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29 Aug
Weed Garden The Game

Posted by Weed Games in Simulation | Aug. 29, 2016 | 116 Comments

Apk file size: 50.0 MB

From the guys who brought you Weed Planet and Weed Shop comes a brand new social weed growing adventure - Weed Garden The Game!

Open up a Weed Shop franchise in the woods of Massachusetts and start growing weed in your outdoor garden. Sell your weed to local stoners, online customers or the weed warehouse. Make mad money, upgrade and pimp your shop or trick out your weed garden with unique rasta decorations. Connect to the PotFace network to send and receive weed seeds from your Facebook friends, buy or steal weed globally, visit or rob other weed firms and much more!

Weed Garden The Game Features:
☮ New Shop & Garden Upgrades: Customize your shop inside and out!
☮ Completely New Weed Plants: Grow strains like Bob Marley Sativa, New York Diesel and many more.
☮ Online Weed Shops: Sell & buy weed globally, visit shops and get free seeds!
☮ Thugs For Hire: Send thugs and shoplifters to other weed shops and score big!
☮ Weed Warehouse: Make big money by selling your crops wholesale!
☮ Recreational Activities: Smoke what you grow, shoot some hoops, practice field goals, etc.
☮ Breathtaking 3D Environment: Stop wasting your time with 2D cookie clickers and immerse yourself in a weed growing experience the way it should be played.

Important: Weed Garden The Game is a resource intensive 3D game and will not run on older or entry level devices. While were constantly working to optimize the performance as much as possible, we do not recommend playing it on phones with less than 2G of RAM.

Disclaimer: Weed Garden The Game contains references to Marijuana and crude humor and is intended for a MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY! All the events and characters portrayed in the game are completely fictional. For legal status regarding medical or recreational use of Marijuana in your state, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Whats new

    New in Weed Garden The Game v1.16:
    ☆ Free Water, Yo!
    ☆ Improved Performance & Loading
    ☆ Instant Respect!
    ☆ Bud Buddy & Loading Fixes
    ☆ Weed Strain Inventory Display
    New in Weed Garden The Game v1+:
    ☆ Brand New Customers
    ☆ Over 50 New Missions
    ☆ Google Play Achievements
    ☆ New Garden Supplies
    ☆ Thugs & Thieves For Hire
    ☆ Online Weed Shops
    ☆ Weed Warehouse
    ☆ Stunning High Resolution Mode (only to be used on the latest devices)

Weed Games part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 29, 2016. Google play rating is 85.2685. Current verison is 1.16. Actual size 50.0 MB.

Download weed-garden-the-game.apk 50.0 MB


Ryan Latter

The game was fine until yesterday. Now it just freezes on the loading screen. Plz fix then 5 stars. - Galaxy note II

Megan Parsons

4* really good only thing i don't like it.costing to water the plants and.the price for the pots are a little high and it is a bit laggy for me i had a warning about my phone not meeting the.hardware requirements

Dillion Nance

GREAT GAME!!! But I have a galaxy s5 an it started working again but now it just keeps freezing at the loading screen again

John Kelley

Like it Good game....hard to get money...need more free offers always says no vids or offers for cash. More interaction with people would be good to. ..great concept..thanks for your work.

jay schwartz

Freezes Once it is opened it freezes since last night it worked fine when I first got it when this is fixed I will change my rating

Scott Ramsey

Uninstall Worked great for the first 2 days now it will not load just freezing on the loading page!

Patrick Kelly

Took survey for no $$ Took a couple surveys to get quick cash AND DID NOT GET ANYTHING. All I will get is junk in my house mail now. That's bullshit

ethan debusk

Not loading The warehouse all the sudden stopped loading, I left it on the screen for 30 min still nothing plz figure out what's going on. Ps anyone else having this problem

Kenneth Atkins

good game, but. it was my new favorite, got too 3 level and now it won't load

Nick Cook

Fantastic BUT..... Great game. Good work! Only thing is it stopped working with my Samsung 4 a few days ago and nothing I do will fix it.

Devon Christian

Was great Takes a very long time to make progress


Fix I would definitely give this app 5 stars but it's stuck on loading screen!!!! Please fix an will give this app 5 stars

Ricky Dos Santos

-:-/ I wish i could give 0 stays on loading screen the whole time i timed itit didnt load after 33 minutes plz fix or reply to me

sam pitt

Hard to figure out, not a lot of money to start with

devonte mcrae

it's ok could go deeper with immersive game play but so far good job could be better but can't complain about a free game

Derrick Vallies

Game stuck on loading screen Zte warp sync and game was fine till a few days ago. Now it wont go past the loading screen. Please fix. I was doing great until that point.

