Download Wifi Signal Booster apk 2.0.5 free for Android smartphone

14 Dec
Wifi Signal Booster

Posted by LIQIAOLAN in Tools | Dec. 14, 2015 | 103 Comments

Apk file size: 2.5 MB

Worry about poor WIFI Strength.
Boost your signal strength using WIFI booster to get better WIFI signals for high speed internet.
We are introducing WIFI booster to boost to get best signal from the WIFI Device.
For Better internet speed we are getting Strong Signal from the device.

Feature :
* WIFI Booster will improve you internet Speed for best Speed.
* WIFI Booster increase WIFI Signal strength for better internet speed.
* It Will improve Signal stability with our WIFI Booster App.

So Boost Your WIFI Signal today With our Best Android WIFI booster App.

LIQIAOLAN part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Dec. 14, 2015. Google play rating is 73.6029. Current verison is 2.0.5. Actual size 2.5 MB.

Download wifi-signal-booster-3.apk 2.5 MB


Lisa Hubbard

Failure Don't install, it doesn't work. It just force closes.

Paul Thomas

Wow I was a bit dubious as it's so new but it really works. Thanks now I wish I could find one that works to boost my Internet data.

Christine Mixon

Better signal.... Thanks

Md. Atiq- Ur- Rahman

Samsung SM-T210R Awesome.........

Andrew Soejadi

Smooth and fit This apps really help my phone to connect to wifi .. it boost and signaling is really fit to stats .. ,suggest to try it..

zyl muzamyl

The last apk My internet very slow like bullshit. After install this app, my wifi more speed when open browser or youtube. Your apps should get 5 ratings.I dont know why they hate your apps but thank developers :)

Pratibha Badhiye

Not Bad It Bost speed of wifi not very but much.

uday vennu udayvennu

It's working... Seriously u can use dis trust worthy...:)

Abdullah Rahmat

Not bad It is rally good and I used my mobile .Thank you

Mihir Joshi

Today I installed this app good work .like app

Taine Martins

Doesn't work!!!! Not only does it not work but it's also so simple it's just has a screen that says it can test it put your wifi off on you phone and go into app it says that it's boosted and that it active lies to your face!!! NOT VERY SMART!!!!

Amdad hussain

pathetic don't use this app it's a waste of memory

Che Mie Kelate

it's No to much..... one rock(BATU PLE)

Joseph Mott

These ratings are bullshit. My wifi worked worse than it did before i started using this.

Josh Fischer

Ha ha I am laughing because the very first thing it told me when I open the app it said unfortunately wifi signal booster has stoped and it kept saying it this is just a fake app

Kaku Chandel

Nice Nice app its work but for a little time

Keeferaf WoW

App Sucks - Needs 0 Stars I'm a live streamer so i need the fastest Wifi. I try using this app but instead of speeding, it slows down more and I had to reset my stream a few times losing viewers and getting DCed from my games i play

james bucko

WI FI SIGNAL BOOSTER I am really impressed with this booster. Works excellent. Thanks Again. James B.


? it works great All is good in the hood

Roxanne Coyle

Broken Just force closes on my galaxy tab

Becky Winkler

Very easy to use Just click on the icon and Wi-Fi enhancing starts. Only takes a few seconds and signal is stronger. Love it.

Shawna Harrison

Sucks It shuts down doesn't work going to uninstall

Fred DeFalco

WiFi Signal Booster Cool seems this what i needed!!!

kirk evenson

Terrible Won't even open. Uninstalled. Don't waste your time with this junk. LG G4

M Farzaan

Wow Wow 'its relay fast

Nischal Kafle

Worst It do not open

The gaming king jensen

The best thing ever

Ivory Avon

Best love it thx guys

Christopher Alvarez

Its a okay app Its okay it's not that bad I mean I like how it shows the WIFI'S strength and how much it can be boosted.

Caleb McEntire

Good I was hoping it would give me a higher range of networks but at least it game me full bars.

Cool Beans

Nice job This app is really good. Helped me a lot with weak WiFi at a hotel. Signal improved greatly.

Ayham Almasri

Jordanian I can notice that my wifi is better while I am using other apps which it needs fast Internet

Daniel bolton

Does exactly what it says Really improves my Wi-Fi signal I highly recommend it. Samsung Go Prime


Superfake Just try it with speednet before and after and you'll see it doesn't work

Jodith Natsuki

Best of it It pull up the cgnal even its going week..still connect...

