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11 Dec
Walk for a Dog

Posted by WoofTrax, Inc. in Health & Fitness | Dec. 11, 2015 | 187 Comments

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Support your favorite animal organization just by walking your dog. Walking your dog every day is a great way to keep in shape, and the Walk for a Dog app provides an added incentive. Don't just take your dog for a walk ...Take your Walk for a Dog. Its healthy for you, your dog and your animal shelter or rescue.

The app will automatically find a shelter or rescue organization near you, but you can choose from nearly 6,000 organizations in the system by going to the Setup Tab in the app.

If a shelter or rescue organization is not in the app, ask them to to go to apply to be added to the program.

The Walk for a Dog program is a revolutionary dog-powered fundraising tool. Enter your dog's information and picture into the app. Track how far you walk each dog. For more information and FAQs go to

Whats new

    Improved performance. Loads faster. Fixes issue on some Samsung devices where the app may not fully close after a walk is completed. Other bug fixes and enhancements.

WoofTrax, Inc. part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 11, 2015. Google play rating is 73.4418. Current verison is 2.15.1124. Actual size 22.0 MB.

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Maggie McWilliams

Can't get past enrollment I have verified my email at least half a dozen times and it still just goes to the enrollment screen and I can't use the app at all. I've even Uninstalled and re-installed and same issue.

Lisa Castellino

??? so I went through the whole enrollment process even verified my email, only to be taken back to the apps startup screen for enrollment again. I I don't get it. isn't there supposed to be more to this app?

Saunie Holloway

Was great but... Today, mid-walk the app force closed and now will NOT open. Tried clearing cache, even restarted my phone. Total bummer, as I could be making money for Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego.

Birgitta Schmid

Very Altruistic App! Great app. I love the idea of walking your own dog but helping others at the same time. You don't need a dog to use it either. Everyday when we walk we put the app on. It acts as a pedometer for us but in the end we are helping the shelter that we rescued one of our dogs from!! Thanks Wooftrax! I'm obsessed with this app and hope many more start using it!


Doesn't work Would give one star, but I like the idea of helping rescued animals. App doesn't work most of the time and when jt does, the distance is way off. Even when walking, it says we are not. Also stops on it's own.

Jackie Schroeder

Please update Please update so the app can run when screen is locked. I don't want to be calling Australia while working out. I've walked 4 miles with this app and nothing has come up due to me locking the screen. :-(

Cathryn Akerman

Cant connect Unable to establish gps connx, ive sent three emails with screen shots. Used to work great, loved it, then just stopped working one day. Tried uninstall and reinstalling, didnt fix.

Shauna Ward

Just ok When I first heard about this app I was really excited. I thought it was awesome that I could keep track of my walking and donate to my local shelter. I had previously used another app to track my walks and had great success with it. Since using this app I have really been disappointed. It always seems to stop tracking my progress prior to when I am completed with my walk. Very upsetting since it defeats the entire purpose. I am now torn on continuing to use it or going back to a more reliable app.

Susan R

Disappointed As of yesterday, 2/26/15 the app will not open which means I'm loosing alot of money for the dog rescue i chose since I walk all day. I hope they get it fixed soon

Corey Roach

Another upgrade would be nice I did experience the app not tracking my entire walk at first, but that seems to have been fixed with this last update. I have only experienced one time when GPS location couldn't be established but it worked immediately after clearing the error message. I did notice the GPS tracking is grossly inaccurate on distance and the path taken. This flaw should be addressed in the next app update. It would also be nice to know how much will be donated after each walk.

Randall Ray

Great app, works everytime I use it! Even though it says I have not referred friends, actually have referred many cause I have a Vivofit made by Garmin and started group on there called Home Depot and Dog Walking, come on down. One thing you should make sure, if your (maps app) works, the this app will work plus having a good network is the key. Had t-mobile and it was hit or miss in their network but Verizon comes thru everytime.

Lori Ralston

Sometimes works I really loved this idea but if I get a text and respond to it while I'm walking it stops the app and I have to restart it. Lately I will select a dog to walk and after it's done it says I walked except without a dog.

Jamie Schlenvogt

Pain in the butt What happened? I had the app on my old phone, put it on my new one, and everytime i want to use it, i have to verify my email and then wait for a confirmation email so that i can get it activated. Most of the time i ready to go out the door-not sit and waiting for an email to come through...get it working right so i can just start the app and get to walking a tracking

yaritza aracena

Very cool I love this app because I get help my local animal shelter by doing something I do everyday and that's walking my dog. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Sarah Lopez

... It's great knowing that I'm walking for a cause. The only issue lately is that I been going on hikes with my dog so I start up the app but when I look at my phone when I'm done it only recorded my walk for a few minutes & sometimes a few seconds. My miles aren't being recorded.

ToNhu Tran

Unreliable Stops on its own and doesn't track how long you've walked for. I'm not going to be looking at my phone every minute to ensure the app is still running. I actually pay attention to my dogs on our walks. Wouldn't recommend, even though it goes toward good cause.

Jamie Deacon

Hangs Up Tried to back out of the app, after i was done walking the dog, and it stayed way of shutting it off, unless restart.

