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2 Sep
Virtual Town

Posted by Last Day of Work, LLC in Casual | Sept. 2, 2016 | 156 Comments

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A note from the developer:

Hi! Thanks for looking at Virtual Town! If you are looking for the features and "bullet points," just scroll down below this little note.

It's been more than a couple of years since we have launched a new game, here at Last Day of Work! Well, this is it, the new one. Yes, of course it is a real-time simulation, but this one is a little different. More than ever before, we feel like we have created a world.

The world lives and breathes in your device. Moon phases change as days go by (just like in your real world!). When the sun sets where you are, it's turning into night in Virtual Town. More than ever, we feel like the world lives and breathes. Watch seasons change. Watch relationships change. Watch your mayor's adopted little boy or girl grow, and learn how to manage the town.

We hope the world we have created immerses you as much as it does us. Something to know, though: just like a real world, this one will be changing and growing. The truth is, we are a small team and putting everything that we want into these games is not always possible. We hope to continue working on Virtual Town and making it deeper, richer, more real, and more full of secrets, as the months go on.

In the meantime, join us! You are right on time! Help us explore Virtual Town and come with us as we see where it takes us. And where did that previous mayor go, anyway?

With excitement and gratitude,
Arthur Humphrey
Lead Designer, Last Day of Work

Virtual Town is a little abandoned town right in your device! Come in and help out (they need it!).

* Manage a living, breathing town.

* True "real-time." Watch it turn from day to night, as your own day ends!

* Meet interesting, quirky residents. Make friends! Make enemies!

* Collect dozens of rare insects, gems, and botanical species. Restore the town Museum.

* Dynamic weather, seasons, and moon phases. Watch their little world change just like your own!

* Build and decorate your crib. Make it awesome. Fill it with stuff.

* Adopt a needy child, to raise as your own. Train her to help you so that she can eventually take over when you retire as Mayor.

* Uncover the secrets of Virtual Town. Where did the original mayor go? Why did he leave?

Recommended for fans of our other games (Virtual Villagers, Virtual Families), and for fans of simulation games!

Check out our other hit games, as well! Bye!

Whats new

    We've been working all summer to prepare some new surprises for you - keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for new features and rewards!
    This update has:
    - new functionality to support in-game offers and giveaways
    - optimizations to make the game run smoother for some players who experience freezing or hanging during the game's loading screen
    - black screen ad fix
    - upgraded back-end
    - a couple other bug fixes
    Thanks for playing!

Last Day of Work, LLC part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 76.848. Current verison is 0.7.14. Actual size 53.0 MB.

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Vanessa Ibennah

More real life stuffs. Pls update. D mayor should b able to get married jux lyk in d virtual family2. D oda residents should also get married nd hav kids play around. D money should b made a bit easy to earn so d major can complete towns project. Tnks.

Chezz Willy

Needs work. Hoping updates bring more and more... But at the moment it is lacking a lot for a sim game. More money earning tasks needed, i and a lot of others wont buy coins, we would rather uninstall if too slow to earn. Plenty of other games as good or better so please listen to feedback :)

Natalie Louise

Love the game This game is amazing.. but iv got so far now it's become boring. Iv done all tasks there's nowt else to do ? All I'm doing everyday is cleaning town up..

Ashley Larente

Restarted My game reset I had the pond ,bridge, beach , cave and the stone circle done. I had all houses but one built and my happiness was almost full.and for money I had like 22200. As well as my living room was fully ungraded and was working on an second upgrade for the bedroom on the right.I restarted not even 10 mins latter restarted again then I started it again but won't let me dig holes or cut the grass and trees. It been over a month sents I message you about my game and still no response I'm going to recommend people not to play this game do to the glitches in the game and you guys don't want to fix them it's a waist of time when every thing restarts on you and lose every thing

Mikayla Karren

I like it but I'm getting really irritated having to dig, plant, and harvest each veggie one at a time. :[

Eloisa Mhariell De Guzman

Progress reset Would have given 5 stars but no. Pros: can be played offline. Cons: everytime i go online the last progress recorded on facebook will be loaded to my game and because of that I had to do again everything that I have done. Just sayin'. Please do something. I really love the game though.

Valarie Lopez

Keeps my attention! Love this game! The tools "break" because you need to upgrade them! Brass lasts a short amount of time, silver is a little longer and gold never breaks! I did end up connecting my FB to it to be sure my game is extra backed up. New insects appear all the time, which is cool! I wish I didn't have to water the plants more than once a day as I have a bunch and it's time consuming. Sell bugs it brings in good $$! I hope more missions get added and such so there's always something to do! Keep up the great work!

