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16 Oct
Wipeout 2

Posted by Activision Publishing, Inc. in Action | Oct. 16, 2014 | 100 Comments

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“Big Ball Bonanza!” – Apple n Apps

“Fans will instantly feel at home” – 148 Apps

Now you can bring the fun and excitement of the popular Wipeout TV show to life in a whole new way! Tackle wacky obstacles and pull off hilarious Wipeouts in 135 levels anywhere you go! Run, jump and dive through your favorite challenges from the hit show. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Big Balls?
PLAY AS CRAZY NEW CHARACTERS ON OUTRAGOUS THEMED OBSTACLES: Play as 10 hilarious characters including a Zombie, Pirate and Popstar as you run through 150 zany themed obstacles!
• COMPETE AGAINST FRIENDS: Watch your progress on the social map and leaderboards to see how you stack up against your friends.
• CRASH, BASH AND DASH THROUGH THE COURSE OF THE DAY: Try your hand at new daily courses to unlock special rewards!
• ADD FUN UPGRADES AND ABILITIES: Customize your character with performance enhancing costumes and abilities like rewind, teleport, and speed boost.
• BIG BALL WORTHY DAILY REWARDS: Receive a variety of rewards, including coins and power-ups!
This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

Whats new

    - NEW alternative jump/slide controls, access Options to switch to tap controls.
    - NEW ability to skip wipeouts to get back in the game quickly.
    - NEW Starter Pack for $0.99 containing everything any new player needs!
    - Ten action packed new seasons! That's 90 new levels!
    - Fixed miscellaneous bugs

Activision Publishing, Inc. part of our Action and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Oct. 16, 2014. Google play rating is 72.3663. Current verison is 1.0.2. Actual size 53.0 MB.

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Zarya Makaiya Powell-Thompson

The controls suck It's a great idea of a game, but the controls suck! I can't run when I want to, it either makes the character slide or jump. It really sucks.

Kaley Ray

Really The controls suck I can't even slide or jump without it glitching and making me fall. This game needs major improvements until then I have uninstalled it and have rated a one. I strongly suggest you do the same.

Olivia Edington

What? I like the show wipeout and this was NOTHING like it! The controls suck and all that the game does is make you fail at everything!

Kayla Calovich

Funish.... This game has some bugs it needs to work out. I also don't like all the in app purchase you need to have I understand you are trying to make a profit off the app...but you should at least give us about 5 free characters to choose from so we can get used to the game and learn to love it....

Teagan Rose

No fun The game gives you no time to do anything it has a delay and I would never recommend this game to any one even if I got paid to!

Joseph Fisher

Sucks You can't jump or slide when you actually need to. And nothing like the show when you get knocked there's nothing you can tap to get up you just fall and go back to last check point

Gebron Johnson

This game Sucks!!!! I really can't move I can't jump or slide when ever I want to like come on its so stupid every time I tried to jump it makes me jump 4 seconds later don't waste your time downloading this game cuz it sucks.

CW Kennedy

Good, but.... I have already purchased two characters and increased their attributes a while ago and for some reason, i have to keep purchasing the same characters that i already bought. I don't know if this is on purpose or accidental. Not cool!!! I would like to know. This would get atleast 4 maybe 5 stars if i didn't have this problem. If this is not fixed, i will uninstall this game.

Pamela Thompson

Rolando Thompson love it. This game is great do not listen to these haters man me and my brother play with this game like every day they are hating on it probably because they phone or something is not working well . So you should get the this game its really funny too.

Greg Ayotte

Atrocious Controls Jump and slide work about half the time when facing obstacles. This makes for a frustrating game play experience. Would rate 0 stars if option existed. This game has been removed from my phone!

Cuiny Liautaud

Addictive Game, but the controls suck! My brother has this game and I played a few rounds and was hooked☺?. But the bad thing is that the controls don't work well. I mean that if you want to jump you slide. PLEASE improve this game to much to delete it??. I give 4 stars just to be supportive but it deserves 1. Not even?

Clark Sayre

I recommend It glitches every now and then, but it's still a lot of fun. I beat all of the levels, so it's not impossible, but it is tough. I would recommend getting it!

Ada Boichard

Total junk Well it would be more fun if the controls were easy to understand so I am UNINSTALLING?

