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20 Jun
World's Hardest Escape Game

Posted by Mobest Media in Puzzle | June 20, 2016 | 143 Comments

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We are happy to present you the World's Hardest Escape Game - 20 different locations with tricky puzzles and innovative brain teasers are waiting for you!
Download this awesome room escape game now and test your logical thinking skills.

↗ Hundreds of amazing puzzles!
↗ 20 different locations!
↗ Test yourself with a really challenging escape adventure!
↗ 10 hours of gameplay!
↗ And much more!

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Mobest Media part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 20, 2016. Google play rating is 83.6431. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 43.0 MB.

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Elie Hirschman

Doesn't quite live up to its name Not the world's hardest, but definitely a challenge at certain points. The final challenge didn't make much sense to me.

Jack Edwards

Worth it! Good, fun puzzles. Some of the clues are a bit obscure, but you don't get frustrated to the point on quitting. The free version for Apple has way fewer levels than the free version for Android.

Richard Chandler

Stuck on Stage 5. Please help. Watched video & didnt work The red hook wont go down tube on get key.Dont know what to do. Good graphics. And easy walk through options. Please answer how to help. Deserves 5 stars. UPDATE... finally got hook down tractor exhaust pipe. Need to attach wire. Get wire from the tractor wheel base. Then feed hook from top of pipe. 5 star game.

Laurena Gurrola

Great Levels! The levels are difficult enough to be engaging without being frustrating. Sometimes the game doesn't accept actions, so be sure before you move on.

Laurie Pond

World's Hardest Escape Game is fun, exciting and challenging! Mobest Media has the best Escape games!!! Take my word for it bc I've played them all. Their games don't freeze like others I've played. The graphics are amazing not cheesy! The games can be a bit challenging on some levels but that's the fun of it...keep up the good work Mobest Media!!!! Looking forward to new releases!!

Servanda Franz

Very fun! Not too hard, not too easy, perfect escape game. Very challenging, but like others have said, not so challenging that you just want to quit. But this isn't super simple either!

Liz Aperauch

Good clues, just hard enough I've played enough of these games by now to realize how hard it is to make clues hard enough to challenge you but not that hard when you're frustrated. I think they did a good job with that with this game

James Donat

Great game that could use some features Great game where the puzzles aren't too hard or too easy. It would be nice if you could turn off the music, but not the sound effects, and if you could zoom in on the objects you pick up so that it would be easier to tell what they are.

chaista lewis

Interesting and Fun Escape Game This game was fun and it kept me interested. The levels got more difficult as you went on which made it fun. The levels are not easy like some of the other Escape Games that are out there. Nice Job!!!

Crystal Woods

Fun Fun escape game!! Not to easy but not so difficult you have to use the walk through each stage.

Ink Zane420

Just two things wrong here the first being that I want more levels and the second that I'd like to give you more stars! ;) I really loved playing this game. I have played others that lost the fun real quick because they were just too hard to solve. Don't get me wrong this game is not easy either that wouldn't be much fun, it's just challenging enough. I've been so hooked on it ever since I got it that even when in not playing it I'm thinking of the last clues I found and how to implement them. More please!!!

Donna Pottorff

Think Out of the box while its still taped Good graphics, and when you find a clue that works, its great. Be ready to spend hours trying to figure out what some developer knows in his head, but didn't bother to give you enough clues to complete an action. Still playing, but not one of my favorite escape games thus far.

Ilene Gauld

World's hardest escape Only got it tonight and I'm hooked. Can't put it down. Quite challenging!

Kirsty Lamont

Great game Hard enough to make you think but not so hard you want to quit. Sometimes you have to click a few times before it allows you to pick up things. There may also be a certain order to do things in as when I put in the correct code it doesn't work but after doing something else the same code works. Great fun even with these issues

Alyson Rasimowicz

Very good This creator's escape apps are the best out there. The graphics, the music and cleverness of these games are top quality compared to others I have tried. Never boring and challenging but not impossible. Always a tough game to put down. Keep them coming...they are lots of fun.

charli c.

