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24 Mar
Weaphones™ Antiques Gun Sim

Posted by OranginalPlan in Simulation | March 24, 2015 | 77 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

Travel back in history and take hold of some of the most significant weapons of all time. From the creators of the popular Weaphones series comes a new experience set in the time of black powder guns, outlaws and revolutionaries.

Imagine yourself in the Old West as you load the classic Colt Single Action Revolver or as you crank the lever on the legendary 1873 Winchester Lever Rifle. Perhaps you fancy yourself a Civil War soldier hurrying to prime the pan and give fire on the unyielding Flintlock Rifle or maybe you just want to send a wall of lead out of the Pirate's favorite weapon the Blunderbuss. All of this is just a download away. Stay safe and have fun as you learn about the weapons you have only seen in movies and museums.

Weaphones Antiques is not another run-of-the-mill gun app. We have toiled over the details to make it the most authentic firearms simulator. Each weapon operates identical to its real life counterpart when loading, priming, cocking, cycling and firing. To enhance the simulation enable the flash feature which will set off your device's flash with each shot. Grab a hold of your device and fine tune the layout of the weapon to truly immerse yourself in the experience of being a gunslinger. Check out the step-by-step animated tutorials to quickly help you get familiar with each weapon. There is no in-app-purchases or up-sells, just a one of a kind journey into the history of firearms.

» Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects
» Full Interaction and Control
» Authentic Weapon Mechanics
» No Up-Sells or In-App-Purchases, You Get Everything Plus Free Updates
» Detailed Full HD Graphics
» Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Preference
→ Lefty Flip
→ Rotate 180°
→ Scale
→ Move
» User Adjustable Variables
→ Unlimited Ammo
→ Auto-Reload
→ Accelerometer Reloading
→ Camera Flash Shooting
» Weapon State Indicator (“Why Am I Not Shooting?”)
» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial for Each Weaphone
» Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & Camera Flash Support
» Social Media Driven Future Content

Interactive Features:

CAPLOCK BLUNDERBUSS: » Hammer » Percussion Cap » Ramrod » Powder Horn » Wad and Lead Balls » Trigger

COLT 1851 NAVY: » Hammer » Cylinder » Round » Percussion Cap » Pan Charger » Loading Lever » Trigger

COLT SINGLE ACTION: » Loading Gate » Hammer » Cartridge » Cylinder » Ejector Rod » Trigger

WINCHESTER MODEL 1873: » Lever Safety » Dust Cover » Lever » Hammer » Trigger

FLINTLOCK RIFLE: » Hammer » Frizzen » Pan Primer » Ramrod » Powder Horn » Wad and Lead Ball » Trigger

COACH GUN: » Barrel Latch » Barrels » Shotgun Rounds » Hammers » Triggers

OranginalPlan part of our Simulation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 24, 2015. Google play rating is 89.2308. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download weaphones-tm-antiques-gun-sim.apk 21.0 MB


Axel Juarez

It's pretty good It's cool the mechanics the HD graphics are outstanding but the modern weapons were much better than these classes well in my opinion

Nemo Wasén

Amazing app, I loved it To reload the single action colt, drag from the front of the underside of the barrel towards the "magazine" and it'll reject an used shell

Mark Wheatley

Exellent I am a former member of the Australian Defense Force, bought your first app way back and have been hooked straight away, I have all 4 apps now best money l have spent for apps great fun, keep up the good work as always look forward to future updates.

Evan Prowse

Initial release Despite the slim pickings (but hey, the app JUST came out), it's off to a fantastic start. Authenticity is phenomenal, and definitely worth the wait. Although, the Winchester and Coach gun could use accelerometer controls (rechambering and opening the breach, respectively). Also, I noted on my EVGA Tegra Note 7 that the controls got a tad quirky (and the sensitivity of the interface is a tad high). Hope these will get sorted out in the future, but absolutely wonderful so far, despite the minor bugs that everyone expects upon the initial release. Here's hoping to how things progress.

johnnie stewart

Hope updates really are cool Great game for the initial startup but hopefully they do as they have in the past weaphones (that I have all of I like them so much) the updates will be great but im not so sure about what they could add but ill be waiting

matt 6517

Brilliant, as always For just 80p, you get some pretty nice guns to play with! Very realistic, slick and simply a joy to use.

Diaz Hendratta

I came I'm looking forward to have more antique guns (maybe with wheellock, match lock, or ferguson musket) implemented here since many of them are interesting especiallythe working mechanism. Oh and adding a fanning feature to the colt SAA would be terrific

Connor Moses

Great! Bought it the day it came out and got much more than expected! There IS of course a down side, when you use the "single action colt" after reloading and shooting the six shots, you cannot reload again, and so you have the exit the gun and enter it again, But that's because its NEW! Endless list of good comments!

Steven Buettgenbach

Steven Buettgenbach This is great, I did not know that this was available. I have all the other weapon phones that they put out. I love this!

