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27 Jun
Wrestling Revolution 3D

Posted by MDickie in Sports | June 27, 2016 | 210 Comments

Apk file size: 43.0 MB

The biggest 3D wrestling game on mobiles, now celebrating over 28 MILLION downloads! Look up "Weekend Warriors" for the new MMA spin-off.

The Wrestling Revolution rumbles into the 3rd dimension, where it now features BOTH aspects of the business in ONE epic universe for the first time ever. A wrestling career challenges you to take shots in the ring, whereas a "booking" career allows you to call the shots backstage - promoting entertaining matches every week for ratings. Seeing each side of the curtain gives you an even better appreciation for the other, and ensures you'll never grow bored of wrestling again! Both modes are available to play for free, with the option to upgrade to enjoy the "Pro" experience with no ads or limitations.

And if playing Pro isn't enough, a separate "Backstage Pass" allows you to play God by saving your changes to all 9 rosters before pitting your immortals against each other in dream matches of your own creation! With 4 pages of rules to mix & match - including up to 20 wrestlers in rings of any shape or size - the only limit is your imagination. You can also blow off steam with no pressure by revisiting the 8 weeks of supercards from the game's promotional tour. Not to mention the interactive training process that teaches you how to lock up in the first place.

The game features an interactive tutorial that you are advised to play through, but the basic controls are as follows:
CURSORS = Movement (double-tap to dash)
A = Attack (with a direction to aim high, without to aim low)
G = Grapple
R = Run
P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)
T = Taunt / Pin / Referee duties
EYE = Change focus / Turn opponent around
HEALTH METER = Switch character
CLOCK = Pause / Change camera angle

* This game is also compatible with Android controllers such as NVidia Shield 2k or MOGA Pro ("B" Mode).

Although every effort has been made to keep performance as high as possible, some devices may benefit from a visit to the Options menu to fine tune the display:
- The number of characters is perhaps the biggest factor so consider turning off referees and setting a limit on the match size.
- If you don't want to sacrifice numbers, you can sacrifice polygons instead and opt for "Basic" character models (no fingers).
- The ropes are surprisingly demanding and you may squeeze in an extra character if you make them "Static".
- Turning off shadows and reducing crowd sprites may also help.

I regret that there's more to this game than I could ever fit in an app store description, so please consult the online guides for further reading:

Or join the debate on social meda:

* Please note that Wrestling Revolution depicts a fictitious universe. Any similarity to real wrestlers or promotions is purely coincidental.

Whats new

    - Exclusive link to try the new superhero game, "Super City"!
    - Move previews no longer disappear.
    - MMA mount with a wider array of strikes.
    - Punches during a lying headlock.
    - "Cartwheel Takedown" as a running/flying move.
    - New takedown from the rear.
    - Guillotine Chokes can now transition into a reverse version.

MDickie part of our Sports and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update June 27, 2016. Google play rating is 82.5251. Current verison is 1.560. Actual size 43.0 MB.

Download wrestling-revolution-3d.apk 43.0 MB


Joe Reed

Pretty good. I like the game. Only thing I wish they would add is voices for everything. We need a fake Jim Ross and Jerry The King. I know I am asking for a lot but the game would be 100 time's better.

Mohasin Shaikh

Great game!!!addicted!! Now it's becoming preety good from time to time works awesome in moto g2 waiting for next update because i check daily for new update...


Good game. But it's laggy for me. I"m using samsung galaxy tab s 10.5, it's laggy how can i stop the lag?

Markese Jackson

I love this game Can you guys make masks part of head accessories and not part of the face customization ? I would love to be able to wear a mask . Also , could it be possible for us to spend all of the money we have ? I have more than $1,000,000 but I don't think I can do anything with it in my wrestling career . Keep up the great work guys . I'm loving the updates for the bug fixes and new moves . Continue to do an amazing job on an amazing game .

shwet pratap singh

Very nice game It's a very nice game but I have created a superstar and by mistake while I was creating the superstar I have updated slim body but when I go again to update muscular body there was no option to update muscular body so please it's my humble request to fix it with ur next update

abhishek vishwas

Love this game...But Still need more finishers.. Like Rope DDT, famasour, Running kick, Dominator, K.O, Sweet Chain Music, Twist of fate etc...

Rockie Aloc

Forces to close ... And when I'm choosing song it also close ... My brand is 0+ Fab Color 2.0 After many updates ... Nothing happens i dont need more weapons ... Its good but its forces to close and more moves like .... Twist of fate , abdominal leg drop , trouble in paradise and some moves of rey musterio the 619 or the dizzying hurricana or dizzying DDT and the future shock DDT , Corner Dropkick ... RKO that's all ... If you do this I will give 5 ... This is very good but iits forces to close ...:-).... PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ ..... THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL WRESTLING GAME ...

fade ameen

Please make miltiplayer mode Its awesome game and I will give it 4 neacuse It needs a multiplayer mood or even local wifi or bluetooth to plsy multiplauer with friend

Ronwell Nagales

Fix Pro License Can you fix the Pro License? It says "Ensure you are logged into the correct account" but for me, the Google wallet thing never happens! My mom bought backstage pass for me. I hope that there will be Hall of Fame for all of us. It would be awesome if you include that and fix the Pro License. Thank you very much! :)

Vedant Mhatre

So great What a game!! I love this game. but this game is not better than wwe 2k. please add ladder match, moves like ko punch, money in the bank match, add all events like wrestlemania, royal rumble,battleground,etc.

Willie Burks

It don't work I played and did my stuff but it don't work I will give it 5 stars if it work today or u don't get the five stars. I mean it.

abhayraj singh gaur

Awesome... Need career mode...and if possible plz add people elbow and knuckle shuffle...and all the special move of wrestler not one for every game in market better than any paid game..plz ad good move soon...plz flash moves in pain like move can make this game more intrestingggg...

Mohamed Zajith

what happened ?update it iwill give it 100 stars what happened to you MatDickie sir.why didn't you update the wrestling revolution 3d.i waiting for your have better knowledge and you can improve the game quickly.add all moves of superstars.add all submissions of all wrestlers.add new matches ladder title match,money in the bank match.add raw smackdown royal rumble fastlane wrestlemania extreme rules at a fixed date.improve during interference entrance boards. if you add this i will give it 100 stars.but it not availabl

vishal ingawale

Nice game love it but Plase add ledder match| and **add my feverate move like ko pnch,angle slam, crose cutter, choke hold slam ,mussle buster ,kop killa,assian ddt,aj clash,hell gate,619,joker driver,runnig kne,swet music,umaga spike,brain busta,khali submission move,****** add amulance match,fire match,money in the bank match, and add number one containder match,****** improve the lady westler anamation

irfan shaikh

Very good Wrestling revolution 3d is good but upgrade the new moves like zig zag. Ko punch. Last ride . 619. Famouser.baba cutter. And . shows like smack down.raw . and wrestlemania please mdickie upgrade to this.

