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5 Sep
Virtual cigarette smoking

Posted by FreeApps4You in Entertainment | Sept. 5, 2016 | 188 Comments

Apk file size: 3.6 MB

Install a cigarette simulator on your phone and show your friends how you smoke a virtual cigarette. Open packet of cigarettes and take one out, light it up and see how it burns out slowly on the screen of your phone. Blow in the area of a microphone to smoke a cigarette faster. Wait till it burns out and smoke the next one for free in any place and without any health consequences.

Do you want to surprise your friends and show them a real magic? Open our application, put a cigarette against the phone and pretend to puff, blowing into the phone at the same time. The cigarette on the phone will start burning faster. It will look as if you are really smoking a cigarette on the screen. Your friends will be shocked and they will wonder how you have done it.
Virtual cigarette has very realistic animation of a rising smoke, based on particle system. Smoke will always rise up, no matter how you hold your phone. Rotate your phone and check it out.

Main features of our entertainment application:
- Realistic animation of smoke based on particle system
- The speed at which the cigarette burns out is dependent on the voice volume.
- You don't poison yourself and others

Whats new

    * Android 6.0 (M) ready *
    * More realistic virtual CIGARETTE fumes *

FreeApps4You part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 74.035. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 3.6 MB.

Download virtual-cigarette-smoking.apk 3.6 MB


Luis Hernandez

Smoke'em if you got'em I had a lot of fun with this app. My wife said thanks to the fact I'm not burning the bed after my workout! LMAO!!!!!

kaz mainy

Rubbish Didnt work with my android just kept crashing my phone and pinning adds for "hot Asian woman" think there may be a bug! Uninstalled tried again and got the same. So have now permanently uninstalled it

Steven Rodriguez

It is realy cool also my mom got man at me thet im published Awsome

Steve Height

No actual cigarette smoke Ive been stuck in a hospital and they wont let me smoke a cig

Jennifer Bennett

I like it I can prank people when they say that they need a cigarette and then give them the phone

Joshua Gibbs

Alright All you need to do I make it where that you can light the cigarette and pick a diff brand when you start but other than that it's awesome

Tau Txhij Yam Yaj

Even thogh ima lil kid This generation mest up talkin bout weed, why wont you make another one, but weed cig, its AWESOME

Chloe Waine

Its alright This app would make me satisfied if you could choose a brand of cigarettes such as: golden virginia, amber leaf,pal mal ect. it would be brilliant if you could light it with a lighter. If the makers of the app consider about looking into my review i would make it a 5+

Cayden Peele

Cool cool Not awesome but cool

carlover79 p

Its awesome cause for ppl that smoke they can use this instead

Sandy Miller

Great App. This is a Great Application for smokers who are out of real cigarettes or. those trying to quite!

Raccoon Gaming15

U just need a few adjustments Its a great app but if u could add the sigs going away each time u smoke one that be cool also if u smoked all of them up pops another pack. Ok well that's all I got I hope u take my advice.?.

Manosh Bisaws

Cool This is so much fun. I like it. But I'm not real smoker.


Great you make great aplications like this JUST AWESOME!

Gabby Spears

Too young I'm too young to smoke but I am doing it when I grow up

Da'Quan Smith

I. Love it I can Smoke. For at least. A couple. Minutes

Italia Marie White

Best app It is cool it actually looks like your smoking

Asif Parveg

Kona This is a very nice app and i like it.

Braedyn Luckey

Cool Good app if you are outside in the dark

Kylie Marie

:( When I try to smoke it I exits out of it

Esme Jacobs

How do u smoke with your phone?

Chloe_ Wise

Its ok It is ok I am keeping the app but I think there should be an upgrade

Paul Sanchez

Making fun of my mom a lot now

javianna lewis

I love this app This is so funny

Fardeen Shaikh

Awesome Its a prank but it seems like its real

Diane Wallace

Add the freeking weed smokeweed every day

Luke Mort

This app helped me stop smoking

Kayla Evans

Awesome app I love this app. It is very cool!!

Lyniya Dawning

Loved it It's a f2f ready app

Brandon Willson

Cool Its cool kids should not play it

Skyler Nelson

Dude I just smoke like 50 bre I love smoking awesomeness breath

Jevoy Miller

Lol The game bad mi ago bun more

bailey williams

Smoke I can smoke without getting any bad things in me

Orges Murseli

Good So really good game and like reall

Michael miller

It is a good app

Callum Stewart Boan

If smoking kills Why make an app that simulates suicide

John Berkley

It doesn't work

Chiluka Vinod

He he he

poop tree

So cool Omg I can finally start smoking cigarettes! Soooo totally awesome dude

Janae Lampkin

Very fun I got all of my friends to belive that I was smoking

Jaxon Farris

Freaking awesome Now I can smoke and I'm ll

Sarah El-youssef

Wow Love it now I can smoke with my mom and her friends but this time without yelling at me hhhhhhhhhhhhh

RJ Gλming

Awesome The only disappointment is that the pack of smokes is a little Mario-ish. The rest is perfect. Keep up the great work!

