Download X-Ray Scanner Prank apk 1.1.2 free for Android smartphone

27 Sep
X-Ray Scanner Prank

Posted by Wasabi in Entertainment | Sept. 27, 2016 | 118 Comments

Apk file size: 2.5 MB

Want to trick your friends with this free "fake" X-ray scanner? It scans your hand with simulated xray using ur phone.

It is not a real xray scanner, it is just a prank app for fun.

Now including objects such as nail, crack, skull or wolverine!

Tilt your phone over your hand and scroll the xray image. You might need to practice a few times.
You can also change the color, size and speed in the setting screen.

This app also comes with fully functional live wallpaper unlike others!
To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

To develop more free apps, we have implemented some ads in settings.
Advertisement can support our develop more free great live wallpapers.

This app has been tested on latest devices such as Galaxy series phones. Please contact us if your device is not supported.

Note: If your wallpaper resets to default after reboot, you will need put the app on phone instead of SD card.

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Whats new

    - Reduced file size
    - Updated Google Play Service SDK

Wasabi part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 27, 2016. Google play rating is 50.6009. Current verison is 1.1.2. Actual size 2.5 MB.

Download x-ray-scanner.apk 2.5 MB


Bo Sloman-Owen

Just to say In case you all hadn't noticed it says in the description 'fake xray' so all of you just shut upppp

Jason Krauter

It's fake when I took my hand off the back of the phone, the X-ray was still there

Nina G

Hated it I am an 11 year old girl who wanted to play this game because I wanted to see what my bones look like and stuff and and then I came across this game and turns out it's is fack it doesn't really show me yours your bones because I wouldn't even put in to my hand in and bones and it just started moving in there was already a bone picture of there that was it in my bones it was probably somebody elses but if I were you I wouldn't recommend this to anybody else or I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

Leilani Atkinson

This thing sucks it is so fake don't get it.

Hay You

Cool Awsome

Eliana Olsen

IT SUCKS It didn't say that it was real I thought it was real it doesn't do anything

Asya Golovko

Piece of crap! The game should be real not a big piece of ...

kulraj singh

Does not work I pointed on the tv it show a fake hand don't download this its dum

Betty Klinger

Xray app Fake but fun.

james obando

Sucks My friends would know it was fake

Mylene Smith

Read the details Obviously it says prank your friends which means it's fake

Kaytience Deville

......... It dose not show your rill bone!:-( don't download it it will just take up space

Suresh Doliya

Bakwas. Pless don't down daun Los this apss

Anette Guanlao

Don't download this app Whoever is reading this don't download this app it's a lie its not even real it's just pictures

Ava Lindsay

I don't get it What are you supposed to do? It just shows you your hand skelaton

S prathish Raj Santhosh

Very bad app Do not download this app

Cliodhna Mulholland

x-ray sacnner cann't download it this phone must be broke and let me think mabay when after dowload it says this has to force close what the heel is that about

Dr Jayesh Patel

Good very good very good Good very good

manish jain

x ray scanner it is not rea x ray it is the only fake xray for fun

Dani Hmadeh

This app is the worst it is just a waste of time if there were a 0 star i will rate this app with...

Chelsea Campbell Campbell

Looks great so yeah peps means people suck it

Taylor Eastman

Does not work!

Kimberly Whitmer

Sucks don't get it It's a lie its not telling you your real hand

Vishal Shaw

Pls dnt download It dosnt work shows a preloaded image thats it

asef mirzaali

F*** Whats that man ? That is suck

Nathan Ross

not so good it does show an exray however does not show urs

Janyea Morton

Boring and fake I hate it when it download on my phone it dont even show so i cant play these games are so fake these days

mic dah

Its not good enough to be called fake.

