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7 Jul
World of Dinos

Posted by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd in Action | July 7, 2016 | 85 Comments

Apk file size: 93.0 MB

From the makers of Trapped in the Forest comes an all new open world dinosaur themed survival game!

World of Dinos is a brand new open world survival game set in a prehistoric world. Enter a land inhabited by the dinosaurs of the Jurassic and Triassic periods. Chop down trees, hunt for food, craft your own base and forge your own story ark in this ever changing and dangerous world of limitless possibilities!

World of Dinos represents the next step in evolved sandbox survival games on mobile. Following in the footsteps of Trapped in the Forest, with more craftable structures, tools and weapons and a richer procedurally-generated jurassic era, dinosaur filled world.

Whats new

    Mobs will no longer attack you while in a cabin
    Increased hitboxes of walls, fences and cabins
    Tweaked weapon damage slightly
    Improved crafting interface
    Altered various mobs' HP

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 7, 2016. Google play rating is 72.4261. Current verison is 1.64. Actual size 93.0 MB.

Download world-of-dinos.apk 93.0 MB


Andreu Rae Peñaflorida

Add some Few things Can you add some multiplayer and some improvment of graphics and also can you tame dino and add some gate's and saddle's ok I'll rate 5 stars if you do that update but I Liked it good work

Alessandro Maldonado

I Love this game! ??? Thanks for the game! ???

Darlene Dunn

I love this game its hard at frest but iit gets fun plzz updated

Eddie Mcdonagh

dont now how to work it plz tell me how to get stones and wood plz

Gary Marle

Can someone give me a guide of how to get wood and flax and stone. Its for my axe.


It's all good except t rexes can attack through cabins why just why

Demonic Wolf

WTF creators! Wat is the cabin for i built it but it didnt keep me safe and the T-Rex just killed me while inside and the T-Rex spawns where evr i go like every time i lose him he spawns right in my face maybe 10 feet or so away

Daniel Sziller

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I finally understood how the game works and I only wish they will add some new content and increase my FPS (there could be an option to lower the visibility range for example)

Fyre Blackmane

Only thing I don't know how to get is stone and sticks someone please help

lakhwinder chauhan

How to make a tool

Lindsay Van Scyoc

Sooooooooooooooooooooo Alsome! To pick up a flat, you press the top right so the target place has to be super close! Use the flat only on rocks, chickens or NORMAL bushes and flax bushes.Rocks=stones, normal bushes=sticks and leaves,=axe vs. Trees I have a cabin a fire a wall and a fun time surviving! Have fun playing!TO:ALL

Josh Miller

Needs a serious update This game needs a serious update. The movement controls are a joke, the dinos spawn rate it too fast and the plant eaters should be passive until attacked, the bigger dinos can attack you in your house ( through the walls) and can walk over fences.... please update this is really annoying and no one should play this game till it is fixed.

Susie Teague

So cool Sooooo cool but I have one question how do I get stone please respond

G Charleston

Its good it would be better if u could ride dinosaurs

addison Letsch

Crafting How does crafting work? Please respond.

allison black

Best game ever No problems or ad interruptions???

Sandra Ybarra

Good Add more updates for mor weapons armor more tools also you should add that when you kill a dinosaur you can tame it and ride it with a saddle

Adam Marshall

Awesome game! yea I love but I will rate. 5 if you update it ere you can take and ride dem dinos also add multiplayer aswell

Jesua Cruz

Great The game is pretty fun, and I like the fact that the dinosaurs actually INTERACT with each other, I just wish the controls were better. But besides that it's great.

Logam Hayes

So rubish Worst game ever I can't craft or move or do anything

Aaron Camm

Its okay Please make it in beter grafics

jakub fron

Broken fix please I killed 2 T-Rexs but the skulls disappeared like the games taking it away and saying "no its mine".please fix and I will rate 5

robert moore

lag the lag is far too extreme to play the game.

Mason Glass

Pointless Can't even find a tool any advice

Demi Parfait

Awsome but Love it but leggy

Nickolas Munoz

It sucks

Nevaeh Silva

Update Please put a update that u can tamed dinosaurs I'll rate 5 stars if you do the next update pls!!! :3

Zack Gann

Developer listen U guys should add some multiplayer 5 stars for great work on this game

Nrginxs 2

Did you even try to make this game? I cant move ten feet without a t-rex spawning behind me and trying to kill me. Randomly, dinos that should be passive, like the sauropod, triceratops, stego, or even a bunny will seek me out and kill me. I can fly when I walk over bushes. Dinos that are so far away that i can barely even see them shake the ground like i am under them. Anything can hit me through a wall or fence when there is quite a bit of distance between the creature and me. Finally, i can watch t-rexes teleport around the map freely.

Araff Aftab

Just like ARK: Survival Evolved. Great job, only if you put skill levels and multiplayer and tame Dino's then it would be fantastic!!!

Anthea Robson

Meh Taking half an hour to download. Its OK but a few improvements. Add multiplayer, add saddles and make it so you can tame Dino's and ride and use them to fight plz coz I will go and get ark survival if you don't coz its better. Thnx

Daniel White

One question Can you please make this online then it would be godly play make it online no problems

Endchaos 33

Endchaos33 You should do more update on this game I am a youtuber can you update more so that I will be playing this game

M-ogyz Dimailig

Awesome Every thing is awesome!