Palmira Kashakish

Is a fun game, love it But only if we had more options to make money beside adding and the tools break to fast. The good one are to expensive. Very hard to make money and save to be able to buy tools and make the town beautiful.

Brianna Ravenell

Fun Has a animal crossing feel. It's very fun and you will find your self worried about your town if you miss a day lol. Great game for a phone. A lot of people complain that the Townies are mean but once they get to know you they become nice and ask to be your best friend even give you gifts just because they thought of you

the vampire

Nope! They make it sound and look cooler than what it is.I dont know whats going on they have me running around doing multiple things.Tools keep breaking and the prices are insane.Uninstalling right wanted a review you got it!Btw i know its till new but make sure it doesnt have alot if mistakes before releasing it this is the only game i dislike from them i love virtual families 2

Julian Versluis

Some glaring issues. It's an Allright little game but I've come across some glaring and unacceptable issues in my opinion, you can't rotate the screen, it's horribly un-optimised and goodness gracious moving around is a chore, and that's what you do, you walk all over the place, you're chopping wood but oh no my axe broke, walk back to the store and back to where you where befor, and then you sell stuff and plant stuff and sell it again. This game has potential for sure, but it's a tedious mess at this point.

Amber Pio

Amazing This game is sorely misunderstood, I nearly didn't download it because of the negative reviews but I'm glad I did. It hasn't been out for very long, it needs support to grow. It has such potential and it's already a great game! It doesn't cost anything to download, so why not give it a chance :) one suggestion is, rather than adopting why can't we meet someone in the town and have a child or do internet dating like in virtual families?

Brittany Aldridge

Keeps closing The game keeps closing. I haven't been able to even start a save. Edit: even after update it still closes all the time. I can hardly play.

Hayley James

OK game but progress is slow would give it 5 if you could adopt more kids boring with just one

Alexandra Barna

Obsessed But I love this game. Only been playing a few days and can't get enough. But you need to make more clues about the old mayor, you need to make it to where you can add even more houses and expand max population. Pets would be cool and some different mayor duties. PS its so simple to make money on here. Love it.

Anukruti valase

HELP! PROBLEM HERE! I cannot go to the western side of the town, place over the bridge when I have built the bridge and now the clothes boutique when it says 'open'. If I try then the game goes off. It says 'Unfortunately, Virtual Town has stopped'

Paula Murphy

Great game I love this game but it could do with more shops maybe and more things to do around the town other than one quest per day. The tools are also too expensive at the start of the game but that won't be as much of a problem later in the game once you have saved some coins. Last point, having to connect to the Internet everyday is a nuisance

Kayla Jones

It's a great game just still needs a little more work done on it. Fix it so we can earn more money to make the town beautiful please!!

cinda bella

I LOVE THIS GAME!! BUT ITS KINDA BORING I've played it for long time and theres no clue anymore! The last clue that i found is just a letter in stone circle. Please make more stories!! And make more attractive, like MARRIED, CITIZEN & MAYOR GET OLD & DIED. And make the beach, river and lake USEFUL LIKE FOR FISHING! Thankyou so much! Hope you consider it (:

Courtney Stark

Bad rating, but good, too. The reason why I titled it, "Bad rating, but good, too," is because the game kind of sucks right now... It keeps freezing up on me, and the the screen soon goes black, and instantly restarts... This happens about every 2 to 30 mins. Sometimes even more often.

Anneli Steenkamp

Please fix problem Can't go further than adopt. Screen goes on and doesn't stop and game doesn't want to go further please fix this problem!

Angela T

Virtual Town Love the game! The new music is very relaxing. But,the game freezes quite often,especially while in the cave. Please fix!! Will give 5 stars when fixed.

Kpfa Boss

Nice concept but..... Why can't we get married and why must we adopt.....and why can't the citizens get married?? Please add these features!!??!

Alexys Mason

Tools The tools won't work when I want them to. Overall it's a good game

Jordan Tallman

Please update Would give 5 star if it updated the game is alot like animal crossing

Roxie Sandoval

Major issues I'm having a problem interacting with matter where I tap, it takes like 20 times to actually do what I'm trying to do...example, chopping a tree, cutting weeds, hitting a rock...if these things were fixed it would be 5 the game but this is nuts

Toni Thurmond

Recommend I like the game, its got a real "My Sims" feel to it. The only problem is sometimes there's horrible bugs in game, and you can't play it offline so its just slurping your data through a large straw. And a lot of the time it takes forever for new objectives to show but its totally worth a try

Jose Lemuel Pelayo

Great game.... But needs improvement....especially the graphics....more detailed but still optimized... either way....more quests, more villagers... and what era is this game? 1800's..well I thinks it's way backwards.... creation of man? ...more like it....whew....a town with people less than 10 or so ....need more features and events....

nadine hut

Loving it, but found a glitch I have a flower that grew in the fence, I can't fertilize it, or water, or any interaction, whatever I try causes the game to freeze up. I have been play 16 days now, and I am still loving it. Thank you for another wonderful creation :)

Amizerart Robinson

Love the concept It needs more tasks one or two a day are not enough to keep stimulated and interest

Dina Perry

Stuck child! My son that I just adopted is stuck playing in the ocean!! He can't move anywhere else except for in the ocean!! I have no idea how he was able to get in the ocean? Now he just disappeared?