Loretta DeLuca

Awful I really hoped it would work. I read the reviews on every one available and this one had the best. I just turned it back on tonight and it made my signal a million times worse. I didn't know that was possible. My router here is 5G and this booster just messed my signal all up.

David Thomson

It works, don't know how, but it works, saved me money on a wifi repeater

JEREMY ocampo

Fake It does nothing just says it's been boosted but signal didn't change

Lucy Green

Lucy This really works on my android tablet .And I have tried the others this is definitely the best . Thank you

Christian Tamayo

Nice app Before installing this my wifi connection often disconnects but it is more stable now :)

Gary Olsen

Fake! Fake piece of crap, doesn't do anything. Check with Wi-Fi Analyzer before and after and you'll see no change.

Mario Landa

Nice app It helps to boost the WiFi signal to the maximum that appear on the application.

Tania S

Works! Does what it says and immediately made my speed faster?

Maku Leyts

I dont know how it works, must try to believe.

kewal shrestha

? how the app can boost signal. But this app works. I cant believe lol. Works 4me. 1stick increment

cooldeep rawat

Works! It does boost your wifi singnal.i am happy with the app but it can be improved.

Simon Chong

This is an excellent WiFi signal strength boosting app. Thanks and Cheers!

jay dubz

Excellent! After trying out sooo many of these so called WiFi Booster Apps this one actually works! don't know how but it's working a treat.

Margaret Orcutt

Didn't help and didn't let me know if I had a connection, I had to get off app and check phone to see of I had a connection.

Mike Nasleroad

What a joke I was 5 feet from my router and it said the signal was only 41%... and this program could boost the signal to 70%. My phone and tablet shows my routers signal at 100%.

Devil TCWB

Its really working!!!! I download an game with 1.70 GB then it became so fast when I download this app

Izzul Syaqir

It's Amazing I don't know how it work, but it work.

Putra Adiyasa

Works. It's Responded on Asus ZenFone2 Laser now.

Gorgeus Mendoza

I love it it's so awesome!!! I don't expect this but very useful for me ???ty so much for this

Toxic5 MonZter_Kill

Loved It :) Thanks for this is very useful to weak wifi signal :D

Amara Victor

It works Since I started using this app my Wi-Fi is in better strength.

Jery Pee Jay

Good I like because this make my wifi strength better....

Kaliyl Mkubwa

It has a problem The app cuts off for no reason and i hav to keep checking it evry 2 minutes pls fix

Amriesh Ramkoeber

It's totally fake I did a test and my wifi was even slower with that "wifi booster"

Md Omar Faruque

unsure :( i dunno if it works,buut giving it 2 stars


WORKS for 5 min You have to keep repeting it over and over

Sam Soft

Wow! I really didn't expect such a result! It works!

Richard W

Great app! I had great difficulty with my wifi reception until I installed this app. Simple to use and no gimmicks.

Fahad Zeb

Works, sort of... :-) I guess it is working, atleast on my phone... :-)

Caleb McEntire

Good I was hoping it would give me a higher range of networks but at least it gave me full bars.

Cirrus Star

doesn't work I still got one bar...and it says it enhanced it. Ya right

Devin Arnett

Perfect My wifi would go in an out. This app solved it and I don't have any more issues. Good job on this one

Tripple Moon

FAKE! Check with any WiFi analyzer, it does NOTHING! /uninstalling

Dhillon Lad

Had problems with WiFi before I downloaded this app, like the WiFi kept disconnecting. But as soon as I installed this app and set it up i had strong connection to WiFi and its not disconnected since. Brilliant

Rob Mast

Wow I didn't think it would work, but I'm blown away and wished I new about this a long time ago

Patrick Ybarro

Useless app. I'm a network engineer and this app does nothing but waste your time. If Wi-Fi could be enhanced by any means Google would include this in Android OS but it can't. Quality Wi-Fi requires hardware such as 802.11ac routers or AP's not this phony software.

benjamin hasley

Legit This app does exactly what I wanted it to do, boost my wifi signal. When I am far away from our router it makes the Internet connection a lot stronger.

Donald Evans


Devilcomet 45

BEST WIFI BOOSTER YET! TRY IT! Had problems with my router WiFi signal strength and stability. After installing this app WiFi performance was dramatically increased. I love this app! Try it, it really works!

