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22 Jul

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Using WhatsApp™ all the time? Curious who texts you the most? Do you want to know whether that crush is actually interested in you?

Find out now! Get insight in your relations and get to know who starts the most conversations, which days you are the most active and at what time you have sent the most messages. Interested in how many messages you have sent this month, or week? WhatStat tells you all!

WhatsApp™ forces me to ask superuser pemission from now on; they made it impossible to read out the messages without root. With the newest version of WhatStat, the newest version of WhatsApp™ on a non-rooted device, you will notice that WhatStat isn't working anymore. I don't harvest any data! By asking superuser rights, I'm providing everyone who still want to use my app and do trust me, the opportunity to do so.

WhatStat is in no way affiliated with WhatsApp™, WhatsApp™ inc, Facebook or any of its respective software, trademarks, logos and/or other (intellectual) property.r

Android Appetizers part of our Social and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 22, 2015. Google play rating is 71.607. Current verison is 1.3.2. Actual size 5.9 MB.

Download whatstat.apk 5.9 MB


ashok ashh

Don't download This app stopped working, so please don't download and waste your time and data.

Saif Khan

Just great :D Great app! I must say the design looks comfy :p keep up the good work!

Joseph Vargas

It actually works! Don't know why people say it doesn't work anymore. You just need to open the menu when the retry message appears and you are good to go.

Christopher Hammond

Fantastic app! Was quite slow on my old Nexus 4 but on the (rooted, of course) OnePlus One it flies. takes just a few seconds to load each screen and I have a 600,000+ message database. Stats are great and it helps me catch up with old friends I've neglected, whilst checking that I'm making an effort with those I do talk to often. Really great :) Little bit buggy and sometimes you need to open the app, back out and open it again but otherwise it's top class.

İzzet Akif Aydın

Problemm When backup of whatsapp file changes, app dont see messages. Every day I need to reinstall it. Fix that and than you will earn 5 stars.

Haichen Wang

Stopped working Was a great app with cool visuals but unfortunately no longer works.

Gowtham Sai

Easy to know who text u most The way app work is simply superb. Especially cards and sharing option is a nice idea. The only bad thing is this works on rooted devices only cause of WhatsApp security.

Óscar Caballero

Cool Good stalking stats with a good UI. The only flaw to this app is that I have to clear all data every time I want to use it so it loads the messages correctly. Otherwise, it will show me 0 total messages to 0 friends and 0 groups.

Daniel McCarthy

No longer works Don't bother downloading as it just brings up a message saying the app no longer works. Complete waste of time and really pointless. The dev only keeps it up to hope to that people will donate to say "thanks" for wasting their time with this.

Dillon VP

Stops working This app stops working every few days!! It's annoying because i always have to uninstall and reinstall for it to work again.

Armando Ravizé

Doesn't work Used to work great before but it has stopped working after the WhatsApp update. Doesn't work when you select all time, but it does work when you select last year to yesterday.

Chinmay Lad

Failed to convert database Even after granting it the root access it is not even able to convert the database... I was looking forward to this app... Couldn't even have a glimpse of what it is does... Hope you fix this... I would want to try this app

Lara Winchester

Good but... I know this app is pretty good but I can't download it for some reason... it always says 'Insufficient storage available' though there's definitely enough storage!

Dipankar Chetia

Loved it Don't rate it with 1 star, because you don't have a rooted device. Root your device first.

Ahbabur Rahman

Time waster Doesn't exist anymore. Don't waste your time!

Dhanush M

Excellent U guys were great... I loved this app.. I felt a bit down when I knew that this app isn't gona work from now... But still this app is gona stay on my phone...


Nice application Didn't work initially.. But started working after a bit of tweaking.. Good app requires r00t

Carlos Duque Guasch

It won't work After I use it the first time, it won't refresh nor load any new backups. So I have to reinstall the app again. I have granted root access but it won't work anyway

Triplets Praburam

It's good... But statistics doesn't refresh at all... Please see to it that it works all time

Ravee tripathi

Works but consumes too much memory I installed it in Sony Xperia Z, It works well. App is very informative but it consumes so much memory (around 700 mb of RAM) that it affects other applications. My friend installed this app in Samsung S3 and confront the same problem. If it is a bug it should be fixed. Otherwise, good app.

Simone Nerviani

Doesn't work ? Please update the app so we can use it again! I have root access and some weeks ago it worked but now it doesn't! I don't know why but it's very useful I'd like to use it again please update ?

Jeremy Fernandez

This app works PERFECTLY! This app is awesome! You can get it to work if you have a rooted phone. Don't give this app a bad rating if you don't wanna root your phone!

mordhwaj singh

Waste waste waste Total waste of ur mb. Do not work

Hussain Al-Bahrani

If it doesn't work or will not have future update... Then why its still here! Remove it

Crista Ann Sullo

Just installed app. Great so far. When I use or rather change cell phones.

