Download WORKSPACE MOBILE MAIL apk 2.1 free for Android smartphone

13 Feb

Posted by Canisrigel Research Labs in Communication | Feb. 13, 2014 | 68 Comments

Apk file size: 2.7 MB

View your workspace mail from your android phones.

Now you can view your workspace professional emails using this application. The application fetches mail using "Internet message access protocol (IMAP)". We also have added two modes i.e. heavy and lite mode and you can use whichever is suitable for you. Both works independent of each other.

1. New email notification
2. Compose new mail
3. Add email address from Phone contacts
4. Mail discussions will be grouped together

Issues: Few people were complaining of issues. Let me tell you that for the first login it may take some time to sync the mails. It depends on the size of your inbox. We've got few complaints because of this. Pls check before marking any comments/feedback.

Please Note : This is not an official application and the images and name used are trademarks of their respective owners. We are in no way affiliated to workspace or its subsidiaries. This app is built on an Open Source Project K9Mail. However this app is 100% safe and does not steal your data.

Whats new

    Version 2.1
    1. Added heavy and lite mode.
    2. Fixed bugs.
    Version 2.0 Beta
    1. New mail notification added
    2. Attachment issue solved
    3. Compose new email with attachment
    4. Can add multiple accounts
    5. New design
    Version 1.2
    1. Added full-screen toggle button
    2. Added orientation change button to avoid auto-orientation change
    Version 1.1
    1. Added reload button
    2. Added "Connection Lost" screen

Canisrigel Research Labs part of our Communication and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Feb. 13, 2014. Google play rating is 61.2045. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 2.7 MB.

Download workspace-mobile-mail.apk 2.7 MB


Alex Karaczun

Great ad app. Doesn't do email at all. Apparently this isn't an email app, but an advertisement app. Don't waste you time! I was hoping to be able to get my company email sub-folders delivered to my phone, but I can't even get the root Inboxes to work. Worst app I've downloaded hands down. I am using version 2.1, no idea what mode. Can't see any way to set that. Android version is 4.1.2.

Cassey Cash

Workspace email app Whoever created this app is either using it to steal email info or just doesn't know what they are doing. Looks like the email app, but doesn't function

Anthony W

Cannot access inbox... I'm seeing many negative ratings about this app because it doesn't load my inbox. I am having the same issues. I would like the developers to contact me back and clear this up. I have tried using both the heavy and lite version, and neither loads/works. My Android version is 4.4.2, and I am using a Moto X phone. Please contact me back very soon so we can work thru this.

Phil Lee

Canniot access Inbox This is the only way I can get to GoDaddy email from my phone and the app won't load my Inbox. Really? Maybe Mr. GoDaddy should spend more time in the office and less time going on Safari.

Bryan Reid

I don't understand why it automatically installed a regular and a lite version. I had trouble downloading my email then I decided to try the lite and I got all my emails. I have it a 3 because of the confusion and lack of choice in whether I want regular or lite.

Josh Cline

Useless I thought all the others were just unlucky... Same thing here. Won't load anything on my xperia. I can't stand anything about go daddy mail, it's so archaic and this useless mobile app is even worse. It's basically impossible to use the classic mode on a phone so I'll have to start forwarding all my work mail to a reliable and modern platform. Uninstalled.

Joshua Donahue

I don't actually use this app to check my emails. I have it installed because it sends me an alert message when I receive a new email where the app that I do use to check my mail does not. For this purpose the app works perfectly.

Daniel Power

doesn't work we can't send email to any one, and does not show sent item' email, does not work properly.

Katy Cappella

Heavy or lite- not both! Why does it put heavy AND lite. If I wanted both I would download both. I just want 1!

kenneth dougall

DO NOT DOWNLOAD Downloaded this app and it doesn't work and it added 2 apps to my phone workspace lite as well as workspace mobile in my opinion this is a scam to get your passwords suggest you change them after using this

K. Yeung

Don't worry developer! U will get more 1 star than 5 stars I first did not believe what majority said because it said bugs were fixed. I installed but app failed to load inbox and other folders at all. I make sure to leave a negative feedback to others before i uninstall it ...

