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27 Jul
Warspear Online (MMORPG, MMO)

Posted by AIGRIND in Role Playing | July 27, 2016 | 231 Comments

Apk file size: 57.0 MB

Warspear Online – the classic 2D MMORPG with millions of players from all over the world!
Bestowed the award of “Best MMO RPG game” in 2015 by «BEST APP EVER AWARDS»!
Download the game and all updates for free!

Choose your side in the War of the Spear. Lead your army to battle in open PvP, stand shoulder to shoulder with your friends to defeat devious dungeon dwellers and obtain the title of Strongest Arena Warrior! There’s no time to wait – you must act!

Create a hero
- 4 races and 2 alliances: Firstborn and Chosen vs. Mountain Clans and Forsaken
- Blade Dancer, Ranger, Druid, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Barbarian, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Necromancer and Death Knight
- 70+ expert skills for shaping your gameplay
- Character customization: costumes, decorative items, haircuts, hair colours
- 9 crafting professions for creating unique armor, weapons and accessories
- 150+ personal achievements with unique rewards, rating top-1000, sharing on Facebook
- Loyal Minions to help you in battles

Fight with enemies
- Battle zones for free PvP-battles, friendly duels
- Arenas of 2х2, 3x3 and 5x5
- Massive battles for territories between Alliances fought regularly
- Thousands of monsters and hundreds of dangerous bosses

Explore a huge world
- 7 huge islands
- Dozens of Dungeons with treasures
- 1,500+ original quests and hundreds of daily ones
- Monthly updates: new quests, territories, dungeons, skills, achievements, decorative items, equipment

Play with your friends
- Unite in Guilds and groups
- Take part in tournaments, events and Arinar holiday celebrations
- Communicate in chats, trade and exchange goods

Massive update “Engineer’s Madness”! Top character’s level was increased by 28, above Ayvondil appeared vast islands with new raid boss Engineer and abandoned dungeons of Technopolis. New quests, craft tasks, achievements, weapons, equipment and many more! Adventures continue!

Technical features
Available on any platform
Goods purchased in the game are available on any platform supporting Warspear Online: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC, Ubuntu, OS X

- 80 Mb free space
- Android 2.3.6 and more


Whats new

    Massive update Warspear Online 6.0 “Engineer’s Madness” is live! Travel to the Flying islands and explore mysterious ruins of Technopolis!
    - New vast territory above Ayvondil - the Flying islands
    - Level cap increased by 28th
    - Dungeon “Technopolis”, raid boss Engineer and mini bosses
    - Unique equipment and weapons of 25th level
    - 50+ new quests and achievements
    - New items and levels of craft
    - New PvP-goods in Arena shop
    - Minor fixes

AIGRIND part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 27, 2016. Google play rating is 83.4357. Current verison is 6.0.0. Actual size 57.0 MB.

Download warspear-online-mmorpg.apk 57.0 MB


calvin naugle

Why can't we be black elves? I had a dream that one day little white elves will play with little back elves, I had a dream that one day GM will release an update so we all can change our skin colors.

Jarret Almeida

It's ok Works great kinda lame and not that fun

Joaquan Veal

ERROR I love this games and have not had problems the whole time I've been playing but as I go to log on today server is disconnected and fourm is also disconnected so only way to contact you is through email but your team has yet to respond to messages I've donated a lot of money here and would be highly upset if the game is not going to be up anymore.

Ran-Aron Viitkar

One of my favourite games at the moment The game does get boring sometimes,but returning is awesome.The forums are also good and interesting. The game may be a Lil unbalanced and p2w,but it's still a great game.Keep up the good work AiGrind.Also I am Nr 1 Camel and nr.1 Mountain sheep.

Aditya Kece

ERROR When I open the game for.... Smooth away no problem.. But when press "Play" there is always writing Update Error after connecting to server ... So please help ...

Keith Griffin

Old School Game Modernized The perfect old school style RPG/PvP game out yet. Plus its convenient to play and always updating the world, maps, skills, and gear. Best of all unlike W.o.W aka World of Wrong, the game developers keep the gear and items how it should be, not so all people can get best and rare goods/gear in game so easy or unless u pay a nice high price or do the work for them just like everyone else. Best of all every player has same chance to get same items as long as they do the work!!!

blue blue

Its ok

Reza Mulyanto

New update ! I hope to you GM you will make a great Update, we will bored if Warpsear not Update something new, sonething good. I will waiting that!

Toto Awomi

'Game Over" Time to quit, can't even updated game. There's always a problem in this game, one after another. Screw warspear.

Nicola Holley

Kinda bad This game is kinda bad it all ways freeze up on you and it also skips and people dont even help what kinda bullshiting game is this I would have gave it 5 stars but its just a scammer game people try to trick you and take your profile then you have to start over its a scammer game if i was you id give it one star only because its a horrible game

al ampuan

Nice game Pls help i cant connect to the game.i want to avail the discounted price:(

House Phone

Can't play The game won't connect and your website is down

Jonathon Woodland

Won't work? Warspear isn't working please fix

Pause Bvb

wtf when i press play the connecting process takes forever. worst mmorpg server ever....

Roger Williams

Error Whats wrong with warspear i can login it said connecting but not moving?

Malik Jackson

Error I try to log on today it takes forever then it say cant connect to the sever.... (i got new updates and great connection)

matthew Von Schuetz

ERROR Game does not want to log in for some unknown reason I play this game ever day now I can't even log in anymore >_< what's wrong????

silvanus lorca

Difficult to earn GOLD Please the quest gained more GOLD

Juka Djukic

Good enough Good game if it only wasn't so oriented towards ppl who spend real money. Cuz most of the updates are for ppl who buy miracle coins

Robert Franklin

My items will stay +1 cause I can't amp them Take loss of items off also add ways to earn signs of impershibility like killing bosses because there is no way other than buying it to get them except winning guild tours

A Google User

my favorite game isn't working ! :( now in my phone . It says " could not connect to the server " :/

Ezot Esa

NICE :) sentinel full, so? why i must play legion lol, bad skills and only few ppl play it..