Arun Garg

Nice game.. reminds about the show I have completed all the levels in thr game... awesome it ia.. liked it very much. Just wondering when would new levels be introduced. Just one concern, it is hard to earn enough ballsy bucks to unlock all characters.

Nakiya Halsel

Its okay I guess Not a great game because the screen freezes sometimes but a fun challenge so 3

angel potete

Work on better control I cannot accomplish that while I cannot slide I cannot run that well because you have to use your finger and it's hard to jump and stuff and they need to fix that issue you know have the controller you make you know you have to like on Temple Run make your phone go back and forth you know I mean I liked it was fun but I just cannot get past one level

Noah Provo

3 stars only Good graphics but this game is SO hard to beat and bad controls please fix these problems and I might give it 5 stars ( p.s just like the show

andre tanner

Dude what the hell Yo this game was great it was a five all the way through was having a great time and all....but since new year's eve all of the characters that i have unlocked have relocked.... That socks like crazy you guys really should fix this like asap.

Alyssa Stewart

No.. Just.. No.. Absolutely retarted! No offense but the controls, are just horrible and irritating. Definetly needs work... by all the comments i can tell you guys havent even advanced to try and fix this. You think oh whatever some people saying the controls need work.. Well dont complain when you drop to only a couple hundred users. I am never downloading a game of yours ever again Sorry capeesh. Lifes a b sometimes. o3o

Tracie Sawinski

Cool It is a cool app but I do get frustrated sometimes because it makes you die to easily

Tyler Shafer

Phon joincen shut up because we do not have a bad phone I have a app that will never make my phone bad or slow down I it sucks like I'm pressing up it won't jump it only jumps randomly and just to let you know I'm not a hater ow and by the way I'm talking about the second one the first one is fine sorry

Christopher Coomer

Too glitchy Most things are blacked out, everything's slow, and my character doesn't do what I tell it to more than half the time. I've even tried reinstalling and it plays just the same.

Angel789 W

Not fair I agree with Kaley ray it can't just make u wipeout it's a stupid game it doesn't let you do anything if I were u I wouldn't install it

Jeff Painter

But How many times are you gonna rip me off and make me buy characters over and over again RIP OFF and no replies from development thanks alot

armando mora

The charecters They don't look cool the controls are hard to control and I never played the first Wipeout but it looks way better and better charecters who agrees with mw

Alena Brown

Not good at all I can't even beat one level and the controls suck if you can make it easier and have better controls I will give it a better rate. Until then I will install the game and keep this rate. Also the game sucks

Emma Canales

Worst game I hate it every time I bump and fall and the character always get dizzy and when that happens it wastes my time dont down load this game ever it sucks when it pauses it wasts your time and it is impossible to master plus it never lets me play I have to wait like for a day or so

Sierra Hussef

Ugh! I hate this game nice concept kind of like subway surfers except the controls suck and it always freezes frerzzes and i think the opponent is always just breezing by the obsticals and there always winning not me because when i jump i slide and when i jump i slide

Zoe Powell

Okay This game is really fun but a lot of times the charectar doesn't jump or duck when I command it to. And the opponent is unrealistic . They never wipe out at all and one time when I wiped out he was at 160 when I came back he was at 200 plz fix this game

Honesty David

Its ok It's cofusing cuz of the control isnt the left-hand side effect suppose to be jump n the right hand side effect suppose to make u run.Its easier.


Terrible The control's suck, I can't slide when I run, I try backing up and I jump, I go forward, I jump then start running or duck and then stay still, there's no joystick option so really its just a waste of time :/

The One and Only Lauren

I don't know?? I don't know why you guys pick on it it an OK game I mean the controls are bad but beside that its amusing, I would download it give it a shot I mean if you don't like then undownload it

Marie Doville

Update sucks on Note 3 Updated yesterday and it's like something out of a bad movie. This update made it unplayable. I tap on the level and it takes one energy from me but can't play it. Also I have like 4 levels of the same season which is crazy and not to mention the fact that I have players that I haven't even unlocked yet. So awful, please fix. I enjoyed it immensely before the update despite the minor bugs it had when i played like the person running and doing weird things about themselves without touching any of the control

Ricardo Lopez

Always lags Never plays when it does it lags I'll give it a fourth of a star if I could!!!