Very good and challenging Kept me occupied over a span of a few hours, in between doing other things. Quite challenging, not one of the easy puzzles where the "hidden" items aren't actually hidden at all. Good game, and would play more levels if they made more!

Stacey Claire

7 out of 10 A great game although I was expectin more of a challenge with the title 'world's HARDEST escape' I completed the app in under 2hrs!? so slightly disappointed! Maybe the name needs to be changed as I've played other escape games that are more difficult than this - a few bugs that need fixin also. Having said that I was really impressed with the puzzles & the fact that it has 20 levels rather than 8 or 10 like the other escapes. I was gutted when I finished it. I'd rate it 7 out of 10

Susan Matthews

Fun Game Clues aren't too easy, aren't too hard, although some are a bit tedious or the "clue/answer" connection is out in left field somewhere. All in all, a good game. Needs more levels.

John Muir

A definite must-try!!! The first escape game that follows logical reasoning without HUGE leaps of non sequitur. 4/5 only due to finding some items by luck because of darkness.

Dawn Simpson

Decent escape game It sucked me in. The app worked well - no glitches. Most of the logic was reasonable. My only frustration was trying to identify some of the objects I collected. Needs either a zoom feature or text identification...

Kobie Krogh

Absolutely Love It usually takes me a single evening and no walkthrough use to get through these games. Took me one evening and all morning and used the walkthrough just a couple times. The puzzles are great, so happy there are so many levels. Highly recommend

Darryl Moses

Fun, but... Like some other escape games, it's kinda hard to see what it is that you're picking up, even when it's in the inventory. Would be nice if it told you what it was you picked up and what it is when you click on it in the inventory.

D. Duncan

Pretty good It started easy and slowly became more difficult. My only gripe is the fact that the rooms made no sense. You go from house to garage, to salon, store, etc. But still decently fun.

Candice Rizzo

Can't get it to work! Every time I try to open a level it goes me a BUNCH of ads and when I click out of them if wants to take me to YouTube to watch the same dumb video and it still won't let me play!

Gail Travis

Fun relaxing game Not too hard,not too easy. Some of the scenes were challenging but none so hard that it became frustrating.


Great passtime Not so easy that it's boring, andnot so diffixult that you just get angry at it. I'm only on stage 6 but I like it so far. And haven't come acrossany ads, which is a plus. I reccommend it to any puzzle lover. It's free, so there's no loss if you don't end up enjoying it.

M Invernessity

Best of this genre! While I do consider it a stretch to describe this as "world's hardest," this game is well worth playing. The graphics are superb and animation smooth. Most puzzles are easy to solve, but there are challenges. And, the challenges differ from level to level which keeps the game interesting. At 20 levels, with multiple clues on each level, this is one of the longer "escape" games. I estimate it took me about 90 ms to finish it, rather than the hour most of these games do. So, enjoy! Ty very much to developer!

Sarah Sweeten

Sometimes... This game is difficult, but i expected it. Sometimes the clues are just too far out there and I can't figure it out, but I just keep searching. I had to watch four videos to see the little things I missed. Not too bad, I suppose.

I Katy

The best The games from this developer are the best escape games on the market. I loved every one of them. I can't wait for more. Great job. Thanks.

Julia Colucci

Great app I thought it was really interesting and a good thing to do if you're bored. I didn't find to many adds at all and I liked it a lot!

Eunice Asberry

Eunicorn Very good game. Difficult but not hopelessly so. I love the fact that I'm not interrupted at all with annoying ads. I thank you for that. :)

Tracy Myers

Frustrating Frustrating, annoying - everything you want from a good puzzle game. Lives upto its name.

Mike G.

Awesome Love this game - difficult enough to make you think but not so difficult as to discourage you!

Caster Troy

Great This is a great escape game . Not easy, not hard. Just logical. More levels are a must...CPT in da hizouse !

Vickie Pearce

I like it. So far so good. It's a little bit harder than some of the other similar games they have. Right now it's my favorite game. Needs more levels.