Aditya Stevano

Great Help me ! I cant stop playing

Breezy Bri

Good game if u have money hahah Fun as hell but its hard to get money nd u have to be patient

Marlow Price

Ok Enjoyed it. Really hard to get paid.

Tom Scott

Facebook Connect It is stuck on the loading screen fix this please

Joey Guye


Darnell Thompson

It's cool like it

Tyler Tiger Unknown

Hey Id like if you could make everything unlocked I will rate five stars every day

Scott Blevins

Loading... Played fine for the first few it's stuck on loading screen...I wanna get back in my shop...HELP PLEASE !!! Switched to airplane mode as directed by support... Killed all my stats and had to start over...can't link to Facebook now either...and now a new update...this one won't even let me play in airplane mode...smh...2 shops unplayable

Mr Marijuana Heavy Toker

Add Hash, Oil , Wax , & Kief Add all the concentrates like the other weed shop game then this game would be more fun!

Christopher John Rozell

Great Game But I'm still trying to figure out how to make friends on here, any pointers would be awesome, thanks. Also if you are froze at a certain spot go ahead and hold the button to turn off phone, hit cancel and at the same time hit home, but if it keeps doing it, uninstall the game, reinstall, but choose a lower resolution, not HD if your device can't handle it. Hope this helps.

Shannon Wright

Needs improvement Definitely improved over the past few months, but starting to decline as of late. Every time I open shop, the same person robs me repeatedly, which slows down my app. Made it to almost level 30, but ready to give up. The frustration isn't worth it. Can't even retaliate, because the app won't let me. Fix or I'm done.

Hassan Ogle

Gs5 Was a great game but now all it keep doing is keeping me at the loading screen smh plz fix

Finlay McDarmaid

Samsung galaxy s5 mini You need to fix it what happens to me now is that is just stuck in the loading screen please fix this

Inocent Boie

I lost my save game.anyone can help me! How can I go back to my save game?

Robert Walker

amazing 3D world and works great on Note 3

Andrew Deacon

It's freeze on loading screen fix the dam thing I was enjoying it

Roland Gibbs

its alright

Brian Kim

UI is poorly thought out. Why isn't there a buy all button when buying from people online?

Multi Verse

Epic brah Gotta make more games like this..

jesus naal

Facebook I can't log in to Facebook it says I don't meet the criteria? Help?

Amir Johnson

Listen up Yeah, this is a great game. Its enjoyable and funny but I got a home to pick. Why does watering the strains cost $100? Of anything, watering the strains should be free and it should cost money to buy a pump. And pumps should stay in your inventory, instead of them being a one time use, you should be able to keep them and use them again later on. Because of these things, I'm always broke when I'm just tryna earn some money. Please fix this, I'm sure other people would agree with me.

Rjay David

Pretty cool... This is a good game to pass time. Kinda hard to get moneynat first, but a few thousand, i took a break and did a mass grow. Now business is good. Got robbed 3 times, got a stun gun for shop-lifters, and a security gaurd for when i do another mass grow. Now i need to expand my land and dont know how...

Raymond Camardelle

Doesn't work,it won't come on,you click open and it shuts off

Jacob Sahr

Great game Needs more keep improving add a legit indoor grow room

Wayne Livernois

Great game....when it works wtf is up was fine yesterday but now wont load wtf

Tristan Harriss

Fix Cant get in the game sometimes it doesnt load

Paul Lewis

Difficult to get a start Not enough money or resources to get a proper start. A little slow. Especially with people asking for multiple strains at the beginning. Don't like the charge for watering! $10?? For water each time? Also, gave me mites before I could purchase miticide. Had to destroy plant, didnt clear indicator, stuck at 1. Didn't enjoy as much as the other game, Weed Garden. Not an improvement over this game.

Kenneth Stevens

Game keeps freezi g on the load screen plz fix

Derrick Vallies

Game stuck on loading screen Zte warp sync and game was fine till a few days ago. Still waiting on you guys to fix the problem with the game not moving past the loading screen

Casey Allen

Won't open anymore I like this one but it started to not open for me after a couple weeks

Derick Ong

Loading screen freeze Same as the guy below me, was fine yesterday, now its just loading forever. Can we have a fix please?