Aakash patel

Worked Successfully If U want to know About Ur statistics then simply rename the whatsapp database .dcrypt7 to .dcrypt5 then u successfully know about ur statistic. . this us temporary solutions. thnk u and my device is rooted so first of all you have to root ur device.

Marco De Roni

You are despicable Why would you let this app being downloaded if it doesn't work anymore?

Omar Alsouri

Loved it! It is a very smart move from WhatStat to use root access to keep the app working, but why it does only show me conversations fron two days ago?!

Rahad Arefin

I cant asses this I cant asses this..When i open this it said it cant runing anymore.can anyone tell me how does it work????

stuart quang

Doesn't work anymore And they still have the cheek to ask for money in the app

Swish 47_Yellowpain

Do not download this app does not work if u downlod u waste ur time n bundle (data)

sharan raj

Doesn't work anymore Dont download guys. App is withdrawn by the developer.

Jalal Al-Mubark

Poor application and it isn't working anymore. Even though, I buy this application for nothing just stealing my money. I hope Google staff punch the person who do this application due to steal people money.

ahmed sabrin

According to that doesn't work anymore .. Remove it from market

Aashit Patel

Sorry ! Doesn't work any more..? Such a great app..???plz update it and get again work.... ??

Ronak Thakur

Hardly Works It worked once since i installed it. This is not a stable app, take your chances and see how it goes

Rama Dhanni

Was ok but Doesnt work anymore

eran alahakoon

It's not free.. after a while they don't let you use it unless you pay.

Leon Proskurov

Works when rooted lacks the ability to refresh statistics manually (for groups as far as i tried). you really need to improve thid app!

The Sniper

Well the idea and app is good Plz do something about freezing. . This app does not show correct data .. numbers are stuck from last 2 days this app will be great if started working consistently

Matthijs Thoolen

Good Memories It was working fine until WhatsApp decided to encrypt all the Messages and make this App useless. Thanks for all your work!

Vineet Bansal

Its working for my rooted phone. I am loving it. Wonderful APP!!! Of all the whatapp stats app avaiable in the market I have tried till now, it has the most easy user interface. So 2 stars for that The metrics taken in the consideration are also very userful..1 more star for that. Now coming to the calculation to compute these numbers. I highly doubt on the correctness of these. For example , I hav not talked to the guy this year, it is claiming as top msg exchanger. In group, its saying one of my cousin has ssnt only 4 msg since year begin but I can count 60 msgs.

Maxi Z.

It WAS good Once upon a time – this app used to be very good. But now, it doesn't work anymore and it's useless.

abdu Hashem

We would say thank you but for some that we use not for something that we used to use... I think its better for you to remove your app from the store and I urge every one to flag yours and I will report your app to Google as well sorry not thank you

Ruben van der Ham

It still works but you have to "recrypt" the database via the omni-crypt app. This because the crypt version 8 is not supported by whatstat, so omni-crypt has to recrypt the database to legacy crypt. Tested on CM 13 android 6.0.1 galaxy s5 with the omni-crypt recrypt function ?

Mohamad Hafiz N

Obsolete It doesn't work anymore. The producers ask for money but they don't bother to continue developing it.

Julius Putra Tanu Setiaji

Feature Request It'd be much nicer if there's an option to see the chart (the current view) or to see the ranks. 5 stars if this is implemented.

Daniel Swafford

Love this app, would love a feature to search by keyword and see who mentioned it the most/number of times!

Átila Barcelos

Still doesn't work, though it has been updated. Why....... u.u

Jannik Fröhlich

Perfect app... But it doesn't work anymore since the last update :/

Ruben Rutten

Doesn't always work It's really difficult to get the application to show me some results. If I open the app, everything is 0, no indication of anything loading. If no root permissions have been given, it shows a button saying "grand root", this should be " grant root". Please make an option to "reload" the data and show a proper indicator of what the application is doing

Suraj Deshmukh

Most Fake app Five stars for the fake of this app it shows that its free but when u download this u have to purchases it until it not works on.. Most Fake people

Aneesh Pol

Doesn't work Updated the App still doesn't work.

Prudhvi Raja Pala

It doesn't work anymore...

Mayank Bansal

Mr. Hungry Designer Your app might be good but if u are money hungry u are missing something. U can get millions of user if it is available for a low cost or free.

Marcus Rampersad

Rubbish You are greeted with a screen saying that it doesn't work, then asks you for money. I don't care about the history of this app. If it does not work now, then take it off the app store.

Harry B

Wtf????? I downloaded and it asked for donation. I had paid and fuck it doesnt run...what a crap

Franky Chan

It used to work great Once the whatsapp is updated , it no longer work

Manoj Chavan

Not working Please make it useful...this app is not working here ....

Surya Krishna

Waste of data When it doesn't work why is the app still in d download list?


It doesn't even work anymore??????? So why is it on here

Nishanth Hebbar

Used to work before. Now not working. Failed to convert database

George Varghese

Doesn't work on marshmallow. Used to work fine in lollipop.


Not working.. Do not download It shows unable to start due to changes in what's app.

Bhavya Gandhi

It was great Does not work now.