Mohammed Faramawy

Awesome Good game but paladin have only one skill the banner and all his other skills sucks please add a new skill for each class and agood skill for paladin. Thank you :)

Denver Turner

Sighs Can't play fix quickly or take my $ elsewhere

Bubba Jay

Warspear Need xp not just for quest.

Grzegorz Kozyra

Only russian servers are not full Cant create a hero on the english speaking servers.

van naknam

Now why cant open warspear.

T Jenczalik

Can't connect I try to login with Facebook and it's telling me I can't connect to the server. Fix this and I'll rate higher.

rathna hem

First game im never bored when play ^^

mehboob laskar

Hanif This game is fabulous, but today I can't log, says connect to server lost. Pls dev help check what is wrong

Igor Karovic

What the hello... If i pay for game i expect to play with character i want in realm i want.many players have issue with this stupidity.

Darius Anderson

Love it but ws took money from my card can i call gm or something or do i have to pay back the mc

Jace Sea

Its not working.......

kun mengkhorn

GM is hungry of money charactor weak, strong, big level is on money, money can buy GM's brain.

Nathan Perez

Not connecting It seems like no ones getting a response to this issue the game is down and website is down just spent money on game quite a bit some kinda Oh we having technical difficulties would be nice

Chris Wolf

GAME WONT OPEN AGAIN After this update (AGAIN) the game wont open... appear black screen and i cant enter.... i spent alot of miracle coins and now i cant play anymore?? I cant change my device... i played ws about 3 years... please fix this as soon as posible. Thank you.

akaramvinod vinod

To save amp gears/wep Make new system that warning while amp without sign you lose gears/wep it's make mistakes not do while amp


Gold Its really hard to save gold to buy better armor in the markets on 2nd island. The armor from quests arent as good. I always have to keep my armor repaired and I barely have any gold after. I dont get enough from quest. There should be others ways to earn gold for example when we kill bosses or other enemies they shouod drop gold. Stuff like that.

Rokas Stupakovas

... Liked new update and read this admins check this player - Oceanback level 6 ranger its new owner he bought that ranger lvl6 eu emerald server he didnt change id thats why hard to detect

RocKy Will

PVP STYLE Noob devlopers fix this fvcken low touch response and sound bug.. i really hate this game now

Nigel Kou

Gd game Gd game but the grsphy not so gd played the game for some day but still great. So yeah all should download

ShinJi -kun

Great game But I'd appreciate it if there's a free coin system

Nice Misolas

H Its a great game. But if you dont have the money to spend for this game,you better quit now! The long you played this game the more money will wasted. Im just saying coz i tried it

Noble Tan

Good game It could be better if the armor apperance is precise to the picture of the armor, like example I got a simple armor and I wear it, it looks the same instead of looking like a green stupid suit, this is also to the other armors like the helmet, boot cape..

Robert Matthews

Kinda fun at times.. No Technical Support chat available in game to report Issues... Stealth keeps breaking randomly in Norlant Swamps causing Mobs I've already travelled THROUGH to attack me when I'm past their Agro range .

Kieron Mckay

great game Its fun ,cool.You guys definatly deserve to win awards.

jeston lott

Play to have fun and not to be greedy Playing WS since it was out. Happy bd WS.. But in general. I feel like the big wars that happen every other pointless. Just BC elf is over populated. But other then that it's fine. Drop rate sucks.. And not haveing the free mc coin sucks. Amping takes for ever. But other then that its fun.wishing the lvl increase would go ahead and happen.. I feel like u should be only allowed to amp after a certin lvl. That's my opinion. But anyways good job. And happy birthday

A Google User

Account Can't log on to my old account lost it

Naga Mura

3Star 5 star when gm put back free mcoins

Radic Wolf

Miracle Coins Miracle coins cost to much, so we need the offers back

Kenneth Brown

new udate lagging badly guys good game guys but about your new udate it needs fix it kicks players out in dungoen and the sound is mess up please fix and i dont like weopon upgrade too hard to +10 so not fair as if it can only +9 please do something about weopon upgades plz.

Lauren May

(: I absolutely adore this game. My husband and I play every single day. I wake up and instantly get on and mostly play all day. He has to make me stop at night. Haha.

Igor Karovic

Still has it... Play this game long time and still enjoy just as much as when i helps but not nececery.u can be good as free player just takes lil more time.hope this game last long time

Gygle Tyry

Very good game

Flora Ulayan

Retarded responses! When i click on skills the respond like 3-5 seconds later, it annoys me!

Nathan Perez

War War is just a troll now

Shannon Turner

Can't Update!!!! Idk why I cannot update plz fix

Gabriel Brooking

Awesome Best game ever!!! I love it, awesome gaming. The movement and attacks are so real, and overall, its a great game. ;) Well done Aigrind

Steven Perry

Good Once you learn how to play gold an durability of your equipment isn't a problem. Just I got a small problem with the healers classes literally slaughtering ppl with their stun but other then that this game is amazing

sammy woods

Best MMORPG for mobile! Warspear is A really fun addictive game... WELL, as long as you keep spending money on it. The game Creators are a BUNCH of GREEDY MOFO that are after your money. They not only make obtaining gold for F2P players Nearly impossible. But Gear has Durability. Meaning gear has to be fixed now and then, So if your F2P you will be spending 100% of your gold earned by quest repairing your Equipment. Even if you've reached a high enough level to farm bosses for loot, you can only farm 1-3times a day free.