Kei Sekiguchi

Awesome Really fun game no lagging and the prices of the water is a little to high other than that this game is great.

Dustin Johns

A lil high priced for starts

Calvin Lambert

Freezes on load screen started 5/14/15 otherwise 5 stars great game

Nicolas Jandres

Enjoy the game... Just one issue I enjoy all the 3 weed shop games, but the thing with this one is that I try to enable cloud save it won't work. So I tired to uninstall and then reinstall it, seems cloud save works, but if you want to switch it off you can't so until this issue is fixed then I'll change my review.

Joseph Stratton

I can't get any of the games to load but they work perfectly on my friends phone.

Krissi Delgado

Worth downloafing an worth having fun I like it its fun an easy to navigate

Wenona Gututala

I need more money to grow can anyone help me pleazzz any well help

Lovett Tennyson

It's d.o.p.e. It's a good game but you should be able to set your own prices for the different strains of bud you got....then ita be killin the game

Dylan Davis

SO AMAZING I've used game killer to mod the offline game just to get a feel and then I switched online and did not mod it is so fun!!!

Dylon Barnett

Hard It's so hard to save money on here

James Foster

Good but needs improvement

Marcell Bullock

Cool as ice cold Love the game

Timothy Westervelt

Water!!! Very difficult to get a game going the water should be free

William Freeman

Tired I'm uninstalling! Paying for water is stupid! I'm also tired of getting spider mites at level 5! FIX THIS GAME! Your other two are amazing. This one is junk!

Tammy Adams

Sweet!!! Its really cool running your own weed shop on a game, I have actually spent hours playing it!!!! FUN!!!!!!!

Kayluh Karu

Please update The robbers stay stuck in your store crouching the Taser does not do anything its difficult to walk up and Tase at the same time make it automatic. Please update it

Joshua Vishon

love this game ! just one problem!! there needs to be a way to sign in with your google+. some people like me dont have face book so i miss out on most of this version. however we all have a google+, after all we needed it to download ;)

Argem Espiritu

Update is useless... Still not getting through the game. Dying in waiting to load. I even let it load for a day but still, useless. ? ?

Rudi Verster

Loading problem Me and my friends game won't go in... Stays on loading the whole time

Cerinity Henington

Wow I never could have thought! Its so cool!!'

Grooveman 20000

Less cool version if there other games Why do you charge to water??? This one sucks. Customers ask for a specific strand rather then just buying wees. Very disappointed.

jock stevens

Good game Hey you guys need to fix the lookcsensitivty

Nathan Oosthuizen

hy great game you did a great job

Matt Levers

Good game Good game apart from customers want like no money for lots of weed and I don't know how to use water pumps or anything

teteus XD

Just found one problem Your plants should be able to grow while you are outside the app

knuckles kmh

Good game BUT I got a decent way into the game but had to reset my phone and for some reason even though I logged into the same gmail acct it's a new game which sucks cause it does start off slow. & also almost every time I use the timer things they never completely finish the time so I have to spend an extra 10 to water it and it happens almost every plant 2-3 times per plant which cuts into profits and is aggravating in general. What's the point of buying the timers if they don't finish the full 3 minutes

Jorge Reyes

Bruh ima be sad if u dont add money at tha beginning You really need more money at tha bugging like. 3,000

Ciara W

Worst game Worst game don't waste time u can grow plants but then I can't collect the after a few plants because I need to buy jars but can't buy them until level 5 so I need to spent real money to get there or all ur plants die waste of time!

Justin Plascencia

Fix this Im going broke watering my plants , How am i suppose to any profit when it costs more to water them and get the seeds then it does to buy my herb.

Nick Meuse

Could be better I thOught it was like an extension didn't know you had to start over and it's a bit of a lag on my phone compared to weed shop

Omni Craft

Good, but has room for improvement I would play it instead of Weed Shop if you didnt have to pay to water plants. I think that after every 25 minutes you have to pay water bills.

