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7 Sep
Weaphones™ WW2: Firearms Sim

Posted by OranginalPlan in Simulation | Sept. 7, 2015 | 98 Comments

Apk file size: 38.0 MB

Experience the weapons of World War II like never before. Weaphones WW2 Edition redefines what the term first person shooter means. Don’t just play the game, be part of it. Take hold of your device and experience what it’s like to load, charge, clear and shoot a firearm.

With Weaphones WW2 you can live out your greatest gun fight fantasies and remain 100% safe. Weaphones features some of the most iconic firearms of WW2, from the German Luger to the American belt-fed M1919. Many of the weapons are customizable; add bayonets, scopes, bi-pods and more! If you don’t know how to operate a particular weapon, brush up with our fully animated step-by-step tutorials.

From the high-definition, battle bruised, pistols, rifles and machine guns, to the authentic weapon mechanics mixed with realistic smoke, recoil, muzzle flash and sound effects, Weaphones is all about realism. Everything is customizable to suit the user. Change the size of the weapon to place all controls within easy reach. Rotate and flip to best suit the device and hand preference. On supported devices, enable the camera flash feature and further enhance your experience by leveraging the power of the built-in camera flash to simulate a real muzzle flash.

For the price of one .30-06 Springfield round you get everything. No up-sells or in-app-purchases, just pure fun and free updates (new guns).

» Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects
» Full Interaction and Control
» Authentic Weapon Mechanics
» Customizable Weapons
» No Up-Sells or In-App-Purchases, You Get Everything Plus Free Updates
» Detailed Full HD Graphics
» Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Preference
→ Lefty Flip
→ Rotate 180°
→ Scale
→ Move
» User Adjustable Variables
→ Unlimited Ammo
→ Auto-Reload
→ Weapon Jamming
→ Accelerometer Reloading
→ Camera Flash Shooting
» Weapon State Indicator (“Why Am I Not Shooting?”)
» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial for Each Weaphone
» Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & Camera Flash Support
» Social Media Driven Future Content

Weapons List:

MP 40
STG 44
M1918A2 BAR
M1919 A4/A6

Whats new

    » NEW WALTHER PPK (Germany)
    » Better Camera Flash Response on More Devices
    » Bug Fixes and Improvements
    » As Always Completely Free to All Users

OranginalPlan part of our Simulation and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 7, 2015. Google play rating is 92.6405. Current verison is 1.5.0. Actual size 38.0 MB.

Download weaphones-tm-ww2-firearms-sim.apk 38.0 MB


Billy Baxter

Fantastic The mechanics are phenomenal the guns look great but I wanted to know can you guys make a civil war one with muskets, Granado bombs, blunderbusses and flintlock pistols?

Brandonjr Jaramillo

Fantastic Hey this is beast game and all but no offense do more reaserch man on ww2 guns like the Lee Enfeild,Bren Lmg , Trench Gun,Arkiska japanes guns more Soviet for example mosin negat ppsh 42 torvek 44 or svt 40 American guns like grease gun or what ever just more please just a helping please or m2 browning add them all and it will be 5*'s and also i think its my phone cause on my old phone the flashed worked can u try to fix it its a samsung galaxy avant and also on vol 2

johnnie stewart

UPDATE 10-24-14 Bring on more of those guns it Would also be Nice to see Shot Counters on all of the Weapons just to see just how Many Rounds that have been fired jammed ETC ' totally love the game though its absolutely the best Sim out there Bar None for the price

Valerie Rose

Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim Great app! Lots of historical weapons, looking just like the real things. Sounds great too! It is just missing the ear protection, and the smell of the burned gunpowder. Highly recommend it!:)


Very nice My only issue is that when I shoot, my phones camera light comes on and won't turn off until I exit that weapon. I'm using an LG G2 and it might be because of the new Lollipop 5.0 update but I can't find a way to shut off this feature, anyone know how?

Tanker Hopkins

Good but has some issues Everything about the app is great except for one thing, that the settings will not allow me to enable save the flash and smoke fx settings. I'm using a HTC One M8 2014

Evan Prowse

M2 Browning Weapon visuals (not bullets remaining indicator) shows a full belt of bullets after being fired until empty. (This was shown on the sgh-i777 running 4.2.2 after first use of the weapon listed in the review summary)

Otto Bomb

Great app! Best gun Sim out there. Can we please get a shot counter? I want to know how many times each gun has been fired, jammed, etc.


