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22 Mar
What superhero are you quiz

Posted by theandroidgalaxy in Trivia | March 22, 2015 | 89 Comments

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Have you ever wondered what kind of hero or which superhero are you? Well this is one of the superhero quiz test games in which you can finally find out more about all kinds of superheroes and even more about yourself, similar to other personality tests here you will be asked simple questions like "what is your favourite colour?" or "what superpower would you like to have?" and even more specific ones and more difficult, also the questions will be more related to superheroes of all time which are quite fun.
A cartoon character quiz you will remember!

Imagine you can make your own superhero character from scratch, you'll have to choose their superpowers, you'll have to imagine them in their costumes. What is he going to wear? Does he or her have a cape? Would he have gadgets or weapons? Can he fly? Well we will ask you the same questions so we can find out more about yourself, a few intelligence tests to find out your IQ level and how would you manage to deal with different emergency situations!

This superhero trivia isn't meant only for good guys, you could be a super hero female, a girl, or who knows, you might end up being super villain.
Here are a few of the most notable features:

✔ Awesome personality test questions
✔ Comic book and anime characters, images and effects
✔ Full descriptions of superheroes personalities
✔ All kinds of superheroes from cartoons, movies and comic-books
✔ Suitable for kids of all ages, challenging and fun to play even for comic book geeks

So are you ready to find out if you are skilled enough to become the next Batman, Iron Man or Superman? Well there's only one way to find out and you know what it is!
Don't forget to rate and review our game, let us know which of the superheroes fits you best!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rating - You must have a brain to play this cartoon quiz game! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Whats new

    * Solved "DareDevil" bug;
    * Solved other minor bugs;

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Craig Dayus

Who taught you English?? Wouldn't be half bad if some of the questions made more sense. What even is strenght?

Kayla Hawthorne

It stinks bad if you download this than it will stay on spider man fix please! It stinks bad don't download this game it stay's on the same superhero

V Lo

Crap It said I was Black Widow, and I chose things that she wouldn't do. I was hoping for Deadpool. :-(

Logan Ruby

It sucks I said I don't like to work in teams and it gives the flash and he's in the justice league

Ayoola Tehingbola

Its ........................O.K.A.Y I was expecting kidflash coz ichoose things he loves

Matthew Heefner

What the heck I made random stuff and got reed Richards twice and nothing was close

Trevor Bales

Ok Its OK buying wanted to be deadpool but I am der devil

Ellis Duke

Noooo It said I'm Daredevil I chose stuff like DEADPOOL! I wanna be DEADPOOL

Kevin Joseph

most of the words were spelled wrong ! I did it again.......and I still hate daredevil !!!!

Jodie Higginson

Its okay The quiz went on for ages.... And it didn't show me the superhero

George shand

Awesome There could be a part of it when you do something with the character you are

Keenan Gibbons

What stupidhero are you Some games are so keen and nonsense

Logan Seesser

More accurate and more heros needed This is a fantastic game but all I get is about 5 super heros

Conor-Rory Wright

I tried it and the hero matched my personality perfectly!

David S

Surprised Impressive results ...pretty accurate

Kennedy Mayoral

This game is asome I love this game

Dominic Chiocchi

No I picked everything's deadpool would do, and all of his aspects. How did I get black widow.

Vakil Ahmed

Very good game now they have fixed the daredevil bug It is working very good

Ryan Demaree

Good Freinds try and love

Ahmad Ashoori

Dumb Terrible spelling and just another quiz found online

Zackery Goodson

Sucks I'm looking for deadpool he's the best D list villan/hero ever and they need him in a app to play

Haylee Van Der Maat

This is dumb I tried it and my bro but I got the same one as him but we did different ones and we got DD there is also bad spelling and non relevant Q do better Q and different superheros and I might give it a 2 star rate.

Dylan Stewart

Eeeh. I like superhero quizzes, but this one sucked. The spelling was terrible and everytime me or somebody else took it it was always DAREDEVIL no matter what answers I put.

