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31 Mar
Wi-Fi Privacy Police

Posted by UHasselt - Expertise Centre for Digital Media in Tools | March 31, 2016 | 87 Comments

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Wi-Fi Privacy Police prevents your smartphone or tablet from leaking privacy sensitive information via Wi-Fi networks. It does this in two ways:

* It prevents your smartphone from sending out the names of Wi-Fi networks it wants to connect to over the air. This makes sure that other people in your surroundings can not see the networks you've connecte to, and the places you've visited.
* If your smartphone encounters an unknown access point with a known name (for example, a malicious access point pretending to be your home network), it asks whether you trust this access point before connecting. This makes sure that other people are not able to steal your data.

Wi-Fi Privacy Police does not have any negative impact on your battery. In fact, you may see your battery life increase by using this app.

View our paper at for more technical information.

Wi-Fi Privacy Police is an app developed at the Expertise Center for Digital Media, a research institute of UHasselt. It is open source, with its source code being publicly available at .

A lot of effort went into making this app work flawlessly. If you, however, run into any problems when using this app, nor the app developers, nor the UHasselt take responsibility. You are encouraged to report any issues at [email protected] or via GitHub at ; we will try to fix them as soon as possible.

Note to those using CyanogenMod: make sure that Privacy Guard is not blocking access to Wi-Fi Privacy Police, as it will then not be able to see the available networks. This will cause Wi-Fi Privacy Police to disable access to all of them.

Whats new

    This is a re-upload of version 2.2.2, which couldn't be installed via Google Play due to a server error.
    * Made location notice optional (and provided rationale for the nagging)
    * Updated translations.
    * Added proper support for handling location access in Android 6.0 and up.
    * Bugfixes for devices that got stuck in a connect loop.

UHasselt - Expertise Centre for Digital Media part of our Tools and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update March 31, 2016. Google play rating is 84.8615. Current verison is 2.2.3. Actual size 130.0 KB.

Download wi-fi-privacy-police.apk 130.0 KB


Henry Farkas

One major flaw Although this app keeps you from logging on to wi-fi spoofs, it also keeps you from logging on to wi-fi sources that you are actually trying to log on to You try, it doesn't work, and then you have to find the screen .that allows you to permit the same wi-fi. The app should detect that you are consciously trying to log on to the particular wi-fi source and either let you on or pop up the permission screen.

Robert Soyars

Small and Fast This does exactly what it says. It's a small, lightweight app that can protect you from malicious WiFi signals.

Lewisa Thompson

Great protection If people knew of this issue with wifi security, they would all install this. I use my phone for everything, banking to emails, I don't want other people getting my info.

Allen Seiger

Seems like a good idea Updated for review of v2.0. It now works great on my home network, but when Privacy Police is active, I cannot connect to my work WiFi. This makes me think it's an issue with the work network settings.

George Kougianos

Simple Security This is an app that must be used in addition to other security measures in order to be truly effective. It helps prevent unauthorized snooping on your device but twice so far it did not function properly. The issue needs attention immediately as it involves connecting to approved WiFi connections. In my case, the connections were my work and home routers, two very important connections. I'll monitor the issue and update my review when the reliability improves.

M. Nexus

Purpose built It would be nice to have more technical debug information under the hood, right now you just rely on it working without knowing much else.

chen howard

I does what its suppose to do and more

Eugene Cooper Jr

Awesome gadget. Get rid of snoopers.

Rajesh Deshpande

Great app. Excellent Wi-Fi security features. A must have app.

Rob Jones

Great Excellent security application

Darin Warden

4 Stars for Principal Just installed after reading about it. I've read about this issue but didn't know of apps that would help prevent it, except a root app called Pry-fi. Thank you for your hard work.

Ryan Smith-Roberts

Why is this not default behavior?? I've always been annoyed at the way Android will connect to any AP with a known SSID promiscuously. I had no idea just installing an app could turn that off.

Doreen Dixon

Exceptional concept Enjoyed the video explaining how easy our info is to obtain and for a lengthy period of time too, UNLESS PROTECTED. Thank you for developing this app (at no cost for now) and may you have success in a business venture with the major phone manufacturers/processors. Good luck!

George Walker

Can't Connect to wifi with It. Not sure if I have the app set up properly. Can"t connect to the location after that. I see the need for it but can"t get wifi with it. George Walker

Krishna Shastry

Just found out about the app via flipboard Compact, lightweight and simple. Just the way I like it.

Kuntala Jagadish

Samsung note 3 I liked it very much. Privacy is what we require in today's world. Keep going, Thank you.

Ling Tc

So far so good Read an article from Flipboard that recommend this app and I decided to try it out.

Gábor Biró

Great idea Would be nice to have a list-editing feature tho. I sometimes accidentally press No...