Johnecia Jerkins

I love it I think it's cool my kids really like it! It's like u have everything

Kristian Castaneda

I liked this game but i can't go any further in the quest. My town is at 100%. I have all the houses. All the different things are completed. I found the carousel piece and read what the mayor had to say but nothing new... I'm kinda getting tired of waiting.

Pranaya Dangwal

If it had 0 Stars I would give that..... I waited so long for it to download and then it said that my hardware does not support this application..... pls fix really wanted to play...

Makala Tucker

This game sucks balls its always crashes and I can't see my avatars face I would not ever download this game even if u paid me to

Daniela C.

It's good so far... This is similar to animal crossing

Animalover 22

Can't get on I can't even get on the game anymore!!! I sometimes can't water some plants either. Start responding to reviews!!! It is important because the reviewer can give more details it there's a problem. I also have some ideas. There should be marriage and having kids, so when the time comes to pass on the position of mayor to a kid of yours, you can have different choices. Please fix these problems and add the ideas. Please also respond.

Michelle Maxwell

To many glitches I go to bed with 90 of each food enough for a month for my people I wake up and it is all gone happened twice now the plants move into the gate can't water or move them. Some plants can't be watered and just die for no reason. A apple tree is missing and more. Support says it's my ram lol.wanting the money I spent back its not worth it.

Jessica Hodgson

My house changed All of my stuff disappeared and my house is now decorated in bright yellow I didn't do this. I had pack up tools and a lot more. It's all gone. Help!

Random Kitty

Good but Hi i really love ur game even tho its a bit boring but i still like it but theres a problem of mine i really really loved ur NEW update that theres a new Cinema i love it but everytime i go inside IT GOES BACK TO HOME i hope u could fix this problem of mine if u do i will give it a 5 STARS ?

Toni Glick

Unfinished Not a bad game but stuck in limbo until update. I really love the island villager games and this could be as fun as those if they continue the mystery of the old mayor. Solving the mysteries is what keeps me playing so I may uninstall until it's a little more developed.

Deborah Colclasure

Hmmmmm. So far I've really been enjoying this game, however there are a few things that I feel should be changed. Such as the store closing at 10:00 unless you purchase the late hours ordinance which allows it to close at 1:00am. Prices of items should be lower to hard to earn money for yourself when you constantly have to earn it to keep others happy. More opportunities to find bugs, they're way to hard to find and that goes for minerals too. It would just be alot more fun if it wasn't so difficult.

Alaa Stitou

Just needs more clues The mayor's quest needs more clues as it has kind of just stopped at one place. If this does get fixed, I will rate 5. Otherwise a GREAT game. Also it says that the cinema is gonna open on 25th April. Its the 30th so please open it.

Kawaii Blue Owl

Love I love the game but the giant spiders seriously whenever i see them i walk away i would give you 5 stars but the spiders please remove them or make them smaller. Thanks

Medusa Homeed

It started back to the beginning! Had rated this 4 but after I had got so far only for it to reset everything and start me over to the beginning I'm rated this a 1. Very disappointed. Uninstalling.

Mercedes Bell

Absolutely love this game! I love this game! It is so cool ! A couple thinks should be fixed or added on! Lately my person had been floating above the ground to move around not moving her legs lol its sorta creepy though it then doesn't allow me to pick up things or go into stores. Also could you make it so you move your camera view all the way around your person? So that way we can click on the correct plants in the garden! Amazing game I will give 5 stars and recommend this game to ALL of my friends if you can fix the bug :)

Stephine Schulte

It dry doesn't work Every time I try to play it didn't let me is saying that my time is wrong when it isn't

Jenna H

Its fun but my sunshine meter doesn't reach required level for new people to move in even though I've done all thats needed to make the town beautiful. This annoys me a bit but apart from that I do like it.

Tsidi Filemon

I love it I am a starter but I got the hang of it majoring is a bit hard but it is fun to play and this guy he says "my evil plan is working " but they sayy time is wrong but still I love it.

