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3 May
War Worlds

Posted by Codeka in Strategy | May 3, 2016 | 71 Comments

Apk file size: 8.0 MB

FREE SPACE-BASED MMO - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate!

WAR WORLDS IS CURRENTLY IN BETA -- there will be bugs, there will be new features added all the time. Get in now to have a say in the development of this exciting new MMO! We take every bug report and feature request seriously! Please make sure you use the "Report" function on any crash reports so that we can get a notification and debug your issue. If you have any other issues to report, shake your phone to send us a screenshot.

This game is true free-to-play. In-app purchases help the developer, but only affect cosmetic features (rename your stars, give your empire a funky shield image, and so on). NO PAY-TO-WIN!

In this space-based 4X MMO, you will explore an infinite universe, colonize worlds, harvest alien artefacts, raise an army and conquer your enemies! War Worlds is a multiplayer 4X game set in an infinite universe. From your home world, the universe is your oyster as you explore, expand, exploit and exterminate anyone who stands in the way of your ever-expanding empire!

If you've played Master of Orion before, then you'll know the drill: you choose how you want to build your empire: conquest, diplomacy, trade, all are possible in this open-ended game.

Whats new

    0.8.867 - Fixes a few more crashes (e.g. in alliance section) and a few instances where requests would be returning stale results.
    0.8.865 - Fixed crash on star page, also correctly request permission on M+ devices
    0.8.863 - Updated certificate
    0.8.861 - Fix build/accel not updating the star correctly
    0.8.860 - Bugfixs.
    0.8.857 - Bugfix release. Also, added 'locate' button to solar system view that centers on a star in the starfield.
    0.8.853 - Bugfix release.

Codeka part of our Strategy and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 3, 2016. Google play rating is 66.5765. Current verison is 0.8.867. Actual size 8.0 MB.

Download war-worlds.apk 8.0 MB


Earl Baversjo

Best Beta ever. A groundbreaker of a game. Here you can truely fly the stars. Wage war. Build Empires. The detail is INCREDIBLE!! Not a standard shoot-em-up. It makes you strategize and scheme. The best gamers in the world play this one!

David Slama

Too buggy The games to buggy...keep trying to start but after a day or so of play it starts me all over on another star. Its done that three times now

Margaret MacNeil

What this game needs is some starting explaining in it. That way you know what to do when you start.

Bird Jesus

it's a great strategy game The only bad thing about this game is that there are many bugs.

Rodney Daliege

Its actually gotten more buggy since i last played it several months ago can you pleases explain that. I give it five stars because it is a great game. Long live pytroxes

Joshua Sosiak

I cant build anything

luis m

I love it I love that you can make alliances

Abdullah Ibnu Abdullah

buggy like hell !! Forced crash Wtf.. how do u code this game ? Forced crash every 3 minutes !!! Wtf !!

Daniel Lee

It needs to know me on Google. Okay why? It is not like my Google profile is updated since I joined it. Also once I signed in it when back to the homepage and kept on saying sign into Google.

Fuqu Peeesosht

I like the game. It seems to still be in the developmental stages, so there are still a few bugs. Still worth playing.

Sean Runge

I would love to be able to start over after I messed up something so bad that my colonies are all dead, but nope. Not possible. I would have enjoyed playing, but now I can't.

john philip

Ships dissapear! I can't see my ships when I move them it's like they dissapear pls fix.

Don Thursby

The game has 5 star potential Only a fool would pay for this. There are so many bugs and crashes and such I don't even know where to begin. I'd rate it 0, thats zero, stars if it was possible. Google should boot this thing out of Play Store. Folks, run! And don't look back. Lots of potential but the developed doesn't know diddly about coding.

helios realm

Hello im waiting for dean to fix this games..and all sudden i cant see /access alliance chat..and being attacked by others..has potential but seriously with all the bugs and crashes im losing faith and patience with this game. If you dont mind being trashed this game..???????

Brandon DeJager

Freeeeze I up the rating if it didn't freeze non stop

Addison Herring

New update problems fix asap or 1 star The new update cause constant freezing and force stopping the app. I cannot see the taxes that i can get from each planet, and i feel like i cant have the full game experience. Please fix or im quiting this game, its ridiculous

Daniel Latimer

Awesome game I left for awhile and now I've come back but I went to download and I just have one question. Why does it need to know my identity. I mean it seems like every game I DL needs to know my identity these days even small games like this one. These small time game devs arnt the NSA so what's goin on here?

Adam thomas

Good game, has some stability issues and slow to start but has great potential

Brandon Keener

I had a nice little 4 star empire, but I logged in one day and I had been wiped out and had to restart, then that empire was taken, and I did this 3 times.

Frederick Kardatzke

Rule the Universe Or your slice of it. A strategy game that is truly open ended allowing different solutions for different personalities, conflicts, alliances, empire building, problem solving. And it's in beta so you can submit your ideas it improve it!

Jared Guevara

I love ths game One of the best i've ever played and I love the beta realm its pretty fast I do highly recommend this game

Michelle McTavish

Add alliances This game is good but add alliances. The leader or commander (depends on how many people are in it) can declare war with other alliances or make enemies with lone wolfs (unallianced players) or make allies with other alliances or hire mercenaries (hired players payed once a order). Make a huge alliance of ai called the axis powers that are super aggressive.

Luke Chambers

Amazing in-depth game A open ended game that allows you to truly feel like you are building an empire. One or two bugs due to it still being in development phase, but this game is one well worthy of full support!