Kristi Singer

Thank you I will move this up to 5 stars once I'm certain it does what is promised. Just saw this App discussed in Flipboard.... As someone whose phone security was ironically recently extremely compromised, knowing there are developers out there like you takes away some of the fear. Thank you and keep doing good.

William Martin

Thanks to the developers It's great to see developers that are concerned about security given that we can't trust the folks at Google to bake it in.

Marcus Ong

Ok so far it worked It booted me out of my home network and asked me to verify to Reconnect in the notification tray. The hotspot are then saved.

John Anderson

It works but....... It works like it should but after a few days it would not allow me to even manually turn on WiFi for some reason. Uninstalled and my WiFi toggle is normal again.

Rob Hedges

Good idea... Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile with KitKat. I would like to verify the protection before I give it 5 stars, but it is a good idea.

Wes M

Moto X 2nd gen Does exactly what it says in the description. Awesome app!

Brandon Hunt

You don't have to worry again After I read an article about this in flip board I went and downloaded it and it works just like the article said

Paul Lawrence

Great app! Everyone should have control over what data is shared.

Peter French

Does as it says Must have privacy tool. Does what it says and there's no nonsense to it

Darwin Weber

Doesn't beg for a rating. Great app that work as described. No ads and it hasn't begged me to rate it. This is why I am rating it 5 stars.

Pieter Robyns

Does exactly what it says on the box and is completely free and open source. Awesome!

Josh Deetz

Straight to the heart. Great little app, wysiwyg at its best.

Jason Privitera

Should Be Baked Into Android It's a bit strange that Android doesn't have this as default behavior, but I am very glad that this app addresses the issue, and does so very well.

Patrick Mus

Great Thanks now I don't have to worry about snooping.

Bryan Wainhouse

nice, saw the post on reddit and installed no issues so far, saw the post on reddit, really good idea. I didnt realise that data was broadcast

Tom Shearhouse

Cool Nice....thanks for the effort.

Dl Lamar

Decent if you need it Tried it out and it does what it says. Since I'm with Verizon, I already have it setup to ask before connecting so I always know. I also remove occasional connections of WiFi for the reasons mentioned. Deleting app but I have shared it with those I know who aren't WiFi savvy.

Ali Android

Thanks Please integrate it as xposed module for more efficency

Kris T S Ria

Works really well Read about it, installed it, tested it. Keeping it.

trudy stewart

Great app Need all the protection we can get and this does a great job

Retroid Gameoid

Is it actually useful? Yes, this app has greatly helped me when in an area of my town that is "unsafe" to say the least. All and all, it is a valuable tool and continues to keep me "anonymous" when using mobile hotspots.

Michelle Grimes

Don't know it's there! Nice background app that only asks about unknown WiFi connections. I am glad it has no ads to bother me.

Manny Pacquiao

Amazing Free App An app that gives me peace of mind when I use public wifi. And free. Thank you for a great app.

Eugene Cooper Jr

Awesome gadget. Get rid of snoopers.

Michael Hilton

Galaxy S5 Used to like it but now won't let me log on to any WiFi at all. Uninstalled, not useful!

Karolis Pocius

EDIT: works on marshmallow! Yay :-) Old comment: Awesome app, but doesn't work on Android 5.1.1 - please fix.

Keith Clunk

A simple yay or nay and Robert's your mother's brother. Unintrusive with no adverts, I like it.

Mark Stephens

Now Working well! This had worked well on my Nexus 5 but stopped on an upgrade to Marshmellow. Happy to say the problem was fixed and it is working well again!

Peter Tobler

On Nexus 5X (Marshmellow) and Nexus 6 (CM nightlies) connections are not automatically established. Even after connecting to an Access Point manually the connection drops after a few seconds. When the app is not running everything works fine.

Brian Flugga

Love it The best now people can't use my WiFi thanks for a good app

john smith

No longer works correctly On nexus 6 and moto x pure no longer notifies when the phone needs to connect to wifi, in fact I thought my phones were having an issue connecting and was about to hard reset when I decided to turn this off instead, after not being able to connect for more than a week I was finally able to once it turned off.

Kyle Gospodnetich

Great addition to device security! Works in Marshmallow now! Thanks!

Kyle Newman

Prevents rogue access points Uses geotags to and access point tracking to help prevent rogue access point exploits.

Andres Paz

Broken in marshmallow at first, developer responded quickly with a fix. Great app!

Michael D'Ottavio

Working perfectly once more :) Thank you for the quick fix! I'm no longer being kicked off my networks.

Dmitry Chervov

Works in Marshmallow The app seems to work fine in Marshmallow now. Thanks for fixing the issue quickly!

philip williams

good application I like what it does very cool.....

Jay Thomas

Simply works flawlessly

Douglas Westlund

Issues Fairly confident this broke my VPN and ability to regularly connect to access points. Not sure how to scrub whatever this did to my system. Looking at a factory reset at this point.

