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1 Sep

Posted by Belkin in Lifestyle | Sept. 1, 2016 | 242 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

With the WeMo app, you can control all of your WeMo products from anywhere on your Android devices.

Be at home even when you’re not

WeMo is a family of products that you can use to control just about anything in your home – from anywhere. Monitor your space heater’s energy consumption, cool down the house before you get there, make sure the kids’ TV turns off at bedtime, and light up a dark room before you walk in. WeMo is designed to make your life a whole lot easier.

Set it, forget it, and get notifications

Don’t ever worry that you left your porch light on by setting a rule to turn off at sunrise, set alerts to let you know when your dryer cycle is done so your clothes won’t get wrinkled, and have your lights and electronics deter intruders by simulating occupancy while you are lying on a beach.

These are just some of the things you can do with the WeMo app.

Integrate WeMo with IFTTT

With IFTTT (if this then that), you can connect your home to the web for endless possibilities. Set your sprinklers to stay off when rain is in the forecast or have the lights come on when you approach your front door. You can even have the lights flash when your favorite team scores.

To see what else WeMo can do, visit

For the latest WeMo Device GPLv2 Open Source Code please visit:

Whats new

    This update brings you Android N compatibility, a new coat of paint for the app, and a feature we know you’ve been waiting for: custom icon editing!
    We also introduced accessibility for vision-impaired users in the device list.
    Finally, Mr. Scott Tenaglia drew our attention to a security vulnerability, which has now been corrected, so even if Scott turns evil we’re in good shape. (We’re sure he won’t turn evil.) Thanks, Scott!

Belkin part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 1, 2016. Google play rating is 59.7669. Current verison is 1.15.2. Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download wemo.apk 28.0 MB


Austin Igleheart

App needs serious work, widgets The app is often slow or unresponsive, and sometimes fails to 'connect to' the WeMo switches altogether. I gave it some time, hoping that the app would improve, but minor things like different icons for different devices still don't work (even though they were advertised on the packaging 2 years ago). The other thing I feel is sorely missing is widgets, allowing you to quickly & easily switch a single light on/off, or even better, set a 'scene' so certain devices all turn on or off or whatever.

Phillip J. Webster

Pretty good... Installed all of the firm wares, it's working great now. Performs as advertised. If a problem with app after update just reinstall.

Marek J

Problema connecting Wemo switch to Wifi Messed with that for two hours. Tried it via iPhone hot-spot (sharing 3G connection) and it worked right away. The only difference was the wifi channel, so I set my wifi router from Auto to Channel 1 and WORKS since then.

Sergio Sanchez

Complete Crap Basically both app and device are complete crap. App gets stuck when trying to access settings. Device loses all data if electricity goes down, for example after a blackout or blown fuse. So all data about consumed power goes poof. Furthermore, the device will randomly lose connectivity to the wireless router, and the app will report it can't find the device anymore. The device needs to be unplugged and plugged again.


Improved Recent update resulted in improved performance. I am still figuring out how to program the timers. Before the update I had issues with not identifying all of my switches. Seems to be more reliable now.

Daryl Merriweather

App update After updating firmware my switches wouldn't show when using wifi. Switches would show when using 3g/4g . Then found there was a app update available for download now switches appear when using on wifi if anyone has this problem.

James Barron

Buggy & annoying Constantly doing firmware updates that seem to fail. Also setup lights first with 6 rules then installed switch & damn thing lost all rules, re set them up then another bloody firmware update did the same thing. Maybe best to leave rules for a few days to allow it to settle down

Gary Chen

Totally broken 1.12 version totally broke the app, does not detect any of my switches anymore. Also going into the app settings just brings up a loading notification endlessly. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not fix it, it refuses to detect any devices

Chris Skilton

Thank you Belkin! The latest update seems to have resolved persistent connection issues.

Justin Scarano

It's ok It is not 100%, it never has been. You scroll to bottom it jumps you back up to the top. The switches have a tendency to flicker on and off for no reason. They are not in a software update either

Andy Patey

Very poor product Spent hours trying to get the wemo bulb starter kit set up but just couldn't get it to work. Connection would drop out and couldn't detect devices. Listen to the reviews. Rubbish.

Eric P. Rose

NOT Smart Bulbs! 5/9/15 Still unreliable! Spent about 8 hours setting up light bulb starter kit. Had to return one kit. New kit needed reset of link and bulbs. Inexperienced tech support. Had to upgrade app to 1.9, 1.8 was useless. Had to do firmware upgrade. User interface design in app is terrible / non existent. Belkin desperately needs to bring onto the Wemo team real UI talent to deal with the Android interface. Still struggling with setting up rules with app's clunky interface. Being an early adopter is painful!

Steve Hemingway

Crap WiFi output awful. If when setting up and on the wemo wifi check signal level I got 1 bar at 8 feet. Never will work at any distance. The app is poor response to key press lots of empty space and tiny areas to press close to edges of screen. Poor design.

Baconator James

Hardware awful and wemo unresponsive No timeouts, just spinning and waiting. Blank screens with "done" at the bottom and other such poorly coded software. Whoever they hired to do the app was the wrong hire.

Michael Donovan

Still compete sh!t This app still sucks. And that is being kind. Again cannot find on my own wireless network but go to LTE and Lo and behold it will find. Seriously fix your stuff. This is going on two plus years.

Dereck H

Crashes lots Crashes 1/3 of the time right after launch on android 5.1 stock w/ nexus 6. Instead of features can you implement bug fixes? At this point I'm sorry I've purchased wemo devices. Thankfully I only own a couple.

Davide Bortolato

Not working properly It doesn't work, it worked just once after trying many times, I thought that the problem was solved, but then again has hard time to find the device and then it doesn't turn on or of the switch device.

Justin Carhart

Still junk This app and the WeMo have had nothing but problems. This is my second phone using it and still have the same problems with the app. Crashes frequently and I'm not able to update firmware or change the schedule.

Bradley Britton

Belkin, please add in the feature to change icons of switches It would be great if belkin would put in the setting of changing the icon of the switch as in images. Still says not supported

Patrick Vescio

Custom Icons... Please bring custom icons. Also would be great to have widgets for each device. To turn on with out opening the app

Andrew Sumowski

Wemo broken for months Remote access hasn't worked in months for the wemo leds. I was hoping they would fix last update but they didn't. I have reset everything many times and still not working. They're Tech support sucks. One wemo bulb already burned out. The problem is my Galaxy s5 is listed under a Galaxy S3 model on their app. Says I have a iPad approved for remote access too and I have never had an iPad. This company is a mess. So I bought the GE link. I'm using their hub to control my lights away from home.

Mauro Zammarano

Almost there Getting better but I still need to reset and start over everytime I receive firmware update.

Matthew Davis

Extremely slow starting app The moment I touch the icon to the moment the app is fully turned on is still about 12 seconds. It's quicker to walk over and turn the light on. The HomeInTouch app consistently does the same thing in 2 seconds compared to 12 seconds.

Joe Blow

Bad tech support Finally works. Settings rules a bit cumbersome but works nice now.

Peter Jameson

Much, much improved with version 1.12 Thank you, Belkin. The WeMo app has seen much improvement following the update to version 1.12 . All my WeMo switches are showing up in the app now, and it is quicker in all it does too. Also, the latest firmware update seems to leave the rules intact. That had been a major problem in the past.

