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5 Nov
World Map

Posted by Androcalc in Education | Nov. 5, 2016 | 72 Comments

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Android app that displays a map of the world - World Maps of all the Countries on Earth
This version of worldmap come with a brief information about every country like: Country capital city, dial code, country code, country continent, country currency code, the country area in sq km, country languages, numbers of the population and the GPS geo points east, west, north, south, geo name id, flag iso Alpha3 .
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Rajeev Agrawal

You can't show Pok kashmir in a legal map.And also I think someone doesn't know about the history of kashmir and the history is that when pakistani army attacked kashmir so the ruler of kashmir decided to attach kashmir into India.1 thing to developer first study geography than make maps.

Honshil Parikh

Rajeshbhai is absolutely right Plz correct this mistake as soon as possible. Kashmir is a part of India. You have done a very big mistake. Very bad!!

qaisar khan

Good. .2ndly for those who says kashmir is part of India must feel some shame. ..kashmir will either be an independent state or will be part of Pakistan InshaAllah. ...

Biman Shaw

You idiot at first you learn some geography than you try to do some map That apps many things are wrong. Just like kashmir is mentioned there as a country and some countries are just like Hong Kong Singapore are missing from the map. That app was very much hatred and that was just wast of data.

Oliko Kobakhidze

G E O R G I A please check, on this map I have not found my country, this is very very very big mistake, huge!!! Where is Georgia? We are independent country, with a big and ancient history, every educated human knows that Georgia is nota part of Russia!!! What the hel is this?

Pete Shelby

World Map - great job! You've made a very good start eliminating the world's problem countries i.e. middle east bullshit etc. Now, please finish the job and eliminate the rest of the terrorist havens and leave America and her Allies on the world's map as glowing examples of humanity to teach our children and future generations of Americans. God bless America!

Sagu Jana

Good I like it. But some countries like Singapore, Taiwan n etc are missing in world map. Fix it

Berdia Jibladze

World map problem In theworld map, Georgia is not shown. In your map it is russias teritory. U have to fix it

Mohammad Mirzaee Shirmard

Tablet It doesn't work well on tablets. And when I zoom in and out, it gets blurry. But altogether good. Tnx

Rajesh Ramaswamy

Kashmir - NOT A COUNTRY IT'S PART OF INDIA Please correct And show Kashmir ad part of India, it's not a country...Please get facts clear

achyut pandey

Dear Mr. App maker, whatever you are trying to deliver is beyond your knowledge and analysis. You can find relevant information to your app everywhere in internet. Try one atlas. You don't have right to consider the Country map yourself (its not about Kashmir or any specific). I can better draw this myself more accurately than your app. You have one more option. Kindly mention this application is for fun. Do not mislead unknowns.

Patricia Rodríguez Salas

San José it's Costa Rica's Capital How do you make a world map app if you don't know about geography? I mean, Wikipedia it's right there for everyone to check out!!!

Flori Sejdi Kola

The application is not correct. Albania has an area 28748 km2. Also Kosova is missing in your atlass. Correct the settings to give you more stars.

Basit Naveed

Kashmir is not a part of india at all but try to get its freedom from occupied india.....kin sa india ka hissa kashmir hai ....jhoot

Sarosh Anwar

Kindly request!We cant say this worldmap when some countries are missing there.Offline or online should be mentioned.

Zak Smith

Great job.. Love it.. Now, I can teach my children geography...we are going on a Asian holiday soon.. Kids can learn countries,,boarders.. Love it..


Nice job A very useful world map. Thanks for making this app free.

Mike Drago

It's crashing all the time Nice app both you have to fixed some unexpected crashes.

sunil jadhav

Good Kashmir is Indian state, ask anyone in the world it will say kashmir is Indian

Yasir Arafat

You are Right creator. Kashmir is a separate country or should be a part of Pakistan. You are Great Sir/ Madam

mahesh mohan

Correct the map of India Where is the remaining part of Kashmir..pls add the remIning part..and Kashmir is the part of India only...

rover sever

Shame on u Indians!!!!! Do hell with u, indians, the hell democracy u are running, kasmir is an integral part of pakistan, first control human rights violation in ur bloody capital,Mumbai, then think any thing else!!!

Hassan Abbasi

Kashmir is not part of india because India occupied kashmir by force not correct apps correct yourself.

Umedh Sawant

Some Paki's don't even know how their born. Please go through history and you will come to know...

Ika Ikako

Hated it Everything is wrong! First you have to learn geography and than make apps like this. You are fuc.... Idiots!

Vinay N

Kashmir is an integral part of india Uninstalled the app because its giving wrong information by showing kashmir seperate from india. I would advise the app developer to rectify the mistake asap.

Joshua Ategeka

Good Its cool because its offline and gives dial codes and capital cities

Bobby Klamms

Missing the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Kashmir is NOT a Sovereign nation, but part of India . the Golan Heights is part of Israel. If you are particular on noting small and ineffectual border lands of dispute, then how come there is No Kurdistan in Turkey, and Iraq? Balochistan in Pakistan, and what about another Sovereign country :Taiwan?

nika khurtsidze

GE This wanker (app maker) thinks that Georgia is a part of Russia..

sadiq ahmed

Lovely I like this apps is so good help u with every thing

Turu georgia

If you don't know, you couldn't teach. There's no Georgia!!!

Ch. Zeeshan Ali

Kashmir is part of Pakistan Kashmir is part of Pakistan and all Kashmiris are Pakistani. Please correct it.

Raghunath Bokil

Kashmir Is Part Of India Kashmir king Sign contract to dissolve Kashmir in India.Cause Pak Politicians Force Military pressure on Kashmir.

