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24 Apr
Xelorians - Space Shooter

Posted by AXL Dynamics sp. z o.o. in Arcade | April 24, 2014 | 74 Comments

Apk file size: 47.0 MB

█ Welcome to the interplanetary Xelorians – Space Shooter


► Xelorians – Space Shooter is a dynamic, 90's style space shooter. It brings the space shooter genre into the XXI century. If you are an old space war stager, you should check your reflexes in this shooter again. If you like quick interplanetary action and destroying alien hordes – join the interplanetary war squadron!

► Choose your interplanetary star fighter amongst many war space craft which use captured alien tech and join the space fight. Upgrade your fighter during the fight with crystals and different kinds of weapons.
You will need them for the bigger alien war ships.

► "Storyline, graphics and game pace makes it one of the best space shooter on the market. Go and get it."

► "Look, Xelorians is a top-down scrolling shooter, and I know that you’ve seen a million of them. But
Xelorians is actually worth your time. It looks great, is designed smartly, and the difficulty level is just right."

█ Game features

► Four space episodes, 18 exciting and highly dynamic shooter missions + bonus mission
► 48 types of interplanetary alien units
► 5 difficulty levels
► 12 weapon types
► 19 bosses
► 10 music tracks
► Zooming camera
► Bullet time

█ How to play

Collect every object in white, spinning rims. Collect
the yellow crystals to upgrade power. Make war!

█ Story

► 2021 – scientists discover the red matter, the interplanetary colonization of Mars starts
► 2025 – scientists develop a method that allows to slow time, which enables long
interplanetary travels
► 2026 – the Earth Interplanetary Alliance is formed. The organization executes interplanetary law.
Humanity begins to explore unknown space. Thanks to alien technology humanity
develops even faster
► 2036 – scientists capture an alien signal. The EIA makes contact with the alien civilization
► 2037 – First Contact War with the Xelorians – the aliens are space invaders,
modern weaponry and rockets are their diplomacy
► 2038 – examinations of fallen aliens show, that the DNA of the Xelorians was manipulated, so they couldn't control their aggression.
► 2039 – Earth loses part of its planets in the Milky Way.
► 2039 – physicists discover the abilities of alien crystals. Scientists
develop a special system which uses these crystals. It should be able
to power weapons up.
► 2040 – The system is ready. Earth strikes back.

Whats new

    - Bonus stage fix
    - Episode IV - unlock problem solved - sorry!
    - Episode IV - Unlocked
    - Switched Leaderboards & Achievements to use Google Play Services ( full version only )
    - New difficulty level - Impossible
    - Some graphics adjustments
    - Reduced length of level Homeworld - Stage 1 ( original version is moved to bonus area )
    - Left reset buttton removed ( sorry for delay :) )
    - fixed bug where after finishing a stage - game hanged on loading scene

AXL Dynamics sp. z o.o. part of our Arcade and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 24, 2014. Google play rating is 91.382. Current verison is 1.3.4. Actual size 47.0 MB.

Download xelorians-space-shooter.apk 47.0 MB



It's epic! Game play is very smooth and addictive. Plus extraordinary "slow motion" powerups is interesting, which is not ever seen in other games. Small complaint: powerups shown in screen too small, often mixed up in enemy's barrages, which is somewhat annoying. Overall, great game.


best of the best this is easily the best vertical scrolling shooter on android. its insanely addictive and the gameplay is ultra fast. plus it runs great even on low end hardware. i just wish theyd come out with a sequel. i play this game almost every day!

Peter Vang

Pretty good Only complaint is that controlling the ship with your finger is kinda eh, I can't seem to get the ship all the way down the screen, kinda annoying when your trying to collect upgrades or avoid enemy fire. Fun game though, just wish they had another control option or else fix the bottom screen glitch

Gordon Alf Shumway

Insanely Fun Chaos. I originally played the lite version of this game and enjoyed it so much that I purchased this full version. I haven't really played many "Bullet-Hell" or "Shmup" shooters before, but if this is what I can expect from this genre, well, I will definitely be playing more in the future. I found the action to be lightning fast and I really love the "bullet time" effect used here where the action on-screen ramps up and down. I appreciated the narrative that the developer posted in the description also. 5 stars.

Izaya Evarez

Still love it!! Came back to leave an updated review. The game is still great. However, it would be nice to utilize some type of cloud save. I flash ROMs a lot and just redownload my apps and trust the developer has some type of cloud save. Luckily enough this game doesn't have in-App purchases so I just redo the levels. Though I would like to be able to start off where I left.

Uelese Talanoa

My favorite game Eva of all space shooting game I buy this three times when I have lost my password in three account this is best space shooter eva loving it thanks I clocked all levels on this and still having fun just need another plane I favorite the first plane it us awesomeness when upgrade it weapons very cool and not to hard to play..

