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16 Aug
X Server

Posted by Darkside Technologies Pty Ltd in Tools | Aug. 16, 2014 | 44 Comments

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This application implements a mostly-complete X11 server, running natively in Android. It allows X Window System applications to be run remotely and displayed on an Android device with internet access.

Note that this application does not come with a window manager. However, it is possible to run a window manager remotely, which is fiddly but seems to work.

This is still a beta release, so feel free to report any bugs you find, or, better yet, fix them yourself. Yes, it's open source, hosted at

Whats new

    Added the XTEST extension.

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Deefa Damo

Not grest for full blown X Apps. Works ok for simple demos and apps, doesn't work for some more complicated x apps (like yhe apps fault as well). Well done, though.

tue kyndal

Doesn't work very well Wasn't able to launch any programs except xclock, from my debian server. Worst off all.. No info what's so ever how to use it or anything. Completely creasy to spend time on something and then not to include at least a small how to or a few examples. ? got some info from comments, but hey it should have been available in the first place.

Ethan Jett

Awesome I think that this idea is one of the greatest ever! It also takes up a very small amount of storage!

Sergei Zhirikov

Useless Can't even run XTerm - hangs at any attempt and has to be killed. Completely useless.

Keith Mitchell

Great idea in principle. . but I've not actually got it to work with any consistency so far.

Alan Clegg

Does what I need it to do... Works perfectly to provide me remote x terminals.

Brian Nash

It really works! (It doesn't work well, though...)

Haroon Abdallah

I appreciate the effort, but . . . I'm sort of baffled by all the praise. No apps I use display properly (maybe because I'm using a tablet, not a phone?) Gedit initially displays alright, but then menus and their respective text begin to disappear. I tried launching Nicotine (GTK-based SoulSeek client) and it was not centered on the screen and, like with Gedit, text was missing from many menus. I'm using CM9 on an HP Touchpad; the server is running Debian Squeeze over a 801.11n connection. It is very alpha at this stage.

Paolo Montrasio

Great achievement Even if it's slow and not all the keys on the keyboard work and the mouse doesn't click, the author deserves kudos. In most cases this is what it takes to connect: xprogram --display x.x.x.x:0.0

A Google User

Now Android is complete!

Ma N

Okay, but has bugs It's okay. It sort of works. The one complaint I have is that it doesn't use RANDR extension, which it reminds me every time I start something like GIMP or GPicView.

Matthew Plant

Some bugs on nexus 10 I can only assume that this is a very good app. However, the volume rocker does not work as it should on my nexus 10. This may be my fault though.

Tyler Scott MacLeod

Works, sort of Can forward X apps (Firefox works, for instance) but have been unsuccessful in forwarding any window managers. Very cool, regardless.

Daniel Tryba

Brilliant Thanks for this X server. Gives lots of extra options for local and remote X apps.

Danny Clark

Developer should make a donate version of this! I'd happily pay $5 towards more development of this. I'm interested in use of Android as second monitor / display from a GNU/Linux laptop.

Howard Liberty

This is the best APP i have seen! This is one of the test. Good job dev! Use it everyday!

abhinav gupta

Issue in running GUI based jar application Hey , I have launch and tested xclock, xeyes and xterm GUI in the X-Server from my application , but not able to run a jar file having single button component, even not able to run other linux based GUI executables . please help me out as soon as possible, give the information about it. Is there any alternate way to run it???

Zhaofeng Li

Great It's a bit slow and buggy, but anyway - It works! Keep it up!

Ron Laws

Some simple instructions on how to tell applications to connect to it or configure connectbot would be worth the extra stars, right now its just a waste of space

Dustin Olinger

Hope Can't tell if this is good or not until you can connect to a localhost and change the port.

Christian Chapman

Massively useful!

A Google User

very clever stuff I too chroot into an arm linux environment; I fire up an xterm with "xterm -ls -C /bin/bash". Impressive work for just one person! Thanks, Paul -- HTC Doubleshot, Cyanogenmod 9.0x-beta.

A Google User

great start glad to see that x has been ported to android. works great with connectbot. sure there are a few bugs but that's to be expected in a epic port like this cant wait to see this mature.

A Google User

Wonderful, unbelievably wonderful! Seriously, developers are never seizing to amaze me on android. Its fantastic the things I see these days being built for the android os. This is fantastic, the first of its kind, and probably soon, the foundation of a whole new desktop windows environment for the android device. Really great. Thank you dev. you are inspiring. :) Hope to see an update sometime, and I hope some developers use this someday. Like someone mentioned it would be amazing if Terminal IDE implemented this.

A Google User

This should have been built in This is a fantastic start. Needs to have a myriad of bugs fixed before it can be used to run a native os, but works okay for ssh streaming one program at a time. I plan to report any glitches I can pinpoint, and hope everyone else will do the same. We'll un-cripple Android yet!

A Google User

Not too useful so far I chrooted into a local debian and tried running some applications, xeyes and xterm worked, the blackbox window manager also came up. DosBox started, but keyboard input was garbled for some reason. But that's about it, not even links2 worked in graphical mode, so you can forget about using firefox or other common applications. I know the x11 protocol is a mess, so I wasn't expecting much more than what I got. Good work nonetheless!

A Google User

Great Starting Point Excellent work and thanks for your effort! This app would be 5 stars if more bugs and ssh client other than ConnectBot, like VX ConnectBot, has been supported.

A Google User

Keep it up! Efforts like this: 5 stars!

A Google User

Nicely done! I'd just like to see some integration with TerminalIDE - that'd be really useful.

A Google User

Very good idea ! Can works on x86 and arm devices for Linux Installer. But some X features are not supported and it is crash...

A Google User

Great start Great start! That's my fives for!

A Google User

Excellent! I am impressed! A real working X server on Android. Fired it up, used ConnectBot to ssh into my OpenBSD box, forwarded remote 6009 to localhost:6000, typed "twm -display localhost:9 & xterm -display localhost:9 & " in the prompt. Behold. A tad buggy, but really excellent. Keep it up!

A Google User

Great start! If you've installed Debian in a chroot, you can start apps from a terminal by setting the display variable to It actually works! (somewhat)... great job! Needs a bit of work though, the SHAPE extension is used by some window managers like fluxbox. Keep it up!

A Google User

Many thanks Just what a system admin would love to have in android in conjunction with connectbot

A Google User

Great work Now someone needs to port gnome...

A Google User

really a great app

Пользователь Google

Mouse buttons Hi all, anybody know how to press left or right mouse buttons on this server? I can just move a mouse coursor but cant press anythink =(

Пользователь Google

Thanks for this server. This application on the great demand.

Пользователь Google

Excellent Have been waiting very long time. Guy, you're awesome.

Mace Moneta

I use this to turn old tablets and smartphones into small remote monitors for our alarm systems and other things. Works great, and very useful!

Yousafking Super

How to use apps on x server?

A Google User

doesn't work with hardware keyboard

Gabriel Eiseman

Can't get working I started this app and then ran "export DISPLAY=localhost:0; ssh -Y -v ..." on Termux on my phone, but I get an error that localhost is not listening on port 6000.

tue kyndal

Doesn't work very well Wasn't able to launch any programs except xclock, from my debian server. Worst off all.. No info what's so ever how to use it or anything. Completely creasy to spend time on something and then not to include at least a small how to or a few examples. ? got some info from comments, but hey it should have been available in the first place.

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