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6 May
World's Biggest Picture Cross

Posted by AppyNation Ltd. in Puzzle | May 6, 2016 | 140 Comments

Apk file size: 26.0 MB

Solve the puzzle to paint the picture! Choose from over 450 fantastic Picture Cross puzzles!

PICTURE CROSS (also known as 'PICROSS', 'Nonograms', 'Hanjie' and 'Griddlers') is the classic picture logic puzzle enjoyed by millions worldwide.

WORLD's BIGGEST PICTURE CROSS is an epic collection of hundreds of brain-stretching Picture Cross puzzles ranging from Easy to Expert difficulty.

Each puzzle you complete reveals another square of the detailed-packed Hidden Scene.

Download free and start your Picture Cross adventure!


Use the number clues at the edge of the grid to determine which squares to fill in, and gradually reveal the hidden picture.
We've included a quick and easy tutorial to get you started.


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If you still have questions about the game or require assistance, please email: [email protected]

World's Biggest Picture Cross is free to play, but contains optional paid items to unlock content more quickly.

Whats new

    It's time to hit the beach with the brilliant new Summer Pack!
    ● 64 NEW Summer-themed puzzles!
    ● A NEW fun-packed Hidden Scene to uncover.
    ● A NEW alternate control scheme for extra precision on smaller screens.
    ● NEW music and sound
    ● NEW colour schemes
    ● NEW in-game help system ... and more!
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AppyNation Ltd. part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 6, 2016. Google play rating is 82.9939. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 26.0 MB.

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Georgina Lewis

Good game with couple of problems Like that you can earn tokens. Dislike that gaps are left when filling in a whole row/column in one swipe. Also makes my phone very hot

Terryl Mcdonough

Brought tokens never got them. Wrote an email never heard from them

Ms Brightness

It's just ok... Lots of things could be done to improve game play....many of which have already been mentioned. It's more geared toward short term play due to the limitation of coins. Big dislike in how few coins are generated & the maximum of "free coins"

David Ryman

Game interface is good, but... Although the actual picross puzzle has a nice interface, there are several drawbacks. The first is that you will have to buy bonus currency to finish all puzzles, unless you want to play one puzzle a day for (I haven't worked out the exact figure) ages. Secondly, just exposing a bitmap behind the levels screen does not make it a big picross puzzle at all, in fact, the biggest available is 15x15. Finally, the result of each puzzle very rarely looks anything at all like its description.

Jezza Lindop

Not bad The puzzles are a lot of fun, but the tokens are arbitrary and annoying. A game that tells me how often I can play it? Yeah nah.

Jennifer Haught

Great game Great game love playing it but I tried to buy some coins and I never received them. Would really like a refund or coins. I was expose to get 20.000.


So far so good I'm finding it hard to play the larger puzzle boards on my phone, the squares are too little. Maybe this game is best for a tablet.


It's Good But... I Bought Some Tokens But Didnt Riecieve Them Even Though A Uptade Has Come Out To Stop This.... Please Give A Refund . P.S I Send AppNations A Email About The Problem Obviously No Reply . Scams

Karen Calvert

Wish there was a way to save your progress but loved it anyway.

Brittney Clay

Can't play I will change the stars once I'm able to open the app I love the biggest crossword puzzle

Delin Kers

Bummer Great game. Bigger puzzles are hard to play on phone

Annette Blane

Love the game, but... There are not enough super hard puzzles and some are too expensive to get with just free tokens.

Nick Dodd

World's Biggest Picture Cross Fun game, makes you think. Good game for a rainy day indoors.

Sadie Stuglik

Fun I really like these types of puzzles. But we should be able to use our coins to get more green tokens.

Bar Purple

Very enjoyable Gets harder the farther you go

Veronica Salgado

A lot of fun. Recommend for anyone who likes puzzles.

Relicym R

Ok... The 15x15 puzzle squares are too small for phones.

sheena carpenter

I like this Hope the puzzles get harder

David Harris

I never leave reviews This game is the best picross I've ever played. Well done developers.

Amy Odenweller

Token shortage This game is quite fun but there is a lack of accruing tokens without paying for them.

Maria Gallegos

Bike curious I don't know what my life is anymore. It's too good.