Miss MineCraft

0 stars It was affol I get to the first time u have to slide under sum thing and it won't let me so freaking stuiped. I'm uninstalling right now.

Corey Bailey

I HATE this game This game sucks whenever I try to slide it stops in the middle and I whipe out I read some of the ratings before I said anything and a BUNCH of other people think this game is terrible I'm uninstalling this game good luck in the business world have fun living with your mother when you run out of business

Monica Bradley

Hate it If I could give it 0 stars I would it sucks and I have never even played the first wipout so I wonder if that is good or not because if it is that is just a one time thing

Cindy Baez

Its great no glitches or delays only problem is the big balls are to bouncy .. Haha Love It I recommend

Zinat CherryDorbs

The game is horrible The movements are really bad I mean sometimes when you take your thumb off it is still going and promise me once read never install this game :(

Paula Gonzalez

Best game ever :) ............not I frieken hate really hard on seasone two and can pass it I hate it so mucch f... thus game.

David Stakes

Runs perfectly I'm not sure why so many people are complaing about glitches & controls. Maybe their phone just sucks because it runs flawlessly on my old HTC One M8. Fun game

Ijeoma Nwerem

Hate This game is so bad with controls that there us no words to explain it I love Wipeout but this game ruined it

Kelinna Karen

? Worst game ever control suck they cheat u they time u not enough time and they make you have a competitor make a new wipe out and make it better other wise good game

Dusten Epperson

WTF I would give this game 5 stars but every couple days the characters I buy go away n I have to rebuy them even the one I bought n a package. You guys rly need to fix that.

Maria Saucedo

Don't waste your time! Controls work whenever they want to. Waited too long for an update. Uninstalling! ?

MacKenzie Wheeler

Needs Fixing This game is awesome and super fun but sometimes when i swipe up to jump, or doen to slide, my character just keeps running. And it does this a lot. Its driving me crazy!

Sabrina Brown

Ok The only reason I'm giving this app 2 stars is because it's easy to pass season 1 but after that it gets to complicated seriously you need to make a game that is not so challenging for the children I'm glad I've made it so far in the game this game needs some serious improvements it very challenging for the people who play and when you buy the characters you can't even keep them for that long because something happens and it takes your characters away I mean I only had one character for like 2 days

robertandsarah jones

1 star until fixed....if fixed 5 stars All my characters were erased when I reached 254 star level

Jodi Palmer

Hurrable I hate this game it sucks when I try to run I will fall in stead. and it runs so slow. And my phone is not mest up so the people that likes this game is so weird. I am uninstalling this hurrable game!

Carbs B.

Fun....and a nightmare! As a whole, the game is awesome. I have a three-year-old phone which might be the cause for some lag the game has. Improvements with the controls are greatly needed as it is difficult to run. Time after wipeouts should be a lot faster because it is stressful seeing your player knocked out for an amount of seconds and finding out they have to back to the checkpoints. I believe the iOS version is a little superior than this version.


Brilliant game!!! Youre so liars,this is the best game had ever seen!! And the opponent its not to fast because sometimes i won against my opponent,Ok??And the time that it takes the person of the game to heal is important,and dont be morons in the time that it takes you can take a brake for breath and continue playing!!! And of course the controls are so good!!!,Ok??So shut up,such a very impatient liars!!!

Jacqueline Baez

This freezes a lot and it is terrible but I gave you three stars because of your obstacles the first wipeout is better than this one

Radarious Milsap

U guys are just being mean Why are the same ones that always comment bad mostly every game I go to u guys are always commenting bad shut up and enjoy the game .

Kazuko Bain

Just horibal It won't let me jump and it is too fast the controls suck like literally oh UNstalling it so you better fix it before other people play it or they put a bad viewon it to✖

schylar Grunberg

Bad Every time I get at least half way through the cores or finish the cores it takes me back to the home screen and I do not like this it to me back to my home screen 4 time already and I finished 2 core's and I just got the game like 5 minutes ago

kaitlyn joseph

Stupid controls U can't jump when u want or slide or duck its really really really really really stupid I hate it and if you try to duck it jumps and you always lose if anybody else thinks this please write about it like me I absolutely hate it I'm not going to put not even 1 freaking star cause it stupid but I am determined to defeat it and keep trying to do that. But it won't let me take away that last star so I will act like its gone.

