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5 Jan
Work Log Pro

Posted by AR Productions in Productivity | Jan. 5, 2016 | 133 Comments

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Work Log is a quick and easy way to keep track of your shifts and calculate the number of hours worked and wages paid over your pay period.
Work Log Pro unlocks all of the features of Work Log, including: importing and exporting all your shifts, removing ads and support for multiple jobs.

*Work Log Pro unlocks all of the features of Work Log. DO NOT uninstall Work Log Free as it has all of your data. Both Work Log and Work Log Pro must be installed in order to benefit from all of the features available.

You can backup and transfer your data by emailing the backup to yourself from the General Settings using the Backup Database option. You can then open the attachment directly from the email on the device you would like to import the shifts to.

Fast, simple and straightforward way to track work hours
• Time saving features like automatic break deduction and pay period settings
• Choose between punching in and out or manually entering your shift hours
• Easy to update, delete or add past shifts
• Keep track of multiple jobs, each with their own settings
• Lots of customization options to suit your needs like 24h formatting, selecting when your week starts and a variety of ways to view your past shifts
• See how many hours you've worked and earned over a pay period, week, month or year
• Set your pay period to automatically calculate how many hours you worked and your wages for each paycheck
• Automatically have deductions and/or bonuses calculated for paychecks
• Optionally keep track of sales or tips (useful if you make commision or tips. useful for servers or sales people)
• Set breaks to be automatically deducted from shifts over a given period of time. (ie. 30 minutes deducted after a 5 hour shift, 45 minutes deducted after an 8 hour shift), or enter breaks manually
• Keep track of overtime hours and wages for up to two overtimes
• Use widgets to punch in and out quickly, or as a shortcut to add a new shift. (tap on the punch in time to cancel it)
• Easily backup and restore all shifts to keep all of your information safe and to easily transition to a new device
• Export your recorded shifts as a spreadsheet (.CSV) by week, month, year, pay period or all recorded shifts.
• Ad free

• Choose between a light and dark theme to suit your style
• Display times with am/pm times or with a 24h clock
• Display a currency symbol from over 100 countries
• Set a backup reminder to remind you to backup your database every week, two weeks, month or two months
• Set your pay period to be calculated by weeks, months, days or by half months (1st-15th, 16th-last)
• Keep track of sales, optionally add sales to your paycheck, or a percent of sales (ideal for servers of sales staff)
• Keep track of tips, optionally add tips to your paycheck
• Option to automatically round shifts to 15m, 30m or 60m increments
• Display hours in decimal (7.5h) or hours:minutes (7h 30m) format
• Have flat rate and/or percentage deductions automatically made to paycheck calculations to account for taxes or any other deductions
• Have flat rate and/or percentage bonuses automatically made to paycheck calculations to account for things like vacation pay
• Keep track of up to 2 overtimes, such as receive 1.5 times normal pay for a shift over 8h and 2 times normal pay for a shift over 12h. This could also be applied to pay periods, for example, 1.25 times normal pay for pay periods over 40h and 1.5 times normal pay for pay periods over 50h. All hours and pay rates are customizable.

Internet Access and View Network State:
• Required for analytics and ads
Modify/Delete SD Card Contents:
• Required to save database and .CSV files to storage to export

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L am

[Request #1] Request to have job start time and finish time auto added. Reason? Everytime user have to punch in the time, it's not smart! Templates anyone? (5 stars if you add it in)

Uriel Batres

Great! Awesome app! Just what I was looking for. The only thing missing is, for me for an example I get reimbursed for every mile I use my car. For example I get pay $.56 per mile. It will be great to implement miles and a section of miscellaneous to add to your pay check.

Scott Kniss

Handy as hell...! Takes a little time to get used to and I'd like to see a few more user-defined options in the Pro version, but all-in-all, a fantastic app! I use it every workday and it makes my timesheets WAY easier to fill out, especially if I get lazy and don't fill them out until the end of the week.