Teresa Ngature

Could use more chances to get tokens as theres so many puzzles to solve. Would also like a thing to cross off numbers that have been filled in whether part of a group or not

randas betonas

only one puzzle in three days... in this game you need tokens to solve puzzles and you only get 10 to 30 for free a day. there are 400 of those puzzles and about half of them cost more than 25 tokens. that means, that you have to wait about three days to solve one puzzle that costs 50 tokens or buy for 1 euro... for one euro i can buy a magazine with 25 of such puzzles, not just 1 puzzle in this game.... this is almost useless app...

Savanna Perry

Challenging I love this game. Some of the other review saying that they don't get tokens are bogus. Granted, I'm giving only 4 stars because sometimes when I complete a quest and share to Facebook and twitter, I don't get my tokens. It's happened a few times, but not every time. Still a great game. I recommend it!

Sara Geoghegan

Addictive Great game and quite addictive . There are not very many chances to get tokens so you have to wait ages to play or pay money to buy more which is a massive shame.

Erin Hammann

Tokens Love the puzzles but wish they didn't cost so many tokens as you aren't given very many each day. I'm to the point of only being able to play maybe one puzzle a day and that's kind of lame as I'd love to play more!

TK Hillaby

Love the game!! Hate the tokens! There are quite a few squares to play with free 10 tokens several times a day, but the larger token squares are nigh unto impossible to collect enough for! Also, the daily rewards should NOT start over at day 1 if you've played for 30+ days straight! After 5 days, it should stay gaining max daily rewards until you miss a day! Absolutely love the game, but the nitpicky, token thing drives me nuts!! And installing random weird games or doing other random things online to get more tokens is sketchy at best!

kelly white

No free tokens anymore Stupid game states I have used all my free tokens for the day, everday! [email protected]!

little tin goddess

Great I don't think people understand if you compete quests you get tokens, certain puzzles also gives you tokens! Watching ads after quests give you tokens, sometimes sharing to FB or Twitter gives you tokens. Liking the FB page gives you tokens. Its not a scam, people just aren't smart enough to figure it out i guess. I get a couple hundred free tokens daily just by playing the game. Its fun, I love nonograms and this is one of the best I've played out of several others I tried.

PS Smith

Wish it could sync between devices This app hands down is the best one on here, ive found a horrible one that syncs across devices though so i just took away 2 stars. Even the worst apps have the ability to sync so i just come back when i can.

Dawn Wiliams

Great and addictive..but.... We compete with eachother on this game, its good fun but i have fat fingers so i press 1 box and fill half the board lol. Also the pics look nothing like the answers but because its such a poor likeness we actually have a laugh about it so its a positive in a way. Good fun though.

Nancy Matthews

It's a scam Where are my free tokens? I do the actions required and yet they don't give me them. You have to spend money to get anywhere. I'm out.

tara Davis

Good, but not That good... The concept is fantastic. I do like that about the app. And the puzzles are acceptably challenging. However, the idea of tokens and coins would be so much cooler if the dangblasted tokens weren't so bloody hard to rack up! If it's not possible to make token collecting easier then the puzzles should cost fewer tokens. It would be nice, too, if there was a way to autocross finished rows and columns. I'm having fun with this app at the moment but I strongly suspect I'll be uninstalling it before too long.

Kenneth Clark

A Favorite Nonogram/mosaic Puzzle Game A nonogram/mosaic puzzle that's fun to do & has a unique twist - each completed nonogram/puzzle completes a small piece of a larger mosaic picture! The only negative is that the game requires you to spend tokens to begin new nonograms, and you cannot earn tokens quick enough to play for many puzzles in a row (a way for them to charge you $$$ fees within the game) so you must wait to accrue the tokens IF you don't want to spend money on the game.

Chris C

Love it but... My favorite game ever! Just wish there were more puzzles. I finished them all so I deleted the data to start over but lost all the tokens I bought.

Shawn Johnson

Very nice This reminds me of childhood. It has plenty of levels . Have not tree the super hard but lobe there 400 level

Debbi Burr

Was good but... Only lasted a few days. Now it's complete I have to find summat else to entertain me. Need more pictures.

Cindy Johnson

Brain power I like figuring out the pictures, but there needs to be a way to get more tokens without having to pay.

Brandon DeWayne

Tokens Some levels require more tokens than you can earn (max 10) unless you get free ones. If this was like $3-5 I would pay for the game but the IAP is a little excessive. Especially with limited levels, I don't see additional levels available once you complete the first set.

Yun Zhang

Tiny Buttons the puzzles are interesting enough but the buttons are tiny and since everything is part of a larger picture the graphics of each puzzle is really fuzzy

Connie Reynolds

Crashes For the first couple of days it worked fine, but now it crashes in the middle of puzzles and I have to restart the app, which loses my progress.

