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23 Mar
[adult swim]

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The NEW and BETTER Adult Swim app delivers LIVE simulcasting and streaming, with vastly improved HD video encoding. WATCH your favorite shows as they broadcast on-air.* CHECK OUT our non-stop streaming channels (Fishcenter, Toonami Pre-Flight and more).

FEAST upon clips, playlists, and FULL episodes of shows like Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, the Venture Bros., Aqua Teen, Family Guy, Mike Tyson Mysteries, China IL, Loiter Squad, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, The Jack and Triumph Show, and so forth.* And now you can PAUSE video and continue watching right where you left off – EVEN if you leave the app. (But why would you?)

We’re not done! Stay current with the latest on-air schedule. Get the skinny on Adult Swim Games. And don’t forget BUMP BUILDER, now snuggled within the app.

The best part? It’s FREE. Do the math. That’s a solid deal.

* May require cable provider login.

What’s New:

BEHOLD these new and improved features:
- Live Simulcast Streaming (with cable provider authentication)
- AS LIVE Streaming (including all channels – Marathon, FishCenter, Off The Air)
- Improved Streaming Quality (HD)
- Pause and Resume Video
- Specially Curated Playlists of our Greatest (and not-so-greatest) Clips
- Bump Builder
- Links to Adult Swim Games
- Up-to-the-Nanosecond Broadcast Schedule

Whats new

    What’s New:
    BEHOLD these new and improved features:
    - Live Simulcast Streaming (with cable provider authentication)
    - AS LIVE Streaming (including all channels – Marathon, FishCenter, Off The Air)
    - Improved Streaming Quality (HD)
    - Pause and Resume Video
    - Specially Curated Playlists of our Greatest (and not-so-greatest) Clips
    - Bump Builder
    - Links to Adult Swim Games
    - Up-to-the-Nanosecond Broadcast Schedule

[adult swim] games part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 23, 2015. Google play rating is 72.3395. Current verison is 2.0.20150320. Actual size 28.0 MB.

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Nick Kingston

Decent App now works like a charm and now is usable for live TV. What I don't like is that stupid "Left Swipe Dat" ad keeps coming up every time.

Andrew Small

Finally, a good update. I'm amazed it took this long for a complete overhaul of the previous, terrible app, but at least it finally happened, and it's actually fairly decent. Only real gripes are missing Chromecast support, and that the app shouldn't be full screen ALL the time, just when watching full screen video. Plus, for some reason it still needs that unnecessary precise GPS location permission.

A Google User

Fantastic upgrade! This recent overhaul to the app is a HUGE step forward. Love it, everything works great now. Just getting tired of that stupid "left swipe dat" ad

Greg Thomas

Your app still sucks This is still by far the worst app ever. And the left swipe commercial every five minutes contributes to its awfulness. Your videos black out after a minute of viewing. The joke of intentionally making a terrible app is getting old along with ridiculing your audience. I think it's time to shut off the app and turn the channel.

MC Angmar

These ads, why It's bad enough to have to watch ads even when I'm signed in with my xfinity account, but if I have to watch this left swipe ad one more time (remember kids, people only care about appearances, so remember to look appealing) I'm going to start smoking again. For the love of GOD add different ads. This is becoming untenable.

Lee Blocks

Stopped watching due to ads... I wish they would offer a paid version that would get rid of those pesky ads. First of all, they are always those lame anti-smoking ads. I already know smoking is bad, I already don't do it. Second of all, it seems they only cycle one ad at a time, so I don't know how many times I've watched that stupid left swipe whatever ad, so thanks for that. Other than that, the app works like a charm, great UI, and as always great content. But again, those ads are almost a deal breaker. At least offer no ads for those who have comcast or other providers.

D Betts

Pretty sure this is a running gag at this point The UI to the update is utterly terrible, they seemed to remove the ability to switch coast feeds, change the quality of the stream, seems to stop the video when you switch between resolutions, doesn't update live TV if you minimize the app, and it's an utter mess on the Android. If it wasn't for the fact that I seem unable to watch [AS] or CN on the regular AT&T app, I'd never use this really faulty app. Gave it 2 stars, as it still technically can play live streaming. EDIT: Nevermind, somehow [AS] made their new app even worse outside of live streaming, in that watching videos outside of live TV is extremely pissy. Often skips, mutes while playing, goes blackscreen while the volume still works, and freezes when it feels like it. Makes me also want to pick up smoking just to spite their sponsor too.