Zandrah Wilson

Personal Time Clock I love this app. It helps me keep my work time recorded with very little effort. I don't punch a time clock, so I am suggest to human error. It is nice to be able to check my time and compare with that check stub. You can also input your rate of pay, so you know the monetary amount you should get before deductions.

Byron Timmerman

Good but lacks on the reports Reports have no break time displayed. Furthermore break time would be nice to segment ie : 30min lunch, 15min coffee for more detailed report to send to a boss or client.

J Weis

Almost There It would help if I could just save a usable copy to my phone. You can't pick and choose what gets sent as a spread sheet it just sends everything which means I have to separate every week I send my hole history again and again. The spread sheet is to long to just print it you have to modify it to get everything to print or it cuts off some notes..Fix you'd get a Five Star

Lee Friend

Great app! Just two features needed then it'd be perfect: have shift times you can preset to fill in your schedule a lot faster ..I work the same times just on random days. And be able to see the shifts from all your jobs on one screen--preferably in a graphical weekly form. But as it is now is very helpful to keep track of my random shifts. And love the notes section too.

Tim F

Simple, useful I have a few jobs. One pays every 2 weeks & the other with the month split in 2. This made tracking those easy. February one employer split the month 1-14 so I couldn't track it date accurate since the app is fixed to 1-15 but doesn't matter much. One problem is data resets if screen orientation changes before saving. If you want to track wage or mileage rate changes, just export what you have & start a new template with the new rate(s). You can blend that later into the same spreadsheet

Brandon Ponthier

Went pro....... BUT! I can tell alot of work and thought went into this handy program. Really good at adding up your work week in military or standard, The auto brake is a nice addition. BUT.... BUT.... its not adding up my week ending pay its OFF! I went through the setting up and down.... 40hrs regular and 20hrs over time seems pretty simple to add but not for the program, I still recommend it though its add features a bust..... I'll update review if the programmer's bother with it.

Nocturnal Link

Perfect This app is very nice to have as a personal log/backup in case you think your employer is jipping you. I like being able to see my own hours all spread out over two weeks too. I used the free version for two months and just purchased the full one to get rid of adds and allow me to create backups of the database. Recommended.

Matthew Archer Sr.

Does what it says. Simple and straight forward. Two things I see being nice improvements, one practical, one cosmetic. 1) Make it possible to track multiple jobs via widget, simultaneously. Some that use this app, like myself, have need to track not only our hours but, hours of others under our supervision and we do not necessarily break, eat or even depart at the same time. 2) Make it possible to hide the license from the app drawer for those who choose to upgrade and make sure the app removes the "upgrade" option from settings menu.

Orlando Pyle

Well done and simple The impressive thing about this app is the simplicity and enough features to not drive you insane with complicated calculations and drop down lists. Straightforward, simple and very useful for those who want something easy and friendly. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to see what updates may bring.

Kevin Brigadier

Great work tracker This app was designed super well with enough options for most occupations. It's fast and easy to use. The best part is how easily you can display and export your work history. Just a quick Email to your boss and he has your hours. Recommended for those who need something easy and user friendly.

Alex Situ

Works greats. It's works great, it has what am I looking, but would really love to have the function/feature show multiple job's shift together instead of job per job

Thomas Easter

Brilliant app but with issues I'm finding that it doesn't work out my overtime correctly anymore.! Only 1 thing missing for me would be to be able to add a night premium as I work night and I have a Base wage and 2 night premiums for the hours worked! I use an average and work it out that way so I know roughly my pay! Best app I've used! Easy, clean and does almost all things I need it to

Larry Fuller

Really like this program, it's simple & straight forward, easy to learn - easy to use. If your looking for a simple straight forward program this might be it. It gives you the ability to export your data, but if you want any reports you'll need to create those on your own.

Christina Letts

Great program so far Would be better if we could adjust the pay rate by day... For example double time on sundays and triple time on holidays.

