Download Make Action PicoPicoMaker WIDE apk 1.1.1 free for Android smartphone

29 Nov
Make Action PicoPicoMaker WIDE

Posted by in Action | Nov. 29, 2015 | 75 Comments

Apk file size: 19.0 MB

Wide Version (Horizontal screen)
The Power of imagination can touch the sky!
Make your very own action game stages and share them with your friends & family!

You can play this game absolutely free!
This game is perfectly suited for everyone including KIDS.

-Basic Instructions-
There are [PLAY], [MAKE] and [SEARCH] option buttons on the main menu.

Tap [PLAY] button: Play the games all you want!
You have a variety of stages to choose from.
The range of stage levels are widely prepared,
from beginners to advanced level,including the extreme levels that are crazy difficult!

Tap [MAKE] button: Make your own stages. You become the game creator!
Simple tap controls make it easy!
Select from 30 types of items you can place anywhere you want.
Tap an item on the list and then tap on the position where you want to place it.
(Squares like a chess board are shown in a stage screen in order to make this process simpler.)
Once an item is placed, you can place the same item continuously by alternating between tapping the position (square) in a stage and the "PLACE" button.

You can also tap an item you've already placed to see additional options.
(e.g. You can choose specific settings for the speed of cannon shell movements and the moveable range of blocks!)

Play & find out if you can complete the stage you made!
You can even do the test play during the process of making a stage by using the "TEST" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
Try your own brand-new stage right away!

Tap [SEARCH] button: Find popular stages -- stages made by other users and more.
-Random: Search for random stages made by players using this App.
-History: Look through stages you've already played. (You can also check if you've completed a stage or not.)
-Official Website: Open this App’s official website to start the search.
When you have found the one you want to play, tap on the stage and use "START" button.
-Enter ID: Paste the GameID and tap "Enter ID" button, if you are unable to start the stage after using "START" button in the official website.
(32 alphanumeric characters shown on the official website is the GameID.)

Now, you're ready to start the game you found. Enjoy!

[Send your original stage to friends & family]
If you want to share your original stage with someone, send them the copy of your stage's URL via email!
(Downloading this App is required in order to play your stage.)
Post your original stage on Twitter, Facebook and LINE are also available!
You can also have fun searching online for "PicoPicoMaker" in your free time!
Enjoy finding new stages other users have made!

Everyone loves the retro-looking pixel graphics games they grew up with!
Connect with people from all over the world with PicoPicoMaker!
Start your global action game adventure!

Whats new

    re- translated part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 29, 2015. Google play rating is 82.0124. Current verison is 1.1.1. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download wide-make-share-picopicoex.apk 19.0 MB


Brandon Caunt

Awsome I've always wanted to make my own game

Ian Green

I've made a lot of boss type levels but.. Can u add a comment section for a game someone has made and so we can like other people's games Pls? If u do ill give 5 stars thanks :)

micah talbert

Nistalga is real Love it I like the new game Mario maker but on mobile

Dominick Angelus

This is better than the other one ☺

Genny Gamez

I love this game I love this game

Deadcake969 Mason

ERROR 961 I love the other version but error 961 apparently..... PLEASE FIX

Thomas Chua

How to remove the finish flag

Maury Garcia

Needs an update Well I want more monsters more spells and some mushrooms,power stars,1 ups JUST MAKE IT LIKE SUPER MARIO MAKER CUS IT KINDA IS LIKE SUPER MARIO MAKER

Toshio Sato

Okay It is not like it is laggy or broken or anything like that but the only thing i don't like about this app is it just gives the the full screen and you can see the whole level beginning to end. I was thinking about a maze but for me it is not the best app iam going to look for a another one

Emma Philpott

Brilliant This game is brilliant I love it. You can play world's or make some for your friends or family to play. The things you can build out of is so creative there is tunnels ,springs, coloured blocks and normal blocks. I support this game . it is so good for people 6-11 and even grown ups can play this game I will defently give this 5 stars .LOVE IT.


Needs improvement When you're on the ladder you fall right off..if you are on the ladder you stay on there until you move up or down. Controls are way too messy. I like this game nonetheless.


OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!! ? The reason why I like this game is because It's like super mario maker, but molble. I'd call it: Super Mario maker molble!

Aaric Blackwell

OK but.... This game is hard to play and creating your game is no better. I'm not saying it's a bad game but it's just so hard to use. Also, the music keeps looping this 15 second song (no, seriously, it's 15 seconds), so that makes my ears bleed. That's also the reason why I unninstalled this app.

Lucy Appleton

Make a Update Plees U MUST MAKE ALL LEVELS EASYER than I giv u 5 stars but something Else I wont swords,brigs,The Wither,The Ender Dragon and tawers

Luke Gonzalez

Love it I love building almost impossible stages then having my friends try them

Christopher Moglia

It is a great app but you have a limit to how you want to create your game

Kris Montell

It's amazing but the one thing is you should update it like more monsters, boses, and the last thig add blocks that when you hit them something comes out.

Juliet a Arango

Fakes Yeah. This game is pretty bad. Its fake pepole levels and that is fake. Everything is fake!

leo de

Don't know what to do! can't build from my mind

Bethany Jones

ADDS? The game is fine but the adds have to go! And when I try to click something I endup clicking the stupid add! Please fix this!???????????

BurRitO Games

It's Fun I have one problem you can't search level fix it and i will give you five stars

Brenda Purdy

Too many adds Why are there so many adds??? Every time I complete a level a add pops up also every time I die it happens to.

User 7353

Love it but plz update This game is like super Mario Maker and Minecraft and free,its so much fun but add a few more things like bosses,music blocks or larger levels. This is my opinion but I'd love it if you added these things

William Harris

Best game ever but please put less of the starting song so im giving five stars

James Kancza

What?! WHY???? WHY can't I delete MULTIPLE objects at once?!?! 5 STARS IF YOU ADD THAT!

Kaleb Williams

What? Sometimes out of nowhere it goes crazy showing black and white tiles. And it deleted my data

Joell Columb

So cool It is just like mario maker thats why its cool

Manuel Torres

Goooood but It needs improvement more blocks more enemy's more power ups update please exelent if your looking for a app that looks like mario maker install!!!!!!!!!

Scott Dau

Super Mario maker This game is like super Mario maker!!!!Ps I love it

Lirene Matthews

The best I love it me and my family play it so download this fun game

Mark Eiden III

Needs more work You should add more cooler stuff like collect swords to fight with or Able to have spells and stuff like that.

butterbread YT

GREAT GAME man I think this game is so good that this HAS to be the new mario.and the best thing is it has no adds...or at least for me but one thing THIS NEEDS A UPDATE.

panda star

Why Why can I not delete blocks please make it that you can delete blocks

Lindon Kellbert

I play this on my tablet but I don't this play this version

Merida Green

Awesome it's just like mario I would give this game 10 stars. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Osama Turkistani

Omg its mario marker all over agen

Flame Thrower

Great! Oh if everybody hates ads turn on airplane mode!


The name I like this game the only thing is the name im spanish so your game title is kind of wierd(inappropriate)

Kevin Lopez

Good? A great alternitive for Super Mario Maker. Just 60$ cheaper. Needs some more stuff though?

Rania Elfangary

OMG LOVE IT!!!!! <3 Its exactly like super mario maker and I alays wanted it omg but better !!! Its so aswome

Connie Rivera

My best game My best game FOOOOREVRR with a pit-pat add some game this game is the BEST game FOREVER This is BEST you see

Kyle Huber

Cool game Very fun make levels sooo cool

Liliana healy

So cool after you finish you get a website for yourself COOL

Javier Nieves

It's so fun I was playing some hard ones and it was a challenge for me but I did the campaign got used to it and now it's so fun and now it's easy to build but add a delete button to delete some blocks

Latrese McTyer

Good but It's the best but the level's that were already created seem to be inpossible. But I'm givig it 5 star's for good. Graphics good controls. Its cool that can make it then play it. Lots of options depending how cool there's so many choice's but you dont have to take it from me I'm only 8 years old and by the guys should play world wrestling 3d i would give it 100 stars along with this one