Doesn't stay on full screen. Immidiatly goes right back or freezes when I hit full screen and forces me to close the app in order to have any normal use of my phone agian. Also, do you have any other advertisers then "swipe left"? It's the same commercial every 5 minutes.

Brian logreco

Terrible, unnecessary app This app is awful. It's unstable and not very intuitive. It also forces you to go through this silly login rigmarole to prove you have a cable tv subscription. Meanwhile, you can watch all the same videos on their webpage. If you have chrome on your android you can cast it as well, which you CANNOT do from the app. There is absolutely no reason to have this app.

Steve Burman

Finally The app is finally worth using. Still needs some work though. Full screen still have your status and nav bars showing. I still run into a few lock ups.

Lennon Tomlinson

Chromecast support Good app, but I do very little watching on my phone's screen. Either add Chromecast support or hide the status bar when the video is in full screen.

Tye Crutchfield

Still buggy The other reviews say the app is improved, however, I still get crashes periodically. Still good, just needs more work.

frank shetler

Only a couple of episodes? ! Just got on it for the first time.... my disappointed! I thought it would be a full archive of the shows not a select handful of the most popular or recent! :/

Tyler Diaz

Finally fixed FINALLY! It's about time guys. Took a while, but now this app is finally turning out the way it was always meant to be: an app where you always have an "ABSO-LUTELY" " beautiful time"

sam mccall

Love the app but... Everytime I watch cowboy bebop it freezes my phone then crashes

Rodger Stephenson

hot p!ss on a paper plate this app would be good I'm sure, if it would allow me to log in to watch anything. for now 1 star. I would give it 5 piles of sh!t if it were an option. unfortunately it's not.

Trina Cherman

ILLUMINATI?! It is clearly obvious that they support the illuminati. When you go to options and see there is a button that you can go to so that you can see a list of shows. Right above shows there is a pyramid with an eye on it that clearly resembles illuminati. Also in the loading screen, it is a triangle. Also, for playlists, the logo is 3 eyes (3 eyes which resemble 3 sides of the pyramid.) There is a new show that they made called Mr. Pickles. On youtube search Mr. Pickles illuminati. Be careful you guys!

Michael Frachiseur

Thank god a successful patch It was having issues with video crashes all the time but It's fixed now and working great. Thanks adult swim.

Kyle Van Dyke

Wow Such an improvement, seriously guys great job. Thank you... would a squidbillies marathon be in order soon?

Aaron Krauser

Bugged up Constantly crashes from changing volume, switching to full screen, and just itself running. If it crashes you have to go back and watch the same adds seen repetitively to get back to the middle of an episode. Very frustrating. Works as a streaming app but very buggy.

Jon Hackett

Confusing to use Bad navigation can't figure out how to get it to work. Login with cable networks is broken.

Toby Deshane

Works, but... ...lacks Chromecast support, forces portrait orientation, and the UI could be more intuitively laid out. Otherwise decent, with plenty of content.

J Mazur

Your app doesn't work & I have Cox! I called Cox & they said I'm ok on their end to watch shows & use your app. Yet your app says otherwise! What's worse is I was watching AS Live when it quit in the middle of watching the live feed! Fix this ASAP as I'm missing all my shows! It's bad enough there's so many other problems with this update!

Nikolaus Lindberg

App is up to 4.0... ...But what is keeping it from going 5? Lack of cast to device. That's pretty much it.

Scott Culwell

Won't let me sign in. Every time I try to sign in it gives me some form of unknown url error. I gave it the extra star for the episodes I don't need to be signed in to watch. Using a galaxy note 4.

jazmin vallejo

I need you guys to update bright house networks on your tv provider please?

Danny Kleinman

Worst video player ever Choppy, unresponsive, sound cuts out as muvh as the picture. And I'm sick of the ads.

Parker Owens

No twc Come on make it so I can watch your tv services through time warner cable. This is rediculous. Imagine how many people are missing out on watching your content

J. Ferguson

It works much better now, the old app was ugly and had a tendency to be pissy. Thanks guise; you updated the app, I updated my review.