Kenneth Barbalace

Won't allow WiFi to reconnect automatically I like the idea behind this app. Unfortunately, ever since I installed it I have to manually connect to my WiFi networks instead of my phone automatically reconnecting when they are in range.

Richard Spatz

Works great with one MAJOR flaw! WPP is great, but there's a major flaw that will make it unusable for most people. I'm still on 4.3, but I think this may be the problem others are complaining about without understanding it. WPP will not allow you to load the authentication page necessary to connect to many open networks, e.g. Starbucks, and you are instantly kicked off as a result. That goes EVEN for networks that are already explicitly allowed and on WPP's hot spot list. The ONLY way to connect to such networks is to force close the app.

Adam Courtney

Broken with Lollipop Worked great with KitKat, now broken with Lollipop. Won't allow known Hotspots to connect.

Terry W

Works as advertised Although I have to get used to manually connecting to WiFi, I guess that's the whole idea behind the app not letting everyone in. Nexus 6 CyanogenMod 12.1

Kevin George

Need to update permission access for marshmallow users My Wi-Fi was cutting out directly after connecting to a network, I stopped this app and it worked.

John MacDonald

Avoid Had to uninstall. Blocked legit wifi connections and conflicted with android wifi functions.


It does the opposite . My wifi is blocked out instead!.

Carl O

Worked great till lollipop update Everything was awesome but after update. App did not work. 5.0 S5

Vern Rolton

Connection problems nexus 9 after marshmallow upgrade Very useful problems connecting on marshmallow though

Mehboob Patel

Nice app Thanks a lot.

Anas H. Sulaiman

Simple but Effective

Khunshan Ahmad

Can it tells which app is trying to turn my WIFI on automatically even I turn it off??

Trevor Tait

takes to long to download get a zero

Abigail Annan

CONSTANTLY UPDATING ITSELF! It was updated yesterday then this morning and after i restarted my phone, it was updated again! What is going on? I just don't get it!

Troy Thompson

Still has connect loop problem On marshmallow using Samsung s6 edge plus. Bad connect loop makes using this app really annoying

ravenous shawn

Plsbring back the old version pls i want the old version because it's useless in android 6.0

Tim O

Good app to have I have been using this app for years now and unfortunately I am considering uninstalling it. I do not agree with the recent update where it is a requirement to have my location setting on to be able to use my wireless Internet this setting needs to be optional

Anthony Coughlin

Thanks! Do you guys have any other apps!?

Ed Koller

Works as advertized Somewhat annoying to authorize access to wireless networks, but small price to pay for security

Orlando Leon

Worked fine before the latest update. After the latest update, I keep getting spammed with the same message: wifi privacy police needs (limited) location access in order to function correctly. I have my location mode set as device only and never had this problem before this update.

Peter Tobler

On Nexus 5X (Marshmellow) and Nexus 6 (CM nightlies) connections are not automatically established. Even after connecting to an Access Point manually the connection drops after a few seconds. When the app is not running everything works fine. EDIT: Unfortunately still not working

A Google User

Loved it Not since location required. Please release pre and post marshmallow versions.

Sarah Mc

Draining my battery Ever since I installed this, my phone battery has drastically been draining. I've checked other possible apps and settings to see if it was something else causing the drain. All signs seem to indicate that it's this app. model number is sm n910v and running android 5.1.1. I'd like to see this fixed before I can give 5 stars.

A. Victor Johnson

Have to uninstall after update. Unfortunately, after the last update and the need to have location services active all the time is killing my battery. When my phone gets updated to marshmallow I will try again.

Richard Frederick

Privacy app that requires private info I use to love this app with Kitkat. Now with Marshmallow it requires location on to allow me to connect to wifi. I even turned off the privacy protection that requires it. It's not as much this app but other apps that will use location services when it is turned on, evading my privacy and defeating the purpose of this app.

Vman S

Constant wifi disconnect Keeps disconnecting me from my home wifi. Used to work well until an update. Please help!

Michelle Grimes

Don't know it's there! Nice background app that only asks about unknown WiFi connections. I am glad it has no ads to bother me. UPDATE: 6/27/16: past 2 months I've been experiencing higher data usage. I am home 80% of the time. for some reason, maybe a recent update, I've been locked out of my FIOS router on my SG7 edge. T-mobile said congestion, yet my iPad on the same network and account was consistently connected. Turned off Privacy Police and VOILA!

Guillermo Cortés

Wi-Fi chaos After last night's Marshmallow pushed update, I can't even connect to my own home Wi-Fi

Crippled by recent Android changes With Android 6, requires location services to be on. With location services on, I give up privacy and battery life. Sad to see this application go.

Terry W

Works as advertised on Nexus 6 Android N Beta testing on project fi etc..

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