John Tomicich

Worth every cent! I work as a handyman, I work weird hours so having this app to simply punch in and out is great. Very easy to just send in my time sheet in an email. Its the best

Don Coates

This would be even better if you could establish a date for when you get a raise so that it didn't change all the amounts prior to getting the raise.

Vanessa Ruiz

It's great but... It glitches my hours & when I wanna update my hours it changes my break time & doesn't add up accurately please fix

Lisa Scott

Awesome customer support While I still wish there was a way to change the pay rate by shift (I think I can get around it though some other settings once I figure it out), I was blown away by the help I received from Andrew via email when I couldn't load my saved data after I reset my phone. Thanks again for taking the time to help, and going the extra mile to test the file and get it back to me in text in case I still had issues. Very refreshing to get such immediate, thorough support. Thanks again!

Clayton Williams

Exactly what I need! As I promised, I bought the pro version. Thank you for fulfilling my functionality requests. However the erroneous one minute difference still exists. My work hours should always be 38hrs exactly. It usually reads 37:59.

Richard Johnson

Close but not quite Loved ios "punch" app (so so simple) and found this for my droid (paid). Only real problem i have after fumbling around the many settings is the widget. Punches in every time, not the same with punch out. It actually erases it like i never punched. Good thing i have a good memory so i can open the app and put my start time back in. Kind of hard on the eyes too.

antonio valero

Great hours tracking I do trust my boss but in this day and age you need to know what you're looking at before the end of the week.

Matthew Philpott

Hoping more people take a look I read a lot of the comments there are several good suggestions...just to ring in... Some kind of calendar sync and report options stand out. On another note the best budget trackers are the ones that have the greatest flexibility with customized schedules reoccurring actions multiple accounts after collecting this wonderful data a few ways to share and a few ways see are great after all you know what they say TIME IS MONEY... I like this app and see great potential.. So I just bought it and gave it 5⭐s..

Tracy Cheung

Tracy C Hello, I forgot to upgrade to Pro Version before I factory reset my device. After that I went in to upgrade to Pro Version so, Is anyway I can pull up my previous data back?Hope to hear from you soon. I really like the app! Thanks,

John Broderick

Great app for hours The app has worked great for me keeping track of hours. Able to set first day of pay period, hourly rate, breaks, deductions, and pay period length. Also able to have multiple jobs separated.

Isaac Rodriguez

Well worth the small price. This thing is a life saver and I use it all the time on all my jobs to track hours and prepare invoices for clients. Tried other apps and this one beats them all!

A Google User

Very Helpful This app is very helpful when you wanna keep track of work hours and pay. I started with the free app and end up getting the pro version. I have found I use a lot of the features. I contacted the people with a question and they were extremely helpful and quick to respond. This is a very good app to get.

Angela Pungello

Good App, but how to get help?? This app used to total my hours and $ and now only totals hours. Can't give as many stars because of this.

Matthew Shivers

More export options I would like to see more options for sharing of info and exporting to calendar. Otherwise this app rocks. I did buy the pro version to help support development.

Gary McBride

Export problem solved... ...was having problems with exporting, now I can export just a week, the month or the whole year at once. Works great now. The stars are yours.

Jake Lodder

Great app Thanks for an awesome app. It's super easy to use and doesn't have excessive features. One thing I'd like to see though would be a graphic calendar (week) view of hours worked.

Sheena S

The app works well. I'm not able to set up my pay periods because they're sort of funky but I can export and work around it in excel.

Wilmer Perez

App is great...But I couldn't set up a pay period for twice a month starting on the 10th and 24th of each month, is this possible?