Christopher Piccoli

Amazing 2d millions of bullets style shooter Anyone that has any complaints about this game is just a noob. The descriptions of the difficulties are pretty accurate. Easy is easy all the way to impossible which is.... nearly impossible. If you don't like the fact that the ship doesn't reach the bottom of your screen because the touch controls are configured so that the ship rests just above your finger... then just change the settings so that the ship is under your finger and stop complaining. The game is fun as ****!

Chris Wells

Good little game! Great fun to play and seriously challenging. Looks great, sounds are ok albeit a little too lofi (although in my opinion it's not better with headphones) and runs flawlessly on my devices. All it needs is cloud saves! Edit: bonus stages appear to be broken. At the end of the level it just gets stuck and won't progress. 5* if it gets fixed. Edit 2: Seeing as this hasn't been updated since April 2014 I won't hold my breath waiting for a fix. Such a shame.

Alexander Paulius

This game has it all I wanted a game like this and stumbled on this gem. It is just what I wanted from this genre. High pace with lots of eye-candy and the game has a great level of challenge. Please make an HD version of this or release a successor with improved graphics. I just love this game. Bonus stages still not bug free for me. I have updated prior completing them.

Laggy Glucose

WELL worth the purchase! This is an awesome game, great SHMUP action, great control. And Peter Vang is wrong, there is an option in settings to make the ship go under your finger... That bothered me too but figured it out right away lol. It is not a glitch, but an intentional option. Works awesome with the stylus on my Note 3 as well!

Vinh Trương Công

Best of the best The game is so cool. Run perfectly with beautiful, smooth graphic.

Kato Knives

Awesome on Note 4! Excellent game. Much easier to play with the s-pen. Bottom of the screen still troublesome because of the spacing between the touch point and the ship but eh, still fun. UPDATE-HAS S-PEN MODE... PERFECT FOR NOTES! It limits the space between the pen and your ship. Excellent frigging awesome game!

Gerry Corcoran

A Fun Shmup But Buggy This is an old-school style shoot em' up done very well on a mobile platform. It's also a proper complete experience and not riddled with microtransaction garbage. It can be made easy or extremely challenging, has a lot of different power ups, complex enemy patterns and has lots of leaderboard options. Unfortunately, it's buggy. Since Lollipop released, it has become stuttery on my Nexus 5 and you can no longer complete bonus stages as the game just hangs and doesn't record your score to leaderboards. It appears this is no longer being updated so I don't know if fixes will ever come which is a real bummer. Still a lot of fun but if you're on Lollipop, be wary.

David Michalík

Kickass Very well balanced difficulty. Challenging enough so you feel like really cool gamer but easy enough so you wont get stuck for a long time. Great visuals make you just watch thinking wow this is fuking cool at the same time while is your finger sliding on the screen by itself. Could be more story driven, but it is forgivable for an oldschool arcade. So as the background could be more detailed and interesting. Thumbs up and reccomendation!

Star1 child

By far the Best! Easily one of the best, if not the best of them ALL. Insane intense action that progressively increases, more difficulty settings than you can handle; normal difficulty is a challenge in itself and there's plenty of difficulties above that when your ready. The Levels and its Stages are plentiful and long which is great. Best of all you get a LARGE capacious 'full' action screen to play in which is an infinite relief compared to the postage-stamp size screen of the other well known schmups. A+++ game!

nathan taylor

One of the best shoot em ups out there This game gets it. Smooth, intuitive controls. Overwhelming ememies matched only with flatteringly destructive and crucially frequent super weapons. Addictive and pleasurable. This game has flair in bucket loads.

Jean-Marc Fueri

As a shoot them up fan I can say this is the best I've played on Android. Fast and furious with amazing particle effects. Graphics are ok but nothing spectacular, could have been fantastic with real artwork. Gameplay is fun and addictive. I'd pay good money for a sequel.

robert youle

Do not using upgrade any often waste moneys cuttng off any money's rubbish dirty greedy! The best all together already full a game! Do not use moneys pay 4 it risk!

Craig Mcleland

Xelorians Super fast shootemup just great love the speed and powerups to many to list like you can use stylus makes getting in tight spots easy and you can see all screen and pause is good just lift stylus off screen nice touch..?

Thomas Hsu

One of the best on any platform I love shooters, and this is definitely among the best. Good pace and crisp controls, unique feel.

Isaac Brooks

Meh Game seems like it would be cool, but it continually freezes. Don't waste your money.

Joseph Kahle

Great game Love the game just hate the lag spikes and unwanted closing . happens on both of my devices.

