Download VNC Viewer for Android apk 0.5.0 free for Android smartphone

21 Mar
VNC Viewer for Android

Posted by androidVNC team + antlersoft in Communication | March 21, 2011 | 69 Comments

Apk file size: 240.0 KB

VNC Viewer for Android is the original Open Source (GPL) remote desktop program for Android devices. Connects to most VNC servers: incl TightVNC, RealVNC on Win and Linux, x11vnc, and Apple Remote Desktop on OS/X. Lots of customizable features let you adapt the way your device controls map to the controls of your desktop.

0.5.0 -- Will preserve sent text from session to session (optionally; there is a new button to send text without remembering it); Import/Export settings to a file on SD card (Can import from URL; useful when deploying to many devices with same configuration); add button in zoom control to bring up keyboard; Hungarian translation; no longer prefers to install to SD card because that was causing problems

androidVNC team + antlersoft part of our Communication and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 21, 2011. Google play rating is 83.2394. Current verison is 0.5.0. Actual size 240.0 KB.

Download vnc-viewer-for-android.apk 240.0 KB


A Google User

Works As Advertised I rarely give reviews on Google Play, because most apps just don't impress me all that much. This is one of those apps that does exactly as advertised, and does it very well. I can't think of any complaints, although there could be features missing that some people want, it has everything that I need.

A Google User

Would give it 5 starts... ...but the inability to send a double-click without changing input modes (no, i don't have a trackball or a dpad to double-click it) makes it totally inconvenient for me :-(

Anthony Morris

Don't even think of obtaining this app - its crap and infects your device Hello fellow tablet owner don't RISK damaging your device to install this crap. All good reviews by company NOT customers

A Google User

Nearly perfect Pretty flawless. My only complaint would be the Send Text implementation. Wish I could just pop up the keyboard and type, including bksp. Maybe its a setting I haven't discovered yet?

Mike Horsley

Tricky at first. Being a long time VNC user this is a very cool app. It takes some fiddling with to get set up properly but after that works very well. It would rate 6 stars if it had the File Transfer and Chat features. If you have trouble just follow the wiki for this until you get it working right.

Colin Griffith

Shift key permanently stuck. I don't know what to do. Whenever I type, all the keys are always capitals. If I try to type a capital letter, it remains capitalized. When I type numbers, they associate with the symbols you'd see on a keyboard if you held down shift and pressed said numbers. This happens both with the keyboard, and with the 'send text'. This does not happen with other VNC viewers on other platforms. I'm using Krfb (KDE's VNC server) on my desktop, if that means anything.

Alejo Becerra Diaz

convoluted, does not show the whole screen on first load (large black zones) It seems to have more advanced possibilities than most (but lacking some basic ones at the same time), but there are better and easier options for 99% of the people

A Google User

Works with Mac OS up to 10.6 Amazing to be able to operate my computer from my phone. Don't these smartphone screens have tiny pixels! Interface not perfect but very handy. NB I recently upgraded my iMac to Mac OS 10.9 and now can't log into it with this old app any more.

Matt Endicott

Watch out for phishing calls using this program. Installed androidVNC and moments after connecting to my desktop (Linux KDE running Krfb desktop sharing) I received an automated call telling me my debit card had been compromised and prompting me to enter my account number. I hung up and contacted my bank and found nothing wrong with my card. The log shows the call was received from "5595 Unknown". I've used Krfb in the past and never had any problems so I attribute the hack of my phone number to androidVNC.

Autumn Smith

Can't get it to work with linux. :( Works well with windows (a bit slow) but when I try to connect with linux, it tells me (no route to host). Anyone know whats up?

A Google User

Really impressed Really impressed with this app works very well, very customisable although a bit slow only about a second slow nothing to important

A Google User

Exactly what I was looking for! This is fantastic! I can easily monitor the downloads being done on my media servers without having to open the laptop or go downstairs. Clicking isn't the perfect but it's good enough for me. Very fast too. I look forward to any improvements.

David Arnett

Tiny Cursor, Slow Movement In the Trackpad setting (my preferred), the mouse pointer is so tiny I can't find it. It also moves very 'jerky' and screen panning is very slow. Other VNC apps I tried are much smoother, and a bigger pointer.

A Google User

Too slow on 3g. This does no compression apparently when on 3g AT ALL which makes it virtually useless unless on wifi 5 feet away.