Matt Ryno

Great game Im addicted....even more so than the 2d version. There is just one move missing i used for 2d which is the powerbomb piledriver. The game runs a tad bit slow on android 4.0 but not bad enough to where it's frustrating. I can have about 6 characters max before it really lags. Looking forward to see what else MDickie comes up with in the future.

Pritom Debnath

Wrestling Revolution 3D Added some nice moves but....still needs some nice moves like....musclebuster,619,diamond cutter and so on...please see to it..the most bullshit thing about this game...the paying backstage pass....make that free and ill give you a million stars

Michael Brown

Keep it up MDickie ??? Honesty all of your are awesome but you need a couple of one the random reversals and falls sometimes i'll grab someone and during the process of that my character may fall at times which is very annoying, now the random reversals this one needs a reversal button or system of some sort. Also the exit wrestler edit and exhibition needs enabled next update. The wrestlers should also now have voices instead of just text by it's self. Last but not least before every single match us players should go backstage.

Renier Aripal

Would be 5 stars if you add new moves Like twist of fate , sitting front suplex, wind of change , weighslam, bullhammer and red arrow

Jose Manzo

Things to add to make it 5 stars Please add make your own title and a ladder match where yu actually have to climb the ladder to win instead of smashing through a ladder and a buried alive match and money in the bank match and if yu add that match please allow us to cash in the money in the bank anytime in the game and add some new moves like dirty deeds and hells gate and add voices in this game...

Edward Clark

Add moves burning hammer Matt please add moves like dominated burning hammer and more accessories kings crown gold chains and rings more assecesories pleàse be able to design own trunks like original revolution game

Carl Gutierrez

Add Multiplayers I love this game but im getting little bit boring cuz i cant play with my best friend can u add some multiplayer and add some WRESTLEMANIA,Raw,Smackdown,Extreme Rules etc... please

Lerma Julian

5 stars if more new moves and new faces and skins This game would be better if there's a lot of new faces and skins I would rate this 5 if it has new moves,gestures,skins,and new counters and add a commentarry

laurie howard

Have down rated for a few reasons Overall a good game. Much like the early thq wwf and wcw games. Has grown on me recently so I've upped my review by 1 star. Still things that can be improved. Submission moves cannot be escaped from until cpu is ready for you to escape. Even with 99 skill and strength I cannot escape a submission vs. a weak and low skilled person often until all my momentum is gone. Cage matches keep getting the cage in the way of view. Career stories repeat too much and no way to work up to champ matches they are random.

Rushan Puviraj

Great Wresting Game. I Love This Game.It is Very Amazing and Great.but I want Something in this Game…………, ADD COMMENTARY And ADD Casket match, Tag Team Turmoil, Money in the Bank Match and Ladder match! are not in this game!!!!!!! Please Update It!!!! I Love This Game!

john cena

like it but i love this game is,just that if u really want the game to be like wwe plz add online we can vs other people and see there skills

Josh Rea

Really not good This is a terrible game. Good idea but terrible execution. 1st the guy I was fighting had no health and he was kicking out at 1. Just a bad game.

Thomas Clark

When next update happens? More finishers best game ever believe that. End of days. Orton's back stabber. More top rope moves. Give me better deals even if I don't have a license. Better foot stomp landings. Voices and under ddt. Hell gate. More costume.

Isaac Nguyen

Best 3D wrestling game for mobiles BUT Best game everrrrrr! You need to add the double underhook snap DDT, normal underhook DDT, Package Piledriver, the Package Powerbomb by Kevin Steen, Cross Rhodes, Asai DDT, Reverse Frankensteiner, Standing Collar Bone Slam. Also, more corner moves!!!

Joel Joshua

This game rocks. Amazing fighting experience and all thanks for Sir Mat Dickie and his crewmates. I appreciate you sir but please try to do what I say sir here is my list of wishes sir I know you will fulfill it sir... Honor We all love but the problems are phone get slow.Long loading time. This game misses Hell's gate, kimura lock, black widow and goldusts corner move. No Rock Batista, Shawn Michael,Star dust,Big show,but please add them. Without them this game sucks. And want meetings done by us.And its graphics are not good make it like WWE please sir. And without commentary its booring. And no lumberjack match please add sir. And in entrance like we should come out of curtain at the time which we set Sir please.....

Ramon Genus

As the WWE wrestler MIZ would say AWESOME!! The worlds best wrestling game!! Hey MDickie excellent work so far keep it up. Even though there are great moves,some are still missing not to sound greedy but could you add Bad News Barretts;wasteland and winds have change. Also it would be great if there were some more corner moves. Please consider these in your next update which I hope is soon.

David Jackson

Ok but aggravating The game keeps on turning off and freezing and pls can u put male and female wrestlers dating and also divide it into the men and womens division pls put the faithbreaker and candywrapper too.

Swapnil Johri

Wow! I would have given 5 stars but there are few complains... Firstly, add voice to the characters when they are talking so that the game become more attractive. My second complain is little stupid. My second complain is that, pls change the game icon. It is very pathetic and looks very bad in my menu. So these were my few complains towards your game. I hope that you will pay some attention, and improve your game.

Tayeeb Shaikh

Awesome Hey! MDickie put some again cool moves this white noise, irish curse backbreaker, final cut and fameasser plz put this moves and plz fix this hangness in game and commentary too.........

Hanad Mohamud

Coooool!!! Wow it's really cool to play such a game like this but some more finisher moves like shell shocked,dirt deeds,swantbomb. And ppv, more titles ,commentary.

michael pinckney

Update: Still in BETA MODE first things first, developer appears to have Lollipop compatibility issues lately... but the developer didn't like it when i said it feels like he "abandoned" the game (so upset, he posted on FB about it, even after I've supported this from day 1)... don't get me wrong, potential to be a really really good game, but his focus is clearly on "School Project", so don't hold your breath for an update at this point... sorry, but it's been just about a month now

King Solomon

Mat dickie Hi can you add all the moves from wrestling revolution and tag moves like dudley death drop and add reverse superplex add that you got a game better than 2k15 and so on

Prajwol Maharjan

Please make multiplayer mode Its awesome game. I would give it 5 stars if it had made multiplayer mode or local wifi or i request to make multiplayer mode in next update.

James Albisa

Good game Mdickie can u make some high flyer moves like splash elbow drop moonsault fnisher id give u 5starz if u do this.and please can u make hard time 3d too because it might be awesome like wrestling revolution 3d

Killer Gamer

New move and..... Please add new move like cobra strike,corner finisher,submission finisher,high flying finishers and please make a hell in a cell match,40 man royal rumble and extreme rules match. But you must add this move,Gutbuster and pop up Samoan drop.please.I don't care about the size of app.And please make it can give a name to finisher or special.

