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13 Oct
Wiccan and Witchcraft Spells

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This Witchcraft App offers hundreds of free witchcraft spells, wicca symbols, correspondences, and many other information about Wicca and Witchcraft Spells.

You'll find over 400 Spells for Love, Money, Job, Binding and many more categories,

Just added: Non stop Wiccan Music Playlist added

Bonus: FREE Access to Wicca Intl Radio (Easy to use with instant Track Info and share function. Turns radio automatically off, when you receive a call!)
Bonus: FREE ebook "Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft by Sir Walter Scott" added (HTML format, no reader required!)
Bonus NEW: Free graphics to use as your Facebook cover image (just save them to your phone and upload to your FB account).

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* ebook is out of copyright and in public domain.
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* All material in this app shall only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.
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    June 26th 2015: How to Cast a Spell Video added
    Oct 13th 2015: Wiccan Music Playlist added

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Kiara Smith

Awesome!! Ok so I did the protection spell on my necklace because im usually really clumsy and stuff and so I wore it... then the next morning, since im in a hotel, took it off to take a shower. The next thing I k ow is im hitting my knee against the toilet hard. When I finally put it back on I didn't run I to anything it really works!!!!!

Jermaine Oliver

Black star of mist I was alone I did this spell the next day I was feeling dizzy so I had fell on ground and went right through it into living room i f you try this GOOD LUCK

Hailey Saucedo

It worked I tried the finding lost items spell and i wanted to find my ipod which has been lost for like 3 yrs so 3 weeks later my dad found it. So itworked for me :D

terriana pace

Awwsome Wow I am so happy I lost my clarinet and I had band to day so I did find wat is lost spell and when I walked to my teacher to tell him I didn't,t have it it was laying on the desk

HippieChick Forlife

It legit works A few years ago I got this app on my other phone and I was training to be a witch cause I was so into it back then. These spells and charms do work if you open your mind up and let your soul do the talking. If you're scared of demonic presents then I wouldn't recommend this. After I did some of these I had a demon in my room for 3 months. It didn't bug me at all since I'm so used to demons and satanic figures. But I rate this 5. But I'd still also recommend getting the real deal book and a beginners book.

Chloe Hobbs

Confused.. I am Wiccan, but when first tried the Eye color changing spell, I was disappointed to find that it didn't work...My goal was to change my blue eyes to brown, but when I looked my eyes were only slightly darker than before, not that I'm blaming the app at all, judging by all the amazed comments..I just hope that it's not something that's wrong with me..What if I don't have magic? That began to worry me when to other spells of tried didn't work, but maybe it was because I didn't cast a circle?

Shashabella Jade

At least i know some spells i tried a thew trust me you need alot of concentraition And last time i did a lightning spell black magic yeah and it said picture the tornado then focus and concentrate. It worked. The next night there was a flash in the sky. And it said on the spell there will be a flash in the sky and it was about at 5:00 in the morning.

Yuki Gravel

Wonderful and useful! To all you stupid idiotic Christians, wiccans/pagans do NOT believe in Hell nor Heaven. And in the old times, the Catholic people ADMIRED the pagans ways and loved them, praised them! Get informed better you closed minded freaks. Learn the old natural ways which is proven with science too.

Caera Ryan

Amazing It worked great and the all the spells I did worked perfectly!My nephew was scared after a nightmare and not feeling well but I focused my energy on helping him while holding his hand and then he was fine and calm!

Aleeyah Black

It's All TRUE AND AWESOME!!!! I tried the Banishing Bad Luck spell and in a few minutes it worked!!!! I have this somewhat unique ability to see people people's aura and this app helped me realized the colors!! I looked it up and I have blue XD!!! Try it!!!