Absolutely amazing! This app is truly incredible and well worth a measly dollar! This is a quality app, made with consistent attention to detail in mind. The guns themselves are HD quality images with MANY smoothly and extremely realistically functioning parts. The only thing you can't do is disassemble them lol! The sounds are equally impressive. Put on a pair of quality headphones and you'll feel like you're at the range! If you're on the fence in regard to purchasing this app, don't hesitate. You won't regret it! ☆☆☆☆☆

Steve W

Best gun sim out there!! Oranginal plan does it again! And as a WW2 buff this is just the best and most logical step. Can't wait to see whats next! Keep it up! Btw love the M1 Garand.....awesome sound!!! MG42 and BAR please! :))

Jason McLaren

Fantastic Sound And Action. Realistic!!! Even to the point of getting nervous over jams and overheating in the face of hordes of soviet infantry... Loads of quality entertainment. Best sim on the market!

Kailen Manx

Brilliant app from even better creators I put a mention into them adding more weapons, including a revolver, more bolt actions, and a few more shotguns. 2 outta three is still good ((Even if you were planning to add them anyays)) Developers who are always open for ideas, and all round nice people. Full stars for so.

Jerry McMillen

More Russian Good fun, lots of detail, but sorely lacking in quantity of guns. Don't need them all, just the big ones. Mosin Nagant, anyone? Tokarev TT-33? Nambu pistol? Arisaka? M1.30 Carbine? These additions will get 5 stars. ------ Well, they added several of those, so 5 stars, it is. Still, more would be cooler.

Ethan Duckworth

I freaking love it but kinda upset that there's no m1903 Springfield, Lee Enfield, Arisaka or even the nambu. In next update please try and put them in

Harley Magner

Great game I would like a few more weapons and I really want them to answer my email but a great game

Andy Clarke

Pretty amazing This app is awesome but how about adding Italian weapons like Beretta m38 sub machine gun?

Ryan Elvy

Needs Update If you have the mg 42 and the m1919. You should have more mgs. Also the m1219 is a good gun in bo2 origins.

Andrew Dixon

Great app for those that want need or know the firing controls to some of our greatest light artillery of there time

Willis Airsoft

Great Only problem M2 needs slowed down and made to have more of a thump sound when fired

Tùng Lê

Great, but we need more update We got German guns, British guns, US guns, USSR guns, only Japanese guns left to update, please release those updates...

Lazlo Pundzak

Great app! Love this app! Its so realistic and smooth. Some more weapons should be added, like Type 99 and DP28.


Keep the guns coming. I'd really like to see more updates to this app. The M1897 Trench Gun, the Arisaka Type 99, and the M1917 Revolver are just a few suggestions. I'd also like to see more apps from you guys. I'd definitely buy a Western Weaphones App with guns like the Colt Single Action Army and the 1873 Winchester.

Sarah hernandez

Soo much fun My army buddys and me like shooting the guns we cant shoot here in commiefornia

Bima Sakti

Add Japanese guns please! This app is good, but why not add some Japanese gun?

Nemo Wasén

Great app, could use more guns though... suggestion for the next update. Maybe adding the feature of loading magazines manually, if you want to. That'd be epic on a new scale! But only if it's an option, so those who don't want it aren't forced to use it.

Troy Villiers

It a great app. How bout adding the German mg34 and the gewehr43 semi auto rifle

Tracy Kittel

It is a fun game Y becusae u may cuztmize your wepphone and name it give it attchments and this is a dicktive

Kurt Jevon

Amazing app, however I would still like to see a few more guns but overall a very fun and realistic guns simulator

Von Poop

Hehehe Ridiculously childishly satisfying. Make sure you enable flicker flash for the most pleasing attacks on your kids' rooms.

melanie kuntz

Hi I love it but add Japanese guns like Type100 or Arisaka but please add the Springfield

Daniel Brown

Cool Needs a lot more guns. When are you going to add more guns. There was all types of guns used in the second world war. Please add more.

Dong Duong

Just as good as the first Smooth, detailed and hilariously fun for any weapons fan out there. Keep up with the updates guys.

Awsome Bro. 24

My tablet was updated so I needed to re install. Now I can't it says unknown error code during application install. Please fix this

Ashton White

Everything is great. It needs more Japanese weapons too, like the Type 100, Nambu, etc.