Vishal yadav

I step away from biggest 3D wrestling game Please add money in the bank ladder match make groups like authority and entrance from crowd and in no disqualification wrestlers go backstage in gym,office and add handshaking and hugging with partner or manager and update every week

trevor ambrose

What good about it I can see where there is effort to improve this game could actually be good but since it as freeze and take forever to download i have never got play without it stop others give it four star maybe i will do that someday

Riberto Salomon Jr.

Good But fix the landing on when you throw your opponent over the top rope make it more like wwe tna or roh. And make the moves called the pop-up powerbomb,twist to faith. But most importantly make wrestlers go backstage and fight like tna wwe or roh and make groups like The Shield or Wyatt Family . Then that would be a 5 star wrestling game. Oh i almost forgot make more wrestling games such as wrestling impire

Vilas Bilava

Trio's mode Plz add trio's team mode in next update like the shield new day for custom superstar and also and new moves like double arm DDT,neutralizer and pop up power bomb and new striking finisher like bull hammer,Cesaro's uppercut,ko punch,running knee,punt kick,super kick,trouble in paradise

David Jackson

Ok but aggravating I feel uncomfortable fighting the opposite gender so, pls can u put male and female wrestlers dating and also divide it into the men and womens division pls put the faithbreaker and candywrapper too.

Best Gamer

Pleasss add trouble in paridise,last ride add atleast. 3 attires for each charecter add story line and unlockable charecters storyline attitude era,next gen add unlockable big e,xavier woods,the usos,brie bella,stardust and also add signitures blue thunder bomb yes lock cross rhodes stardust debut top rope kick and finisher add irish curse new themes and entrance video and crowd entrance unlockable nxt superstars corey graves,bo dallas,new kevin owens,aiden english,the brian kendrick thanks and cell match

Jonathan Tavares

Great game Great game but could you add money in the bank ladder match,street fight,ladder match for any championship plessee !! If you do,i would rate 5 stars.And please add multiplayer and the game will be evem better.Add all the moves that WWE Wrestlers use please.

roshan ray

Highest rated game in my game list I have this game since its first launch in the google play and i have enjoyed its slow unfolding .... Every time , m a big fan of wrestling ofcourse and i love ur work mat dikie.... This is a game with unlimited actions and with a differrnce each time ie. Nothing repeates .. Its endless fun.... Please ad the move the last ride by undertaker


Love it!!!! Hey this is @2.6.00 aka @warrenturner3 on Instagram & twitter, I would just like 2 say I'M ADDICTED TO #WR3D.....can u plz make More facepaints (Jeff Hardy) Tlc matches, ladder matches (2 vs 2 vs 2 if you can), also an ability to import your own photos & images onto your characters..... Overall, I ? this game & the #1 fan of it!

Pritom Debnath

Wrestling Revolution 3D Added some nice moves but.still needs some nice moves like.musclebuster,619,diamond cutter,package piledriver and so on.please see to it..the most bullshit thing about this game...the paying backstage pass....make that free and ill give you a million stars.also.add some new corner moves like.monkey flipping of the angle slam of the corner etc.

Ray Bowman

Amazing This is by far one of/if not/ the best wrestling games on the market. Can def hang side by side with Fire Pro and lays the SmackDown on the WWE 2K series. I don't know if some of you commenting are under the age of 10 or just don't understand how truly amazing and powerful this game is. It makes me sick all of the *add this*add this*add this*and add this* for a 5 star rating. This game could be bare bones and be worth a 5 star. Stop complaining and enjoy the amazing gift you got

Rajeev Mohanty

Worst. Closing in the middle while playing Infact of high end graphics fone its stopping at many times. Worst game. Please improve.

Maryse Quellet

I really like this game But please add an titantron in entrance, and add some new finishers like inverted stomp facebreaker, faithbreaker, cradle DDT, Spider Web, Widows Peak & Glam Slam, Argentinian Backbreaker. And to Submission moves like Anaconda, Modified Bow & Arrow, Christo, Rear naked Choke, Hells Gate, Lotus Lock, Modified Arm Bar and Inverted camel clutch and i will rate this 5 star.

Isaac Nguyen

Best 3D wrestling game for mobiles BUT Best game everrrrrr! You need to add the Package Piledriver, the Package Powerbomb by Kevin Steen, Cross Rhodes, Asai DDT, Reverse Frankensteiner, Standing Collar Bone Slam. Also, more corner moves!!! Maybe a Create a Move section? I don't know if this is too much to ask.

Silent Mustard

Best Wrestling Game There are some things WWE 2k15 does better. But, in all the important things Wrestling Revolution 3D is superior

Donald Moncure

Shut up with WWE TNA ROH he can not use them due to copyright infringement

Ramon Genus

THANKS ALOT FOT THE UPDATE!! The pop-up variations are awesome,the added rear moves totally cool (it doubles the pain) of opponents, keep it up,Good Job!!!


Prety good I love this game but plz make like wrestlemania ladder match in wrestling carrere it would be awesome I playing since 1 years so plz fix it and many of them are saying the same so why don't u fix

Irfan Saadi

They should put more matches in the game like: Ladder match, Bra and panties, ambulance match, elimination chamber match, I quit match, Fantasy Match, Money in the bank match, royal rumble, and please also put universe mode, free roaming, sexual themes and add more Championship belts to the game to get a five star rating and more downloads.

michael pinckney

Update: Still in BETA MODE the much anticipated update was made last weekend, adding a welcome set of pop-up moves and more options from the rear grapple... like i said from the beginning, if you liked No Mercy and/or Fire Pro, you need this game on your phone/tablets... other than all the moves from the previous games not being imported at this time, the only glaring weakness is no actual set of ladder matches yet... perfect otherwise

Robin Sarao

Love it Jst love this game, add some new move plz like bull hammer, gut check, knock out punch plz

Lindokuhle Sfiso

Knock out punch, 619, money in the bank match, double ckokeslams, throwing tables at your opponents, plz I love this game so much, but I could really enjoy it more if you could add the knock out punch by big show, 619,by rey mysterio, and to be able to throw tables to your opponents, eg, even when thy are outside the ring, thanks for your hard work, I'm a fan of revolution,and tattoos plz,,I don't see BATISTA, and Grat Khali, add em plz, and corner moves too, like, back of the elbow hit,, corner to corner moves, double choke slam, etc, please,,i guess batista is beast eater,

Jose Hernandez

Good I got a contract awesome game

Ö. Yalın Kaya

Awesome There are some bugs and glitches. Yet, the balance between player control and randomness of events is really good. The only thing that bothers me is the frequency of contract deal meetings and not knowing what to do with all that money. My wrestler is a millionaire after a few clever deals. What now?