Muzamal Jamali

Love it So good I loved so much I'm muzamal sister younger sis not muzamal just telling you I talk a lot sorry love it

Sabrina Howard

I hate it who ever made it an idiot One I don't like this because it is not fair because our opponent should not be able to just go straight and not play and to whoever made his game is a complete idiot . Plus I don't even think it's fair that we can't even move because my controllers won't let me move.

Devesha Smith

worst game ever this game sucks you guys make it look all nice and cool but it sucks so much

Brandi Williams

Need improvements I give this game a two because sometimes when I jump it slide and I lose and it take to long to get your characters lives and nobody can get that many stares when you get to a higher level??

Carley Mann

Seriously!!?? Okay. So I'm being civil and giving you a three. But do you know how mad right now. Like I have bought 2 characters and played them for a few days but then it took them away. Is this supposed to happen?

Bryan Garrett

This game is great Warning it takes guts and thinking and perfect timing which I am great at I am at season seven do not worry you will get there but there is one incy problem Kaley ray is kind of right and let's not be rude about it

Mackenzie Kellerman

Sucks To bad it won't let me give less stars because I would put "THIS GAME TOTALLY SUCKS". I don't see how people like this game?

Haley White

So mad This game is very fun.. But when I purchase some of the characters on my card. And for some reason I don't play in the game for couple days. and it makes me purchase them again. I think it's kinda crappy. And another way just to make more money. So in order to make this game a lot better I think you should only have to purchase the characters 1 time and 1 time only. And other than that it's a pretty good game. Very addictive. It would be nice to only have to purchase the characters one time.

Vanessa Delcid

Great passtime I love this game, I saw on the reviews that people were having issues with the controls? A glitch happens very rarely when I play and I have a galaxy s5. Maybe it has to do with the phone that they have because when I used to have a galaxy s3, games used to glitch on me all the time. Anyways other than that the game is fun and enjoyable, I hope they keep making levels. I've gotten pretty far without having to pay for anything so it's not one of those games that's trying to rob you with.

Larina Steven

For one the control sucks everytime I jump it never let's me jump. For two It gives you no time to finish the game. You have to finish the course in order to get a one lowsy ballsy buck!! You have to be dumb as hell to think anyone would ever buy out of there own pockets for ballsy bucks! If the controls were better and had a little bit more time to finish the game, and it was easier to get ballsy bucks I would give it 5 stars.

Natalie Hayes

Listen! Do you even read our comments, you, as a company should know that if you have a low rating, that you need other people's comments to make your game a game worth five stars? And if everyone but a few people are complaining about controls plz fix. My electronics work perfectly, and I love the meaning of the game, just make the game a little less expensive, and fix controls.

Gaming BlackLight Retribution Pro

So awesome, is it possible if you guys can donate me coins hehe The controls to me are perfect you just need to get just to it. But my problem was that it was to hard to collect coins. Everything else loved it and I enjoyed it. That's why I give you creators of this game a 5star. I'm only 12 years old and For me this is really inter tanning to me . Xd (:

Candice Middione

Not great It doesn't really let u jump or slid I've head the game for about a month and its not to good and each character only gets 3 runs? and if you don't get another character then have fun waiting⏳ 18 minutes cause that's what u gotta do but it is a little fun??????????

Chelsea Ex

wtf its obvious that you people purposefully make the fall happen in slow motion when the character gets hit. making the player lose 5 seconds on the timer. it is really annoying and plus when the character gets hit and stays on the course, the game just sits there and the timee keeps going while the character isn't moving. its a glitch just so the person playing the game loses to the computer. I am very annoyed and i am deleting this game

Angel Marie

The game messes you up... This game is fun and all but the stupid thing slows down and does things that i didnt do. It needs fixing bad and im about to uninstall. And the characters are stupid it makes you run into things and messes you up up until your almlst out of time then it lets you go through. I fully beleive this game is rigged and i would never spend my money on it. UNINSTALLING NOW

Billy Shaffer

Controls suck Game is repetitive, boring, and in general uninteresting. It plays like someone took a successful infinite runner, gave it a level system and stripped away the upgrade system. But it does have in app purchases, so if you want to be the best at this game go right ahead and supliment these devs, we really need more games of this quality XD

Kelly Bennett

Fun but It's fun but the controls should be more sensitive. I'll be playing and won't touch it EXACTLY right so it won't work. They could be better and easier also you CAN NOT beat your opponent if you mess up once. When you do its basically over. This game will make you so ANGRY.