Andrew Rossmann

Crash crash crash Watch a pre-roll commercial, crash. Try again. Get to watch first segment, then commercial, then CRASH! I give up. Uninstalled.

Shnazzy BrandonS

Crashes in seconds Memo 7, instant crash the moment you try playing a video. On the positive side, this crash happens at least 3 times faster than the old app, at a much higher quality.

rodney lyles

Note 3 Adult Swim you know what's wrong, FIX IT !!

joe sereni

Stupid Why do I need to put cable provider information just to watch a episode I missed

Russell Sheppard

Why Do You Now Need Access To My Private Media? What's the deal? Every app now wants more and more access in order to use their app. Why?

Seth Soeun

Toonami? My question is will I be able to stream Toonami on this app with my cable provider log in?

Kriste Karma

Does Zero Does absolutely zero on Note 2.. all sounds, no picture...??

Corey Lane Sherley

Still has issues... When I build a bump, I can only build it in all caps. No bueno taco.

Eric Vitaliano

Doesn't have bright house! Think about how many people are missing out on your app!

Quon Campbell

Terrible Should not have updated. No content, always buffering. Just dvr from home

Roach Conroy

Good But some video's don't work and behind on some shows

Saten McMillen

does not work on my nexus, fix it asap pleaseas xoxo

Пользователь Google

Each video shuts down with an error and doesn't even start. HTC Sensation.

daniel self

App crashed and my alarm didnt go off. I'm forced to give this app 1 star. Why? I was watching Rick and Morty as I went to sleep, and the app crashed while I was asleep, which caused the alarm clock on my phone to not go off. This app made me an hour late to work. I have a Galaxy S5.

anthony stiehr

Great app if you want to watch commercials Took me nearly 2 hours to watch 2 and 1/2 episodes of SAO 2. You are forced to watch at least 4 commercials per episode, it is constantly freezing up and you have to watch the same commercial to restart, the commercials glitch and replay over and over again. I gave up and hopefully can DVR the rest.

A Google User

Discovered A Annoying Bug. I Have My Phones Screen Rotation Locked, Downloaded Your Newest Update, Tried Watching A Episode In Full Screen & My Phone Froze. Tried It 3 Times, Same Way, With Same Result. My Phone Was Freezing. What Fixed It Was Unlocking My Phones Screen Rotation. Other Apps Have No Issue With This, Please Fix. I Have A Samsung Galaxy S4 On Android 5.0.1 For Verizon Wireless.

Lee Blocks

Rarely use the app, mostly just the website. The app itself isn't that great still. Whenever I accidently tilt the screen during a show, nothing happens. Yet when I do the same thing during an ad, the ad restarts. Sometimes the show freezes up but I can still hear audio. I'm using a galaxy s5. I've found that simply watching shows through chrome works a lot better.

Alex norman

I Mean You Good, but you got some issues Ok, so here I am trying to watch me some fish center on my tablet right? I don't want that bar in the way because it's hella annoying, so I swipe it down and the screen goes dark. So then I switch to Tim and Eric and this time I don't press anything and it goes black, I then proceed to do the natural thing and restart the app clear the cache and all, AND IT DOES IT AGAIN. SERIOUSLY FIX YOUR SIMULCAST I WANNA SIT ON MY [AS]S AND WATCH FishCenter

Erick Zamora

Great app, poor quality video player I like this app alot, but every time i try to watch any show on my phone or tablet the screen goes black and i can't see anything but i can hear all the audio just fine. Please fix this cause i want to watch shows without having to restart all the time.

Timothy Hutto

Numerous problems Its good but whenever i have my phone horizontal and i put it vertical while watching a show it crashes. If I change it from vertical to horizontal during a commercial the commercial starts over basically what i am saying is its a good app but I expect more and less crashes.

andrew gilles

Freezes in full screen mode This would be such a dope app but it's a little slow and every time I go to watch a video in FULL SCREEN mode it pretty much freezes my whole phone and I have to reset it. Fix this !!! and I would rate five starts.

Kyle Stodola

Worth it It has all their shows, but this app has major video play issues. Cutting to a black screen or a frozen frame forces you to restart the video, the app, or your phone/device entirely.