Cody H

Ok Kind of a waste of time. I was doing g awesome and now every time I open my game it will let me play for a few minutes and then it restarts the game, most while I'm trying to sell to customers. Please help and ill give 5 stars

Big C

Very cool game very addictive slow and kicks you out sometimes while in middle of game but over all very good you can kill hours growing and selling weed haha download for sure you will like it

Dan P

Good but could be great Runs smooth good graphics but let us login thru google+

Danielle Kirsch

Love the gam Love the game but i wish your free cash site worked i downloaded the age of fire game for over 4k free cash. I got the game installed and played till my stronghold was 6 not 5 like it said u had to be before it gave the cash but i still havent recieved my cash. Fix this and ill give 5 stars.

Kate M

Really fun but challenging I am really enjoying this game but I am having trouble with the money aspect I am stuck with only 7 dollars and I cannot water my plants only have 4g of one strain and 1g of another it's hard to sell them because people are asking for bigger quantities. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and keep up the great work and amazing games

David Davies

Online I can't find the online option were i can send free seeds to my friends anyone know why?

Chad Storm

Extremely disappointed with the lack of support and lack of information on recovering lost accounts. Spent money on each version and they decide to pic and choose what spot to start at.. Usually the beginning. Requested full refunds.

Leland Peffley

Love it It is slower paced but growing is a slow process, I don't understand what the point of buying weed off other players is though and I also wish the water pump was more worth the money, I mean the basic pump you are losing money using it.

KIRBY Googoo

Dont add your credit card, it automatically took money off of my account

Chris Webber

Takes to long and you dont make enough money to go on and the game is real slow

Jorge Reyes

Love it Its cool make a new game

Daiwon X

Better than Weed shop! I like this better than the original but there should be a way to friend people through weed garden.

Jordan Bloss

Love it Favorite game and company of games ever

Kenny Walker

Best weed game Great graphics and fx ps hurry up with weed life ?

stephen gulick

sweet good game to play when smokin weed

Logan Handel

Inventory count is wrong once you pass 100 of it and a top view would be nice

Danny Cocol

Mdidd Sjjjs awsome

zach jordan

Got ripped off I went to earn money by downloading a game and do what it says. When I finished I never got the money

Taylor Fannin

UGGGHHHHH It's a cool game but it force closed and now I'm back at the beginning I spent a lot of money on this game and now I'm just out of luck won't be playing amymore

Mikya Sapp

Plzz do it would be amazing Hey you should make the plants have more buds on it and make the plant more bigger and that would be it and I also love this game and plzz take off the 10buck thing when you half to water the plants that is what eats up your cash plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz

Steven Walpole

It's a great game but I'm stuck with 9 bucks a d can't water my plants. I have none to sell and I tried to download the games to add free cash but it doesn't work. Help please

Ethan Anderson

Add more Add more seeds and land expansion I'm on level 32 and have 30 of each pot and barley room to place them with the biggest lot available on the game also should make it easier to buy bulk seeds and pumps,ect.

Brandon Cade

Paying for water Why do we have to pay for water on this one I play all 3 games and we don't have to pay on watering plants there stop charging water and I'll give 5 stars

Tom Wade

Level 21 took me back to level 16 Spent loads of time got the bigger garden had load of weed then pof there goes my rank and weed and money for god sake

Jose Parra

Need to fix bug I like the game, just that I do some offers to get money but don't get nothing I did a survey AND I did the pirate kings offer and didn't get nothing I would like to get my money please fix this issue. ?

Trevun Walket

Go get on the computer and type in weedplanet it will give u money

Ethan Ridenour

Its good make more of them


Nice one

Chichi Sky

It keep notification It shows you how much you need to check but it won't tell you what it is

Robin Veveiros

Not good. Weed bakery is better

Jametric Sumrall

Bugs A lot of the customers I try to serve it just won't let me even though I have the inventory my stats look like crap because it can't service the customers. It would be OK if I had bud buddy but I'm to on low a level and not enough capital

American Gamer

Great game . Only bad part is that you need facebook for it to be online, without it it is a more polished weed shop.

Listen Every1 is having money issues and can't water there plants... just make water free!!!

April Barlow

Wtf I love all the games but this is ridiculous... $10 every time you water a plant??!!

Ethan Ridenour

Need to make it were they will bye any type of weed tho Its good make more of them

Fatima Khattak

Why is there no other way to get money!!!

Zack William

Plz Plz make water freeeeeee!!!!!!!! I'll rate this game 5 stars if u make water free in a update... PPPPPLLLLZZZZZ!!!

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