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2 Jul

Posted by Knorre in Entertainment | July 2, 2016 | 94 Comments

Apk file size: 1.4 MB

Vortex is an unofficial player for Twitch. It is designed for phones and tablets with a modern user interface.

- Watch Twitch channels
- Chat while watching
- Browse through the stream library
- Follow your favorite Twitch channels and eSports tournaments

Although the new Chromecast SDK is available to the public, it still won't work due to technical limitations, sorry for that.

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Knorre part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 2, 2016. Google play rating is 85.0149. Current verison is 1.2.1. Actual size 1.4 MB.

Download vortex.apk 1.4 MB


Kevin Blann

Better than Twitch's app by leaps and bounds. My only issues is there's some global twitch emotes that wont show up, cant see mod/subscriber icons or emotes. Having the ability for source quality and streamer bios would also make this app even better.

agoston borbely

Bad Doesn't let me view past streams. The search is awful and don't even show any results at all. I have found an app which actually allows me to view past twitch streams, it's called TC viewer.

Chris Gutwin

What else could you want? What do you really want for a Twitch app, besides it having streams to watch and a great user interface? You want Vortex.

Adrian Wicki

Great The app works great (very fluid and responsive) compared to the official Twitch App. The only downside is, that there is no source quality option. Until this is fixed I will have to continue to use the official Twitch App.

Gonzalo Inzunza

Great app Would be perfect with Chromecast support (yea I read the technical limitations bs) I'll stick to the official twitch app for now. Thanks anyway you have something good here.

Emperor Comet

Want to conserve memory? This app with about 1-2 Mb compared to Twitch which us 6 Mb.

Baris Bicer

Still leagues better than official app. The official Twitch app for Android is a shameful display of poor design and lacks many features that makes Twitch on desktop enjoyable. This app, even at its most basic level, includes every single feature that was missing from the official app, and it's all wrapped up nicely in a beautiful, uncluttered Material Design interface. 5 stars, keep up the good work!

Vasya Drobushkov

Better than official twitch application The only one problem is that I can't quit stream: audio keeps playing even when I closed application. Have to disable wifi to disconnect stream. Annoying

PartTimeTroll Bob

Great app Great app, looks sleek and sexy + no adverts! Only a few things letting it down: ●cant see emotes in chat. ●you cant see the icons next to usernames in chat (streamers camera icon and subscriber icons).●you have followed channels but no followed games also get rid of recommend tabs and you have yourself the perfect twitch app

Shauna Barnes

A good backup Downloaded this because the original app was having issues (couldn't sign in, server errors. Etc) and works amazingly. Wish I'd found it sooner! Only thing that bothers me is you can't recognise mods in chats. But that's it :)

Eduardo Sponholz

Nice twitch app Nice alternative for the official twitch client, better in a lot of ways, but... Needs source quality ASAP.

Drew Saunders

Very good alternative Great update to material-ish design; I appreciate the new layout. Only gripe is that for some reason the default text size for the cards seems really big and out of place. It would also be cool if twitch emotes were incorporated as well.

Tru ng

Excellent but still lacking I would love to see the addition of Followed Games this already amazing app.

Aaron Lively

Help - Can't view archived streams? Everyone raves about how much better this app is, but I still can't seem to view any archived streams on my favorite content providers. I go to Followed Channels and attempt to tap on the channel I want, but nothing happens. I also tried hitting "watch stream" from the options menu underneath the channel, but nothing happened then either. Am I doing something wrong?

Jeff Teller

Worthless without Chromecast support Developer claims no Chromecast support due to technical limitations. What a joke, every other twitch client has it. Technical limitations my butt

Peanut Gaming

Network error It says it can't connect to the servers , but i've heard that it's a nice app , better than the twitch app so still 3stars

Dimitri Keskinidis

Super nice It only miss an audio-only mode and maybe some emoticons, but it is better and more beautiful than the official one

Juan Rodriguez

Very nice app I've been using the official twitch app for a while now and I could already see that this app is slightly better with a bigger screen size when showing chat and the stream, better material design, and almost no lag between going in and out of full screen. Very well done. The only thing I could ask for now is having a source option for streams because I only see high options unless I'm mistaken. Also adding in subscriber icons to chat would be great as well.


Ok Better than the official app, but urgently needs a source quality option, until then, no more than 3 stars.