Beki Mtyida

Your game is freezing,At first I liked it but I now hate it to the last, improve pliz, to speak the truth your game is verry interesting fix the problem

Pratik Sawant

A good game Make it a 7 star game by adding moves like inverted headlock backbreaker,rope drag ddt,running face burster,kimura lock,running cannonball,also add avalanche moves,diving upper cut,one hand bulldog,spinning side slam,rolling senton crush,mudhole stomp,shoulder plex, irish back breaker,running samoun drop n plz update it faster n faster.

damar de la cruz

I can't save my info for other dispositeves Matt you need to implement a new setting that allow you to save your changes such as your rosters, carrier mode data as well as the booker mode

Matt Setph

She keeps the whole it cheats the whole round do don't get it say if you want to you can it's kind of cool but like its a cheating in this way I can do this

Dillsy Samej

The best of our generation This game is a futuristic piece of awsomeness. However there is one that would make it perfect, if there were ladder matches, Money InThe Bank matches, plus can you plzz make stuff we can spend our money on . And a name for each Pay-Per-Veiw. Also it would be more realistic if you could confrontate your Enemies. Please allow us to have our finishers on the top rope like 'Double Stomp' or 'Corkscrew Splash'. Anyway it is an amazing game thank u for making this excellent game

Joe Head

Good game mdickie I love all your games but if there was one thing you could add is that when your in a submission please make it easier to get out of the submission But it's still cool

Ankit Rawat


Aubrey Alvarez

MAT DICKIE READ THIS Can you please add A ENTRANCE THINGY INSTEAD OF WALKINH AND DOING AH TAUNT AND ADD MASKS !! please I KNOW YOU SEE THIS other than that best game in the world BTW Make All The Championships look different

Abdullahi Isa

Thank You Matthew I refuse to complain,, To me,this will forever be the best android game I ever played.

Darren Embers

Mask issue If you could make masks a separate category so different skinned characters could wear them thatd warrant a higher rating

rock star

Add some more great finishers lik cross rodes, end of days etc n commentry n giv d wrestlers a voice man . After all these updates I would giv u 5stars

Michael Ayala

Great game but add It would be better if u added battleground or wrestlemania like in real WWE if u do it will be 5 stars if u added thx

Nitro Wilson

Need Create-A-Move And LAN Mode And just like in the 2d version (example : shoulder stunner), and can you make the tattoos on profile option, just in Wrestling MPire plz?

Thomas leach

Really fun game One of my favorite games on Mobile. The only thing is the restore purchase button doesn't work. Spent the $10 for the full game and now I'm stuck playing the free version again. Still 5 starts because it is a hell of a fun game but :-( I miss the full version.

Junaid Abass

Amazing but 1 please add Wrestle mania 2 summerslam battleground and Survivor Series etc 3 the characters could not talk 4 please add the name and songs of the wrestlers 5 all titles are not in federation online like US belt Light weight belt 6 please add king of the ring and money in the bank 7 add mask of Demon Kane 8 add new moves like Knockout punch The last ride 619 kimura lock etc 9 add Raw Smack down, Main Event NXT and TNA 10 add some more wrestlers Braun Strowman, Big E Xavier woods the Uso's Titus o niel etc.

Mahamad Bahgat

Please read it and update the game, I know it was hard to do the game but to have more downloads you should read this In the creation of characters u should make us choose the size and tattoo of every part in the body alone, put the real wrestler names, add some moves, put a large screen at the back and make wrestlers entere from the left side. Delete wrestlers who are not popular. Add an announcement table. Put for every wrestler 8 moves not 12. Add running and flying finishers. Update health meter.

Jacob Bazo

Awesome but... Hi, MDickie, I love the game but I didn't know this existed and I already brought the non 3D version of the game and it would make my life easier if you made a system that has the full version of this game if you already brought the non 3D version... -Jacob B

gunjan baliyan

Really really really really outstanding game better than 2k .Just 1 problem add ladder match and provide options for editing ppv and TV tapings.otherwise best game I ever played.thanks


Biplab Nath The game is very good but somethings are not good enough. you cannot talk before your opponent come. you cannot take 2 titles like world havieweight and cant write on your shirt. If you come then your some moments on the big screen is not seen. I think 2k15 is better

Syed Ali

Its OK I think you should be bigger the size of entry stage and add some fire works and fire flames and some smoke in the entry of players But one problem is in a cage match I can not out of cage i am fall on the ring I can not win in escape to victory match please do these changes in next update

Matt Lloyd

Awsome Awsome game and loving the booking manager mode, just 1 problem.. every time I make a title match and the challenger wins the title never changes hands. Please sort this out as I've paid for backstage pass and pro

Kaden Zelaya

I would like leg drop as a flying attack,kalisto make it like wwe2k16 attack at any time,3 company wwe,nxt and retire,and all the wrestlers with real name and they can talk when we put them to,bugs fix,like real wwe entrance with the wrestler real song and video and double team.

Hussey DON

Good game...but few problema like we cant choose wrestler of our own choice not correct names of wrestlers.....make us able to select wrestlers of our own choice in steel cage matches,tag team etc....nd please add new wrestlers of wwe with real names.. nd wwe matches like money in the bank battle royal lumberjack match etc

Manikandan Mani

wwe wrestling FIGHT with me.! only on game. lo√ely playing any time to spend. get free. real if with mind. tq team of gang... I give 10 Star.

Lovepreet Singh

Awesome Game . But Please add these moves :- Yokosuka cutter, Lifting Arm Triangle Choke, Fallaway slam, Full nelson slam, Elbow smash on the head, Double knee backbreaker, Right-handed knockout hook, Falling powerbomb, Spinning side slam, Elevated powerbomb, Spin-out powerbomb, Forward fireman's carry slam , Horizontal Muscle Buster , Running lariat , Sheer-drop release powerbomb, Standing Sitout Shiranui, Backbreaker rack drop and Over-the-shoulder single leg Boston crab submission and many more other moves please add.

jainendra kumar pushkar

the game is really good but I have a problem there is a wrestler name Brook laser but it is brock lesner if the wrestler are named by there original name the game can be more interesting, entry could have been better

Irfan Ansari

Good This game is good but not enough i love to play it but it has some kinda problem plzzz give wrestlers real names nd please give professional license for free then that it would be so much fun playin it

Vivian Rahul

Weird game physics! I would give this game 5 stars if it weren't for the crazy game physics and the glitches. Its also annoying that they keep falling over for no reason.