Megan Sinagoga

Love the concept! Some bugs 5 stars for the concept of this app and ease of use. 3 stars because it keeps stopping every time we stop for training/treats/water break/etc. It is supposed to pause and auto restart, but it doesn't. And it's not always easy for me to dig out my phone, unlock the screen, open the app and restart it. I hope this problem gets fixed.

Christine Barclay

Buggy I love that it tracks my walks but the app often freezes or just closes down. It's frustrating. Please update to fix the bugs.

Juliane Lenavitt

Very cool I've seen all the reviews about technical difficulties. It's working fine on my HTC one and the husband HTC one m8. The dogs love it too: a little extra incentive to get off the couch and take them. :)

Kathy P

Fun I love the fact that walking my dog like I normally do helps my shelter of choice. I did need to reinstall the app once because it quit working, but still like it.

Peggy Friel

Pauses and stops tracking Love that this app will benefit rescues & animal shelters. BUT so frustrating as it pauses or stops tracking A LOT. They need some kind of upgrade to stop the pauses. I have used mapmywalk w/o any of this type of problem.


Love this app! This is a great app, haven't had any issues! I also love that it tells you how many miles are being walked for your organization. The only thing I would ask for is a tracker maybe on a weekly or monthly basis of how much money I personally have "walked to donate" to my selected group. And maybe add a weather tracker since youre using gps, and if it's raining or snowing, the miles or donation gets automatically doubled just for weather conditions? (I'm only mostly joking about this part haha!)

Melissa Zwilling

Great cause, but app issues The app has a lot of trouble connecting to my gps for some reason (I checked with other apps while I was using this one, and my gps worked fine.) Also auto-closed, said it saved my half-mile of walking, but didnt have more than a few yards recorded. Was walking the whole time so not sure why it stopped. Can't open other apps like music at same time either- it will close this dog walk app. I'll keep using it because it is a good cause, but this thing runs laggy and slow. Fix those issues and this is great.

Gretchen Johnson

Disappointing This is a great idea, it's too bad it doesn't seem to work for so many people and we're all having the same issues! Mine will not start and says it cannot detect my location. My location and GPS services are on, I will be outside, my other apps that use those work fine, but this one never detects my location. It's an app problem and hadn't been fixed in over 6 months that I've been trying to use it. I guess the creators want to pretend they do good, but can't be bothered to back it up.

Katherine Lyons

Same problem so far Every time I've tried to register I can't pick a shelter or proceed past the initial setup screen. I was really excited to use this app while walking. When I first encountered this issue I though it was perhaps the location in which i live (Google maps has had constant issues trying to isolate my area of residence, which i chalk up to recent changes in the areas roads and architecture.) but now seeing the several comments of similar issues, i won't lie, I'm kinda let down. Hopefully they can implement some better updates that patch this common issue. I'll keep trying and perhaps uninstall and reinstall, but one can only wait so long before giving up hope...either way great concept and motivator! Keep up the work and improve on your app and you'll be golden! ^.^

Adam Oliver

Tracking needs work. Halfway through the walk it stopped automatically stating I was moving too fast. The map showed that I made a straight line to a park nearby. They should have written the app better and waited to see if they got incorrect GPS information before auto ending. My first walk ended with no dog selected due to poor UI design.

Aaron G

Brilliant but flawed First of all: plaudits to the concept of this app, it's genius. Everything works decently for me except, and this is a big except, it auto shuts down if you go faster than 15mph which I do almost every time I take my dog for a bike ride. It has bike riding as an option so you'd think it would be able to handle speeds commensurate with a relatively fast dog. 25mph would be perfect. Other than that I love it.

Sheila Snyder

Auto shut off inaccurate It shuts off after just a few feet. I have settings ad high ad they will go but app ignores the settings

M Serage

Was good, now stops working The app worked very well, stable, and seemed accurate when I first started using it. Now it closes on its own before we finish a walk. Luckily it auto saves, but is not consistent about when it quits and how much of our walk is recorded. That is irritating enough.... but the rescue loses getting the full donation. Nexus 5 phone, running android 5 (lollipop).

Kerry Rice

Great idea, but needs improvement The app pauses, saying that I had stopped walking, even though I didn't. You would have to constantly check it to make sure it hasn't stopped. Also, the distance tracking is not accurate.

John Woodward

Noble Cause but a unreliable app I love the what this app is for and the cause is near and dear to my heart. The quality and reliability of this app are substandard. The app will automatically stop tracking your walk but keep the notification on as if there were no problems. When you get done you'll find only a small segment of your walk was captured. Today I walked 2.25 miles and this app stopped at just over .5 miles. What gives? I applaud this app's intent, but dislike it's poor quality.

Harley Davidson

Great cause..terrible app This app works fine as long as you don't minimize it to make a call or take a picture or listen to I-heart soon as it leaves the main screen it stops working. I have an app called cardio trained that tracks your movement the same way and it works fine when its I know its need to work on it. Whats the point of taking a walk in the woods with it and when you go to take a picture it stops working.

Whitney Tompkins

Walk for a dog This would be a great app if it actually worked. Can't get past the enrollment screen.