Denise Clarke

It's challenging but... Sometimes slow, I know the game is based in real time. But we could do with more tasks during the day. And may i recommend a game store to earn coins or something. Like an arcade. It be a cool addition to the game to. Thanks.

Fox One

More Interaction/Involvement If towns people were more involved like helping keep town clean. Being able to rearrange the art, fountains and benches around would be pretty cool too. Being able to ask the towns people to plant and harvest or pick fruit wound be helpful instead of the Mayor doing everything and running errands for them. I may want more than one child also, let that be an option. If everyone is involved like an actual virtual town like Virtual Family 2 this round be a lot more fun & interesting. Just feed back.

Dexter Gonzales

I love it but The time is to slow its says its off line but u need to atleast log in once a day i cant play if i didnt connect . I uninstall it a really great game try it . Best game

Kimberly James

It is ok It is a good game to pass the time with. Could definitely use a good customization feature for person, town, child, and other aspects. Then a feature where you can twist the camera around to see behind the building for trash or overgrown grass.

Michelle Bui

Frustrated I have a problem with expanding rooms to my mayor's house twice! Sent support an email and they couldn't help me. I even cleared my game data to start over and still encounter the same problem. Plz fix it.

Krischeal Gomez

Its a great game for idlers with little or know social life Its fun if you like farmville i guess. However it does have its hitches. I cant rearrage the furniture in my house even as i expand it and i lose items in my own house. Its annoying when im trying to feed the people and the food item just disappears. Please fix these. Please add more things to do cause doing the same thing over will get old quick. And what are the purposes of ordinances besides the store times the people dont pitch in for free for projects. Even if i pay for such ordinance i have to pay

rock star


rei X.

It's a weird logic that as Mayor of the town, you have to do all the chores on yr own. Why aren't the rest of the villagers helping? And why is the assistant always summoning e Mayor to go see her? Not making sense and it's getting boring.

Tahnee Rathoret

It's ok The game is alright, although it needs smtg to spice it up as it lacks surprises! There seem to be some problems too : I can't use the spade, I double click but my person just walks there! It's very hard to click on the right plant without selecting the one next to it! Etc. Please fix as the game has potential.

Morgan Davis

This game is awesome!! I love this game. Its creative and fun. I like how there is a mystery to be solved and I can't wait to solve it. Therefore, its addictive. I would suggest that people can adopt like 2 children instead of one because some people (like me) love children, plus that means more hands for help, and who doesn't want that? I love awesome games like these because I feel like they make people feel more independent and it shows people responsibility. I mean, to be mayor you have to be responsible. And independent. :D

Mariel Knight

Love love love it I've played all the LDW games, love 'em all, but this takes the cake. It's more in depth than I thought it would be, excellent graphics zoomed in and out. Can't get enough. A little glitchy though. Force closes often after load screen, and the game is now lagging after fixing the bridge and opening the north. No other problems(Galexy s5,) kid is aging fine and plenty of people moving in. Wonderful game, well worth the wait, just needs a little fine-tuning.

Megan Nixon

Good game but alot of glitches reached above beautiful level but won't let new residents move in please fix

Screaming Silence

I enjoy it. There are some glitches but overall it's a good simple game.


It's great I wish there was a form of getting money easier. Like maybe giving the mayor more tasks or side job. It's very glitchy were there are to many planted thing's.

Gerald Canizares


Kola Tee

Got glitchy Loved the game but it now glitches a lot! Takes forever to do anything and since it is glitching thru what you do, a lot of your progress gets lost. I'm very frustrated. Think it's due for an update to fix the bugs!

Kyla Lorraine Escudero

It restarted!!! I hate it because it started all over again. I can't believe it restarted just like that. The last time I played it was still there. Later, it started all over again.

Angela Garcia

I'm confused So I'm going on my 5th mayor and I haven't got 1 clue. My town is 100% and there's pretty much nothing else I can do at this point. MY QUESTION IS THIS. When will the clue's start popping up?

Ashley Hartman

Help I love this game but after finding the clue in the stone circle and unblocking the cave I can't find any more clues about the disappearence of the old mayor please help

Wong Xin Yee

The game always kicks me out.If you guys can solve this problem,I will give it five stars and please get it done quickly!!!!

Michela DuRant

From the beginning I've loved your games since I played the first Virtual Villagers about 12 years ago. Virtual town is a little more on the calm side, but I have faith this game will only get better!

Nor S

Addictive Please update the game so we can do more stuff .. not only cleaning and catching bugs n planting ... anyways am addicted to this gameeeee loooooovee it

michael richards

I'm hooked! Great game! Great graphics! Please add more stuff to add to the town decorations and the house stuff. Please add more projects and more land we can expand too. Great game!!!! I have spent money on this game but it's not needed. I wish we could kick rude people out of town!