Philip Ro

Awesome I appreciate the clean look compared to many of the other shift logging apps I tried. Serves my purposes perfectly

Topher Allez

Fantastic Awsome app. So easy to set up and add shifts. Have recommended to all my work mates. Would be better with an import feature or ability to sync and use over multiple devices

Joanne Wing

The only thing that for me stops this being a five is that you can't copy shifts as I work the mostly the same shift on certain days it would be easier but apart from that its great x


Almost there There's a few things missing from the pay version that I'd like to see added: 1) Default shifts - I'd like the option for a default shift time to be entered into the boxes when I hit 'new shift', as opposed to whatever the current time is. 2) Can we get multiple pay rates, selectable by date? When wage rates go up on a specific date (such as changes in National Minimum wage), entering a new wage rate effects all previous shifts at the previous rate.


Standard for our company The small business I work for has now made this program a requirement for keeping track of our times as it's helped out greatly. We email in spreadsheets of all our times on a weekly basis and the person doing payroll has an easier job entering all the information. Plus it gives you quick and easy access to time worked and money earned. Highly recommended!

Darren Scala

Elegant App Tried several other similar apps and this one was by far the best. Simple, elegant and very useful. Purchased after 30 minutes of playing with the free version. Well-done to the developer.

Brian Litten

Decent app It's very easy to use. One problem is how the files are exported. I'd like to be able to send this directly to the printer in a "list format" for pay period intervals. If there's a way can someone let me know? Then I'd rate this a 5!

Shane Phillips

The app works grate but I travel and I get payed by the hour it does not get added into over time hours and I get a board allowence for every day I'm out of town witch I can not add aswell I also have more then just a one set of deductions would be grate if you could add custom fields to the settings

Topher Allez

Fantastic Having some issues with auto break. Deducts 120 mins from every shift when set to 120 mins from 11 hour only.. am I doing something wrong?

Jake Murray

Very useful This app has been great for keeping track of my hours across different projects and clients. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is if there's a way to view all hours for all jobs in a given time frame. So far I've only been able to see all hours for a specific job. Certainly not a deal breaker by any means though.

Camille Caparas

Exactly what I need This app has saved me so much time. The app is simple and easy to use. It actually helped me find a discrepancy with my written records that would have had me lose money. I think I will be using this app for a long time.

Rebecca Corvello

Best out there! Tried lots of apps, this one is the best around. It would get 5 stars if it was accessible on all platforms, and was able to be synced between them. So, my personal suggestions: make an app for Amazon Kindle, and allow paid subscribers to connect and sync between phone and Kindle. I would love to be able to see my shifts on my Kindle, and make changes that would reflect on my phone. Thanks!!

Stuart Goodrum

Love the App, However... I am due to be getting a pay increase, but when I change my rate, it changes the whole of my past wages to the new rate, I can't set it from a date where I got the rise for it to continue, thanks.

chase bizarri

Very cool Very cool helps alot with keeping my hours straight and has actually saved me some money a couple times! But i bought the pro version to export all to spreadsheet and i dont know what to do with a .db file

Trent Perkins

Support mulit rates/diff area pay I work hospitality, so when I'm in restaurant week days the Pay is different for Saturday and again for Sunday but I also can work in gaming which is another pay rate altogether with the three types of days. Does anyone know a little trick they did or will there be added support?

Dennis Haupt

Nice and simple All the things I need wish for more themes

Ronald Guichon

Excellent! When you exit the app and come back to it, it does not take you to the same pay period that you left off. It takes you to the first pay period of the year. You have to scroll through to find the current pay period. This did not happen on previous versions. *The problem has been fixed and I am giving the app the 5 stars it deserves.

Subash De Menezes

Punch in time I would like to be able to modify punch in time. Should I forget to punch when I start.

Ricardo Arizmendi

Work Log Pro Very user friendly and a app that I have already recommended to my co-workers.

Deymian Harper

Extreamly useful Love this app! Has been extreamly useful to me so far!

Trish Mansell

Highly recommend Easy to use. Back up to your email and easy to transfer all logs to new phone.