Budi Tio

HAHAHAH please tell me asus phone can play it

Andrew Dilon

Too cool for you It is the best game even

Lucia Escobedo

Smoke it Loved it so amazing I tricked my 8 year old cousin with it

Muhammad Uzain

It is very good I like this app

Kassidy Williams

Awesome You think I'm smoking

mitchy hoverd

Lol When I wanna have a smoke I go on this. App It actually feels like I'm for real smoking

kaka babygirl

In i get high with my baby

Toby Davis

Cigarettes don't bern enough

Brenndan Rosario

It's a very good app

Arrion Mcneal

App This is cool I can smoke☺?

Alexandra Collins

dont get it it give you five bucks if you don't get this app

Brittany Oglesby

Cool Its awesome many people should try it

Lmnt0112 Lmnt

Good It s funny

Rakya Banks

Awesome I love this game already and I haven't even seen it yet

Helen Hoeflich

Funny Good way to trick little kids

Landon Spears

Landon Awsome!

Mikaylah Albertson

Well ehh It kept on stopping my mom was like wtf are you doing im like mom im smoking a cig just like you she said its bad for you to smoke so don't do it im eleven years old and smoking fake cigarettes wow who knew i could be smoking hahaha lol??

Tamiya Miles

It is so cool I love that game very more it's awesome it feels like I am really smoking

Inaya Khan

Loved it

Ryan Theseira

Kind of stupid

holly barden

Love it Really good app

Charene Swart

I have a few requests...if it is possible could you make it that if you blow smoke will go over the sreen to make it loom more real...that would be awesome and if you coul make it that you can light it yourself it would be pretty cool....also if your cigarettes could run out and yiu can get new ones as soon as tour box is empty...(maby making different tyapes of cigarette boxes...) Ither than the few requests it's a pretty cool app...?

Keila Yone

Wow First mocked it like"what is this?!" Once I tried it , it's actually great to quit real cigarettes. It teaches you to breathe. Used to smoke a pack a day. Now get light headed so it readjusts my mind psychologically to adapt to being cigarette free... Thank you!!! cool like a real one for real without the cancer??????

Lemuel Sonio

Just a little bit of new updates like If you blow the smoke wil come out and if you try sip it the ciggarette will be you know like become faster lose

Shawn Leblanc

Its awsome just one small request if yuu could try to make the smoke like its real like after yuu puff one the smoke can come out of ur mouth

antoria artice

Ash I think you should make a ash tray and when you shake the device the ash's should fall off

Nathaline Gunn

I love to smoke on apps Best smoking app ever. I will smoke all day if I want to?

Madeline Mckenzie

I don't like it i LOVE it I am just a kid and i wanted to smoke and now I can. PS i am 13 years old

shubhangi chatterjee

good but should have a little more features... so that it could become a smoking zone... what does a procedure of smoking involve..? you can improve it by adding a lighter or match box to burn the ciggerett and releasing the ashes by simply shaking the phone while smoking.. and! yes different brands and flavors should also be added ...and even cigars hukaahs & smoking pipe could also be added...

Gh Ost

Legit Pretty standard app. Does its job. The static background is a bit disappointing but nothing to complain about.

Edwin Paz

Cancer The doctor told me that this app was the cause of my lung cancer. Smoking is bad even if it is virtual.

Mohammed Arfat

not so much good plz download virtual beer app.It is better than thiz..

nikitta day

amazing fun u blow through micro and it smokes. ?

Samuel Abejar

I love smoking without dying My wish came true yes

Leroy Middleton III

This app gives you a chance to smoke a cigarette without the cancerous effects.

Nanci Suarez

Great app. ???? I just wish the cigarette ? could last longer.. Other thean that it is perfect.

Rohit Manhas

Wow just wow Amazing but can't blow rings

natasha Wynn

What ??? This is for a 3 and, it has ciggerets in it , in am 10 and I shouldn't have this game its stupid

Maeghan Looker

Virtual smoking I loved it because it shows you what it looks like and your doing it just not doing it

David Robles

Fun app but... I wan't to see more smoke!

Bostyn w

Tabby Cant smoke in real life so here we go

Fallon Gray

Love it Made my mom think I was smoking foreal

Gigi Rovnak

Ok Ok but great for my kid that is 8 years old

hari krishnan

I having a few requests that when we take the cigarette from its pack we want to light the cigarette and not automatically burning the cigaratte. I want reply from this app

Daniyal Shaikh

I thing that it is a good and excellent but can you make the smoke real.

Zain shakeel awan

It's good but it make me bore

xhazza_ louehx

I liked it, but... If you could make smoke come over the screen, that would be cool.