Tudor Grafferul

Great app As long as you kneel in front of God , you will not go to hell. Catholicism and Ortodox cultures are manipulating people , dont believe their lies. Witchcraft is as natural as chemistry , and represents higher understanding and spirituality. Pace :)

Michael Oberle

This made me laugh For those of you who say this is all real, I'd like to open you're eyes. I deal with REAL witchcraft and these so called "spells" are just stupid. For example, weight loss spells, they are complete BS. I read through most of these, and it's stupid to see a developer claim this as a real spellbook. I work with actual books and the goddess hekate. If I were you guys I would get a hold of donold Michael Craigs books on magick. Those are real spells. He even trains you in Astral projection. Don't buy this trash

izel lopez

Really This is stupid come back to reality people , this could come back and bite you in the a** there is such thing as bad magic ,its like people who know how to heal with herbs and spells some have consequences. How do you know its not something that involves the devil or bad ghosts. -this is izels daughter

Cathy Sesbreno

Omg! Spells do work! But I'm just asking. Am I going to hell if I use a spell? Cause. I'm a roman catholic...

James Fewings

Oh Dear. I downloaded this app just so I could say how shocked I am at the replies. Some of you have absolutely no idea about the old ways or Wicca for that matter. And to that Christian follower... Sing a new tune for God's sake! We're so fed up of hearing you lot spout about how evil our ways our. This (the Old Way, not Wicca by the way) is the most natural and peace loving way of living you can get. We revere nature you fool. And to the creators of this app.... I think you watched 'The Craft' too many times!

deanthony clark

Natural Witch I might be a boy but the spells work perfectly! I did all of them accept the black magic because I don't practice that! But other than that it takes a lot of concentration! Be careful cause I see and hear weird things at night and now often I sleep walk and say many spells in my sleep so be careful!!!!

Gloria Cabrera

Amazing I tried the school spells of getting an A instead I got an A+ and that was the reading STAAR test so I passed to 6th grade bro your awesome *brofist*sorry I always do brofist on people from pewdiepie but any ways its the best thing ever bro

Arlyn Dun

Satan is tricking you,this is a demonical .I'm 100 percent sure that there will be terrible consequences to this. You attract and invite demon to your life.You gave them gateways,and trust me your life will ruined. read the bible and learn about the truth.Instead of blessings your placing a cursed to yourselves. Only Jesus can set you free. Right now,Satan is laughing in front of you,looking at you like a fool,he's dragging you to hell.

Ashley Vega

Love this!!! I had most of these spells in my old BOS and the money spell worked for me before twice actually!!! So glad I found this I have been looking for these spells for over a year! Thanks a lot!!! )o(


I swear this is so amazing! Thank you so much for this I couldn't have gotten anything better than this god bless you, you are truly amazing! ?

Brighdin C

Haven't tried it yet!! I'm glad to see the craft is getting out there. I'm commenting on here to reply to the person who say's they are Roman Catholic. Magic is a gift from the creator & mother nature, it's natural & every person is born with it they just need to learn how to unlock it don't worry about religion man created that theory. Keep god at your side & you will be fine as long as you talk to him everyday & don't forget about him. Just embrace your gift he give you. It was religion that cast a dark shadow on the craft.

skwarlogirl cfc

I like this app but I wish there were more protection spells and by the way wicca does not go against Catholic beliefs especially if you were to revere Mary as your goddess and god as well, your god.

Tyler Hensley

Great app. I loved the app definitely helped my book of shadows. And not to judge anyone if you are new to the craft just a helpful hint for the future. If you are truly wiccan whether you are boy or a girl you are considered a witch. Not a wizard. Or warlock which actually means a betrayer. Thanks for the app blessed be.

Brandy Barber

I love this I love this very much tho I do not have the items to do some. Trying to find a store close by that sell the stuff needed. Tho I'm having one little problem. Just wanting to know but the loose 20 pounds spell. After I do the spell do i eat the cupcake or no? Someone please help!

Michelle Smith right!!! U can b attracting a ghost by these spells. With my personal experience I have made a protection charm. That night was really weird, it was like someone was cursing me. A voice in my head kept saying to give it the necklace I tried to ignore it but,it didn't work for long…

Zymir Allen

Loved it already Well once i first downloded the app i tried a few spells like not making a teacher come to school and it actually work and we had a substitute

Sarah Hill

Wow Now the moon calc has arrived, this app is pure perfection as a quick go-to encyclopedia! Brava!