Steve A

Fun For What It Is...Abandoned The game has been abandoned. The few levels available have some games within them, but only a few. The impression I have is that the developer did as little as possible and is now just collecting revenue on this perfect example of mediocrity. If I could decide over again, I'd stick with the free version until the developer decides it's time for the game to evolve.

Martin Ferry

Halo36 Wow and wow again super fastshoot em up what a blast buy it you wont regret it nice job guys reminds me of xeon megablast in the 80s

Tabrays Nawab

Nice shmup! Loads of goodness in this shmups; adjustable difficulty, tons of power up, bullet hell. The only negative I'd give it is that it looks low res on the Nexus 7. Other than that, wondering when the next game in the series is coming out. ;)

Mark Stevens

One of the best I rarely buy Android games and I never review them... this is THAT good. I've played most of the rest of this type of game, and most of them suck. Xelorians has a free version/demo, play it... and you will know.

D Zar

Outstanding Do play with headphones... great sound! Only wish there were more levels. Just finished the "impossible" levels and love this game.

John Hubbard

The best shooter of all time need to make more of the games like this every body step up your game this is what a shooter game is supposed to be

Rob Scrivener

Great game Only problem is the ship doesn't quite move as well with finger controls

Glenn Sullivan

One of my favs This is my go to game on the note 3, very good gsme, worth .99$ anyday!

Mike Kennedy

Love it! This game is awesome. If you like playing aerial shooters like 1941 you definitely want to buy this! Well worth it. There is a free trial version too. Try it out first.

Roderick Willis

Experia Z2 Great game, fun and great graphics, I suggest you start on easy & work your way up to hard, only disappointment is I have run out of levels. As it is I recommend this game as a fun time saver

Michael Grosvenor

Great Shooter! My down time companion. It's awesome, get it!

Monster The Kid

Grading bonus stage. Game is still freezing up on the bonus stage. I have to re-start my phone just to play:/

Axis Jimenez

An all around great shooter The best part is when you place your finger on the screen it puts your ship ABOVE your finger preventing the view of your ship from being blocked. Its graphics and sound quality are also first rate. This is a well thought out shooter for smart phones.


Xelorians PAID " It was with Great Pleasure , That this heurre' Game was Downloaded to my Phablet "

Brian Jones

Great fun Love this 2d top down style space shooting craziness. Just what I've been looking for!

Gary Harbison Jr.

Straight forward shooter Worth the price simple mechanics fast paced action with plenty of powerups that doesn't hide behind a wall of micro transactions does have a dated look but that adds to the old school feel

Tony Tran

sucks sucks the control on this game is stupid af, ur finger has to be on the stupid ship to control it , how can u even see ,i prefer a top down shooter with anywhere touch function.

Bryan Mitchell

Action Packed!! This game is action packed with high explosives!! It's plenty of fun, especially the hardest level labeled "Impossible!" Enjoy!!

Ao Ea

The best Awesome game!

Пользователь Google

Cool! Best game ever! Still bad place for restart button. Also needed it in pause mode. I don't like new 'slowtime' effect I get tired of extremely fast

Sergei Shveidel

Medium Developers. Try to play on nexus 7. Every 30 sec. You press buttons at the bottom. Thats aweful

Пользователь Google

Xperia S Hello, this is the best scrolling-shooter for Android! But it need new ships!!

Пользователь Google

Nice now Thanks! Awesome game!

Pavel Granovsky

I like the Drive

Matthieu H

great effects still the best in 2015! Latest update is pretty good, the "impossible" difficulty makes the game finally entertaining. Thanks for the extra levels.

A Google User

A very competent shooter indeed Wow what can I say! Still one of if not the best android shooters I've played, I smiled so much when I played the 2 level demo that I just had to have ability to play all 14 missions. Its fast fluid responsive looks and sounds great, leaderboards 4 difficulty settings for replayability I'm smitten :-) With each update this title just gets better & better, AXL-Dynamics you are awesome, keep up the good work your efforts are much appreciated.

darryl German

Best shoot'em up on android, but since the lollipop update the game freezes and I have to either kill the app or just start over.

Sajjad Ansari

A top underated arcade shooter... fun arcade shooter that's easy to play and special effects look great with slow motion. Worth buying. Shame it's underrated compare to many other terible arcade shooter out there.

Gabor Simon

*the* best Absolutely the very best shoot'em up I 've seen since Tyrian. Must install. And you just can't stop, so prepare some excuses 'cos you'll be late from all your meetings :)

A Google User

Still the best balance of hard level challenge's & fun! Also thanks for replying to my b*tching , you guys fixed my issue in one night! You achieved perfect status :-) Love this game! I have to let everyone know how great this game is & thank you guys for making a great game, even on easy this game is hard to beat! It'll take me more than a month to beat & best of all no in app buying! 6 stars!