Loken Vande Vegte

Terrible app The product is great but the app is extremely unreliable and connecting to my Wemo Insight after relocating it is nearly impossible.

Dave Holden

Problem with motion status Two cameras installed. One keeps using a old date when notifying motion detected. That date of Nov 24 should not exist since I installed Wemo & cameras Dec 27! Belkin support cannot correct prob. 5-8-15 Just dropped my rating to 1 star! After latest firmware update - my recent 3rd camera is now showing a Last motion detected JUNE 4:30 PM in my Wemo app.Again, why are incorrect dates showing up???? Returned camera from my first review- it's working fine.

Kevin Kowalewski

Basic and buggy Doesn't even show usage in Watt/hours. No consumption over time charts. Just the price and that isn't even based on time of day like every hydro company in existence. Overall mediocre at best.

George Washington

Have 2 switches that both suck I bought 2 of these switches, set them up, had them working initially. . . . . Only for them to show intermittently in the app. The S/W is extremely scketchy, support is mediocre at best. Wouldn't recommend.

Pacific NorthWest

great app, great devices I use a plug device and recently purchased light switch to control bathroom fan. Love it!! 1 slight problem with the wemo app is that the light switch device is missing thumbnail on the device panel.

Matteo Saeed

Needs improvements One more star than my previous review. Good to see the if/ Do integration!

Philip Draven

Serious problems Tried following the install steps and all the troubleshooting hints several times and it's not working. It will even make the bulbs blink when trying to detect devices but still somehow not find them.

Michael M

Version 1.12 will not work (never finds devices), previous versions were unreliable to find devices Version 1.1.0 appears to have a bug in that it does not allow to change start or stop times for rules on my Galaxy Tab - the clicks in the relevant rules fields do not result in an editable field - only slecting sunrise/set invokes a popup to select these. The iOS version of the app does works fine in that respect, though. Once a rule is set, it does control the switch as intended. The app is fairly slow to start or connect to the server, about 5-10 seconds for me. The IOS versipn is a bit faster.

Scott Satovsky

Somewhat works Finally got things partially setup, but when I try to set rules, it sits at "looking for rules" constantly. Have reinstalled, cleared data, re-set up and still same..

Matthew Phillips

Shocking waste of money. First time I have bothered with these. And not sure if all makes are this crap but Jesus! Should not be able to sell a product that does not work!!!!! Will not find any devices. Don't bother with them. This is going back will get Philips in stead.

Luis Krause

Stability greatly improved Update: recent app update (1.12) & firmware (2.00.8137) have improved stability so 4 stars upgrade. Configuring switches still not that streamlined, but at least switches don't loose connection as freq. as before. New UI (refresh, edit, settings) much better now.

Eddie vilchez

Force close issue Worked great on my galaxy s5. Force closes with my droid turbo. 5* when fixed. **fixed thank you**

Greg Krynick

Wemo ap Works well. A little buggy, but with a little work will be a great ap!

David Kimbro

Useless after update This app is useless after the update a week or 2 ago...2 android phones will not see the switch...iPhone sees tablet sees it and can operate it and can see the rules..but the rules don't work now. ..Installed home in touch on android phones and can manually use switch...why is it taking so long to fix this problem when clearly it is a very common problem. ...was getting ready to buy 2 more.....but won't until this is fixed....or I find a better product. to ideas..

Clarence A. Fisher

Love it. Does exactly what it us supposed to do. I keep adding more and more devices over time.

Maxim Kirsanov

Terrible russian translation. Local rules does not working.

Михаил Куракин

Good ! Please make a 24 hour clock.

Josh Blaha

It will get you by It doesn't recognize some of my devices when on the local network. I have to use my data connection to connect to them. Navigation is pretty irritating. Don't hit back or else you will be out of the app. Also, it takes quite a while to scan for devices.

Leah Griffies

What a pain Every time my WiFi flickers I have to reset the camera. I bought a Samsung smart net cam and it was plug and play, it works with no help from me even comes back up, find WiFi and WORKS with no intervention. WeMo = wasted money.

Joel Herbert

Works fine but slow Compared to the iOS version of this app this android version is shit. Yes everything works but it is much slower and loading times a increased by a lot. If this gets fixed I will change my review to 5 stars

Justin Scarano

It's ok It is not 100%, it never has been. You scroll to bottom it jumps you back up to the top. The switches have a tendency to flicker on and off for no reason. They are not in a software update either

Brett Eckert

Slow and feels clunky Please just rebuild the app from the ground up, I feel like the current code is no longer worth maintaining vs rewritting

Henrik Wennergren

Unfinished product Slooooow... Need more speeeed... The hardware seems fine, but the app has major issues: it's extremely slow; schedule by sun doesn't work - doesn't find any location I enter. Where is the passion in building a good product?

dez kir

Unreliable. Using switches and smart bulbs. Wemo rules unreliable and won't work properly.

Christopher Prevete

So confused by all the negative reviews We have been using WeMo devices for almost a year now and have not had any issues. We are using two WeMo wall switches and a WeMo smart plug. They work great. They come on and go off based on the rules that have been created and I never have a problem overriding them remotely. All in all, we are very happy with WeMo and looking forward to more devices we can convert over.

Mike Lee

Does not work Ever since updating to Android 5.1 I can no longer control or setup my devices. It works fine on older versions of Android and iOS.

Bryan McIntyre

Works well and like it should. Works for me like it's supposed to just wish it had the option for widgets that would make it great.

lee bradley

CRASHES AND NOT WORKING NO replies when report a problem via app. 1, Main page with list of devices tao rules button "looking for rules" pops up for ages. If lucky afters minutes you get to next page which is blank. 2, Press settings at top of page then "settings and about" line goes green and a "LOADING" box comes up and again sits there and have to close app. 3, IFTTT can't connect to channels wemo lighting and wemo switch through app says you have connected but when go to IFTTT it says you are not connected to channel.


Connectivity It has always been unreliable but after the last update thinks became even worse.After repeated setups from scratch after a while loses remote connection.Very disappointed with this product.Belkin should be more responsible.Pls fix it.I'm miles away from my remote appliances which I can't control

Xiaojing Ma

Better GUI please? First it works as description. Then just find some one to improve the GUI with latest Android SDK please. It looks like an app in Android 2.x dates.

Phil Watson

Next to useless Only detects switch 80% of the time with home wireless and <10%of the time on 3G. Good idea but lack of reliability means I'm taking unit back for a refund and deleting app.

John Battaglia

WeMo unriliable It's a great system when it works. However, it doesn't work often. It often will not see devices installed. The odd part is that the belkin netcam software though also unriliable, will find the same cameras listed in the wemo app.

Nathan Greenleaf

Still crashing after latest update. Love the products and eco system, but since I updated devices(ZenFone 2) and OS (Android 5.0) the app won't launch, otherwise I'd give 5 stars.

Lyle Canterbury

Do not purchase Very bad product since last software update. In fact my switch will not work.

David Bender

Buggy App One of the most consistently buggy apps I use. Often loses the devices and have to reset.

Daniel Leung

Intel based Android I got a Asus zenfone 2 and it is Intel based. It doesn't work.

Logan Halloran

It's OK, but needs to open quicker App takes ~10 seconds to open. This seems trivial but its a total pain in the behind waiting 10s when I want light!

Anthony Genovese

Garbage Switch works sometimes, motion never works. Can't update firmware, I rarely see the prompt to, and when I do it goes for hours and doesn't update. Stay away from these products and this terrible app.

