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19 Jan
World War II: Real Strategy

Posted by sincegames in Arcade | Jan. 19, 2016 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 40.0 MB

The most classic RTS war game is coming back! " World War II: Real Strategy" is a new award-winning and highly praised online multiplayer strategy game. It has full resolution support for tablets and large screen phones.

*** World War II: REAL STRATEGY ***
Many nations are under attack from an evil alliance of highly trained forces. It is your duty to protect the world from the threats of terrorism and chaos. Aim for glory and honor and prepare to become a Marshal Commander. As the commander of the free world, YOU should fight and conquer the evils. BUILD your military base. TRAIN your soldiers. UPGRADE your weapons and equipments. ATTACK the enemies and CONQUER rivals from around the world. Fight for VICTORY and become the marshal of the world! YOU SHOULD try hard to be the winner because conquering the world isn’t for the weak! The road of a commander is not easy. Only the strongest army commander will climb the ranks and achieve the glorious title of Marshal!Now be a commander and conquer all other players.

"This high-quality production dramatically streamlines the RTS genre for mobile play, while making sure it's packed with enough tactical depth to make its many skirmishes tense and exciting" – 90% Gold Award
"It is a surprisingly beautiful and engaging mix of war gaming and puzzles." Slide To Play – 4/4

★★★★★ "Great Great! It was a awesome commander game, very challenging, & the graphic very nice..... it needs a good strategy skill to conquer.....I like this game...." - Jason Chen
★★★★★ "Awesome games can't stop now! Attackers should pay a penalty of at least 100k of oil or metal if the attack was unsuccessful or they won't be able to destroy your command center." - Teoh Kee Wei
★★★★★ "Best strategic game Nice and wonderful game. Just we need to have more than one upgrader.. our mission is going too slowly. We cannot finush our tasks faster.. and why some upgrades takes 2 days? " - Tameem Altameemi
★★★★★ "Best game ever Best game I ever played... Attacking Defending Upgrading You have tanks helicopters..whatever you want..go play" - Aleksandra Dosenovic

*** FEATURES ***
✔ Enjoy the specifically designed touch screen playing system.
✔ Participate in the most beautiful war simulation with console-quality graphics & sounds, plus extra-realistic units & buildings.
✔ Engage in innovative, strategic, quick-fire and tactical balanced battles across the globe, in the air, on the ground, and even in the space, and unleash deadly power-ups to crush your enemy before he crushes you!
✔ Manage an extensive economy: Collect resources, build and develop a wide variety of units and buildings & upgrade your base to become the top superpower
✔ Immerse yourself in a long, rich and dynamic campaign
✔ Take action and conquer any player in the world, loot them for bonuses and climb up the leaderboards!
✔ Connect with your friends through Facebook and help them or let them to help you to defeat tough enemies.
✔ Unlock loads of achievements!

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Email us: [email protected]

Whats new

    1. Add new type of units : Kirov and Mammoth Tank
    2. Add new gameplay in the daily battles - Elite Training Camp
    3. Add new system- Gems System
    3.1 Power up after inlaying the gems.
    3.2 Gems composing.
    4. Add new items in the time-limited shop.
    5. Optimizations in game.

sincegames part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Jan. 19, 2016. Google play rating is 78.4598. Current verison is 7.1.0. Actual size 40.0 MB.

Download world-war-ii-real-strategy.apk 40.0 MB


Jeffrey Juliano

i hate this game not good

Evelyn Hoover

War my fav War games are mental to see your soldiers stack not keep on clicking on the screen, this one you can see you stack.

Adam Sommer

Imbalanced n pointless I've been playing it for a long time, my oracle tanks range 411,hp 65k,damage 14k +60% to tanks,defence nearly on max with mostly purple n orange components n still I've been destroyed every 12 hours, no matter what I put to my base, I can put there even 12 hell oracle tanks destroyed in 30 seconds, so don't play unless you've got hundreds $ to spend

Maaz Vhora

Waste game ever ...u r good if u want to waste lots of waste

Kevin Morales

Good until it sucks Fun game for a bit until you complete all the campaign, then all the game consists of is finding a way to scrap money while being attacked by tools that spent a fortune on the game. I even dropped a tiny bit of money I got as a gift on the game and I do spend money on apps but definitely not on this one anymore, the least you could do is a the very least add more campaign! Give me a reasonable way to make money! Be a little more generous with the shields: (Or whatever they are). If your gonna be a cash grab game at least be one of quality. The low amount of content doesn't really justify the money or time they want you to spend it's unbalanced. But besides that fun style even though it's generic, Kept me entertained for a bit.

Rage TheAss

Terrible do not play or waste your time. Horrible game support and customer service is the worst.

Omar Musmar

Doesnt work The game doesnt launch . It keeps loading for ever. 40Gb lost for nothing !

Hicham Ouahid

Good I love world war 2 I have a book of it that's 1000 PAGES


Good game but.... Giving free medals will help newcomers

Andreas Henriksen

Fun game I have to say this game has grown on me, I got personal support by the developer when I lost my account to restore it excellent !!

