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29 May
X3Watch Accountability

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Apk file size: 10.0 MB

Monitors your Internet use, blocks adult websites when using X3watch browser, filters content, and lets you share your progress with people you trust. Send weekly reports to anyone you choose, with information about your online activity.

X3Watch is accountability software from that helps with online integrity.

Whats new

    Improved native client experience, update user settings and toggle blocking on/off easily. Enhanced content filtering and logging -- send weekly accountability reports to partners you choose. With a Premium subscription, select your report day, send reports on-demand, or as violations occur. Premium users can now customize their whitelist and to block adult sites (in X3watch browser). Allows In-App purchases of Premium subscription. part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 29, 2014. Google play rating is 74.8013. Current verison is 2.0.1. Actual size 10.0 MB.

Download x3watch-accountability.apk 10.0 MB


Doyle Carpenter

Doesnt work Will not work unless opening a webpage thru the app, however i can go to chrome and open a blocked site. Unfortunate that they app is 2 years behind on verisons that will work. No new phones will work.

Carla Brantley

I'm very disappointed and upset that this app doesn't work or do a single thing you advertise! We wanted this on all our devices to block porn sites and other sites from our kids. It did not block a single site, not even the site I put on the black list. I tested it the day I signed up. Didn't work. I sent a request for help. They advised me on what to do. Did that. Tested it today. Still didn't block any sites or my black list. We paid for the service. We canceled today! Hate it!

James Carney

Sending my accountability partners false msg I was at x3watch reading a topic and I clicked on another topic and it went to that topic and then it said it was a bad place to go to so they sent a message to my accountability partners when I was on x3 watch free a little confusing to say the least

Our Music

Useless I have an account on my PC working fine, but on neither my nexus 5 or 7 will this app let me sign in. Unless accountability is comprehensive on all devices, what's the point? Wrote to support about this weeks ago. They just said, yeah we know.... UPDATE...Two months later I can finally login

Spencer Wentland

Doesn't work Has been working well for android and PC but not kindle fire HD. This makes a hole in accountability, please repair this.

Gregory Lewis

Mediocre app The app crashed a few days after the major update, but uninstall/reinstall worked fine. The browser is okay, and using it with other apps like Twitter clients and Pocket is not possible or very slow. But if it keeps me accountable, then it's worth it. Here's hoping for more functionality in the future.

Tim Huckabay

In practice, works poorly.... While I appreciate the home pages that address pornography addiction, and some of the other features of X3Watch for Android, the application works very poorly as a browser for sites that are safe and should not be blocked. Moreover, it does nothing to block or report upon sites accessed through other browsers installed on Android devices, it lacks significant customization settings, and it is easily disabled through Settings -> Applications. So, while X3Watch is a great concept, its execution leaves a great deal to be desired. Finally, I had a more capable version of the software on an older Android device (though it too left a lot to be desired), and this latest version is actually a downgrade. (Not cool.) Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this software for its stated purposes, as it fails more or less across the board.

Jacob Trunnell

The perfect app to replace Jesus and eradicate evil does not exist! If you struggle with the bait that unchecked internet anonymity provides, x3watch aids people to carry each other's burdens iron sharpening iron. Tech support helps when inevitable bugs arise. A lot of other reviews complain about x3watch's imperfections, but the updates have fixed most of the problems. X3watch only works--bugs included--with good accountability partners: a bold claim from the developers. The perfect app to replace Jesus and eradicate evil does not exist!

Nicholas Ward

Thanks so much for making this app. I have found that it helps me out a lot. Because this is now my only browser, however, I cannot seem to do some basic functions. I cannot download anything from any link because when I press a link to download something it does nothing. Similarly, there are some websites this app cannot seem to load too well, which has been a bit of a problem. The last thing is, for a browser and service I'm paying monthly for, this browser severely lacks efficiency and extra options.

Joel Wilcox

Doesn't support Android 4.3+, doesn't work anyway Cons: * App doesn't support anything beyond Android 4.2.2. Android 4.4 has been out for a year now! * Tells me that I need to buy premium even though I'm a premium user already. * The built-in browser won't open links (to clean websites) from emails Pros: None. I can handle the false positives it sends my partners (at least 50 a week) and it works great on my computer, but the Android version is useless. Just download an app locker and lock yourself out of all your web browsers if you want to stop your addiction. You're better off not browsing the web at all than using this app.