Jessica Carlson

It would be much easier to play if there were a zoom feature (I have a 'phablet' but, I also have big thumbs), or at least if you had to touch a spot 2x's to change it from an "X" to black (or vice versa).

peter ramirez

Too small for mobile Great on tablet, but the bigger puzzles are too small on phone. Needs a zoom feature

steve metcalfe

Lack of tokens Sick of waiting for tokens it's so frustrating so probably gonna uninstall it if they don't give you more each day :-(

Lia Carey

Good fun but... I think you need to give us a chance to get more tokens.

Cheryl Mccallister

Need to be able to get more free tokens without signing up or purchasing stuff from another site. Or lower the token cost to at least the amount earned over the timer. I would also like it if when a number is solved it would cross off by You Or the computer.

Ryan Martineau

Just need to be patient. Love the game, just finished all 400. Sucks having to wait for tokens which is why it is only 4/5 stars. Uninstall now since there is nothing left to do. Thanks!

Tracey Marley

Good game ruined This is probably the best quiz game but as usual the game maker is too greedy as they make it so you really need to purchase tokens to continue playing beyond a basic level. I would happily pay a one off fee for this game but I refuse to continuously have to purchase tokens to play....

Paige Batge

Addicted I love this game but when i did something to earn free tokens i never got them. Wasted 10 minutes to get nothing. Please fix this

Karen Hart

Good Game Fantastic for your brain. Fun and really makes you think. Love it.

Kimberly Waite

Tokens Not enough tokens 10 tokens when after a while all puzzles require more than that. Now when you do a free token item like watch a video or download an app you don't get credited the tokens. Plus I bought the 50 token pack and never got that. This needs fixed.

Talia Morris

Pretty good pixel puzzle game Controls are fairly intuitive and easy to use, although a zoom feature for the really small squares would be helpful, as would an erase button. Also, as the biggest grid is 15 x 15, many of the puzzles would not be challenging enough for an experienced solver.

Tina Donlon

More free tokens please Love it. Just wish there was a way to get more free tokens. I'm down to only the higher token ones left and have to wait until I get my daily bonus to play. On top of that I only get to play one puzzle a day, and that sucks. I dont mind watching the ads, but they never show up! Please make another one so I have one to to when I finish this one, but add more free tokens lol.

Simon Smillie

Data hog This app used well over 500MB data in less than a month. Most of that was foreground usage. Given the measly amount of tokens each day, that doesn't amount to much gameplay, so you have to ask what this app is using all that data for.

Danielle Toynton

Didn't give me credits. Love the game but it's so hard to get coins! I download and complete the actions that give you tokens and I don't receive them! It's a bloody con!

Emma Dutton

Love the idea but only getting 10 tokens per day will take me a very long time to complete!

Jacob Castelli

One of the best The game is the best for a few reasons the puzzles are challenging (once you get past the beginner puzzles) also there are not Many good versions of this game and the ones that do have few puzzles and this one has plenty

Molina Bryant

Love!! I left out a star, because it takes too long and not enough tokens to play more than once at a time.

Deirdre Stinson

It's pretty good. It takes a couple puzzles to understand, but it is a great mind twister.

Jesse Mikolayczyk

Fun when it worked After the last update the game crashes within 30 seconds of opening a puzzle. If the game runs on your device and you like puzzles it's a good game

marcela herrera

Really wish there was a way to increase the amount of tokens (gradually increase to 30?) Otherwise, I enjoy it. I'll rate it higher when more puzzles come out and when base number of tokens are increased.

Trish Dossett

I really like the game, even purchased some tokens more than once, however when attempting to take advantage of free token offers, followed directions, on more than one occasion never received them. Left feedback and the email response I received did not even apply to the same offer. I deleted the game.

Kendra Craft

Fun time killer game! I love how you get to pick which puzzle you want to play. I win a lot of coins and tokens with chances to watch videos for extra tokens. I get lost in this game and can play for hours! Very happy I downloaded this game!

Katrina Reid

One of the best I've been doing these kinds of puzzles for years. Started doing them in books first. I find them very relaxing. Thanks for making this game, it has one of the best game controls I've seen. Some of the others have controls that are just too complicated. I hope you bring out another one just like this, with a different background picture so there are two of them. Thanks again for a great game, Trina ???

Povilas Galčius

Annoying Controls are awkward for this type of game. Cluttered with many unnecessary things, some kind of inner currency and many stuff which distracts from the game.