RiotMAN 115

COME ON! When you go see a video, it blacks out and messes up my phone, the streaming is ok, but It needs to be fixed, it has choppy video quality of 240 to 420. The selection of episodes is somewhat small to ok medium. The only thing good about it is the bump builder, and that needs to be tweeked as well.

jeff asel

Update stinks! App crashes. Screen goes black or the sound gets messed up. Can't make it full screen just keeps going back to small. Layout is very confusing. Put it back to the way it was.

Dahvie Juedes

It's alright but.. If you don't have one of the TV providers on their list you can't watch any new episodes. But the update made the app way better it's easier to find what you're looking for

willie basey

Love it Now i dont have to wait till the nite to watch the swim NOW IT IS WHENEVER I WANT.... #EPICWIN

Kyle Van Dyke

No sound Fix the sound and the glitches please

Haigaz Tataryan

Ok... It won't play the video without skipping after I move the seeker to a certain point. When I go widescreen during a commercial it starts over and the video doesn't load.

ido kinel

Terrible app The developers for this app are either sadistic or retarded. This works bad on an iPhone,gs6,and my tab

Chris Eldridge

Pretty good The only problem with the app i encountered is while watching an episode it freezes up while the sound still plays. I would have to resume the video which sucks!

KawaiiKat TTR

Cant use it at all It just crashes when trying to show it fullscreen. And when it doesnt crash. The show flips back into the small screen

Mohamed Alfalo

No Chromecast support Tried watching Rick and Morty on AS website. I clicked on the Chromecast button in the video, but I got a message that it is not allowed by the website. So, I downloaded the app thinking that this will allow me to Chromecast the video, but it doesn't allow you to do that. So, I'm uninstalling the app, and hooking my phone to my TV to watch the video instead of Chromecast it to the TV. You gotta love all the hurdles that media companies put the viewers through for no reason.

Brandon Johnso.

Works like a charm on my note 4. I just lost the game... you know the one you loose when you think about it :)

Sean Carreon

So many problems Ads play forever and there is no chromecast support. I just wanted to watch Rick and Morty and chromecast it to my TV but find that this app doesn't support that. Can't believe that in this day and age media companies still make it so F**king hard to watch stuff the way that we want. Especially that I still pay for satellite and some shows still require a login from a subscriber. It's a disgrace.

Sean Sweeney

When it works, it works great. When it does work it's amazing. If it had chromecast support i would rate it a solid 5-stars. Unfortinately it does not. I can cast it directly from my phone using the chromecast app but then i have to keep my screen on otherwise it won't cast. When trying to switch to and from full screen during the pre-roll ads it will restart the ad. I swear there have been a few times where for 21 minutes of content i watched 20 minutes of advertisements (most of which were the same two geico ads)

Tyler Lendo

Needs a ton of work Downloaded, tried watching one episode and this is what happened. Screen orientation fails to show full screen. Switches back when placed on side. App crash when ad appeared. Mid show, 8 ads played. One or two would be fine like any other video player app but eight? I don't think so. Quality of the show could have been better especially since the ads were extremely clear and HD. Never using this app in this condition again.

Matthew Arkwood

Needs serious work, has serious potential Might get about 6-10 minutes of video thats kinda got the whole chessey kung foo feel with the mouth movment vs sound delay then the screen goes black or just gets stuck on a frame but the audio will continue threw till the end of the episode. Haven't uninstalled just yet out of hope....don't let me down RICK AND MORTY FOR LIFE

Aba M

No chromecast support It's great that some full episodes are available but I'm not going to watch them on my phone. I need Chromecast support.

Andrew Miller

Ads play OK, nothing else does And the ads have a neat feature where they restart if you rotate your screen. Hire a real app developer, from a city you can pronounce.

Allec Ortega

Dude, what in the real F*#KS?! I don't even know how an app can f*** so much up, but you guys managed it! Why is it that every time I use this app, it not only freezes. But completely causes my phone to crash. I have to restart my phone just so it can be operational. Not even closing the app will help because the show will continue to try and play in the background of my phone. Causing it to freeze making a restart impossible at times, so I have to wait till my battery dies to continue using my phone. That's some serious sh!t you guys need to work out, I'll uninstall before putting up with that again!

Benjamin Anderson

BEHOLD, no chromecast support App is kind of a mess, crashes a lot and riddled with ads. Saving grace would be to add chromecast support for God's sake; you have airplay on iOS.