Stephanie Foster

Very tenuous What started out as a game to enjoy, quickly became an irritating game. It was easy to pick up the clues but to link them with the answers wasn't easy. Occasionally I looked at the "walkthrough" and found that the link between clue and answer was really tenuous. This detracted from the best of the escape genres. Uninstalled sadly :(

D Dedrick

I don't usually rate games, but I really enjoyed playing this game. Ad's weren't intrusive. It wasn't too hard and actually followed good logic! I also didn't have to slap or shake my phone as required by some other escape games I've played. The couple of times I got stuck, I was able to easily find walk through videos on youtube. If not for a minor glitch that forced me to reboot my phone shortly after installing, it worked great. Forced reboot and sometimes difficult to identify (small) objects are the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

Lisa Bello

Good game Challenging and fun. Took some time to figure out the clues, but wasn't so difficult that it would become frustrating. Well done.

Mia Wu

Too easy I really love this game but I think its too easy. I finished all the levels in half an hour and then I got bored. I gave it to my friends to try and they got stuck on level 3. I dont know whats going on but I personally think its too easy despite the name of the game. Thats why I rated it four stars but apart from that I think its a good game to occupy you for half and hour before you get bored. I swear I didnt cheat with the walkthrough but it is quite easy.

Jenni Howard

All levels good but 20 First 10 levels were pretty easy. The next 9 were more difficult. Still fun and not frustrating, but level 20 was ridiculous. Some of the clues made no sense. After watching the walk through still made no sense. All the step to get into the safe were way out there and completely ridiculous to put together without help. But still deserves a good rating, all the other levels were fantastic.

Miss Mayaa

Shit game It never goes out from stage 3. Walk through don't work even. Uninstall ed it 2 times.

Fawn No

Its fun but not the hardest Hardest part of the game is the fact it keeps freezing so you have to restart. It's challenging but not the hardest. I like it though :)

Kimberly Cusack

Challenging and fun I don't know about "worlds hardest escape", but they were interesting. Some just didn't make any sense and had to watch the video walkthrough. Some the walkthrough didn't make sense either and were waaay too fast, was hard to follow. The game kept me busy and interested helped me pass time when needed, which is what I wanted. So good puzzle game overall.

Hagai Hadad

Not that hard Last puzzle was tricky. Rest were pretty easy. Total of 3 hrs to finish.

Kalle Pätsi

Did not like Well, if you like unlogical stupid puzzles this is definitely for you. :)


Gr8!!!! Best. Challenging logically puzzles. Not too difficult. Not too easy. Although only 20 levels.

Vanetha Wood

??? I enjoyed playing...I must say I had to use some help. Unfortunately, some answers don't match the puzzle. It's almost impossible when u try to make sense of it, because there were a couple of mistakes. However, I ENJOYED playing! Clever creator!??

Oscar Armendariz

Great challenge As you would expect, levels got difficult as you advance. Very entertaining!

Becky Nelson

good game.... but some levels had logical puzzles that furnished logical answers which was super. Some levels had obscure completely unrelated solutions based on non-existent clues. NOT FUN! All n all was good but required use of walk throughs which were at least provided. TY Dev for that also. Some really great puzzles & graphics.

Chris Cosby

Title Nails It It really was hard. First one I've ever had to pull out a pencil to write down pieces of clues as I went. Only complaint is it's hard to figure out what some of the pieces that you pick up are and thus how to use them. Takes some effort. Great game though.

Karen Phillips

Great game, but I wish there was a way to zoom in or get a description of the items in my inventory. Kinda hard to figure out what to do with them if I don't know/cant see what they are.

kelow low

OK but not as hard as it sounds. Not until the last 2 levels. I felt like i was playing any other escape game until the second to last level where it got so much more elaborate. Wasn't prepared for the change in pace. But overall a great game one of the better ones I've played

Joshua Troke

It was really difficult This was a great puzzle game where you need to figure out the most elaborate ways just to get to the next room. I wouldn't have finished it if it wasn't for the tips option where you watch a video to show you what to do. Brilliant game, wish it was longer

Soph Tag

Meh Too many ways of finding answers need to make it slightly different for each user so if you stress out you dont cheat (oops) lol

Hayden Hamil

Quite challenging Love all of these types of puzzles. This one was more challenging than the others in this genre. Well worth the time spent

Joarelies Sanchez

Best game I recommend u to download.. U may be stuck in the game for hours, just saying, and u also may get a little mad by trying to figure out how to escape but the game is awesome??