J.T. Tayor

Doesn't load inbox I can send email perfectly. However, it doesn't access my inbox nor can I respond to emails in my inbox. Had to uninstall and reaching out to godaddy today. Disappointed.

Aaron Miller

Cannot do a lot of stuff I would really like some basic features like changing my signature.

michael hernandez

Email? Adds 2 email clients without asking then both give notification that you have an email. Uninstalled

Shak Jr

What the f**k I want to check my email not some flirt site. Can't access my email.... you guys are joke. 10.30.2014.

Brandon Callenius

Lite works, regular doesnt I tries the regular and it sends but won't receive a thing. Lite shows my email but doesn't notify me I have email which was the whole reason for d/l this app.

Sujith P

Grt app Now its vry easy to chk my email on go...

william burgess

William IT Engineer. Please do your research first before hand. I use this on my home PC for years and using this on my smartphone, without any issues. I have my own domain and email accounts (7) and all seem to show, edit, delete, compose accordingly across both devices. Definitely 5 stars! Want to thank the whole team for your efforts and a job well f'ing done... KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!

Yong Chong

It doesn't work at all It doesn't show the mails.

Don Heggie

Terrible email app You can receive text emails only. Cant send anything.

Michael Nguyen

Emails cannot be loaded but in-app ads work very well. This app is not working. Only in-app ads work. Omg!

Jessica Thomas

This app works perfectly. Could have more features but it gets the job done

Souleymane Diabate

This APP is just to sell ADS and brings Virus onto your device.

danielking ong

What the hell So disappointed. I pay money to buy this email, but doesn't working. Paying the money but didn't get what I reserve. Rubbish app.

Cecilia Morales

Won't load any of my emails! Tried to uninstall and reinstall. Yet it won't load any emails at all. :(

nico froilan cape

Fix it,, its a crap Installed uninstalled!!! Its been 100years and still loading!!!

Daniel Loaiza

Cant view emails Downloaded the App on my phone and tablet and can't view any emails or sub folders.

Ariel Sallemi

Absolutely terrible Emails will get pushed through and appear in notification bar but will only sometimes open from notifications. Email inbox will never ever load new emails. I mist delete acct from app and log back in then it MAY give me my emails. App needs some serious attention.

Shane Magennis

Sucks!! Doesn't work at all!!

Lucinda Taylor

Great to receive but can't send emails! As above, can receive emails but cannot reply, comes up with SMTP error 535??? Help!

Sarah Sewalelot

Does not work.

Philecia Shanks

Can't get emails to my inbox! Why have it? Ugh!

Deb U

Frustrating... So basic as to be laughable. Can't set a signature. Doesn't seem to have settings.

Samwel Marcos

I can't retrieve my emails, nothing appear, even when I refresh

UrbanImage Mag

Urban Image Doesn't load your mail! It sucks!

Kavita Thakwani

Ridicilous app Hopeless product ever from go daddy..

Mike Gencarelli

Cannot add email signature... Cannot add email signature...When will this be resolved??

Frank Campagiorni

Scam Advertising is all this does! Godaddy should make their own which isn't a slimy advertising app. Uninstall!

Rob Gerald

Why waste my time ? Downloaded this app to not have to depend on the competitor device. Unfortunately the app hasn't worked nor has it been effective.

Andrea Fields

Not reliable I receive notifications that new emails have arrived, but when I go into the app, the emails are not there. I must retrieve them on my computer. When I try to reply to a rare email that shows up, the sender is blank and the email is blank as well. So, it's truly not a reply, but a new email.

Alfredo ramos Aparicio

PHISHING I contacted GoDaddy support and they are not aware of this app nor it's development, so DON'T download, they have their own app GODADDY.

Anthony Alva

Does not work Not much to say. It does not work.

Eric Chilicki

So glitchy Neither version willgive me notifications (which sucks cuz its my work email) The heavy won't let me send emails, the lite won't let me do anything with attachment and the settings button is just for looks. Doesn't do anything.


What happened? I've been using the Lite version on a daily basis for a while now up until a day or two ago. All of a sudden I can't login. The heavy version only works to read emails. Every time I used the heavy version to send anything, it failed to do so. I like Workspace lite, when it works.