Jose Reyes

Awesone game! Too fun, arena its hilarious! Love the cross-platform servers. You can run this game even with your old smarthphone! 10/10 if you have real money to spend on it or grind like crazy, just like any other mmorpg.

Logan Brezenoff

Free miracle coins no longer available Sux only good if you pay a lot of money if you don't you will spend a year on it without getting far

Leah Currie

I love it but .. The characters look ugly and the customization colors are horrendous. I want my own base as well and furniture a place to call my own. Everything is pricey for beginners making it difficult to start out and the selling prices are horrible making it hard to earn currency.

Quiet Storm

GREEDY!! Do not install this game!! You dont get xp for killing beasts like real life but your equipment breaks like real life so you gotta pay gold (which they do not give you much at all) to fix it!! Drops are impossible and the whole setup is based around spending real money to advance in anything...what you have to put in versus what you get out is very disappointing. DO NOT GET SCAMMED!!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME!!! Unless you pretty much wipe yourself with hundreds...then enjoy.

Splif Villalobos

Suggestion Iv been playing WS for a few years now and I won't stop playing anytime soon! Great 2d game and fun! I do have a suggestion tho. I personally like minions but I think it be cool to have a personal minion witch we can customize and lv up. It be cool to be able to choose a class we would want along side of our hero's and get armor and weapons for them that fit there lv!!! And when they die make them respawn after a certain amount of time depending on there lv. I think it be cool and more fun ta lv them up.

Edgar Meza

Good game nothing wrong I love this game no flaws or glitches or bugs

Mike Alford

Best game in app store Been playing years love this game wish devs would stop the war tho cause on us server we mc are out numbered 10 to 1 but great game

matthew Von Schuetz

Awesome game A must get once your on the role you won't want to stop had this game for 2 years and still play it

Ahmed Osman

Worst game ever !!!!!!! A s.o.b. game add free mc coins offers you bitch game gm or only people must buy mc coins this is the most stupid game ever created ...... Why the Developer is so stupid and lazy like that ... Because they leave people buy mc coins and other people who cant buy they dump them ..... I don't appreciate other people who will read this comment to play this game coz the developer is so lazy in it and he rarely replies to the people who comment ..... If you developer replied on this comment (I think he won't ) then reply on other people comments because they are playing on this game too not me only ...... Now if anyone reads this comment and says that this comment isnt right then go ahead because I don't care i care only if the developer read this comment and heard my word because I'm not an important person I'm only a regular man comments on a bad game and plays it but if anyone wants to play this game then he must read this comment first and read other people's comments that say this game is very bad ...... Go ahead Dev >_< enjoy your sleep >_<

mahmoud swagge

GREAT BUT OVER LAGS ! The game is fun but its fasing a deadly problemm that the laging too much in dungens and specialy in elfs side . i also se that ppls stoped making mcs charcters cuz GM making mc (mountain clans ) map 1 in both factions are hard and take long thats why ppls make elfs cuz maps easy and fast quest . i think in rebuilding the mc quests in forsken and chosen cuz it sucks and map too hard and waste time cuz mcs so strong skilles and very good but ppls lazy create so they creat elfs

Kyle Smith

Good. But i speak English and wanna make a blade dancer.... but i can't choose that faction on English server.... cause that faction is full.... get your skit together kinda bull...... i will not support this game till it is fixed...

chhun borith

Best game I has to stop play this but my life cannot live without this game

shane johnson

DON'T WASTE TIME AND MONEY Warspear aigrind are only interested in the MC (mountain clan) faction... they have made them atleast 3x more powerful than elf's... so much so that on the US-SAPPHIRE server for instance they have put a block on any more accounts being made as Elf, yet they still allow MC!... It's clear only MC can survive after completing the first island (where mc can't attack you)... i've written 3 emails to warspear questioning their mathamatics within the game and they simply go ignored!... WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

Varrick Lewis

6YEARS NOW Ive been playing this game 6years now and i havent hated wasting my time lvling my characters and amplifying my equipment if u guys had a donation slot i would go broke donating for better upgrades to the game. THX AGRIND!!

Jae Plae

Paladin Latest expert skill need to be passive please. Change it to a 3/3 instead of 4 also. Just a thought since paladin shield gets destroyed easy lol. Thanks for at least looking out for paladins with some defense.

James Tovar

Amazing One of the greatest mmorpgs I have ever played if not THE best!

merlina velrof

I just buy beginner package but.. The package is in my bag..and the problem is how to open the package?? And i receive present box but how to open it?? And i cant even use my There is no open button on it..i can't use anything in my bag..and when it full i can't just trow it out..

Gabriel Brooking

Awesome!!! Best game ever!!! I love it, awesome gaming. The movement and attacks are so real, and overall, its a great game. ;) Well done Aigrind. P.S: never, NEVER change the graphics, it's awesome just the way it is!!!

b2k2y2k b2k2y2k

I give 4 star I give 5 stars if GM give me Miracle coins:P....I say this because stupid Fyber ads and others NOT working:!:!:!...Then you can give me 10k Crimson:))

hokuspokus dokus

Good game Good game bit of a miracle coin leech but wat do u expect from a free to play game they need 2 make a livin also. i give 5 stars because there so much thought in characters quest and mobs .the amount of armor and wepons to choose from is unreal great currencies in game ,skills and awesome outfits good effort guys love it thx and ps do u guys have a unbind scroll in game or is only by miracle coin s ????

Jessel Gay Barazon

Best 2D game ever! Best 2D game ever! Easy controls, great story line and so much more! Keep it up AIGRIND!

Crixia Krad

This kind of game We need more games like this! Btw, very good game. ?