Dhanraj Sethi

Nice game Bug fixes some time hangs a lotbut I love wrestling so it is a nice game why don't you give real names to characters like jhan cena etc.also add bear hug of brownstroman and figure eight of charlete and fix the hanging problem it hangs a lot when we are making a new player it also hangs on entrance and if there are more than 5 player on screen it will surely hang I want you matdike to just fix it

Safi Shuddho

Nice! Hey I got a awesome idea wouldn't it be cool if ur team had an special move and fix the moves name also

Yash Ujoodha

Fabulous Game Hello MDICKIE . I have been playing this game for 2 years and I never add comments on this game but today I am asking you to add more things on the next update such as : Realistic main events, commentators, new moves like : Hell's Gate, Unprettier, K.O Punch, custom bear hug of Braun Strowman. Please add these things on the next update. All the players of Wrestling will be grateful to you. Please fix minor bug and crashes. My rating for u is over 1 Trillion stars !!! ALL HAIL WRESTLING EMPIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayant Jayantbalu

Mdickie please please make it more good . by giving up matches like ladder match,chairs match etc smacks like knock out punch , nutriliser.the name of the game is wrestling revolution... But it has not even wwe real names and it is very slow change its speed in next update. I am playing this game for almost I year but it has no improvement

Sidney Richardson, Jr.

Good Now Great game now! Awesome gameplay, very addictive! It would be great to add a match similar to MITB. And guys....THIS IS NOT WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA! STOP ASKING THE MAKERS OF THE GAME TO PUT REAL NAMES ON THE WRESTLERS....THAT WOULD BE A LAWSUIT!

Dajon Gater

Really this game cheats so much I can't explain it but let's get to the point the characters are ugly to many glithets wannabe wwe superstars but beside all that bad stuff it is a pretty good game but in the future if u make a second wrestling revolution 3d please make it way better than this one make it like wwe2k16 make it able to play on Xbox or PlayStation

Brandon Williams

Nice but Don't get me wrong. I loved it but once when I went to play, I was loading my career and before a match it went back to my home screen. Ever since the same has happened and it won't stop.

Kyle Letts

Great game but...... When the videos come on I watch them, but then the time stops at around 21 seconds plz fix otherwise I will delete.

Tris Donovan

It's a great concept, and a good game, however it needs to be polished, for example some parts straight up don't work, tagging team mate, or pinning opponent when his both bars are down, and is barely moving, seems like game just won't recognise u are winning... Other than that there's a bit of lag especially when other npc's walk in the ring seems to have to focus on too much at once, then again could just be my phone. It's a good time killer, but doesn't make me want to upgrade...

Nirav Soni

Very nyc.... Great work MDickie... Bt add more moves like backstabber, kill switch, styles clash and other good moves. Nevertheless very good work.

Zy Brown

Best but a little bit bad My daughter tried to play and she cried because she lost so then my son played and well he won and my son helped my daughter win but besides that some bugs still

G Ram

Great game some corrections needed Without hardness there would be no Challenge! I loved it, add some more finishers like running, flying, kick and hit finishers, eg.Sweet chin music. Don't force to buy professional license denying creative control, if the same continues many will uninstall, give it as an option. Player faces and hands 3d structure can be improved

Adarsh Raj Singh Chaudhary

Quite addictive But lacks content as u cannot be manager, or u cannot fire the manager and also u cannot form a team of more than 2 characters.... And so it SUCKSSS

TheJaylanRouse ™

Wrestling Revolution is Awsome This is the best entertainment when ur bored and have nothing to do I surely recommend for people that love wrestling or u just bored and wat to past by time to play this game. #LiveLoveWrestling

Gershon 602

Addicted Very nice creation Mdickie you need to make more graphics. loved it?☺but clear some bugs in entrance and need more moves.

Divyansh Joshi


Safwan Shan

sooo awesome game thiz game is soo enjoyable. please update match like money in the bank, fighting soo many wrestlers for the title in the up. correct the spells the names of the wrestlers like john cena etc.. and change the names into smack down raw. please update.

Dan W.

Jeez people You would gladly shell out $60 for WWE2k15, a game full of glitches and game ruining bugs, but not $10 for the full version of the best mobile game I've ever played? I bought the full and everything is customizable, you can freely move between shows, make your own characters, your own matches(BTW you can throw someone out of the big window behind the GM desk)and if 'Jimi Sierra' drives you so unbearably crazy you can change it back to 'John Cena' or whatever you want. Buy the full version, you're missin out

aadil zahoor

W R 3 D Hope new update comes very soon plzz add roof to the cage sometimes when you through your opponents through tables they don't break remove 15 min time matches should continue as long as u want. This game is my favourite game I lvd it but u need to improve it add more entrnce themes rope moves introduce tronouments add more rostrs add real names of wrestlers their should be events like money in the bank add TLC suspend the belt up and make wrestlers to get via climbng a ladder introduce interviews in booking mode owner of the cmpny makes demands that should not happen u should be owning the roster introduce tours whnevr u climb stairs u get suspended wrestler should buy license on his own earning.

Satish Kulkarni

Mr dickie if u add commentary n money in d bank ladder matches n even more attacks den i will give u 5 but as of now its 4..

Kerwin Peters

Awesome game This game is very addictive i cant stop playing it but theirs one thing...can you put more blood in it.. Or maybe blood puddles..awesome game tho 10/10

Vincent Jones

Non ed version better Theres some lag here but not to bad. The worst part or reason non 3d version is better is gamepad controls. They are broken on this version. They work flawlessy on non 3d version. This it seems like character does what it want. If u have some in a choke or something u tap attack multiple times even if hold is broke character will attack ekther or punching or kicking how many times ever u pressed it. Cant rrally explain. Needs fixing though. Still awesome game

dontavius phillips

Cool and bad. Good game. To many ads best wrestling game ever.2nd best camera could be better

Choco Weir

Submission cheese has to be gone Have you ever had that moment when your opponent health is down and your in full health.then they do a submission maneuver on you for 10 min that waste your health and there's nothing you can do about it. Yeah mdicke you need to find away to get out of submission move quicker

Prakash Maheshwari

Please add things like WWE 2011 psp game In WWE 2011 it is option to create our own finisher near top rope ,corner and front finishers and add more finishers and submission... add hell in a cell

Mandeep Singh

Love ur all games mdicknie but Plz plz plz plz plz Read this creater can i have real feeling of wrestler Like having GIRLFRIENDS ENEMY FRENDS AND Make entry of wrestler more powerfull add some fireworks smoke real themes of real players And most important Add a popular players and real name u named a jhon cena as a (JIMMY SIERA) UNDERTAKER AS A (Nightshift) Ryback as a hardback denial bran as a DRAGON RYAN ROMAN REINGS AS A TROJAN FRANS AND MANY MOREEEE JUST SOLVR THESE PLROBLEM AND WATCH THE DOWNLOADSSSSSSSSS

Ehsanul Haque

Must download If you want real action of fight,you have to must download it. And it not only fight , it also very very funny.