Gir and Piggy

Awesome This app was a bit difficult to use at first but once you get the hang of it its really simple and awesome to use.

Sergio Barrales

I love your app and your show even better As much as I love adult swim I can not for the life of me open the app. It always crashes you have a great show and keep up the good work, but please fix these crashes.

Brianna La Barbera

Used to work The first time I installed it, I was able to watch an episode of rick and morty. The next day I went into the app and after the ad, the screen is just black. No episode. I have tried other series too and other episodes but it just won't work. I have even reinstalled the app. I hope this is fixed.

Anthony M

It still needs lots of work. I have been able to watch 11 uninterrupted minutes of programming, but it stops there and starts running commercials FOREVER. Rebooting and reinstalling does not correct this problem. There is no way I'd pay for premium access if they can't even get this version to work.

William Barley

Not reliable It freezes and completely stops when watching episodes so frequently, I consider this app worthless.

Jacob Thompson

Doesn't work Videos stop videoing while playing while sound continues. Usually on screen rotate. Still have yet to actually get a full episode to play without hitching. Unrooted stock 5.1.1

Taargus Taargus

Glitches like no other, needs Chromecast support. Ads play. Shows freeze up and glitch and restart too much to be a useful app. Other networks have similar apps with no glitches and Chromecast support. It can be done, the question is why won't this network do it?

Joseph Abercrombie

Wtf happend I was watching family guy and it glitcheb my hole phone like I culdent do my pass worde I Covent do enny thing!?. This is not only happening to me but it is going to happen to very body that gets this app!!????. , ??

Will Oberleitner

Great content horrible stability. Is the budget so thin that they can't patch? I have to force close the app every time to get the video to play full screen. If the content wasn't so good I wouldn't bother. Just sucks that they haven't been trying to fix it. Maybe the iOS version gets more resources...

Junior Rock

Come on guys App is almost there crashes 50% of the time but the quality of video is awesome and no skips when its working...keep working out the bugs!

YQR Sandra

Love it but now it crashes This app is awesome because there are so many fun shows at your fingertips, BUT all of a sudden it will not work any more. ? As soon as I open, it just says "Retry", over and over. I've reinstalled it, but to no avail. Does anyone know why??

Miguel Alatorre

Good but... Holy hell does it screw up , and crash. This is the worst app since the launch of the YouTube app...

Ralph Wiggum

Video quality is very jerky at times, even on wifi. Some episodes of things sometimes won't play at all. The funny thing is, ALL of the ads play perfectly with excellent quality.

Greg Leland

This app needs some major work. The concept is great, but the execution is terrible. Can't get a show to stream more than half way before the app spontaneously closes. It seems like the ads are the priority for AS, because that's the only thing that seems to be working correctly. In fact, sometimes they seem to loop almost endlessly until you get lucky and the show might come back on for about 3 minutes until the app crashes.

Ariel Stavri

Won't authenticate uverse Can watch the shows on my nexus 5 phone on the chrome browser just fine. This app won't authenticate my uverse. Brings up an error. Why couldn't you just have authentication from a web browser and saved some money instead of not having it work at all on a stupid app. If it won't work on a phones web browser at least people can blame their own phones for not being sufficient.

Jarrod Hyder

Crash happy I've had this app on two different phones and it has proven to be about as stable as a crack head on a unicycle. The app randomly crashes for no reason, the video restarts if the orientation is changed, video is slow to start, and the seek function works occasionally. I love [as], but I wouldn't recommend this steaming pile to anyone. Put your content on Netflix or something.

Jonathan Ellick

Horrible terrible Wanted to catch up on much needed adult swim and you cant even watch in widescreen. Video play goes black in the middle of streaming and i have the best internet. The actual wedsite is just as bad looks like they need to do a complete overhaul. Very disappointed in what this company has become

Jake Oblivion

This app is amazing.The entire app is great,I have always been a huge Adult Swim fan.It let's me watch all the shows I want to see & it has some of the best shows the world has to offer.I wish I was able to watch SOME shows that are not there anymore tho,some Toonami shows have been left out as well.This app is amazing!!! <3

Stephen Owens

If you love Ads Great if you want to watch the same PA Lottery commercial 6x in a row. Hey Grover Cleaveland, shut up. I don't care. Watched 8 minutes of Rick and Morty and then 4 minutes of Belvita commercials and 10 minutes of lottery commercials. Also DON'T flip your phone. The app thinks that you want whatever commercial you are currently viewing to replay from the beginning. As if it's not going to replay immediately after the current one anyway.

