Download Weaphones™ WW2: Gun Sim Free apk 1.5.1 free for Android smartphone

7 Sep
Weaphones™ WW2: Gun Sim Free

Posted by OranginalPlan in Simulation | Sept. 7, 2015 | 142 Comments

Apk file size: 39.0 MB

Experience the weapons of World War II like never before. Weaphones WW2 Free Edition redefines what the term first person shooter means. Don’t just play the game, be part of it. Take hold of your device and experience what it’s like to load, charge, clear and shoot a firearm.

With Weaphones WW2 you can live out your greatest gun fight fantasies and remain 100% safe. Weaphones features some of the most iconic firearms of WW2, from the German Luger to the American belt-fed M1919. Many of the weapons are customizable; add bayonets, scopes, bipods and more! If you don’t know how to operate a particular weapon, brush up with our fully animated step-by-step tutorials.

From the high-definition, battle bruised, pistols, rifles and machine guns, to the authentic weapon mechanics mixed with realistic smoke, recoil, muzzle flash and sound effects, Weaphones is all about realism. Everything is adjustable to suit the user. Change the size of the weapon to place all controls within easy reach. Rotate and flip to best suit the device and hand preference. On supported devices, enable the camera flash feature and further enhance your experience by leveraging the power of the built-in camera flash to simulate a real muzzle flash.

Experience all this and more with Weaphones WW2 Firearms Simulator.

» Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects
» Full Interaction and Control
» Authentic Weapon Mechanics
» Customizable Weapons
» Free Updates and Free Daily Weapons
» Detailed Full HD Graphics
» Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Preference
→ Lefty Flip
→ Rotate 180°
→ Scale
→ Move
» User Adjustable Variables
→ Unlimited Ammo
→ Auto Reload
→ Weapon Jamming
→ Accelerometer Reloading
→ Camera Flash Shooting
» Weapon State Indicator (“Why Am I Not Shooting”)
» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial for Each Weaphone
» Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & Camera Flash Support
» Social Media Driven Future Content

Weapons List:

MP 40
STG 44
M1918A2 BAR
M1919 A4/A6

Whats new

    » NEW WALTHER PPK (Germany)
    » Better Camera Flash Response on More Devices
    » Bug Fixes and Improvements

OranginalPlan part of our Simulation and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 7, 2015. Google play rating is 83.9622. Current verison is 1.5.1. Actual size 39.0 MB.

Download weaphones-tm-ww2-gun-sim-free.apk 39.0 MB


agus hendra

Good but Not all ww2. Good. But Not all ww2 weapon display like fg42. Thompson.and many more And please just gun. Exclude the granade. Its like learning. Mobile museum.without harming . No need to 100 % texture.or hd look. We know its phone not pc. Big file is bad too phone. It may not load at all.

Tim Booker

Cool weapons It would be awesome to have a civil war and Vietnam war versions as well

Juan Villalobos

Loved it This app is cool because they took the call duty world at war we ponds I wish they put the raygun

Kyle Licka

It was good... Up until the gun gets all glitchy and goes off the screen and you can't move it back, and the fact that the menu for the gun went off and on the screen; it was great. But now it's crap. It also glitches out, doesn't let me use the app and won't save any changes to the menu

Eula Thomas

Love the series Could you possibly for one of ur updates put in a tacticle weapon

Dylan Carter

Gun won't shoot That sucks when the doesn't even shoot. Plz fix and I'll give a better rating


Awesome Awesome Weapons simulation. Although there is nothing perfect in this world. The game helpful to learn about using weapon.

Liam Shannon

Awesome! I fully intend on buying the full version its that good

Bryan Pabalinas

Fix this bug plss The screen goes black and i ca t see anything plss fix this!

Angela Buckley

FUN!! Nice and something to do when bored

Michael Bateman

Good It's very realistic for sound effects but I wish there were at least 3 new freebies for the free version

Miguel Rebollo

It the bomb Its so awesome and is the best game ever !!!?

Mar' tez Scott

Cool Lots of awesome guns

Danyon Langley

More Need more games and guns

Spencer Kalinoski

Fix one of the guns piz it is the brouneing

Efrain Jr Rodriguez

Love it This game is awesome you shoot your friends prank them with gun sounds(:

Ali Wardhana

This is so fun. Jammed... Arghh... LoL.. Anyway this app is pretty accurate to show the way to use the gun. And now I want to try more type of guns.

william clinkscales

Loved Alsome

Fahim Ullah

Love I love this game

Simon Dalton

Good WWII the guns

stephen monty

Nice loved it.