Melissa Ross

No point to play I like super hero stuff butt this one only does dare devil and the thing that shows stuff about the game says cyclops its a big fat lie

Blake Heard

Crap App This app asks so many unrelated questions like what tour favorite music genre is, the quiz is more like creating your own hero than finding which one you relate to. Grammar and spelling is horrible as well

Ariston Withrow

Stupid I tested it 3 times and got the same one over and over,wich was daredevil,i like him but i thought i would get a diffrent one

Kaden Kundel

Its awsome I did it four times and three out of the dour I got dare devil and then the fourth I got spiderman I'm happy because I love dare devil

Kristian Sierra

Sucks I keep getting daredevel and the next time I tried I put anything and still said daredevel please don't download did game it just waste your time

Stefan Marinca

Would give 5star rating But I can't ignore the spelling mistakes, other than that, it's a good time waster.

Logan Jackson

Best If youre loking for. A application in this catagorie I garante you this is the one

Alexus Arnold

Stupid This game sucks only one time it was not DearDevil it was Spider-Man after that it was DearDevil and kept being DearDevil.


Both me and my friend did this and chose completely different answers yet both were daredevil. Also none of the questions make sense

Alec Allred

Stealing a car, and careless of others = flash.. Whoa wait...what!?

Dylan Clayden

I want deadpool I put all the things deadpool likes but i got daredevil

S Pelayo

Love it I love superhero more then anything and to see who I am like is even better

Gatlin Kahl

Good enough By the way Craig Dayus strength is like hulk has strength

Rachel Brat

I got dare devil than cyclops then spiderman than hulk u dead

Eli Durham

Ftg Don't play makes no sense and turns out in weird ways

Joseph Goings

Really really really good I like it nuff said

Darian Benzo

Awsome U should make more games

Nena Swanson

What superhero are you. This is a terrible game.

Assholes View

said i was like, and the box was empty? WTF thats 5min of my life i will never get back

Katherine Wren

Really? Spelling was terrible, questions and answers made no sense, nor did my result. All it showed me was a picture of someone I suppose is meant to be the Black Widow, with no analysis of either personality to justify the result. As the Black Widow can neither fly, nor control fire I can only assume that through my answers the quiz determined that I am a woman and I happen to be far more partial to Marvel than to DC. Not worth the two minutes they want you to waste on it.

Jaylene Duran

Corrections Spelling and grammar needs improvement. Other than that, its cool. Add more characters and better answers.

FAB Entertainment

Its a nice little app to play around with Its good gor a time but gets old after a while, it supprises you with superheroes you least expect and will give you something to do for a couple of days

Zachary Hood

Doesn't work I made the exact same choices and got a different super hero.

Brenda Ray

It says me and my sis is spider men We are girls not a boy well I act like a boy

Joseph Coffee IV

Sucks This has bad grammar too many nonsense questions and answers and I have grave doubts it's even accurate save yourself time by not downloading it.

Chese Thomas

It is ok I liked it but it sed I was Bat woman and my little brother was black wido

dylan c

English bruh????? I would've been pretty good if you spelled things correctly like "do you have gargets" WTF dude

bonnie cutshall

Justice League Where is Wonder Woman, Manhunter, Batman , Superman, flash, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern.add them anx i find them, then i will rate 5


I love it! Is deadpool in it? If not please add him :)

FlamingPegasus With Fire

WTF DO U KNOW HOW TO SPELL U RETARD?And what kind of questions are those.

Wesley Mosley

Cool!! I wanted to be someone cooler, but I got stretchy man. Hey I'll take it though!!!

Joshua Ferencevich

I like it Normally I get flash or Mr.fantastic but I like getting bat man or super man

Foxy The gamer556

I am deadpool not spiderman Test is wrong spelling nuat goooooed all it said was spiderman even though i picked different answers

hamza zara

Um.. it's dosen't make a sense What superheroes are you games . Who taught you that english . But it's a nice game

Chinomso Okafor

Just no. Incorrect spelling, non-sensible answer choices. I doubt this is even accurate. One question even asks if you've traveled through space and time. Two words... just no.