Keith Cantrill

Please add svt-40,type 100,m1897 trench gun,arska and Springfield.other than that, great game!

craig taylor

Good game I like this game. Maybe an idea ro camo weopons. Other than that its a bordem killer

James Michael

Great app. Any chance of adding the FG42 and some AT weapons ?

Wylene Howerton

I agree we really need some shotguns but the game is really worth the 5 stars

Richard Stephens

Wicked app Another really great app in the weaphones family, more please.

Sasha_qqq Sasha

excellent program Please add pistol the system TT 1933

Jake Kim

Love it!!! Really like this app ever :-). We want to see more weapons including some Japanese ones please.

Edward Roberts

This game is awesome I used to use another app that I spent loads of money on, it doesn't work anymore and this app is excellent, if you could add the Enfield and the Mauser that would be amazing, there are a few other weapons you could add as well but I wouldn't list them in a comment

Joseph Negron

Love it! But updates would be great! I love the weapons present, how detailed and animated they are. But updates are very infrequent if not there at all, that'd be nice if that changed. Addition of rifles such as the British Enfield rifle, Japanese Arkansa *Spelling*, and the 1908 Springfield, as it was used in WW2. Even some SMG's, such as the Grease Gun, MP38, etc etc. Even shotguns would do. An update is somewhat over due really...

Cpt_ ReCaP

Awsome,would love more guns. Suggestion for some guns;Lee enfield No.3 mk2,svt-40,Gewehr 43, AT cannons maybe? Hope you add some of these in the next update :D

HB Yalung

Nice but I think u should add a Makarov for the soviets and how bout a springfield rifle thats all thank u

Daniel Volkov

Great but... In the next update, add the Springfield American Rifle and the Lee-Enfield British Rifle. You still get 5 stars!

Riley Helmling

Would love more guns Maybe you could have the Owen gun Austen gun ariaska Lee enfield and the Mauser rifle and the Mauser C98 and maybe add some AT cannons that would be awesome thank you

Ty Huffman

Freaking awesome Very very good. I love this app more weapons would be nice and lags bad please fix.

Graeme Lamont

Loving it Would love to see a WWI version - it is the centennial anniversary, after all. Also - any chance of including the M3 grease gun, then BREN gun, and the SMLE?

Jacob Hing

The gold standard A superb app combining historical accuracy with pew pew fun.

Brandon Ballinger

Great Great game, but could you please add the Springfield and the Gewehr 43 please? Please reply :-)

James Xavier

Need more like it Please, devs. Make more guns, and make more WW2 and Modern guns. The newer one is nice, but can be annoying to use.

London Comeaux

Great and detailed Love the selection of weapons and realistic action but there are lots more WWII weapons out there I'd like some of the .303 British weapons

Logan Greyzck

Thank you guys so much! Thanks! My favorite pistol is the Walther PPK! Thanks so much! The best paid gun apps ever!

Adam Capocci

Add Japanese guns plz also love it It's a great app really cool but plz add Japanese guns I like it a lot the app is fun

A Google User

Great game This is a game you get if you want a realistic gun simulation

Ramiro Crespo

More It's nice it really us but can you perhaps add more weapons?

Ethan Boyd

AMAZING This is an incredible weapons simulator with high quality graphics and effects which also goes along with all of the other weaphone apps that I bought?????. Must have

L. Daniel

007 ppk LUV THE JAMES BOND PPK PISTOL! THANKS WEAPHONES!!! How about a grip for the thompson?

Mitchell Cartner

Needs a few more weapons Don't get me wrong, the weapons that come with the app are in amazing detail and are great. The only issue is that there is only around a dozen or so weapons. Not even some of the more interesting ones either, just the standard Russian, German, and American weapons. When more British, French, and Italian weapons are added I'll definitely give this app 5 stars without hesitation.

Mike Downing

More guns Missing a couple of significant weapons from WWII. For the Russians: Tokarev TT30 pistol, Tokarev SVT-40 and the PTRD-41 anti tank rifle. United Kingdom could use an Enfield rifle of some kind and the Bren gun. USA needs the M3 "Grease gun", Springfield 1901, and Trench gun. Germany should have a Gewehr 43 and MG38. Maybe a couple of Japanese weapons could round out the field with the Arisaka rifle, Nambu pistol, and Type 100 SMG. Besides that, great app!!!