A Google User

Hands down, best VNC app I've tried many flavors of VNC clients for Android, but this one is my favorite. Most don't allow you to change the color depth. This one is great for a couple reasons: 1- it only refreshes the part of the screen you're currently looking at; 2- you can set it to monochrome or 8-bit (256 colors) 3- you can open multiple connections at once There is 1 thing that kinda bugs me: If you scroll (or pan) the view, it locks the mouse on the remote screen. I use VNC when doing Team projects, and scrolling locks everyone's mouse in place, that's kind of annoying...

A Google User

it works great app, use it for LAN and remote connections from my Desire HD, does everything i want and history store and password store (if ticked) is great too. Only thing is send a double click would be good.

german kaul

best android-pc app exellent! its the best android control app out there. combined with tight vnc viewer i can get full access +5 :D

Dilip Kumar Chaudhary

HOW to connect I'm trying to connect to my Ubuntu laptop but not getting success,Tell me how to connect then I will give 5 star bcz I'm not getting this app yet

Riley Cassel

fantastic! fully functional, free & gpl2 works great on my galaxy tablet. none of that crippled adware / teaser extortionware junk so I'd be happy to donate to the author or his fav charity / cause :-) gpl is a nice bonus so it's easy to tweak or extend

A Google User

Almost great I am not able to see the mouse pointer, which makes the touch pad mode unusable, no matter what the option is set to. This works perfect in the team viewer app. Please fix. CyanogenMod 9, tightvnc

A Google User

Great, but... Used to work flawless. But now the local mousepointer is invisible no matter what. And keyboard is stuck in CAPS-LOCK...

A Google User

Works good I am very satisfied with this software however if you add full mouse support(right/left +roller) to your software that would be very very awsome! since some users have actual 'netbooks' with android that use vnc to connect to a parallel os on their own system that would do very good thank you!

A Google User

Stunningly beautiful One of the most amazing technologies--especially for a smart phone! I stumbled upon this app while searching for alternatives to Spotify remotes and had it functioning in minutes with Ubuntu 12.04; I figured that stuff like this probably existed, but didn't expect for there to be such an ideal option from smartphone--so simple and elegant, cross-platform and open source. I was impressing my family with its magic in no time!

A Google User

Works but cumbersome This is a serviceable VNC viewer but functionality is limited and usage is extremely cumbersome. Needs a better implementation of keyboard integration so as users can see what they are typing. Also needs a faster way to summon the keyboard. Lastly, should have integration with different types of keyboard like Hacker's keyboard for tab and arrow keys and other special keys.

A Google User

Good app for the price Very easy to use with an Ubuntu machine. There is some lag between the displays but my router is pretty old so I not blaming this app yet.

A Google User

Not working well on my HTC Flyer: pixelated, erratic. I take it this is not optimized for tablets. I'll keep looking for a good, free VNC app.

Ethan Grammatikidis

Forces landscape Forces landscape orientation where the keyboard, A: becomes cumbersome, and B: obscures most of the screen. This even affects entering the settings, where a big area at the top of the screen doesn't scroll. Edit: I just had a look at 'special' key entry, and I can't believe it. This is not usable for more than the most trivial tasks.

Jason Raimondi

Great VNC app. Horrible, horrible icon! Dev please fix, or contact me and I will help fix it! This app is one of my favorite VNC apps, but the icon drives me crazy with its horrible jagged edges.

A Google User

Cool, worked first time seems speedy enough, my only gripe is that your icon is crusty !!

Paul Harris

Perfect Connects perfectly to realVNC with password protection over custom port. Mouse and keyboard have full functionality e.g. drag and drop. Screen refreshes faster than any other VNC app that I've tried and have yet to crash/freeze it on my old DesireS. PS the icon for the app looks nothing like the one shown. Cannot rate it highly enough. If it ever supports encryption it will be unbeatable.

A Google User

No portrait Its a good app, but I use most to help my girfriend on the go accessing her android, and guess what? Landscape only seems quite stupid in this case!

A Google User

Good but needs some tweaks Connects and displays brilliantly. Double clicking is painful though as double tapping is interpreted as right click. Why not use two finger tap? Also crashed somewhat regularly on my HTC One XL.