Miguel Valentin

Good app It does exactly what it's supposed to. Good for keeping accurate track of worked hours and almost exact pay

Jennifer Ames

It helps me keep track of my hours

Andrew Wagner

Works as should, the UI is excellent, and simple to use. I'm looking forward to future updates!

Torro Zorro

Torro Zorro Love the app, keep up the good work!

Cryss Eli

Very Useful It does exactly what I need it to, I absolutely love it.

Ryan Vegh

Great app! Works exactly like I need. Super easy to keep track of my hours.

Zac Graham

Exactly what I needed. Performs it's function easily and flawlessly.

Big Boi

Awesome App! Awesome App!

Lori Cooke

Love it, but It's been great for keeping track of multiple jobs and somewhat accurately predicting my paychecks. There are only a couple tweaks that would make it perfect for me. 1) I have a job with a non-standard pay period, so it would be great to customize the pay period start and end dates (I.e. 11th to 25th and 26th to 10th) And, 2) the ability to have multiple deduction and bonus percentages

Liz Brotto

Lovin this Love this app would really like a repeat button for same shifts next week so i dont have to keep reentering... but i love this app... awesome

Matthew Tweddell

Only one problem. The break deduction feature doesnt work properly. I have to go back in once saved and resave, then sometimes it takes it off, sometimes it doesnt. Fix and this would be a 5 Star easily!

Ginger Linds

Extremely easy and helpful This is a great app. It is SO easy to set up and no more paper time sheets to fill out and keep up with. The app has worked perfectly since the day I installed it and our bookkeeper loves that she doesn't have to figure out the payment amount.'s already on the spreadsheet. Thank you!! I upgraded to the Pro version almost immediately.

Frank Dornauer

Useful and easy to use... Very simple to get going and actually using the app. One thing missing is the ability to change the hourly pay starting at any given pay period for a particular job, without changing the pay on previous pay periods. The only work around I could figure out was to set up a new job title, which in return doesn't give me the accurate totals for the job, before and after raise. Maybe something to consider for future updates. Really like the export features in the pro version.

Kim Riddick

REQUEST Doesnt calculate my overtime accurately a first hour of the day setting and the option to sync to my calendar get that 5 stars

Stephen Nova

App Best app for clocking in. Love new quick shift feature. Just wondering if there are plans to automatically clock in shifts like on a schedule and also mark pay cycles as paid.

cory Bacon

The best hr log! The best hr log i've used. So many features. Overtime. Expenses, tips etc. Wish there was a bit better control on pay day cutoff days. Hopefully that shows up on an update. Can't imagine not having this app well worth paying for

Nichole McNeill

Personal time sheet I love this app I really do! I do independent contracting work so I have to log different offices and hours. I just backed up my hours today then tried to export them back in and all my info is gone! How do I restore this to the app? I need to turn in my hours tomorrow, not pleased for the first time, please please help!

Marquis Carter

Love it but could love it more The daily wages doesn't calculate in overtime for that day. Totals are still accurate but confusing because daily wages should be higher after hitting overtime. Also I Could use more options on overtime/overtime2 conditions. For example i get double time on Sundays but it's difficult to set that up under same job. Also should be able to view All jobs and total total pay together somewhere if choose to. Also few tiny bugs. Overall great app and I'd recommend to anyone.

Leland Benton

Extremely useful. Needs fail-safes. Now if only we could add Federal and state withholding along with SS and Medicare. Does not remember punch in/punch out shifts if it crashes or closes before you hit the "save" button. Should automatically save a shifts punch time as soon as you hit punch button. In case it crashes. I hit the punch in button and then my phone died. And it completely forgot that I had an active shift when I started my phone back up. Luckily I wrote it down on a piece of paper in case there was a problem.

Grant Burridge

Almost 5 stars Simple and easy to use. Should automatically sync with Google Drive.

Stephanie DeLeon

It will not let me change the am to pm. It stays on am the whole time :(

Sabrina Microutsicos

Love this app! It is so easy to use! No complaints. Overall great app!