Lori Martin

Worst app ever Didn't work on my htc evo lte, nor my htc m8, and still not on my galaxy s6. When I tap on a notification I can see the email, but when I go to my inbox it's gone. The inbox on the app never matches the inbox that shows on a pc. Refresh button spins but doesn't actually refresh. This is for my work email so I use the app to know if anything important comes in...then I sign onto a pc to view and respond. It's ridiculous!

Colin Burhart-Wilson

1/2 worked.... the light version was useful, but the heavy version refused to function no matter how I tweaked it. wish there was a way to remove the small banner ad at the bottom, like pay a dollar or something ;)

Kathy Szyja

Fail This app will not download my messages. New account. Only needed to download 3 in the inbox and 3 sent. What a joke.

Crystal Olisa

Doesn't work It won't load any emails. What's the point of this? To take my password? Uninstalled

Miroslav Mali

Could be allot better but does the job for now First of all it installs two versions and only lite one works for me, normal one cant load anything (bust) and you need to have a strong connection to check any email, otherwise it loads forever. Lack of notifications is really bad and i also cant open the settings menu. I expected allot more as a long godaddy and workspace user.

Nicole Durkee

Workspace LITE Works great and I can see all of my folders! It did, however put the regular workspace icon on my home screen and not the LITE. I had to go into apps and create a shortcut for my home screen of the LITE. The regular icon, if you delete it, removed the LITE version too. I believe they work together to make the app run properly.

Drew BarBZ

It worked fine for me. Just wish it was ad free. I would pay for an ad free version. Developers, please consider!

Jonathan Jackson

Hate it! My notification settings are enabled, yet I receive NO notifications.

Colleen Janz

Doesn't load This go daddy app won't load the emails, don't waste your time

Laurie Anne Huggins

Crap It doesn't do anything! Just says loading email. ... and never loads anything! Wish I would have read these reviews before I wasted my time. Unistalling now!

Michelle Leigh

Worthless Download The app did not work. Not once. I could not so much as access my inbox, much less get notifications for any incoming mail. Completely worthless & disappointing!

terri treadway

Don't waste your time Won't even load my emails. Only thing it does is advertisements

Steven Wagner

I have been using the app for over a year and it was always great and dependable. But over the past month I'm lucky if it works 2 days a week. Either there is no email at all or the emails it says I have are a month old. What happened? It was great for so long.

Brenda Williams

Terrible I'm so disappointed, can't even log out of the app. The ads are tiring. GoDaddy should do better.

Calethia Schwarz

Application doesn't function properly Spam email does not get received. Worked initially but does not anymore. Why?

Half way works The light portion works flawlessly, however the actual app itself is constantly syncing and never completes. Uninstalling until this is fixed such a shame...

Verlonda Thomas

What's the point? The emails that I do receive are always 10 hours late, if I refresh the page emails disappear. It's not helpful if I can't read my emails, I downloaded the app so that I could stay in touch with company business. Not worth the time of downloading.

Somashekar K

Plz integrate ur mobile version with desktop properly I think ur mobile version is not well integrated with system version, because the mails sent from mobile does not reflect in system and vice-versa

Michelle Page

Very mediocre I need this app to access my emails away from my office. The amount of advertising on it is ridiculous. And they take up half the screen! Also all emails mysteriously make their way into the trash with out me moving them. Other than those complaints its decent.

Shivang Bhatt

Doesnt show email Email doesnt show up. Waste of time

Hemal Vora

Does not work properly The app is not able to load my inbox...although i was able to send mails....but d app sucks....needs urgent work to fix d inbox bug....if Go daddy is dome with al d marketing may b its time to do some actual work on d app

Michelle Line

Samsung Note 4 The "heavy" version doesn't work. It's goes into an infinite load. However the "lite" version quirks nicely, which is all I need.

Jay king

this IS NOT A GODADDY PRODUCT for those that think this is a go daddy app. It obviously isn't. Cause no one with any self respect would release something without making sure it functions properly in some way

Marty Correia

This app sucks Never works. I pay for godaddy email and this is the best they can do?

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