Mark Demshock

Use daily, but buggy as hell I use this app daily on my galaxy 5s, but it's Buggy as hell. Gets very frustrating! While on a walk DO NOT USE ANY OTHER APP or your walk will crash. When this happens, you need to clear the cashe and force close the program and restart the app. Additionally, the last 3 days, I have not been able to view my routes. Each time I pull up a specific walk map, the app hangs and closes. I really hope the programmers fix these issues.

Jay Graf

Really want this to work better I use this every day. Since days it works like a charm. The next day it will rebooted 1/3 of a mile ands stop (even though I walk mute than a mile each day). Please update and fix bugs! Fixing the issues will make this genius!

Brian Morris

Great idea, but a glitchy app I love what happens through this application, but the app itself leaves something to be desired. Touching the Settings button crashes it. Failing to lock a GPS signal right away crashes it. If you touch the "Start walking" button before it loads the sponsor's ads it can break the path recording for that event. In other words, this app has the same problem that so many others do: it's more worried about what *it* wants to do than it is about what *I* want to do.

Erica Jensen

Could be better This app is great when it works properly. Last 2 walks, none of our distance was recorded, despite having everything set correctly. This prevents the rescue from getting full benefits. Love the history maps of where we had walked.

Chris Lichfoldt

The worst. Waste of time. For the time you spend wasting installing and enrolling on the crap app that doesn't work, you would be better off just sending a check to your favorite charity.

neda alahmad

Will not work I have requested to resend validation email several times because i never got it the first time and still no validation to make it work. Cannot get past the validation screen

Shari Selnick

Still issues It seems to keep pausing when we stop - and with a sniffing hound it's often! - and it doesn't just restart. A pain to have to reach into my pocket to make sure it's active again. No way to adjust the settings. Until all is fixed, I don't want to use it. Just too frustrating.

Sanda Di

Great Incentive to Use a Mapping App With recent updates, this is now an easy and effective app to use. I love knowing that every step the dogs and I take is helping another dog in need. ...It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the exercise apps have, but it has plenty to effectively track a dog walk!

D Alvarez

Fixed issue! Thanks, app is back to tracking correctly. Thanks for the fix!

Candace McCabe

BB in 1 Month After last update it stopped working, so I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. I'll be back in a month to hopefully upgrade my opinion.

Annie Nelson

Love that this helps homeless animals! I love that this app helps homeless animals! Also, please note, the app was updated previously, which caused some glitches, but it has now been fixed and keeps accurate track of distances and speed again. Yay! It would be nice if it also kept track of inclines and calories, but I still use this instead of other apps to help the dogs!

Jessica Romanelli

Cool. I like it. Seems to be working properly. I had no problem signing in, verifying email then started walking. I picked a local shelter that that takes strays from my county as my charity. The one actually in my county doesn't.

deck the walls

Stops in the middle of a walk sometimes for no reason.

Chris Cordeiro

Samsung Note 4 Do I have to be walking a dog to use this app?

Kim Carr

What happened??? I've been using this app for almost a year with only minor minor issues on my Android phone now the GPS is always wrong since the update. It times out with the slightest pause in walking which is no bueno when you are walking with dogs. I can't constantly check to see if i've timed out!!! The slide to pause and resume are horrible!!!! Please fix!!!!

Jamie Deacon

Broken Force closes, keeps time, not essence, doesn't work.

Jon Harland

Not liking the new update Functionally, it seems ok. I've only used the new update once, though. I do not like the new interface, at all. Aesthetically, the pictures of dogs I walk are horribly small. I liked the larger (and square!) photos. There is plenty of room on the screen, still; I'm not sure why you felt the need to go with the little pictures. Also, it is *very* hard to tell if you've selected a dog or not. I had to squint and tap the photo several times to see if anything had changed. Very disappointing.

Cindy Eves

<1 star I used to use this app until I got a new phone. After loading the app on my new phone, the app asks for 1 & last name, email address and shelter name. Then it tells you to check a validation email that never comes. I have reloaded this app sever times and gone through this process multiple times and never received an email. And yes, I checked my spam. It's a great idea...if it actually worked.

LeighAnne Muller

I wanted to like this app. I used it before with no problems. Now I can' t exit from the app without turning off my phone and I walked 2.78 miles today but this app only said .6.

MJ CoolGirl

It doesn't work. I have been trying for 2 days to enroll and it won't send me an email to confirm,please fix this!

Kurt Zwirlein

I haven't been using the app very long but have to agree with everyone else it pauses way to fast and easy (animals do have to relieve themselves) and don't resume have to do it yourself who wants to constantly be watching the phone that needs fixing I haven't actually checked how accurate the gps stuff is or the mileage it's recording the time does seem to be off also but because it pauses all the time without resuming that may be correct

Matt Coulson

Love the app, but it needs refining I just hiked almost 3 miles, but didn't get to record any of it, because after I turned on the app and put my phone back in my pocket, it auto-ended 35 seconds later citing that I was going too fast. I haven't tried running with this app yet, but that concerns me I was going too fast at 3 mph, let alone the 5-6 mph I run at

Keith Candline

Great idea, but..... This app was recently updated to "fix" stability problems people were reporting. I used to encounter those problems from time to time. Now it's more frequent. Great idea, but just can't seem to execute, even with so many great examples out there.

