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3 May
WiFi Talk

Posted by Optus Mobile Pty Ltd in Communication | May 3, 2016 | 141 Comments

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Use your Optus mobile number over WiFi!

Found yourself with limited or no indoor mobile coverage? WiFi Talk will help keep you connected at home and in most places that have a WiFi hotspot even without a mobile signal!

Why install WiFiTalk?
- Make and receive calls and texts when indoor coverage is limited.
- Use wherever you can connect to WiFi even when there is no mobile signal.
- You can use your existing Optus mobile number and people calling or texting you don’t do anything different.
- Use it to contact any phone number, mobile or landline, in Australia or overseas.
- Calls and texts are charged to your mobile bill with the same inclusions and rates as your Optus mobile plan.
- Use it at home, a friend’s house, in hotels, the office, shopping centres and loads more places where you can access WiFi (but some WiFi hotspots may not be compatible).

What do I need to use WiFi Talk?
- An Optus mobile postpaid, prepaid or Optus Business plan
- Android version 4.0 or above
- Access to a compatible WiFi connection

WiFi Talk is not compatible with
- Optus network re-sellers or wholesale providers
- Data only services
- Rooted or jail-broken devices
- And cannot be used outside Australia

Whats new

    Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Optus Mobile Pty Ltd part of our Communication and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 3, 2016. Google play rating is 39.064. Current verison is 1.1.4. Actual size 5.3 MB.

Download wifi-talk-1.apk 5.3 MB


Glen Kanawati

Calls lag When i talk to people using this app there is a delay in my voice reaching the other end. Conversations can be quite frustrating. Sound quality is crystal clear, just the delay. Also like messages to integrate into android

Cameron Just

It needs to sync with Androids existing SMS database instead of keeping it's own internal one. New receieved and sent messages never appear in the default android SMS application. I use SMSBackup+ and MightyText which both use Androids internal SMS database. With WifiTalk reinventing the wheel and keeping it's own SMS database it breaks these important applications. Fix that issue and your app will be almost perfect. If this issue is not fixed I'll sadly be forced to move to Telstra. I have been with Optus for over 15 years but their coverage at my home in central Brisbane has dropped to near useless levels. Constant dropped and missed calls.

Kima Downing

Funniest fail ever Installed as no reception at all in our area, unless you walk 100 metres in any direction then near full service. Once installed, app asks for pin "just sent by SMS". As said, in a non service area until the app connects... Just another issue Optus, adds to the rest...

Haydn Roadkill

Phone integration great, needs sms integration Works great for providing "phone reception" in my house, however as multiple people have said, the sms integration seems to be only one way, which for a non technical user would be very hard to use. Would prefer this fixed, or an option to only do phone calls.

Judd Taylor

Great idea but poorly created. Volume too low (and cannot be increased). There should be a setting to remove the persistent banner which remains on the lock screen. Does not integrate messages received / sent via the app with Android messaging system.

Ilone Pillsworth

I can make calls and sms without being confined to my bedroom due to living in a blackspot, thnku optus

Kat White

Works great for me as my home is in a black spot! Some calls haven't been 100% consistent and drop out a little. I'd like the option to hide the 'on' notification from the lock screen. If messages were integrated into the set default messaging app that'd be cool too so I don't have to click between apps to see the full conversation.

Nev Jimenez

Loved it It's really good cause I live rural and this helps alot when coverage is limited..

Brandon Inglis

Almost perfect Sometimes it doesn't work for a bit but its mostly fine

Lahdyo Pojar

What a joke Works well! You have to allow hot spot. Switch it from off to on position. Then its works

Ralph Davis

Doesn't seem to work The setup tells me it can't connect to an Optus network, even though I have coverage. I can only assume that the app only supports direct Optus customers, and doesn't support customers of Optus resellers such as TPG, SpinTel etc? Pity.

Mike Tran

Why would Optus bother restricting Root users? If anything this would help offload users from their already over sold network.. Bravo Optus.. You guys are crap. I'm on optus business plan and Optus cable (with fetch box) so it must be the root issue

Anil Gurung

Best thing that happen to me in 2 years Finally can use phone inside home. Awesome. Only issue i had was, i had few marketers no. on my spam list, i still get those message on the app and won't be blocked as default.

Steven Kijlstra

Have to use optus messaging app Messages received over wifi don't show up in any other messaging app. Also call volume in wifi calls is very low and can't be increased.

Peter Lapic

Sms not stored in stock Messages This app will not work if phone is rooted. Also sms messages are no longer stored in the standard Android Messages. So you have to check in the app as well as stock Messages if you happen to receive messages outside of wifi range which is a pain.

