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13 Jul
Wrestling Revolution

Posted by MDickie in Sports | July 13, 2016 | 215 Comments

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"Leagues ahead of its major league counterparts." - Bullz-Eye ★★★★★

Gaming's biggest wrestling universe is back and bigger than ever - now featuring over 350 characters and as many of them in the ring as your device can handle! And the revolutionary touch-screen controls are as satisfying as ever, as you tap, pinch, and swipe for intuitive fighting. This game harks back to the genre's 16-bit heyday where the fun comes first, and the versatile animation system means that anything could happen at any time!

Create your own immortal superstar and embark on an endless career full of possibilities, as you attempt to make the right moves backstage as well as in the ring. Or simply blow off steam in "Exhibition" matches of your own creation - where YOU make the rules, pick the players, and design the arena! Upon turning "Pro", your editing privileges even extend to saving your changes to all 9 rosters.

* Virtual buttons are available in the "Options". Please play through the tutorial for full instructions.
- TOUCH anywhere in the arena to walk towards it.
- SWIPE to run or trigger moves.
- TAP your opponent to attack that part of their body.
- PINCH to grab or pick-up.
- PART your fingers to taunt, pin, or cancel an action.
- Touch the clock to PAUSE the game, and then the arrow to EXIT.
- To set fire to a handheld weapon, press the R (Run) and P (Pick-Up) buttons simultaneously next to one on the ground. This torch can then be used to set fire to a larger item using the same command.

- Touch either side of a value or box to browse its contents left or right.
- When selecting characters, touching their slot once will display their stats and touching again will proceed to access them. Touch the company logo to choose a different roster.
- Hold your finger over a character slot to move it and switch with another. Move it to the company logo to switch rosters.
- At the calendar screen, touch any date to view its contents. Touch your character to edit them, touch their stats to train them, touch the company logo to view the whole roster, touch the match title to see an exact description of the rules.
- When setting up an exhibition, touch a character to replace them and touch the match title to change the rules. From that screen, touch the table icon to add weapons and touch the ring icon to edit the arena.
- Touch any speech bubbles to speed up conversations. Touch any other static screen to proceed as soon as possible.

- If you know your device can only handle a certain number of wrestlers onscreen, please specifiy this limitation in the "Display" options. Consider turning off secondary characters as well.
- If you find that your device struggles when viewing the many character slots, consider switching to "Basic" text and turning off the "Portraits".

* Please note that Wrestling Revolution depicts a fictitious universe and is not affiliated with any real wrestling promotions.

Whats new

    - New "Superman Punch" as a big/running/flying attack.
    - New square-jawed face and superhero mask from "Super City".
    - Warrior facepaint as a kind of headwear.
    - Hoods and headwear from the "School Days" game.
    - Superhero cape as a kind of shirt.
    - New waistband and utility belt.
    - Fixed bug where move list scrolling affects character selection slots.

MDickie part of our Sports and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update July 13, 2016. Google play rating is 85.1238. Current verison is 1.820. Actual size 49.0 MB.

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Daniel McBoss

Game cheats sometimes I can slam a guy on the metal stairs and he'll get up instantly but I would be down after getting thrown off the stage one time

Yamaha Young

The best wrestling universe for android This game is the best wrestling game ever. Some guy was saying in the app review of TNA wrestling impact that he downloaded this game and it had no graphic quality . Try to get affiliated with WWE then add all the wrestlers of WWE then it would be out of the world.Plus anyone tell me how to execute special moves. Good luck for further games

Cyrus Dale Mercado

Excellent So addicting! I am a big wrestling fan since i was 7 y/o. And i have been searching wrestling games that will satisfy me. This game answers it. I suggest that put some other features. But all in all its 5/5 for me. BEST wrestling game. And please update the 3d version. There are some bad camera angles. Thank you dickie!

Senpai poyodomopoyo

I absolute love this game I just think its weird how I had to change my guys name because the original one "Didn't really fit me"

Christie Jones

All in the world best game You can create your own wrestler and give him or her a mask name him or her and improve your wrestler and company's chose you to join and the it can be easy or hard I can't remember the other and win championships so cool You can get your license at the main menu and it said Professional Licenses and you click on the first thing you see and cost 5 dollars.

Risk Shift

Ideas Great game. I hope you can build and name your team and have like a fight with other teams. Kinda like a 4vs4 or 5vs5 all out brawl.

Steven Mccallie

Player vs player Hey MDickie bro make this 2d and the 3d player vs player mode be awesome just saying I hate winning all the time be cool for all make 100k to 1million players playing forget TV wrestling MDickie is the man. :-)

Kaustabh Hari

Moves Please bring back common finishers like attitude adjustment, rko, and the pedigree. I also have another idea can you guys add something where you can rip your shirt or take it off and throw it like some wrestlers do at the start of the match. And please add the 619

Anthony Vincente

Has potential I mean it really doesnt have any glitches except for when you start the game and it refuses to start. And you cant really upload like you used to.

Abhiuday Pundir

Lollipop lagging This game was working fine on 4.4.4 KitKat on my moto g,but after the 5.0.2 lollipop update, its lagging continuously to the extent that it's not playable. Anyone facing similar issues on lollipop?