Anthony Lanzi

Works a little TOO good Anything you visit that may have a "questionable link" sends the report out. You may not think it's anything until your "partners" get the email of the potential violation. There IS what they call a "white list", which is nice, but you would have to add A LOT just to minimize the nuisance emails. Overall it is great software.

A Google User

Does not work on Note 3 running Kitkat I've paid for the premium version of this app long ago and now it tells me that I have to pay again for any of the features to work? Everytime I try to open the app make sure that it's still set up to report it takes me to the website instead of x3's browser? Worthless. This has been a long couple years trying to use this app with very limited success. Not happy.

Kyle Grabenstetter

Does not work on Android devices! The free version of the program operated fine in the summer 2014 when I had android Kit Kat. Once I upgraded to Lollipop it no longer monitored Chrome or Firefox browsers. I purchased the pro version thinking it might make a difference but no cigar. Essentially I had to use their browser in order to get any activity for my accountability partner. I contacted support in February about this and they said to wait for an update. It is now the middle of April and still no fix or update from support. No refund.

Matthew Villescas

Not working Hardly let's you open up sites that are safe. Not really working on my Android. Crashes every time I try to bookmark anything. Wish I could get a refund. It's upsetting that this sounds so awesome but horrible at its execution. I recommend finding another app that will actually work.

Steven Packard

Poor customer service. I subscribed to the premium service but app continued to show as free and never upgraded. Contacted support and never got a response. Waste of seven bucks.

Jeremy Skeete

Great app! A must have for anyone wanting to get serious about internet accountability.

Johnathan Stout

Very nice I have used this for my computer for a while, and it is a great security for my phone as well.

Zach Wills

Server Error Unexpected server error. This is rediculous. I tried creating and account on my phone and it gave me a message on a server error. Then I tried making an account online and loging in on my phone and the app crashed. This is an unreliable app and needs a ton of work for these bugs.

Jacob Farmer

Sent false info This app sent false info to my wife that I was visiting inappropriate sites but I wasn't. I was with my parents or sleeping at the times it said.

Peter Thompson

Disappointed I hate to be one of those people that complains about an app but this one won't even let me log in after the update. Which kind of misses the point of having an account. When that gets fixed I'll go back to using it.

Kameron Hunter

Functions poorly. I have to use my phone for work every day, all day. I was excited to download it. However the app slow, lags, & is a pain to navigate with. Also, it crashes spontaneously and will not access the website I use for work. It would be a nightmare to try to use this app to get anything done.

Samuel McCray

Ok for what it does. So far, this app has done for me what it advertised. BUT ...... there are so many ways to get around it. X3 does NOT monitor any other apps than your browsers. As soon as possible, I'm switching over to Ever Accountable. It's a much better program. I will be keeping X3 on my laptop though.

Jason Wood

Won't open pages I used this app on iOS and it worked great, however I'm having difficulty open in anything besides the home page. Very frustrating. Going to reinstall in attempt to rectify the issue


Pointless but well intended. This does not work if you use a Google toolbar to search outside of a browser. Save your money. It's only of any use on desktop/laptops.

Ben Ratashak

Almost perfect I love this app, but... there's no in app monitoring. Like for example. If I download a dirty app or look at something bad in another app x3 can't tell. It only works for my browser apps.

Geoffrey Sharp

perfect great for biblical accountability! i only wish it would send notifications each day, not each week. P.S. please enable a email that tells your partners when you uninstall the app.

Jose Cuellar

Can't create account When I press save it just says "You are not allowed to update provided attribute"


Far to easy to uninstall Needs a lockable option to prevent it from being uninstalled

Janet Yarbrough

Works great Great accountability tool, doesn't mess with phone, and great to get weekly reports. Works for all of our devices flawlessly.

J Laine

Excellent Excellent App! "X3watch is running" -emblem is not necessary tho and it's filling up the top bar of my screen.

Michael Vos

Uhh... It crashes every time I select "my account" on mobile. I am using the galaxy s2 with android 4.1.2

Adam Dawson

A useless app While the old version (presumably) monitored Chrome for Android for objectionable browsing, this one only seems to work with its own browser. This makes it about as useless as the iOS app. I'm switching to a better product.