Pam Norton

OMG This is a hard one, but I did it. I gave 4 stars only because the items aren't easily distinguishable, but the walkthrough is always available. Good game and good length!

Bernadette Macias

Challenging Glad to have the walk-thrus available. Never would have solved level 20 (the last level) on my own

Bisser Peshev

The last two levels are great Initially the game was nice but not more difficult than other games. But then I reached the last two levels and they were exceptionally good. Because of them, the game became my favorite of all the 30+ escape games that I've played so far. Level 19 was very enjoyable, while level 20 was a serious challenge and took quite some thinking to solve, maybe ~ half an hour, but it felt very rewarding when I finally solved it. Well worth the effort. It's strange that this game has a lower rating than many other games. It should be rated much higher.

Ashish Gaikwad

Worth Downloading ! Not that Hard, but I think developers should add information about tools which are found during solving get idea of how to use that tool exactly..

coolsoy abbas

Fun Was really fun but I did not like when you close the phone the level restarts and you have to do it all over again. If you can fix that problem I'll give you five stars.

Lisa T

It's ok It was fun at first but the last couple of levels were hard because they made no sense. I had to stop and not finish 20 because just like others my selections wouldn't register. Since walk throughs are not explained I'm not sure if I'm not doing something right or my phone is acting up. Still 20 free levels are great.

Michelle Stremmel

Great Escape Rooms! I loved the challenges and new concepts in these rooms that you won't see on other room games.

Josic Cadoret

Fun if obtuse in places The walkthru is the bit where you watch the ads so they can't make it too easy! Good fun to play as a family. We loved the games room.

Kitty May

PERFECT!!!!! Addicting, Challenging, Fun!! Even a walkthru provided ....I used it just to get a little hint if I got stuck! Couldnt stop till I finished the game! Now to me thats a Perfect game! Thank u Awesome Developers!

Mahtab D

Awesome So far so good. But i cant pass level 3. Any thing i do but i cant. Icant understand what should i do in the car's motor :( sb's help me

Aprille May

World's Hardest Escape Game Good game. Found objects are very small which makes it difficult to figure out what they are, but the puzzles are pretty good.

Liz Shimotakahara

Puzzling Great escape game. The levels get increasingly difficult but it offers a fun challenge

Phillip Etcheverry

So far so good I was moving onto level 7 when the rating box popped up and shoved me to the app store. That's my only drawback right now

Cassie Brown

Fun and addicting A bit challenging without being too easy. Liked the puzzles. Nice walkthrough for some hints if you get stuck!

Sandy Westbrook

I got completely caught up by this game! There was no fancy stuff like turning the tablet upside down or shaking it. It was really a mental workout with lots of puzzles. Some were pretty hard and I had to use the walkthrough. When I figured them out by myself; that was very satisfying! I recommend this game!

wesley johnson

Fun game but... Every time I log in to play the audio starts back up. If it's turned off, it needs to stay off.

Adelene Henderson

LOVED IT! This game lives up to its title. My brain actually had a workout at each level. I love how the hints go together, but do not give away the puzzle. I've stayed awake when I should have been asleep playing this game!

Elizabeth Lescault

It all right The puzzles are fun but it was easy. I only got stuck on only 3 things in the entire game. The name just doesn't live up to what the game really is in my opinion and It should have been named something different. But I might be too smart for my own good. All in all I liked the game. It is very well done

Maestro Z

Finished 20 levels in about 6 hours Great game...makes u think a lot...not the hardest...but great for the mind! The build up of difficulty is awesome, smooth and tons of fun! Try not to use the walkthroughs though! Enjoy!

Kaylin Schirmer

Awesome Escape Game This game has everything the old escape games were so good at mastering. They start off slowly so you to get the hang of the first level, but not enough to get bored. Then they get much harder. If you get stuck, they provide a link to the walkthroughs. HOWEVER, the game is way more fun if you let yourself get stuck and let it marinade for a while before cheating. Also, the link makes you watch a 30 second ad before going to YouTube, so just go to YouTube yourself, and skip the ad:)

Dr Doom

Great Would be better if I could get rid of the annoying distracting ad.