Etisam Wahid

Best one I was playing it since 1 year...then i Lost my phone.And now again i had downloaded It in my new phone.because i Loved to Play this game.but i wish that there should be option to link Google+ or FACEBOOK account to save the previous data...bcoz when i was using my old phone.i made a biggest career of my wrestler.but in this new i had lost all my previous data...and the new wrestler is now rising from the it's was really hurfull for i am requesting u to add option like that plz

Nikunj Majithia

Is the ref smoking coke or something? i make my oppenent bleed in a first blood match and the ref doesnt count it FIX THIS CRAP THEN I WILL REINSTALL IT

Meet Patel

This game is best but It will be good if we can see and save the last moment of match when we defet our opponent.This thing is supported in dream league so I will like if it will be in wrestling revolution too.

Matthew Hurlbut

Wish they'd keep working on it. Booking Revolution has a lot of small improvements that I wish they would have set to this game (Like they talk to each other in the ring and dealing with how good matches are). It works well, never really sure what I'm supposed to do to get out of holds or pins if it is automatic or requires mashing. The camera can be bull crap sometimes as it pans off to someone else and you get pounded on in the background. Even with all of that still the best.

Sage L

BOOOOOOM Powerbombed a guy through a table and it exploded... Nearly ended his career and his life. Also I did win >: D. Make one that has you being a rebel and Russia invading America

Ashley Anyanwu

Wrestling Revolution Review Wrestling Revolution is a good game, the quality of the wrestlers are average, though needs alot of work. However the funny names which are supposed to be already made wrestlers, such as big show is slow mo, truly incredible and funny, honsetly this game deserves more credit than wrestling revolution 3d

Tre Can

Its cool but MAJOR GLITCH Every time when I go in a match when im winning my head and arm go up in the air and I can only use my legs, please fix and I will give five stars.

Kidd Celtic

My opinion on mdickie games I find them very addictive even though I quit with the wrestling in my life but wow wrestling revolution is so fun and buying pro seems worth it. The 3d version isn't as great I wish mdickie would combine them. The wrestler on there are like cheap knockoffs of real loveable wrestlers b4 it became a joke. And hard time is really fun mdickie knew how to put your anger in the game like it would be in a real prison. I have more to say about it but I am done.

Uni Ani

CRASHESSS Its OK but they need to work on the crashes. I win a match but it never saves them so I have to keep fighting.

Dyre Logan

Wish it were better No matter what you do, your character always seems to get pummeled. You finally win but in career mode, after your first match, you go into the next week with zero stamina? How is that fair? The other wrestlers are full stamina and somehow way better than you. It's fun, but I can't see playing this anymore. It's geared towards the computer. Plus, it's super hard to get up again. The computer gets up after being knocked down but you take forever getting up and all the while getting beat up in the process.

Chrisyandchris Moran

This was a brilliant game at 1 point I spent hours even days on it n now all it does when you go on it is say unfortunately there was an error this games just gone down hill I don't think mdickie is looking after his products to we'll

Ajay Visagie

GREAT GAME but...... Id really love to see how far my career can go so plse tell me where i can get my license.....

Kendrick Bryant

Needs a bit more DETAILED Instructs. You never taught us how to kick out of opponent pins or submissions... Can you add a gauge for submissions and pins to make things easier... I'm a young basic game programmer and I even notice the little things you miss in a game. I'm like a critic. :)

Matthew McKinnie

Ads make my game crash After every two matches I get ads that freeze my game and make it lose the current save data. Ever since the ads became common place it always freezes.

Ian Joseph Gime

Sponsor I wish that the offnile players got some sponsors abit more not 4 to 7 weeks. But this game is very addictive.

Kganya Serote

Cool Pls take my advice for in the next update to stop the manager from always changing the way u look because its tiring and frustrating to have to keep on changing my person bavk to how he was

Brandon Sthorm Arondel Magloire White

Its alright Its alright, but please put in counter tutorials because im really getting annoyed that theh are countering my moves but I can't counter theirs. Also do this idea for wr3d wr and hard time

Wasif Ayaz

Great This game is awesome but you can create you own wrestler you give him a name and you fight but after that manger or what HE IS. If he say something to do like Chang you name and you say no I will not change my name so he force me to do that y if I sed no so no

Romaire Thompson Jr

please mdickie make your games online Make online because something tells me if you make your games online they would me much better and I think u should make career online and it's very awesome it would be cool so I hopefully look at my comment and do it and I'm at rising sun and I was on third roster for like 50 weeks and I just turn champion and I'm online 18 but please make online me and my school friends have all your games and we say you should make online other that that you are the best game maker ever please read my comments

Tyvin Brown

?Love it, its fun but there is a catch Its very fun to play and it cool that you can do mp3 themes mostly because I made undertaker but I don't like how it forces you to change your gimick, also can you die in this game because a lot of people died and I been playing this for a while and the undertaker is 55

Ayanant Bhowmick

PLAYING IN SLOW MOTION AFTER 5.0 LOLLIPOP UPDATE IN NOTE 3 The game has become almost unplayable, in Note 3 (Exynos variant) after the 5.0 lollipop update. Why so ? I request the developers to please fix the issue asap.

Philip Lehman

Loved it Its so cool the only thing is im useing my dad phone and on my phone i had a pro on it but im useing my dads its ok this game is awesome.

Rohit Gedam

World's best game ever(2 yrs of gameplay) Heavily addicted to this!! Never played any game so long(2 years).. ..would b gr8 if u add (smack) replay feature....n i wanna do some kills!! .... So see dev if u can add it..