Jordan Young

Pretty good, couple of bugs though. Menus are a bit buggy, when you want change options, the menu shows up in the bottom right corner. You can't see all of it and you can't move it. Overall, good app.

jude Sloan

I really like this app but... I only use the luger and it never lets me click the now avalibles but overall great

Silasjohn Neal

Ok but... It would be better if you add the colt m1911 and the sten on the permenant weapons cos the luger and kar98k gets boring .please improve

Corbin Scalia

Great Great if you want to learn how properly use a ww2 weapon.. Mg-42 constant jamming is a little unrealistic... PLEASE FIX MG42 JAMMING!!! ITS CONSISTENCY IS UNREALISTIC!!

Zy Za

Pranked my bt My brother was on his laptop then i acted like a police then he didnt put his laptop down then i shot him i also saw this on smosh lol

Sandy Kinder

I'm helpin the effort! Awesome much better than normal weaphones the best thing is is that I finally get daily guns. I don't know why but In normal weaphones I didn't get daily freebies. Also, it actually uses real guns, and you gave them real names from the start. It also might help you in history class too If you do a project about ww2.

Logan Rogers

Problem... I know you guys made the ads smaller but you can't remove them. So when I have a problem with a gun, I can't see the lights that tell if something is wrong. I liked the old way better where you could remove them, or better yet, get rid of adds completely. Please fix this.

Martin MacAdam

Not To Shabby Love the realism of the weapons moving parts, rate of fire and even malfunctions or misfiring due to human error! As far as constructive criticism goes some if the weapons smaller parts could move as well. The rear iron sight adjuster on the SMLE for example could lift up and be dialed in. Thanks for a great app!

Royal Singh

Really loved I am a fan of walther p38 I got that gun in this stimulator I loved the graphics , muzzle flash , sounds , smoke , device flash , fully animated tutorials for each gun and weapons n loving it :) I just want to say replace luger with walther and add an additional revolver permanently I hope devs do it soon by the way nice job devs


Cool but needs improvement I love it but the problem is I cannot get all weapons in one app I want the update from you,or can you guys please develop a better one with all weapons with the app please

Sam White

Great app I love this it is one of the best free apps I have and I love the fact that u don't need internet to play it

Brandon Simmons

Pretty good but..... I loved the game so realistic the only problems are first to get the full version it's 199 and plus it's takes 42 min to download but it's a really good game I consider you download it but it may take up to hour or more and my favorite gun in the game is the pssh and my brother was scared to death because he thought the army was coming for him

Romario Cain

its nice Really have alot of gun effects lol lov it

Thomas Gonzalez

Awsome Good looking, great sound, love it. I want to buy the full version but if i do, do i get all the weapons or is it still the daily free gun thing?

Kenneth Bacuno

Problems Doesnt work on me tablet. God i downloaded it. But when i open alll i see is black.fix it pls help..Galaxy tab 3 FIX IT!!

Jack stamford

Great It's the best gun SIM ever because you actually can reload and turn of safety other games you just tap and it shoots but this is so good I got the others and they are beastly

Will Gibson

Loved it! But could you add m1 garand its my favorite gun and I really want to try it once you add it I'll give you 5 stars

RocketFocused CV

I'm lovin' it! Very realistic. Would like to have weaphones: vehicles guns where you can shoot tanks

mikal price

Awesome game But have the freebies to keep and not to loose after a day. Please change that!

da grinch

But if you cant oblige us with a Bren gun! This is a great app, but there is not much variety. You have all the American weapons, and the majority of German weapons (please add the Panzerfaust and Gew 43), but id like more British weapons. Also, for the Sten, add the airborne version- with a wooden grip.