Terry Mercer

Frustrating Works great when it works but after more than two years using this product I've determined it works properly less than half the time.

Gerry Apaid

Doesn't work on the ZenFone 2 with android v5 Works fine on android 4.0

Daniel Boggs

Awesome but still could improve Works most the time, firmware updating needs improvement most of all.

Ricky Poole

Doesn't work now Does not work now after the latest update

Jason Silva

Working much better. Works much more consistently since the update! App still looks and feels a bit sluggy but it works! Make it more fluid. Also, theres no landscape support? Like common... also, add the ability to check firmware updates, half the time i have to wait 5 mins on the app before it tells me that it needs an update. Just let me tap a button.

Melody Palmera

Works well now! Initially had issues setting up the rules, but it just started working recently. Reliably. Never had any issues with a slow connection. So, I had to update my review. The app works well and that is that! Thanks!

Nicholas Boudreau

Do not buy. Terrible. Just wow.

Paul Bowman

Was getting better but...... Well after this latest update I am no longer able to use my Wemos. You have successfully and completely broken the service. This sucks.

Andrew Connell

Crap Only works if I'm not on wifi. The ios version works much better. Come on, fix the app! I had to buy a third party app to make my leds usable

Diane Logsdon

Are you freakin kidding me!?!?!? I have already wasted 3 hours of my day on setup and rule development. I AM NOT calling support again. I had rules set for each day of the week for one device and when I set the first rule for my second device, it wiped out everything I had already done.

john sun

New update not able to control on internet Rreceive the update, but my switch not able to connect from mobile network. Only works on WiFi

mark thompson

Very problematic 90% unresponsive, looses connectivity all the time, takes ages to get working again. SORT IT OUT!. Recent update seems to have sorted it out, working well so changed the rating. Thank you.

Jeremy Duncan

Features don't work well Auto off timer doesn't work. Just freezes up when I go to that option. Have an m9.

Robert Estergard

Connection problems Had it three days. I will be returning tomorrow.

Tom Sabourin

The app and device firmware are working well now.

Stephen Shields

Not sure It only works on wifi. Is this normal.

Mike Anderson

Good app but needs widget App works great but would be very nice if you could have widget on screen instead of loading app each time

Musah Pajaziti

I reset the power on wemo now there is no chance to connect

Harry S

Works well Why isnt there a widget?

Chip Board

Frustrating beyond belief They never sync correctly and every time there is the slightest change to the wireless network you have to spend an hour resetting them. If this is really the best they can do it is not good enough.

Ken Ruda

Love/Hate Relationship I've had a couple WEMO switches for a over two years now. They worked great for a while until they stopped connecting to my network directly after a firmware update. Finally after few hours of factory resetting I finally got them to only connect to an old router. Then after reluctantly applying this most recent firmware update - I tried to set them back up on my main router and they can connect once again. Hooray for now.

Kodie Tillman

This is to be great for my Android device but for some reason I got a new phone and I can't see the devices that are in my house anymore there's no Edit Page in the app it just tells me how to set it up but I can't see any devices that I want to set up wish they would fix this problem used to be my favorite device and especially since I am handicapped and not control my lights this really sucks now I have to call people to help turn my lights on please fix this asap thank you

sam meakings

Good for set up but nothing else The app is good for setting up the wemo and the very basic like turning off and on but crashes every time I want to set a rule or even doing anything in the setting. Right now other then setting up this app serves no real others function. If I hadn't already got and echo with the way the app stands right now I think it would be taking it back. Does work great with said echo though.

Mike Flury

After Update Can't See Devices Before the update, I could keep my phone connected to my 5GHz network and still monitor my WeMo devices on the 2.4GHz network since everything is on the same subnet. After the update, I am now forced to connect my phone to the 2.4GHz network since I can no longer monitor them from my 5GHz network. This is a very poor practice!

Tracy Garcia

Finally working flawlessly Takes forever to boot up, CANNOT get the rules to work anymore. Only works if I manually pull up the app and click light on and off. Update: just added third wemo and can't get it connected. Says Internet not available. Update: have s4 now and with last firmware update everything working perfectly. Rules work but counter intuitive in trying to set it up. Needs improvement! Just got new router, can't connect any wemos. Try all trouble shooting I could find on line.

Sun Kim

they don't deserve even 1 star. if i could, i would give them a negative star. belkin sucks. im using insight switch right now but whenever i connect the devices, they just disappear from my belkin app every other three days and it just says "looking for devices" forever but never finds the devices. all the other ways that is on support page does not work at all. so simply i just have to uninstall device, re-set the device to my home network every other three days. come on, meant to be convenient, but this is very inconvenient. don't waste your money like me.

Evolved Taco

Little connection trouble I'm having a hard time connecting to the WeMo wifi for the lightbulb. The connection just doesn't show up and I did everything it ask.

Joel Murdoch

Some recent updates to the firmware and software seem to have really given this product a badly needed kick up the butt. Previously it was slow loading and unreliable. Load times seems to be much improved now, with it staying in memory better and remaining alive so it works almost instantly. Still not perfect but a long overdue and badly needed step in the right direction.

Andrew Pack

It works After 3 months, it seems to work. However, the user interface is horrible. The look and feel is not at all modern and it is not user friendly in any way. It requires way to many taps /touches to do anything. Want to set a rule for 6:30? You'll have to press the minute arrow 30 times. There is no way to just quickly scroll or flick through as with the standard android interface. Side note: product suite is to limited and weird. Crock pots?


Always problems For an expensive product it's the most unreliable I've ever encountered in 20 years. Latest update no longer sees my devices, lovely, glad I spent money on something that belkin doesn't even test. OMG the programming world they are what we call cowboy coders. Reckless non tested software on cheap unreliable hardware

Brad Rigdon

Works great!! I have over 20 wemo devices and the all work seamlessly including the camera, large heater and crockpot! I love the app and to be able to make it look like your home while away is awesome. With the new update, it seems to run even better. Less time "booting". I wish they would send me an air purifier for my wemo investment. I honestly have nothing bad to say about any of the products I own. There is no reason for bad reviews! Make sure wemo and router are up to date and it will run great!

Yaroslav Karulin

The terrible usability While the app works, the usability is terrible. The process of the timer setup is confusing, the firmware upgrade non-informative, the limitations for the device name are ridiculous.

David B

Garbage I am constantly having to wipe the data from the app just to see the one single lamp I have plugged in shoe up. Thus happens at home on wifi, work wifi, or cell signal. This app is still as bad if not worse than the review I gave a month ago. The people coding obviously don't care about the work they put out. Don't let that discourage you, when it works it works great. Home automation is cool and this is a cheap alternative to the ones that I'm sure work all the time and actually cafe about their apps...

Michael Ebbeson

What's all the fuss? It works! Don't know everyone is complaining about? Downloaded the app to my Samsung S5 and set up two switches with no problem. Did have an issue with the firmware update. One got updated ok but when I installed the other switch, the firmware upgrade popup didn't pop until I unplugged the first switch that had updated properly. All is good now.

Prosper Parabu

Wemo Switch Tip-off Bought WeMo Switch 10 or 11 mons. ago. This device has only worked 4mons. At 1st it doesn't recognize wi-fi connection & when it finally does it doesn't recognize it's own device. Please give me back my money. They need to provide stars for negative than because 1 star is still giving WeMo too much credit.