Jack Allen

Just some suggestions Could u please add in all the new moves from 3d version to this one because I want to be able to do the superman punch. Also make a reverse butterfly ddt please

Akshay chhag

Could have been 5 star but in this game if we do not have a pro license then we are not paid with the salary or advance and also not given creative, guarantee & health control please fix it as soon as possible please

Anas M A

Great game!!! It was working perfect on my moto g KitKat 4.4.4. But it's very lagging on my moto g2 with lollipop 5.0.2. Team, please provide a new update solving same... Waiting for it?....

Jason Barrier

maybe the greatest of all time!!! and it's better now with guys based on real guys, is judgement Dave sid vicious? i love this game so much I deleted a bunch of apps to make it run smoother, i have the old wrestling encore for pc and i think this kills it, possibly the funnest wrestling game I've ever played and the best mobile game, im torn to whether it even needs a real world patch as it's really good without it, and i dk if this is even made tht way as it seems to be totally made up instead of based on real guys like encore, correct me if I'm wrong but again its perfect, thanks mcdickie ill be playing this forever!

Shad0w0lf x

Its good but The managers are annoying everytime they say "do you like your hair?" and i say no but they refuse its so annoying my wrestler looks like an old man with a ridiculous moustache! Please fix that i hate it! No means no omg!


Annoying me First of all of the refs I hv r da ppl I HV beaten and they keep on bumping me and my player keeps on doing his own thing sometimes DAT means da update was not properly fixed any of da bugs and mdickie if u can't f fixed u game stop making it cause right now it is annoying me and I also very like dis game but dere just needs to be another update plz MD I used to gv did game 5***** but now it is going horribly wrong and dere is too many glitches DAT need to be fixed

Smit Bhagat

Its the worldest great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great and more great game ever playes please download this game please as it is great game ever played

Ollie Smith

My son loves the game but... My soon to be 5 year old son loves the game and is thrilled now we found ladders.

elizabeth marie

Absolutely horrible Not even in english...after I tried all languages I went it again and then it blacked out and wouldn't let me even click on it anymore ...I normally love MDickie games (Sorry if it's spelled wrong..dumb phone) but this is ruining the company

Adam Ball

Good game For all the people complaining about their character being automatically changed in career mode, when you sign a contract for a promotion you can edit the contract and negotiate for better pay and creative control over your gimmick.

Emo Bomi

Odd glitch I was playing i n my career and suddenly its a new year. My character is supposed to be 57 or so but he's 100. I'm okay with it but its odd

Carson Merrett

Great Game, MDickie Great game but when I'm in career mode the owner of the company said for me to change my theme and I said no, than he said it wasn't a choice and he made me change it, than the owner of the company said I should change my move set a little and I said no again but he said it wasn't a choice and I better get used to it, than the owner of the company wanted me to copy a gimmick of someone else and I said no and he said it wasn't a choice and he said I better get used to it and he made me change myself and than I looked pretty fat and stuff. Please stop making the owner of the company's change me. Than this game will get 5 stars. :)

Jordan Porter

For you people complaining For you idiots complaining, this is a game. You didnt make the game so dont complain about how it goes because thats the way it goes. Geez people act like kids when something doesnt go their way. To be honest, it's more realistic because that is how it gkes most of the time in the business. Idiots.

Nathaniel Seabolt

I ♥ MDickie Games Not just this, all of them almost. They are awesome! Thank you Mat! I'm ready for Wrestling Revolution 3D! Another era of Dickie has started! Update: The era of Dickie has started!

Pouder 45

Great Haters gonna hate so shut up haters this rocks

Rohit Jain

What the hell.. I died! :/ Okay so I was playing this game from a long time. Started my career and played for like 6 7 years and then in a hardcore tag team ppv I died! Yes I died.. And baamm.. My career is over.. Now I have to play from the beginning..:/ that's really bad Mdickie!

Derek Kayanja

Ads The ads are always frozen and then it's says that the game is not responding then I have to play it again so could you fix the ads problem please

Dalerkang51 Dalerkang51

Plz update it Good game plz add money in the bank and allow me to speak for my wrestler and challenge anyone plz reply me if you can

Ken Balmes

Wish there have a jump button its good and ok but can u pls put jump button so that i can do sin cara moves tnx

The Survivor

It is good but I can't restore my pro license so can u tell me how to fix it plz thank you

Razor Enrique

Nice Game This is nice when I play this the game is cool but sometimes its boring I finish all of the people so im a king in wrestling and the game is very easy ok so I will rate 5 stars #Good ViBes:-))

Abrar Chowdhury

Meh When I first played it, I did not know how to properly play. But then I played the other MDikey games then I got it.

Leonardo Distefano

Why the game change my wrestlers name? I say NO but the game call me with another name. THIS THING SUCK!

Keenon Atkinson

Best game ever I love thus game you can be a boy or a girl the only bad part is if you be a girl you will have to go against other boys that's why I didn't give it five stars

Akaasha Hanif

Ads are so annoying Plz when ever I finish a match there a video ad after it and when it finishes the game gets stuck and I lose all the data of the previous match I just did plz I'll appreciate it if u would fix it

Julian Rodriguez

Great I've never experienced such A cool wrestling game as this, And I truly appreciate the cool art style. If only this game had as many fighting moves as the 3d version....

zack addington

I am a little ticked The fact that the newer updates made it so you don't get paid by some companies without going pro is really getting on my nerves. Especially since I went pro and its still not giving me the benefits.

kenneth loftis

Wrong guy I have paid for pro, and I expect that glitches sometime happen, but I was in a last laugh 6 man match and every time I pin someone, it says some body else name pinned them plz fix or respond. Thx

michael wendler

The best game ever played but Like when I finish a match it kicks me out of it

Scotty Monroe

I love it Great game. I hope you can add more moves and finishers in future updates

SIBDOG killer

It's a reallllly good game It will be awesome if the next update had like online battles saying the championship that they have

Ayu Alysha

Great game but I do not like when they ask us to chang our looks and fighting style

Trent Tavares

NEEDS alot of Moves and more match varieties Wish there were more move like the Superman Punch, Head Stomp, Corkscrew Splash, Zig Zag, and alot more moves. Need aerial finishers and alot more specials(finishers). Also alot or match varieties like hell in a cell, elemination chamber, wrestlemania, money in the bank, casket match, "i quit" matches, and ladder matches, more match types/varieties. Career mode needs PPV's. Be more like WWE.