Aavas Baral

Good World heavy weight championship belt should be changed. I have a problem on it automatically goes to menuscreen after loading game

sohaib ibrahim

Good but need improvement I am facing a problem.when i try to give a suplex to opponent off a ladder it losses from my grip and fall down!,please fix this

Yanick Linze

Good I have to admit it is a great game just if you could remove the ads because the ads freezes most of the time and I I gotta start the game all over again other than that I love it

Prakash Maheshwari

Please add things like WWE 2011 psp game In WWE 2011 it is option to create our own finisher near top rope ,corner and front finishers and add more finishers and submission... add hell in a cell stage abd cage and also add few new matches like elimination chamber and some titles

William Fernandes

Add what I tell add all special events, add all signature moves, add all real finishers, add all championship , add all special matches of week16 like casket match buried alive etc ,add money in the bank and when there is world championship match we can come in middle of match and cash it in ,and all real names and songs and add all real clothes of wrestlers and in hair vs hair match we can not bring machine and cut hair and add king of the ring winner and make wrestlers to talk give them their voices please add this plez

mohd azlan

Great wrestling game ever.!. I love to play it..but need more upgrade new shirt..movement .face..storyline.from real wwe .and please create a match like..wrestlemania. money in the bank..judgement day..roadblock..and more...keep it on..good luck.

Arzu Bayramov

This game is better This game is better 3d game in the world good graphic. And it looks like real. And someone is saying hard to control if you don't know how to use a phone then don't

Krystal Henderson

It sucks You're game sucks so bad your mother couldn't even play it because everytime she play's it she cryes and kick you out

Irfan Ansari

Good This game is good but not enough i love to play it but it has some kinda problem plzzz give wrestlers real names nd please give professional license for free then that it would be so much fun playin it

Lovepreet Singh

Awesome Game . But Please add these moves :- Yokosuka cutter, Lifting Arm Triangle Choke, Fallaway slam, Full nelson slam, Elbow smash, Double knee backbreaker, Right-handed knockout hook, Falling powerbomb, Spinning side slam, Elevated powerbomb, Spin-out powerbomb, Forward fireman's carry slam , Horizontal Muscle Buster, Running lariat , Sheer-drop release powerbomb, Standing Sitout Shiranui, Backbreaker rack drop and Over-the-shoulder single leg Boston crab submission and many more other moves please add.

Elite 4

Hated it This games is not good.If your wrestler build normal,your wrestler could change into slim or muscular and your wrestler face become very ugly.!!!!!!!!

sherry black

Violence It is violent because it has alot of bleeding but I think it's just that it was good

Joel Browne

Not the most detailed, in depth gaming experience but even with all the bugs and glitches, this is still an amazing game. Would recommend to any major pro wrestling fan. Only developer recommendation I would give is to keep on bringing the updates like you have been

Rakesh Verma

The new version is very bad Jb match khatam ho jata h tb game apne aap quit ho jati h phele vale version me aise nhi hota iss version me aise kyo hota h please reply MDickie....................


One Bug Guys, while we playing steel cage fight that time due to absence of camera control, we are unable to see the aponant, which is causing to lose the match, kindly either remove the steel cage fight or introduce the camera angle adjustment option. this is awesome game..great work done by team.I appreciate you guys for your such great development and efforts

Elvis Levi

Cool But this game is too slow and it closes sometimes. Too slow. It's laggy. Please fix it and add COMMENTARY PLEASE. Please fix it and it will be the best game ever.

brandon graham

Won't restore my purchase :( but love the game I played the game for the longest time and the I uninstalled just to free space and now I'm playing it again but it won't restore my purchases from last time

Sergio Widjaja

Game crashes when you simulate a match (in wresting career mode).

Ollice Weaver

Great Game This game is pretty cool! Every now and then the game lags but it is still nice. I would like to see more Belts, better Wrestling costumes where we can put words and logos on (much more on that), and better entrances (fireworks/firepower, better blackouts, hill to walk down on). It would be nice if you also provide new arenas and better storylines. Thanks! I can't wait fof the next update!!!

Zac Wilton

Such a great game I have been playing this game since about two weeks since release give or take a few weeks it is a great game fun to play and a warning from me a self professed pro if this game DO NOT GET COCKY YOU WILL LOSE IF YOU GET COCKY. The game controls great in my opinion anyway, so I don't see why people say it controls badly cause it controls fine to me. Sorry mat just had to get the point out there I love all of your games continue what your doing.

ChandraSekhar Naralasetti

NEW UPDATE TWICE IN MONTH Update with more changes like MORE MOVES,TYPES OF ENTRANCES ,MORE BELTS(titles),MORE PAY PER VIEWS,MORE ROSTERS,MORE WEAPONS,EVERY THING MORE.(Not like "link to SUPER CITY",compatibility with all devices) features , because we are waiting for this for long time...Of course SUPER CITY is a great game i already got it. "MAT DICKIE" thanks for great games like these.

Karmanpreet Singh

Need updating this game Please correct wrestler name new lagendy match add new belt for divas divison please all game pop scence super city hard time school days games in 3d i think all like this games in 3d multiplayer connected by bluetooth please add this option

Aakash Baral

Good game I loved this game i play so much but i think you should develop it more in next update you should remove all brand like aaw, roh so in place of that you should have training like nxt and other brand like raw smackdown main event superstar and there should be main event every 4 weeks like extreme rules wrestlemania and there must be money in the bank and cash in section .I think you will develop in next update. Please

vishnu chander N

There is no new moves and no new stipulation New matches like INFERNO MATCH, BURIED ALIVE MATCH MONEY IN THE BANK and make new moves pls bring update soon And make the players hold multiple title belts at a time

QuaD ViPe

Awsome and amazing This game is awsome and amazing recommend it to everyone

suman srivastava

Bad It closes automatically when ee finishes a match and we have to play the same match again first version i loved it but now i hated it

A Google User

Ads It's a Great game, but it tends top crash ( in my case only when something good happens ie. Winning a match or qualifying for a title). 7/10.

Shamweel Khan

shamweel pakistan it is too much great game but there are a few matches so please in new update add the matches of jhon cena and other players

Kalu Dan

Very nice game is var. Me kus nhi hota h aapa ke mobile me probalm h unitol kro our fir intol kro ok

Presab Khadka

Nice and Time Killing I play carrer mode in this game.Every thing is all right but put real names for wrestlers

Dan Obrien

mdickie rules what more can i say, best game I've ever played on android

Jignesh Gohel

Pls. Updet version Hi. Nice game but this game in players are very old so my request for please add. New hero's exp. Undartekkar..jone sina ..the rok.. xxx...some new star added pls..pls

Shreepad Shinde

Damn its so good!! I really loved this game. Only a problem is that it ask for professional lisence. And we they dont accept match. And other thing that we can't ask for contract by our own

Reptilian Squad

Fun Kind of secret wwe people in there like dragon Ryan and agent kyle and ronan raw xD

soham raut

very very very very good game only make some changes I will tell you what changes youhave to make. only change that give the chance to the player to be refree

tushar vasista

great graphics please add new members like baurn strownman,taylor breez etc and the features in other wrestlering revolution do it fast and u add new moves like backsnapper and the usos


The Game Is Awesome. I have an LG K7 and everytime I play it logs out. Please fix it.