Minjung Kim

Well... I adopted someone and she is always bored and lonely so I wish there were other children that moved into the town along with there parents. Also I wish there was more things to do and more ways to make food and gain more happiness. Also the game is so frustrating when you have to double tap to dig a hole or cut long grass, it is so annoying when the game won't do it!

Holly Griffiths

How do I put water in the watering can? I really like the game but it's doesnt tell u how to put water in the watering can please help if anyone knows

Sassy Snowflake

Easily a five star game Great update but now freeze's. Would be cool if you could store money in the bank so it could collect interest and you could forget about it until needed.

Tammy Nicholas

3 I'll give five stars but when I get quest I can't compete them cuz I can't the items. Example banknotes I could find them laying around or in ground

Kitty Moon

Fun This game is so fun it keeps me free from being bored andt he update is useful I bought the irrigation system then it waters my flowers its so useful,I also want to suggest a school in this game for my kid to learn and please let the townspeople sell their furniture like Animal crossing and send letters too.

Christiara Graves

Ok I love it but you can not flirt or anything and when you get tell your child to the and do something they do not do it and a lot more other reasons.

Moldovan Daniel

Game keeps crashing The game is suddenly closing after few minutes of playing. I was trying to uninstall, than reinstall, but it keeps doing the same.

Kristine Caro

LDW games are GREAT! i haven't played the game yet but i believe that all LDW games are always worth the time to download and play. so im giving u a 5 stars bcos i truly believe in ur works Last Day of Work ?

Rahmadini Awalia

Awsome but.. This game is very awesome, love to play but sometimes get some boring when the mission not so much maybe you can add some missions more to add the joy too.

Keilynn Shaffer

Very addicting game love it! do you ever find out what happen to the old mayor? I've finish all town projects (this was before my game got reset somehow) after u finish all projects and open everything the clues for the old mayor just stop.I had almost all the specimens in museum completed before game reset. I'm really hoping that something happens in game after I do finish collections because if not... the game is going to be pointless and boring to play. All you will be able to do is sell bugs and minerals and rack up tons of coins..

jodie Manyangadze

Loved it The game has very nice graphics, do not even get me started on the way, I love it so much it has been the best game I have ever played from this company.

Tamsyn Kitts

Virtual town The game doesn't respond. I spent 20 minutes trying to plant things and managed to plant just 1 carrot, the rest of the time was spent tapping trying to get the game to allow me to dig! Please fix!

Alex Tv

Amazing!!!! This game is so cool! I love how you can adopt children to! I love it! It's the perfect virtual game for your ''prefered taste".

Sharon Marks

Dull This game is a complete waste of time. You are given minimal instructions and when you try to do what they say you can't do it...example chopping down a tree...they say double tap axe, and it took several tries to pick up ax...they tell you tap the base of the tree to chop the tree. I tap and tap and tap, but all I am wearing out is my finger. I am uninstalling.

Josette Walsh

I was addicted to this game, but now that I have everything unlocked, it feels like it the same thing over and over again. There has been nothing new with the missing mayor mystery. It's almost too difficult to finish the collections, especially the flowers and bugs. I finally completed the minerals collection, but was disappointed that there wasn't a reward. I thought at least the door to the collection would turn gold or something, but no. I'm getting bored, so I hope something changes soon, to re-peak my interest.

kristi fowler

Cute! It's a very cute game. I've yet to have any issues. So far, I like everything about it. Just don't like the newest resident who had moved in. She's really rude and I wish I had the option to slap her or force her to move out to let someone more respectful move in. Like, if I ever met that woman in real life, I would slap her!!! LOL!!!

Tammy Swift

LOVE IT !*!*!*! Can't say enough good things abt this game. I'm a 46 yr old married female so it's kind of hard to capture MY attention lol but this game has me totally addicted lol AWESOME GAME !!!!

Blee blah Blooh

I liked it at first For months and months. It's the same old thing. I've repaired everything, collected all things. It's just picking up the town, catching bugs, and watering plants. Boring

Nix cole

More Please put a husband or wife of the mayor. Have his/her own family. I'd like to have more jobs every 5minutes and more bugs than before. Thank you! ?