Vera Peh

why doesn't it work anymore!!!!!! It used to be really good

Elli G

ACTUALLY.... I liked it very much. But now...I somehow get so angry when I open the app and it won't work...

Tomer Shenhav

Doesn't work anymore


It works With the new update works without any problem if you have root

Abbas Quadir

Didn't not work Does not work anymore.

Frank Lee

Poor app, it cannot show any statistics of whatsapp

Anand Bindal

Useless Doesn't work anymore. Dont download!

Shiven Joshi

Fix it!!!!!!! Idea behind the app is nice but sadly the app won't work at all :(

Satyajit Ghate

Not showing any data. Despite being rooted

akash vakkayil

Not working anymore..... Please don't download ... It ain't working anymore.....


Not working anymore... This app doesn't work anymore... Then why is it available for download take it down.

Ori Katz

Please avoid this app. Used to be pretty good, but that was a long time ago. It stopped working completely for a while and only recently started working again. The need for a rooted device makes no difference for me since my device is. Yet for some reason it still fails to work quite often. When it does work though, it quite good.

Kamal Gajera

doesn't work anymore, okay, thank you, but at least update in description, why wasting everyone's time and data

Fajar Rumawi

The one that survives... :D Still works on my rooted S3. Decrypt the database first using omni-crypt suggested by Ruben van der Ham. Please dev don't abandon this project. I'm sure the decrypting process is a piece of cake for you guys...

alex joseph

Works on rooted phones. Don't listen to idiots who give this one star!

celi darmstadt

Doesn't work anymore..

Tsur Levy

Bullshit app Won't even open. Want to be paid first thing.

saurabh kale

Its not working anymore! If its not working anymore you shoudnt keep it on playstore!! Otherwise jst add in bold in the description THE APP IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE!

Marcus Herrmann

Nice statistics! The app does what it promises, but requires root, though.

Sreejith Pananchikunnath

Doesn't work Please add in the description that it doesn't work anymore.

Shounak Kulkarni

Terrible! When i installed it said "whatstat doesn't work anymore " ...wth mahn.... n over and above it says "thank me" n "thank me a lot" ...

Diego Mendonça

Inexistent app The application has no function anymore. You'll download it and there's just a text saying thank you. Google pays based on download times? I think the developer is cheating you, big G!!!

Prattham Arora

Not working on nexus 6p marshmallows It used to work fine on my n5 with lollipop but doesn't work anymore on marshmallows please fix it. It says failed to update database I even backup my chats again amd again but still doesn't work. Cheers

Anique Ali

Works as described The only flaw is the history card doesn't follow time filter selected from top right corner. Everything else is awesome ?

Ruben van der Ham

It still works but you have to "recrypt" the database via the omni-crypt app. This because the crypt version 8 is not supported by whatstat, so omni-crypt has to recrypt the database to legacy crypt. Tested on CM 13 android 6.0.1 galaxy s5 with the omni-crypt recrypt function ?


Still works with no problem I installed this app thinking it wont work what so ever. Then i was surprised that it worked just fine. Its really good. Thumbs up for amazing developer

Rajesh Sadula

Very bad.... Not working now. Previously it used to work... But now its useless...

Mohd Husain

Need More details Very nice app, but it would be best to have it all in a text type format option too. Plus, add more statistical data functions. It's a great app, keep making it better. Hatsoff & Thanks to the developers for finding a method to overcome the encryption methods which WhatsApp now utilizes.

lakshmi menon

Waste of space on my phone If the app does not work hence forth why even keep it here


Fake app Don't waste ur time n data.

Chaitanya Kamat

Remove this from Google Play After downloading about 6 mb, it just shows a regret message that it does not work now. Why is it even there on the Play Store? Wasted my data

Vivek Vajawat

Waste of data When u have stopped working why do you fool people and ask them to gift you with amount that after downloading

Jasraj Singh

Bad If it Does'nt Work anymore, Then Remove it From Play Store. Just wasted my Time.

Hedwigus WDA

After pressing button Thank Me and pay, then what ?.. just freeze

Dhruv Dhami

Failed I hate this my 5 mb data waist

Mike G

Useless Why still have this app on here it doesn't work

Parth Malhan

Does nothing. Just gave message that it doesn't support. Don't download

Amir Grunfeld

Not working The app failed to get data

nathaniel fernandes

??? Get the app out of play store. When u download the app it says the application does not work anymore Cuz what's app it self has changed so your app is not useful why the he'll is it on the play store. Get the app out of play store guys plus don't download the app it is no longer usefull

Krishna Pandey

Please do not install this app. Please it a request. This app doesn't work anymore. If you install this you're just gonna waste your data and your precious time.

tabrez Khan SRI

This apps very bad Friend this apps very bad it is deducts the amount but not the working it is not good or not business athicks. How the permission google playstore

Hakan Yasli

Stopped working long time ago. The owner knows. Yet keeps thos useless app in the store and wants to be thanked and paid (for an app that did nothing for me). This is lame and unethical. Google play should take down this app. ASAP.

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