Wayne Steed

Doesn't work on my One Plus Optus WiFi only works on valid Android installation. What a load of rubbish. Get your stupid app working properly. If CBA's banking app can work on phone surely your rubbish phone app can to.

Mohammad Saqib

Impressive Really good. Working for me. The only bad thing i have noticed that even with decent mobile signals, this app triggers wifi based calling. Bit annoying though.

Ty Quinn

Can't answer incoming calls Needs a LOT of work. This app really should be tagged as a beta. The biggest issue for me is that when I have an incoming call, I am able to hear the phone ringing, but there is no way to answer the call. There isn't any screen that comes up to answer the call with and there is no incoming call notification in the notification area. Literally the only thing that happens when I have an incoming call is that I hear it ringing, but I can't do anything about it!!

Wayne Lansdown

Unreliable app. We live in a semi rural setting and had a home zone installed and working perfectly for the past 2 years. As these are being phased out this app i have been told by optus will replace the home zone. Well its crap. It works intermittantly and if you leave your wifi area and return there is no auto connect functionality. So your phone will not re-connect to a known wifi network unless you manually do it EVERY TIME. We have already had cases where no one can contact us. This app is a pathetic replacement.

Thomas Day

Great idea, works but needs refinement Live in residential area black spot. Works as described connecting to Optusnet home wifi. Good idea but alert is annoying and hijacks your phone dialer. Harmonics on line are not good. . Shows great promise but needs some refinement. Calls from Optus mobile to my Optus with wifi has very poor audio. Not reliable to use.

Peter Hull

Good idea, poor execution. On the first day I heard about it I downloaded it to my Asus Zenfone and it worked straight away, able to make incoming and outgoing calls. Great I thought, my coverage problem is solved. Two days later the app stops working, with the message that it can't find a valid Optus service. Because I have the Optus SIM in slot 2 the app can't find it. I put it in slot 1 and it works, but then my other SIM has to be in slot 1 (because that SIM I use for data). So now the app is useless to me in this phone. Back to 2 phones now.

Vijay Bhatia

Good first attempt. Messages not stored in system. This is a good first app, seems to work as described but the main problem is it can retrieve message history from the phone but won't save new messages in the standard area so that it can be read by other sms programs, please fix this and potentially the call history. But mainly the sms's.

Peter Doumouras

Good app if you have normal coverage issues Seems to work pretty well and has improved my call quality and avoided call drop outs. It would be good Optus if my caller ID showed when I call someone with next update. But a good start.

Scott Walker

Due for an update This app is in desperate need of an update, i have NBN speeds but still audio quality is extremely quiet when i have my volume up full! SMS doesn't show people on ur contact list the name of the person messaging.....just to name a few issues. Time for an update....

Karen Anderson

Rubbish Live in a suburb of melbourne with no optus mobile service inside my house. Told by optus my homezone has a hardware fault and this is the replacement. Not one phone call has not dropped out. Text lags and is not stored by the phones message app No mms. This is a rediculous substitute for the homezone. Fb messenger calling works perfectly over wifi so it is just the app. Have now dumped optus & two useless mobiles now have 5 bars of reception with Woolworths suggest u all try them or Aldi

stuart dowse

Works realy well I read the bad reviews and felt sick after all i just signed up to a contract knowing this was my last option. But i have not had a problem this app works great. First time running it i had to drive 4kms to get reception but after that i have no network but receive calls and text perfectly.

Lego Brickers

What a waste of time/data. What a waste of time. 2nd time i have uninstalled and reinstalled (advised to fix it bu Optus) and it still doesn't work. It turns my internet off to check that I am with the Optus network (I have no signal. That's why I need it), then informs me that I have no WiFi signal!?! Frustrating. Just another reason to not go with Optus. They promise the world and give you ...?

Michael Mengarda

Terrible. That's all. Constant dropouts, calls are distorted, disconnects from my VERY STABLE internet connection all the time, and the messages I get in this app don't transfer to my standard message app, though it goes the other way. This is a pitiful app.

Denis Green

Unreliable Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't - about the same as the mobile reception in my area. I still get emails from people saying they tried to call but couldn't reach me, but my phone doesn't show any missed calls. SMS will send sometimes, not other times even though the connection shows Green. Having sms in two apps is a pain - they need to sync. Imagine trying to run a business like this. Telstra is more expensive but I may have to go back there unless this app is improved fast.

Ben Sibson

Not bad on release HTC One M7. Setting up was a little odd - got a few error messages before it finally let me in. Working now, but call quality is a little rough. Better than the mobile coverage I get in my house, though. Got rid of the annoying notifications through the settings menu of my phone, but should have an option for this in-app.