Roberta Murfitt

Everything I play i get errors The first error is it does not let me start over. The games dont even go into the puzzle. The second error is the phone s6 keeps telling me to unintelligible as not errors etc not safe. Crossword and other versions are fine!

Amy Sinnott

Very upset I used to love this game but it keeps stealing my tokens. It took $4.99 from my Google Play account and didn't give me the tokens. Then I did some of the free time offers which would have earned me 180 tokens and I didn't get those either. ?

little tin goddess

Great All of a sudden I'm not able to watch ads or do quick actions to earn free tokens. This means i can only play 1 puzzle every couple of days because I've completed half the board and the remaining puzzles cost 11 to 50 tokens and the only way i can get tokens now is the daily sign in bonus.


It's fun but... Your chances for free tokens gets taken away every now and then. And even when the chance is there, the reward rarely comes. The prices for tokens is ridiculous because for one dollar you can basically complete one puzzle. Out of 400. Not to mention the necessary tokens for each puzzle is completely random. 50 tokens for a very easy puzzle that will last five seconds? But 8 tokens for a very hard puzzle that will take at least five minutes? It's very discouraging to pay so much for easy puzzles.

Teressa Blackburn

Awsome but need more token chances Great game but needs more chance to get tokens considering how many puzzles there are.

Lauren toenniges

Great abstract variety Concerned about the progression through puzzles as they cost "tokens" as you go along, which are earned in multiple ways, or for purchase.

Michelle Walker

Data hungry Love these puzzles but my god this app eats through your data it uses at least double the data of my next app on the list. For example it's used 1.25Gb compared to Facebook that has used 474Mb in the same time period. If this was fixed would give more stars.

M Bristol

Best of it's kind It's difficult to gain tokens to play but when you complete quests and share on social media you get enough to keep you busy for a few minutes. Nice game!

susan poplawski

Finished it on my phone now installed it on my tablet. You need to make another of this game for people that have finished it. PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER PUZZLE ASAP!

Jennifer Hanna

The game is fun, but you don't get credit for a majority of the free token offers. That being said, it is hard to play once you have done most of the puzzles with low token costs because the token count doesn't go beyond 10 unless you get the free tokens or buy some.

TK Hillaby

Love the game!! Hate the tokens! There are quite a few squares to play with the free 10 tokens several times a day, but the larger token squares are nigh unto impossible to collect enough for! Also, daily rewards should NOT start over at day 1 if you've played for 30+ days straight! After 5 days, it should stay gaining max daily rewards until you miss a day! Absolutely love the game, but the nitpicky, token thing drives me nuts!! Massive data hog!! Going thru 1+GB per week!! :o

Douglas Spak

Note stylus doesn't work Every picross game I've ever played worked with the stylus for the note 3 except this one.

Alyssa Feign

Moves to fast The game throws you in without much practice, and in the puzzles you NEED the ability to zoom in.

Kitty Addison

Tokens I like this game. Challenging, but not overly difficult. The only problem I see is gaining tokens. Without purchasing, the only ways to get them are replaying sections for a mere couple, waiting to be given one every few minutes (only if you have under 10), winning them by a rare chance at solving a section, or daily rewards. It's difficult to achieve since some puzzles can cost a lot of tokens (44 tokens for a section, seriously?!). Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.

Makenzi Tranel

Last update sucks It was fun till the last update I don't like that it marks the row done when you have the correct boxes filled I liked it better when it told you if it was right HATE THE LATEST UPDATE GET RID OF IT

Andrea Stokes

So much worse I used to LOVE this game, now I'm at a point of uninstalling. It used to only count the rows and columns as correct if the right boxes were marked, now though it marks them as correct if the right number of boxes are marked. It's gone from extremely addictive to hopelessly impossible and not even worthy of the 1 star. GET RID OF THE LAST UPDATE!

Karen Hart

Good Game Fantastic for your brain. Fun and really makes you think. Love it. Like the mini summer pack.

jennifer Schlief

Awesome, Addicting I love everything about this game from the cute little dings when you complete a column or row to the setup and layout. This is a cute twist to the boring picross style games that are out there. I'm rushing through this review so that I can get back to playing this game. If you are a logical thinker or love logical games, then hurry and install this one!!!

Jesse Cutler

I found a glitch So I installed this game on my phone then on my boyfriends (which I'm using now) and if you play off my phone the box wont gray out unless its right also you have to open and close the app over and over for it to load yet none of this happens on my boyfriends phone still awesome though

Crystal Weber

I was looking for a good nonogram game but could only find this one. Don't like how you have to spend/earn tokens to play.