Love it The simple design is beautiful and runs very quickly. I use this app over the official twitch app 90% of the time, and if you're able to implement custom emote support in the future I'll have no use for the official app anymore. Either way 5 stars, thanks for the great app.

Pepe Sastré

Love it! Beautiful design! This app is faster and looks better than the original twitch app! Material design animations look sick on Android L, used it on Kitkat too but it seems that you have to have android L to see full material animations! 5 stars for such a great app and design :) add more material please!


Works good, some major features missing. No way to see info on streams for social media, donations or subscriptions.

Joseph N. Marino

Fantastic App! I've been using this app for a while and I can say it performs and looks at good as all of Google's stock apps. The dev is great too, always making updates to the app. Just recently it was updated to material design and looks beautiful and runs super smooth. This is leagues better than the actual twitch app in my opinion!

Matt H

Way better than competitors but... No source option for video feed quality? Really? Why? Fix this and I'll change my review. Also a nice touch not asking for permissions an app like this doesn't need, so I added a star for that.

Storm Riordan

Fantastic This app is about a million times better than the official twitch app. It looks nicer, feels nicer, and is much smoother and polished. Only missing one or two things, I'd like to see a settings page, as well as a way to notify me when one of the streamers I follow goes live. That would make this the perfect twitch app in my opinion. Worth the download.

Ricky Blam

Almost there When will ya add source quality? Either than that its great matter fact way better!


Finally someone does it right This is hands down the smoothest and most well designed twitch app ever made. Thank you bcuz the official app is and has always been garbage along with some other failed apps.

James Metcalf

Nexus Player Please This needs to be installable on the Nexus Player. 4 stars until then. Great app by the way.

Jhon Famadico

Great app, possibility for channel search? The performance and design is stellar but I want to be able to search for channels even if they're not streaming. Is this just a twitch problem in general, or just this app?

Benjamin Duith

Good, but slowly getting worse I still really love vortex, but since the last update I have had problems with the app logging me out, which absolutely never happened before. I hope whatever the bug is gets worked out soon.

Christopher Almonte

Does the job half way Bettet than twitch but not perf. Cant load chat, cant lower volume of streamer independent of main volume. Cant chat when in max screen.

Stephen Wagner

I am so glad I switched to this from the official app. Not laggy at all, and no ads!

Seyitcan Ucin

Best Twitch app It doesn't have those pesky ads and it looks gorgeous, especially so after the material design update. No problems on my Nexus 4 and 5 and runs great. Thanks Dev.

Jeremy Bartlett

Stutters a bit An overall great app but stutters every now and then but it might just be my connection

Brandon Smith

Description Got My Hopes Up After reading the description, I was excited to try this app. But after using it, I was fairly disappointed. The UI is alright. The description, however, claims that you can navigate through a stream library, which I assume means the ability to watch past broadcasts and bookmarks. Unfortunately, this functionality is nowhere to be seen. The app will not even show offline channels in the search, but only channels from your followed channels tab. You can only watch an online channel.

Cody Goldberg

Misbehaving w/ N5 Let's me watch Twitch. Simple and no frills. Looks nice too.

Undisclosed Name

No Special Permissions Love that, it means there is no built in spyware.

Andrei Davis

Great job Dropping my rating to four stars as this app is poorly optimized for the nexus 9. Still the best twitch app unfortunately that ain't saying much

Acco D'Avies

Nice, but... Mind not outputting everything to Logcat too? :)

Aleksandar Joksimovic

Its ok Same as twitch app only cleaner.Lacks searcch for offline streams.I am really disappointed that I cant open streamers profile...

Саша Витко

Not enough resizing chat . The image is too small

Никита Князьков

Nice,but very need source All great,but please, add source and i give 5 stars ;)

Zell Dincht

Good but Chat dont work

How FoxDoes

Login error {"error":"Internal Server Error","status":500,"message":null} fix it please. Added. Works fine


Wow My old tablet, twitch never even worked but now Vortex (my favorite word) comes along and saves the day. I'm not even gonna try twitch anymore ?

Joshua Reinert

Huge step back This "new and improved" app is a huge step back from the original. The format is confusing, emotes and symbols don't show up, and you can't view the streamers bio. Very disappointing.