Bogdan Bota

It was working fine before the update. Now... not so much. The photo of my dog gets stretched, the distance is way off and it's impossible to open the app from the notification bar. I'm sure you can fix these problems. Thanks in advance.

Connor MacLeod

WTF? The only reason it got 3 stars is because they donates to dog rescues. The updated version is worse than the old version this is crap its got me going zig zag all over, crossing lakes multiple times. Why would an upgraded version be worse then the predecessor. I can't figure out if I want to keep using it make you guys lose money or find a new app. maybe pay for an app that works better.

Bonnie McGregor

What a bummer! Was stoked when i heard of this app so i happily installed it. Can't even get the enrollment email to start the dang thing. I've checked that i entered the right info n also my spam folder to no avail.... Total *buzzkill* :-( *uninstall*

Yvette Lara

Used to be a favorite app! The recent update RUINED the app. It doesn't recognize distance anymore, only time. AND it won't close without shutting your phone down. I'm so disappointed. :-(

Clay St. John

Great help for dogs The last update fixed all my 5.0 related issues. Thank you so much for helping people help dogs!

Alex Strawder

Horrible update Please put it back the way it was! The update sucks!

Jamie DeGeare

New update not as nice Can't open app through notification icon anymore

Sandra Sanford

Won't close after latest update I've also used this app for sometime now. The latest upgrade however has a glitch where I have to turn off my phone to get the to app to close. But overall I love the app. Please fix the issue. (Using an android phone)

Dan Jacobs

Looking good! I like the new look since the update. Thanks for the bug fixes and updates! Notification bar piece still needs to be forced closed, does nothing when you touch it.

Cathy B

Update stinks!!! Still auto stops. I run/walk with my dogs & it will now stop because it thinks I'm walking too fast. Running part is minimal.

Stacey N

Won't track distance This app used to work great, but now does not track distance or time walked at all.

Melanie Sauer

Poor update I loved this app and told all my friends about it. I always figured that my humane society should benefit from something I do everyday. But since the update I have not been able to find a shortcut on my main screen, the app won't close like it used to after my walk, but it will force close sometimes during my walk, and it didnt save the pic of my dog. If you're going to update don't try to fix things that aren't broken.

Amy Jimenez

Wish you could delete dogs I foster a lot of dogs. I wish I were able to delete them once they find forever homes.

Erika Przybylinski

Latest update is a mess I love the intent of this app in raising money for rescue; however, the last update seems to have destroyed the functionality. I use the app 2-3 times/day. With this version, it has crashed every single time, and what data is captured is way off. Even worse, I can no longer close the app without going to application manager to shut it down. So annoying and doesn't work!!!

Coralin Glerum

Very poor update. The app closes for no reason. It does not track my walks or rides anymore. The app worked very well before. Not sure why it was changed. It has become virtually useless for me now.

Rachel Menor

Horrible update The app worked perfect until this last update, now it does not track mileage accurately. I have a samsung galaxy

Amy Deslauriers

Latest update messed things up The update was supposed to have fixed GPS issues with Samsung galaxy phones but it has made it worse. I've had several walks that were auto saved after a few minutes of walking so my entire walk was not logged. Plus the mileage is always different even though I'm taking the same route. It didn't fix that either. Too bad. The puppies lose out if the app doesn't properly document the walk. Please fix this.

Greg Dudash

Update trashed this perfectly working app! Bring back the old one until you fix this update!

Koci Lab

Hate to complain bout charity app but Was never the most stable app but tolerable given free app to raise money for shelters. Last 1.5 wks the app wont even open. Missed over 20miles of walking so far.

Deborah Rose

New Update Awful New update keeps stopping while I walk. After asking if I want to resume walk, doesn't track my walk. When app did work,distance traveled was not accurate. Old app was much better.

Ad Ho

Buggy Great concept, but ever since the update this app has had issues tracking my location. It also constantly asks if want to resume even when I'm still walking

Christy Simpson

Update killed great app Doesn't track/map my walks accurately on Samsung s5 active (latest os). 1.5 miles logged as .9 and missed several turns I made.

Stefanie Soto

Frustrations Since upgrade nothing but problems. Is frustrating . You want to do something good and end up beeing upset fighting with the app. Cannot get GPS location. Its not the phone because every other app with location works

Rachel Sandler

Last update broke it This app worked for me for years, but I updated it two days ago and now it won't even open.

Jackie Seyferth

Walk for a Dog Shows exact path taken...length of walk/miles we walked...length of time we walked...proof to husband and to other people that we walked when they are shown the impact section...donates money to causes people select to walk for to help dogs and other worthy animal causes...

Monica Brazil

Good tracking It shows the path I walk and tracks the miles all while helping the shelter of my choice.

Al Cahill

Great idea It won't let me see how much I have donated by walking. Still some bugs but I'm still on board.