Amber Webb

Its a nice app Its not a bad app for starters honestly it can help with the basics of learning pagan ways granted any spell should be carefully crafted and honestly should come from your heart and soul. If your unsure in the slightest do not cast any spell. As for the people who fear not knowing if their going to hell or not you really need to open your mind more if you truly want the spell to work, when your human life comes and passes your soul goes where you truly want it to go casting has nothing to do with the devil.

Malikhi Valerio

Not good If you try one of these spells you could be attracting a ghost

samantha khuon

Amazing Finding the lost item spell worked. I lost my phone and I chanted the words of the spell, and minutes later I find it ^_^

Ryan Smith

Lost and found It is the first one i tried and it worked like within minutes.. i was actually still chanting when i found my item.. which was incredible.. Thank you

Kirsty chitepo

Amazing I now believe in magic searched on the on the internet say if u do this type off stuff all the time u will get a source of power

Orvsi Manacpo

Its ok Its good I tried a spell about in weather, and it worked. But other spells didn't, but first of all, even though I like spells so much, I still believe in God... And I will always believe in him

kayla durkee

An harm it none Do not cast spells on anyone without them knowing about it and wanting you to do it!!! Influencing someone else's will is harmful and you will experience it right back at you 3 times, If you're interested in being a witch or a wiccan, read the wiccan rede before anything else. An harm it none, blessed be.

mimori suzuko

Witchy mimo-chan Wow this is what I called WOW ...all spells are real I tried all of them and it happened except for the charm bags

Eden Franchesca Molina-Vargas

Solitary Witch Like Me Needs This App This app is a must have for every witch. I love it. DOWNLOAD IT!!!!

Gabi Rayne

Omg I love it but every time i do the spell to get a question ask nothing happens

Kayla Arruda

Awesome This is amazing plus I'm an actual witch any I'm good with spells so the so much its so cool

Kika Adams

This is great! This app really helped me. I tried the protection spell and it TOTALLY works!

Caitlin Ford

With the "Charm a Protective Necklace Spell" does it have to be a necklace or can it be another object?

Yura Dilewsky

The Best Please add russian language.Thank you for your work.

ITimur Isaev

TRANSLATE! Well into Russian translate... at least badly... and that will be clear. Or on to in English to read them


So thorough So much selection, so very helpful and lucid. Still an updated and active app which has a lot of explanatory and practical information that is most useful.

Vilija Pundyte

Great! Perfect app, but there aren't any healing spells?

Ishi Molloy Miller

Amazing!!!!!!! This app is so amazing but could use with an update

Sidney Montgomery

Omg love it This app is great I'm learning how to be a Wicca and these spells actually work but it might be a little hard to understand when ur first starting but other than that this app is great and if ur afraid of demonic figures and ghost this app is not for u.

Kerri Hence

Amazing How did the owner do this? I used the spell and it acually worked! Holy Mother of Pillows!

Peter Jaji

Wican real, Wican not There are unexplained things in this world this you cannot argue

Ty Baker

Great I cast a spell to find a lost item and a few minutes later I found it. that spell is going into my book of shadows

Nicole Acero

Its good.... It works I used computer blessing for my computer that doesn't work for a few weeks now works and prints.... Thank you.... May I request a spell to fly and have magic to push and pull things also... To make things float? thanks...

Nicola Turner

Chill developer Word up w that guy I use these things like flipping a coin t is no such thing as psycics so psycic cards er no but wot t developer as got is skitsofrenia freak pipe down

Christina Janz

To americasangel2 and my review of this app Funny. I was Christian during my whole childhood. Then I grew up and met the God and Goddess. They never have threatened me with eternal damnation for not accepting them as truth. Also, this app is crap. It sounds like a 14 girl who thinks Charmed is real.