Niju Chithu

Superb Hello Owner of this game please add money in the bank wrestlemania add more please im addict

Stan Nair

The Best Mobile Wrestling Game Ever Made I've been a fan of your work since the Federation Online days on Pcs. I've played almost all of your games & spend countless hours playing them. You are the best. Thank you so much for this game & I surely recommend others to buy the backstage pass cuz the game becomes 10X more fun to play. I have a request, please develop this version of the game for Windows 10 & Windows 10 mobile as a Windows Universal App. It would really be a treat to play it on a big screen PC. Thanks again!

Harish Dewani

Good good good but one bug Very good game i loved it so the stars is 5i like the game very much much the wrestler are very very cool

Rahul Rpillai

Rahulrpillai Hey buddy es can you added some commentrys and and some new finishing moves. Then i gave you 5 stars

Utkarsh Patni

More events Hi mat. I love this game. But you should create more events like wreselmania,summer slam,money in the bank, ladder match etc. And update more dresses, masks ,moves and tattoos. Or please create nxt,raw etc . Please

Elisha Durant

Wrestling revolution 3d Great game please add mor3 titles and different pay per view add a way to attack other wrestlers before the match add a money in the bank type pay per view

Prathamesh Jawaje

Better Their is no money in the bank pay per view and other pay per view matches add it and add new wrestler

Ryan Murape

Boring is the wrong word Its a great game dude so stop saying that younsound like you hate everything so stop being a hater

Eleanor Ault

So bad It's really bad because it's slow and does not work well (DON'T GET IT IT'S A TIME A WAISTER) but do look into school days and super hero ohhh and also hard time-they are ace **

Hafiz Abdulla

I love this game .when I editing male wrestlers there sound is female why? Reply

Mike Davidson

This game just gets better and better Been playing this game for couple of years. It's has everything you need from a wrestling game. Great stories and great action in the ring easy to control .Love it?

ACEColf Aguilar

You guys did good I love this game The only problem they always get a kick out pls help

Yoroshiku Sensei

An okay wrestling game I love the game but I got two things that I HATE one when you pin someone and your legs or other limb it counts as a rope brake! I tried to look cool or buy accident. Two when I do a running attack sometimes I go through the opponent. MAN but it is a awsome game!

Mcallen Tanis

Pro licence It's good. But it's not letting me get a weekly salary without a pro licence which isn't fair. Cause I can't buy one

Ubed Siddiqui

WRESTLING REVOLUTION 3D Hey! Please! Add commentary and add commentators section Please! guys pay your attention to the ideas that i suggest you the game is simply awesome and full of fun, I've no complain about it. But Please! kindly add some new wrestling moves, new submission moves and some other new printed outfits and some new designs in tattoo section it can make this game more pleasurable. And please! separate the women's division and add women's championship too and you should add luv affairs segments

CrateLiam Simbajon

The Best! and need more moves ? Jumping stunner(RKO),Back Stabber,Ushigoroshi( AJ Styles's shoulder move), Styles Clash( normal pancake move), Punt kick(running move),Hanging DDT(front grab ), Back Neck breaker( Randy Orton's move), Exploder Suplex,Fallaway Slam, Full Nelson Slam, Spin-up Side Slam(Big Cass'es move),Snake Eyes,Tilt a whirl Slam,Eorupean Upper-cut,One hand Powerbomb,Angle Slam,Pop-up Samoan Drop, a new Item that can be used "Thumb Tacks", and all the other move's I didn't mention. Thanks!!?????????????

Mayur Mahamuni

Problem solved but... This update is very disappointing.After updated to this version. Firstly game is not opening . So I perform clear data.. And lost my wrestling carrier. very disappointing.. Please fix this issue for further updates... And please add move (my creation) "pop-up flying knee"


Top game with few flaws Very fun creating and all. Best wrestling game out there. Annoyances tho: u make enemies very easily and that can be the ref who won't let u win. A bit dumb when grabbing someone and it doesn't register causing u to get taken out. Camera SUCKS especially in cages. It often is behind the ref when out the ring. Targeting is not good when used fighting multiple lads

Leo Smart

Tag team finishers, moves, game play, and adaption. add some tag team finishers like 3d, magic kill, and etc. When we tag our partners, let's be able to use the "T" button for tag finisher without the referee interrupting. And also, let's be able to record and save the video of our matches, and also let's be able to have more than one partner, in wwe smackdown vs raw, I had up to 5 partners, so I suggest you guys adapt and even do better by allowing us to have up to 7 team mates. This game is cool and addictive, make it better by adding these things.

Manas Dey

Great game Some moves are missing.1- spin out powerbomb(john cena),2- five knuckle shuffle(john cena),3- neck hold back breaker(randy orton).And I like the improvements like the MMA MOUNT,KIMURA LOCK,HELL'S GATE.And some improvements need to be made like 1- MORE TATTOOS(brock lesner's back tattoo and the knife tattoo in his chest),2- MORE SHIRTS AND SHORTS DESIGNS AND GESTURES etc.

Uday Batra

Awesome game BUT...... First I was having the problem of controls getting stopped in between the matches which is resolved now BUT now I am facing a new problem! Sometimes when I give a POP-UP move, my player disappears and I have to play like an Invisible Man!! This is very irritating! Plz solve my problem and I will rate 5 stars btw AWESOME GAME!

Raj Pawar

Awesome Game Awesome game, but plz update is needed, add some matches like money in the bank, knock out tournament ppv like king of the ring, ambulance match, 4 way tag team matches. Make it much interesting, add some more storyline, womens championship with separate womens division, love triangles, new outfits and some new moves & much more. Plz update this game with this features

Gary stevenson

List of imorovements 1. Add move to the game like the inverted headlock backbreaker, gut check, salida del sol,styles clash, neutralizer, backstabber and spin out powerbomb 2. Add Braun Strowman, Darren Young and Xavier Woods, Big E Langston and Kofi

TheProudAssassin 1775

Needs 5 more moves. Okay MDickie you are a bloody genius. I currently consider myself to be a master at this game, my character is a millioneer, I know all the springboard moves and I also know how to perform your opponent's finisher. I hit Steve Austin with a sitting stunner, Orton with a falling stunner, HHH with pedigree, the best UNDERTAKER with a Tombstone Piledriver and Cena with shoulder boulder . If you could please add pop up ddt, pop up x factor, pop up codebreaker, Styles Clash , Salida del sole please.