Tomasz Zurek

Needs work Great idea which I really need as I barely have coverage in an inner city suburb (insane right?). Has weird sync issues with the default messaging app. Sometimes it asks me to enter pin, sometimes not. Don't understand why the optus splash screen needs to be displayed every time I open the app, takes too long. Call quality is a hit or miss even with good WiFi coverage. Works well with texting although the app is just clumsy to use. Needs a bit of work.

Brent Dwyer

Doesn't work Says it's only available on valid Android installations, whatever that means.

Adam Kuklych

Great app and idea, needs work This is a great idea, innovative and it installed & worked well for me on stock Galaxy S4. Only a few things I've noticed so far, first is SMS sent via the app need to also go into the default SMS app on the device, second there is a bit of lag with voice calls (am on NBN 100/40) & finally if adequate mobile signal is detected then use this instead of the app, but if these can be improved, what a fantastic idea. It will help a lot while waiting for the new tower to come online in my area. Well done.

Zackary Venz

Kinda works. Unrealiable I have a decent upload and download speed, there's no problem in sending sms but when your in an area of low reception , it switches between using standard sms and using the app. Sometimes I won't receive anything for hours at a time, then suddenly I'll get 20 texts through my normal sms program. Frustrating.

Ron Huby

Good but annoying features Great to fix poor cell coverage, works well, but always leaves an alert message for when I log onto my phone telling me wifi talk is active. Any chance to stop the alert on the sign in screen? Seems to spontaneously activate itself when you don't want it. Need to log in and re-exit to stop it running. Occasional hangs, requires uninstall to fix! Summary: buggy but solves optus poor coverage problem.

Anand Pandya

FINALLY I work in retail for optus and my goodness I have been waiting since the announcement at a roadshow last year haha

Emerson Carter

Much talk, many WiFi; wow Living in a very rural area with limited coverage, this app is already making a major difference! I can now make mobile calls using my WiFi at home which isn't even with Optus.

Daniel Popham

Great Idea But needs to be able to connect without coverage that's the reason why i need this app, i don't have any coverage at home or on the property

Kelly Preston

Goodbye useless HomeZone! I am in a black spot for mobile reception and have been struggling with Optus HomeZone to get reception for years. At best it worked 5% of the time or I would have just 1 bar of reception. Now, full reception! 2 complaints. Messages need to sync with my non-wifi messages. And the constant app notification is annoying as hell.

Jason Prichard

Just doesn't work well Calls drop out ALL the time. Messages beep but don't show up and never arrive. Worst app trying to solve the droptus coverage issues -seriously I live 5 k's from brisbane cbd and get hopeless coverage. Optus sux and so does this app

Andrew Smith

What's the point? Don't think there is any way to convey how utterly, utterly useless this app is, especially with the character limit for these reviews. Just like other people who have rated it, I'm trying to use this app as I live in an area that has basically zero reception, so trying to get the required PIN by text message is continually frustrating. Absolutely pathetic bandaid solution for something that needs a real fix. Get it together Optus.

jayesh kulkarni

Reinstall it many times Its a hopeless app. My home wifi is always highlighted as blocked wifi spot error. Reinstall does not for 2 days and errors back...

Katie Watson

Works great! I get one bar of coverage at my place, calls can drop and are crackly. This is an awesome fix for me - super clear continuous calls! Bravo :)

Benofnine Cadell

could be better wont work all the time have to turn it on all the time

Aliza Dace

Crap Have battled with this app for 3 months and although it has been updated, it is still a sh#t app. Total waste of time.

Geoff Lycett

This app is the most useless piece of crap. Half the time it thinks I'm not in Aus - forever reinstalling - tells me there's no service - DOH!

desmond o driscoll

Optus WiFi talk Rubbish what a waste no good.

Angela Ryan

Works for me I'm in a dead pocket so absolutely no mobile coverage. This app was a little painful to get it working and now no problems using my mobile. No lag time in voice. I have NBN wifi so probably helps. Thanks Optus. They helped me when others couldn't or wouldn't.

Anil Gurung

Best thing that happen to me in 2 years Finally can use phone inside home. Awesome. Only issue i had was, i had few marketing people no. on my spam list, i still get those message on the app and won't be blocked as default.

Sam Moradi

Uses up too much battery and doesn't work well Please add a turn off feature so i only launch it when i need it and it closes when i don't ...not have it run in the back ground waiting for you to use it

Ian Fisher

Wi fi talk Useless. It doesn't mesh with existing message app. It drops out all the time. Bring back Homezone it was tolerable

Wayne Williamson

Updated to fix bugs. Worse than ever. Don't bother. atm Update. The update is just bad as the 1st version. And zero feedback or phone support from Optus on this. The App is at best amateurish. When can we expect a fix? Huge problems atm and sms going haywire on new S7. With Home Zone discontinued we really need this but it still is full of bugs and problems, and lack of features. This needs to be corrected asap.