Reinis Brencs

No drops Omg dev seriously I play almost 4year and I won't spend money to game and there no drop all time needs play from daily quest gold its sucks can't buy nothing good are u just think about mcoin buyers?

A Google User

WARSPEAR It's an okay game, love the pixel style. I just wish (like many others) that the buying and selling system was a bit better. Without using real money you won't get anywhere which is truly a shame. Also, the fact that you gain no experience for killing monsters is a bit of a let down.

Ashish Gupta

Went downhill Game used to be good until developers started milking the community. No end game content, unplanned updates requiring players to invest more and more time/money in new gears constantly. Response time to bugs and corrections is miserable, leaving players to play with buggy skills and unfinished environment until devs release an update in a month or two or even more. Expect clever reply to this review now...

KrazyKid Victor

Scammer someone scammed my druid how do i get back my account and how can i remove their fb link that is on my account?

Jem eni

The best mmorpg on the app store. Play this game you won't regret it.

Ameen Wanly

It was awesome, now becoming pay to win more and more each update.

Robin Lee

Scammer world I sell my craft item for 7k and a guy say buy. But then he keep on canceling and say he can take it.So I keep clicking accept. He put 700g and and i accident click ok. He told me it was a scam. The name of the player who scam me is romanreinz!!!!!! I got proof ! If u all doesn't band him I will not play this game forever! I been playing this game for 5years!

Robert Franklin

Understand The stats of your class and u will be invincible dosent matter the amp ;) defensive stats are important

Chum Ovung

Imbalance! Please add stun skill on mage like Lock. Lock just need +5 staff to pvp +8 elfs. Kinda annoying

Cast Iron Ambience

D-pad? This game seems alright, it has a good art style but it really needs a d-pad option because it feels really uncomfortable to play with the current controls

Andrew Foster

Good gameplay, poor exec. I loved the gameplay. It was almost the game that I wanted, but with one problem. All these baddies, literally all over the place, and no experience for killing them. Basic rpg element.

yousef chowdhury

Disappointed Really disappointed even tho i spent +150€ on you're game amping is still hard sad ..

Kengonn 10

How How Can I Make A Account With Facebook

Bobby Church

Awesome Been looking for a game like this for a long time many hours of play

Alex Barto

? Best game ever that's why I give it a 5 star

Tadeusz Hirsz

Pay to be the best Best pay to win game I know ?. You have to spend some real money to mean something?

A Google User

Wth!! It keeps on crashing...please fix it!!

Daniel Sapper

You all are great

teguh dwi ramadhan

Buy miracle coin What's update ?? Where payment methods form google play ?? I can't buy miracle coin form credit card and telkomsel billing .. please reply

andre gamer

cool im kinda fall in love to this game, who cares about the graphic if u can feels the great gameplay. Only if you add some exp to monster, its like im gonna hunt for hours just to get the golds. But, its still the best mmo i ever play in my phone. Sory for long post, and there’s no potato. Regards.

Saket Shrivastava

Now this game is NOT up to the mark ! Regardless of quality this game is money minded. Lots of unnecessary bugs. '#Auto Exit' sucks most on android. Happens to be my favorite but now it sucks!!! ...... Reply to moderator .... Moreover classes in this game are completely unbalanced...some too weak some too strong ... No matter of we post on forum or anything no one actually listen.....#2nd reply ... This answer might work well work new players but I have been playing for like 2 year so won't work. Even a beginner can tell your game is unbalanced

Ebenezer Katz

Azaming n guys leave ta graphic just play it its azaming try it The most great game in mmorpg

Paul Taylor

Need some help Got to edit as got more into's heavily reliant on help from others if you aren't paying to get items to aid the startin quests, when I'm level 7 an a level 5 jelly wrecks me just shows how harsh it really is, and dungeon quests are impossible alone....and no queue to join dungeons which might help!!

brandon Macdonald

Best game ever I've played it for a year and I'm a level 26 pro already!!!!?

Wop Headhuncho

Suggested download you won't be dissatisfied Good game I suggest more ways to get miracle coins

Ludmila Liles

5 Years, Level 7. It's Not A Bad Comment, Its Just Saying I Love The Game And I'm Not Bothered To Do The Quests. :D Keep It Going! Btw, Can U Add Like Easy Dungeons? With Low Rewards? So Like lvl 5s Can 2 Player It? And 7+ Can Solo It? Thanks, Yours Sincerely, Deathcalmm ( And I Love Rouges! )

Martin Vallejo

Hello Great game but leveling up by just doing quest gets kinda boring . Can you think about letting player get exp by killing monster as well but if not that is okay . Keep up the good work : )

Muntasar Al-barwani

Update= new bugs I know updating isnt easy... And sometimes it can cause new bugs and glitches.. Well... A REALLY annoying bug is here... Opening the app sometimes takes alot of time to load.. or sometimes it barely starts "black screen" plz do something.. the only thing I can do know to play the game is go to "settings>More>Application Manager>Warspear>clear data ;(... everytime..

Andreas Adi Nugroho

Google Play Achievement By any chance, are there will be an update to make this games have google play achivement?

hokuspokus dokus

Good game Good game bit of a miracle coin leech but wat do u expect from a free to play game they need 2 make a livin also. i give 5 stars because there so much thought in characters quest and mobs .the amount of armor and wepons to choose from is unreal great currencies in game ,skills and awesome outfits good effort guys love it thx and ps do u guys have a unbind scroll in game or is only by miracle coin s ????

