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30 Jun
White Balance Color Temp Meter

Posted by Folkstedt in Photography | June 30, 2013 | 48 Comments

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Have you ever experienced that the colors of your photos does not seems to correspond to the colors of the scenes in front of you? Let this app help you to get more realistic and better looking photos!

The app measures the color temperature of the lighting so that you can set the appropriate white balance setting on your camera. Problems have been reported on certain Android(TM) devices and therefore I now offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you are not happy with the performance of the app on your device, let me know and I give you a full refund! Valid within a whole month from the date of purchase.

How to Use the App?
Find a surface that is white or gray. A white paper with or without text works perfectly. Just make sure to avoid any colors. Point the camera towards that surface and click the Analyze button. The app will then show the measured color temperature of the light that falls on that surface. The app will also recommend a white balance setting for you to use on your camera in these lighting conditions.

What is Color Temperature?
Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that measures the hue of light from a light source. Color temperatures are usually measured in Kelvin (K). Low color temperatures (below 3000 K) are called warm colors (red and yellowish white) while high color temperatures (above 5000 K) are called cool colors (blueish white). Technically the color temperature is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of comparable hue to that of the light source.

When is Color Temperature Important?
Color temperatures are of special interest in all kinds of color photography. The human eye easily compensates for the color temperature of different light sources. Most cameras today have a feature called Automatic White Balance, AWB, which tries to do the same. In some conditions this works OK, in other conditions the results are poor. Many photographers therefore prefer to manually set the white balance value on the camera to match the color temperature of the current scene. With this application you can measure the color temperature before doing the white balance setting on you camera to get a more accurate setting.

You can also use this app to learn about the color temperatures in your environment. With this knowledge you can develop a better understanding of how the color temperatures varies which helps you when you are trying to master the light and colors in your photography.

How Accurate are the Measurements?
To measure the color temperature accurately is a complex issue. On an Android(TM) device is it complicated further by the fact that all devices are slightly different from each other. See the measured values as fairly good approximations.

Got Feedback on the App?
Please send any feedback, ideas or improvement suggestions on the application to [email protected]

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    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not happy with the performance of the app on your device, let me know and I give you a full refund! Valid within a whole month from the date of purchase.

Folkstedt part of our Photography and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update June 30, 2013. Google play rating is 77.1875. Current verison is 1.2. Actual size 145.0 KB.

Download white-balance-color-temp-meter.apk 145.0 KB


A Google User

Worth the money I use the Galaxy s. I'm a photographer and through my experience The Calvin readings are exactly right. The only issue I would suggest is no ability to record with flash. Needs some ability to read fash temps. Worth the money!

A Google User

consistently 1k off I am a professional photographer and color balance is very important to me. I am very disappointed in this device. It is either off by 1k or completely off. I have not had one accurate reading from it yet. I photographed an aquarium last weekend for a client and it was so off...I just shut it down. The aquarium was approaching the 10k range and I knew my camera would have problem(turns out camera read it good or close). This meter on the other hand read right the opposite at 2k. I had some free time today. So I went outside, Texas sunny day, which consistently reads in the 6k area. The meter read it at 4700. clearly to warm. I read it in the shadows and it was 1k to warm. I read it on a gray card and it was to warm. I think the maker could go a long way building in a calibration feature.

A Google User

Impressive! Working as a Gaffer I use it time to time to check the temp on the lamps if any of them looks suspicious. The app really impreses with the accuracy: +/- 200K but that's totally acceptable. Worth every penny if you don't have colormeter on you. Need to have a trained eye though, to recognize a misreading.

A Google User

Need to be able to calibrate I downloaded this app and tested it in a television studio where the lighting was set to 2800k using a Sekonic C-500 color meter. The app was at least 1k cooler than the actual color temperature. If you just had a way to calibrate it, it may be of some use..... but currently it is useless.

Jeremy Armstrong

Brilliant for 64p Cannot understand negative comments you have received from photo professionals, what do they expect for a US$ I use to check colour temperature of LED lighting and its brilliant, time some professionals got a life!

