bar color? That just doesnt match the black theme...

Jimmy Michael

Works, but still annoying After I finally managed to reinstall this app so it would work properly I'm getting more and more annoyed with this "smart" case. Apart from it's rather cheap look it doesn't even cover corners of the phone which are exposed to damages to higher extent. Big disappointment Sony

Radu Arsenie

Waay too much blue in Xperia themes Have you ever tried a black (true black though, not dark grey) and red kinda theme? Your panels can display a really nice, deep red. Why not make use of that? Oh, and please, add more screenshots of the theme itself.

Craig Donnison

A black theme that is blue?! The irony! I downloaded this months ago to have a black theme throughout & to get away from the default white/blue theme. All good. Just installed your update & now back to square one! Too much blue again! Shame on you! Give us a new update to change it Back to Black!!

Shafraz Basheer

Ruined what was awesome I never comment, but this had to be said. This theme was so nice and clean before, which such an elegant finish. Now it's just ruined. I had change my theme because I'm getting blue instead of black. Developers should rename this theme or get it corrected.

Emily M

Bring back the old BLACK is tried to not install this new update after other reviews, but no luck. The blue is sooooo annoying and the black is gone! Please issue the old version again. Used to be my favourite basic black theme!

D Wright

Sony: can you respond? same as Blue theme please restore real Black theme Also like others, why make a Black theme have so much Blue (open tools or SMS to see.) I think this is actually an error on your designer's part. I expect a true Black theme update to follow as a correction. Update: when using own wallpaper this is actually Blue Theme. Definitely a design mistake.

Vld Bnc

@DeV_Team at least you should give some explanation. If you need to comply with ggl's lollipop material design, please tell users that concept of app has changed or continue in your ignorance and withdraw the app if it cannot deliver prior requirements to meet users' expectations.tx

Yasir Sheikh

Why it shows the blue while using the phone or messages it looks so awkward. I hve downloaded to keep all the tabs and background would b black... Pls chnge it to black.

Paul Haswell

What happened? I wanted black. Now download gives me white/grey background and blue menu colour. Had to download another proper black home screen. At least the window lag seems to have been fixed.

Ryan Thistle

For those of you frustrated that this black theme is covered with light blue, go download Andrew Borodiy's Theme M Stock Turquoise. It actually has a very dark grey status bar.

Heath McCormack

Totally destroyed this theme, sorry guys Blue is hideous Please change it back or give the option to download the original please. Everybody download Black theme for Z3. Theme eXp Black Z

Tim Dodin

Why call it black? Why call it a black theme when this particular is not even present in the display? Instead it features blue and orange. Very disappointed ?

Philipp Kersch

Why blue?? I really liked the black in this theme. But after updating there is too much blue in it (SMS, blue bar on top, contacts, etc...). This should be changed. Only positiv thing is the new background...

Karim Jina

DON'T UPDATE!! The latest update, of course, breaks a working theme. Now all menu windows, messaging and settings are in a colour and everything else is black. Well done on terrible UAT.

Alireza Shahsar

From 5 stars to 1!!! Disliked the new (after update) theme so much. It's not black anymore. I rather say it's gray theme. Not clear quality and ugly!

MJ Saldivar

Disappointing! I expect black interface, not BLUE!!! Kinda junk storing this on my phone. I hope you do it right.. Better uninstall this

A G Karim

Smart Cover for Z5 Premium The software worked for minutes then stopped working. Called Support line. They failed after several tries by them lasting nearly 30 minutes

Brandon Phon

Change is not always for the best Why change what was a great theme? Black and gold were awesome and it removed the annoying lollipop colours. This theme now is no different from the others

Martin Keetley

It's not black Hugely disappointed with this update. It's no longer black, it's grey. Please fix this ASAP. Also, I have a Z2 and the Style Cover Window isn't available for it, so why was this update made available for my phone in the first place? Plus I didn't actually confirm I wanted the update, it was done automatically - very irritating.

Bobo Simbobo

Black and blue? Really? Better before update check how it looks than update from 5 stars you are going down to 1 star. Bring back the original black black and you will get 5 stars again until that I'll use something else!

Abigail Lee

Doesn't work after upgrade on Z3. Have used this cover since I purchased my Z3; it's been great and i've had no problems. My phone has recently upgraded and now the case doesn't work. I've tried un and reinstalling but nothing works. Please fix it, when it works it's 5* but now it's unless.

Neil Baldry

Fix for Sept update.. No more grey bg and turquoise sms I have found a way around the new grey wallpaper and the turquoise message colours.. Firstly I selected the White theme (which uses grey in the sms area) then backed out to the 'Personalisation' screen and changed the wallpaper to the Xperia 'Live' multicoloured wallpaper, in the settings, you can then choose the Black background which is actually black and not the Grey as is the new update.. Hope this helps ?

D Wright

Sony: can you respond? same as Blue theme please restore real Black theme Also like others, why make a Black theme have so much Blue (open tools or SMS to see.) I think this is actually an error on your designer's part. I expect a true Black theme update to follow as a correction. Update: when using own wallpaper this is actually Blue Theme. Definitely a design mistake.

Prashant Wadekar

Sony Is finished very poor quality... It's SONY... now no one will remember you as brand bcoz u have lost the trust i am paying so much money for such cheap flip cover bloody hell with u sony... Zero point from me...Sony see the covers for SAMSUNG and see ur u will feel shame...

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