Martin J. Hiriart

Worked for a bit This is a great app and I would gladly give it 5 stars if it still worked as a browser. Now it is just taking up space on my phone. When I launch the app I just get a white blank screen with an ad to upgrade to xwatch premium. PLEASE FIX ASAP

Lynne McDonald

Amazing Works like a charm. This app does what it claims!

Paul Johnson

Subscription no good Paid for this before. Now they want a monthly subscription. Scam. Doesn't do anything but annoyingly email your choice contacts with no questionable sights visited and is SUPER easy to bypass..


What a great app! Helps keep u accountable with pornography. It's an awesome help and I recommend to anyone.

Rafik M. Morcos

Was expecting more!! No muli tab!! And a message telling you to "update to premium" that does not go away!! Othrr than that. It works!!

Caleb Pang

Works well. Doesn't track other browsers tho It works well. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't track other browsers. Which makes it easy to bypass. :( please fix

Justin Phillips

Lifetime? I was supposed to get the Pp for lifetime since I bought it before you switched to monthly subscription. Now I am bugged to upgrade to premium and the app crashes. Lame.

Pam seb Villa

Terrible The browser is horrible. The coding is full of bugs on all platforms. Support is terrible. Just be accountable with your finds. Don't waste your money on this junk

Michael Pinkerton

It is impossible to contact them for support. I can not get it to work on my Note 3 or Samsung tablet. And there are no refunds whatsoever. They should be ashamed of there product!

Tony Harrison

Needs fixing It does work but buggy. It tells me Facebook is a bad site.

Jimmy TwoToes

Free app is a Nazi. Free app blocks absolutely everything. Subscribed for 65$ and accidentally logged off and now cannot access the account I paid for. Customer service couldn't help me instead wanted to give me technical aspects of their product and it's compatibility with my phone.....ummm it worked alright before .

Denis Karuri

Please use free trial or the first month first before you pay for a whole year. They have no refund policy. "you wonder why" I paid $60 and it doesnt work on my android and it also didnt work for my laptop and desktop(windows 10). Im not saying dont buy, try the free version first before putting your money down. I totally feel ripped off.

Dan Pullar

A bit disappointed I am a bit supporter of XXX church and what they do but this app was a disappointment. The App looks great, is stable etc. Has some nice features. Comes with its own complimentary browser. Problem is the browser is almost useless. It will crash, fail to load many common websites, and will disconnect from the net for no reason. I found the accountability software very flawed. It does not spot obvious adult content, and will tell your accountability person everything is "all good", (when it isnt).

Glenn N Levinia

Sucks First off, it only only works if you use their browser which is horrible and is a big loophole. 2 other apps cone with a free trial, but not them so I paid for the annual $65 and realized after 2 days how crappy this app is. I've had this on my phone and 2 teenage sons phones and never had any "warnings" We saw one son was looking at girls almost naked pix on instagram. Don't know if other apps would pick it up, but 100% this didnt. Finally going to uninstall. Made Lenovo laptop and my Note 4 buggy... PEACE

Daniel Peters

It has potential I suppose... If your using the x3 browser than it works fine I guess accept the browser is really basic and lacks allot of useful features (like multiple tabs for one). But the real issue is that pretty much every smart phone on the planet has an internet browser that is locked into the phone from the factory that cannot be deleted without rooting/jailbreaking the phone. Not to mention the YouTube app that is also locked on the phone. Those apps are my main stumbling blocks.

Bradley Martin

Like the service, hate the app. I like x3 watch on my laptop because it monitors but doesn't block. This blocks, and too severely, as I couldn't even read a food article on buzz feed. The browser is bad, with options missing that come standard on browsers like chrome. And it's a battery hog! I'll have to keep searching cause this isn't good for my phone.