Wyatt Humphrey

Like it I really like this game but it keeps closing for no reason please fix this


Awesome App Awesome App. Realistic. Runs smooth. Nice music. 5/5

Carlos Salazar

WW2 gun!!! Can you put a Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer in this simulator (I know that Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer existed since WW1 but come on its a cool pistol!!!) and add more WW2 weapons?

Preston Costanzo

Ok It was good before the new update now it always crashes

Andrew Sheffield

It a good game but Most of the gun do not work for me and i pay for this app i have it on my phone tablet and will not work right

Bryce Moss

Love it you should add more guns though

Marc Hallows

Very realistic A nice gun game gives an insight to how a real firearm behaves and operates

Tyler Shaud

New guns Please add the gewher 43 and the mg-34

Bima Sakti

Excellent! Now it works properly as before. Thanks!

Moeez Zameer

This app is so cool just can't stop firing MG 42 but imo you should add more WW2 weapons if you read this DEVs then do update me about it. Keep up the great work

Robert Griego

Ww1 pack They should add a ww1 pack of weophones

Alan Gillie

Super fun time waster! Add the Walther G43 and it will be perfect!

Steven Buettgenbach

Steven Buettgenbach A very good game. Worth the money that I spent, not always same for other games.

MrBobstar 01

Best game ever! Awesome but add a Vickers machine gun and a bren gun please. ☺??

Chris Bruckerhoff

Awesome Haven't even played it yet, just know it'll be awesome

pace maker

You need to keep adding guns

Frankie Nguyen

REALiSTiC I was a soldier. So to say is to Appraise and Appreciate. Thank you.

Brandonjr Jaramillo

Fantastic Hey this is beast game and all but no offense do more reaserch man on ww2 guns like the Lee Enfeild,Bren Lmg , Trench Gun,Arkiska japanes guns more Soviet for example mosin negat ppsh 42 torvek 44 or svt 40 American guns like grease gun or what ever just more please just a helping please or m2 browning. SMH I said this in beginning of 2015 it is 2016 already and has only had one update


Omg amazing! OriginalPlan, Home of THE best gun simulators in history! Thank you so much for making these!

Erris Fer

I like the world war feeling The weapons are great and the graphics are amazing

Levi Dorobek

This ish is crae-crae xD It's so realistic and it's historically correct. I love it lol

the gamer star wars

I love this It needs more guns

Ryan Carson

Bought all the guns but havent got them Love the simulator :) not so smooth when using bolt actions and slides but its an amazing go at a very decent Simulator. I purchased the full thing and it said get all weapons but ive paid and dont have all weapons???

Desiree Foerstner

Awesome (Review by my son) This is probably the best gun simulation I've played!

Cole Teske

Need more guns Like the app alot. Need more British and Japanese weapons

Kyle Licka

More guns! I love all the additions right now, but what I'd love to see in more firearms. Especially my favorite from the era: the Mauser c96 broom handle pistol.


To the makeers Please ad mor British wepons

Drew Disch

AWESOMESAUCE It's amazing but needs a couple more guns. Maybe from the British side of the war. And some more grenades. Please. :D


AMAZING This is an incredible weapons simulator with high quality graphics and effects which also goes along with all of the other weaphone apps that I bought?????. Must have

Scot Carr

A fun bit of history Nice that you gave us history buffs some icons to play with. Good job overall. Perhaps an iconic mortar or light artillery weapon like the Panzerfaust or bazooka would be good additions.

Desiree Foerstner

Awesome (Review by my son) This is probably the best gun simulation I've played! It would be nice if they had anti-tank rifles or rocket launchers..

Dallas morehouse

Best game in the whole entire world I like it be come awake how long and it's good it's a good app to help you on learn how to work

homaid alawami

I loved these game Because at leat my remember the world war

The new REDSTAR333

It could use Some other weapons like the Russian DP and the Russian and Yugoslavia pistol TT and more British and Japanese and Russian guns also it could HAVE a Gewher or a British Lee Enfield and Bren Gun

Thisguymk2 #1

Ive bought all of them mabye you could let us make guns like a creator mode or app

Mohd Amirul Fahmi Ibrahim

Loved it but I love it but add more ww2 gun like gewer42 and fg42

Willy Liu

The best gun sim app Great Graphics,Great Effects,it gonna be perfect if it has japanese weapons..

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