Sean Michael Kerner

No longer works in Android at all *update* it's 2016 on a new Nexus and the latest update can't find half my WEMOs. Does anyone at Belkin actually test these updates? not working unable to find my wemos..IOS app however works fine.

Oesten Nelson

Unreliable, unintuitive, and very basic It's unreliable - lights won't always turn on when you schedule them. When updating or changing rules, there's probably an 80% success rate, 15% failure where it tells you the device wasn't reachable, and 5% when if just doesn't work. Plus the interface is straight out of the last decade - to set the time for an action, you may need to press up or down 30 times. Certain actions reset the times. It's such a pain to adjust light times that I keep several disabled, and enable/disable instead of editing.

Joseph Z

Momentary ability please Under rules it would be nice to see 1 second as the lowest allowed time for on then off. This achieves the momentary ability I need for my WeMo to wallwart to relay to Gate and the same solution in my Garage. This app/rules allow 1 minute as the lowest available time span. Only rating low to get some attention and will fix the rating once I see this fix because I love the functionality of it. For folks that need a momentary short this is key.

Mike Morales

Bulbs need ifttt! the bulbs still have no ifttt support yet. It's like you guys said asi viene el sandwich and screw it. Please get up and fix it thank you! :)

Cody Hypes

Great app Great app and it works pretty well. App just needs updated. Hopefully the devs are cooking up something good. Will rate 5 stars if this app updates.

Joe Blow

Good app when it works. Had so many issues in the beginning, with a lot of time on tech support, now works flawlessly. Settings rules a bit cumbersome but works nice when it works..

Dominic Loh

Works fine! Seems to work fine on my Note 4. Rules didn't work at first after the 1.13.6 update but it starts working again after the new device firmware update. Precarious!

Ronald Kollar

WeMo switch This thing works intermittently when it is working good. After an update one of my devices completely disappeared from the network and cannot be found. Tried everything on the website to correct it and also web support which isn't very good either. Don't waste your money on this thing. Search and see what else can be found that does the same job. It can't be worse than this.

Michael Chiles

Aweful I don't ever write reviews in fact this is my first. I don't know how you can sell these products and have such bad software. Terrible bad don't buy the products.

al tep

Wemo app Basic functionality works. Rules have improved with updates. Still no app available on the windows 10 pc.

Alain Gaudet

I'm physically challenged and I really need the wemo maker to get out of my apartment. IFTTT is connected to my maker. It really helps me out! Update :

Craig Bohn

Marginally acceptable If it wasn't for the great value I find in being able to remotely turn lights on and off, I wouldn't put up with this crap. It is quirky to add units, and upgrades destroy functionality that you have set. Its like the software interface was an afterthought. I'd hate to think that wasn't taken serious, but it doesn't seem very important.

Ricky Tsay

App now works on Intel-based Android devices, e.g. Asus MeMo. WeMo is great!

Jane Burfoot

This worked ok until I needed a new WiFi router. Now I can't do anything. My device can't even find a wemo WiFi signal to connect to my home WiFi. I can't even get past the set up page! All my other devices took seconds to change the settings. Why is this one so painful? Now useless. May as well throw it all in the bin. Pah!

Brandon Olivo

Smartlights Works well. WiFi and wireless broadband connectivity. Control lights from anywhere. Use the auto on and off functions on a schedule and guess what it works!

Rachel Jenkins

Nexus 5x issue Keeps asking me to change auto network search but don't have the option on my Nexus 5x. Help!

Lamarian Jolley

Still not ready I've had WEMO light switches in my home for a bit over a year and they are had to work with. When ever my AT&T wifi drops so do the switches but when the wifi is back up the switches take days to weeks to reconnect on their own. I have all but given up on trying to reconnect them manually. There has got to be a better product.

Ryan Ayers

App or garbage hardware? I can't even begin to explain how poorly the wemo products work. My first thought was oh cool my first step towards automating my home. In theory great idea, in practice absolute nightmare. Not only do the devices frequently disconnect from the network for no reason, but after every firmware update I have to manually go and reconnect each device. It's time to go back to the drawing board and develop a product that actually works and relaunch. The future of my home automation will be with another company.

Kruzen Vax

I like humor in the release notes but... Perhaps you could make this app stable and functional instead? It does not work on my wifi anymore due to multiple wap's and 5Ghz so I have to use it on 4G only. Then I can appreciate the humor.

Graham Hosking

Very buggy Issues with lights never turning off and ignoring rules. The amount of times I've woke in the middle of the night with my lights still on!!

Michael Gizinski

Remote light bulbs I wrote a review and stated that I was disappointed with the system. I had performed an upgrade and it stopped working correctly. With subsequent upgrades, it seems to be working properly again with occasional problems. I really like the remote control light bulbs when they're working which is most of the time now.

Gennady Gandelman

There're bad apps and then there's this Looks like it was written by an 11-year old. Horrific UI but what's worse it's in-your-face buggy, to the point of embarrassing. Clearly Belkin didn't care.


Had to borrow IOS device to set it up Nexus 6 phone could not get pass the disable network scanning not an option in Android 6.1 grabbed client iPhone bam setup no problem

Felix Ajayi

Aweful App. The worst I've seen on Adroid Good product but very poor android app. Cannot install on Marshmallow with this app. The iPhone app worked ok for install but not the android version. You would think such a big organization like Belkin would make a half decent functional app

D-Sue Browning

Seems to be a bug in the google app. I can connect to the coffeemaker on wi-fi. Go back to the app and it will not connect. Even ordered a replacement. And Verified we had above 4.0 android. We have 5.1... App seems to have issues. Went to amazon downloaded the app and was connected in 60 secs.. This app on google play did not work... Go to Amazon and download if you have issues

A Elman

Update: Works great now! Previous Review: Very difficult to set up if it doesn't find your WiFi. Would probably be less irritating if the interface was readable instead of using thin light green text on a light grey background. After getting the device back online, I found that the sunrise, sunset rule doesn't refresh the device with the current times. Oh, and while there are no updates available on the playstore currently, my app certainly doesn't look like the one advertised.

Jeremy Wang

Works great I don't know why it has such a low rating. I have four switches and they all operate fine. I'm going to guess that the bad reviewers can't read and follow instructions or are as dumb as a box of rocks. But, I think the rocks are still smarter.

David Li

App has improved a lot, but still needs a lot of work. I'm impressed with the speed up but the app should still load faster. Minor UI tweeks have made it look slightly nicer. The rules page is broken though.

Marc DiPasquale

Nexus 6P My wemo motion stopped working so I reset it and now I can't add it back into the app with my Nexus 6P. Had no issues a few years back when I added it the first time. App fails to open when connected to the wemo device.

Daniel Marshall

Crashes when used Took about 6 attempts to connect to my switch initially, now that it's connected I can't turn the switch on or off with the app, because doing so causes it to crash. I can only use my Alexa or the switch itself. This app is the problem. The switch seems fine.

Jasu Cake

Unstable The app works only sometimes, initial setup takes more than one try as it fails quite often, crashes when trying to add lightify bulbs to the hub, app size is way too big, slow app performance and badly designed. All in all there is A LOT to do yet...

Tammi Eisenman

Wemo switch I had a problem connecting remotley to one switch. Customer service was very nice and did their best to help. Everything worls great now. I can connecy via my phone and with my echo.