Joshua Raymo

Rick and morty This app is disgusting. There are better third party, clash of clans clone apps. Literally the only reason why I put up with this sorry excuse for a program is to watch Rick and Morty because that show is fantastic. Its hard to believe that a company could make something so great and punish you for liking it. It'd be like to get Christmas presents you had to get beaten with a baseball bat. This app is that baseball bat. Your app is a sin that's brought us further from God's light.

Joey Grinsell

Problems This app is great, I don't mind the adds in between transition of some scenes because it's just like watching tv, what I do mind is that once my Rick and morty episode is over, I can't get out of full screen to change the episode, having to restart the app

Keefer Stoldt

Hard to watch. Need more episodes Whenever I try to watch an episode the screen goes black for about a minute then the video comes back on for about 30 seconds and goes black again. You also need to improve video quality and add more episodes.

Zach Toundas

Needs Chromecast support Basically useless without it. It is nice to have access to live showings and old episodes, but I'm not going to watch anything on my phone, that's what TVs are for. Please add Chromecast support!

Troy Williams

When changing orientation the app will stop visually but audio will continue, requires forcing the app to stop in order to get the audio to stop. Video buffering is very poor the video will stop or black out, because of the video stopping my devices sleeps and I have to unlock my device. Overall poor app

Matthew Wills

Destroy your phone Ads,app crashes,70s kungfu flick,ridiculous when paying for cable I have to provide my login for an app that is only going to work for a few minutes regardless,come on adult swim,you provide the best content,but this app is basuda

Stephan Batton

Regained a sliver of faith in humanity I have been working on a regular basis of the most important thing to remember that the kids were in bed and breakfast in the morning and evening and I will be in the living room with a TV, life changing events are happening in which this app has now given me great joy!

H. Elliot Volz

Crashiest app I've ever used All I want to do is watch Rick and Morty. If that means I need to use your app and sit through commercials fine, but if I accidentally turn my phone mid show so the picture flips, it'll take me back to a commercial on a good day. On a bad day it'll just crash. Try to scroll to where I left off? Crash. No picture for no reason. Commercials start at the wrong times during the show. I guess I'll just torrent it. Be a bro, seed your shows.

Oneil Campbell

Great idea but it crashes When on live tv once it goes to commercial when the video try to load back up it crashes also when accessing shows you can play the episode for short period of time then it crashes are just show a black screen. So far no ads once i blocked them with adaway lol. Also when the app crash its still playing sound in background. lol wow guys. You need a better script to manage the app. But when it works it works great, thats if it works lol. I would have to give this app a 1 star. Yall make good money fix it.

henny giles

Must Have App This is what I have been searching and waiting for my cable provider is not listed but im still able to watch my favorite shows on the go (This Won Me Over) I absolutely love that there is a section for The Toonami line up omg #winning This app offers true live streaming that so far runs perfect for my friends At&t u-verse the daily marathons are free to watch and offer almost identical programming to the live streaming point is App Users free or paid this app is worth downloading #Welldone AppTeam 10/10

A Google User

Needs alot of work ! Can you please update/fix this app. I love adult swim and having this app would be great if i didnt need to live in the US to watch 90% of the shows. And when trying to watch the ones i can watch, I'm met with tech difficulties. I'm a massive fan living in the UK would be great if I could watch the new shows and had access to all.aswell

Michael Ehlerman

Good idea, bad execution Toonami stream completely stops working every few minutes, the screen just goes black. The other streams are only slightly more reliable. Also pretty annoying how the ads restart every time you make the screen full-size. Overall, grateful for the streams but the app is just horrible.