Steve Mcgill

Doesn't work Maybe optus should ask viber or someone how Internet calls work. Also this app is very invasive.

Dave Lord

Totally unusable crap software. Don't even think about switching to Optus if you are going to rely on this software to make or receive a phone call. The issues are far too numerous to list here.

Carolyn Yoshida

Wifi talk Wifi Talk is no good at all. I don't have reception so its near impossible to download. Even when I can get it, it doesn't give me better reception. Homezone was working perfectly. Absolutely no idea why it was replaced.

Dave M

Meh.. Works most of the time...but has to be turned on every time you want to use it. Ive ticked "always on" in the settings, but makes no difference.

Brisbane Antcliffs

Wifi talk Optus retired the perfectly good homezone network in favour of this rubbish. Trying to get roadside assistance today the call dropped out and then when they tried to call back it wouldn't even connect.

David McDougall

Very average at best Had home zone that worked quite well.....about 1000% better than this app seems to do.

Brett Els

Optus sux 1st prize winner of the worst app ever made. No one can hear you talk, same message comes through 15 times, no one can call you, no mms. Probably created offshore at one of your indian call centres. Bring back homezone

Gary Huckstepp

Due to poor signal at home and with Home Zone now discontinued (WHY DO THIS OPTUS - I was paying you $10.00 per month for this so I could get the signal you said I would have no trouble in getting in my home. Guess what you are wrong). I have tried WiFi Talk. Works sometimes but was shocked to find that when the Samsung branded S View cover is closed WiFi Talk turns itself off.

Selar Rao

Chews battery Chews battery have to manually get it to connect when at a hotspot

michael portelli

Useless noone can hear me.!

Troy Brewin

Terrible I can't believe homezone which was awesome and worked was replaced by this. For someone who is often on call at home this beyond a joke


Optus no! Optus Yes? How about optus no. No homezone. No signal. No wifitalk app that works. No one at optus listens to the customer. No short wait times to get help on the phone. No use optus!?

Brandon Inglis

Keep receiving the same message from people Good for people without signal

Brian Raynor

Works well - sometimes When it works, it is good enough. Often tells me WiFi hotspot is blocked, then will work again 2 minutes later.

Tracey Hanlen

Doesn't work Terrible! Trialling the app at the moment and the signal is terrible, will be uninstalling it as it makes absolutely no difference. Anyone know why the homezones are being discontinued? They actually WORK!

Cathy Norton

Sign in every time?! Miss our Home Zone unit already. An auto sign in to a recognised wifi would be a huge improvement. Needing to sign in every time you turn your phone back on means missing calls if you forget.

Cassy Voe

Stupid product I live in an area that gets no reception at f***ing all and we used to use the system where we would get recption through the internet when connected.. the fact that you have removed this from your dealings and made it that we have to use this app is so freaking ridiculous cause it doesnt work at all!! Bring back your old system you might have better luck keeping your customers

Steven Rajcinoski

Reception I have absolutely no reception in my house to make a call but when I use WiFi talk it is perfectly fine very good app

Stef Terra

It's ok... needs further development It works ok... I actually have some sort of reception in my home as the home zone didn't work for me... but please create this app for a samsung gear s... because I still have no reception on that phone watch... thanks

Andrew Metcalfe

Nice idea, poorly implemented On my S5 this app chews through power when not on wifi. SMS is not integrated with the native app/system at all, MMS messages not permitted. A good idea poorly tested and unfinished, replacing our optus homecell hardware which worked flawlessly and transparently.

sean dippel

Worse since update Dropped from 3 to 1. No call sound in this app at all now. Useless. And they did t fix the sms issue which was one of the main concerns for most people. Should have gone with telstra!

Jason Wakefield

Doesn't work on rooted Android The app won't load on my phone. I have rooted my Android because it's way better that way however the app won't allow it. Useless! Besides my homezone has worked flawlessly since I got it over a year ago! And looks like from the reviews that this app IS useless. Optus fail.

Nick Carter

Useless Worked once or twice a few months ago, not since. Easier just to redial after the constant dropouts on mobile network in poor coverage areas.

Adrian van der Made

Very flakey app - unusable Can only use the application once or twice before it stops working. A phone reboot may or may not fix it up again for a brief period. Just not a feasible solution for someone who relies on their phone for work. It might be time to switch to telstra.

warwick leahy

Nice idea badly done Having used the homezone for years without fault. This is a really poor substitute. No mms, no sync of messages, Different ringtones.. Also a secret for other players. If you constantly like I did get the blocked wireless message. Opening wifi talk from the icon does this if it is already open. It doesn't have the problem if you open it from your list of open apps. I hope you fix it optus.