Jeanie Bizar

Best room escape so far... But..... I found myself very addicted. I felt it was challenging enough but i think I'm getting through it fairly quickly. There have been a few parts that ive gotten stuck on in each room. Currently I'm stuck on the last clue level 12. My only complaint is that if I ever have to leave the room for any reason, say to answer a phone call or to simply stop playing for what ever reason, I have to start the room from the beginning each time. Its the most frustrating thing in the world. For that im rating it a 4.

Kara Williams

Pretty Good Pretty good. I did get stuck a few times near the end levels and watched a few walk thoughs but all in all, better than others. Not too simple, but simple enough to make sense.

Lakisha Rachard

Tough This game really makes you think. I dont like the way the hints are but ive only used it once. Force the firstvtime but havent had anymore problems and I'm only level 6 now.

Amber Eklund

Thanks for a great game! This is a good game. I play a lot of the escape games and there are some lame ones but this one is good. Ty!

Danielle Nicholls

So infuriating and addictive Loved it. Very clever but odd game. Definitely need to think outside the box.

whitney turney

20 levels: awesome Not 8 or 10 or 15 but 20! Decent dificulty, broke out the scratch paper once or twice, i like that though. Some items are really really small and hard to see, and a description bubble would be nice, fyi developer guys. I had to cheat a lot towards the end because the clues got a little -well- can you be vague AND intricate? can't think of the word. Anyway i liked it.

Taylor LaCorte

Great Game This game is really fun. If you enjoy escape games, you should definitely install. There are no glitches, it's not to easy that it's stupid & not to hard that you want to quit. There are 20 rooms to escape from which is awesome, and they dont expect you to buy things, or ask for any money at all for that matter. For once free really means free... surprisingly. I will definitely recommend & download more games by Mobest Media!!

Brian Davey

Consistent and challenging I have always liked these types of escape from the room games and this one didn't disappoint. While the methods of finding clues were consistent throughout it wasn't tedious and boring like some games of this genre can be. My only criticism is that you can solve a puzzle by accident even if you haven't found the clue to solving it. So if you are stuck you can solve a puzzle by trial and error, which at times can be helpful, but it can detract from the learning process. There's nothing worse than solving a puzzle and not knowing how you did it!

Taylor Crain

Good game bad crashes Loved it, very challenging, however if I would exit out of the game to many times it would freeze and crash causing my whole phone to freeze for 15 minutes at a time uninstalling now

The BlackQueen

Amazing! Thought-provoking!! And the game of the year award goes to......This game makes you think and it's fun to play. It really gets the gears working and I'm grateful to the game makers. I haven't had any glitches. There's nothing annoying you have to do like waiting on keys or lives or energy or something in order to advance that would taint the gameplaying experience. My only complaint is that the ads on the bottom are irritating. But at least they don't pop up or force you to click through them to finish playing the game. A+!

Nicole Edwards

I get frustrated in a good way! I love games like this. It's slightly frustrating until you finally figure it out and call yourself a dummy for not seeing it. Good stuff!

Loren Nichols

World's Hardest Escape Game A really neat game. I couldn't put it down until I had beat all 20 levels. Similar to The Room 1/2, Machinarium and other puzzle games. Doesn't have clues like The Room, etc. If you get stuck the clues are YouTube videos showing how you get out of the various rooms.

Angel Lopez

Awesome game I would give it five stars it's awesome and complex but sometimes I will do the whole stage with out the tutorials and I will do the same things that the tutorials show but they won't work when I do them. I watch the tutorials and they show things that I already tried but don't work.

Vito Santana

Great beggining Game started out real good. In all honesty, it got really ridiculous toward the end. Really impossible connections between clues...

Monica Mendoza

LOVE IT!! ..of all the escape games i played, this would be my favorite. Every level will crushed your brain thinking how to escape. AMAZING !!!