A good game but please get some more guns like ak - 47

Hsrris Rashid

S8 Calm down agus hendra realise its not real life

Marijan Banic

Change this. BTW READ THIS EVERYONE! It is awesome,but add more weapons.Like that guy said FG42 because it's from Call of Duty and reminds me of Der Riese,my favourite CoD WaW zombie map.You could also add Type 25 Arisaka,Some shotguns like:M1897 Trench Gun,Double barrelled shotgun,Also you should add:Type 99,Type 100,all other japanese weapons,Gewehr 43,Springfield(Lee Enfield),SVT 40,Tokarev TT-33,Panzerfaust,Panzershreck,M1A1 Bazooka,and other grenades and stuff... And you should really do WW1 weaphones. P.S. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FULL VERSION OF THIS FOR FREE FROM APTOIDE!!!!!!!!

stelios chaidakis

Awesome Favorite weapons.You can learn how to handle a gun before you even touch the real one!!!!

jaylen hopkins

Best gun game It's a really really good game but I think u should come out wit civil war guns too

Isaiah Betancourt

Game ? This game is awesome they should sell laser vest that hook up to the game so u dont have to argue i shot you first and it will make game more fun

Jack Macdonald

Great choice of guns Just needs a little more Japanese and Russian and SCOTTISH guns what about the Enfield rifle

Justin Munday

Need bigger cooler weapons Great idea great execution but it just needs more

Alex Bishop

I love this one because it has a luger p08 and it actually performs like a luger

Jack Fisher

It is brilliant You can chose between a variety of weapons which I like

stiven bimboy

Wow is game is so cool Like original gun. Thank you

Priyanka Arora

Very very realistic I van actually load and reload the guns

ahmad hadri

Best simulation and interactive game ever. I hope this game continue developing....

Akasyah Iman

Awesome You can play this game like a real gun

Teri Brigman

I like this game a lot It is so much fun

Cole Williams

Awsome game free gun evry day should get it

Simon Dynek

Cool game but the flash is sold with full auto guns it be be a strobe instead


Awesome Add more guns in the free version for the update

aj muniz

The Browning was awesome Thomson 20 really gud

Marshall Smith

What U don't have all ww2 guns! U r missing the browning machine gun! That is messed up! U need to get some more guns! Could you please fix it. I NEED to learn how to shoot that.

Caleb Reding

Its ok Its fun at first but after a while it gets boring but then u get a new gun for a day

Sriwaty Hartono Judah

cool game I like the grfeks I like this game is really good

Scott Bywater

Now we need WW 1 weapons PLEASE!!!! Now we need WW 1 weapons PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!

Bradley Williams

Epic U get loads of freebies and u can learn how 2 use them billion out of every thing i think u should install it u would agree with me when u do

Audrey Fenech Adami

My gun glitch When I look the guns that I have,I can't select or look at other guns?this has not happens to my brother who has the exact same application

Mardarius Smith

Very good game I lovw this game and they have a second one also just download it i swer u will live it

Hau Niang

Love the game In the other one can you unstaild it for free because i want to try those new wepoan

Reynard Christopher

time travel talk. Love the favourite gun in this app is the m1 garand but I have to wait until I get that as a free weapon of the day & I'm thinking maybe adding a Vietnam War version.

Nicholas Spriggs-Leckey

MUST READ I love this game if ur a ww person u should get this it's addicting

crazy gamer

Glitch When I select a gun I can't get off of it. So I have to re-install when I want to get a different gun

Raymond Antell

Like it. It's OK, but I have not found a way to escape from the sim without forcing the application to close.

rohini sawant-ghume

It's the best, I LOVE it Good game, good graphics, khatarnak guns, and lots of more. Guys download it NOW

Raj Kalathiya

Wonderful It has new types and variety of guns to play with. And different ways to handle those guns. Its a good experience to play this game

Jamie Collins

Asome LLOOVVEE IT! Real life guns. And the freebees BEST! Like it now!

Issaiah Ruiz

I so love this app need more apps This weaphones. Need more free apps

Ethanol Knox

So cool Every day I go out side and play army I am 12

Isaac Mullins

Get it now!!! It makes me feel like I have to get it after going to the U S S Yorktown

José Marques

Brilliant, five stars, get it now children! Get it! Wish I had this app when I was a kid, it would have saved a lot of broomsticks, pipes, nails, strings and god knows what else!

Seth Chambliss

Weapons I love is app I rember the time when I was in H.S and a ambush broke out in the court yard and weapons volume1 and 2 and 3 was there for me.