Michael Geddes

Ok But Voice quality is ok. Sometimes the audio tears badly. Sms is pitiful. The incoming texts don't appear in the normal text app and there is no message count notification.. you also can't change the notification sounds which is really pathetic. lack of mms is perplexing.

Brett Ginn

Terrible Terrible app. Drops out. Text messages fail to go to your normal message service but only appear in the Optus app. Just put more towers in and stop with these band aid solutions.

Delta Kilo

Junk, junk, junk. RIP the Home Zone booster which was/is way better than the reliability of this feeble POS app. Ignores own prefered Dialer/SMS apps and relies on own drab efforts. Dodgey success at reconnecting to WiFi. Lift your game please Optus! Better still, give us new Home Zone MkII.

Matthew Marozzi

More work needs to be done Good concept, but it doesn't work very well. If you fix the issues then you have a good thing going for you. If I don't see updates and improvements in the next 2 months I'll be switching providers. Some things to think about is allowing the choice of texts to come through normally or through the app as a setting change. For me texts are not the problem. Also, improved call quality through the app - it is just as bad as my reception if not worse. Like I said the concept is good, but execution is poor.

John Ballment

It such a let down. I had an Optus HomeZone it work brilliantly but Optus has disabled all the HomeZones and replaced them with this app. Compared to other VoIP apps I've used on my mobile via Wifi, the consistent poor quality of calls is embarrassing. Please give us back our HomeZones or fix this app.

Lindsey Neilson

Bring back homezone! This is terrible! I can no longer make a call from home, what happens in an emergency. Homezone worked, why discontinue it? I'll be moving all 3 phones to telstra!

Covan Nagal

Useless WTF? Whoever created this app is not familiar withteh concept of “user friendly” and “ease of use”; seems the app's “features” are defects by design (sound familiar??) The fact that there is no SMS integration is inexcusable. Not supporting MMS is beyond believe. I am using dual SIM phone (both SIMs are Optus). My HomeZone has served me well in the last 2 odd years. It is recognising both SIMs and can make and receive calls on both. WiFi Talk recognises only one SIM, and picks by default .Thanks Optus!

Rory Matthews

Pathetic Used homezone for 4yrs without any problems. This app drops the connection 3 - 4 times in a call. Ring-tone is different not seamless although it tries to be etc. What is Optus thinking! I use Viber overseas 10x better and this is a similar but an 'old' app by today's standards. Get your act togethet Optus!!!

Scott Strickland

Really? This app is hopeless, all that time I had perfect service with my homezone, now they tell me to uninstall and reinstall this stupid app and all will be fine... ludicrous. They obviously know this app doesn't work reliably, thanks for the great service Optus. Hello Telstra!

Cynthia DS

Quite possibly the worst app Big company = polished app right? At least, that's the default assumption. Optus? Nah. I don't know where they hire their devs, but I can bet none of them are Australian. This app reeks of severe outsourcing. The ui is from a decade ago, it barely works and the call quality can barely compete against a potato. Not recommended. Will cancel my contract as soon as possible.

Steve Morey

Junk.. This thing was marketed to me as the solution to my lack of service .all i have had is frustration , no telephone ,still get bills 'tho ! And Nobody from optus can make the stupid bloody thing work !!!!

Dave Norton

Terrible Home zone worked fine. This doesn't work properly even when sitting directly under my new wifi unit. They just want to save money jot having to produce a physical unit.

Brad Lynch

Terrible Regularly have to re-login to app; call quality (when working) is poor; calls frequently drop out making conversations almost impossible. How much longer do we have to put up with this standard of service?

Kevin Sharpe

total contempt for customers optus displays total contempt for its customers with this app. Others list the many things wrong with it, so i won't bother other than to say ..... optus, you know this is my business phone and is critical. HomeZone worked, this doesn't! I'll most likely be swapping providers when my contract is finished. I notice that most of your 5* reviews happened in cluster around 10-12 august last year, are they fake?

Di Virgils

OPTUS bring back homezone This crApp is in no way comparable to homezone. It drains your phone's battery and limits connectivity. I stayed with Optus as we have poor reception at home and homezone worked seemlessly for years. I'll be contacting the ombudsman as I no longer get the service I signed up for. Constant drop outs and the app deactivating itself mean I do not get reliable coverage. Optus needs to adjust their coverage map so people dont expect mobile service that Optus really can't deliver.