Mark Perro

So good ... If it worked!! Week one: Got two plug wemos and plug in lamps. Works fast and stable. Timer works well too. I'm going to buy more. Week two: wemos are not detected. Update software. Wow it works and works well. Just need amazon echo now. Week 3... Done devices can't be detected again :-(3 months: app never works BUT my echo voice commands work perfectly through ifttt.6 months: most devices are not discovered now, rendering the whole thing useless... Moved to lifx

Tom B

The app sucks and give quits I can't get the app to stay open long enough to troubleshoot it's problems...but it also doesn't obey the rules I set for it...I tell it to turn on at 6:15. And it turns on at 5:30...for no reason.

Peter Kout

Worked then it didn't. Worked for a bit. Then it stopped for no reason. Nothing changed. Then it worked. Then it stopped. This time MAYBE because of an android update? But I doubt it. Now it won't let me reset it following the setup instructions exactly. Useless. Don't waste your money.

Mallory Forrest

I love this app. It always works perfectly. A tiny bit slow, but who cares? It's great.

Butch Smith

What a crapfest. The software is janky at best, non-functional at worst. Update for repeating update notifications kept repeating. Connects 50% of time. Booo-urns

Dave Clough

Controls small heater I can turn on the heater remotely before I get to my desk. I can set it to go off at the end of the day automatically.

Pete Bain

Awesome concept So fast it's been great! App takes a bit of getting used to trying to set up rules. Lost one star as it only works via mobile network occasionally. Over wifi it's fine. NOTE: new version has fixed this!

Candice Wood

Good idea but App is terrible !! App closes every time we switch on and off a light! Very annoying. Luckily we have only one light switch that is wemo, and will be the only one.

Fernando Claro

Stop working!!!! This app is unstable.When it works, great. But once or twice per day it doesn't recognize any device and it is a nightmare.

Stephen Paolicelli

I like these switches I ve become addicted to these devices. I now have 5 switches;controlling lights, AC, and air purifier.

Dave Carr

Crashes all the time & Schedule fails Great concept, poor execution. I have reported crashes over and over. They haven't tried to fix it. Now randomly it decide that 9:35 is 8:00.

Richard Vernon

Love it, but... The plug in switch is really a great concept. I have two. Too bad they're so flakey. When they work, it's wonderful. Lights come on and go off and make the house look lived in. But then, for reasons I don't know, one or both won't work. Sometimes after a day or two one or both start working again. You never when it'll start and stop working. I've done all kinds of trouble shooting, downloaded updates, tried different time settings, all to no avail. It seems I'm constantly tweaking them.

William Wong

Never worked. I always liked Belkin products... but basic switch never worked. App kept on crashing. Going back to the store. Will try Wink now...

Haley Hensley

No connection with crockpot Ever since I was forced to install the newest version of the app, I have not been able to connect my crockpot. It's really disappointing considering I specifically bought this crockpot for the convenience of operating it remotely while away from home. I have tried resetting both the crockpot and my router but nothing works. I'm tired of seeing those blinking amber lights.

Ivy Winwood

Update has caused wemo to stop connecting The latest update has caused my wemo to stop connecting with my Android phone. I am sitting about 2 feet away and trying to connect to it, but it says it cannot find it. I turned the wemo on with mobile this morning. The connection loss is sporadic, though it is lost more times than it says connected. This is a great piece of kit and app if you can get these issues sorted.

Michael McCormick

I want this to be great But, frankly, the functionality is inconsistent. Bulbs disappear from the device list for no apparent reason. Lights come on for no apparent reason. I am sure that the system can be made to work reliably, but it's not there yet.

Keary Dosier

nexus 5x : took forever to configure. app crashes regularly. now the app will see the swich on the network briefly at start up, then loose connection with the switch until i restart every thing. WeMo app will not operate the switch for the app. I have no name Chinese devices in my house that handle the exact same connection steps without any of this trouble. I'm going to try the TP-Link product.

Jay A. Friedman

After a few months of playing with home network settings and many contacts with WeMo support, I've learned to live with the App problems. Removing the wifi repeater resolved the remote instability issue, however the app continues to display incorrect "insight device" state. This can be solved, temporarily, by clearing the app cache and data. Restarting the app and all's well for a while. Maybe they should just program a loop which does that every couple of days since they can't seem to solve the problem.

Steve Buddy

As many reported, the rumors are true! Why do I have to uninstall the app to reset my switch?!?! It should be a simple button to reset that one item! WTF Belkin?!?! . . . . . . . . . . . Also, why not have a chart of my usage throughout the day or month? Get me a summary other than just my Average and my current usage! Why does it seem like Belkin higher ups doesn't have any common sense?!?! I'm surprised they are still around with the "let's do the least amount of work/creativity possible" approach!

Nick Garvey

The Android app (2016-03-22) wouldn't connect to the Wemo switch. I'm on a Nexus 5X - a modern phone without any strange software installed. The app crashed several times during the process and never connected successfully. I'm sure it's the Android app. I have an iPod with WiFi. The iOS app worked without any problems.


Improved Recent update resulted in improved performance. I am still figuring out how to program the timers. Before the update I had issues with not identifying all of my switches. Seems to be more reliable now.

Benjamin Matthews

Abysmal user experience Looks good, but skip the app and go directly to the support website if you're looking to install a wemo switch. No quick setup out of the box, tells you to install the app.

Grant Erickson

Perfect, though, when toggling... Crashes, every time. Not a major inconviniece mind you, I'm sure app just needs a tweak or two somewhere possibly. Otherwise, straight forward, works surprisingly well... and the remote (from anywhere) couldn't be easier to set up! Thanks dudes/dames!

James Hildebrandt

Glitchy and can't disable Daylight Savings Time I've really tried to like Wemo but it's just one issue after the next. I'm an electronics tech and this isn't user error. Devices lose connection, app shows lights being on that are not, rules work then don't. Now with the recent daylight savings time (which doesn't apply to my region) all of my rules are off by an hour. I couldn't care less if you guys haven't seen any good movies lately, you still have tons of work to do. This product and software is barely at beta usability and isn't market ready.

Louie Bishop

Too buggy, still needs work. The plug switch I bought works well, but the light switches are completely inoperative if farther than 15 feet from a WiFi node. The one switch I could get to work has been "upgrading" in the app and unusable for over a week now & will be removed today.

Jonas KM

Getting there Your app was horrible in the start, but you did not forget us. Fixing and making the app mutch better. Keep the good work up, and don't forget us in the future ;) than you wil get the last star. Great project

Nigel Johnson

Hire MikeP his app works! Works on 4G but not on wifi. Turns off but not on. Very unreliable. The fact that a 3rd party can make a more reliable app than yourselves is embarassing. Added a star working better today.

Aaron Putman

Never works! All you've done is code code code?? Well you need to code some more because this crap app still doesn't work! Go to the rules page on my Nexus 6P and it's blank. Try to go back, nope, frozen. What a piece of crap. The hardware is good but without the software, it's useless.

Josh Tennant

It's gotten better It's more reliable than before. The interface is still a little slow. My devices all stay connected now. Before they used to dissappear regularly from my app. I can control the switches with Echo but not the bulbs. Improve the app startup time, make widgets available for individual switches or bulbs so I can one click from my phone main screen, increase app speed and make the bulbs controllable with Amazon Echo and I'll give 5 stars.