M Nadeem

Wrestling revoulution It is lucker and way awesome I want to play it my whole life I like to kick some asses

Omar Chavez

Pay to play I like the game and all but seriously? 5 dollars just to get payed and have creative controll? This a great game and would be better if it was free!

KDJ Lotmore

Great game You should allow the player to challenge for titles when they reach a certain popularity level like 80 it's kinda boring waiting years for one title shot, but overall this game is almost as good as the pc version.

Yash Lambra

Graphics I like the graphics and careers i also like the challanges but it can better

Aqil Lala

I liked I like to play this game than wrestling revolution 3D i like but i cant like when it change name and costume i dont like when it change but i choose i have my own edentity

The_Lone Wolf

The best game I've ever played but While I'm in the middle of a match it kicks me out of the game......Please fix this problem

Jade Howell

its kinda annoying but... wen u have to wait for the ring to load but i like the part wen u say skip if u dare and it is a really really cool well done i reall like it

Neah Ross

I love this app I love this app it is he best game for children. This app is supper. It is way better than great


Cool Game Great to keep you busy but it's dumb how the owners of the company make you change yourself other than that great game

Miguel Rivas

Best game ever I love MD games I I good at this game kept wining and is so cool in 3d so I'm eating five stars MD is on Twitter so you can find him there thanks MD for making this games I played all of them hard time .school. book it coach best game on phone


Terrible Its impossible to win cuz when u pen eathier the ref is bothering the other guy or he kicks out at zero when all his health and yellow bar is gone just stupid

Kieran Otabor

Good game Please add top rope finishers but cool game

Dgndfn Vdhnffk

Boxing game 3D like reach Please make a boxing game with 3d like and make more heaes pls make a boxing but like 3D and new heads. And make it. Like real boxing everything and please no kicking no wrestleing only in fun matches not carerr mode please make a boxing game like that new shorts heads and boxing gloves and 3D

J Viaud

Divas Division and Title I like it but I wish I could make a girl character and not have to face the guys and fight for they championship. instead add more divas and a divas title, like the women's title or the divas one.

Tristan Abril

Best! My brother always tells me to download it all the time. And the other game school days that's awesome. I recommend that u add a divas title and not have to fight guys

lukokesha Ngoy

Wrestling and other great's Wrestling Revolution is so cool it's like 100% awsome some wrestlers look good but others don't look good.

LetsTry Everything

The Moveset and Updates There are a lot of things which are likable bout the game but there are things I just dislike.One of them being the great amount of moves but no corner moves.What I don't like at all is in the beginning where moves are chosen the interface is just crap.I have to search 20 minutes to find a move.Why can't it be like wrestling revolution 3d?It can be improved easily.So why not?Hopefully u see this and update the game so that it gains the before mentioned features.Love your game anyway except the start/beginni

Jordan McFadden

I like the game just let us be a pro if we have WiFi let wrestling school have crowd with and without ppv and put open challenges I'd also add a divas division like on weekend warriors but and add a big event like wrestlemania with a different name and like a royal rumble and backstage stuff without a pass on the 2d we all like it just please mdickie were. Beggin u do all this stuff please respond and add a money in the bank also let u have a Twitter account without WiFi and a GirlFriend that's all.

Brian Spain

Gotten Harder: No longer fun I set this game to the easiest level and it is back to fun. I play it more than any other phone on my game. I still think it is ridiculous how "cheap" it is if I go up a difficulty level but at least fun now.

arjun mehra

Corrupt MDickie developers The game is great to play but in offline it doesn't allow titles and good salary. The expensive price of pro license proves that game developer isn't nice. I'm not spending a dime on the game as there were earlier 'incidents' about pro licenses being cleared. Suggest the developer to be nicer and allow free version!

Md Shahnawaz Hussain

Need A BIG UPDATE ... MDICKIE ... U r Busy In 3D Version And MMA Version .. U R Not Showing interest in 2D Version From Sometimes ... UPDATE THIS GAME ONE FINAL TIME ... Update Rosters As Per Now In WWE .. Add New MOVES ... Add TAP TO BOOK Feature In 2d Version Also ... Add Multiplayer Mode In Which We Can Play With Friends Via WIFI Connect ...Made A Realistic Career Mode ... Improve Some Graphics ... Add These Features In Next BIG update ... Because There Are Many 2D Version Fans Are Waiting For A Good Update ... Thanks

Tory White

Great Game But..... I brought a pro liscens and was charged but it acts as it didnt PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP

naveen gangareddi

Superb game ultimate More weapons its one off my favourite better than wwe superb

Declan Desper

Surprise this game is... Amazing. If your looking for a good wrestling game come here. But if your looking for a high powered, completely flawless wrestling game then, GO BUY AN XBOX ONE AND STOP FUSSING OVER THE AMAZING MDICKIE!!!! But there is a problem that may have to be fixed, although it may be my phone, ads stop counting down to finish, and it freezes the game. But go download this game right away!