Norman Maravilla

I thought the graphics were amazing. It looks like a graphics from family computer back in 80's

Jae Plae

Amping The idea of random amping chance sucks. I try to amp my +9 to +10. I used 50set(500 attempts) and fail them all. Need to change the amp system because that's terrible and I feel sorry for newbies who fail and lost their gear amping +2 to +3 some fail at +2... -Buffguyx(paladin)

raiden Valentine


Robin Lee

Scammer world I sell my craft item for 7k and a guy say buy. But then he keep on canceling and say he can take it.So I keep clicking accept. He put 700g and and i accident click ok. He told me it was a scam. The name of the player who scam me is romanreinz!!!!!! I got proof ! If u all doesn't band him I will not play this game forever! I been playing this game for 5years!


Could be much better The gameplay reminds me of an good old tibia. But why in RPG u don't receive experience for killing monster s!?!? Lvling up with quests take for ever.

jeston lott

Well I just got a tablet of windows rt 8.1 and it not in the windows market nor I can download it from the website why is that ???

Jeffery Barker

Its a great game but takes too long to lvl up monsters should give exp too for killing them

Grymligast PS4

Access rights Why do you need access to make calls and my contacts in order to play?

Andam Fernandez

I love this game,but i played it after update then i open it again it says outdated,why??then i try update it in apk pure then i open it the exit botton missing,whats happening please help:(

kevin steer

Bulling Don't play this game all messed up and get nothing but ppl and little kids bullying ppl all day long and can not do anything about it u report it to warspear and thay won't do anything about it and thay will send u an email saying that to ....... load of crap and warspear them self's put there own game in the ground and do care about anything but them self's and money and sneekly helping ppl that report u wen u have done nothing ...... and ppl u don't just get one person atking ever and ppl u no turn on u

Khaliib Torres

CAN'T TYPE. Can't type ever since new arena update please fix. I really like this game :(

Ashwin kumar

3mins to leave seal arena. Takes avg 2-3mins to start random arena. Tons of ppl afk, some nude trolls etc. Leaving such fight is our right. Forcing us to stay fr 3mins in no way makes sense. Sorry.

andre gamer

it used to be cool its a perfect game till sudenly i cant type anything, wtf?

Phil J

New Arena Where's this new ranking system at? I go into seal my pt noob against higher level +10 players. Lose PT is still effective. Why you lie? Just spent £20 to try amp my staff from +6 to +7 but no lucky...

Mariam Hussain

can't write update and now I can't write anything anywhere properly :( whyyy

khaled fathe

Not work Just black screen .lenovo7000 android 6 .. Thank u for fix . its work now . 5 star for response :)

Joe Dixon

Cant use s7 keyboard The in game keyboard dosent work. I type and it takes the first letter and replaces it with '/'.

Dawid Bobowski

Can't connect to my account.

Anna Zahn

Update sucks! Can't use predicted text. Makes it take longer to type.

Jin Parco

Im, getting sad every update. Im sad beacause each update make the android version more higher, please stay at 2.3.6 thank you and must download,recommended!

anthony carter

Experience Next update needs to give us experience for each kill not just for Questa

Daniel Sapper

You all are great

Robert Emmanuelle Gerochi - Pusoy

One of The Best MMORPG for Android Portrait Gameplay , Smooth , Lesa time Loading , Many Different Classes . 4 Different Races , 2 vs 2 Races , Good 2D Graphic . Very Good Gameplay . I Love This Game . Must Try It . I Recommend it .

Daniel Nunn

Not loading It's not letting me go into the game I click on it and it's just a black screen it won't load nothing I tried uninstalling it an loading it up again and nothing happened plz fix


Excellent game! By far the best Android MMO, been addicted for hours. Lots of content and quests! My only complaint is the lack of a Statistics screen. That's what made WoW playable for me, watching those things rise up was really fun. It's cool to see how many enemies you've killed, or how many potions you've used. Other than that, the game is astounding, and with frequent updates it's a must have experience!

Danael Kostadinov

Brilliant! Don't let the 2D environment fool you , that's the most hard-core mmorpg on the marked and I just can't see it being replaced any soon. Looking at the DEV's - consider adding "killing a NPC" experience, some of us like grinding more than questing...

Matthew Tate

Trust me... best rpg online If you're a nerd like my friends and I and love questing. Warcraft... runescape any of that and really like an in depth game full of attributes... this is for you. Trust me. I've played alot of mmo and rpgs and this one is the best. Especially for phones too... Wow! Great job guys and if you have job openings let me know.

Snooze Dogg

love it Love simple graphics take notes from runescape. Warspear could learn a thing or two make update worth hassle

Harshdeep Singh

Very good mmorpg! This game has many plus points: the community is large, many quests, the area is large, all features of good mmorpg gameplay are present and it doesn't require very powerful device to run (Though graphics are 2d, they are still fine for me). The best thing is its storyline and how players takes part in it while doing quests. I loved the game and i hope more features, quests, etc will be added regularly.

Hector Martinez

Best game on phone I've been playing this game for 4 years and I learned that no game compares to this . Game has changed a lot since then but it's been for the better . I highly recommend it if ur looking to try something new . The game may be a little hard financial wise if ur not a mcoiner, but that's what making friends is for . Ppl can be really nice or mean so chose carefully lol

Vasil Obretenov

Awesome I really love this game since i dont have a pc. But please can u make the game compatable with a keyboard case for a tablet since the settings doesnt work. Thanks

Nicholas Simpson

You guys might not see this but The guide system is not really helpful, I'm new to the game and I'm stuck on the quest to find hermit watty and I have no idea where he is. If you need people to enjoy your game don't make it complicated please.

Nina-Lyn Monleon

Connecting ? It keeps connecting!! I w8 in 5 min. but its still CONNECTING... everytime I tried to create a new profile !! ?? I HOPE DEV. CAN FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP..?

Ethereal Deviant

Not for new gamers. Good game, for what it is.. Frustrating and confusing, but has some good stuff.. I would not recommend it to inexperienced gamers. If you can make it to level 10+ in a week without spending money, I salute you.