Dru Taylor

I like the wemo product but Support is terrible, the link in the app directs you to instructions that don't work because settings are for old Android. Solution: you have to put the phone on airplane mode then just connect to the wemo via wifi to set it up I'm using Android 6.0.1

Jon Izarzugaza

Useless piece of junk. It no longer is a miserable iOS port, but still fails at everything that you'd expect it to work. Unplug it? Plug it back? Congratulations, it shows online on the app, so you might trust it to be available for when you're about to head back home...well nope, it only works in wifi now! How do you figure that out? Well, only when you're already out and using 3g. Now it tells you that it can connect wifi only (a subtle way to say that it deleted the settings AGAIN), but still unfixed.

amy haywood

Wemo switch Won't connect. Tried on 3 different devices, tried close and far away from wifi. Followed directions. Does not work. Not worth it

Jonathan Hewitt

Don't use with Samsung Even after following all the "bodge it" advanced setting changes for my Galaxy Alpha, it still kept disconnecting. I tried my Nexus and same issues. The wall switch provides no info on what the LEDs actually mean so no idea what it's doing. Taking back to shop tomorrow.

Elezar Kenig

Slow App takes way too long to find devices. Should automatically look when connected to wifi. Also would like widgets for different devices. That being said, can it works well on full auto mode.

Dustin Fulk

I am a disabled computer tech This device I had conceptualized when I was 14 im 36, I design, build and repair computer technology, and due to my disability I look to science and technology to make my life easier and help others And because I was born with Hemophilia A blood disorder has left me in a wheel chair since age 13, And due to expensive medication that forces me to rely on government medicaid to pay for the life supporting medical necessisties I need to live. I propsed this Invention to my uncle who then didnt want to invest

Allen Gillman

Garbage Worse than the August app was. Wemo just can't seem to play nice with the app, switch, and wifi at the same time. Too bad those $10 ecoplugs aren't available anymore. They're superb.

Jeff Chelsea

App needs work. Please fix The app has no issues when the crockpot and phone are on the same WiFi network. Setting the timer does NOT work when the phone is using the phones carriers network. The timer looks set but if you close the app or refresh, it will reset. Seems like the timer data is not being received by the crockpot when on a different network. A work around is to set the timer while on the same WiFi network. As long as you dont change anything while on another network its fine. Using the app on a Galaxy S7 edge.

L Kelly

Don't remember all the bulbs Always having to add bulbs back in. Seems like always a third is not discovered after being added to the system and originally discovered. Every few weeks I have to reset the Wemo link and everything back in. So if you have time to kill or need a new hobby to use up your time this is the system for you.

Sir Kibble

It's okay... I've never been able to get the 3/4g connection to work, but i only ever use it on my LAN, so it works out. It really should have a persistent connection, though. Every time the app is backgrounded, the connection closes and needs to be reestablished upon foregrounding. Firmware updates work most of the time, and I appreciate the security updates. Overall good, but could be better.

Tom Winstanley

Wemo wifi lightbulbs. The App is useless. You cannot amend, disable or delete rules. Getting the latest app version brings the whole thing tumbling down. Had I known, I would have looked elsewhere.

Frank West

Good for one session Device status after discovery doesn't indicate the actual status of the device. All devices show as off even when on. You are able to turn on the device and get initial status until you exit the app. The initial status after turning the device on is not always accurate as well. I still enjoy the app, just can't depend on it.


Some times it works some time it doesn't It works just fine as a time and that's it. I can't get it to do anything else. It don't play nice with Ifttt either. Again sometime it works and sometime it doesn't.

Lorraine R

WEMO Switch and App I have Wemo in every room of my house. Simply put I love it. I installed every wall switch in my house and I also have 3 plug in switches for lamps. By career I am a technology geek. There are a few quirks here and there but overall I am extremely happy One thing that I cannot seem to resolve is the schedule to automatically turn on the lights. The schedule for turning off works well. I love the wemo. Keep up the good work.

Jesmond Cachia

So far so good So far installed 3 light switchs without any problems except 1 took forever to upgrade.I am new to the whole home automation thing but wemo seems a little limited and not cheap might have to try smart things.

Jason Nielson

Moved.. nothing works Moved to a new house. Same network.. same switches, and plugs.. doesn't work at all. Tells me to turn on remote access, but when I try to it says it's not allowed. Factory reset doesn't fix it either.

Chad Lawrence

Can't locate WEMO devices I have to frequently reboot my ARRIS SURFboard modem/router locally and away to reset my WEMO devices because the drop out of the WEMO system. Even when I'm on my home network the WEMO switches gray out and you either have to uninstall the App then reinstall, or reboot the modem/router. I was told to put the router on channel 1/6/9/11. I've tried 9 & 11 with the same results. The switches indicate they're connected to the WiFi however they don't show up in the App. The new Nest feature works fine.

Bruce Caldwell

Nearly Great Been using this for years but the latest upgrade feels more like a downgrade. I have four wemo switches and a Netcam on my system and if they are all active then all is well. If I unplug one switch or the Netcam then the app hangs on opening. When I plug the missing switch back in I have to do a full reset of the switch to reinstate it. Not good. ....Update..Do a reboot of the router after every update..Lesson learnt. Sorry.

Michael C.

Works For Me With No Issues So far, so good. This app works as expected. However, I only have one device, so I do not know if I'll have issues once I add additional devices.


"Be at home when you're not at home." Would be fittingly appropriate if all kinks were corrected and you were able to control all of your devices when away from home. Greyed out devices that cause you to lose control when not at home have become a "huge problem" and annoyance. These greyed out devices remain that way for days. WeMo Link has not worked for many days. Belkin has IGNORED my emails. Devices & LEDs cannot be controlled since they show "downloading, etc." for days.

Glenn Osmond

May update still broken! Back to version 1.13 apk. Still rated at one star until fixed. I would have returned my wemo devices but I was holding on hope they would've fixed it by now without needing to use a older version. At least the app now launches as opposed to v. 1.14. That's after I completely uninstalled and redownloaded the app. But it crashes on the rules tab. Terrible.

Vincent Brindle

No custom pics for Android I started using this when I had an iPhone and I could customise the pics, but since moving to android it tells me I can't do this anymore. Hmm... however it still works with turning devices on and off.


A'ighty dighty. It took a while to set up my handful of switches and a motion sensor, but they all worked as expected once they were connected to WiFi. However, I do have some complaints. Firstly, when I updated the firmware for the motion sensor, it no longer shows any status about if it detected motion or not. Secondly, the app itself could use a bit of a design update. Last but not least, my Amazon Echo can only find one of my switches, and not the other two devices. Other than that, everything's working fine for now.

Ivo Stammis

Great potential, lousy result If setup goed right the first time, and the app decides to show your devices, it offers great convenience. Whether successfull or not seems to be random...

Peter Fordyce

Needs a lot of work to improve perfmance, and 59MB is excessive. I had problems with initial setup, and top marks to the support team at Linksys. Very responsive, and gave the right advice. But I should add that it's so hard to find how to export the data. Why is it buried in the edit function? Surety, it's not an edit function! The Insight Switch proclaims it's ability to report power usage, so this option should be easy to find. I've exported data maybe 3 times so far, and every time I have to figure out how!

Grant Stevens

Flaky junk If I knew how flaky this app was, I never would have bought the WeMo device. On my Nexus 5X it crashed repeatedly during setup. Remote access doesn't work from this device, and the settings menu for Remote Access doesn't even fully render. This app is junk, and it makes most functions of the device unusable.