Robert Faulcon

War of world It's okay still learning looks very exciting awesome

Brian Pecce

It won't let me build

Jarod Froess

Bugs This game is complicated to learn and is very buggy. Ik its in a beta but come on. If I click a notification it logs me out and says "bad request" if I try logging in. And when im actually logged in the app crashes most of the time.

Matthew Galloway

Love it This is an awesome game to play! -Aradhaldon Elite Federation

Anthony Vanegas

Great Game! This is the Prussian Empire! Check out the Showcase section on the forums to see my fan fiction stories, journals, and biographies! See ya later!

Brandon Watkins

Definitely a keeper if the bugs are fixed! May I suggest a donation option, so you can get help to fix the game. A side note, chat constantly gets in the way when exploring planets, on my phone.

Curtis Jones

Nice but buggy Great concept. Can't find another game like it. Will check back soon to see if bugs are getting fixed faster

Zachary Brown

Good game This game is great but needs more ship and planet upgrades

Kyle Elder

Full review on G+ See my wall for full review

Gregory Wikan

Future clash of clans! This game is very fun, I completely recommended you get it if you like clash of clans.

Adrian Bates

Fun but buggy This game is good fun but needs more care on the coding side. Bugs abound.

Nathan Stephenson

Great game, can't wait for the issues to be fixed I love this type of game, but I've been having some issues. It crashes when I open the game from a notification. Also I sent some scouts to an adjacent system and now I have no way to move them again... It would be nice if there was a report button in the game to pass on these issues when I find them.

Loki Kismet

Amazing Unlike some others I can read and not only that, I know what the word beta means. I like the fact that this game is very open. Dont change that fact :-)

Albir Tarsha

Please fix for Galaxy S5 Conceptually very good. Graphics very good. Almost unplayable because too many crashes. Is there supposed to be a menu button? Cumbersome to navigate especially with so much crashing.

Dalton Reiss

Good Game And you should make another game like Master of Orion that isn't MMO only

McKenzie Zobrist

Great game I love endless expansion/conquer games like this. I wish more people knew about it.

Eugene Dzhafarov

This is a great game! A very addictive!

Vitalii Zaretskyi

Please don't forget project. Make more bug fixes, please. Add new features. And You may do even commercial version, without affecting popularity

Yaroslav Kargin

Very nice game In beta state, but still playable, 5 stars

Aleksey Trushkin

beta not work good game, but beta not work. only alpha

Александр Коцюба

Alpha crashes quite often, hope `ll be fixed

Игорь Гончаров

пиу-пиу! [x] It's a beautiful.

Павел абырвалг

Game is awesome! Please! add to game russian translation and powersave mode. Game eats battery very fast.

Caleb Rodriguez


Martha Craig

Good Not sure why, but I can't collect taxes. Please Fix! This game is Fun!

Ess Kay

great game way to go! One Google Employee's side project turned to popular indie game idea. If you're looking for something different, look no further

Fedor Steeman

I am torn, because I really love this game and it is really addictive. However, the client app is very buggy (it crashes often) and the server is VERY laggy. I really hope this game gets a serious overheaul, because it is one of the few games that really can keep me captivated. So, despite all of the annoying issues, I still rate it top stars!

justin cheese

Best beta EVER The game itself is great very well made... but the bugs I have found are annoying, if you try to colonize a planet when you have no colonization ship in that star system, it will crash you, also you can't boost your ships, but other than that I LOVE DIS STUFFFFFFF

Charles Curtis

Great potential...updated The game has been virtually abandoned by the developer. The game changed servers and is unplayable the limited amount of time you can login...there is a login loop error. The game is so slow if you manage to login and menus don't load. There has been no replies to emails about the game state.

scott wallace

Only game I play New server is a little slow but allows the game to live on, great community of players and great potential once development kicks back in.

Aaryn Minyard

Buggggggggyyyyyyyyty It was absolutely terrible. I couldn't even open the app without it crashing

Austin Ray

Hey do a free mode were you can do what ever you want in it

Owen Lowe

Potential so 5 star I really like the idea of this game but it runs very slowly. Good idea, will play, needs optimization so splitting up unit groups doesn't take 10 seconds.

Charlz Thecoolest

Can't play The game is glitched everytime i try to build, i crashed the game. pls fix dis for 3 or 5 stars

Jonathan Mendoza

Were am i Cant find my self

Kristian Coulter

Finally I finally got it to work...I guess blitz realm doesnt work

Loaf Danish

I wish The developer continue developing this game

Loaf Danish

I wish The developer continue developing this game

Stomp Glade

Rad galaxy war sim Populate your stars, conquer your neighbors, fuel their tears. BOOM!

kevin reddell

Won't work It's a fun game if it works it's sad it was a good time waster to bad

Loki Laviathin

Nice game but development of game needs improved, needs more things to research and build


A true 4x!! All it needs is more ships and money making explanation!but is otherwise a must download

Noah Swank

Time killer. Hard to get the hang of but pretty fun

Zach Kirk

It needs more loading Everytime I get on it takes a few minutes to load up plz fix

Loaf Danish

I wish The developer continue developing this game


Perfect Just add some more ships and buildings

Aaron Preston

Dead app? Wish id of known before i started playing

helios realm

Hello im waiting for dean to fix this games..and all sudden i cant see /access alliance chat..and being attacked by others..has potential but seriously with all the bugs and crashes im losing faith and patience with this game. If you dont mind being trashed this game..???????

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