Gail Washington

Fun Game....More could be added! Enjoy playing this game. Wish the mayor could get married. Would like to fish! Fun Activities for kids indoors and outdoors and for the Mayor too instead of all work and no play! Does the grass have to grow so much? Never get a break from it! Can the Towns folk be a little more interactive and maybe visit the Mayor's House too? Thank you!

angelina wymbs

Won't load game from Facebook Trying to use on another device so logged into Facebook now won't stop restoring and loading constantly and can't play anymore, it's annoying cause would of gave 5 star otherwise

Ya Mutha

It's a good game.. however.. There needs to be more missions to go on. This game gets a little boring without it. And also. The theatre seems to be glitching out. When I watch all the movies I can and exit the theatre it has a closed sign that appears on the door. But. I walk into the theatre and boom it restarts my game. Please please pleaaaase fix this. I like playing it and that's my favorite way to get free stuff

Demetrice Dixon

Love it but I think u need more stuff in the town like a playground and things that everyone can do and letting us also do things with the child u get. Also, falling in love and having a family. The task they give add that u can work with the towns people. Please fix the problem let them interact with the other towns people building relationships.

Breana Mchale-See

Amazing but one problem... Absolutely love the game. Its fun and interactive reminds me abit of animal crossing, i enjoy taking care of my town, it is a little hard to make a lot of money but its still good (: the one problem i have though is sometimes my game doesnt save which sucks!! I put alot of effort into the game just to turn it back on to see nothing i did saved. Please fix!!!

Omeka Stevenson

? I love this game it's pretty awesome but it could have more stuff to do. More activities, fun stuff for the community, and interacting with more then just the plants and bugs. I will keep the game and keep playing it to see what new stuff will be presented when it's time to update this game.....besides all that❣ I LOVE THE GAME❣

Heather Spaulding

Addicting Time consuming fun I would give for star's if it were similar to plant pick and hold the garden veggies

Abdirahman Hirsi

really good?? my daugthers play this game and they loved it because the game is like 3D and it looks cool and you do great thing. it makes my children responsible. so i rate 5 STARS. good job???????

kelly nolan

Worst game ever Runs too slow ,always lagging, updates do nothing good for the game,its the same thing every day. The storyline just ended with no follow up on updates. Boring game. Dont install.

zainab abdullah

Its fun... at first Wish you could come up with something to add on this. After reaching the residence capacity it start to get boring. What else is there to do. Plus no rare plants or rare bugs or minerals coming out anymore.

Nor S

Addictive Please update the game so we can do more stuff .. not only cleaning and catching bugs n planting ... anyways am addicted to this gameeeee loooooovee it

Crystal Hunter

I love Last Day of Work games but this one is a little boring. It really could be their best game but it's so slow. They have things like bugs, rocks, and plants to collect but I only ever have a couple per day show up....that's per real day. It seems to need a lot of tweaking in that department.They don't have a way to go to the next day either and it works in real time so you pretty much finish everything there is to do in a few minutes (max) then have to wait until the next day (real world like animal crossing). Even when you do find the things they are worth so little that it's hard to make enough money to do even the most basic things.They have a movie theater to watch ads to earn money but it usually doesn't work, most of the time it doesn't have movies or the projectionist is still "setting it up", and besides it shouldn't be a replacement for actual game play. It should be a bonus, not a complete replacement. I love the random houses to start, you can decorate your house and buy furniture, varied characters, funny dialogue, collecting of rocks, plants, and bugs (when they actually show up), little quests, random stuff in the stores. If only it were playable.

Tahneil McArdle

Was a 5 now a 1 So I downloaded it and it worked perfectly... until lately. It freezes and freezes. I can't do anything with it freezing all the time so I am thinking of uninstalling it. I also hate the fact that you have to connect to wifi once a day for it to work, it's disheartening. Please fix the freezing and the connecting once a day and I will get it again on my kids tablets.

Sharon Marie

Good game very fun Love this game. Fun, great time killer and just enjoy playing. Still a few glitches and bugs but nothing that hinders playing.

Stephanie Ross

Fun Game ?? Cool game to play would be nice if you can get married and have more kids too ... I love playing I play everyday ☺

Leeza Yo

This game is fantastic. I've running around and cleaning up the town. There's always something to do. I agree with other reviews that fishing should become part of the game, in the ponds. Fish could be there in the early morning and early evening. There should be more rocks too, I dislike not always having the rocks or stones my town folks wants but these are just personal suggestions. The game is growing greatly and if keeps my interest at all times. Thank you for all the great games you offer!

Brandon Ambrosio

Please... Why do i have to log on with an internet connection, my phone is not connected. Change that and i'll give 5 stars.