Anita Delgado

It sucked Hated it

Vida Mensah

this app is stupid !!! this app is stupid because i was about to put my hand there and befor i did the Skelton of the hand poped up

Brenda Vujanic

It is fake WOW! They tricked everyone do not waste your time trying to get a good game this is not

Rishabh Kumar

Fake Bhot bakvaas app pls don't waste your time

Nathan Salas Salas

Ok Its a fake x ra y but my lil bro got the hell scared out of him

Samara Chriss

??? It was fake and boring. Do not download this game for your sake.

Janiel Francis

This is fake my hand was not even under it and I can see a hand xray

Lykeisha Charles

It doesn't even shoe your hands lame


Not Ral It only puts a image of a hand I tried it on my feet

Valeria Ramos

Faked This is very stupid don't do it faked all faked who made it they suck

Brooklyn janzen

Awesome The best prank ever

卐 Sckribblez 卐

ARE YOU GUYS DUMB?!?! The DESCRIPTION clearly states "FAKE" XRAY SCANNER. Learn how to read descriptions before downloading apps.

alma miller

IT SUCK!!!! This app is good but I would liked it if it could actually work

Zayne Carpenter

Phones don't produce x-rays It's the fact, dumba$$ "oh, it's faaaaaaaake!!!!:(" people

Addison Kennebeck

I only got it to scare my aunt then I deleted it . it's a stupid game I agree with you Kristen

Jay Ali

LOL my brother thought he broke his neck

Outstanding wolflover101

It sucks poooo?

Rehim Bedelzade

Super. İt is beautiful fake app for tricking friends

Susan Springer

You shut up james adair

Lola Diamond

Wish could rate 0 rubish

Perris Taylor

Hated it That is so fake

Alice McDonald

Fake! This app is a stupid old fake

Marian Hudec

Stupid This

Jaden Suminski

FAKE It is so fake. Nothing about it it real! I was upset.

Melissa Dean

X ray scanner Fake, stupid a waste of my time! Boooooooo!!!

lisa cassie


james adair

U think true or false ,its stupid and boring everyone knows that its fake sorry if your really Dom and think its real but people shutttt uuuupppp!!!!!!!!!

Bella Young

Worse ever Dont install doesnt even work

Brandi Blankenship

Its just a picture I didn't even put my hand under it and it showed one don't waste your time Just don't waste your time

Lucy Robinson

@noji lard acxacly good explenation i agree with u can people read

tiffany rowland

Omg, It brings up a bone hand, and I shift it, it's not a scanner

Rhea Belle May Tanguin

Uninstall pleas ! Not very cool ! It is not a scanner it just a picture or else!

Amit Upadhyay

Viraj upadhyay The skeleton was looking fantastic

Noelle Strong

Do not work. They triked us to likesd it but nope not this time They triked us for no reason this is FAKE X RAY

nojl lard

LISTEN HERE BEFORE YOU RATE IT ONE STAR If you look in them description, it says it's fake. DON'T be dumb and rage in the comments say "WOW ITS FAKE TRY 2 WASTE UR TIME". Lemme put it in simple terms. You go to a toy store, trying to get ice cream. You see a plastic ice cream, buy it, and try to eat it. When you figure out that it's fake, you try to sue the toy store. Thats how stupid every one is being in the ratings.

edward tang

Cool glitchy game Cool this is cool

Jose Garcia

Fake My brother broke his leg and I used this app it shows a good leg plus I put it on my door than it shows a hand

Ethan Deel

DONT RATE ONE STAR Such stupid imbosels they can't read a description for their lives

RPM Engineering

Really? How your phone camera can make X-Rays? Why dentists need 400lbs machine if he can use this free app and his phone? X-Ray machines costs like new Hyundai, but you guys think you can get it for free? It's a joke, don't be silly. P.S.: 3 stars because it's doesn't work properly on Note 4.

DK Eom

Hey you jerk It is just for funny how do phones to do x ray you dont know what is x ray

Shubhanshu Shrimali

That the fack it doesn't work it is very dumb app in world

Santino Magana

Fake I was moving it and it showed a hand that wasn't mine because I put my hands under my desk and it still showed a hand

Bryant Torbert

Stupid Stupid trash game showing other bones

eve Bland

Stay away! STAY AWAY! Its a joke!!