Ben Lodge

Great app Really good app. Very realistic and runs great on note 2. Bit of history would be good on each gun too.

Qality PL

Great app! I love weaphones series and I have all 4 now. This one (like the others) is great, but pls add some more weapons, for example gatling gun.

Jacob Hing

The guns are antique, but the app is classic The blackpowder era comes alive with this app. You loaded powder and ball. .. did you prime the pan? Click. .. it and try again.!. A sublime blend of simulation detail and pew pew fun.

Cole Estrada

Boo It won't give me my money back

Ryan Smyth

I LOVE WEAPHONES!!!!! Guys u make the best games ‼‼☺? Mabey you could make world war 2 2.0 or world war 1

Connor Thorley

Bugs and glitches This pack is interesting and I wish to see what happens with any other weapons or attachments, but I found some bugs and such like spinning the 1851's chamber breaks the gun, and the blunderbuss sometimes not firing it's load for some reason not related to the reload.

Dougie DeHart

Glitch It only shows a very very zoomed in version of guns and then some of them won't load or it lags out. Plus it needs A LOT more guns.

David Q. Le

Mechanical failures. Guns are super great and cool, but I never did get to play with them because if I launch the game, everything freezes and nothing works but to shut the whole device off. Please, and I beg you to fix this.

Timothy Basham

Great! However, I was expecting there to be more guns in this.

Infini TimeCraft

Amazing This is brill and fun to scare your little cousin with.

Quinn Gillis

Revolving rifles You should add the revolving rifles or breach loading maybe battling gun or even a drop block rifle

Nicholas Gibbons

Colt 1851 navy bug Tired to use this more then once and now it won't even let me load it.

james smith

Amazing but some ideas This like the others is amazing but some guns need somethings, the colt .45 should have a tilt unload option, the blunderbus should have ammo options and the double barrel should have an option to fire both barrels at the same time but still amazing all the same.

Agent Xu

First release is quirky as the antique weapons It's a great start, but it occasionally crashes once in a while. Meanwhile, I was able to reload the coach gun at last.


Nice app with plenty of detail and realism. Great app for the price (80p) but not many weapons yet. Will be sure to add an extra star when more weapons become available.

Jez Marsh

Great app Shows there's a lot more to weapon than just slapping in a magazine and pulling the trigger!

James Price

Not bad Needs more and unique guns like maybe a duck foot pistol.

Cory Weston

Good way to pass the time I was a little disappointed when I 1st installed this app having to pay but then I thourght of the other version Loke this one so im looking forward to the next update and some new guns. Keep up the good work

razorsharp combatant

One of my favorites I really like this gun app just like all their other apps the guns are crisp and fun. My only real complaint is that their is a lack of firearms. I'd like to see the Gatling, the Evans repeater, and the sharps carbine

Adam Shepherd

Still great but... I wish it had mo guns but still good. Atho it is new app so... if it had mo 5 stars 2 it

Isaiah Smith

Great If you can add more guns cant wait to see more guns have all the weaphones apps.

Corey Massie

Love at first fire From the second I opened it I loved it. True authentic antique weaponry. Can't wait for updates

Logan Greyzck

Great New Gun Simulator I Do Enjoy The App But I Think You Should Make It Easier To Load Some Guns

Jarvis Greaves

Great for initial release Can't wait for the updates

Aaron Durham

Its awesome I can see guns in the past

Bentley Walker

Great! This is just as good as all the Weaphones before it, but could have more weapons X3

Graham Markham

A plop! The troll said hi ho!

DocChoc Chex

Nice Simulation's The simulations are stunning but I have to say it would be nice if you could add additional weaphones sooner or later

Brandon Gilmore

Add Add a anti-tank gun

Erik Standen

Very good One of my favorie apps, only thing is you sbould include weapons from world war one in this app or in another app in the Weaphones series. I would be very greatful. Regardless of my request I honestly think that this is a fun & great app to have.

Daniel Miles

Great app but I'm having a slight issue. For some reason I am having stuttering problems on my Note 4. All of the other Weaphones apps work perfectly but this one stutters. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Other than that it's a great app.

James Howell

Gun suggestions I love this game but could you please add the spencers carbine,sharps carbine and the Lemat revolver.

Conan McPhee

Great All the weaphones apps are top quality, this fascinating look at old weapons is no exception. The Navy Colt is outstanding.

Pips Brompton

Alright Please can you add new guns but its reply good anyway

Colton Veenstra

Could be better. Performance isn't well optimized for my phone. A little bit slow. Could use more variety, but I have faith more will be added, just like in previous apps.

Grumpy Scot

Good app. Weaphones is a fun app. The detail is impressive. Only complaint is I can't hold the Colt single action trigger and fan the hammer for rapid shots.