Developer Bayman

Your all retarded! I only downloaded this to tell you your a weaklings seeking strength in something you see as power but in reality your all scared children that are afraid of the world around you in reality true confidence come from within and true power is something you achive through hard word and cultivation from practice and martial understanding ~i am a shodan ho in kenpo nippon~ i know magick and this is not it it is a waste of time and energy.....and bandwidth/storage space.....good luck and i hope you find strength

Rebecca Rector

I would give it 0 stars if I could. This app is poorly put together and written, and has the feel of a 14 year old who thinks that magic is more fantastical than it really is. True Wiccans and witches do not cast binding spells on people to take away their freedom or ability to do anything. An it harm none, do what ye will. You cannot use a spell to change your eye color, your body, etc. Magic doesn't work that way. From a beginner Wiccan, do not download this app, it's a sham.

Snow London

Eh I really liked the page for spell correspondences and moon phases but a lot of these spells are very much fake. You cannot change the weather or become a mermaid. Magic is much more subtle, more law of attraction than anything. I think most witches on this app are twelve year olds who watch too much disney

Hayley Labarca

You can do it! You don't need "Wiccan" blood to do magick. Magick is a mix of nature and mental as well as spiritual willpower. You don't need to be Wiccan to practice witchcraft or do magick. You can be atheist or of any religion and still practice magick. Rituals and spells may not seem to work at first but please don't feel discouraged. It could be slow acting or it just didn't work. You just have to keep practicing and trying. Remain positive, have fun, and stay open minded. Believe in yourself and the magick.

Tessa Caiger

Works I love this app so much i used most if tne spells already and they all wirked

Sherice Davis-Reid

Believe I'm so happy lately since I did a spell for peace and love .... If you believe it just might really work for you too

Aniyah Mariner

Love it I love it magic is real I don't know about developer bay man but he's wrong this is real he just probably didn't believe you have to truly believe and sometimes u have to be a witch to cast spells I'm not a witch yet but you can be a witch and an angel and other stuff you just have to believe but I just don't like black Magic

Holly Bianco

It's what u put into it! The energy and belief u put into the more power the spelling! Of ur a non believer your not gonna draw the proper energy need. That like when studying the Bible. But the heart into it

Emo Zombie

Meh I tried to summon my dead cat but didn't work but I did dream my dead mother tho

atheena meara

Well its OK I did some spells and it worked but the other spells didn't work

Natalie Sharp

Hmm I only tried the hair spell once it didn't work out

Ayane Cox

Spellbooks It's the best I wished that my gym teacher would not co!e to school and it worked every time over three months

Animated Potatoげんきです

Idk i only downloaded cause i saw the word beauty I MUST HAVE LONG HAIRRRRRR (*`н´*)

penguin 112

AMAZING This thing had amazing spells my fav Is make school go fast I'm now a wizard school goes by quick and I can even get it to be sunny and rain ITS REAL

Kenny Fox

Good app Where's the summoning and transform spells ad the those please


Stupid We are not meant have control over anything! This doesn't even work. I used to be one of you people but I grew up and found a better purpose in life. The only thing that is real is God. He is the only one that can change anything create anything and so on he is the way the truth and the light. The only power we have is the power of free will, but if you deny God he will deny you in heaven and I pray for your poor mislead souls. GOD is real this is not!

Yvonne Staley

Well seems to me I did the simple love spell....on Friday...and my ex came over and spent the night. We are suppose to be " just friends". Called me the next day... I believe it did work honestly.

Blake Branan

I love this it does work and over time it will help ?

Akshit Sharma

If u r wiz so u can do it I try it but i cant. But if u have burthy or hereditry wizardry skills so u can do it...

Melaniertay1971 Tiseo0723

I said its okay because I don't know how to work it like its not working but I feel something every time I do one but it doesn't work does it really work and if it does which one

Phelicia Jackson

I love this app. I was born on the 24thof October in the year 1983 .