Good to a point The app is pretty good, but can be very unreliable meaning you miss a lot of calls. The most annoying thing lately though is that you receive the same text message 30-40times in an endless bloody stream

Elie Kartabani

Very poor app. Really low quality app. Im using a galaxy s6 edge+ 1.It always disconnects while im talking on the phone and i have a strong fast wifi. 2.Sometimes when i answer a phone call using wifi talk people cant hear me speak and i can't hear them. 3.half the time the ring tone doesn't work. 4. doesn't vibrate when phone is on silent. 5. App looks horrible should be able to choose different themes. Hope you will fix it asap optus.

Tuan Nguyen

Useless app After years of frustration b/o poor optus reception, Homezone was a hero until a few months ago when it was not available anymore. The concept of Wi-Fi talk is fine as it a part of your phone instead of having an additional electronic device at home. However this app is a disaster: difficult to register, not connected to wi-fi consistently, frequent drop outs, poor reception quality, log in many times a day, not compatible with handsfree. Uninstall & re-install, same problems. Need to switch provider!!!

Andrew Winter

Piece of sh*t!! Continually get calls drop out when trying to make a call won't ring always says call ended straight away great idea to disable the home zone optus before your app is fully operational you idiots!!. Your app is rubbish. Everytime i try n use this app since update it says no raise l response.

Ken King

Nice idea but.. I like the idea of this but the app is terrible, the calls i receive don't go through the app, always crashes. Just a very bad app don't waste your time.

Mark Johnson

Terrible - barely useable Staying at a friend's house where I helped set up a home zone a few years back, which worked perfectly! Couldn't set up this app because it needs registration via sms (who was the bright spark that came up with that idea? No signal no sms... didn't think too much about that huh?). Installed while I had signal and am now relying on this rubbish app. Eats battery, make 1 call then unusable until the phone is restarted. App is now uninstalled. I give up. I am switching to Telstra, after 18 years with Optus.

Nix Voltaire

I am leaving Optus after 12 years a direct result of this completely useless app that replaced the brilliant HomeZone hardware. No coverage, no reliability, not able to integrate seamlessly with anything, can't recieve calls even when logged in, drops out after 40 secs if when I am able to rarely use it, awful audio quality...I used to love Optus, but you have ruined everything by replacing a perfectly working and reliable piece of hardware with this useless and unreliable app. I'll be contacting Choice, the ACCC, and the Ombudsman.

April O'Meara

Terrible app, glitchy as. I can't believe this is my only option now. I live in a major residential area, but have lousy optus signal at my home. The Home Zone device we used to have was great, so reliable, excellent signal always. This wifi talk app is a joke, nowhere near a satisfactory replacement for tge home zone service. We have excellent reliable internet at home (with another provider) but still, this app is glitchy, calls frequently drop out mid converstion, text messages don't come through for hours sometimes, and most times when I receive a text, the same text comes through repeatedly, for hours and hours, and subsequent texts are then not received for hours. Sometimes my husband texts me and it will not come through for several days. Optus have really let me down on this one, and after years of being a customer, I am looking at other options.

Mike Finke

This app REALLY sucks. It's unstable. The phone call reception is terrible, and the integration with texting is screwed up somehow so that confirmation a message has been received fails to be made and multiple copies of the message show up. Logging in is sometimes difficult. Missed calls already identified on regular non-wifi calling show up with a new time-stamp under this app, sometimes days later. It's a genuinely awful and inadequate replacement for the Home Zone femtocell product. Which makes the decision to end that service BEFORE ironing out the problems with this app even more puzzling. Your general service HAS improved from several years ago, but this thing is a disaster. Somebody should be keelhauled for this thing. Seriously.

Adrian Howard

Bring back HomeZone Why do I get 8 copies of every text message for hours after the original was received? INTO THE NIGHT!!! Why does this app not pass on text messages to the main messaging app? Why replicate something that works just fine? Turned off at every opportunity!

Renee Pola-Kuras

Useless I live in a blackspot & we have no home phone so i need my mobile as my main source of communication with my kids and work. I cannot rely on this app at all! It is inconsistent with service, it is constantly 'not available' (like right now) and worst of all it repeatedly sends me the same text message 50+ times both via the app and my regular text message service on the phone which eats up my phone battery faster. My next step will be a complaint to customer service followed by contacting the ombudsman.

Peter Shiels

Piece of crap Unilaterally closed done Home Zone and replaced it with poorly prepared app. Hang your head in shame Optus. Still want your bills paid?

Rebecka Laidlaw

Stuck with it to keep in touch Its terrible...I live in an area with zero mobile service and this sounded like the solution. ..WRONG. i received the same sms over 50 times across 3 days. Doesn't receive messages in a timely fashion. Its just plain terrible but at least its some way to use mobile when not in town


Unbearable The home zone worked perfectly and has now been replaced with this rubbish app that rarely works, text messages either don't come through at all or you get the same message 10 times, never receive calls and on the rare occasion it lets me dial out the other person can't hear me. This is seriously ridiculous I have never left a review for an app but this is so bad I had to. I can't believe you killed the home zone that worked perfectly for this garbage. Please fix it or I will be forced to change providers.