Michael Cannon

Can tell the Difference I just bought this and took photos using my Sony A35 with Minolta 50mm f2.8 prime lens comparing it to the Auto function and various other settings. Used f stop of 4 for all comparison photo's and then shutter speed to match f stop. Tried it out first just analyzing the subject. The color temperature was definitely off when compared to Auto. Second series I followed the instructions by taking a picture of white paper placed in front of the object first to analyze. The difference is between night and day. The photos I took using the Color temp settings looked like I had used fill flash. The colors were more true than using the Auto feature. It also brought out more detail than the auto function. I would post comparison photos but this does not let me. I would recommend this App, but if you plan to rely on it I would make sure you always carry a white piece of paper with you.

Erik O'Neill

Amazing. Simply amazing Comes in handy working as a cinematographer. May not always be 100% dead on, but the preset suggestion is always right so it will give you a starting point when something is wonky. Im suprised there arent more apps thay do this. Worth every penny.

Tony Nowa

Wonkey Not consistent. Under the same conditions, I saw a lot more than the 200K swing mentioned elsewhere. I even saw some readings in the tens-of-thousands of Kelvin when they should have been ~5000K. Tested on HTC One X.

A Google User

Spot on At this price its superb!! I use it to choose which filter gel to mount on my flash (green or orange, full 0.25 or 0.5). Can't afford nor do I have space in my bag for a pro meter.

Val Riolo

You have to know how to use it When using this app, you must take a reading from where the camera is positioned. For instance, if the camera is in a doorway and shooting towards windows, place a white card (or gray card) in front of the lens of the camera and take the reading. One of the biggest problems with ANY colorimeter, are the bulbs being used today. Take average readings of all light in the room, You will get anywhere from about 3000 - 42000 and you must average that out to midway but must also guess at which are the strongest lights. Nothing is perfect these days when shooting indoors but I find this one gets me close and easier to process. Much more reliable than relying on most camera AWB feature. They've NEVER worked for me.

Florentin Ionescu

Results are too warm on droid razr M For my phone Droid Razr M WB is calculated wrong(offset too warm 3-400 K) - this phone is updated to 4.1 and camera phone has known issues with WB, maybe that is the problem - it is entirely possible to be phone specific.

Desmond Walker

Straight garbage " Do not buy" This thing is so inconsistent, it worst than a politician running for office.

Joey Mariano

Works with a gray card I use this with the X-Rite Color Checker Passport's gray card and it works well enough to set the white balance for my BMPCC that doesn't have a built-in white balance function. Probably depends on the the phone you're using and the accuracy of the phone's camera. I'm using this on a Nexus 6.

A Google User

Accurate Works fine on my Galaxy SIII. Also seems that many Samsung galaxy phone users have left positive comments here.

A Google User

Not accurate enough to be used Unfortunately not very accurate as cannot be calibrated to phone. Therefore interesting but of no practical use.

Lord Wispa

Inconsistent! It's inaccurate! Some frequencies it reads ok but others it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY off!!! (waste of $1) Its missreading the 2700 Kelvins range, reads as 4000 K or so

A Google User

Good Works great with my galaxy note and canon 5d mark II. Easy to use.

talachan mon

Give my money back after i click the buy button the app doesn't install, i buy it again and it take my money again i buy 3 time it take 3$ Au can you refund my money.

Michael Schienbein

Accurate, at least on my indoor tests.

A Google User

No calibration. I pointed it at a cloudy sky and got a 5100k when I put full ctb up front of it I got 7000k. But this then through off tungsten readings. I would get 3900 on a house hold bulb rather than 2900k.

A Google User

Love it just tested it and am very pleased. Out of curiosity, I analyzed an image opened in Light room and scored another bulls eye. Great tool !!!

Randy Little

BE CAREFULL This app on a galaxy note 2 doesn't work. everything is 2200 Kelvin off. Program needs a way to calibrate against whatever the phone or camera is doing. but I tested it against my REAL color spectrometer and it just failed horribly.

Mark Gibson

Useless Software The software says that every light source is tungsten. Software is useless.