Danielle Schwieger

My son loves this game My son loves this game. He's always asking if my husband or I will play it. So we've made it pretty far. However recently all of the people we have "bought" have been taken away. It's pretty fun and entertaining. I would have rated it 5 stars if I didn't have to re install this game twice now and my people keep disappearing.

boss agent 13 22k

I HATE this game because... sorry but the controls are awful I'm sure it's not easy to design a game and controls but if you've is designed the game make the controls as good as the graphics and all of that kind of stuff don't spend so much time on all that stuff and no time on the controls cuz the controls are in my opinion the most important part of a game I mean the game has to look cool too but it's cool degsinges only take it so far the game has to fulfill it's purpose the game has to actually work

Cuiny Liautaud

Addictive Game, but the controls suck! My brother has this game and I played a few rounds and was hooked☺?. But the bad thing is that the controls don't work well. I mean that if you want to jump you slide. PLEASE improve this game to much to delete it??. I give 4 stars just to be supportive but it deserves 1. Not even?

Steve Beneda

Controls SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I attempted to play this game and as EVERYONE ELSE experienced the controls are Shite. And yes it would seem the creators have no intention on fixing the issue. DONT WAIST THE TIME OR SPACE ON YOUR PHONE TO PLAY THIS WAIST OF TIME GAME. id see this game removed and the the makers banned from developing future games as they seem to be in incompetent douche bags unfamiliar with the term quality and user satisfaction. The game is undeserving of the single start its been given representing (hated it)!!!!!.

SamSlayzFTW PvP

Terrible Controls suck and glitchey. The controls suck because if i try to run i walk. Also the character getting tired is dumb and hate i hate it. Sometimes if i get hit slowly the game doesnt realize i wiped out and i sit there while the opponent gets far ahead. I like the 3ds version so muck better. The 3ds version has great controls because it has buttons. Putting it on mobile was a dumb idea because theres no buttons just a screen. And also the opponents are better in the 3ds version. Good job on the 3ds version but you all did a pathetic job here.


Love it but..... This app is cool but it has problems. Just kidding. lol. But he yeah get this app. Totally. It's so cool. I love it. It's the best app of all times. I just love it. Lollypop. I don't know I'm just bored and on iPhone you have to pay to rate a app. So yeah. Love it so much. I really like the swipe to text thing on android tablet. So that's how I'm typing this. I hope you enjoyed this review. Thank you for your time a and patience for reading this. I like unicorns and rainbows. They are very pretty. So yeah.

Alyssa Wyatt

Alright Its a ok game ends but there is a lot of glitches. When b i try to slide down under the opsticals it wont let me so i keep losing and its very frustrating. Also the characters dont charger up fast enough and you in only get a small amount of coins each round

Tyrell Shaver

Meh Not the best. The first and second Wipeouts were both kind of crappy. Also there`s something people call realistic and this did not do that at all. You could have given the control column a little more reaction time because the reaction times are bad.

McKayla Scott

WARNING very addicting!!! This game is sooo much fun, but it is sooo addicting!!! If you don't want to be playing it constantly and get hooked by it,then do not get this app. I don't know what these fools mean about the controls not working... they work fine on my tablet, and my friend's Ipad. Trust me, you want this game. Unless you don't want to be addicted... then DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!! You have been warned!!!

lisha G

Controls are horrible! They really need to fix this game. It would be a great game if they would fix the controls. Jumping is terrible it doesn't work half the time and end up sliding or it just doesn't work at all causing you too fall. Please fix this!

Taylor Aldrich

it crashes every time I open it. either right after I've started running or right before I finish the first course. this game has major bugs and the controls suck!!! it's being uninstalled. fix these problems and It will be a five. the game is fun other wise

Alexandria Butera

Won't work The reason I give this two stars is because it's a good game. HOWEVER sometime the app will only let me go to the home screen and won't let me click anything also it freezes often and is rather horid to run... Will be uninstalling and never reinstalling.