Jamie Duthie

Great Great game,usually with as many enemies and bullets flying about on the screen things get messy and you die really quickly,however,somehow this game manages to create carnage without losing players focus or control.looks nice and plays just as good ?

xDaniel Korzenowski

Best Top Down Shooter Around !! Twice as fun as all the others I've tried. The constant movement & explosions won't be for everyone but it's right up my fast speed alley! Many levels, 4 difficulty settings, decent music. Loads awkwardly on my 8" Tab S is the only knock..

Connor Thompson

Really Quite Good Works great on my S6 Edge Plus. Fun game that doesn't get old too quick like some out there.

Николай Логинов

5 stars without thinking Addictive. Great controls. Keeps you in pace. These type of games are very rare nowadays.

Chris Riels

Sweet Fun Lil game, bought just cuz I enjoyed the 3 lvl demo. Still loving it 3 years later:)

Steve McAlvord

Fun For What It Is...Abandoned The game has been abandoned. The few levels available have some games within them, but only a few. The impression I have is that the developer did as little as possible and is now just collecting revenue on this perfect example of mediocrity. If I could decide over again, I'd stick with the free version until the developer decides it's time for the game to evolve.

Jovan Kanjo

Yeah, best space shooter game with no doubt.. but looking developer forgot this game. No new levels and not optimized for new android versions, on 6.0.1 you can't finish any level, it's look like some how apps are freeze and must kill app to exit

Brad Linton

Only one issue Lg Optimus E980. Everytime I get the beam weapon, the game freezes and skips and the framerate drops to a frame per five seconds until the weapon wears out. Then everything is fine until next time.

Lisa Freeman

Lots of fun I really like this game. The graphics are great and if you use a stylus, it makes for very smooth play. You can also save where you left off when you quit. It's a lot of fun with plenty of challenging levels that make it hard to stop playing.

Cory Vanderbaan

Death-head This shoot em up is very unique. The only one I will play periodicly due to its tendency to push your limits, only to throw you back in the killing field no matter what the condition. Powered up or not, you are able to keep going. There is a way out because of its excellent achievements for a shooter of the 8th generation.

CJ Boucher

Another "Good" Space Blaster! Has a spot in my vertical scrolling Space Shooter faves. Though on mobile I tend to accidentally end up on my home screen because of wildly swiping my phalange about.


Frantic action Retro style shooter takes me back to my amiga days. Well worth the cash. Action is fast paced with simple controls. P.s the slow motion power up is the dogs nads.

Toni Reed

Frozen! I was on stage 4 and really enjoying the game. It then froze up,; that was 5 minutes ago :-( I would love to give 5 stars but I can't. I will be more than happy to do so if this can be fixed. Such a fun game.

Kerry Kennedy

BEST SPACE SHOOTER EVER! Everything about this game is excellent. Graphics and background is nicely contrast. I love the music and sound effects. Control is extremely responsive. And I love the fast pace of the game . I would love to see a version that has more stages, or sequel. Great job team.

Ade Dennis

Frenetic Fast, frenetic fun. The way all shoot-em-ups should be. My only gripe is not enough ships & the upgrade system. Still excellent fun though!

Edward Hart

Addictive Reminds me of the old school aircraft shooters. I never get tired of playing this game!

Edwin Brandt

XELORIANS I'm glad that it isn't "just me "updated to lollypop (on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 SM-T530 )and it hangs VERY VERY BADLY. I seldom complete a level in one go if one waits 2 to 15 seconds it resumes (SO ITS NOT CRASHES) and one has control again. VERY VERY FRUSTRATING so its not the game but appears lolypop doesnt release RAM or the GPU it doesnt HANG at BUSY TIMES ONLY it appears RANDOM & constant in all levels , but have no ability to asses why ? ? ? Edwin

luke richardson.

Not bad, not great Its ok, and thats about as far as it gets, i say this because there are limited ships (only 3) and limited weapon powerups.. Which arent very spectacular to look at, all in all, jts an average game to pass the time.

A Google User

Take the cheaters out of the leaderboards There are a few "players" in the global leaderboard with scores so ridiculous that they have scores in the TRILLIONS ... from a single level. Game has also saved my leaderboard position but after reinstalling the game, all completed missions are gone. Need to start over.

Alan Haden

Excellent This is one of the few games that I have kept on my phone and tablet for more than a few weeks. I've had this around six months and still play it regularly. It's a great way to pass time and still entertains me.

Jesper Hostrup

Abandoned game No updates for the game. Lacking proper gameplay. No storyline and a horrible menu system. Also, your progress is not always saved! Downright bad programming!!!

Tome Petkovski

Please fix the game I can't play the game anymore.. It won't load the stages.. It just hangs at the loading screen.. Otherwise it's the best game ever..

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