Jiali Ma

very useful I used it to measure color temp and set my 5D3, and comparing pict with the one taken with full auoto mode. I didnt tell my wife which one is auto shot and she picked the manual one as the better colors. nice.

A Google User

Surpringly accurate Best 99¢ I've ever spent. I was all ready to get a colorimiter before I found this

Robert Garcia

Good app to have! Gives u a good idea where to start at with a custom wb.

Timothy Chan

Simple and Useful Point at an object or a scene, press Analyse and then obtain Kelvin value, help me to decide my shooting settings. Simple to use! Great Apo! Thousand. Thanks!

A Google User

Works great Have only had a few tries with this app but it worked perfectly on my Samsung Infuse 4g. I shoot with a Canon 40D and this app gave me accurate white balance.

A Google User

Gwcreations Great app.would be greatly improved if it could tell you what filter would be required for correcting the lighting. Thx

Martin Wilson

Does what it says on the tin Someone at Canon decided it would be a smart idea to not show the color temperature the camera thinks it is on my T2i. But, it helps to know a good estimate for when I'm picking out flash gels. This app plus my gray card does the trick.

Trent Knight

Inconsistent but understandably so. Usually between 700K-1500K off. Understandable considering the cameras in each device are different. I was hoping it would come close to the camera app's estimation, or at least be consistently off so I could rely on it.

A Google User

Good I'm looking forwarding to a field of view selection box to isolate a light source. Otherwise, it just integrates the whole field of view.

A Google User

Works great. The only problem is that my phone auto corrects the color, so it would be nice if it a feature to stop this were added if at all possible.

Slava Luchnenkov

It's ok Okay app. Can you make also tint recognition.

Rob Johnson

Very impressed I'm a cinematographer and I bought this recently on a whim just to try it out on a shoot. Its really accurate and straightforward. No crashes so far either

Scott Rynd

Surprisingly accurate on my devices I tested this application against several known color temperature sources and it reported the color temperature/Kelvin within a very small variance to the expected number. Nexus 5 running stock Android 6.0.0 rooted it was consistently within +/-100K. Nexus 7 (2013) stock Android 6.0.0 rooted it was less accurate varying by +/-200K. Samsung S5 Android 5.1 consistent within +/-200K. Surprise results on Amazon Fire Phone FireOS 4.6.3 rooted varying +/-100K.

Simon Barnett

Wow! What the hell?! This works! I'm impressed. Samsung s6 edge.

A Google User

Accurate Works fine on my Galaxy SIII. Also seems that many Samsung galaxy phone users have left positive comments here.

Frank Martinez

Great I use it every day.

Silas Solomon

Not satisfied It does not work accurately for me. I want my money back.

Brad Confer

Awesome and completely useless. This app is consistent. In that every light source measures 4600k. Why? Auto balance on the camera. If you can't turn off auto white balance you can't use this app.

Tom Shack

Well I was surprised when someone suggested "maybe there's an app for that" and sure enough here it is. I tried it in the various areas of my print shop and all the temp. readings came through in the order they should have. I don't know if it's deadly accurate to the deg.kelvin but it's close enough. Thanks

Les Armon

Very Impressed. It just works. How about a small enhancement -> add a histogram enable/disable feature to choose Red, Green, Blue charts, the same as on any digital camera. This would be so useful.

Jon Powell

Especially useful w/granular WB I have an LG G4 and this app is very helpful if you're able to incrementally change the white balance instead of just selecting between presets.

Scott Bell

Good enough Wild swings in readings, tried to take the average of several reading but it's still way off. Might take some skills and the proper white surface.

Bong Wong

Accurate on nexus 5 Very accurate on Nexus 5, ok on nexus 6p but not that consistent.

Kyril Hosco

straight forward seems to work just fine, didn't check against a bunch of external readings but what I get by experience is good here. tested on oneplus one with CM13

charles cote

Pretty accurate, +-500°K and wide range I'm not sure if I was supposed to get a result over 1'000'000°K but I got a reading of 1'847'510°K in a room lighted with UV-A lights. It's pretty impressive considering that the result was confirmed by a cheap spectrometer.

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