Maria Airzmendis

Amazing I just love this app it so much fun and awesome ppl should really download this app because It's super fun and I just love it

Vee Hardy

Fun Has some glitches but pretty good. :)

Brianna Rohn

It's great! I've always liked games by this company and so far, this one is my favorite. It's fun and entertaining. When you think you're bored with it, great quests pop up that snag you back in. Thank you for the game and I look forward to many more!

romesa jabeen

Check your device clock This game can't play I start the than not play says check your device clock than you correct this problem tap anywhere but it's not work plz give me a answer how to play this game

Nolo Map

Good This game looks interesting but bad when u play it but it is good any way

Yoko Ngwube

Getting boring. I used to be addicted to this game when I first started it, but now it's gotten so monotonous and boring I cringe when I see the app icon. All my townspeople must have moved away by now

Daisy Presiado

Love this game but seems slow with double tapping, please fix before I Uninstall due to this aggravation

Katrina Doroja

Becomes boring!!!! At first I was enjoying the game...but after unlocking evrything I was stucked up doing and watering the garden is not enough...where is the old mayor????

hedge witch

Brilliant Enjoy this game so much, reminds me of some ds games. Its relaxing, could be a few more improvements to it such as crazy clothes, more than just one extra room, furniture us too basic, lets have kitchen stuff or fun things and I would like to go fishing!?. Also there is plenty of storage - compared to some ds games. I would love to evict residents, as one is so rude and the other stalks me. Help! There is so much room for potential, plus who killed the former mayor?!!

Lillie Cramer

Won't let me play. I found this game through virtual families. It won't get past the first or second screen in the tutorial. Screen turns black and it exits app. Everything is up to date. Tried turning phone off and back on. Nothing works. Hopefully I can download this again sometime in the future and be play.

Roisin Grace Martin

Waste of time I was so excited to play this game because I loved virtual families but when I downloaded it it wouldn't open It made my phone lag it crashed my phone twice and wouldn't open.Don't waste your time on this game. A lot of improvements needed before I will be downloading it again but I love love love love love virtual families get that game instead

Shidochiri Mickei

Liked it But it gets boring since I have to wait for a call from a town hall to do something,there is no other activity that the mayor can do like get some help to those folks town working on something? Like the mayor is just sitting on a side waiting for some bugs to appear. The developer should think of a something that could make the game work . Like I do have an adopted he gets lonely since there is no play ground. They are giving some items that can't be used like pizza,ball .please fix this matter

Tea Party Of Tea

Awesome, Luv this app.It's actually,free.Works like a dream.No,problems at all.Only one request?(MORE)!!!Please,release more quest? I'm purchasing coins,not that I need to(u get more than enough for free)but because, I want to see more &,hope ya'll succeed. Sujest this to anyone&everyone!5*****'s

Hayley James

OK game but progress is slow would give it 5 if you could adopt more kids boring with just one and you should be able to hire a gardener whether parting or full time, it's too much work for one person and your beauty level keeps dropping everyday which makes it monotonous. Please consider adding gardener, babysitter and maid please.


-_- Oh c'mon.....every two minutes i come out of my house over and over again even though i didnt go inside..... it is SO annoying! If you fix this, i will change it back to 5 stars?

Iris Ramsay

I've been playing this game daily, I'm getting bored.spent about a hundred dollars on coins.. I mean will the game expand,are there kitchen stoves fridge n stuff,I got a dishwasher..or should I say the game has ended???

Suzanne Sprouse

Really Good and very relaxing Love it and it is much better than those match 3 garden games where you get stuck on a level and can't go forward. Love the nightly bug hunts and seeing the town come back to life. There are a few glitches and the movie theater doesn't always play a movie when you enter, but closing the game and reopening usually fixes it. Thanks for the break from daily stress.

Thomas Naomi

Good The game is not good for those who like only action games, but is nice for those who like reality games but the only thing the game need to be fully perfect is the mayor should be able to get married and bare his own kids and there surpose to be animals not only bugs. It would be nice to get an update for all what i said and expand the town a little for more residents

Stacy fechi Emma Agunta

Not 2 many things When i got this game i expected more pls try add some new stuffs it was gr8 at 1st then became boring even my sis quit the game im almost through with the quests pls add new things pleeese

Howard Forsyth

small glitch as the game progresses it increases the frequency of momentary freezes. i thought it might be my tablet so i cleaned it up and reinstalled the game. the same problem happened again. my tablet is 1.5 ghz with 10 gbs memory. those aren't the problems. otherwise, fun game and decent graphics.

Shawna Mcgraw

Fun little game I'm so TOTALLY addicted to this game. I just wish that some challenges weren't so difficult. For instance, when a towns folk ask to find a specific insect or gem/mineral and there are absolutely NO BUGS or NO ROCKS to bust gets a bit frustrating and makes me not wish to play any longer.

Marina Hagstrom

I love this game. I absolutely adore this game and I enjoy it so much. The only thing that I hate is bugs will run away, into buildings, and just disappear. It's super frustrating!