Max Metayer

I wish it worked Honestly it seems like a good app, too bad I can't use it, all I wanna do is sign in and make bumps and every time I make one it either doesn't recognize it as an actual account at all or the app crashes, adult swim please fix your app

Jordan Yeast

Not great. Not terrible. I absolutely love this app, and i use it every single night but it has its faults.. Occasionally crashes when phone is flipped. My biggest issue is how much battery it uses compared to the Netflix app. Using Galaxy Note 4

J Mazur

Adult Swim doesn't care about their fans/app users or they would've fixed this issue when I 1st mentioned it!!!! The app hasn't worked right for almost a year! Don't you read your reviews?!?! With DST I would miss the 1st hour of live feed. Now with clocks switched back I miss the last hour of live feed. I shouldn't have to change my time zone on my phone manually every time I want to watch. I love the app & had rated it higher. I guess Adult Swim doesn't care about their fans/app users. If they did then this would've been fixed back when this update came out & I originally mentioned this issue.

Dustin Smith

Very well put together I don't usually rate apps Adult Swim did a great job with this one stream Toonami an animation live action all free no subscription needed they even have a schedule for what's coming on next. And the best thing is they don't ask you to rate their app or interrupt the streams with commercials

John Smith

Doesn't play too well, also full screen? Doesn't play very smoothly...also why doesn't it go full screen? When I hit the full screen button it still shows the top of my notification bar (where time and battery is) also would be cool if you had all seasons like season 1 and 2 instead of just season 2

Chloroform Cowboy

Did what it was supposed to do From the looks of some of the older reviews, the app hasn't been so functional in the past. I installed it today, watched a few old episodes (not live) and I've had no problems. Convenient app. It has commercials, of course, but not too many and not the ones that make me want to shoot myself.

Marty Cone

Missing provider Please add Sling TV as a valid service provider! One of the reasons I dropped cable for Sling was CN/AS being one of the channels. There's hardly ever any on demand options so it would be nice to be able to suppliment with the app. 5 stars as soon as it's available, I love the programming!


It's works for but... It's works. It allows me to watch Adult Swim shows on my phone. Watching shows on a phone is a bit of a hassle. It would be handy to see this media app use Chromecast like lots of other media apps. Then I could enjoy watching these shows from my TV. It just makes more sense to watch "TV" shows on a TV to fully enjoy them.

Greg Loxley

Still as buggy as reviews from months ago Clearly AS doesn't put money into funding or fixing their app. Fullscreen makes it freeze and crash, no chromecast support, sometimes it will randomly freeze on a frame and continue with audio. And it's not optimized in the slightest, nothing can be running in the background or video will stutter.


Hard locks my phone Like many others, I got this app to watch Rick and Morty. Unfortunately, I can only get through about half an episode before the app crashes and hard locks my phone. Had to literally remove the battery since holding power didn't work. There's definitely some kind of serious problem with this app. Hope they fix it.

Mason Walsh

Crashes Every time I rotate it hangs and crashes. Then I have to restart from the beginning of the bad interface, rewatch the ads (which start over or crash if rotated) then I can watch my show... Unless my phone thinks I rotated my device too much and then it crashes again. It is awesome that you can watch shows however so 2 stars

James Murray

Love Adult Swim but app needs some work. The app freezes when you turn your phone from vertical to horizontal. You can hear the audio but no picture. It doesnt happen everytime but enough to be annoying. Sometimes you get stuck in an infinite loop of adds.

Héctor Cavalcanti Saavedra

Bumpbuilder glitch I can't register on the bumpbuilder section, it crashes every time. Plus, it doesn't preview the audio tracks, it keeps loading them forever, and the text is in all caps and no way to disable it, it just keeps going full caps every time I type something and that's annoying since it doesn't fit the adult swim style.

Bob Wil

Slightly more useful than the AS website On a Galaxy 6S, numerous crashes. I had to sift through ALOT of crap to find what I wanted. Lots of scrolling through pages just to find the episodes I wanted weren't available (Venture Bros season 7)

Kyler Perisian

Love the new look. So I stopped watching the simulcast because when I updated the app to the new format. My DirecTV account was unlinked, and I didn't have the account info to put it back in. So now I'm back on it and it is just so much quicker then how it was before. However my notification bar isn't going away while watching it, like on most video feeds.

YQR Sandra

Love it but now it crashes This app is awesome because there are so many fun shows at your fingertips, BUT all of a sudden it will not work any more. ? As soon as I open, it just says "Retry", over and over. I've reinstalled it, but to no avail. Does anyone know why??