Justin Pedersen

Liked it This app doesn't let me use my stylus for some reason so it's a lot harder to control then it has to be...

Jason Keswick

I know how to play Let me skip the tutorial. I don't know how long it is because I quickly get annoyed and quit, but it's too long to not have a skip option.

Jessica Kühnemann

Bad update Love the game! A little hard to gain tokens so it takes time to get forward, specially since the quests are over. You should make more.

tracey williamson

Ok if small fingers Good game like it alot can you tell me if you need to buy tokens to increase max amount more than 10?

sharina dunwoodie

Love it. Have almost finished the game. Iv had to buy alot of tokens but it was worth it. My mum plays it to and it hasn't updated. Is there any reason why it wont update. She is playing it on a tablet. Thanks.

Linda Antoine

Picture Cross It's different and challenging and that's the kind of games/puzzles I enjoy.

Ruth Daniel

Token purchases Twice I have purchased tokens and money was taken out of my bank but I received no tokens. Money was eventually credited but this is a hassle.

Janet Teresa

Funtastic At first I thought it was going to be hard but as I started playing it seems pretty pretty fun

Kirsty Taylor

Completed I've completed game so now what? Can I update to get new games if so how? Also where is the summer pack shown at the top of this page?

Rebecca Soulsby

Love the game but the last update removed my icon from my screen wtf.

Alaina Torok

World's biggest picture cross Addictive and enjoyable. Levels range from super easy to super hard, but with coins that u win it is still doable.

K Kim

horrible layout wish it had a ingame control pad or something. hard to push when screen is small

Tricia Todd

Addictive! My sister in law posted about this game on Facebook and now I'm hooked

Mari Olivarria

If you like pokemon picross This is fun and addicting. I was playing pokemon picross but I wanted to play more and not wait for time for keep moving forward.

Clint Ottaway

World biggest picture cross Great game, really enjoying it

Steve Carlisle

It would be easier if you could usea stylus.

Sami Huckle

excellent game need another one plz make a number 2

duarderin vankammen

Fun game but there Should be another way to earn tokens

Shannon Kelly

So fun!!! This game is so much fun and so addicting! It is a great time killer and really gets your brain thinking!!! The only downside is that when you finish the whole picture (all 400 puzzles) there is not another picture waiting for you!

Alisha Shultz

Fun Confusing at first, but starting to get hang of it

Jackiee Pryne

Love it! Iv always liked these griddlers.

Faith Khan

Update It was 5 stars, now since the update, it won't load... it just says welcome and then sits there. So upsetting

Kyle Kinney

Challenging It's a great game and it challenges your mind

Chuck Brewer

So far so good First time trying a game of this type.. fun but a little difficult for me.

Sarah Saukerson

Addictive I love nanograms, and could easily lose track of time with this app.

Karla Dumond

Love this game. Keeps my brain sharp!!!

Brittney Peltz

Tokens Fun game but there needs to be better ways to get tokens and better hints.

Sally Uhrig

The game should tell you when you hit a wrong box instead of having no direction on a line

Alice Pitcairn

Cannot play much without spending real money

Alyssa Shillington

Awesome! Though I wish it would only say complete when you had the blocks in the right spot I do like the added challenge. Often all you have to do is adjust a few spots to make the correction. Perfect to waste time! But you can only play for short time. I wish you got something for completing trophies and also something for completing a picture (like the summer package). Would recommend this game and have (2 have downloaded it because of me!)

Katherine Tricker

Great time waster Great game for relaxing for a little while

Huzefa Anjari

Can't Login with Google Play The new update removed the option to login with Google play

emily barnes

The Cost of Tokens I love this game but once you finish the "cheap "puzzles there is really no way to continue unless you wait for multiple days for daily rewards or purchase. And if a special on tokens is happening you cant earn free ones at all. And specials happen every other day. If not for that it would be 5☆

Frances Parsons

Been playing compulsively for a week This is a great logic puzzle with the added fun of an appealing visual component. I particularly like that we're told when we have enough squares filled, but not if they're correct, since this gives more brain exercise. I wish some of the mini-puzzles didn't require so many tokens to play--50 tokens can take a long time to accumulate! Since I have nearly completed both the main & the summer pix, I am concerned about one thing: do I get new pix when they are done, or is that the end of the game?