Emylea Hill

This game is stupid all you do is wander around, pick up things off of the ground and try to stay alive!?! It's stupid don't download

A. J. Ayala

SUCKS Herbivors dont kill you unless you hurt them

Tristin Amerlan

stinks u cant craft tools so u cant get food. deleted in 2 sec after first playin and the graphics stink

Chris Alexander

Amazing game Needs a few things like a line marker when laying walls but i just couldnt stop playing the games amazing alone through its challenge of survival an supplies collecting to build a base its just too much fun if ur into that sort of thing definitely deserves five stars

crystal mazur

Good concept but I couldn't even figure out how to start. There's no way of knowing how to start out. I kept trying to click things but nothing did anything. I basically wound up running in circles til I got killed. You need to add some kinda starting out tutorial or something like that

Jaide Harrington

Five star if you do this You should have the placement of things have a out line and be able to tame and ride big dinos and have small ones fight for you

Android Nexus

Good It's a great game but you should be able to join other worlds. And yes there should be beds and better houses and more animals

josh beale

Don't work all I get is a black screen

Sungjae Lee

For close holy craft Please dont be for close

Roger Galindo

You liyer I got attacked by a t rex in my cabin!!!

Paula Hooton

Cool but could use some things. Great game but you should be able to tame dinos and be able to craft bed and also u should add more animals like cows sheep and pigs but besides that I love it and if you add these things I'll rate 5 stars for sure!

Tommy Lichosyt

Meh. If you don't mind outdated images of dinosaurs and other time traveling animals like big chickens and rabbits running next to a brachiosaurus, or Hollywood style blood thirsty "T-Rex", and glitches like levitating dinos - then you might light it. Also its hard to navigate and nothing is explained. I played both - PC beta version, and this app version - there is a lot of potential, but seems like users are pressing too many weird changes that are then added to the game (like chickens and rabbits).

Jay Day

You should be able to tameand ride dinos and please have it so when you are about to place something there should be a out line so you know where the item is going to be placed

Matthew Lam

? The graphics are epic but I need a tool to break things but I. Not get tools when starting so I can't get anything

Omar Zehi

COOL EVER.. I just seen comments and I didnt though its worth it but im surprised u made a cool game I liked it.And I was excited with this game all other games are bored but this is my favirote.Just make update and fix isuess beleive me it will be so famous.

Evantrex Alley

I don't know how to get sticks and flex

Masyn Wormet

Coollllll It s the best game ever i had a t Rex

Jonard Svartkelson

Just add taming :) Just add more Dinosaurs and add taming good work :)

Amy James

Add more dinosaurs Add more weapons and add more tools and add more trophy's add armor

Anguel Vazquez

So so Cool but need som things

Brooke Meyer

? I relly like it dont liston to the haters

Conner Varnes

Good game Needs more items and dinosaurs if you could add this it would be perfect

True Townsend

Good But im kinda short oh and when I attacked a chicken it beat the biscits out of me.

Chris Lanning

This game is awsome

chika anumudu

It hangs whenever I try to make fire

Shayla Thomas

I would rate 0ne To talk you need to give 1 star i would give it 0 i gave it 5 so everyone will see this I can't hit anything i can walk thats all i tryed to hi t a tree for wood i didn't get and i watched some adds so i could craft a axe i couldn't chop wood still plz help me im playing this on a ipad please help me chop and hit things

Nate Moore

Not worth downloading It's got the landscape, but that's about it. You can't pick up things by hand. You need tools. Near as I can tell, you have to buy the tool to start

Chad Henderson

Cool game Hey I love it and I didn't just see dinosaurs but I saw a mammal its looked like a Saber tooth tiger

Lisan Temprana

Loved it but.... I loved the game but i think you chould add more to it like you can ride dinosaurs not just killing them but riding them that will be cool

van sakie

very nice it has potenial need more improvements put more to craft ang build and add more dino please and i will make it 5star

Connor Rethmeier

I love it but It needs a update with new weapons and stuff for houses and its really gleechy

Kimberly Alcantara

You guys are all wrong there is stone everywhere and pls stop lagging and cant look up when tyranosarus to hit it with my bow and sphere

C Piasecki

Needs more Plz add riding Dino's and a way to start without having to watch a vid

Colton K

Awesome in reviews I looked at the stars of this game and it looks good u guys tell me if im wrong ok

Robert Ware

Awesome consept but add more like floors, more dinos, retreivable arrows and not so laggy

Mathew Mortalla

Make some multi player or creative like many item and eggs like dinosaur, animals,shark. And make some village and have villagers and cars I will 5 star this today if you not following my answer I will not give 5 star . Yes______ no_______

Jorge Sierra

This game dope It is like minecaft but with dinosaurs and texture packs

Chad Groffel

Ill give you 5 stars senns I love it

Bill Delier

Oh my god. Best game ever. But you should make a option with no dinosaurs and a invincible mode.

Hannah Jones

Stupid I saved it with a cabin and tools and when I came back my cabin was gone and so were the tools. Also the predators chase you around for like 10 minutes before they leave you alone, they are to fast, and you are to slow to escape for long. Energy runs out to fast, and it's really boring.

Renegade 90

But one prob The cabin or any structures or trophies never save

Supachai Leepromma

Crazy I cant find items and its crazy

laiba khan

SOME HELP!!!!! i cannot find items how to get items of weapons???HELP ME!!

Jamie Foster

Most retarded game I ever played...

Roger Galindo

You liyer I got attacked by a t rex in my cabin!!!

Sissie Hendrix

It was so stupid!!!!!!!!!!! Sucked couldn't fund a tool and got killed over six million times

Ezra Jimmerson

Ark survival I like it because it's a survival game

Brandon Gerhardt

Usual concept but Slow to do anything such as per time to swing weapon the Dino attacks you 5times more, so your dead

ArmyCreeper9 MLG SWAG

I vote OK I do it because i saw this game and i faut it was ark but its like it yay so cool i must rate 5

Paul Linehan

Omg I love it but You should make the herbivores not attack unless you do and make it so you can tame em but still its a great game.

Richard Wallace

Get rid of Ad's

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