Jose Lemuel Pelayo

weeeeee!!!!! I am so glad that the devs resolved the issue themselves.... ohhhhhhhhh......... now Im back at playing this game again

Wade Pennell

Its pretty good after playing a few days but its just not for me ways the game is set up are lame killing creatures no exp the pay to win is not to bad but could be lowerd mostly hate having no banking system level cap is way to low for how long the games been around people i met were jerks for the most part as well but thats normal think ill just play ragnarock path of heroes

alec burton

Does not work with galaxy s6 edge running Android 6.0 Edit: Fixed worked for now although I'd rather not have to use the workaround.

Carlo Clayton

ITS OK NOW warspear plss tell me how to get the tower quest

Caden William

I like it alot but ever since i put on my email link on the account it takes forever to sign in and i cant sign in please guys fix my issue

zildjian marley bautista

Thank You So Much! Hey Devs Thanks For Replying it now works on my device i love this game!

Kengonn 10

Cool When I Enter The MCoin Shop And Click "Earn Free MCoins" and i download 2game i play like 10minuts and i didt get any MCoins Please Fix It

sincare W.S

Please Can I get my banded account again? I was wrong because I didn't read warspear rules but forgive me please!

Paťas Cannabinol

Nice game:* Why no are gm in chat? Many scammers are there-_-.

Famela Buenafe

Help pls! I reinstalled the game because its lagging now it says error update. What should i do??? Can someone help me pls. thanks!

James Brady

Con artists... The game itself is nothing more than a grindfest as it quite literally takes weeks to level if you simply rely by killing, but the game itself despite the many short comings is entertaining to some degree, but the worst of the game that completely ruins the fun for me is that they have what many other games have and that is the "download, install, and run then level to 5" or whatever... to get free in game currency, yet you never get it! I was promises near 650 in game currency (some type of coin) nothing.

shane johnson

DON'T WASTE TIME AND MONEY Warspear aigrind are only interested in the MC (mountain clan) faction... they have made them atleast 3x more powerful than elf's... it is time the developers left the project as they are out of ideas... it needs a fresh team to take over and push the project forward! A good game gone to ruin! The best thing that could happen is warspear made into private servers and let the players decide on best development... as well documented the development today do no listen to their players! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

Nieldrew Onchita

Facebook Account Error My acc in this game is connected to facebook i used that acc within a year and now i log in it have a error and a program appear and say my acc is not recognize. Please fix or give me advice what to do. Or it have a confirmation first from GMs to open my account.

Micah Dettling

FANTASTIC!!! Unless your problem is technical related... GROW UP, QUIT WHINING.... We have a beautiful, polished game here. It may not be perfect, but it's HEAPS better than the other half assed/ported stuff on playstore. You WORK for nice things, they are not given, or shouldn't be atleast. Go play vanilla everquest if your even old enough to know the name, then see if you REALLY have anything to complain about.. You have NO IDEA what difficult is. Any way LOVE THE GAME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

John Austro Ulayan

Thnx Some error happens, every time when I play sometimes it stuck, I need to shutdown my phone or wait a little bit to play it again and then when i enter the game it said "10 errors in 1 weak plzz uninstall it" and I've already send to report too and still didn't rid anything, plzz fix it ?

Rose Ann Baysl

help why update error?.. i play last nigth but now i cant play bcouz of that update error

apols gamings

SEND ERROR REPORT Always popping out before I play. after I send a report it popps out again and again. I think at least 30 times b4 I could play. Its really pissing me. fix and I'll give it a real rating

Corbin Solomon

Great game I love this game I think its amazing. But theres alot of problems but im sure you can fix them!

Nightingale Leader

The game is fine Its so fun I need to learn the story behind it all like Wat is it between the firstborn who are the best and the forsaken

Victor Mak

Instant uninstall. First thing you see when you open the game is asking for permission to access my contacts, manage my phonecalls, and access all my media and photos. I think they missed - taking over phone.

Phil J

Updates get worse not better. Now i cant use delete which means i get stuck on pm chat unless i close the game. Cant put items on dealer as cant delete the price to put my own price. They shrunk the skill keys to such a small size you miss click every time. This game was awesome but now with each update it gets worse. Would be nice to get a refund on my account as now i can no longer play...

Kevins Kolcs

Its a good game If you want fast results that is miracle coins but if you are patient u can be strongest without spending real money just takes more time

Delwyn Marasigan

TAPJOY DIDNT GIVE ME MY REWARD!!! i played the quick action game and i won and tapjoy didnt give me 25 miracle coins so i thought it was lagging and i pressed share but it didnt let me share so i played it again and i beat it AGAIN and it still didnt give me the stupid miracle coins i even took a screen shot of it >:( i want my 50 miracle coins...


plz can yall add some healing skills for rangers Just 1or something we like sitting ducks;(

Caroline Rangel

Chat's bug I really like this game but now the chat isn't working, Could you please fix this?

James Hill

This game rocks I love this game y'all have done a great job best game on the market you don't need real money to play just need time and effort and you will get there ty warspear for all your hard work keep it up

Brad W

Great, retro WoW style game! This game is amazing and I will just give anyone connecting their email to their account a heads up. MAKE SURE YOU GO TO SWITCH ACCOUNT FROM THE MENU AND SIGN IN WITH YOUR EMAIL AND PASSWORD SO ABOVE THE LOGIN, IT SHOWS YOUR LINKED EMAIL ADDRESS INSTEAD OF A NUMBER!!! Otherwise it won't connect :3. I do wish enemies gave experience so that leveling wasn't so slow, but hell. This is awesome for free!

craig williams

Pay to play now I have been playing this game for 5 years now and have steadily noticed the way the game maker has configured EVERYTHING so that you will be forced to pay real money.The in game market is full of very greedy players making even small equipment that may add only 29 damage points to equipment cost easily 200,000 gold.I believe the game makers purposefully engineer and fix this market again to force the player to spend real cash.Even amping your main weapon can cost a fortune and hardly works avoid!