Steve Mcgill

Doesn't work Homezone worked, this rubbish cuts out every time after about 30 seconds. Maybe optus should ask viber or someone how Internet calls work. Also this app is very invasive.

Neville Harvey

Unreliable This app is terrible. It drops the phone call at 40 sec. When i receive a txt, it keeps coming through every 10 min for the next 10 hrs or until I'm out of wifi.

Logan Moore

Please register to network when Start after phone boot is enabled The app for the most part works for me - calls and SMS at home where I have no Optus coverage. However, the 'Start after phone boot' option is rendered useless by the fact the device does not register to the Optus network UNTIL you physically open the app and enter your PIN. Any incoming calls/texts before you do so are not received. There should be no need to physically open the app after boot to permit incoming calls and texts. For outgoing calls/texts, I totally understand opening the app is necessary.

daniel cook

Poor Coverage and Auto Connect Does not auto connect. Poor coverage even in the next room to my router. Poor replacement for home zone.

Ken Wagnitz

Flaky as This app is totally unreliable. Gives the intermittent joy of single-sided conversations, space-sounding noises, or just being unavailable despite a good WiFi connection. The femtocell was much better. Too bad I don't have phone coverage in my house without it. Can't wait for the Telstra tower to be built near home.

Peter Spencer

Messages in are endlessly downloaded in both modes, normal and optus WiFi. Can't stop it so uninstalled the program. Even a message that was there four days ago is still coming in

Oliver Lambert

Works as described.. kinda Works like it says in the description. Didn't stop it sending me the same text message 20 times (literally). This is a frequent occurrence.

Nathan Toro

This app sucks Doesn't deliver messages, does not work seemlessly. Incredibly buggy. All round awful. Give us back our home zone you slobs... EDIT: I'm now receiving messages, Optus Talk has been resending the exact same message every 15 minutes for the past 3 days with no way of stopping it. How do I get out of this contract?

Vernon Tang

outgoing calls drop after 48 seconds and incoming calls don't even work

Natasha Guihot

Useless Cuts in and out all time, have to constantly restart my phone for it to connect, get the same test message like 20 times but dont get the other 4 until im back in range. Needs a complete overhaul for this app to work. Why they ever got rid of home zone is betond me. This is not a good replacement.

Adam Dahl

I wish I could give negative stars Just useless. Can't make calls. Gets stuck in a loop where it sends me the same message repeatedly throughout the day, then plays catch up and sends me newer messages in the middle of the night, sometimes up to 12hours after they were sent. Drains battery. Unreliable. Unacceptable. Really can't say a good thing about it.

Wayne Keogh

Crap Home zone was 1000% better. Never any issues with home zone. Don,t use this app, especially for SMS. Chops off, doesn't send or receive complete SMS. Always asking people to re send SMS after turning this program off. Don't bother with it. Why did optus think of? Why try to re invent the wheel? Home zone was perfect.

Allan Mearns

Rooted phone Will not work on my Galaxy S4 because I choose to have control of the bloatware I want or don't want. Have since bought an S6 and this ap is still useless when it works. At present its telling me im not in Australia and to call tech support. Like I've got hours to spend on that. Uninstalling this now?

Bec Campbell

It's horrible. Optus killed our Home Zone and replaced it with this. It kills my battery. It has errors connecting to WI-FI all the time which then prompts you to call for support. I CANNOT CALL BECAUSE I HAVE NO RECEPTION. You have to set it up with a SMS. I CANNOT GET AN SMS BECAUSE I HAVE NO RECEPTION. I can rarely receive/send SMS's because most are MMS's which are not compatible with the app. When/if you can finally get the app to work the sound quality is poor and I can barely hear anyone when they talk. The notification panel always displays the icon and you can't get rid of it unless you exit the app. I am left paying for a mobile phone service that I cannot use in my home.

Josh K

Useless Would give less if i could. Issues already listed in previous comments. Just adding my voice to the crowd.

Mostafa Hamdy

Rarely works Very inconsistent. When it works, it's pretty good. Usually it just repeats notifications 6-7 times, misses calls and texts, and drains my battery. Great idea, incredibly poor implementation.

Anthony Bland

Buggy Buggy, sends me same messages dozens of times. Mainly fails to call when full Wi-Fi available.

Liz Carter

Terrible - Optus don't seem to care to fix it!!! Tells me I am trying to connect from a blocked wifi hotspot then lets me in 5 minutes later. Receive same message over and over again. Have reported to Optus...still waiting for them to get back to me...weeks later. Terrible app. Would uninstall if I had the choice. Can't wait to change providers.