Niall Kinsella

Really nice app Couple of improvements before 5 stars..... tap on a country to bring up its info and similarly when in the the country's info tap to bring u too the map. Looking forward to seeing these future tweaks

Riyaaz Ashrafi

KASHMIR is part of Pakistan. And where is Palestine in the map ???!

Hannan Shah

some small country has missing need to improve more.thanks

adnan jilani

good They are dogs don't listen.

Jiji Lee

CAUSED MY PHN TO CRASH- DO NOT INSTALL Once I installed and opened, my phone froze. After rebooting, many of my apps didn't work, I also had to reset time and date. Very dangerous!

Emran haadi

Part of Pakistan Kashmir is occupied by india not a part of india. It is part of pakistan

Nodari Tsagareishvili

Where is Georgia.? fuckin bitchs

milan chettri

Fantastic I would be last or second last in playing the game ATLAS but now I'm first or second thanks for making this app guys

Shridhar Gali

Kashmir is in hindhusthan. A hundred years back. No Pakistan on the earth, the history says it is the HINDUSTHAN. All are known this fact history. Kashmir is a emblem of india.

Waqar Gul

no capitals map for rest of the world? Only europe and asia is available... and some countries lije tajikistan and kyrgyzstan is missing from the world map, and kashmir is not the separte territory it is the part of pakistan.. fix these mistakes

Iftikhar Ahmad

As our leader said that Hindus are narrow minded. So I asked you those who talk about aman ki asha. What you can expect from these narrow minded people.

Ijaz Ahmed

Nice App People who say that Kashmir is a part of India should feel shame. It's not a part of India but it's a disputed teeritory between India and Pakistan.

suryateja Ganga

Kasmir is NOT A COUNTRY Check your facts and correct the map. Kashmir is not a country but a part of India and some part is under illegal occupation of pakistan.

Cynthia Sakala Sakala


Girish Patel

Shameless Who has made this map ? I think the maker of this map is illetarate. Or he is not from the earth he may be alian who do not know about the world !!!!! Think it !

Raghuveer Singh

This app needs to make corrections. There are mistakes in disputted lands of India Pakistan & China. Kashmir-Laddakh and parts of north-east India are parts of India. Not the part of China or Pakistan.

Kimberly Ball

I'm like a teacher! I teach my niece all about the world and every week I teach her a different country

Maynard Pittendreigh

San Jose is a city, not country The map desinated the country of Costa Rica by name of San Jose. Please correct.

Alban Demirxhiu

Old maps It does't have an updated map of Europe. Kosovo and Montenegro are not displayed.

Fizal Ali

Worst map in the world... Dear friends, plz don't download this app. It's fake and only for loosers.,Are you guys are also looser, can it

Atay Kurmanbekov

Creators of this app ,one more mistake I also couldn't find my country Kyrgyzstan here it's shown as territory of Uzbekistan fix it !!!

Rameez Ali

Kashmir is just ours Kashmir is a legal Pakistani territory and if any body hve doubt so arrange refrendom in both kashmirs

Dibakar Rout

Please check In india map Jammu and Kasmir pic... 1 ?....... I will give the complain...

Akhilesh Singh Negi

Function not working 1. In world info only flag are seen not name of country. 2. Asia Capital map and Europe Capital map do not open up. 3. Kashmir is part of India. 4. In world map China and Kashmir boundary is shown wrong. 5. Palestine is not shown in map.

Muhammad Furquan

Kashmir is integral part of Pakistan. So it's no mistake to show it in Pakistani map.

tDafuq Wa

Quite good but Taiwan is not politically part of China, hoping for a fix on that, thanks!

Ajak Sven

Israel is not a country,israel is just a terrorist in palestin...hope you ve read some history

prakhar mishra

Inaccurate and certain countries not present How it can go more worse when the names of certain countries like krygyztan,Tajikistan and part of Russia near Lithuania and Baltic sea are completely missing.

Brett Harding

Great idea, poor execution Missing countries, ambiguous data, and maps that cause the program to fail when you try to open them.


Correct this map This app developer is a foolish man who don't know that kashmir is a part of india.kashmir is not a country.

Galaxysam164 G

Should correct ur mistske on kashmir Dont u know kashmir is part of india , n if u know den y do u do dis thing purposely .

Avinash Pal

Worst map Wrong information provided you must show the LOC & LOAC in Kashmir in India map,not even capital shows.

Michal John

Real history is that when when india take hydrabad which is muslim majority area it found a way to jammu and kashmir which is also muslim majority area and india attack jammu kasmir and occoupy jammu and kasmir against the wish of kashmir peoples but kashmir peoples want to attached with pakistan so kashmir in un distibuted area of sub-continent ''So the map is good''

Sathish R

Stupid app @ first sight I saw my country boundary line.they are wrongly made boundary line with neighbouring country.waste my time

Dibakar Rout

Please check In india map Jammu and Kasmir pic... 1 ?....... I will give the complain...


Very big mistake please fix devloper Kashmir is part of india|

Sk Gsu

Helpful Helpful, but whenever I zoom in the world map, the text is being opaque, one more thing that if currency name of each country is annexed to the world info then it woluld be the best, I also like to addition "australia capital map", "africa capital map", 'north america capital map' & 'south america capital map' etc. next to "asia' and 'europe capital map", thanks...

Renae Stowell

Can't zoom in and read country names. Literally what I need it for. This app is useless to me

Ulla Bengtsson

Abdolutely perfect,I find everything I need and very fast,even a small road in Sydney

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