Garry Appels

Confused Why do you require access to our contacts and the ability to make phone calls to run? Id understand photos as that may be where you store texture files but calls and contacts are ridiculous

Jonel Paul

I like it but I have many characters and i forgot their password

Andam Fernandez

Why update error,update error,update error,always why is this happening can you please fix or help me

A Google User

not bad mmorpg bad animations and skilltree... and no music.. all rest are top :-D

Kaylee Tascone

I already love it I always avoided this game... didn't like how it looked... never judging a book by it's cover again... I'm still going to but thank you for making it

Cai Strickland

Best mobile MMORPG you get Aigrind you rock :D this game has been a part of my life ever since I found it for my crappy old symbian two years ago ? enjoyed pretty much every minute of it and loved watching it change over the years... thanks a lot

govi anugrah

Great it's a great game mmorpg for android but i think you should make the graphic more awesome

Fraggot 911

Dragged me into it! Wow... I was not into retro mmorpgs but I gave this game a try...but man its so addictive it has got me hooked to it... Good job devs... *thumbs up*

Jae Plae

Keyboard Seriously need fixing. Paladins sacred shield skill need a major fix

Freddy fazbear

It's fun I like this game but some quest are to hard or you can't find the person your looking for please make quests a little bit easier and add a tutorial for new people so they know what to do and add alot more quests to cities

Ubaid Lee

world top first online game. the best platform of strategy game ever.

A Google User

Good game but... skills button are too small in my phone galaxy grand2 can't play properly

Hazy Death

Fun Reminds me of runescape somewhat but fun game good times

Ross Edwards

Best MMO for Android Love the old style graphics, and many classes to choose from.

Robert Franklin

It's ok Get ready to farm mobs for months to get strong tho ;)

Alexander Olialin

Amazing Spirit of Lineage 2

Ahmad Firaz

Game play I've been playing this game about 3 years. And now i feeling bored with this game. can you make fast update?? Lv30 when????

adam richards

Awesome Amazing game I love it. I have a lvl 22 shaman and lvl 18 arena dk

Dmitry Sviridov

Not bad, BUT! — achievements glitch Not that bad for ftp game Edited: Smtms GP (Google Play(Play Games)) disconnects while I play "Warspear Online". When it happens, as it reconnects, not all data is counted/updated correct: I have used 4 scrolls up until now, but GP shows 20% of the achievement "Fresh Fiction" (need to use 5 scrolls). So, according to it, I've used 1 and not 4 outta 5 scrolls. It isn't that bad with this achievement, but what if it won't/isn't count/ing some other (for example — hidden achvmnt) as well?

Spaz Matic

Great game Really great so far enjoying the complexity mixed with the open world old school game play! Its the best mmorpg I've played on Android. Best of all no auto route/battle crap! Give me a good mini map and descent directions and leave me the hell alone lol

Eldin Hrapovic

This game was fun, but now there is no skill into it. If you have money, you 'll be the best. There is no room for pro players anymore. Also there is no balance between bds, rogue( muscle characters) and priest, locs and druids on the other hand, bcs the diff in power can be 500 between these classes , one ham and you are dead. I loved this game, but it's now rich kids game, so if you are not in that category, don't bother to install.


Nice job, but The game is very fun and addictive, the mechanics and the gameplay itself is outstanding, it is a pay to win game, but you can get around safely without spending a coin. PvE in this game is amazing, dungeons need a bit more secrets or hidden features, but they are awesome, the only problem is the PvP balancing, assasins in this game as kinda useless, tanks can build up the same dmg and be more tanky than assasins, this thing needs balancing

Elijah Slater

Endless questing This game is a endless quest grind, that gives very very low exp, and it's impossible to grind levels, as no enemies drop exp, or even any items. There is no real way to get gold, and the game economy is terrible, as you only get around 10-50 gold per quest, and good level items are sold for hundreds of thousands.

Asuna Kirito

Game is giving me error won't load! Game is saying error won't load. Please help what's going on. I play it this morning now it's not working.. Idk if I can Uninstall it and restaill it and see if I still have my acc. Idk if I can please fix this error. I really like this game.

Joe Brown

Didn't Play - Don't like required permissions Don't feel that access to phone calls or my contacts is necessary. No justification in description. Uninstalled immediately after seeing that the game would not proceed without them.

Daniel Day

MUST PLAY This is a good game. For some reason the game got smaller when I switch from s3 mini to a galaxy s5. Still a great game though. The war against the mountain clans is a little one sided. Give the elves a break.

JJ Martin

Love the game, but they want your money Angry at this game. I wasted 4k gold trying to enchant one ring. Why is it so hard to enchant one ring? I'm low level and barely have enough good gear or gold to get through quests. You have to spend money or have a hard time leveling up.

Kentzkie Otacan

Boring It sucks,its hard to undetstand how to play this game,its hard to lvl up and this game goes error and then your account in cloud save will not be save ..l. wasted my data on downloading this.

Samurai Whoop

Amazing fun Really fun game. Great community. Only problem is the "earn free miracle coins" doesn't work 99% of the time. I've done the surveys download and starts and download and finish tutorial and not received a single M coin.