Ricki Nichols

Addicting This game is really addicting. My husband and I love it. We've both competed the summer packs and I've done more than half of the main puzzle. You do not have to spend money to play this game. People who think that are ignorant. I've done over 300 puzzles and have never spent money on anything. I really wish the point system was logical. I can spend 15 minutes on a super hard puzzle and get 75 coins and spend 1 minute on a super easy and get 40 tokens, that doesn't make a bit of sense.

Chandra Tracey

Awesome game, but now what? I love the challenge of this game. It took a very long time to compete the two packs, which was great. I am so very sad though that when I completed the summer pack, and soon after, the original pack, I have nothing left to do. I fully expected a new pack to open up as a reward for completing a pack. Do I get rid of the app now? Or will I be getting new packs to play? Love this game, but now what?

Zachary Ray

UI needs some work The user interface makes it very difficult to play. Double tapping toggles a cell filled/unfilled which can lead to very confusing accidents if unnoticed. Seems like it could be a lot of fun with a UI overhaul

jacqui houlding

Challenging It marks thecolumn/row as correct when there are the correct number of squares regardless of if they are in the right place. This means I end up restarting the grid because it is too confusing to work out where I have gone wrong. Would prefer a 'correct' only when in right place as well.

Kitty Addison

Tokens I like this game. Challenging, but not overly difficult. The only problem I see is gaining tokens. Without purchasing, the only ways to get them are replaying sections for a mere couple, waiting to be given one every few minutes (only if you have under 10), winning them by a rare chance at solving a section, or daily rewards. It's difficult to achieve since some puzzles can cost a lot of tokens (44 tokens for a section, seriously?!). Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE.

Cindy Cioni

Not fair I hate the fact that all the puzzles cost tokens. I was only able to play a few before not having enough. I will be deleting this app. If you get rid of having to "purchase" the puzzles, I will redownload

Tammy Adams

Darn thing is addictive! Once you get going you will not want to stop. I just wish it worked with my Galaxy Note pen and then I'd give it a 5. Also do not take the surveys. You never get your coins. I'm owed 470 and none yet. :-( But still a fun game

C. Alex McGlone

Great game ruined by micro-transactions This game would be perfect if it wasn't for the egregious token system that practically forces you to shell out money to complete the game. If this game were purchasable with all puzzles unlocked it would easily be 5 stars.

Stephen Clark

Disappointing The game itself is ok but the squares are too small for my sausage fingers. The pen with the Galaxy S4 does not work with this game so it is very easy to make mistakes. I completed a survey that took 20 minutes to get more tokens to unlock more pictures however the tokens did not appear

Sandra Jeffrey

Like but Really like game but squares need to be bigger or have a zoom. Find it frustrating to mark squares at this time.

Logan C

Price Gated and melts battery Game is fun and simple, it lacks some features that other picross games have. The game also runs your battery down super fast. The final reason for 3 stars is the ability to play the game is Gated by a token currency which you earn by watching ads at one per ad(some puzzles cost 18 tokens). Kind of nuts

Paige Batge

Addicted I love this game but need a better way to earn tokens rather than waiting days or using coins and completing all the puzzles again for no more than 3 tokens at a time.

Sarah Macdonald

Useful to know that you can replay completed games for extra tokens when running low of cheap ones. Long winded but better than paying or waiting

keyna mooney

Fun and addicting The challenge to solve is overwhelming! I would prefer hints suggest a move not solve a whole row.

Shy Lovee

Cost to unlock I hate how the levels cost soo much after the cheap one and it's hard to unlock but other then that I would rate 5.

Roberta Rowden

Addicted Didn't take long for me to become addicted. Really loosens up the gears in the brain.

Emily Lewis

Maybe if I could use my stylus this would be playable, but I can't select the right boxes even with my big phone

Mad Madam Molly

Awesome I've been playing this for months, and finally finished ALL the puzzles. Took me a while, and some patience, but it's addicting, fun and worth it. I want to know when the next pack of puzzles are coming out!

Becki Potter

So much fun!!! Love this game!!! So addictive!! Only suggestion is maybe different ways to earn tokens faster. It's hard to wait so long between games to get to play again!! But still 5 stars!!!

Eric Vangstad

Wish there was a way to save progress so if you got a new phone you wouldn't lose your progress. I had 300 out of 400 completed and had to start over.

Kaitlin Haggard

This is a waste of time When you start this game you get a tutorial and then you start and then once you start every thing is wrong you are right but the game is wrong so if you are reading this DO NOT GET THIS GAME I REPEAT DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!

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