A Google User

Samsung Google nexus s Brilliant app, however security allows connections regardless of nickname/user. The password is remembered when I untick keep and the mouse setting doesn't want to scroll down, while I can scroll by highlighting text this is slow, could be good to have a quick access media control. I'll check my settings on the computer side in case I messed up somewhere, would also be nice to have a sound stream but not essential on what already does what rdp on the Windows home editions doesn't. Thanks

Benjamin Shadwick

Bluetooth keyboard woes Doesn't recognize the Ctrl key on my bluetooth keyboard. At least it allows me to use the cursor keys as arrow keys (instead of mouse control or panning) in some input modes, though.

Chris Bird

Any machine right on your tablet, amazing Flick between controlling my Windows PC or Linux laptop from my Nexus7 with no hassle at all! Amazing app! A little tricky on a phone but on a tablet it's perfect.

A Google User

No idea what field you're typing in when setting up a new connection. Drop down menus aren't visible on my phone (you can see the menu, but all blank!

Pașca Alexandru

Way below average... Bug ridden application. Exits /disconnects if I plug/unplug usb keyboard, exits when I resume the tablet from sleep, keyboard functions, tab, Alt-Tab, Shift_Alt-Tab, Shift-whatever, Ctrl-whatever do not work directly (have to use a clumsy send-keys menu) and it's incredibly slow even when vnc-ing to localhost! Try typing something inside a xterm like "rm ./*.tmp && sync" over a vnc and get a very frustrating experience. Unfortunately, the other apps filling this role are way worse.

A Google User

Works great! Excellent app, only problem is a lack of support for dual-screen hosts. Well done!

A Google User

Screen not refreshing on Xoom Connects fine, easy to configure. Looks like the mouse input is going through bc i can see the intended effect on my pc but the actual display on my Xoom isn't updating at all. Will update rating when this is addressed.

Vladimir Yakovlev

Bad Doesn`t work for ubuntu 12.10

Roman Skvorcov

Great vnc viewer Great viewer! Works with ultravnc and works really fast through 3g ;) Thanks

A Google User

Doesn't work with RealVnc personal Won't accept encryption method. But I suspect that will be RealVNC forcing users to buy their overpriced solution. Typical of the sort of cr*p that goes on.

Gregor W. Sky

Security problem When will this client support type 18 TLS encryption? Without it can not function with VNC desktop sharing on Ubuntu out of the box.

Fname Lname

it works it just works and thats the best thing about this app. it does the job as it should with no problems or ads or whatever annoying other apps throw in your face. it even works on ancient android 1.6 tablets giving them one more reason to live.

Lance Parry

Awesome and free! This little app works perfectly. Its fast and the interface is intuitive and easy to use. Using it with TightVNC on several Windows based PC's. Thanks for this great app!

Eric Milward

Best!! Best VNC/remote desktop client on the market! The ability to input special key combinations (such as ctrl+alt+T) is very nice. Accessing my Ubuntu OS from my Android? Very nice!!

A Google User

great for quick access The setup is not overly complicated, and it allows me to do what I need to do without obtrusive UI elements getting in the way. It works great with my mac mini's native screen sharing.

kevin homs

Very simple app This app is very simple to use i have no complaints at all it is just amazing i would actually pay for a pro version of this app if there where one on the market the phone I'm running it on it a ZTE awe with no root out anything

David Turner

Excellent Just what I need to remote to my monitor. Zoom, pan, input and mouse modes are fantastic. I only wish it might scale/smooth images better when reducing a screen for display on a phone, and zoom in again for mouse events.

Email Tron

Neato burrito The interface certainly takes some getting used to, and there are still some common interactions I'd like to do with less taps. That said, it hooks up flawlessly with all my VNC stuff, doesn't have ads or removed features, and it helps keep my breath fresh. If I were to offer suggestions, maybe some on-screen customisable hot-key buttons? That would pour the chocolate on this ice-cream for sure.

A Google User

Great, use it all the time I'm amazed at how well this app works on both my phone and on tablets. When remotely operating my home desktop, it's smoother and quicker than the desktop VNC client I usually use! My only complaint is that sometimes the input mode seems to not stay set the same (I usually choose "pan & scroll") from use to use.

A Google User

Great app! Using it to connect to my home PC, when I'm out and about. Works flawlessly. (My home PC is behind a gateway/firewall and uses DHCP. In such cases remember to configure port forwarding on the gateway. Also, it is convenient to use a dynamic DNS provider, unless you have a static IP address, which is not the norm for residential Internet service.)

sylacauga rentals

I am not a geek, please translate Iphone made billons of dollars because steve made it simple. Please just make it work like Steve. Smartphone geeks thought they were smart because no one understood the jiberish. Truley, Steve Jobs was brilliant. Please be brilliant! Make it just work!