Dhruv Sharma

One of the most amazing MMORPGs ever but... I dont like the recent update where they introduced ferocity and solidity. They messed up resilience as well. I dnt know why they had to seperate the attacks to characters and monsters. I played really hard to get my characters to a particular stage and after their update my char is not one of the best anymore. Otherwise this game is simply amazing with zero bugs. If there is a bug the devs fix it within 12hrs and return what you may have lost in the bug. Thanks for this awesome game AIGRIND! :)

steven hocking

Best game...but I'm having trouble with my cloud save I keep getting the trouble of loading my accounts or even showing me I have saved accounts my barbarian is dragobarb I buy a lot of mirical coins from you guys pls help me I do not wish to loose all my hard work put into my accounts I await a reply thank you

Chum Ovung

Wtf!? Usless skill for mage again! When dafuk are u adding stun skill for mage?? This is partial..favouring only the mcs side..everytime i ask for stun skill they add for lock? Please take some time and reason as to why there are very less mage users# Disappointed, Devs??

Aka Jg

theres a new devs its making the game a nightmare now you have to buy $49.99 us dollars to buy get a deal game has become unbalance now you need to spend life scrolls to do new dungeons man now they really want to make money

William Hunt

Great game, but bugged First few "free mcoin offers" worked, but now none of them do... Many people mentioning this, but nothing being done about it. Mcoins are needed if you want more than a few slots in your bag among other things :( ---- increased rating based on response from dev. But still would be nice if the free coins worked better. I'm totally fine with dropping a few bucks here and there on a game I enjoy, but the fact that the offers are there and don't work for me bother me (I know you can contact support, but... )

Prince or King?

New Currency System Its a great game and all. Best that I've played, but the only thing I would complain about is the gold system. I would give you 5 stars if you guys just made us earn more because with what we get earned isn't really enough for what other players sell their items for. People will charge other people 100k-1m gold like if we're made of money. It would be better if each quest paid a reasonable amount like REAL games do. Maybe around 500g-2,500g? Depending on the quest of course. It really isn't fair...

Kenneth Brown

I really enjoy but I am a pally player and spent lots of money on him and to really find out that he is basically a support type pally why do u guys keep giving support type skills for him it's cool but I think he should have another powerful move i am now trying to make a bladedancer..wish I would have done that first I am getting smashed by them and rouge is like what was I thinking even with shield just cutting down to the bone guys pally really needs help please...ty....and please do away with the 14 day absence plz.


10/10 Need cow costume. Also a universe chat that lets us communicate with opposite factions. Players can ignore us if they why not.

Eric Ojeda

Nice game It's cute but could be a whole lot better. Lacks 3D graphics (side scroller how tacky). To bound to Quests no freedom to self developer.

david raquepas

Sucks Beware. After investing around 300$ in the game as well as precious time, they decided to ban my account for no apparent friends and the whole EU server is sad and dont understand why this happened. Thanks again Aigrind...

House Phone

Needs more for free players You guys need to make it easier for non mcoin users to get anywhere. All updates r for higher lvl mcoin users the non mcoin users get no help its wrong

matthew Von Schuetz

Awesome game A must get once your on the role you won't want to stop had this game for almost 4 years and still play it also the tech support guys are quick to solve a problem thanks for that :)

jeston lott

Unbalanced ... but anyways it's fun. Is pay store down bc I can't buy coins I want to waste more money .?? Anyways thanks for the game

jordan foston

Great game so far but.... Love it but i have one problem im trying to buy miracle coins but i keep getting (failed to recieve payment data) message please tell me how to fix this (please reply) if this issue is fixed for me its 10 stars :) but for now ill have to say 4

yahya suratwala

Still LOVING IT ! Thank you Ai Grind for making the changes I suggested ! You guys are awesome ! I am very impressed by the dedication and commitment of the support team.

Mehnaz Malik

Love it best game ever but... Warspear online is the best game ever butt gm made druid very weak you need make secret link only for druid not to be in a party

Rokas Stupakovas

Download error game itself downloads installs but when i try to enter game it says downloading 586kb something like that then closes and never updates

Yuppi Geko

Nostalgic runescape feeling Game is somewhat linear in its quest early on to be honest but it is amazing during mid game and feels like a legitimate classic rpg thats mmo and that in my opinion is what makes this game a good mmorpg. One of the best there is on mobile. Just need to add more content thats easy on the brain for newer players. This game needs better rating for sure.

Iiemdi badre

Even developer hack users ac? Why new update not working? Try to fix it fast... Can't load game

chyle tarroza

Nice game. I like the graphics, no problems in the game. Im having a hard time doing boss quests especially with support classes, because no one helps me. Maybe im just really alone ;( also hard to get some money for repairing equips.

Nathan Eikenberry

Warning Be warned the players have made this game pay to play and the community is horrible nobody will help you and nobody will invite you to party if you didn't spend money to amplify gear even at low levels...this game has been ruined by bad community altogether

sapa pawe

aigrind too greedy i hope no one will play this game anymore.i play this game almost 5 these day they make hard to get a gold even you buy mc coin.and the best part is they make pop up window for stupid items that you won't buy but you'll buy by accident.damn they are too greedy.i have email them a couple times.and i put in the forum couple times.but they insist don't want stop i don't have another choices.. stop playing long greedy aigrind.hope you'll not closed in future.

paul llovia

Please help me I cant enter the game with my paladin Character named Xslqyer it always show connection to server has been lost! Why would this happen???

A Google User

Best In 2010 had a big storms lights was off was so bored started looking for a game and found warspear its 2016 and i still play it like it was 2010 thanks aigrind gave me someething i love to do in my spare time

Marc J. Miranda

NEED HELP.. I already emailed your support team. I told everything that i remember to my old account but you guys still didn't reply .. please help should i email you guys again ?

Luis Puertas

Keeps crashing It keeps randomly crashing after an hour or so. It has happened since the 5.0 update, so please fix it. Thanks.

A Google User

Pay to win Go change this app into paid one.. its worthless for free players.. this game shouldn't be in free app's


Play it. NOT I mean come on not to be harsh but its very harsh to new players would not reccomend

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