Paul S

Top Notch Great app for keeping track of work hours.

Joseph Sainato

Amazingly Usefull I have four pay rates and this app saves me a lot of time and hassle. With the option to export all jobs to a single exel sheet with a total, I would give another star if I could.

Simon Birch

Freelance hours made simple Great app. It's a simple idea but quick and easy to use, which is key. Much easier than entering times into a spreadsheet as I used to do. You can set a pay period - which is a nice function too - and export to a spreadsheet from whichever time period you choose. I find it a little odd that you can't seem to download the spreadsheet direct, but instead have to email or save it to Google drive etc. (perhaps I'm missing something). I'd like to see an option to export PDF rather than an editable spreadsheet.

Jamie Oswalt

So far so good! It's a great app! Not filled with nonsense just to the point and easy to use. I'm recommending it to my co-workers as well. Thank you :)

robert evans

New phone Brilliant app but I've just got a new phone is there a way of transfering my data across with me.

Daniel Stevens

Wonderful app This app does everything that I need it to do. It keeps track by week and more. As salaried employee it helps keep track of my hours for the week.

Samuel Bonanno

Works well. This is the second time I have used this app and am still quite happy with it.

Nuno Santos

Needs sync option. Would have given five stars if it had the option to sync between mutiple devices.

Zach Porter

Works for me I use it to track my daily hours and it works great for me.

Christopher Zito

Good app Cannot use any longer please refund

Rod Veatch

Great for predicting paychecks. Can plug in your shifts everyday and then plug in the tax deduction rate to figure your check almost exactly every week before you even look at it. Awesome app.

Jay Wasmer

Works great I have enjoyed having the program to assist in managing my hours, shifts and different jobs. I wish the export options were easier to make a spreadsheet rather than only email it.... But minor complaints for that.

Phantom Blackstar

Great app This is a app that is so useful to me I clock in and out everyday but I was wondering is there anyway to separate the week you looking instead of viewing last week and this week together? Never mind I found it .

Olga Perepolka

The best! The most laconic and functional app with interface you don't need to get used to, very comfortable!

Ernesto Hernandez

Wonderful Stops my boss from getting over on me and just handy too keep track of your hours

Tony Brosio

Absolutely love this app!! I use it everyday! Love everything about this app!! Keep it up!!

Viviana Navarro

Great app This is a great app, I love it because I have babysitting jobs, and it helps me track down the hours. But I wish I could have an option for example, I just received a raise how can I change that without changing my whole annual hours?

Kyle Bollacker

Great function had one issue App works great. Wouldn't have minded buying full version in a pinch on vacation but for malfunction. All hours from real time punch in and out were converted to the time zone I flew to! Useless if you travel and forget to email your hours until you're at the beach. Please respond and fix for 5 stars.

Edgar Moncada

Very good, but miscalculates. Very good it tracks the hours and overtime to the minute, but miscalculates hourly wage to hours worked for each day to get the correct pay. Can you help me with it?

Gary Vazquez

Great paycheck tracker After I figured it out, this thing is awesome! It automatically deductible lunch, figures in overtime and has multiple job settings for second jobs or different rates of pay. I use it every week.

Jay McConnell

I like it Only problem I had was when I upgraded so I could export... lost everything when it installed the pro version. Other than that, I do like it.

Jacob Taylor

This app is great. I had it on my note 3 and it worked great. But when I put it on my work phone ( edge 7) there have been a few glitches. If I update my time it will not show the new hour calculations. Please let me know what can do to fix this and I would give a five star

William Pirkle

Very good but need some help The only thing that I have about this Is the holiday pay. I can't seem to set it right. Any suggestions? I'm trying to set it for time and a half with my hourly rate which is 9.00. If I can get some help I'll upgrade to 5 stars

Derek Jackson

Thank You Thank you for giving your customers exactly what we want and Need. I use this Religiously! If there is one suggestion I could make, Please adjust pay for people on salary. We cannot enter our pay w/o accumulating overtime and etc. Even without this, your app is amazing*****

Weston Black

Perfect! I would give more stars if I could. Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to clock in and out. Automatic payday option. Widget. Ability to edit and update and add shifts. Multiple jobs are covered. Ability to cleanly export l. Exactly was I was looking for and MORE done cleanly, quickly, and with no hassle. The one option I would like to see added would be to see the hours logged in a specific time period across all of the jobs. But it's not essential and this app is absolutely amazing as is.