Isobel Jack

Terrible Rubbish app wish I could give no stars.

Zoe Burnett

Useless Doesnt even deserve one star... it is terrible

Kelsey Whiteside

Doesn't work It takes forever to scan I had to go to the doctors to see my bone

Shayleigh Honaker

Wast of time It is not even a real picture of your bone this app sucks and the app is a piece of cake it ticks you

madhavi vyakaranam

Waste of yime Waste of time i didnt even put my hand it showed my fingers and so on

Amna amer

This app is my waste of time It only shows your wrist, I was moving it to my elbow and IT IS STILL ON THE WRIST plz delete this app everyone plz pls pls

Coco Msp

Poop When u scan your face? What do u see, A HAND -_-

Kitty Estime

How does this game work!

Ahmad Hamdi

This is a fake app With ads !

raj nautiyal

Just wastage of time


EVERYBODY SHUT UP You guys are rating it down because it's fake. But guess what!? The description says it's fake. Idiots, read the description first is the #1 rule.

kawaii unicorn

Terrible [email protected]!! I didnt even put it anywhere and it just showed a hand and just d9esnt work.

Miya Charles

Fake If u put it anywhere on your body it will just show a hand

sweetlilypool AJ

Uh.... You really need to think People are rating it cos its fake?! Well it SAYS its fake!!! DUH

Kandy Fan

Stupid Guys it says prank some of you are dumb these days


No good Fake fake fake it all it does is show a hand

Myles Nocher

Thanks In ward 27/28 NHS RDH ulster hospital, can you please submit your findings to the ward CPU's, thanks,, myles

Caroline Teale

No good Its just a stupid hand

Umamah Farooq

fake every one is right

Michael Giles

Garbage This is surcharge fake and disentangle even work properly

Amogh Bellurkar

Fake Really really really fake

Wow This is fuked up

Avnish Agarwal

Fake fake fake

Shahid Anwar

Very bad....

Funtime Foxy

IDIOTIC OMG SOOO STUPID. I got it to see how it worked, first it was super hard to use and look at my fingers, it should make it look like ur looking at ur hand, it's just stupid. Don't get this app. If it were possible , I'd give 0 stars

Soony Mustapha

VERY BAD!!!!!!!! If im doing it to the air it shows a leg bown. This is the most fake app ever created in the history of mankind.

KittyLove God

Are you all dumb You guys so STUPID its for pranks are you blind?! Oh no you cant read can you?! Stupid PEOPLE it just gets me annoyed.

Sylvia Huang

Fake I tested it on one of my friends and he broke his bone and the app doesn't show that t he broke his bone.


I saw my twisted arm How did it know my arm was twisted

Abbi Wonderly

Fake It showed me parts of my hand that I was not looking at and I wasn't looking at my hand !


Soooo BAD Could not even get hands right

doll video's creation from home

Waste of time I x-rayed my finger and it x-rayed my wrist

mary mcdermott

Rubish ??? So fake i put it in the air and it showed my hand

Valerie Xiong

Doesn't work This is fake.

Jaclyn Thompson

I can't scan my self! I want to see my bones!

Vikash Tiwari

It's is so bad

Jaաɛɖ Aʟɨ

Yes Fake 100%

Kyle Fournier

Not that fun It works but it shows a picture of your bones with out your hand under the phone I do not like it I guess you should get it to see how you like it

it is a fake I have download this app then I scan my leg it shows hand"s x-ray everybody don"t download this app I is the wasteage of data

Naveen Yadav

Go Frink It's app is fake. It's not show more than hand, which is installed earlier in this app.

Not good If u not keep u r hand then also it show fack.

Shish Ehsan

Worst app Really bad


x ray experience of medical science

Its cool and nasty at the same time

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