Tyler Chaves

Prerty good, but sometimes will keep a stream going after I click the back button, and then start two instances of streams, where I can hear both of them, but only see me viewing one, requires force close to fix. Also need more features, like being able to click names to reply to them in chat, or auto fill names to respond to.

Running Hoove

WORKS 10,000 TIMES BETTER THAN OFFICIAL TWITCH APP and runs circles around the competition!! I've been watching Zeldathon for the past 2 days straight and this app hasn't frame-dropped, stuttered, froze or crashed a single time, that was not possible with the official Twitch app. For me, Vortex has replaced Twitch for live game streams, it's far, far more stable and polished than Twitch app, and runs flawlessly over Wifi & 4G without a hitch. The fact it's ad-free is just icing on the cake!! Kudos to the developers, Twitch should hire YOU!! 5-Stars!!

Ioanna OtiNanai

By far better than how Twitch runs on older Android versions! Very few interuptions while streaming. It's quite amazing that it gives more options on quality(streamer's choice but still, most of them make all the options available) from high quality or you have the option to let your device adapt the stream as best as it can. However, an annoying feature,or rather a missing one that makes it quite annoying,is that it only allows to search for a stream name, not a game or streamer which is really difficult when there are hundreds of them & have to browse them all to find the one you want.

Doug Weed

Great app. Missing features and a bug The app looks great. Amazing UI. However, the app is missing chat badges and channel emotes. This is a necessary feature that kind of ruins the app. Also a bug occurs where chat doesn't load and a streams sound will not go away until the app is removed frojm multitasking. Fix these and its 5 stars all the way. Also, if you could add stream notifications, that would be amazing.

Logan Heinze

Games I love this! I even like it a little more than the actual twitch app, but on the twitch app, you can follow certain games and I don't see that on this. If you add that in, you will get the 5th star for sure!

Patrick Anderson

Perfect More lightweight than the twitch app and has a sleek design. Well done Vortex!

Bryce Wolffis

Source quality Why can't I choose source quality, it only allows me to use high. Please fix

Johnie Gonzalez

Video freezes! I watch for a couple minutes and then the video just stops. Plus I cant watch past streams

Stefan Dunjic

Great Hi, the app works fast and looks quite nice. Just one thing, will you be able to add source quality any time soon? I only get high. Thanks!

zug zug

Chat works Chat on the twitch app was not working at all and we know that streams without chat are just weak. On Vortex chat works perfectlly. Thanks for this app.

Violet ruthy

Better Its better than twitch, before I could never see the stream all I could see was a black screen but now I can see it properly

Tim Newton

Doesn't work with Chromecast. Expected this "improved twitch player" to include Chromecast support, I guess not.

Jasm Ross Congjuico

Works nice! I don't know if it's just me but whenever i use twitch, the fps drops every so now often that makes it unbearable to watch (i have s3 samaung). Didn't know if it was my internet or my phone that that was the problem so i looked for alternate sources and found vortex. I have to say, this app takes away the fps drops which i very much appreciate. Thanks!

Dragoş Popa

Better app than the original one I love it. The regular twitch app had a lot of bugs. It restarted, crashed. And so on. Yours is awesome. But I ask that you will fix the problem with the on screen buttons. It is kinda weird. If you could keep them hidden all the time would be great. Keep up the good work guys!

jamie yello

Already works better than Twitch The official Twitch app forces you to watch two 30 second unskippable ads back to back. Twitch most often crashes after playing the ads, forcing you to exit the app, and if it even decides to load you will be greeted with more ads (that likely crash Twitch). You can count on the official Twitch app to crash every time you use it. The Twitch staff is incompetent or uncaring as the jack***es behind the Google+ YouTube disaster. This app solves every single problem, likely because the people behind it cared more to deliver a functional app and experience than to make their paycheck go home and not give a crap. I'm actually willing to bet the person that made this made this because they actually like watching video game streams. Thank you. :D

Joshua Surmaceviz

DO NOT GET THIS "APP"! DO NOT GET THIS "APP"! This "app" will never load your stream, it will freeze, and it has the possibility of making your keyboard unusable! I've uninstalled and reinstalled this "app" and the SAME THING HAPPENED! DO NOT GET THIS "APP"! I wish I give this "app" 0 out of 5 stars.

Jeremy Hale

Great when it works Have a galaxy s4 from verizon. This app is great when it works, but the stream often freezes and the only way to resume it is to select a different video quality level.