Yuri Sopko

Update Please add more guns but awesome game

Danny Metcalfe

Good The guns looked really good but there aren't many guns but the game just came out and the graphics and mechanics are really good

Jack Macdonald

Love it I have all 4 apps me & my nephew love them I would like ww1 guns and extra updates


Cool, but needs a little work First off I'd like to say that the gun you put in as the Colt 1851 Navy is not an 1851 Navy, but rather a historically inaccurate brass-receivered (the receiver should be steel) Colt 1860 Army in .44 Caliber. Also I feel like the sound you guys put for cocking the hammer on the Colt Single Action Army doesn't do justice to the sound of the real thing. Other than those things and the fact that there isn't enough smoke on the black powder guns, great app and I look forward to seeing more guns added.

Brent Ashley

Excellent It's a truly amazing app I'd love it if you guys would add in the 1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle and the Krag Jorgensen and the Sharps rifle in the next update

Matt Poon

Love it but Love this app guys, it looks and works great. You all really worked hard on this, i was just wondering if any upupdates were coming

Bruno Kus

Nice 1 Add more guns 2 sometimes when i open one of your apps camera is making sounds like its taking pictures and thats weird

Zach Wright

Phenomenal! I'm using this on an old phone, HTC One X plus to be exact, and it runs perfectly! Very little to no lag whatsoever. I've found 2 bugs so far, one gameplay-wise, one cosmetic. 1st, for the old revolver, colt 1851 navy, the percussion cap and ball (unrammed) have a chance to appear in the wrong chamber, acting like normal, though. Purely cosmetic. 2nd, the Winchester rifle, if you hold the lever after cocking it and hold anywhere else, it may rapidly eject all of the bullets if you move the lever. Good app!

Matt Walker

Great App! This is a great app, worth every cent of the 99 pennies it cost! Only problem, the Colt 1851 Navy featured in the app is not an 1851 Navy, it is actually the 1861 Navy. Besides that, it's a fun app to mess around with. These guys do quality work!

Nick H.

Im so glad they finally have antique weapons! Weaphones is definitely the best firearm simulator!

That Guy Smeth

Needs more I would rate it higher if it got an update to include more weapons,still a great app

Kathryn Kent

Weaphones Antiques Great app but not many guns if there were more it would be a 5star

Zandef Furry

Looking forward to updates I love this game. I think you should add an 1874 Gatling gun into the game.


I would like to see an 1887 lever action shotgun, a bulldog gattling gun, a cannon, and dynamite with both a fuse or plunger.

Eduardo Velasquez

It needs a few more guns This app is great, but it's missing Model 1887 shotgun, and so on


Awesome Just as the title says, awesome!!! I love these kinds of simulators and this one is the best


It was really cool. I just wish it had more than just the caplock blunderbuss, the 1860 Revolver, the flintlock musket, the coach gun, the lever action, and the other Revolver, though. Those are the only guns.

Kai Yamashita

Please help me! My tablet cannot support this app. It says loading version 1.0.0 and crashes my tablet. What do I do? I already paid for it and I can't do anything,!

Ralph Smallpiece

Great App One problem with the app is the Colt 1851 Navy picture is actually a 1860 Army .44 I would like to see the 1851 navy in any update you do. I have a Colt 1851 Navy and love it.

Timothy Perry

Great You realy get to load the wepons your self and is how you accualy load them

JT Turrentine

More guns The app is great. In the next update I hope to see many more guns!

Alex Huang

Good, hope for more weapons soon. Trust in Oranginal!

Rocco Feliciano

Not bad These antique guns are actually pretty good but there isn't enough guns like civil war pistols or guns like the western pistols because the single action came later than those pistols but other wise it's good and I appreciate that in he world war 2 guns you included some earlier guns than just things like the Thomson and the m1 grand.

James young

Detailed action but.. limited, nothing new added

Travis Montgomery

3.5 BECAUSE NEEDS UPDATE love the game just like all the other weaphones games, but it really needs an update, its pretty laggy on my droid turbo, and needs more guns, but still great

Thomas Goodwin

Dead company Used to be great they updated regularly and would reply to questions and fix bugs. Now... Nothing I think original plan has moved on

David Morris

A suggestion I'm a big fan of the weaphones apps, but I was wondering. I've seen others making videogame weapon simulators and thought it would be great if you would make a halo weapons simulator. Thanks.


Love these apps My dad asked the other day when I was showing them to him why you didn't have one of these apps for sportsmen with some iconic hunting rifles and shotguns on it

Erris Fer

I like it but one thing The game is awesome i like the old feeling but could use a little more weapones like the henry 1860

Brent Ashley

Excellent It's a truly amazing app I'd love it if you guys would add in the 1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle and the Krag Jorgensen and the Sharps rifle or even the four barrel pistol or even the wheel lock

Ryan Smyth

I LOVE WEAPHONES!!!!! Guys u make the best games ‼‼☺? Mabey you could make world war 2 2.0 or world war 1


So hard! waste of moeny!! I was playing the game and it just doesnt make sense at all they tell you how to do it but it is barely helpful.!

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