Julian Enrique

This game is special. It is better than modern wrestling games. WWE and all of their attempts in bringing a story doesn't compare. With the limits to this game, it crosses offensive barriers that show realism. This game if it was true seems actually real. People cry, die, break, take, and fake in a very overwhelming sense of engagement it gets me to feel. Its so refreshing from a wrestling game. If this game was worked on like modern game with your vision, this will lead all wrestling games. Maybe all games. Matt this is a masterpiece. Noobies, 2D is better than 3D right now. Amazing huh.

Ash Chiu

To be honest,its a good app but needs more move like twist of faith , suplex neckbreaker queen suplex (if u know that move) and lots more but still great app im so glad u made this game and can u remove deaths and make a new company of u choice of name coz i think u guys need more room so some wrestling school students need to move there and plz put it in the next update its ur choice not mine so more power to you guys and make this game alot cooler and awesome , just one more request can u pls put more fans cheering like this is awesome and Holy **** coz those are awesome in the wwe so ur choice ur buissness ur creation more power to u guys????

Marco Perri

I really enjoyed this game. It is unlike any other wrestling game that I have ever played. The only reason I've given it 4 stars and not 5 is because of two reasons: A lot of awesome moves missing e.g. package piledriver, death valley driver etc and the customization particularly on the wrestlers themselves. I hope in the updates in the future MDickie will add more moves and more clothing/hair options for the wrestlers. All in all an awesome game for all wrestling fans to install and play!

Shubham Marathe

Freezes! When Internet is turned on the game freezes!It just destroys the amazing experience and joy of playing! PLZ BRING A NEW UPDATE MDICKIE

Dominic Malek

Great game Hilarious game and very addicting, I would recommend this game to wrestling fans. Also its really funny how they change the names of the wrestlers.

Lord Bomber Pittman

More titles Sure u have tag team champions, inter continental champion, and world champ. But what about the wwe champion and United States Champion. Add these and ill give it a 5 star.

Fabian F



I don't know why.. This is....strangely addictive. IDK WHY BUT IT IS

Karan Sharma

I want more Titles Titles should be added like wwe championship belt different and heavyweight championship belt different and must have money in the bank and championsh like wrestle mania , T L C ,survivor series etc..........plz add them otherwise awesome game u have.

Alfie Gray

Perfect It's messy but beautiful. The combat system is great the graphics are original and don't try to look real. It's fun and more funny with how ridiculous it is its not the best programmed game but hell is it funny

Ashton Gibson

Cool in all Its good its just you need to add more titles like the united states and the heavy weight title. So when you put that in the game I will right a 5 star instead of keeping a 4 star

Josh Fauver

A summary of my latest Career Mode run: Viscera and Harley Race come out of the closet, I killed Scott Norton in a tag match, then joined the Shield and feud with them at the same time. All preposterous silly fun. P.S. A message for everyone who leaves a badly spelled request to use the wrestler's real names, there's this psychotic concept called "copyright law".

Jovani Linder

Love the grafics Amazing i love it outing I am so in love with this game.

Tshepo T Money Poone

Not Bad If y'all could put the chill the Pro License I'd definitely give you 5 stars.. I got no complains though. Good Job

Jaden Forte

It sucks I hate it so much. I hate how the bookers make it the worst experience for you as a wrestler. Within 30 minutes of being out of wrestling school I had a different costume and a different theme song.

Ez Lopez

I hate how when i get someone in a pin the coack takes along time but when the other people pin me the coach counts to fas mcdickie please fix that

damajahnea hayes

Dum Its fun but too many dumbass adds that pause and crash then the game crashes and I have to start all over

Jamal Collins

Ads Fix this now i won united states champion twice and had to redo it again cause of ads fix it and i will give 5 stars

Sark Kaunzen

Cool This game is pretty good, but I would like for there to be easier submissions to get out of, which kinda includes a button press thing, or anything that makes it fast and easier.

Christopher Molden

No tag When I play tag matches I tag my partners but I don't get tagged in but its a good game though

Demetrius Burton

The only propblem is that u need to make it were we have our own chioce on carrer mofe not the boss of the wrestleing commpany

Fadi Ewayed

Nice game . But need more superstar Lets say that i saw this game in 2012 i say its pullshit . But its nice game

Shaco 4563

Special Move... I would give 5 star if i know how to use Special Move....but IDK how to use Special Move....everytime my Special Move Bar is full...IDK how to use it...Plss someone teach me..

A Google User

A interesting game for ever. It is my favourite game.I can create wrestler. I can play game like wwe. And it is also free to play. No need to internet connection....

Joshua Almonte

Upgrade Love this app and it work's too. It just need a suggestion why not have multiplayer mode in it

Saqusto Sakaria

Boxing game pls I really want to play a really better game then all of yours that you have made.

Musical Doppy

Sucks I would give it 0 stars if I could the controls are unresponsive the cage matches are impossible and when your characters down he's down for minutes and the wrestlers you face are to hard for your level. Just don't get it it sucks

Arman Abdul kader Darudwale

Let the player decide his decisions and not the roasters when we are playing the game sponsored Offline mode its ok if our decisions dont count but atleast when we are playing sponsored,let us take decision on what the roaster of the company thinks .plz make that change .and then itll be worth of 5 star.