Susan Armstrong

Awful All the problems that have been discussed above. But we have no phone coverage so we're desperate. And what's with the recent flooding with repeated messages? Can't optus put a bit of effort into reworking it and at least making it barely functional. Please? Pretty please?

Lisa Richardson

Useless This app is useless. Just have to stand on my head in the back yard in a corner of about 3x3cms to receive, make or use my phone (this is when it works)Was fine when we had home zone. This App is useless. Uses battery (as everyone had mentioned) please do something about it. We have two phones on WiFi talk as we are in a dead zone even though we live in the city, and between the two of us we can't make or receive calls. Costing a fortune in returning calls (that's when we can get a signal)

Gianni Mura

Wow. You should be embarrassed It's bad enough i can't get reception in my house 5km from Cbd, but for app meant to assist failing because it can't pic up optus is this app and optus signal crap....YES

James Katon

Doesn't Work with s6edge plus Optus don't care about feedback, so long as they rake the big Buck's, they DON'T care less, Useless app, have tried it 10+ times in different areas rebooted restarted, just a waste of time and data. If this app made them money it would work,,

Jerry Wolsztyniak

Works perfectly for me Not sure why there are so many bad reviews. This app worked perfectly from the start for me. I have consistently received and made calls without any issues. People have to remember that this app relies on their Internet service for the quality of the call. If you are sucking down the whole of what the Net has to offer and are watching Netflix at the same time, you cant expect good voice quality. Notwithstanding the fact that Optus have to fix their coverage holes, this app so far has done its job.

Jackie Camilleri

Annoying multiple messages For some reason if I receive a text message it will keep getting sent multiple times - the tecord is 18. Especially annoying when it happens when you're trying to sleep but need your phone on for work. Optus seems to think nothing is wrong....grrrrr

Elmer Salvador

Rubbish !!! Worst app ever created !!! Just a piece of crap , home zone works perfectly . I've called tech support so many times but they can't still fix the problem no one can call me when I'm at home i can't make a call either. Can't wait to finish my contract . Testra I'm coming !!!

Brad Lynch

Terrible Regularly have to re-login to app; stops working without informing you; receive same sms up to 12 times for hours after it was sent; calls go straight to message bank despite supposedly having coverage; call quality (when working) is poor; calls frequently drop out making conversations almost impossible. How much longer do we have to put up with this standard of service? Tech support put onto my case days ago with assurance given i would receive contact within 24 hours - still nothing days later

Rubbish app Please Optus bring back home zone! I only just realized reading all these reviews that this app is the cause of all my multiple texts! Ive been with Optus forever and don't want to change but you have to overhall this app.I dont know how you can put your name on this rubbish!

Kris Graham

Wifi talk Worst app out. Drains Power removes option to answer calls tells you that it can't connect due to wifi being blocked then connects. Uninstalling rather take my chances with dropping signal at least I can answer calls

Renee Keddie

Terrrible replacement for Homezone I keep getting the same messages over and over again. Some days calls get thru other days not at all. People I'm talking to can hear echo at their end of the call..... seriously optus, why get rid of home zone when i never had 1 issue with it, just to replace it with this rubbish? What's app is loads better than this.

Kerry O'Neill

USELESS After talking online to an Optus Support "guru" about an outage to the Optus service I was advised to download this app... which DOESN'T WORK!! Don't waste your time downloading this app!

Chez Lanyi

Still is not reliable We cannot receive photos, drops out and messages come through twice or not at all. I pay my bill I expect 100 percent service all the time not sometimes we will be going elsewhere

Tahnee Nicholson

Waste of time, memory and battery! I'm deleting this app as it doesn't work. Simply doesn't work. I've spent hours on the phone with customer support when the App first came out as my simply card was no longer recognised. We finally sorted this after 3 weeks of no help and required specialised help only to be told the exact thing I had told them all along. Now it is doing the exact same thing and I can't get anyone to help. Sorry optus but I'm done.

Robert Gregg

Complete waste of time This app is all promise and no deliver Optus should be held accountable for knowingly distributing software that simply won't work . A complete sham .

Emily Prenzler

Absolutely useless! Receive same messages up to 10 times within 24 hours, get the blocked spot message at least twice per day, phone calls are on crackling lines and can't be understood. Cannot wait for my contract to be over.

Desiree LeGrand

Absolutely Terrible SO many problems! Continually tells me i have no Sim... Sends me a text with a code to fix it but you need service to get the code WTF. It also recives the same message multiple times. And seems to select which messages it will share with your normal text message box making it very hard to keep track of messages because they are all over the place. Not a great solution to black spots optus!

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