Yehonatan Tsirolnik

Very useful but has a bug For some reason, when I set my currency to Israel then the money earned is displayed in Arabic font instead of regular Latin and ILS

SH4RP SH0073R-902

Work log pro I like it Lot best one I've used soo far, but the 2 week period doesn't update one the 2 week period ends

Betsy DelBene

Have used it for 8 weeks. It's simple, but I can't seem to syn the hours I punch in on my Android phone with tablets hours.

Vanessa Smith

The only app I've ever paid for! And it was totally worth it! I use it every day and since I need to send my hours to my employer, the export to excel function makes it so simple!

laurie johnson

Question! I would give this app 5 stars if you could export/share through text instead of just email etc. Is this something that might be added to the app in the future? Otherwise great app!

Dana Boyd

This app is perfect for what I do I work hourly as well as contract this app allows me to keep track of both

Hn Rizzo

Does what I need done. Simple to the point. Pro: This app has allowed me to customize the input I need in regards to time, mileage, expenses, and notes. Also I could export my data onto an excel file. Con: The word "sales" is the only option used to describe money earned even though my position isn't sales but rather paid projects. Also, the filter for viewing shifts is defaulted from top to bottom to show older shifts first. Instead of choosing the filter preference everytime, I would hope for newer shifts to show first by default.

Ross Johnson

Export I tried to email it to myself and when clicking on the attachment i receive a message that I don't have an app to open file. Only issue so far


Works great on Galaxy tab4 Lately I've been lazy and just send weekly screenshots of my workweek hours to my boss, it works great for that :). Only thing i wish i could do, is to show the amount of time spent on break in a column in "view shifts". I don't really use the pro features, but this app deserves the support.

Rickey Napper

Great app just wish it was eaiser to to email my hours at the end of week

Tammy Timmers

Work log pro Needs improvement on space for notes and detailed descriptions to be written.

Andrew Wright

I don't quite understand the decision to not have the pro icon hidden, like almost every key app I've ever downloaded besides this, but the beast app is pretty good, if not a tiny bit dated looking. It still serves its functions and that would get a recommendation from me. A FAB for shift additions would be great.

Donna Hendricks

Good app. Not very intuitive at first but I figured it out, except that I can't delete one of my jobs. Better than others that I tried though. Update: For some reason they took the day of the week off of the dates, so now it's much harder for me to check when I work. For me, it's easier to look for "Monday" than to figure out if Monday is the 24th or 25th... I got a reply and now I can have the day of the week show! Thank you so much! I really love this app and have recommended it to a lot of people! Thanks for the quick reply and great service!

Mansoor Ahmed

Fantastic App I first loaded the basic app but straight away bought the premium version. It's very user friendly and simple yet possess all the useful bit required to record hours and keep a track. I would like though to have a few bits that would make this app even great. 1: there should be a password lock for safety. 2: export excel file should have the same breakdown as the app itself of £ value of hours, mileage and a grand total, at the moment it just gives a total £ for hours but no £ value for mileage.

Scott Wade

Best application on market First application I paid for. It does everything so well. Wasn't ads that got me buying, just wanted to help the developer. Everything works just perfect. Been using since I started my new job last August, and no problems in the whole time. Saved money when boss wasn't putting in correct hour, I had the information I needed right there.