Cold Turkey

Browser The browser is a bit odd, the way it works, it would probably be a lot more pleasing to people if you did the 3x watch scan that you do on the browser on chrome and Firefox

Mitch C

Doesn't Work Like everyone else has been saying it only sends reports if you look at innapropriate sites through their app/browser. You are free to look at whatever you want in other phone browsers with no block and no report sent. Pretty disappointed having paid for this under the sites advisement it would work on my PC and Android and noticed there are comments saying the same things from a year ago, no fix in a year?

adi grocott

Doesn't work I got no respose so uninstal. Unfortunately this app never work it sends email to the chosen email addresses but does not include any usage data.

luther wade

Literally this is useless Doesn't do anything but report your activity in it's own browser. Easily bypassed by using default browser. I have half a mind to hunt down a refund for my $6; just because I feel so cheated. Word to the wise, spend your money elsewhere.

A Google User

Not a problem with it per se, but with the new Android update the notification it the top bar is just a white box and not the logo/symbol. Just a heads up. Ivr rebooted my HTC 1 3x since btw

Phil Schreck

Pros: It is a browser that keeps you accountable Cons: It does its 1 pro by being an AWFUL browser. You just get sick and tired of using it and decided to not even go on the internet on your phone. List of issues: First, no tabs. Cant open anything in a new tab. Second, very slow. I have great wifi, great reception, and it just takes forever some days to load a website. Third, it is a pain to try to type in a website. Google Chrome starts to auto fill but this doesn't do it at all. BUT THE MOST ANNOYING THING IS THAT THERE IS AN UPGRADE BAR AT THE BOTTOM THAT TAKES UP a 1/4 of the screen AND YOU CAN'T DISABLE IT. Want to make a 5 star app? Make an app that can use the default browser, or let me use Google Chrome and be able to track the websites I visit like how it does on my computer, rather then making me use this awful browser.

A Google User

I know why it doesnt work for some Your email and password are case sensative, if you capitalize something that wasn't when you first registered it won't work. I have since late 2014, stopped using this and moved over to accountable 2 you. Much better product and support. Sorry x3 but that's the way it is...

Trevor Febbraio

Not happy Why must it have that advert on the bottom? It needs to be able to open more than one page at a time. Very slow. Unreliable. Just using it because it is the only thing that works with accountability.

jeremy gort

I can't login OK so I can't login it won't take my password! And I BOUGHT the upgrade so when porn was still available I was upset and wanted to make sure I didn't forget to check a box or something. I have been waiting forever for an email regarding my password being reset so I can fix this issue. I am highly agitated. Other women in my group said this was a good app for phones! I'd like to be able to say the same.

Ehigieme Eigbe

Pretty disappointing I had high hopes for this app, but it seems to me it doesn't deliver on the hype. I literally need to click internet on my samsung s3 and it bypasses the app. Not only does it not block pornographic site, it also does not inform accountability partners of site visited via the android internet app. Not sure what it would take to fix it, but tbh im quite disappointed

Ben McClary

X3 Used to Work I am VERY disappointed in the latest version of X3Watch. We have a desktop, two laptops, two droid devices, and an Apple device, and the new software does not work correctly on ANY of those platforms.

Robert Moore

Fix it This application only works when you open it through a window and still doesn't work half the time. I paid $65 dollars for what. Please update or give me my money back!

Mario Griseta

Still does not work Every time I have downloaded and tried to create an acct, 5 times over the last 6 months, I get the error message"you are not allowed to change the provided attribute " do not install, just a waste of time. Too bad the bad Christian guys don't know the app they tout every week doesn't work.

Brendan Swinger

How does it work? I just bought a monthly subscription to X3 and it didn't change anything? It keeps saying ' cant communicate with the server '

A Google User

Broken App doesn't work. Uninstalls aren't sent to accountability partners. Only tracks it's own browser? Never gets updated.

Xavier Tridento

False I just accessed a pornographic site in your app. This is not what I want, I want fredom and blocking.

Branden Maynes

Not working I waited long after paying for x3 to release a version that actually worked. Now that an update is finally here, we should all be appeased, right? Nope. This update releases the non working app with another. It sits in the notification bar as usual, but instead of getting settings to change you get a cheap browser and a message to pay for premium. Nothing else. What did I pay for when I spent $7 months ago? How does this new update help keep me accountable if I can't login or add accountability partners?

Bryan Keith

Here is what you have to do. The app its self is a browser. A bad one granted. So you download app lock from the play store and have a trusted friend or family member set the code. Then you lock all browser but this one and use it. Its a pain but it is worth a clean conscience and a pure heart.

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