Barbra G

2 stars for great idea Nothing but aggrevation! Some days it won't open, some days it won't close. I think I'll just uninstall and instead send a monthly check directly to Gray Muzzle. That'll be a win win.

mike lawlor

Great idea This app is a great idea and works perfectly fine for me. However, I do think the developers should be more transparent about how much is actually being donated per walk. Even if it is just the statistics for the past year for each shelter would do. Not only would it encourage people to use the app more but it would make people trust it more.

Sally Duerr

App pauses timer, doesn't track walk properly When walking my dog, I don't pay attention to my phone so that I may instead pay attention to my dog and our surroundings. After less than three minutes when the phone auto locks, the app pauses the timer and doesn't track the actual walk timer....negating the donation for the cause.

Matthew Bovee

It would be helpful if they showed how much money you raised for the dog shelter.

Christina Vaughn

Walk the Dog Walk your dogs and raise money for your favorite charity, or for mine. Ayla's Acre's No Kill Animal Rescue

Mike Hampton

I really like Walk for a Dog and what it is doing to help the rescued dogs of the world. I like tracking the miles walked with my little rescue and how I can see where we've been and how far we've walked. Makes me feel like I'm contributing since I can't rescue them all. The app can be a bit quirky but I can live with that since the development team is trying to do some good in this world. Not perfect but what do you expect for free.

William Hallyburton

Works great and helps dogs I love this app. It works perfectly on my Motorola Moto G3 and I'm helping dogs, which are pretty much my favorite thing in the entire world.

Cynthia Lewis

Cant open Have not been able to open app all week. When try to open it says "Unfortunately walkfor a dog has stopped" disappointing. Has worked great until this week. Please fix. Update: After 2 weeks I gave up and deleted app and reinstalled. I had to registar again and lost my walk histories, but my impact and walks counted were still there so my organization will still get the miles....will see how long it keeps working.

Bri L

Great for fitness tracking Use this app every time I walk my dog, I love it. It shows the path you take, the length and the average speed you walked.

Jodie Nowakowski

GPS is unreliable This app usually takes half of my walk to find my location or it doesn't find me at all and times me out. Frustrating.

Melissa Frankel

Don't update Love this app until I updated. It just added annoying ads that slow down the program. Last version was the best! I wish I could go back. Motorola droid.

Jean Arends

Just reinstalled this app. Works great so far.

D Snevets

The app completely stopped loading the second day of use

Michele Carman

Wont even let me resgister I cant even register. Says my email is not valid.

Trixie Henry

No luck opening Just downloaded and am not able to set up anything.

Edward Zorzi

Wooftrax Download on my Android and iPhone. It won't open.

Tom Elias

Great app Love them new progress info. Makes me get out when I really don't want to to walk for my CAPL

Aimee Trawick

Never let me sign up. Keep deleting whatever I wrote or picked

Beck Flickinger

Newest version is just as easy to use and has nice new features. Love this app!

Lori Sanders

Lori Felsburg Owner of TLC Pet Salon

Mike Pickwick

Love the app BUT..... Having issues with it not opening. Just started happening...potentially after an automatic update. UPDATE: I had to uninstall / reinstall to get it to work again...but lost all my historical data doing so.

Daniel Schlegel, Jr

Great idea, poorly done I can run the same route 10 times and no two will show up the same. If you don't go within seconds of turning it on, it times out. It won't open from the taskbar, only the icon.

joseph burns

Great app Helps animal rescues

Katia Mac

Battery muncher This app is ok but the pull down button no longer gets me to the app and man does it suck down battery

Jo Purches

Happy walking! I love this app! The data it provides is very useful, and I am walking for a cause. It's like having my cake and eating it too.

Brenda Hansen

No signal Can't find signal? Too many times. Doesn't count walk if it can't find signal, I walk with or without it working.

Summer Reilly

Great app Track you walk and donate! Awesome idea. Works great

Cindy Thompson

Like it when it works. I like how it shows your route and how far you've walked, but now when you post it on Facebook it doesn't show how far you walked. It just post the promo to get the app.

T Butler

App I downloaded and just comes up green screen. Deleted redownloaded still worthless app.

Lisa Garcia

Location Maybe update will fix this, but it doesn't always accept the location. Particularly if I try using app right after turning on the location. If I turn on Mapmywalk first then it's ok

Gwen C

Too many issues! It will never open from the pull down, only if you click the actual app when it's running. Stops and doesn't resume while still walking. Sometimes won't quit running even after the walk is finished, I have to go to apps and manually stop it.

Jeremy Schneider

Battery killer The most recent update is giving me a wakelock and GPS is constantly active. If the app is manually killed, the app is restarting itself. Running cm12.1 on a LG LS990

Raymond Gartman

Walk dog (8/12/14, should be close to original post time,I added to it and the date changed. I have used over a year.) Does what it says! Had to extend the auto shut off, it only showed one way. I hope this helps with the shelter that Ella was living. It didn't seem to use a lot of battery life on an hour walk. 9/15/15 and is doing what said. This app works, need to say no more , but enjoy the giving to the place YOU pick.

Janet Pace

I love this app and am so glad they fixed the bugs for my Android phone. Upgrading my 2 stars to 5 stars. The customer service is the best. Emailed them and got a personal response from a real person. Other apps, take note. This is how you do it.