A Google User

Does exactly what I need! It does make make me laugh when an application has nearly 4200 - 5 stars and then somebody gives it 1 star caliming it doesn't work. Do they mail the dev's? Doubt it, these people want free free free and are not interested in investigating why it doesn't work, even when it's likely to be user error! Off topic, yep, but just saying!!! :) Anyway, top app in my book, does exactly what I need, (and everybodys needs are different). I use it to control the PC connected to the TV, watching movies and Skype.

A Google User

Basic, but good Provides the basic functionality one would expect in such a program. Switching between input modes is a bit cumbersome, but is manageable as long as you don't try to do too much involving both right-clicks and double-clicks on the remote machine. Well worth the download.

A Google User

An app with good potential. Pros: Right click simulation. Cons: Central-european accented characters are shown as "?"-s. (The language files should be converted to utf-8.) This makes the translated text unreadable. Not usable with realVNC server because the server used some unsupported security type. My server is using VNS pass authentication.

A Google User

Good App Works very well, and franly puts the paid "real VNC Viewer" app to shame. I like that it allows the user to send a control break. But sure wish it would allow sending a Control break-break. Free is always good.. but would have paid the 10 bucks for this one instead of the realVNC.

A Google User

Can't get text entry to work The screen shows up. Clicks almost work all the time, found click near edges on scroll bars though to work. All what aside text entry into a browser is bad. I tried several time and could not get text into a text box

A Google User

Basically works. This works as a basic VNC client. A lot of the problems other people seem to be having could be fixed straightforwardly by tunneling the connection over SSH, using, e.g., ConnectBot. That said, the interface for sending special keys (control, alt, etc) is very awkward, and it doesn't work with Hacker's Keyboard, so forget about controlling keyboard-intensive applications.

A Google User

Missing Critical Feature- copy text from remote The ability to copy text from the remote host is pretty standard on today's vnc viewers. It is missing from this viewer. This viewer is less useful without this vital feature. Example: highlight text on the remote host, a Windows PC, and use it on the phone. (Copy remote host clipboard to Android device). This is like a partial implementation of a vnc viewer. This is 'alpha' quality software.

A Google User

Great VNC app. Works as advertised. 5 Stars for such a great potential app. It works as advertised and works flawlessly on my Galaxy S2 - Gingerbread. Tested the app works with Real, Tight without any problem. The app's icon should be redesign in high res icon. Otherwise the app icon looks ugly.

Ashley Frieze

Pretty good Visuals are great. Doesn't do discovery of computer names via broadcast on lan. I have to use ip address for connection. Input via touchscreen is a bit clunky. A respectable vnc viewer all in, though.

Matthias Loeser

Not for software engineers What this lacks is the ability to have a full keyboard for control. Way to difficult to edit code. Almost impossible to delete typing errors.

Garth Kirkwood

Not bad Only used it once on my galaxy note ii worked well only issue was connection screen could not be moved and it made it hard to fill in the boxes. the only other criticism would be that I didn't know how to send keys as it didn't seem obvious. Fantastic app

retepdw Waiwiri

System.XW Currently, my Android ph displays often...System.XW has stopped. I ain't no 'techno-geek, so I'm left wondering what the f..k up with my $1500.00 smartphone. I have read up on it but don't have all year to decypher the gobbledygook. I installed as per instructions via 'what is S.XW New Zealand & Google play says its installed. I can't seem to locate fix or updates so...what is left to heal my S.XW problem? Currently 1*

Mat Elkington

This is very cool After a bit of noodling around establishing IPs and passwords, response is good, options are great. What's not to like? It's free too, and kudos to the team. Have not yet tried over a distance - (i.e. out of my own wi-fi area) - but impressed so far, for sure.

A Google User

This app is awesome. Everyone who negatively comments is retarted. A virus? F-off!!! Your stupid. learn how to use the app and ur computer. Rooted d2

A Google User

Logs Out Remote Host Seconds after login, remote host logs out, loses net connection, then kicks back out to login screen. VNC setup works fine everywhere but here.

Anthony Yuen

Not bad. This free VNC is not bad. It provides necessary VNC functions. After trying this application on different machines on different network, we noticed that it is not really stable and always disconnect from remote machines. When reconnect, it forces all application windows to be minimized.

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