Philly McNally

WHAT!!! Incorrect spelling, said I was spiderman but I said I had long hair! And spiderman can't read minds! Plus he doesn't belong in a woman's club!!!??


Every time my family used it it said we were spider man. Now it's saying I'm Jean gray and I'm not female.

Ian Kibuiya

No nightwing I cannot believe it wrote everything about nightwing but he wasn't there don't waste ur time downloading

Daniel Keeling

Same person I tried several times going for different people. It gave me spider man every time!

Sebastian Faver

I guess it was good But I'm a boy and I got feneux I guess that is what it said

Leif Meyer

Bad grammar Really did you guys learn English yesterday? Fix grammar and I will give 3 stars + needs better answers

cameron anderson

it said I'm dare devil 59x I love dare devil though


PERFECT?????? It perfectly described me and my friends personality

Tyson Sanders

Not fun This game is not fun. I reccomened Marvel's avengers acadamey and glee forever

Bryan Forrest

Not so good No matter what I do it either says that I am most like flash Deadpool or wolverine

meena subramani

Do you know the Captain america civil war movie you might not belive this but quicksilver is in the movie to if you watched trailer 2 there was a cage with yellow and people this it is bucky but I think its quicksilver

Jack Davies

LOVED IT! I love the concept of it. You put effort into it and it was enjoyable. Do work on the spelling but any words that were spelt wrong were easy to understand. Good job on the game keep it up.

Waaseyaa Martin

Waste of time Bad answers and questions and very confusing

Jordan Stair

Dumb It is absolutely horrible and has very bad grammar and I did X-men stuff gave me black widow and all it said was "you are:"


Stupid. I went through the whole thing and it said I'm like Spiderman. He's cool and all but I'm nothing like him

Lindsey Andrews

Retarded I only got the same thing every time I was getting freaking spiderman

Xavier Quintois

Love it I like batman and daredevil they are my buddies

Jaylen Cerda

What up It was good I was flash and black panther

Lucretzia Noin

Whaaaa.... aaat the heck was that? Bad English, visually it wasn't the worst, some cute questions - hence the 2 star rather than one. Try proof reading next time and it will be 10% better than it is now.

J Quintin Kurutz

Bad What ever you answer you are a super hero that doesn't match your answer. I could do better.My reason is I am a true super hero nerd.

MLP Creeper

Hi I got the Flash this kinda makes sense other than the fact that I'm to lazy to run I'm satisfied with my result other than the spelling it's really fun.

Joe Rhoades

Not how superheroes are now You should try again with a better quiz

Kamalii Labanon

Not very good The game has random questions like what's your favorite music. Also its not very true. I said I had strength and fast healing and I was a scrub and it said I was Reed Richards or Mr fantastic. Its a good game to some standards but I tried it 5 times each saying different answers and I either was Spiderman or reed Richards ?

Allen Cox

Its complicated If u use process of elimination or switch the letters, u might understand it. It works for me... most of the time

Philly McNally

WHAT!!! Incorrect spelling, said I was spiderman but I said I had long hair! And spiderman can't read minds! Plus he doesn't belong in a woman's club!!!??


?? It always says im mr.fantastic! HATE IT

Ron Haripersad z Singh

Like it but... It's good but I really want to be Starfire but they said I'm a male superhero but I'm a girl so please put Starfire on please and Starfire and I are in common like she likes kittens and me also and can you right a comment who made the game please thank you

Rafael vazquez

Only gave me one result I tried like a billion times but it inly gave me flash even if I put Spider-Man things

Lorena Cantor

Not true I tried to put quicksilver's things it keep giving me daredevil and black widow

naruto lost soul in the Dark/ nls i.t.d

Is ok Its all wrong sorry its crap I'm not a girl and how can Spiderman Be afraid of spiders. WOW!?!?!

Sebastian Austad

No sense I said I have a fear of spiders it said I was like spiderman. If u make an app make it have sense

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