Dakota Dill

Love the game! I would rate it 5 stars but here lately it been force closing. Especially when I'm off WiFi. Please please please fix it.... this is my only favorite game that I play on my phone. I'm just really getting tired of it force closing out every time I play. It also does the same thing when I'm playing Super City. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I don't know why it keeps force closing

Kaizex Khan

Good game but Plz make that we can take out things like chairs from under the ring and Plz write the original names of wrestlers like Trojan force =Roman reings plz add the move enzuigiri and a combat special or signature move like Superman punch of Trojan force

Toben Alexander

Buy the pro license and backstage pass. They are worth it! An absolutely fantastic game if you are into wrestling at all. The career mode has some of the best swerves and promos ive seen in wrestling video games in a long time!

Theresa Gardner

Great game But it could use many improvements. For a wrestling career you dont want to ve put through the same thing over and over and over its very repetitive and gets boring

musa mazibuko

I like this game but there are too many ads and every time it shows a video clip it freezes than you have to restart the whole games again and repeats. Please fix this because it's not worth wasting your data on a game that keeps on freezing

Joshua D'costa

Cool game Put some new moves of wwe superstar and put their real name please and new finishers please and we should interfere in others wrestlers match and put flying finishers as front specials

I love this app, by far my favorite on the playstore, buuut... This game has an insane amount of glitches and bugs. I'm so tired of spending 25 minutes playing a 5 minute match because it is so slow and such an overhaul on my phone, and then when I finish the match and go through all the little cutscene stuff and promo information, my screen just goes black for 30 seconds and the app crashes, leaving me to restart the app and find that I have to play the same match for another 25 minutes and hope that it doesn't happen again. Happens multiple times a day.

Galaxy Boy Gaming

Good game but problems It's a very good and awesome game but it keeps crashing. Everytime after a match or during one the game always crashes. And I go to select a mp3 theme it says the app has stopped. Fix this for better rating

Tushar Jaiswal

Some more modifications required This is truly a 5 star game but please add a specific team entry song and if you can add some ladder match type thing then it will be more awesome. MDickie you are best game creator so please add these things.

Sunil Baghel

I loved this game What a amazing game It's Really 3d.It needs many new attacks. If possible than add pay per views like money in the bank,wrestlemania;summer slam etc.

Lendall Lai

Nice game.However, needs improvements It is a good game.Has various moves, good graphics and does not lag but whenever I finish a match or during a match, after the advertisement appears, the button to close out of it is very hard to click on and whenever I close the advertisement the game restarts please fix the bug, I would really appreciate it.You can also add new moves as in the reverse chokeslam and other finishers.


Fixed my problem please I just updated this game in my brand new ph samsung galaxy J7 (2016) it is good for playing but why can't I change my view angels I did before but I don't know what is the problem with this brand new ph ..please fix my problem I can't even stop this game and them resume again ..please fix it for me..i love this game in my old ph

KOVID Tripathi

Few Suggestions Please add the facility to have the attacks(superkick , bicycle kick , spinning heel kick ,etc.) as finishers too. Please add more moves too. Any ways, a highly addictive game

Ajay Wadke

Aweaome Hey Matt your game is F**king amazing bro. I can't stop playing it even when Im at work. Just one request could you please release a new update with some new moves.

Nitish Singh

Hey you get the champions like in TNA king of the mountain champions added new moves like style clash the phenomenal special forearm strike This game is like wwe like Randy Orton vs dolph ziggler but written as Rory awesome vs Ralph zipper in too fake15

Impressive game The most interesting game l ever played . But it has one problem that without PRO LINCE we can note play our carrier freely and is of $4.99 which means 370 it will be of MB instead of $

Ifenna Awagu

App crashes often It crashes all time on my xperia z. I can't even finish a match before it crashes. I've set everything to the lowest but the problem still reoccurs.

gamer Kevin

Awesome and Chaotic This game is really awesome there are so many things you can do in this game its crazy and thanks for fixing the tag problem oh and Btw,theres a problem with the pins I try pin someone who has no health,no stamina and I unleashed my special move and he still kicks out plz fix this

Jacky Dang

Love it but Love it but when in tag team you need to put a tag thing up the teamate so when you come we just need to click tag and it switch cause when i want to switch i click t button but it dont tag then the enemy smach me and i lose the match fix i give 5 dont fix give 3 or 2 or 1

Avik Mukherjee

Hey guys... Please add some more attacks and moves in new update... And add some more events like money in the bank and please add a yearly main event like some titels...add some new outfits..pls add and my some friends were also agree with the following these we think these will help to be this game the best wrestling game in the future..... No one can resist in front of this...even the wwe 2k games.....believe me....and pls make sure you will do the same as we say.

Bhawana Singh

Good Please add all championships and money in the bank ladder match king of ring and super kicks and brogue kick as special attacks. add big e xavier woods the club etc. Add the universal title also. Please do it I beg you. it Mdickie or Mat dickie otherwise I will rate just 1 star and backstabber famouser magic killer rocket launcher Kimura lock kO punch reverse chokeslam 619 etc

Kai Serilla

Love Affairs and Women Division Pls add those 2 inside the game cause if u do im sure this game will be more pleasurable to play wrestling game for android anyway i love this game good work guys...!

Matt Mercury

Awesome It was great. One issue is I happened to accidentally open the 2d version on my laptop. Half of the moves are gone. MDickie go back and grab the moves from Wrestling Revolution add them and send out the update. Then I guarantee that you'll get 5 ★ from me

Kushagra Nagar

Its not a good game it's not bad games it's just the games M dickie you should improve the graphic moves and there should be more wardrobe items other wise it's the best game .m dickie improve it or I will inform to play store

Targhib Alam

Great game but........ I want to try an other part of training (rear moves )and other but I can only play the basic version of training I can't even play the combat training plz help.... I beg everyone plz help me how can I play training other then basic version... if someone helps me then I swear I will reward him!!!!...

Deepak Gautam

Character moves terribly slow I don't understand why my selected character is moving so slow even after limiting many options provided in tha game.....i have 5.1 android lollipop having mali 400 gpu..waiting for reply

Oneil Mcleod

Good game Make booking career ask for interpromotional contest from other companies give us relationship like a girlfriend like wwe and can build our own company for 1m and let us can kill more reality please

Barath BK

Awesome but can improve Good game and addictive too.But training can improve.I keep doing what Emerson says but still cannot proceed and hence cannot access other training modes.Also gets slightly boring after a while.New things can be added in wrestling career.

Suma Radha

It was a gud game and i luved it until the game is stopping suddenly and is not stable ... it is very disturbing.. i think u guys need to add more moves and luv sections ???

DJ Ken

Best game I've ever played It needs a lot of new moves(619, Wheel Barrel Suplex, Tag Team Finishers etc.),characters(edit the rosters and seperate men from women's division, add someone like Bennett from TNA, Gail Kim, Jay Lethal, Beer City Bruiser,etc.), promotions (ROH, PPW, GFW), more belts(KOTM, Female Tag Team Belts and Championships, etc ), add, add more costumes and hair and weapons, commentators, add more stories(like marriage ones or whatever), add more matches (Like I Quit and for the love of God, fix the cages better). 5/5

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