Holly Millheiser

Was great, now worthless Previously worked fine, now says the GPS can't find me. GPS is working without a problem elsewhere. Problem is the app. What a drag.

Daniel Schlegel, Jr

Frustrated and bad. I can run the same route 10 times and no two will show up the same. If you don't go within seconds of turning it on, it times out. It won't open from the taskbar, only the icon. And I can walk outside for half an hour only to find that it "timed out" after two minutes when I was on the move for over thirty minutes.

Trudy Reierson

Great app as I'm waking pups anyway! Rescue gets $$, all I do is start it and pick a pup. Woo hoi!

Scott Salant

The rescue, Paws crossed animal rescue) in ny is not listed. They have applied many times and you are completely unresponsive

Ani Elmaoglu

Too many glitches Keeps getting stuck... Keeps asking for location even after I enable it. To stop walking I have to reopen the app. It's just not convenient to use anymore.

Christine Schrier

Awesome app Donates to your rescue. . This is easy to do!

Megan Nelson

Not Working After One Use Used the app once and now it says the app has stopped every time I try to use it again. Very disappointed.

Wolf Force

I don't have any problems using this app. The only hangup is you NEED to turn your GPS tracker on before you open the app, or (at least for me) it will not find your location. I turn it on when I'm getting my dogs' leashes then open the app after I have them ready to go. Route seems pretty accurate (I wander in the wilderness so hard to say precisely), app is easy to use, the ads aren't obnoxious, and overall I like the concept. Been using it for a while now (a month? 2?) on my Galaxy phone with no issues.

Rita Grijalva

Keeps asking me to validate my email address when I am trying to set it up. Worked great on my old phone.

Mallory Ely

Encourages me to walk further I love this app, and the concepts that created it! Works wonderfully for me! A fun way to track the exercise my dogs and I get!

Ross-Alexander Smith

Good cause Fairly simple and unabtrusive. I haven't had many app issues. Worst is that sometimes it takes a bit for the GPS to kick on and it might ask you to start without it (you have to watch or you might not record a walk). The only real problem I've had is I don't really know what kind of impact I'm having. I go to the impact and it just shows how many people and miles walked for the local shelter. That's great, but how much does that mean? I'd like to know more.

Mary Doane

The reviews I read are RIGHT - NOT GOOD. I download the app. I have a Droid, android., after entering my email, it wouldn't accept it. Put it in several times from my phone. Had to get on my computer, and it said I'm installed but I can't access the app it won't take my email!!!!!!!

Samilou h

Why can't I sign in? I have a new phone but it won't let me log into my account. Just says register for a new one. Very annoying

Michele Jenkins

This is a great app. I do not have any issues while using it. I never really pay attention to how exact the mileage or gps really is. I just am hoping to get a little extra money donated to our local animal shelter while I am out walking the dogs. Please, please, make it available for Samsung Gear2. It is much nicer to take a walk without worrying about my phone!

Dipa Field

I just installed this app and nothing happened. I get the green screen with the logo and nothing else.

Rose Leeland

Been timing out and records 1 minute I have it set to time out if inactive for 20 minutes (for when forget when busy with taking leash off & getting treats) but if I turn on and between time wrap leash on hand and open door it times out. Just started doing this only past week.

Johnny Martin-Alexander

Annoying cause it used to work Says gps can't find me & crashes after one minute of walking.

Jessica Romanelli

Cool. I like it. Seems to be working properly. I had no problem signing in, verifying email then started walking. I picked a local shelter that that takes strays from my county.

amanda mace

For those of you who can't figure out the email thing. Okay so when setting up it is a bit confusing cause it keeps popping up with check your email. It literally means open your email and check for one from them. It is basically verifying your email address not wanting you to retype it. Which to be fair they should change that to (verify email) instead of (check email). Anyways hope this helps those of you struggling!


Can't set up account This app won't accept any of my email addresses, it keeps asking me to check them as if I put the address in wrong. I triple checked the address, then tried reinstalling the app a few times and it is still giving me the error message. Please help, I would love to use this!

Patsy Pruitt

E-MAIL It won't except my e-mail address like many others, however you didn't comment on how to fix it on all of the complaints. You did comment on the other problems though?? So what do we do? Just go to a different app?

Holly Waggoner

Help! I love the idea of helping shelters while spending time with my fur baby. I downloaded the app and all that pops up is the green screen with the logo on it. Any ideas? Thank you!

becca skiles

Won't work closed. I downloaded this so I could help while I played Pokémon go. I started my walk closed the app because the other has to be open to play got home from my 2 mile walk and it didn't count my walk. Kind of upsetting

Nicholas Scott

Only US? Amazing concept but makes me sad it's only in the US (I volunteer for a rescue in Ontario, Canada that takes animals away from kill shelters that could really use this)

Dabney Carr

Please fix this app! It worked well for the first month then went wonky, stopped in midwalk, didn't record lenght properly..... I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it didn't help. Won't use now til fixed. Sorry to the shelter I was walking for.