Abhishek Charismatic

I hate this game.. This game is so much addictive that i couldn't sleep.. I play it all night.. Best wrestling game ever... I love that storyline thing in this game.. That makes it different from other wrestling games available in play store.. Waiting for your next update... THANKS

Seema Dey

Ssw 2 time lightweight 6 time heavyweight and 1 time tag and im nothing but still On my line in 2043

Avian Jave Florendo

So Cool but 5 missing things I love this game its so Challenging! Here is the 5 missing things: 1.Can you please add Divas Title and increase the women wrestlers.2.Can you please don't get being the boss so strict!Some of the boss in the game their rules is like a law what the heck?.3.Slow down the death of some superstars.4.Add some Moves like Sister Abigail,Tombstone Piledriver,etc.5.Increase the rosters.THAT'S IT!.

Adrian Pernia

Time Stopped I really liked this game but 1 hated reason after a match end theres an ad popping out then when the ad reaches to 17 second or 7 second the time stop or it freezes and its said Wrestling Revolution doesent respond and my match didnt save so pls fix it.

Darrell Boone

Love it but some characters in tag team are cheating but not disqualifies The coach is telling them to get out but they're then they're tapping me out when they should be disqualified

Sher Zaman

Wtf This is the worst game I had ever played there aren't any buttons to control my wrestler mdickie send your answer

Kawayne Robinson

Love it This game is so awsome but I hate it when they put me in a different clothes sometime they even put me in a dress hate when that happen but on the other hand the game is fun.

Ashish Bandaji

Best game Need to update new attack n moves n please add supercity roster with there own attacks i know dev is busy in other game development but its yr first n my fvrt. Game so have some time with this game n add new ideas ????

Tasmay Jadhav

Good game When I made kofi Kingston I was going in special moves I was finding spinning heel kick but it was not coming in it please make spinning heel kick in special list please make spinning heel kick attack in front specials list

Rabin Mahotra

Amazing This game is great. Works on low end smartphones and tablet and super fast. Addictive and great wrestling game in android with low mb which is amazing. 5 stars for it.... Great job MDickie. Loved it. :-)

Christopher Evans

Ugugh Its fun but, at times, it can make me want to throw my phone across the room

balashivudu shettygutha

Great but There is no real names and no Royal Rumble, no tlc. I played this game 6years present 2023.

Arman Abdul kader Darudwale

Let the player decide his decisions and not the roasters when we are playing the game sponsored Offline mode its ok if our decisions dont count but atleast when we are playing sponsored,let us take decision on what the roaster of the company thinks .plz make that change .and then itll be worth of 5 star.

Banana Games

Love it You fixed everything great the only thing I don't like is that some wrestlers die I was sad when my tag team partner cabal died from being Swanton bombed but I love it I rather play this more than wwe 2k16. please remove wrestler deaths or just don't put them in magazine

Harshit Rathore

Good game. But.... Please don't make the boss so strict and add some more divas and divas title

Ram Sharma

Problem, hanging on my device now !! Before this current update I didn't have any problem like this, don't know why, I'm having a bit problem on running the game, it's hanging a bit , I'm using Nexus 7, plz work on it and I'll again rate it 5 stars. All of your other apps work just fine but this doesn't please do something !!!

Brian Smith

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it hate the 3d version love this one

Vicky P

Mdickie games are ?? Hai mdickie ,i love your games in my mobile i keeping only your games your games are awesome school days,harback,supercity,wrestling revolution,popscene...i love ir games especially wrestling game small request sir in wrestling revolution game please update money in d bank matches ,ladder matches..if this updates r thr ur games r awesome,please update ..please..thank you sir


Cool game Plzz add online where u can fight Google play friends

Benjamin Gaming

Fun but It can get a little annoying like if they won't stop talking of you die or the manager changes you

Foxy Fazbear

Needs multiplayer Other then that it's a perfect game! Doesn't need graphics with such amazing game play! I wanna be able to have local play so I can kick my brothers @$$! Very fun game, thank you for making this ^w^

Erasmo Gonzalez

Best wrestling game you find out there The game is perfect I love it but there's only 1 thing I'll like to see in the next update that when you play exhibition when you edit your macth that you could choose the reward for example titles and the reward you put will go to carrer Can u please do that who agrees with me that you can put any award you want in exhibition the the reward will go to carrer

Nathan Taylor

People keep switching my suit Can u update this game where they dont switch my suits now im wereing a diffrent one and now mine new suit looks stupid make it where we can switch are suits are moves.Plz ill make it a 5 star.

raw dawg63

Entertaining Its not like the best game I've played or whatever but it is a good game at least I can't say its a bad game but it is the best professional wrestling game you can ever get I'm sure

Leonard Vitalis

GOOD GAME BUT i I don't like when the master or what ever they call it should not change name or person

Ajish Choudhary

I will give it 5 stars only if u assure that in new update the manager will not change my move, costume, entrance music etc

pappu kumawat

Nice but ..... It should be in 3d and the master should not force to change uor name clothes moves etc

Alexander Borrell

Fix this please When ever i finish a match it, the game crashes and i have to restart the match its getting annoying

Nader Adnan

Love the game but one small issue The video ads dont play. And as a result, the game just stops working completely. Please fix. I don't mind watching ads,as long as the game doesn't crash because of it.

beastmode gaming

Very addictive So addictive you make a career once you start it gets addictive and the exibition lets pick any kind of match

Josh kirtley

It's very good but I wish the managers cannot change your name or how you look it be better that way also a button that lets you do the submission other than that it's epic

Lou LeBlanc

Fun but.... Ads Great sim. Ruined by intrusive ads. Removed at my antivirus' request.