Logan Davis

No updates for over a year. This app was showing a lot of promise, but now, I don't know if the developer has abandoned it or what. The official Twitch app now has more and better features than Vortex. Sad to see it come to this.

Cleaf Knows

Unable to use the chat function anymore This goes for any stream that I open. Unfortunately. Restarted, rebooted. Reinstalled the app. But no success.

Menic That_Guy

THIS IS AMAZING My old tablet couldnt watch twitch streams but now it can <3


Twitch is literally garbage Its unusable on android in the latest update. Funny how their own dang company can't get it right.


It's good but could be better The stream quality isn't the greatest, and sometimes streams open on medium stream qualities which forces you to have to keep changing it to high. It should automatically open every time on the stream quality you personally set (which is usually high).

Vlado Z

Better than twitch official app but with bugs It's better than the twitch official app, covers more emotes but some are still missing, probably the new ones. It supports even writing in your own language. The problem I faced which made me vote 3/5 is: a stream stayed open and I was hearing the sound even though I closed the app from my taskbar. I heard the stream running until I turned off my Nexus 7. Please fix this or I don't vote for more.

Mazi Viramgama

Good, better than original twitch app Its the copy version of twitch. Not good quality of video as of twitch but can provide lower video quality for slow internet.

Christian RomeArrow

For some unknown reason, I can't view chat messages at all. Until this is fixed, I'll download this app again. Please fix this issue because I really like this service.

Otto Laari

Works great for watching streams but doesnt support emotes at all, nor doesnt let you look at profile description..


It lives! Working again :) Would love to see a dark theme or mode. The bright material theme isn't great on the eyes after dark and dark themes can improve efficiency on OLED screens too.

Stephen Wagner

Video lags on my blackberry priv for some reason. Still my go to twitch app

Rony Amsalem

Works great ^_^ but please add a dark theme Official app "Twitch can't be installed"

Sonam Bhutia

The best twitch client to watch games? Great UI. Chat not working anymore. Need Chromecast support

Georgian Panainte

No source, no landscape with chat No source view, no landscape with chat...

Ranger Mawse

DARKEN CHAT! Love the app but is their any future plans to implement a darker chat???? Five stars then!

Thomas Bowman

Login fixed Thank-you very much

marcelo gomes

Great app I find this app very easy to use, and it as never failed me once it is currently my most used app and one of the best that I have found of any use in the app store. Great work guys.

Mitch Morrison

10 Stars!!!!! Thank You! Your player is the Only one that works. "Ace" didn't work for me. You guys Rule!

Tungtarung Pramoolwisitchaikul

Great m8 Twitch app doesn't show anything in chat but this app always working thx

Blue Robin

The best Even has chat with game streams without crashing like twitch

Bad Math

No settings, no themes, no background play. Oh well.

Robert Heptinstall

Add dark theme and source

jakob mcdonald

Browsing offline channels ?

Emiliano Marchiol

Good Good app but needs chromecast support

Denis Arteezy

nice ty for you app, like it

Salman Hanif

Chat Chat doesn't work at all anymore. No messages show up, and i know for a fact that streams with 20000+ people will have chat messages. I've even had to turn on twitch to see the chat messages while watching the stream from vortex. Also I'd love if we can search actual streamers even when they're offline. If i want to follow a new streamer who's name I've heard, i shouldn't have to go to twitch app to do that nor wait for them to get online so i can search them up on vortex.


Wow My old tablet, twitch never even worked but now Vortex (my favorite word) comes along and saves the day. I'm not even gonna try twitch anymore ?

Brandon Moore

Works great No ads on streams or in the app, great overall app for twitch. Only area that could use improvement is the lack of support for custom chat emotes and I don't think all of the normal emotes work either

Eric Rösch

Could you please add: - Searching for usernames - Viewing user into (past streams, description etc.) - Pause feature (like Ace for Twitch) - Dark Theme? (Dark theme isn't as important as the others.) Otherwise it's a great client.

Josh Woo

TLDR of app +supports links (yay!) +all the 3 modes (same like twitch) - does not show moderators for the channel (boo!) ~~ verdict: great app small improvements can still be made!

A Smith

Just as bad Videos freeze just like twitch. No favourite games save. The games list is a bit better but no biggie. Think I'll stick with twitch

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