Michelle McHatton

Oh man I was looking all over my town for my daughter. I was totally freaking out because I thought I lost her.

Autumn Venn

Great at first It's a great game until you've done everything! Then it's flat out boring.....same thing everyday....needs a lot of new things to do....I never play anymore because I've done it's great until you have nothing else to do...needs a lot of work.....could have great potential....add new things and I'll give 5 star

Annette Cavaness

Not very fun I want a little more to the story line and a little romance like virtual family's also I'd like it if you could be multiple people at once and get more kids

Anna Morris

Thinking out loud. After your child has been mayor for a while can you get him/her to adopt?

gabby hooper

Good game, unfortunately I think mine has come to an end. I only need 1 mineral, 2 plants and 11 bugs to complete my museum, but haven't found any new bugs in a long time and havent found anything new in over 8 days. Would love to keep playing but bored of just cleaning up and checking things for nothing new to appear,

Ashae Johnson

Love it I enjoy it..I play in my down town's thriving, my kid's picking up on being mayor, I just wish it was a little more to do and I could actually respond when I'm being asked a question..but overall love it..last day of fixing my bridge time to take over the other side

Clare Hollylee

Nothing left to do Been playing for a month and it's done. It was good while it lasted but there's nothing else to do other than clean up the townfolks crap and cut grass. I have items in the museum still left to get but without an actual plot to follow now it's a bore so it's pointless me trying anymore. An update is MASSIVELY needed to get people playing again

Katie Barlow

Not bad Not a bad game. However I'm at a standstill as far as story line. I want to find out what happened to the mayor. Sometimes the town maintenence is annoying.

Stephanie Ross

Fun Game ?? Cool game to play would be nice if you can get married and have more kids too ... I love playing I play everyday ☺

archana devi

Best game ever Users you should download it i really like this game. It is not an onlien game but it is the best. You can manage your own town and do whatever you want. Love this game.???????

Giovonna Divittorio

Needs to let adoupt more than one kid. IT IS MEAN TO SAY YOU ALREADY HAVE A KID WHEN IT IS 18. Also I keep trying to adopete a kid because I delted it and re got it and know it shows no adoution thing.If you know what to do please tell me pleseee

Izzy Kay

Such a big variety of tasks and gameplay! It's like the dream of all village and farming games! There are so many tasks and activities you can do and you don't depend on something growing etc. That you have to wait around for. However, there are a few things that annoy me a bit and could be improved for better gameplay: it is extremely hard to select plants that are growing in the botanic garden, if they're inbetween other plants - you are forced to remove everything around it in order to select. Also, there should be the possibility to rotate view

Maddi Martin

No update So I had this game for a while stopped playing because there was no more to do was waiting for an update and now I've updated it its exactly the same as before I love this game but there's very limited things to do

Loca Perkins

Virtual Town I like it and it's an addicting and very fun game but what would make it 5 star is if there was better and quicker ways to get coins for your town and also so you can purchase tools through the General Store but other than that the game is awesome and you need to keep up the good work cuz you're doing a good job!!

Sploosh SplSploosh

All I'm saying is you can do better Wth is this this not what you usually do with your graphics,...this game is just terrible?(this comment is not totally bias)

K. Bryant

Needs more content There is not enough to do in the game, a serious update is needed quickly.

This game is amazing awesome the person who made it i think the person is a professional I love it I don't think I am going to delete it i love it soooooooooooooooooooo much

Taylor Lucy

I would give it more stars It would be a awesome game but loses ur attention fast ur doing the same old thing every day

christina and ryan barros

Wow, this game was SO awesome! :-) I always saw this game on the play store but never tried it out. Boy am I glad I did! :-) This was by far the BEST game I have EVER played! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Dhanyetta Quimby

Late nighter's forget it I normally play real late at night early mornings everything is closed I can't even get into stores to buy more tools to make money to change the ordenance not that it would keep them open late enough and trying to change the time only gets me errors to bad seems like a cute game

Tyson ?

Not much to do Rocks are few and far between, making task impossible to complete. Takes to long to do the main quest, Lake, bridge etc. Basically waiting around hoping for a new quest that doesn't involve rocks.

Chassy Bewr

I enjoy it but I enjoy it, but I've done everything! When's the update doing to happen so I can finish the mayors quest?

Paul Helliwell

Virtual Town utter total waste of time after picking up the tools can't do anything with them don't bother loading it's slow and boring.

Sandra Hernandez

It's a Good game to keep U Busy! Just to Keep ur mind off things!

Can't do anything Like most people, it keeps kicking me out. I really want to play this game! Please fix!

Seadra Draggs

Why does this not work Ok I don't know if this works for you but I have played it before why is it not working FIX THIS???

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