Josh Hassen

Awesome thank you I been playing this for 2 years at my old phone

Amanda Caul

Stupid This game doesn't work at all and it is awful. This is probably the worst game I've ever been on and is super laggy

Moussa Koita

This IS my favorite GAME???? I Won so many matches this is The best wrestling game in The Playstore

The UnderDawg

The Ad sucks It crashes my phone and I have to restart that same match again...

Antonio Simmons

Plz fix This game is awesome but the only problem is that it closes by its self and I have to restart my match and get resigned to a brand

Mr Fiesty Amazing

Hate it When im in the middle of a match i go to home screen and said app not installed very frustrating hate need another update im rating one star until the freaking fix

Austin Rojas

It's a great game but at some point they force you change your name

Jakobe Love

Best wrestling game ever This is the only game out of 30 I play it is sooooooo addictive

Devil Bratz

the music not working I gave my wrestler a music and it kept sayin unfortunately it stopped.....please fix this

De Pirate

It sucks it stops playing every after a match then I have to restart the same match

Patty Berry

Love it I love this game i know every thing like the back of my hand

Chris Kuzniasz

Matches Matches can drag on to up to an hour, mainly due to NPCs coming into a match they aren't supposed to and "interrupting"

Anthony Buchanan

It's the best I play this game all the time

Crazy kid

So cool Since this is the best game then I am looking forward to seeing the super city

Priyanshu Tube Gaming

Super mdickie U are the best game makers in the world

Harsh Agarwal

Fantastic This fame ia evry easy . Easy to control

Yagnesh Joshi

It's ok Many problems in this game pls fixe the bugs

Yohann Manuel Pdd

The roster is still disappear! What's wrong with this game? I used to love it, now I'm starting to hate it.

Offthewall 74

Had no problems with ads crashing.... Till i downloaded the update... Crashing everytime now thanks....

Enrique Garcia

It's cool because I won the lightweight championship

Lesly 705

Exits on its own Exit way to much

whatyousayabout jerome

What you say about Jerome I love it i actually want to be a wrestler so it gives me the choose to make my on charcter the would represent me and of course strong style has samsara and if im not tripping thats awesome kong aka kharma


Keep login me out the f****** game is a piece of s*** you not downloaded

FRANK Asiata

download this game it is really cool???

Gil M.

Virus Please fix, great game until virus flag went up. No choice but to uninstall a great pass time. Sorry

Toluwanimoje Afolabi

One problem I'm in all American wrestling and the spear move is banned and I want to remove it from my moves but it won't allow and every time I use spear they give me a fine and pull out my next week's show Please fix it Though the game is awesome and deserves 5 stars


Good Game But... Good game but the game would be even better if there were only two brands like raw and smackdown and that there was a world tjtle, inter tjtle, tag titles and us title shared between the brands also i want a story mode and realistic story lines... If you do this then i will give 5 star. PLZ MAKE THESE CHANGES

Daniel H.

I can't buy a pro-license. It just exits back to the main menu after saying "Processing, please wait". Fixed by force closing and restarting. Realized I played too much to not support you.

Isaiah Stephenson

Crashes constantly It will let me have one or two good matches but then it cuts off in the middle of the match and goes to my home screen then i have to redo the match and if i want to do something extra like referee a match or do a Extra match or accompany someone to the ring it immediately crashes

Antwain Howard

Best game every??? This game is the best every, them other WWE lame asf omm!!! I give this game five stars cause it amazing.soo who ever made this game need a ? up omm in make a now city one where you can get a job in make money in if you get in to fight at work you get fired from your job that would be a good game????

Yoel Thomas

Best game out there for action This Game Is super addictive I couldn't stop playing it for quite sometimes it's really fun, Only thing is we need more games like this!!!! Great Game By The Way!!

The Golden Cobra

Love it, but.. It keeps randomly crashing! Infact, all games from MDickie that i own randomly crashes! Really fun game, but i will rabdomly crash and i cant get past one person becausw when it crashes, it goes back to menu.

Evan Bird

Love it but frustrated with it. I love this game, However Ads keep crashing my game. I don't have the money for a professional liscence and if i played offline, The game penalizes you for doing so. It's very frustrating especially after i finally complete a long 2v2 match. My suggestion, Get rid of video ads.

Andrew Burles

Good game I love this game however I play primarily with headphones on the bus etc. But without screen rotate the headphone jack location on my S6 makes this otherwise great game very unplayable. Every game has screen rotate, how hard is it to add?

Rahim Kimani

I love this game so much Its my most favourite game so far I will rate five if u can please change the camera settings for when somebody gets eliminated in battle royal that's the only downfall for this game

Yo leída omaña

The game closes on its own I had this game on my old phone and it was fine the game was good so i wanted to download it on my new phone, but i keeps on closing the application by itself and i tried erasing it and downloading it and does the same thing.

Bongani Harold

I love this game I will give five star if u add the following. Multiple play. Make me interfere in my enemy's matches n make me betray my partner like whn we lose I than hold him with my finisher move. Oh n cn u pls make aj style's finisher move

Rayan's Gaming

WHY!!!!! THE GAME IS NICE BUT WHY I have to report that Antoine chinoki needs to be removed he changed every thing!!!! First he changes my wrestler name from roman reigns to tony killjoy and also he change my outfit!!!!!! I was dressed like roman reigns now I'm dressed like Steve electric!!!! Plz change my name and outfit back I hate the name tony killjoy and I want my outfit back!!!!! I worked hard on that roman reigns outfit!!!??????