Brandon Rog

Two of my favorite things rolled into one. There are two things I love: Guns and history. This app blends them seamlessly, and the realistic loading just makes it even better. One caveat to anyone new to Weaphones: You actually have to load the Weaphone as if it were an actual gun, with safeties, magazines, and actions.

paul boateng

It always freezes when I try to open it. ALWAYS not responding. I have regretted downloading this game

jonathan porter

AWSOME It's awesome and the graphics are really really good and it is really realistic and I will rate 5 stars!


Laggy Sucks so much i love ww2 but when i turn off my phone i can still hear the music and it glitches when i try to use a gun

sadique bin muzahid

Best game We can shoot like real guns its awsomeeeeeeee

sandra dolson

Great and suggestions I'm thinking of weaphones but with tanks where you do the breach thing and load the shell and fire it. And if so could there be a ww2 and modern version. I forgot maybe anti tank cannons. This is a great game BTW!

Deepak Ale

I think this I think this game is very good because it has all types of gun

Indu Kalyani

Super game last love it but not so much guns

Chase Oyler

It fun but... Needs more guns for the free version.


Ww2 Love all gun plz upload ptrd and many more

Yuvraj Singh

Best Ever Time Pass!!! Whenever I want I can go out with my weapons!! I can make people jump of this sound, birds start flying, and the best part, we don't have to get any government's gun license! Love It!! And plz keep on upgrading it! -Yl Gend

Ajit Shah

Best simulating game Every thing in the game is realistic

leedeserted prime

Would rate six stars if I could In the next update please can you add the maxim machine gun or just some world war one weapons please I would love to see these guns in this game. also I usually get pretty bad lag unless I reload the game a load of times which is quite annoying, please fix :)

Ryan Verdon

Best game for gun simulation! I really think this game is way better than iGun pro because when I was playing it I thought that when you shoot your, the flashlight on the phone is supposed to light up but it doesn't unless you have an iPhone or any apple brands so I got this game instead. Also I use this game when me and my sister are playing zombies together so thank you!

lancejacob gamba

Best This is the best game ever everybody dont download igun pro you have to buy all the guns with fake money igun pro is boring right guys.

anonymous and unknown

Awesome All weaphone games are great, but I can only get the free versions, so I would be so awesome if you could add a couple more starting guns?

Bharat Kumar

So so so Love love love toooooooooo muchhh........thanks for a part f this

Patrick Murray

Its awesome u cud do like COD in real life without any injuries

Wahyu Ujianto

Good...but I thing it will be better if the freebies weapons are for permanent not only daily

Jacob Irish

So cool I saw this app on a video by smosh. The video Was called siri tied to kill me

Francis Clanin

Weaphones This game is dedicated to all military vets alive and dead

Stephen Copado

Awesome. I love how it's so realistic. It's fun to get a few people together with the app and "shoot" each other.

The new REDSTAR333

Wow I love it except I wants some more weapons such as Mosin nagat


Best Gun shooting (and handling) exp. ever

Sebastian Alvarado

You can get all guns no money... It depends tho cause you get one gun at time. you know you get a gun everday when you log in to the game. So delete the game and restall the game, and when you log in you get a gun. So there's your gun...but of you don't get the gun you want, delete it... Restall it and keep doing it, keep sighing in untill you find the gun you want do any time, you don't have to wait 24 hours to do this glitch So keep doing it and get any gun you want. :)

Jake Wallwork

It won't load I go on the app and it just go black and it plays this old fashion music

Amy Edwards

Guns and drugs It was very good but wish u would have put more guns tho

ian gore

good you get some cool guns BUT not that good god game☺☺☺?

DestroX 7

Very good Only bad thing about this game is that new weapons shows every day. In my opinion it would be better to have all weapons at the time.

Matt Neal

Loading needs to. Be fixed When I play try to play it it stop playing fix and I will be happy

James Bond

The best If you can add MG42 and MP 40 to the free game

Amaan Shaikh

Superb app? The sound of gun and the way a gun works is same☺??

assasian gaming

awesome Even if im half german Nazi this is great

Pavan Regulavalasa

No numerous weapons!!! The tutorial and the sounds with a huge blasting sound is very nice.But disgusting due to presence of unsatisfactory number of weapons and no extra guns and bombs.Otherwise I give u guys5*.

Daniel Alvarez

Master app player I haven't download it. But I want to know if you can customize the guna

Drew Disch

I live the game but it would be nice if you added some of the guns that you have to pay for unto the free version. Some people don't have money to spend on games.