Nova The Cat

Scrolling This game just needs scrolling and it'd be AMAZING. I wish I could give it another half star.

fara ina

Pipe Better It is really cool and amazing it's better than the normal version well I have to get free games in the phone

Hali López

Awesome thanks U should get it my friend said oh how can u do that and everone was so jealous

jedm33 M33

This game is freaking awesome!!!!!!!! I never play the awesomeness game creator!!!!!! Hey guys download this game is awesome!!!! Than the other game creator!!!!! But I have 1 problem dude can you ease make the levels easier please the level 2 is harder than my levels

Jack Anderson

Awesome It's like super Mario maker!but not copyright

Nickolas Herch

Awesome Best items, bad guys, and backgrounds

Sebastian Caballero

One of the best The game is good and it don't have any bad things

Baby Cookie

Rating I love this game. It is so fun. Stage 28 on play mode is impossible!

super cool guy!

It's good The game is super fun but it is really REALLY slow and it needs more power ups.


Greatest game ive ever played that is like mario It is a open world game and has a lot of levels and stuff 9/10

Juan Hernandez

Yes!! I Love This Game so much, is there a multiplay mode? because if there isn't there should totally be one

doge doodle

Very boring It was the opposite of addicting.I did have fun for a few seconds but then it got boring

Juleah Coleman

The coolest game out of coolness Build up the coolest game play the best game, I like the game,

DweltViking 25

GREAT GAME but why not MULTIPLAYER This game is great it's awsome but just one thing the game still deserves five stars but multiplayer like playing with your friends is a great update plz add multiplayer

BlissfulShots Studio

best maker ever im very proud of your work

JJ Ellender

Don't download. This game sucks, ALOT!! This game sucks so much. Too many ads. The sample levels are too difficult.(Couldn't even beat level 3) The Music is just horrible. This company shouldn't even make anymore games. Do not download!!!! If you want a high quality level maker game, Go get a Wii U with Super Mario Maker

Pikachu77777 PikaMC

45% good... 10% Disappointment... And 45% bad. It's fine and all, but the ads keep bugging me. The X buttons are way too small. Also, if you let us make pipes with no enemy inside, let us build further than the map, and remove pop up ads (The banner ads are fine) I will rate this 5 stars.

Dog Bro 2 Cool Bro

I love this game Best game ever I love it I just wish you could make a series of levels I made a awesome series were the guy explodes a bomb and the water dam exploded and he had to escape the water and stop it before it takes over all the maps it's so fun but it was making a virus on my phone so I ended the 9 page series also you should add more things but awesome game!

Reynaldo Regis

Time waster This game is awesome (but) when the upgrade comes out put like some of the actual mario stuff and a checkpoin that all

Vault Boy

Another take off of Mario This is like super Mario maker but not near as good. I mean the jumping and crap is more like a flash game type instead of regular jumping like in ACTUAL platforms which makes some levels really impossible to beat for me this could use a little less flash movement, and some more platform like movement.

cat_kats rock _

ADDS? The game is fine but the adds have to go! And when I try to click something I endup clicking the stupid add! Please fix this!???????????

Matty Boss

Love it I love when games make YOU the creator but it could do 1 tiny thing. Please add levels where as you move on there is more screen like Mario?

Lyra The Marill Lover

Amazing! I really love this game. It's addictive and it doesn't get boring at all. Though, I would like to see more content, like coin blocks, or other kinds of tiles and platforms. This would make the game even better! =)


I love it I'm making really challenging levels with that and even for me is a challenge to pass them! :)

Just A Channel. You know.

Good? A great alternitive for Super Mario Maker. Just 60$ cheaper. Needs some more stuff though?

Ethan Groll

This is so amazing! I love this games, and I have some ideas for the next update, screen-scrolling, boss battles, character changer, and zoom in and zoom out options

Tiberio Bolivar, Jr

I LOVE IT But, IT IS SO CUTE But, Can you add Bowser and Luigi and on the title screen it show multiplayer but u can't do it SO add all of those three things ok?

Mean Frank


Sophie Styles

Bit boring Don't get it its a bit boring and it's pointless

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