Dave Gunawan

crash the game worked perfectly until the last update. since the last update it kept on crashing and i've never been able to play since then, my phone is Xiaomi 4i, please help me


Game Can you please change the game to a open street fighting game but keep the all the clothes options and add chains and necklaces like super City and can you add all the clothes options from Super City Please make this happen I know im asking a lot but please

Harley Gaming

One problem U have to always to that thing when they have big mouths change the characters i hate that fix it and just change the characters instead of the big mouthed fools but anyway it is good but Change it or people will hate it

Aaron Marchant

Lol pretty good I have every game this company made, there's just one thing, can someone tell me how to pin? I feel like an idiot for asking

Reens Wilshire

So anoying This game is so anoying I was in a tag team match and I couldn't tag in my partner and every time I'm going to win the enemy team breaks up the pin every time and it is so anoying AND I SO HATE THIS GAME

Clovox Ox

WOW Once you play this Game, I think you will Rage Because 1 Match will take a Few HOURS. An Hour of Rage this game will Give u!

Erasmo Gonzalez

Best wrestling game you find out there The game is perfect I love it but in the next update could you fix the editor like I want to play a 3 on 1 but I can't because when i put 4 wrestlers it would turn to a tag team and also can you guys add a top rope move like you can grapple your opponent to the top rope and do a suplex and when other wrestlers interfeer can you make their Theme play but stop when they get in the ring that would be great please

Choodamani Luitel

The new update is better.But add ladder matches and spring board moves like cor srew and spring board uppercut.And moves name is changed like RKO is falling facebuster Rock bottom is Collar Bone Slam F5 is shoulder face drop Pedigree is underhook face buster Underhook DDT is dirty deeds and the Attitude Adjustment is shoulder boulder can you change it.And why can't 2 people stand on the top rope.But overall the game is good.

mohammed shaibaz

Irritating's totally ruining my winning streak Remove ads ill try to give 5 stars


WTF So many glitches. I understand that many people adore this game but I got a tag team titles match and then it just deleted my entire progress too many glitches man.

Back to

Frustrating Ads I gave 5stars for older version when limited ads shown..but this update frustrated me...everytime crashed after video ads...developers close your game and sell ads only...


Best mobile wrestling game Love this game its very addictive, add more companies and promos, cant get enough of this been playing for non stop just very fun

Sean Brehony

The best Last time i did a review it was bad but i had to play it more and i got better its a very good game keep up the good work

Christian Tolosa

Don't stop making updates!!! I love your games MDickie!!! And i don't want you to stop making updates, because i enjoy all of your games, please add a lots of features in career and new arenas, places and more!! Come on please reply as you read!!!

Ace Khyd

Love it I love it but I think you have to upgrade because I have fought almost 100 matches am still undefeated but I have no title match, pls do that and u will get your 5stars

Keeps crashing I have always loved this game. I have played it for a long time. I neve had any problems with it until I started playing career mode. I can't even start a game without it crashing.

Monica Yacuta

Everything Is Very fun and good But 1 Thing This game is very fun and good but every few minutes it kicks me from the game and that's why i rate it 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Sergio Espinoza

All about money now I used to love playing this game on my ipad adroid..i remember about this game an was like ima play it..but now u cant even move up with some dessent salary wage cuz u have to bye a professional license wich is 4.99 wtf...way to drestroy a gd game..delete

Zawwar Ahmed

Add some new moves Loved this games and its new update but if you you want 5stars then plz add some new moves , attacks , crushes , like f5 , Rock bottom , bubba ray powerbomb , death kiss , giant swing , spinning kick,people's elbow I'll only rate u if will add some new moves

Md Shahnawaz Hussain

Have A Look At This .. MDICKIE ... U r Busy In Making Other Games .. U R Not Showing interest in 2D Wrestling Game From Sometimes ... UPDATE THIS GAME ONE FINAL TIME ... Update Rosters As Per Now In WWE .. Add New MOVES ... Add TAP TO BOOK Feature In 2d Version Also ... Add Multiplayer Mode In Which We Can Play With Friends Via WIFI Connect ...Made A Realistic Career Mode ... Improve Some Graphics ... Add These Features In Next BIG update ... Because There Are Many 2D Version Fans Are Waiting For A Good Update ... Thanks

August Anderegg-Durwood

Really annoying glitch A infuriating glitch that happens to often is that it randomly quits out of the game and doesn't save my progress, IN CAREER. Happened ×5

Vega vega

Please fix my prblem PleAse add online multiplayer and you can sign your own roster you want and lease name the ppvs like summerslam or wrestlemania and add entrance pyro do it also in the 3d verison please do it but overall i like it.

Chris Nieves

Good but Plz fix I beh It's good but mostly school days hard time and wresting revolution and booking keep taking me back to the home screen plz fix and will give a 5 ☆

jenn mcm

Ad chrashing The add keep on making the game crash I've beat the same dude on carrer mode eight times I'm done

King Mobile Gaming

Wait... Where Is the multiplayer? A request to Mdicke (Mdicke I love your game but please I beg you to add mulitplayer in the game it would be sooo much fun if there was multiplayer in the game!!! Plz answer me back)

AMAZING Best game I have ever played love it so much and plz make a game called fish life where u ca'n kill and eat fish (oceon) based

Amresh Singh

Nice comedy game Good game. Loved it. This game deserves 5 stars but I will give it five stars if u will keep online fights and will tell my friends to give it 5 stars

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