Karime Rodriguez

No emails work It won't accept any of my emails just like a lot of other people. They're not written wrong either and you have yet to say if you fixed it or how to fix it

Mary Dziak

Long walks but nothing logs This used to be a great walking tool but since I downloaded an update for Android, nothing but trouble. None of my walks log correctly. Very frustrating sunce I'm trying to raise money for my favorite no-kill shelter. Also, there is no way to determine just how much money is raised. Is it by length or duration of a walk or is it just a matter of logging in? Emails to the company are not answered. I'm disappointed.

Olivia Meissner

Wont let me put in my email When i tridd putting in both my emails it didnt work. I know i put them in right...

Ri0t GiRl

App needs improvement Tracked my steps but didn't count as anything n i walked 4 miles. Needs a auto count that doesn't stop in a few mins n runs in the background longer. Great idea tho

Tina Hollon

Not too happy! I downloaded app to support my bulldog group. It didn't even record my start after I hit start walking. My steps are there according to S Health walking app, but not this app! Please fix so my group can benefit!

tri bagwell

App is good. Just I wish... I really want to see how much money I earned for that specific dog shelter!!! I walked three miles today and I just want to know how much money I earned for the dog shelter. The app is good, I haven't had any problems. I don't like that I can't open it from the task bar. But besides that, its perfectly fine.

Red Arbor

I recently cleared cache + etc from my phone while doing infrequent storage maintenance. This prompts the usual re-entry of user names and passwords of numerous applications and accounts. Walk for a dog, however, made me re-enroll rather than "log in". I would have thought this was just a technicality of wording, however I again needed to go to my email and verify/activate enrollment via link. I'm particularly disturbed that my list of activity appears to be wiped; the images of my dogs were wiped as well. I've been doing a significant amount of activity and am a person who gets hung up on tracking details for the sense of accomplishment as well as goal-setting. The impact screen at least shows something for expended efforts. I have emailed and optimistically await explanation / instructions. Submitting this review for fellow OCD users, and as a second opportunity for wooftrack support.


Email issue I can't use the app because it keeps saying check my email and try again

Bat Babe

Quick Inquiry I am curious as to exactly how this works. As far as fundraising goes, usually someone purchases something, and the profits get donated to a particular cause. But if the app is free, then how is money being donated?

Zoie Fizzle

I can't even start I can't get past the email verification. I verified my email multiple times but it still won't let me continue. My only option is to resend the verification email, which I've done.

Amanda Sheley

E-mail All you people commenting about email, no offence but you aren't thinking. They send you an email to finish registration. Hence the check your email.

Michelle McCarty

I verified my email but the app won't go past the send verification request? I went to my email and verified. Now the app won't go any further. Why?

Sky Fraze

Yus Very good impressive good for dog good for human.

Shanen Craft

It's okay I love the idea of this app but it never tells me how much I've earned.

Amber Legacy

You can use it while doing pokemon go! Yes , Pokémon go . it just runs in the background. Other from that , its great!

Melissa Struthers

Great app! I use it all of the time to raise money for my favorite animal rescue.

Clara Bergstrome

Only American I was super excited to do this but I'm in Canada and this is for America only. It would be great if you could expand your boundaries to include Canada as well (:

Nick S

Would like to see money donated The app works great, but it doesn't tell me how much money gets donated for my walking efforts. So it's hard for me to actually believe that money is being donated. If I am able to see that, then I will up my rating.

Damon Rivers

Thanks to Pokémon go Thanks to Pokémon go, im going to be helping out the local animals. Two good deeds at one time

Liz P

Use with pokemon go! It works while closed; however, it doesn't show me my 'impact' and I would like to see that.

Bri L

Great for fitness tracking 7/29/16 Update: I have been using this app for several months and have loved it. Recently I have noticed that it either stops my walks after only a couple minutes or it only measures part of my walk. I have to hold it in my hand the entire walk to have it measure close to accurate. It never did this before, I always had my phone in my pocket/pack 1/2016 Initial: Use this app every time I walk my dog, I love it. It shows the path you take, the length and the average speed you walked.

Mikayla Placke

Still has some bugs I love this app because I can walk to help one of my clients who has a big dog rescue. But as iv been using it more iv noticed it has been stopping my walks after only a minute or 2 saying I wasn't moving. Today I tried it worked fine for a while but then at some point it decided I wasnt walking any more (even though I was) so it stopped tracking so I had to restart my walk.

Destiny Dodge

How Much? I love this idea! I am from a rural area and checked my areas impact in the app and it shows that 25 people have walked 1,200 miles for our shelter. I was wondering how much gets donated and how it is sent to them? Is it an anonymous donation? Or do you mail in a check on behalf of the app? I would like to ask at the shelter next time I stop in.

Brian Morris

Great idea, buggy app I love what happens through this application! However, each new version seems to introduce a new, highly visible bug. For example, the current version often fails to close, leaving a non interactive alert on the lock screen, and in the running apps area of the top nav. It also can fail to find a GPS signal when when other apps do not. This is the buggiest app that I still use.

Fifteen White

Works fine and if it helps why not I love dogs and even though I can't keep adopting I can help walk for a shelter while walking my dog. I haven't had any issues on my Nexus 6. It'd be nice to see more features like others have suggested such as the amount one donates. Great app and idea regardless.