Jerry Chu

Wow its really good Love it keep up the good work

Joshua Brownhill

Its really good but its pictures are not

Kevin Hucker

Just no It has nothing to do with WWII and it lags a lot.

Eduard Daquigan

Thank you im on the game again.....yes thank you...i love it!!!!

A Google User

Robby79 How to get CD key bro ?

Nasztie Bautista

the game doesnt load wtf

Jad Hassan

hello why can not I attack ?

Chaudhry Bismil

Reward Please give some reward

vaibhav patil

Best game ever fr those who love strategy games

Harvey Liddle

Wow This is good for my topic at school :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

A Google User

Very bad.....I hate this game Bad game... The top game cash of clans only.

Waheed Ali wagan

What is this Why there is no possibility to recover your forgotten password because of it I'm rating this app 4 stars back and I'm uninstalling it from my phone

Hussain Kazim

Worst Game The game has been going from bad to worse. Reached rock bottom after the last update

Matt Shaffër

getting worse All i want to say is... worse! It's not gonna be better.. uninstall and play my ps3 which is more better than yours.. stupid dev who cares only our money... u gonna rot in hell!! Give back my money!!!!

Feurdean Stefan

A user can attac u 3 times in a row. Is not fair! 4 oracle tank s can kill an army fully lvl 26. Suks! Upgrading takes to long times..days...only to buy medals...!

Michael Maczynski

Not that great Always getting attacked losing resources and certain things take more time then stated. Searches in weapons center are every 4 hours, it been 6 hours since my last and it tells me i still have over an hour left to wait. Upgrades take to long, most of it seems geared to make you spend real money to play.

Russ W

I cant get in which means the game is frozen and by the time I can access it I will be attacked and lose everything. Whats wrong???

mike spurlock

For the older version

Matthew Rada

It won't me attack at the beginning!!!!!!!!

Hk Hk

The worst ever Only 2 Oracle tanks can destroy full upgrade army and defence....!!!

Игорь Камышев

Good Please, make russian!

Feurdean Stefan

A user can attac u 3 times in a row. Is not fair! 2 oracle tank s can kill an army fully lvl 28. Suks! Upgrading takes to long times..days...only to buy medals...!

keith przybylak

Pretty cool. So far find it interesting and decent. Find it hard to find a game this style that keeps me entertained for more than 1 day.

Dennis Balmera

I love ds game!but how can i purchase medals if im using ATM card only?

Charles Smith

No support If you are looking for a game where if you are lucky enough to get a response from support it is rude and frequently not addressed to the problem this is your game. Cheaters are rewarded or slapped on the wrist.

Naji Kadi

Last update is nice Last update is nice. Anyways i hope the devs reply to emails like they used to !

Santosh Tomar

Game not loading Everytime it starts with spinning wheel. And nothing happens

Michael T

Was a great game, until a small group of people started exploiting some hacks. The worst part is that the game publisher just keep collecting $$ and refuses to do anything about cheaters. Don't spend a dime on this game, you will NEVER get ahead. I've been an RS gamer for a few years now, made it quite far in the game, top 20. Now that there is a group of cheaters, people that were not even in the top 500 are now owning the game, overnight. WRATH Alliance - have fun beating yourselves. UPDATE.... my account was banned by the game developers, amazingly a day after writing this negative post. 2 years and a lot of money literally stolen by a Chinese company that you have no ability to take action against.

Brandon Simmons

$50,000 accts will be waiting to bully u Big bully accounts think they can rule the game....don't level up too quick or they will find a way to get u and u will never get to play because they will take everything u have for months on end and they're always one step ahead with their super powerful bases that won't get over their egos and they have the developers in their pockets so you won't get any help ....ever download another game that doesn't favor the super rich and powerful

lee davies

Cheaters rule this game big style Swiss 339882278972168 what a cheat he is I had a full Base of top tanks he sends in five and destroys everything everything I try to get revenge he is always online he can't possibly play this game 24/7 all his stuff is fully upgraded and he is only lvl 23 I won't be playing this game whilst the likes of him are playing what's the point...good bye game deleted

vaibhav patil

Was liking d game a lot but hating it bcoz of cheaters lyk wraths n d customer support hv shut their mouth bcoz of d amount thrown on their face by wraths

Feurdean Stefan

A user can attac u 3 times in a row. Is not fair! 2 oracle tank s can kill an army fully lvl 30. Suks! Upgrading takes to long time..days...only to buy medals...! Game not working on Samsung Grand Duos!

Rakshit Gaur

Warth cheaters.... requires a lot of money money to money to play money to play this game Left Left the game bcos of cheaters n hackers of warth.

Winston Chan

Scam! After level 3, u need 210,000 of each rss. U can only bank 200,000. Can't upgrade anymore so u have to buy the next upgrade with real cash. Scam and a half. Wasted my time.

Mark Donovan

WW11 Bigest waste of my time get clash of clans it just great

Rayees Ahmad

Love it I love this game it is grt

Antonio Nix

Spend a lot of time doing nothing. Developer does nothing to fix the situation.