Carnell Young

Horrifying This game is fun, but the controls are simply out of control. I'm not able to even get through season 4 because the of the controls. Another thing is the obstacles. The timing of them is completely off. They're the bigger problem. Game is to glitcy. This is unacceptable.

Christion Belnap

I think the game needs some work because it keeps on glitching You should make the game. What's that much it's like it's pretty it's really fun just it which is a lot for me so I was wondering if you could fix that for me and you guys should also pick you up at 3 cuz I love Wipeout games

Jackie Smith

Not good Controls stink, and this one level makes it so you have to spend money to get past it. Used to be good, but I nearly broke my tablet in fury because it DOESNT WORK!!!?? if you can't actually play the game, what's the use? It is too hard and takes up too much space?

Dejana Leary

Obey Champion Thus games cheats too much. It doesn't allow enough time. Also they cheat for your opponent and let's them allow to be ahead of you. This game sucks. I should allow to get my own oppion just like every body else .?

Trudy McClintic

LISTEN HERE FIRST If you are even thinking about downloading this game, STOP. I'll give you five reasons why not to download this.1 The controls are terrible. I slide And get pushed into the water anyway! 2 You can't win. The first and second seasons are then ones you win the third and above NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! you will always lose to your opponent! 3 You get pushed into the water no matter what you can be so careful you fall off anyway!4 Your player is "broken" after 3 rounds! Even if you play the same round! 5 THE FIRST ONE IS BETTER!!!!!!! AND IF THERE WAS A WAY TO DO NO STARS THATS WHAT IT WOULD BE!!! THE PROBLEM IS THE CONTROLLING!!!! SO FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curtis Fields

Really, They say that they fixed the bugs but there is still very much time lag. Do not waste time like I did. Almost impossible to get good time because of lag and poor control over your player. VERY bad game. I suggest that if you are looking for a game look somewhere else.

David Perales

PLEASE HELP ME!!! This message is for the programmer. I've been a big fan of this app for a long time now. I haven't played for a week now and I've just tried to play and all my purchased characters are on a negative play countdown that jus keeps going. Basically, it's making me wait longer and longer to play. Can you please help me with this issue???

E&C Show

The game is just as good as the show! I love wipeout! I love the games and the videos on u tube! I love the red balls. The big problem is that it doesent control well. Whenever I want my character to jump, I swipe upwards and nothing happens! PLZ FIX SO I WILL GIVE IT A 5 STAR.

Nicole Francis

Wow So cool idea if I could make it further then the first 30 seconds.... The controls are completely jacked. I run and mid run, I jump.. Or during running when I want to jump, I don't. None of the controls work properly. Wouldn't recommend this game unless fixed.


Its okay •-• I don't know why people keep complaining about the controls because you can just change them in options. I do agree it is hard to control on the big balls but other then that that s game is pretty Great but the graphics are indeed pretty poop.

Mary-Grace Myers

This game is a total rip off This game is so terrible. The controls are very hard to control and the game is nothing like the pictures described. I don't even know how this game got a 3.6. I would have rated it zero stars but that option isn't available

melanie taylor

Don't care what you haters thank I give this game a 5 star. Because it is very good game for me and my kids. Like Taylor Swift says the hater are going to hate hate hate. Well, let them hate all they want.

Karlie Tran

I ♥ Wipeout I knew I loved Wipeout #1, but I absolutely love Wipeout #2! (The game lags a little, but that's just my tablet!) Anyway, the Big Balls are hard and you can't control them very well, and I don't like the competitor/opponent. The 'lives' are.....well....bad! But, otherwise, WIPEOUT 2 is pretty good! ♥♡★☆■□●○▪°•◇◆¤

Tyler Nah

So disappointed I thought this game would be better. Looks like the show is the only thing that's good. I couldn't even get pass level three the bouncy balls are terrible. This is disappointing you could have did way better than this

Xaq Matthews

Haven't had any problems with controls There are a ton of reviews that complain about the controls of this game not working properly. I haven't had any issues at all. My problem is that the levels are too repetitive, and I've achieved everything possible in this game. It's a fun game, but I wish they'd add more levels and more variety.

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