Raghunandan Rao

Brain racking When I suddenly stumble upon a solution, I realise how silly I was for not thinking outside of the box. Challenging indeed yet frustrating and tiring to keep tapping the screen rigorously...

Rasmus Sandberg

No good if you're colourblind Fun game, I suppose, but since I belong to those 10% of the male population who have less than perfect colour vision, some important clues are just lost on me, in which case it's a waste of time even trying to solve the puzzles.

Dani Delchau Hobbs

Couldn't get past the ads. I tried to play the game half a dozen times. Each time I'd have to watch a 30 second ad. The ads then redirect me to the play store. When I quit from there I end up back on the menu screen for the game. It may be a great game, I don't know, I've never even seen the first level. Hitting the uninstall button now.

T Lady

Very challenging Makes you think! I love it. Good job on this one?

Ekanur Kemalasari

Challenging So much fun and challenging with many levels.

Johnathan Clevenger

Great time consumer It gets more difficult as you go along overall a great challenge and awesome to play be sure to use your brain lol

Essence R

Cool Some is hard but its a good game

Dave Wood

Clever and made you think Very logical

Natasha Hollenbeck

Really addicting and challenging! More levels please! It gets a little glitchy on my samsung tablet. For example, it wouldn't start the washing machine when I entered the correct code. I had to restart game for it to work. Almost like it times-out or something. Great game otherwise! Hope there are more levels coming soon!

Destiney Hardrick

Hard needed a little help

Yolanda Salas

Love It just fun

Theresa Hajos

Challenge Works the brain

Adrian Orantes

Ok But u could always cheat

Dennis Hughes

Let sound *stay* turned off! Ths game would be betterbic sound woukd stay turned off. I know it's a revolutionary idea, but I want it.

kian hattar

Best escape game Very organized very neat, not easy but not impossible, loved it!! I would easily recommend it for all

Andrew Ward

Awesome brain workout A good mix of easy, medium and crazily tough ones. Easy ones were a great intro to get used to the style of challenges. The final level 20 was super hard and needed to break out the notepad but so satisfying once cracked. Thanks for such a great game!

Lili Angus

Good game The reason that I uninstalled it is because I have already done all the levels on my Samsung tablet. If I installed it again, I'd have to do all the codes again. But I liked doing it. Lots of good brainwork in it. The picture didn't show you how fun it is. And please make some more levels, it's really fun. Hope there are more levels coming!

Katie Millar

No intellect required This game is good for people starting puzzle games... This is a very simple game with the odd tricky puzzle but in general if you are experienced with these games you will find this very easy, I myself have breezed through the first 10 stages with no trouble except for the lack of defined graphics, I think that's what makes this game hard. Everything looks blended so never sure what to touch. This is amusing yet frustrating.

Josh W

Challenging final stage. Otherwise just OK. Not very hard until the final level. That last one took me a while because there are a lot more clues to piece together than in previous stages and a lot of different ways they might fit. But it's entirely possible that a person of average intelligence could solve it quickly. Other than the difficult final stage, it's just a run of the mill escape game.


Makes You Think Excellent game that really makes you think outside of the box, relying on memory and intuition. If you find it really hard to conceptualise things, then this isn't the game for you. It's more for someone who loves figuring out puzzles or brain teasers.

Gintare Laboviciute

It's good It's a good game but definitely not "the world's hardest" some very interesting puzzles, but mostly it's one walk through the game from the first thing you find which lets you do something, which then itself lends you to do something else and so on until you find the 'key' to the door. Good game but there are better, more challenging ones out there.

John Viner

Definitely one of the more challenging escape games I've played. However just before getting frustrated, I get it. That's what keeps me playing.

Dispatcher 9908

Need a zoom mode This game would be even better, if you could zoom in on the items you're picking up. Some things don't make sense. Anyway I finished the game in 3 days.


Not the hardest. Still entertaining If you have played escape games before, it's pretty much the same thing. Not that hard. I wish the objects you collect would come labeled in some way. I hate collecting something and being g unable to tell what in tarnation it is.

Letitia Tsunami

Level 7 So far so good. My only problem to date is on level 7. The numbers that corresponds with the colors isn't the correct number to exit the room. I finally had to look it up. And the solution was far from what it should have been. I'm going to assume this won't be the only time this happens.