Aaron Nelson

Largely useless Does the app work? Yes, completely. Does it support Chromecast? No. It doesn't mean much to have a video streaming application that restricts you to watching content on a 5 inch screen. It's like having really quality furniture that only fits in a dollhouse -- who cares if it works if it's not really usable?

Robert Reber

Really really buggy. I've had the app for over a year and it has problems where during simulcast it would go to a "we will be right back" bumper but than hangs there till it is restarted. Also commercials load and then contents jumps in after its already been playing. Or doesn't play at all and gets stuck in a commercial loop. The CN app had a similar problem.

Josh Swarm

Almost unusable This app so very buggy and picky. When you try to watch an episode of anything when it tells you to log in it automatically connects to whatever wifi networks credentials and account instead of asking for yours. That's convenient and all but annoying when someone doesn't subscribe to adult swim in their cable package but you do at home. Then whenever you do anything while an ad is playing it will restart the ad to the beginning (even if you just rotate your device or tap the screen by mistake).


This app doesn't work Was able to use the app once, with many bugs. After that I have only gotten to a black screen with a retry button pressing the button only brings up the same error. no amount of reinstalling and uninstalling will fix the issue. 0/10 won't be reinstalling until a major overhaul of the app is completed.

Siobhan Egan

Gets stuck on ad I wanted to watch Rick and Morty. Worked great! ... Until 2nd ad in episode. Gets stuck. Same ad repeats and repeats and REPEATS and never gets back to show. I tried different episodes, uninstalling, reinstalling, turning phone off/on. STILL stuck on SAME AD. Would love to actually use the app ... but I'm stuck!

Zi Krostag

Mist crashes of any app I've ever used Love the content. But serously its like they are trying to drive us to downloaded content. I truly tried. Sooooooo many crashes. And now I can't even play the content after the first ad. This is an inexcusable failure that should result in the firing of the qa and pm staff.

Joe White

Our favorite insurance co. ad over and over and over!!!!!!! It takes over your device where you can't touch your screen or you will redirect to that site.Rotate the screen and the ad starts over! I see some of you are asking for different ads,how about less to none? You pay for premium,and get adverts.This app would be 5 stars,but the one obnoxious long ad will force me to Uninstall.


Disappointed at the very least... So downloaded this to watch all of rick and morty. Finished that show and decided to watch something else. Clicked on bobs burgers and all I can watch of that is 4 random episodes from random seasons. Wft... most all shows are like that. What's the point of watching something like ghost in the Shell that has a story line episode to episode and start watching it at episode 18 because that's the earliest this app allows? Pretty dissapointed.

Tommy Waller

Horribly designed. Crashes often, screen goes black or freezes randomly, and forces you to watch ads when you restart it. I haven't been able to finish a single 20 min episode for over an hour. 1/5 fix it.

William Thompson

Ads kill the show Everytime Im watching a show and an ad comes on the sgow wont come back unless on WiFi. This is an app for a mobile device is it not? AS, you already make money from provider and commercials on TV. Why so many ads?

Kyle Baskin

Worked fine a week and a half ago. Keeps asking to contact cable provider unauthorized use. What cable provider says my billing is ok and everything should be operating Within allowed scription. Somebody screwing something up somewhere fix it for 5 stars

Derek Morris

Worthless Consistently removes available content. Now requires provider login (screwing over those who have none) Ads appear when changing screen orientation or scrubbing. And STILL no chromecast support. Worst streaming app I've used to date. Considering the quality of games that come from Adult Swim, I would expect a similar level of care, detail, and polish to their other applications. Huge dissapointment. Uninstalling!

Gregory Walsh

Okay, but has some issues The app works well, but there are two flaws. The status bar at the top of the screen doesn't hide in fullscreen mode, and the last few seconds before the commercial break gets cut off. Fix these and it would be a five star app.

Brad Stewart

Very disappointed I love adult swim and would love this app but.. everytime I try to watch something it either goes to bad quality sound quits the screen goes black pauses and wont play. Please fix I neeeeeed to watch adult swim when its not currently playing on tv

Trevor Morrison

Worst This app is the worst and I'm easy to please with apps. Ads restart when you rotate the phone screen, shows freeze, screen turns black, and there even parts of the show that are skipped over. For such a huge name I'm thoroughly disappointed in this app. This was all in the first 10 minutes of Rick and Morty season 2. Uninstalling, hate this app

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