William Toll

I love it but The problem for me at least is it doesn't track unless you have the app open. (So you can't do anything else with your phone even if the app is running in the background) if you can fix this issue it be great, cause I want to help my shelter while I'm using my pokemon go app

Janette De La Fuente

I love the fact that by walking we can help animal shelters, but if the application could be sync to a fitbit or smart wach it would be great rather than just walking with your phone in the hand. Or maybe im just not understanding the app :/

Brandy Buttram

Doesn't work I love the idea of this app, but ever time I've used it my walk/run isn't recorded. I turned it on today for a run and it only recorded me walking away from my house until I began running and my walk up to my house after my run. I wish it worked better so more people could help the shelter dogs.

Kirsten Trogdon

Buggy It constantly "pauses" while it's in my pocket. I hate walking a mile and then finding it isn't registered. I do also live in the middle of no where so I know that may be a bit of a problem but even so it's annoying. Other apps still register my distance just fine. I hope this gets worked on because I really like the idea behind this app.

Krystal Lance

I love the concept... Is there a way to see exactly what is being made as far as the donations to the shelter you choose... ??? I'm not seeing a lot of options in the app to do much of anything. Nothing to contact the developers, nothing to track the amount being donated to the shelter, nothing to personalize your version of the app... Seems like these wouldn't be difficult additions to make and would greatly improve the app, especially to the user.

jocelyn luthi

Great app but... I would like to know exactly how much I have contributed with each walk! I think it would be encouraging to know how mock money goes to the shelter per mile. When I tried clicking on the impact tab all it showed was a bunch of symbols and mumbo-jumbo.

Summer Polonsky

Meh I love that I can contribute to a favorite rescue this way, but "auto pause" feature is pretty annoying. My dog stops frequently to sniff. Every time she stops we get paused. Even if it isn't for very long. Auto pause should either be optional, or there should be an auto resume feature. My mileage is accurate to my activity tracker, but the time of activity is not. This morning we walked for over an hour and only got 30 minutes tracked. I'm not sure how things are tracked...

Daniel Schlegel, Jr

Frustrated and bad (revised July 31, 20016) Still takes forever to connect to gps (and it's the latest version) and times out during my run. I still can't open it from my taskbar, I have to from the icon. If I knew how to program, I would offer my services for free to fix this damn thing.

jordan mackay

Great idea but doesn't work. I've never got this app to work. I tried walking a couple times and after 20-40mins walk it would always say it was only a 10-20 second walk of 0km. I gave 2 stars since I like the idea, I hope they fix it.

Taylor Day

Looks like a cute and awesome app to support our local animal shelters! For those who have problems when it says to check your email, that happened to me at first then i was sent an email to verify your email for the app. make sure to verify it THROUGH your email and then it should work right away. ?

Alison Baker

It's a cool concept Too bad I can't add my dogs breed because they don't have a MOUNTAIN FEIST of all breeds! Lol!! If you're gonna make an app for dogs, make sure every dog is included please. :)

Daniel Chaney

Idle feature sucks I don't like that this app goes to sleep. I can't walk around all day with my screen on. My battery will die before my legs give out. Is this so you don't have to donate the full amount of my walk? 20 minutes out of 2 hours? Add an option to turn the idle off please.

Crimson Wolfe

Email problem. I keep trying to verify my email and it says it is incorrect. I've tried multiple times and still nothing. I can receive the email just fine, but that's about it.

Sarah Mangum

Problems starting an account Would love to do this, but it won't let me start an account. It says put another email in or that my email is wrong but it's not.

Cori Vinette

Good enough So I downloaded this app after seeing articles about walking for charity if I was going to be walking around using PokemonGo. However, the two apps will not run at the same time. If I open PokemonGo, then my walk gets cut off. Even just using the walking app, it kept stopping on me. I went on a half hour/forty-five minute walk today and it only logged 11 minutes of it. I have a 2nd gen Moto G

Phil Candela

Love this app and the concept. Love using this app and the concept of being able to make money for a local rescue but i wish i could see what i was actually doing in dollar amounts, even if it is just a couple dollars per hundred miles. Also concerned with recent glitches, latest: when sharing walk it doesn't post your distance, time or map anymore. Just a link to the apps mobile site. No point in sharing your walks except to advertise for the app. Kind of dumb on their part.


Doesn't work well I do a lot of walking during my day and think this is a great idea but it stops as soon as I stop walking and doesn't restart when I start walking again. Would be better if it was set up like a pedometer

Kate Robinson

Good idea, frustrating to use I love the idea of this app! If it worked correctly, I'd enjoy using it. But the communication between the app and the GPS is terrible. I have used this app on three phones, and had troubles with it on all of them. The GPS loses signal and cannot get it back, so it doesn't actually track the walk for the donations. It's unfortunate. They should team up with Nike or MapMyRun for the tracking.

Arianne Serrano

Now not working Initially this app was great. I have started walking the dogs again and now it won't track accurately. I could be in a walk for 3 miles for over an hour and it'll only track less than half a mile for 10 minutes. Please fix

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