Kevon Johnson

Wi-Fi signal booster that actually works! I can't believe your rating is only 3.7! I've tried them all and this is the only one that I can actually watch work! I won't try another one! You know what they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!``

Anthony Bishop

Does boost signals I got better wi-fi with this app than any of the other's that I tried

Sydney Harding

I don't know I don't think this app actually works but there was a slight difference with the connection so I don't know, thus app is just super sketchy and hard to trust, it looks awful but it might work, I don't know.

Alicia Dickey

Works! Went from 2 wi fi bars to 4! Wasn't expecting it to work, most of these apps don't, but worked for my Galaxy S6 on Verizon. Thanks.

All Of That Crazy Stuff

Its Fake... I Traveled Out Of My WiFi Zone And It Was Still At 50%, They Are Probably Trying To Collect Your Data

David Wood

I don't understand how.. I don't get how.. but this works.. There is a wifi across the road where if i hang out the window i can get a signal.. I used this app and now i have a working signal in my house.. HOW?!

micheal cameron

Ughhh It works. I was actually surprised. On S3 Samsung. If you are in a storm or bad weather and internet is slow down load this. Or using public access wifi.

adam darling

Not a boost app So just as a note this app is not a boost app. It will not increase speed all it really does it tell your phone that you are connected when only getting a really low connection doing a download for example it wont stop if you run into a small dead spot it will try to make use of the small amount of bandwidth it gets in that dead spot.

Daniel Pazo

Tested I ran a test to this app. It worked out great. Try

MrCuntastic 0

OMG THANK YOU Does exactly what it's supposed to.. Love it?

Margaret Drummond

Best app evet Really didnt expect this to work .

Jaidyn Sanders

Now doing another Tell me how to get better service!

Marcus Bacordo

Excellent The WiFi that's have 1 signal is super boosted thanks for this

Vishant Katsuro

Useless app Horrible waste of time

Vester Rawlins

Did nothing Samsung s6 No change in performance. Starting to think wifi boost is a fairy-tale.

Harl Bever

Does it really Either it works or the times it does "work" is just a coincidence of when my WiFi decides to work. I doubt this actually works. 85% of the time there is no improvement in my connection and the other 15% is like said, just a coincidence.

HackSkull GT

Of course it doesn't work I accidentally forgot that I turned my wife off and I opened this app and it said my wifi was boosted in other words THIS THING IS A FAKE !!!!!

Robert Ackerly

Works Was a none believer and now I believe my signal was around 32 and now I'm up to 78 things loading faster no more redirecting all the time nice work

A Google User

Says current 6% can boost to 40% then fails to actually do that. It actually delivered

Korrine Rico

The signal ... for wifi on both my laptop and android device haven't increased at all but the wifi signal booster app shows a full signal and streaming is not better either, its exactly the same as it was before the download. Am I missing something here? I hope to hear from the developers before I delete this ap.

Vimal Kumar

Won't believe me but it works I was downloading FIFA 16. Before I downloaded it the speed was around 2mb in 10 min but now it's 10mb in 10 min. Simply amazing.

Rohan R

Works! Actually boosted my signal from 2 bars to 3 bars. I can safely say that it works exactly as advertised. Thanks devs!

Hiram Walker

It Works At an RV park, my tablet barely worked due to poor wifi signal. After installing this app, it worked great. Thank you!

Austin Holifield

Doesn't work... I experimented with it multiple times to see if it was a coincidence or if was actually boosting my signal strength results were not consistent, waste of time.

Paula Weisz

Wifi booster sucks I installed it says it is boosting the signal but there was absolutely no charge what so ever, I am deleting it.

lily rivers

Works a lil bit.. I'm giving this 4 stars just bc it does work.It didn't give me full bars or anywhere near that signal strength .But seeing as I am 'borrowing' my WiFi,I have very poor signal strength & kept losing signal & having to wait for it to come back.Still have poor signal but at least I'm not losing it any longer.It may work better w a stronger signal strength than mine.

Upgaded Player

Best Wifi Booster I use it and i love it it increased my wifi area reach and it boost my connection ,But it is use more power than some apps but nothing is that good its a must download but i hope they fix the power usage of the app. DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW!!(。・ω・。)

Adil Naeem

WORKS!! I cant believe it but it does work! U must try it!

Denorris Banks

Does not work You have been warned. Dont ignore like I did.

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