Leigh Sinclaire

It's ok The app it's self is ok. Although some of the spells In there are a little far fetched. One complaint I have is that the app and spells are focused on female witches and male witches get left out in the cold lol.


Accept it Thank you... This book is for people who knows what there doing.

Ashlie Dees

Needs work The music doesn't work. You have to buy the book. There are some working information links at the bottom. But it's not what I was wanting.

Mark Rebucias

I dont know A have no idea what I am doing

Selina Mansanalez

I LOVE IT I like it! its just that I don't know if I'm doing the right thing here...

Alan Barrio

It works!!!! I made it rain in the first try!!!!

Romeo Johnson

Hey Where can I get this stuff they asking for

Marija Kušek

<3 This has helped me very much :)))

Margie San Miguel

For the dumb bitches There s no power in rudeness and it does nt hurt to try. Thats power?

Tyler Macgilfrey

It works The reason why it does work is because I am a Wiccan

Zytrex Velasco

Witch craft Yeah this is real it's true work it.

Addie Armstrong

WARNING this app is a trick I AM SO Freaking mad that dude or whoever may have a hamster sized brain!!! Or maybe he is a marshmallow OK THE APP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The person who made this is a total peabrain and he is nuts

Princess Nixon

Love I hate witches that means I love theme

Mylisia Stephens

I loved it! It worked so well and the spells worked you just have to study and believe

J Wyatt

Tsiay okay Hetay ppaay siay okay. Itay ppaay isay okay utbay peelssay Isay aay adbay anday adbay etupsay isay adbay otay earnley.

Frances Leaning

Demon magic Demon magic is what this is finally an app that is like me!!!

KC Lewis

Great Open your mind and just do it. You'll be amazed. Very informative as well.

Spirit Watcher

Its Good But Certain Things I don't understand why people think witchcraft is all about like invisibility spells and sun potions to make the day last longer, its about meditating and talking to the dead. Ya of course you do spells and potions, but that just isn't what witchcraft is about im afraid. So don't go out buying items for things that won't work. For instance invisibility spells. I have been only working on witchcraft for 2 years, but in those to years I learned a lot.

Stephanie Quinones

It works Don't the people that don't know how to do it BC they are doing it wrong or not saying it right

Maria teresa Morejon

Magic is real Magic will only work if you belive my leg was hurting so i did a healing spell and now it doesnt hurt so yeah if it doesnt work try to believing in magic

Dustin Valentine

Bullshit Oh come download my app to read some spells syke ima direct you to these apps that you can buy

alien hunter98

GHOST HOOKER I somehow summoned a ghost hooker who is now haunting the street corner outside my house


This intrigues me... As a psychic myself, I've dabbled greatly in field a of PSI...but arcane powers? I must open my mind...

John Paul Nilo

Story I only downloaded this app for a story I'm making. It's main genre is fantasy. So don't think of me as a weakling who needs magic to protect myself

Alex Pope

Everyone is a cocksucker This is so gay it doesn't even work don't get it waste of time and space!!!

Alfrian Ramadhan

Works for me I think it actually works for me. I wanted to stop the rain so i cast the "stop the rain" spell n keep repeating the words like i really mean it to stop.. N believe it or not The rain started to fade away

Trey Arceneaux

Could be better Just look harder than an app for true magick

Fox Elric

Something different Try casting a spell to talk with your soul and see if you should repent and turn to God or not

Florin Cazacu

Loved it!!!!! It's the best Wiccan app I ever tried. It is a perfect guide for performing magick and it is indispensabile for every witch and warlock.

Shyla Gann

Hu:-\ Non of it works and I'm a witch, should it work for me!£¢¥¥¢¢¢€¢£€€¥¥π fellow witch know what I mean;-)

silly girl

It's amazin app Tells you spells and they really do work

Leatrice Austin

God , or any other religion For those of you saying God is real, how do you know? Faith, right? What you were taught from whoever. So don't judge people by what they believe in. You dont see athiest knocking on your door to brainwash you. You think your religion is the only true religion. People who believe in God always try to persuade others to do the same. If you don't believe in Wicca or magic, keep it to yourself. No one asked you.

tyler fish

Newsflash! The spells and incantations in this app actually work(if you do them right). I have been a witch for all my life, and i am happy with the results that i received within this app. So if any of you who have tried these spells and cant work them. You obviously arent a witch, or your doing something wrong.