Christina Wilson

Love it! But beat it already... It's challenging but if you get stuck just click on help. You can see as much or as little as you need. I’m addicted!

Howard Dai

Loved it Contrary to other reviewers, I wasn't bothered by the ads at all. Proud to say that I was able to complete all levels without using any hints! It was definitely still quite challenging and a lot of fun though!

Sunny Prejean

I Want More By far one of the best escape games I've played. A little difficult at times, but the struggle is what makes it more exciting. Great download, totally loved it.

Karen Myers

Great game Good game so far, challenging but easy enough to figure out. Free so far, hate when they say free & they r not. Really too early in game to give a true rating.

Luka Koprivica

Sometimes totally illogical... Most of the time you can't tell what's in the inventory, to small icons, no option to zoom in... If you just click around you'll solve most of it, especially those illogical problems...

Judith Victorin

Hard to see the items I collect After I pick something up most of the times it's so small i can't even see what it is. It would be better if I can click the item and it shows up bigger so I can figure out how to use it

Naelia Romain

Interesting Very challenging. Great to play to kill some time. At first it was easy but then it became really difficult. Took me a while but I've finish the game.

Simon Smillie

Awful colour puzzles Not very colourblind friendly, making some of the colour puzzles extremely difficult.

Heather Fletcher

Challenging Fun, challenging. Just finished the game tonight. Kind of wish I could keep going! Love it! Its lengthy and makes you think hard!

Frisky mations

It's okay but.... I like the game it looks fun but on the first stage as soon as I get the trowel thing from the fountain I can't go back I tried getting out of the game and back it still didn't work. Fix the problem and I will give 5 star, unless another problem occurs.

Jeffrey Clayman

Very good Images are small...providing a description of what players are looking at would be helpful (eg long tap blows up the image with "flashlight" written under it)

Nicola Perotto

so so the hardest thing is the lack of logic in some point! Enormous bug: at start ever has sound enabled even if previously shutted off (this bug is shared with other your releases)

Michael Mohr

Great game, minor technical errors Key clues not available until dependent acts completed in levels 4 and 5. Otherwise, puzzles are entertaining. Still more levels to go.

Colleen Hails

Very addictive Just challenging enough, really fun. They start out with barely any ads and then after level 6 they ask you to rate it. After that the ads increased but still very playable. Tons of levels, great Escape game.

Hannah Smith

5 Star Game This is a really great game! Challenging,but fun! I wish it wasn't over,but it does have 20 levels which is pretty good considering it's free!

Raphael Tymowski

Great game Fun challenging game, but level 20 is too much. I still don't understand it even after watching the walkthrough...

Yumika Komatsu

Fun It was fun and exciting, but there's a pattern to how you solve these puzzles, so once you go through the first few levels, it gets easier to get through the higher levels. There are harder escape games out there but this game was enjoyable anyhow.

Derrick Pardue

Provoking Great concept. One lock per room. Would like to zoom in on items you find. But some you can't. Def puzzling.

Mandy Lord

Not as good as the Room Challenging and a great concept but some of the leaps are too far-fetched. Can't complain too much about free.

Kerapi Coy

Illogical puzzles. Either too easy or simply frustrating due to lack of any semblance of logic or reasoning.

Keith Woodring

Fun game I really like these kind of games...makes you use your brain more than most other apps.

MayteX GummyGum#

So awsome So many different hidden keys I dunno how to describe it but u guys HAVE to get this game for when ur bored

Suzii Bambrick

Slightly disappointed It's not very hard considering it's meant to be the hardest escape game ever lol ? still fun though ?

Erin Hollier

Fantastic game. Loved it! Fantastic game!! Hard but not ridiculously so. Best one I have played. So sad to have completed it. Not good for sleep though!

Hazukashii Ai

I loved it Good game. Got my mom hooked on it too. Ads after each level but they didn't bother me. Thx for the free challenge!

Candace Studebaker

Walkthroughs don't work. Its a good challenge but now I'm stuck and the walkthroughs aren't working.

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