Russ W

The game encourages you to buy medals for any significant enhancement, but the developers dont make it right if you dont get what you paid for and dont respond even if you send a screen shot. Borderline fraudulent business practices. I would HIGHLY recommend any different game by a different developer unless you enjoy being cheated and ignored.

sakibul islam

Fix it Attack Sound.And all of attacks like same(- - - - - ).without fire attack.Make it good.

Frank Santo

Real Strategy A fairly good RPG strategy game. if you're into these kind of games then you would probably like this. Hold on to your pants! the game may be good but it is definitely geared towards high-end ingame purchases! unfortunately this game is designed for long term play in order to encourage spending. Good luck with customer support! Customer service is absolutely atrocious unless you spend big dollars you are an insignificant individual and they will not be bothered with you.

Gavin McNulty

DO NOT DOWNLOAD..... As a player of this game for over 2 years i would advise all not to download this game. Customer service will treat you like crap, if there is a glitch or something wrong with the game you will spend hours, days or even weeks trying to argue your case. Just to be told in the end, we do not understand, we can not see the problem or there is nothing we can do... Complete waste of your time. If the above was not enough of a warning. The game has been set up in such a way that you will need to spend considerable amounts of real money to ever get anywhere and once you think you are, think again they continuously introduce new items that can not be obtained in the game they require you to spend more real money to receive. For this of you that have played you will know what i mean when i say First it was Oracle skills, then gold oracles , then gold oracle skills then hell tank, then hell tank skills and the list goes on. I have played with and against some of the highest ranked players over the last two years, weather friendly or straight up enemies we are all fed up with the lack of support and customer service and always having to prove we are right

Andy Margetts

So Poor People 10 levels above can attack you & that's a massive difference, weeks worth. Can't control units individually in battle, have 20 tanks, can only use 6. They get damaged, doesn't allow to pick undamaged ones, the wrecked ones that should be left at your base getting fixed are the first ones out every single time. Truly awful & customer service (ha!) are even worse than their game. Has been over a week now since an upgrade with 24hrs left to run took 36hrs to complete & not had a single response.

Annes Nouara

Awesome Fun to play and I recommend it its fun and better than clash of clans or game of war I have 0 issues with this game

Dean Purvor

Ruined by hackers that devs won't ban Used to be a great game, but now ruined by hackers that input false scores. The developers know about this but will not deal with it. Don't bother buying medals - you can't beat a cheat.

Paul Janman

Redwarfare want your wallet Initially enjoyable but it does get monotonous and you'd have to remortgage your house to get anything good. Redwarfare also have a really poor attitude to customer service so good luck if you have to contact them for anything!

harviegh salazar

Real strategy What a bullshit game. I thought its all work.. now I can't open my games

Mian Alamgir

any one can tell me how to train troops in NEWBIE option. i dont know how to do it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Josh Williams Tgif

Not bad if you wait until your okay Wait or cheat. That kind of game.

Eduard Daquigan

No more thrill after passing the 98 stage war that earns bigtime became boring nonsense!!!uninstall waste of time

Saiful Hanif Zakaria

Game always hang n sometimes i cant access. Reason show network failure. Please do something. Thank you

Gary McCarthy

Game Really bad communications as they never get back to you, now not been on the game for 4 days ( WHAT A JOKE) . Do not waste your time or money.

Nour El Bourini

Hanging Not accessible. . Stopped every time trying to start the game for 1 full day to no avail. I hate to give it up but left with no options

Sam Walshe

Account is reset after latest issue with hangups... Was not registered. Can it be retrieved??

Danny Escamilla

Cant get past tutoral Its to large

Kaspar Pärn

Can not access my account After registration can not open the game any more.

King Awesome

I don't know what to say

Roath Bun

Game keep down no matter what you try to do reinstall

Mike Vargo

Great game I needed some help and the support and response was fantastic. Recommend to all

Alex Venter

Graphics Please update the graphics of this game it is 2015 not 1942 it is an awesome game but very very crappie graphics

Michael Wilson-ng

Ww2 rs Game is ok, but if you want get some where in this game, you better have a lot of money on hand or have a lot of patience.

Brandon Simmons

Where is support Never get answered or any help ....nothing good ever comes around any more more rewards ...and always get junk for blessings ....still can't get generals that I need after 3years ....nonsense money pit that never helps their customers

G Resler

Technology Some tech in the game didn't exist during this time. I am world war II expert and even for people who are not you can tell. I guess you guys just did this to spice up the tame

Frank Boudewynsiv

this game is sweet so far I just started so let's hope it's stays sweet

Kyle Kramer

War commander You guys took this game off of facebook known as "War Commander"..... not cool.

Michael Wilson-ng

This game is great I read the reviews I've been on the game for 11 months my six month I tried to see if the people that put bad reviews or right they're wrong the server's answer your questions but there's one thing that's true you have to put a lot of money out

Tom Li

I can't get in today some people know why

Feurdean Stefan

A user can attac u 3 times in a row. Is not fair! 2 oracle tank s can kill an army fully lvl 31. Suks! Upgrading takes to long time..days...only to buy medals...! Game not working on Samsung Grand Duos!


WWII? Irony that the thumbnail is an A-10, which is obviously not WWII

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