Christian Connor

Interesing I am truly baffled with some of the reviews on here. Some of you seem to be here for no other purpose than to berate those exploring the craft and to try and badger them into believing your brand of religion is the only correct one. Here is a question, IF you're a REAL Christian, what are you doing downloading an app for witchcraft? I mean you can rate the app without downloading it and according to your book, that is a sin!! How about you get a life and start worrying about trying to live as Christ would??

nonexistant Musica

Don't hate There is no true god. There is only higher consciousness. And this only works if you believe it'll work. If you have the slightest doubt, you already screwed up without doing anything.

vickie avila

Confused and Angry This is all so should all grow up, magic isn't real. There is no gods and goddesses there is only one God and his name is Jesus Christ. This app and all Witchcraft apps should be deleted forever.

az setik

I just like flipping thru the info. within the app. to me the app seems like a throwback to html websites contained within an app. which i enjoy. and I appreciate this app for what I see it as, a source, a collection of information on a particular subject, of which there are innumerable others. I've long been intrigued/fascinated by almost any & all occult topics I've ever come across. i have always enjoyed amassing books & various other writings on a given subject. one can take what one needs from somethin & respectfully leave the rest.

boo boo Lowther

Spells love them I love everything about spells at least I can learn more and cast a lot more spells now specially on that controlling boyfriend of mine had this since we have been together 22 months ago haha don't mess with me now David u are now dealing with a white witch and hopefully I will be very powerful one day so ent mess with me

Margie San Miguel

For the dumb bitches There s no power in rudeness and it does nt hurt to try. Thats power?

Alfredo Gomez

You all need to get over yourselves I see two people saying that we're all weaklings and that this isn't "real magic" but the thing is, their lack of faith will ultimately hurt them, not help

Tyrik Dell

Hater are stupid All haters of magic apps when something bad happen you are going to wish that you had magic and powers when the power goes out so hush

Michael Speakman

Nice Try As a Wiccan Elder, i must onform you these spells are fake. Please do not make a mockery of Wicca. Blessed Be.

Ho Heffber

People comments lol Its more pathetic to see such low level class creatures comment poor ignorant insults???

portable kingpin

Just trying it I'm just installing this to check out some simple spells if they even work in the process, like the fly-by school day and teacher one

Candie Guillen

Idc what u say It isn't true u can do magic with out being magical. Magic has to be in you blood. Witchcraft is real. Witches have the power to control the elements. If you ACCUALLY practiced u would be able to do it.(SAID IT OK U DON'T HAVE TO PICK A FIGHT PPL) there is a wah to be witchcraft. If you dont believe in magic that's on you. Witches are people of earth not goddess. WITCHES are not people who just cast invisibility spells. They WILL surprise u.

Georgia Sookie

Joke Sorry but this app is a joke. I heard better spells from my friend's children.......... good, old spells are not in english.... got some really good ones for you guys in latin... or ancient greek. Guess it runs in the family! But hey! Good luck! ?????

Kaitlyn Christiansen

Its a neat intro Its a neat intro to get you interested in finding the real thing.. But what it all comes down to is self confidence an believing in yourself. I don't care how much of a Christian or Muslim you are. If you have god he lives inside of you and witchcraft is a wonderful way to find self confidence and your own determination... The stuff they teach in modern day Christian churches is nothing more than a a bunch of childish bullcrap so a quote unquote paster can overlord you. Witchcraft broke me out of inconfidec


Wiccan and Witchcraft Spells. It is a language and a divine ART and SCIENCE to help and guide Clients towards success and security. It is humanitarian service. This application deserves appreciation and wholehearted blessings. WHOAM SANTHI.

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