Ed Marsh

A bit laggy and buggy I have a wemo switch and I find the app is often slow to load and recognize the switch. App crashes fairly frequently on launch, requiring me to kill the app then reload. Nexus 6p

Mike Hardie

Rubbish Very old fashioned, clunky and slow. The app is terrible and constantly loading when trying to set up rules. I wish I'd got my money back for this shoddy product.

Dave Soper

Have 3 different home automation systems. Though none of them were super-intuitive to setup, the 2 Wemo switches have been the most difficult and counter-intuitive to install. Currently on my 5th configuration attempt and since that is 3 attempts more than any other device I have installed, it felt like a good time to rate it. Update 2: made wifi broadcast name (as opposed to hidden) reset everything. Attempt 7 was successful all devices configured and discovered, connected to echo.

Thomas Barry

Why is making an app that just works so difficult? The latest update now fails to show the current status of the device. The stats indicate the device has been on, but the green ring fails to glow if the device is currently on. If you hit the button, it will glow, the insight plug will "click" but remain on. Aside from this, I've found this device and the app to be pretty flaky. If you have a simple rule, it can run seamlessly for day...but then one day, just decide it's going to stop. No changes in the network, no outage, just flakes out. Resetting the entire device usually works, but should not be necessary (rebooting doesn't seem to always fix).

Brian Wierenga

Unstable An app that would be designed for the sole purpose of being unstable and terrible to use would work better and be less frustrating then the wemo app. I have four wemo switches in my house and once setup they work great but a simple router change and wifi name change made this app more unstable then chernobyl.

Chuck Emry

Wemo Can't detect it's own devices! I do NOT recommend this product!

Ryan Riopel

Really terrible The app is so bad. I have one insight outlet and sometimes I turn it off and on 5 times before I can tell if it's on or not. During that time it usually goes missing entirely for a little bit. And I haven't been able to see the power usage in 2 days, because the app doesn't think the outlet is on even though it is. Completely pathetic.

Jackson Chan

Horrible, waste hours to connect and bad user experience Horrible user experience, no idea how these guys develop this. Knew belkin was a bad choice and it's way overpriced for the wemo insight plug compared to other devices. Fails to find the insight switch that's connected to the router

Mr. Bruce Arkwright, Jr.

Works w/no Internet! I like this hub system because it will works with WiFi only if you lose internet connection or it goes down. But in general there are too many home automatic systems!!! But why must app 'look' for connected devices every time I open app??? Should it not know what I already have? And then look for devices when told? Takes almost 15 to 30 seconds to open app!

Martin MacBean

Utter rubbish The Wemo product manager should resign immediately. I was full of hope when Belkin announced the app was being rewritten from scratch. I should have known better. Devices disappear at random, rules fail to run on a whim and devices have to be reset & reconfigured regularly. None of the problems have been resolved. I went away on holiday & switched on away mode. According to my neighbour, my house was in darkness the entire time. On my return, I switched off away mode & none of my regular rules ran. My bulbs did however switch themselves on in the middle of the night! I spent 2 hours resetting all my devices & setting up my rules from scratch. 1 week later, everything stopped working & I have to do it all over again

Ben Schuring

Like it but.. Get the price point down. I had some issues setting it up with my phone but switched to my tablet and easy setup.

Mike Lambert

Works until I try to link my nest The app works fine for setting schedules and controlling my switch, but as soon as I link my best account to the demo account everything fails. After the link I attempted to adjust a schedule and the app told me that my switch needed a firmware update. Accepted the update but nothing downloaded or installed. Stuck in this loop forever. Also the switch seemed to turn on and off randomly and not according to schedule. Unlinked my nest, everything works fine again. Looking forward to an update.

Brian Melton

App is so slow This app is so slow and not dependable compared to the IOS version. I find myself having to use my old iPad versus my new Android. Then half the time it will not turn on my lights. It says bulbs unavailable. Go to iPad and it works smooth. Please fix

Finlay Stewart

Hopeless with Insight plug Random turning on/off, ignores rules, losses connection, sometimes turns on then loses connection, indicators forget their state. I have a strong WiFi signal with the router closer by, plugs are unreliable to the point of useless. Expect better from a professional developer, looking at paid third party solutions now.

Sean Radford

Just about works Took 3 hours of trying and trying to get app connected to Wemo Insight Switch. Now working 'ok'. Major issue is that I can't find any help on what the colour/animation of the power/status light in the app really means. It doesn't seem to work intuitively. I think this is because it is actually broken. For example, it can be green or grey. You would think this means 'on' or 'off' but no, it has no bearing on the state of the switch. So I cannot tell (without looking at the switch itself) if it is on or off!

Stanley Goodner

Not worth the hassle anymore Belkin does a pretty darn good job at app and firmware updates for their products. Commendable, especially with how Android is so fragmented. But the execution falls short (for years still), sadly. PITA to reset to new wireless network and re-add bulbs. Great when it works, albeit sluggish and clunky. TCP may not have advanced options & connectivity, like IFTTT, but at least hardware works quick and as intended.

Daigan Misner

Firmware update issues Once again firmware update has caused issues. Now my motion sensor has stopped working and all rules that used it. I've removed and readded is, reset options to no avail. Shows motion on the app, does not activate rules. I've deleted and recreated the rules too. Help.

Greg Ryan

Everything was fine until firmware updates! May 2015 So its been a few months now. Over that period of time I suspect Belkin has finally invested in some decent software developers, perhaps adopted Agile or Kanban :) The app is MUCH better, so much in fact I am going to go from 1 star to 3! Maybe 4 of you keep behaving :)

Christopher Prevete

So confused by all the negative reviews We have been using WeMo devices for almost a year now and have not had any issues. We are using two WeMo wall switches and a WeMo smart plug. They work great. They come on and go off based on the rules that have been created and I never have a problem overriding them remotely. All in all, we are very happy with WeMo and looking forward to more devices we can convert over.

Switch won't update and stopped working Bought this as a way to turn on/off a laser for my cats while away on vacation. Worked when I set it up the night before but when we left the next day it stopped working. Firmware update also does not work and crashes app. Going to settings also crashes app. WeMo is definitely the worst of the connected home devices, both in terms of hardware and software.

Always shuts down I can never use the app for more than 30 seconds before it shuts down or stops. And when I can get it to work it won't let me select or change anything. Luckily my wife has an iPhone and it works a million times better on that

Ben Nicholas

1.15.2 Is not working for me. I have reinstalled several times. Rebooted the phone. Restored the wemo back to original settings. Cleared the cache. I'm now giving up and waiting for the next update. It shows the splash screen, then the white screen with wemo on the top green band, then says looking for devices and the word wemo moves to the top of the green band, then it just sits there.

Val Crout

WeMo Switch Lamp switch number1 was great, I've had it for a few years and loved it! Tried to set 2nd switch up, and it will work as long as the other one isn't enabled and turned on! And the winter & summer rules are a pain in butt to set, cuz it only gives me certain hours to use! On the first switch, I could choose my own preference and time frames! The new app upgrades suck! So I'm not impressed anymore!

Pete Bain

Cluncky App is clunky and painfully slow. Firmware updates are so slow it's comical. Devices don't reconnect to network after a power failure. Rules are so basic they border on useless. Can't edit stored wifi password even if you get it wrong.