Ana Campbell

Love this app! I have been using it since April, and haven't had any problems with it! I recently got a new phone though. Is there a way that I can transfer the old logs from my old phone to my new phone? I've tried AndroidBeam but it only gives me a SpreadSheet. I just want to be able to sync both apps. Any help would be appreciated! :)

A. P. J.S.

Great app 1 thing missing!! I have a s7 Edge & the app works great. The only problem I have is that it has no way to put in a start date for a pay raise. It only allows you to put it in as is but once that's done it shows that pay rate for previous shifts that have already been paid. Please fix this for 5 stars.

Rick McEwen

Useful, but I like how it works. It is a very good app. Adding and editing shifts to jobs is rather easy and the widget saves time. One thing I do not like is that if I have set a break it does not show in the exported csv file. It shows date, time periods, hours, notes, and total hours, but not breaks. Something I knew was not included and would like to see would be the ability to apply an signature to the exported file. I export it to pdf to send it to a third party and they like signatures. Thanks for the app.

Lee Holmes

Useful Great for sending fast updates for timesheet use with my agency as a contractor. Buy the pro pack for the export function which again is great to convert to excel spreadsheets for email to send to agencies etc. My only request is that the breaks be added to the excel spreadsheet on export so they can be recorded. Also it doesn't need to look great, it's functional like a Microsoft business product and simple means less to go wrong, especially when you need it fast, Thanks very much saved me time.

Kathy Marrows

I have got a new phone, and I have had to start again, how can I combined the two please? Also how can I keep track of my annual leave, for every 80 hours I work I get 1 day and this is paid out every 6 months? Kat

Amsha Paddyfoot

Great but not perfect. The main reason I didn't give five star is after purchasing the upgrade I ended up with two work log apps so I decided to uninstall one after doing so all my previous data was lost and I'm still mad. It makes no sense having two apps.

Rebecca Kratz

Really decent for a mobile app I'm updating because I finally figured out how to mark a shift as having been paid. This is incredible considering that this is a mobile app and not software for a full sized computer. It's fairly easy to use and cheap. I'm working as a seamstress, so it's very important that my hours reflect exactly what I was working on. It was easy to export and email to my boss, and now that I know how to mark things as having been paid or not I don't have to worry about duplications

Thomas Bradley

What's up with the overtime?I basically have to triple my wages just to make it right.fix that and will be great to use Overtime calculation is messed up

Simon Aligny

Good app but... I love the app easy to use apart that its not possible to export the file straight to the phone it needs to be sent by email. And if it was possible to get a different format as .csv isnt ideal .xls or pdf would be nice.

Thomas Lewis

I'm having trouble App if perfect and simple for my needs but... When I backup to google drive or one drive it is now telling me file type is unsupported. Not sure what to do

Andrew Diaz

Please change date format. Please allow a better date format for the day of the week. For example: Mon, Aug 25 instead of Mon, Aug 25/16. I just feel like this format is too cluttered, but it's the only format that offers the actual day of the week, which is important for me at my job. Please change this back, I rely on this app as my offline schedule and records. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Reginald Huggins

Very Helpful Love it as it total up all the times, but the only thing is that when you take off like your lunch it take it away from they base hours instead of the total hours worked for the day. Can you fix that so users won't have to make the extra calculation? If you can do that then my rating becomes a 5 star.

Leslie S

Very helpful but could be better User friendly and accurate. I Like that i can export the list to my email. Itd be nice to be able to have a login and be able to access recors at all times in a different device in the case the phone breaks again and i was not able to export. I have not found this feature yet and if it had it, id give it 5 stars.

Carrie Hagen

Great App is great, but I am having one issue. I go to export it to my Google Drive. It's there but when I tap on it to open it. It does nothing. Says it's processing but never opens.

Danny Margolin

All great but one thing I have downloaded the upgrade and thought it is the actual pro version. I was able to access my hours from this app, so I deleted the free one I had before. Now all my hours are lost. Is there any way of getting them back?

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