Allison Coote

Pretty good. explosions in general need work. I liked it.

travis bunn

Fancy game, allows us to see the functions of weapons we hold a deep interest in.

Gibran Hafidh

Good Game But... I Think This Weapons Is Very Bored I Hope You Add Weapons Again Like:Springfield M1903,Trench Gun (Shotgun),Panzerfaust,Panzershreck,Degtyaryov LMG (Dp-28),Svt-40,Semi Auto HDM (American Silenced Pistol),Lee Enfield (Any Variants),Welrod (British Silenced Pistol),Mab 40 (Italy Smg),Carcano (Italy Rifle),M3 Grease Gun (American Smg),Blyskawica (Poland Smg),Tokarev Tt-33,Nagant M1917 (Russian Revolver),F1 Grenade (Russian Grenade), Gewehr 43. And Why There Is Must Buy Apps With Credit.Why Not All Of Weapons Is Free!!!

zane shnider

Worked once now it just stays frozen and won't ever work.

Lorenzo Miguel De los Santos

Needs work but cool This is a cool game but it needs work on the pistol because the top ishard to pull but anyways it's a cool games thanks for this game.

Alex F-H

Great Whish you could keep the weapons instead of a new one every day

Kristian Kiesler

Best gun game ever But I wish that the daliy freebie would stay

Sigurður Már Gestsson

WW1? Great simulator. Maybe WW1? That would be great. Or maybe another modern. Either way, great games.

Blaine Runnells

It's good except the fact that they don't give you a permanent m1 grand The don't give you a m1 grand so that's my biggest problem give me a permanent m1 grand I'll buy the full game and re rate 5 stars until then I give this app a 4 out of 10

Audrey Fenech Adami

My gun glitch When I look the guns that I have,I can't select or look at other guns?this has not happens to my brother who has the exact same application

Jay Nicholas

??I miss my grandpa????he died in world war ll Please let him come back home from heaven

Kareem Maged

Best game ever The graphics is really very good and the guns too but there is a one problem the game gives you a new gun everyday but I wish there is the full version free not with money

Reynald Antonn Sarce

No more guns You can brake down my lights and my doors but I won't let you back in no more,no more I'm sick I'm getting stuck in that same routines again five nights is surely seems so long but takes so rounded when you call that about it all this walls are line with blood I can't have on my hands this walls are seems to call my name but I'm refuse to be your puppet in your game your eyes are dead inside but tonight I'm live alive you can break my light and my doors but I'm Won't let you back in no more,no more

Sandipan Mukherjee

Weapons The weapons are amazing. Like the hand grenade, but when I'm clicking on 'Unlimited Ammo' then it's not showing the 'save' button. Only that's the problem, but other things are fine.

Allen Schroeder

Awesome game It gives you more weapons every day.Just one problem it takes your new weapon and replaces it with a new one.So please fix that thank you.

shabana patel

I love it Because the guns have the real sounds and sadly my grandpa and my grandparents died in world war 1 wich was between 1914 and 1918

Craig Smith

Pure awsome My favourite time of history is ww2 and the effects are amazing but could add more weapons and the music is very nice and makes you respect those brave men on each side who fought for their familys and for their rights Great Job Develapors you are the best

Ethan Tenkotte

A little laggy and only4 guns. But cool!

Shock Hype

I miss my great grandfather. He died after WWII from a bullet wound.

yer mum is fayt

Great game It's so good I try to stick with one weapon but I keep switching guns and I get mad at myself

shadowtrooper 262 sng

Loved it I love the effects of the gun and the soundtrack m akes me feel like i am in the second world war fighting with the weapons i have.

Conor Selwood

Cool game This game made me speechless

Omar Gillespie

Awesome! This is hands down the best gun sim app. I highly recommend u get it, if u like gun sims, get this one. Why four stars, i think that they should add a Lee Enfield no.1 mark3. Also i think you should make a ww1 Weaphones.

Jay Cullen

Best game ever since 1978 I made one of my mates in to thinking that there was a war going on

leedeserted prime

Would rate six stars if I could I think a good addition would be the Mauser broomhandle and please please please add the Lee Enfield! Keep up the good work guys!

Vaibhav Sharma

Pretty Awesome.. This app helps us not to enjoy firing but also learning to fire and operate the arms..

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