Ozzie Huertas

Expected so much more.. Iphone version works better at times This app has gotten worse.. Android version is soo much slower than iphone. Also i still lost the ability to change the icons. Some are now stuck with old pictures. Latest update seems to take longer connecting to all devices..

George Chaplin

Support information, ehh Pita if you have a hidden SSID and won't turn sideways on phone or tablet. Took too long to setup so whole Wemo thing marginal. Quality good on device,specs OK but app ruins what is otherwise good nearly great.

Andrew Feine

Love it would recommend to anyone I have 3 wemos in my house 2 for ac's which are awesome to come home to a comfortable house and 1 for a light set to go w sunset and sunrise. Can control anywhere w cell service. Zero complains

Luis Krause

Stability greatly improved Update: recent app update (1.15.2) & firmware (2.00.10626) still very stable; Thanks. Also fixed, the issue of the light switch order not being saved. Belkin has come a long way improving the switches so don't rely on old complains.

Jonathon Levinson

Really? Still doesn't work Have all these belkin Wemos and can't set them up since a router change. At least build a non app that allows us to set up. Waste of money and time until this gets resolved! I would give it no stars if I could

Aerial Bear

Unusable software I suspect that there is some problem with my network, but the the software provides no help with it. Poorly documented, and with a painfully clunky interface, it just hurts trying to set this thing up. [Later] Finally got it working and am now completely happy with it.

June Halladay

Horrible time getting it hooked up I have many smart devices in my home and when I bought the WeMo devices I thought they would add in. They've been a big disappointment I got one of the light bulbs hooked up once and then it quit working immediately. I ended up with smart bulbs being used as regular light bulbs. Big waste

Blake Severson

It's ok The switch speed seems better than it has been in the past, but my rules no longer can be edited (or even found). There's always something wrong. I'm not dissatisfied with my wemos, but I'm far from thrilled.

Better than some I own this and the wink system. I rate this better due to the area I live in has power outage problems. This will not turn itself on automatically when their is a power loss, the others do.. I have made so many attempts to contact their 2nd tier engineering dept, it's a shame people spend hard earned money on a unsuccessful product.

John Moriarty

Unpolished Set up very confusing with multiple WiFi switches and conflicting guidance from app. Now setup and led light loses ability to control dimming level every time app closed. Half baked and buggy

Steven Lignelli

Terrible This app is terrible. User unfriendly. After every update, which happens a few times a week, everything resets. Why? Put some work into this app and product to make it better before charging $50 for a light bulb or a outlet.


The last update is still fraught with problems. One I've noticed is that the app button shows OFF (even if you do a refresh) when the LED/ switch is ON (I am looking at the LED/ switch. Therefore, I am able to confirm its status).

Andrew Hinds

Rarely works My mobile devices keep loosing connection or the light switch will give me a "downloading error". There is zero help on this problem on the website. I would not recommend this product

Grant Brinkley

Terribly heavy app for what it is. Nexus 5 always needs to reload the app and constant pauses. I have several other iot devices all of which have no problem running on my device... And no native Ipad app either?! Will never waste money on a wemo device again

Scott Crevier

not reliable Been using this app over a year. Now with v1.15.2 (74), still doesn't let me change the stored wifi password. If you enter correct password on first try, it's fine. If not, you're screwed. Also, editing a rule, both Save and Cancel buttons do nothing.

Peace of mind My mom has Alzheimer's and is up and about at different times of the night, leaving all lights on inside the house. By looking at the nanny Cam's, I can see which lights are on inside the house and turn them off with the WeMo products, just by the touch of my android phone. Thanks WeMo!!

Maciek Bęcławski

Half baked Nest integration Does not support Nest auto-away, a major flaw for me. Please fix it. It shows Nest as Away yet does not turn off switches until manual Away is used.

Landon Carter

Went through a rough patch (months) where this app didn't work which meant the related devices didn't work. So buyer beware. The primary functionality is working like it was a few years ago but it would be nice to see new developments. Widgets wear functionality, etc

Greg Joughin

Can't switch routers without removing and reinstalling (and I'm still not sure if even that will fix the issue). That's crazy. Wish I could give this zero stars.

Gerald Buechter

Much improved, still hard to set up After it did not work all summer, this update seems to help. Setting up WiFi is still horrible but, right now, after buying a new router, new WeMo link, and resetting everything on the phone and the devices, it finally works again. But, definitely a rough summer. For weeks nothing. I still have a switch to reset.

M Craig

Bit unreliable and limited. Had this for a few years now. Only fails to connect about 5% of the time. App lacks features and 2 years on the App remains poor. Despite contacting tech support Rules still cannot be saved, the app simply gets stuck with circular hour glass making them pointless. Software still needs a lot of work! App permissions also seem excessive. Settings seem to be unaccessible/impossible from all devices, even with updates on various Android devices!

Lou Cipherr

Since the latest update, my app no longer works. It stalls at the "Looking for Devices..." screen and never finds any of my devices. Please fix! This app has been invaluable to me until the latest update. Now it's broken and no longer usable.

Ronald Dean Jr

Ok Might have to adjust setting on your router to get these guys to work. Had to bring my network down to 20mhz from 40mhz so it would work. Loses connection to my garage device once in a while.

Douglas Price

Works on my phone but not my tablet. This type of thing has been a problem since I installed. Very inconsistent performance. Great concept, just wish it worked.


Works for me I've been using my WeMo for a number of years now with no issues. In the beginning I had issues where some of my outlets weren't showing up, but I haven't noticed that problem in a really long time. These things are perfect for my attic fan.

Robert Pinches

Stuck on searching for devices Crap now! It was working perfectly before update on 6/9/2016. Won't work at all now even after uninstalling reinstalling and resetting devices. Always stuck on searching

Thomas Ashdown

Good App! The light switch works great. I had some problems with my android phone setting up with the switch. I had to use my work I-phone to set up then I was able to get the WeMo switch to work with my android phone. I received a message that the firmware was being updated to support the app.

becky justice

Much better now. Hard to figure out Update: works great most of the time now. I do use them daily and would miss them if they were gone. Early review: most of the time I have to manually get it to connect then I can turn it off from my phone, so far sort of useless. It might be user error but that would mean it's not user friendly...

Dan McCombs

Somewhat broken after last update After the most recent update, when I first open the app most of the screen is grey except for the bulbs themselves, but I can't see the slider to adjust brightness, etc. Tapping edit and then done refreshes the UI and it can be used until exiting and opening the app again.

Chris Fell

Wemo needs to take away their staff iPhones Works perfectly on my iOS gadgets. Android marshmallow s7 more problematic. Firmware update not working on android app. Borrow a friends iPad to update wemo firmware then you will be able set and edit rules on the android app.

Billy Pettigrew

Has become almost unusable What idiots are programming this? You seriously need to rethink what you are doing. I'm back to using lightswitches which defeats the purpose of your product. Amateurs.

Dennis Patrick

Latest update unusable Updated app and now it's completely unusable. It did handle great on my handset but now I'm able to turn it off and on but can't adjust anything. Stuck with the brightness and settings I previously used on past wemo version.

Not at all reliable If I set a rule to turn a light (using the outlet Wemo) off at 11:59 p.m., OK, it works. If i set it to turn off at 12:01 a.m., it never turns off. I have stopped buying Wemos and started buying TP Links. They actually work.

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