Sean Wagner

Scared that itmwill cause me to smoke Please tell me its not possible to smoke by this

pizza steve

It's a good game but you need to have the smoke every where and maybe a lighter as well to light the cigarettes your self thanks a lot good game

Timothy Stevens

Very good Could do without the ad's

Stacie Holmes

so funny lots of fun at the right moment for laughs!

willy gamer

Hello Why an I here the question is hoe did I get here


Improvement Like make them go to the store and buy the cigs then let them smoke it

jimmynez dawg

Its a pizza I live this game a lot itz a pizza

M Hud

Its the best your not really smoking

Tiesha Walker

On my way t top quit smoking thank you

Blackops Dude

Great game but... You should add a way to put the cigarette out

Savannah Lee

For fun See what it feels like


Cooooool It's cool and awesome

A Google User

Love it It's a very very good game my friends and me are having a lot of fun excellent!

Ali Ryalls

Not bad It makes it look better on the picture than what it is

ellona ello

So cool I. Just prank. My friend

Ontiretse Thoka

Great app This app is great but I will give it the other start when they make the app have a camera?

Christine Massmann

It is very good you should download it

Airaleen Alejo

420 Were's the smoke? Outta ma mouth dawg.

Dominick Fowler

Smoke ciggerite It is soooo fun.

Dominic Aubuchon

Something I'm only putting this down so it will leave me alone

Parvez Shikdar

nice app I love this's so funny & great app

Ryan Swanepoel

Cool It is realy fun

kenny figo

Great app It works well

Susie Rockingness

I. Love. This. Game This is a crazy. Game

Ariel Buckley

it is bad with my speaker but it is verry fun

Kid Nothing

Couldn't get it up to this game This game needs more American justice and virtues that other countries aspire to, to in a way cause more love to be suspended by bouncing on your boys dick for three hours. God bless and I love you.

Kyla Gorrie

Awesome I love the game because it is so much fun

Caleb Wilkerson

Smoking Its awesome when it goes down.

Yagely Polanco

Love it This is so cooooolOMG

Rayjana Diggs

Awsome Its really fun

Richard Pinto

This is a very nice games I loved it

Mdaesia Battey

Its just for me

Ty'Von Jordan

Stupid It's lame

Aaron Lewis

The best I love it it funny and every thing


GOOD Ideas coloured smoke,change background?

Timothy Langley

I cant blow The thing wont let me blow. If this were real i would die of liver poisoning from swallowing cigarette smoke.

Sara Allen

Cool Its so cool

Deon Chipeta

It's like you realiy smoking

Lauryn Cooper

Ah It is okay but I think it should be more realistic and when you tap it on the ground black stuff should come out

chad dellaer

Can't exhale Won't blow any smoke out! Also you can't smoke by blowing!

say mue

it dident even have things to buy but its osum

Paiton Willis

Ash I think you should be able to tap on the screen and the ash will come off

Princess Figueroa

It's smell Has anyone else noticed that it smells like weed

Camryn Cliff

Smoking app It is Ok. Not very good though.

aislinn Portin

Awesome!!! I love the game it is so funny??

Tameyah Moore

Hate it All you do is sit there with a fake cig

Roxy Chic

Fu#ks up Its dum all u do is blow wtf and the adds annoy me do not download it.

Jaya William

When you your mouth on it your phone you could tast the smoke I love this game

Jordan Watson

Great made me actually quit Now don't get me wrong I love a good smoke :D but I'm in Australia my smokes cost me $35 dollars aud and I can't afford it thank you developies

muhammad muhammad

It's very funny Huuu I like this app . Nice app

Frederick Pang

It absolutely sux. This is a dumbest app I have come across. Not to mention that it doesn't burn the cigarette faster when blow on the mic. It absolutely sux.

Star Benoit

Ok You should have added a pan for putting it out and a way that it looks like your blowing out smoke and also a litter

Payal Oberoi

Very cool It's very interesting game to time pass

Marible Molina

UT It is cool how you make the sing-along go down

Miles Collins

Loved it Try it just not the real stuff because wants you start you can't stop

Wildu Bosch

Gwai Very nice to smoke.

Jennifer Bowman

Love it this app is fake

Mya Franklin

Like cool Its ok make some more stuff on it like for real

Jaxen Garlett

Decent game Nice but need improve

Megan Gibson

The games fine The game is borng

dyjeek ssh sus

I like it I liked it because it a good game but bad but I just like two joke sometimes but still bad

Kevin Nadioo

Not good, but it's okay...I feel like I jus tty wasted my data on something stupid where I could've installed a photo shop edit or those fancy selfie pic's mxm ayy

Nikhil Raju

Irritating ads. I have your beer app. But ads are not as irritating as this. Cannot even close it.

Best. Game ever Like your really smoking

Zain ul Abidin

I need Goldleaf Would b nice with john player logo of goldleaf

Monika Stočkienė

Itis very good It looks like your actualy soking

It a good game it really is

Ariana Williams

Hate it It doesn't so anything and I just can't stand having to pit my mouth on my device the stupid company can cross me off the I liked this app list cause this game is horrible

Angel Ashby

Smoke U pulling n more smoke have to come out than a set off apps keep popping up when u smoking

Stormy Hardin

Gets me into trouble I like it but it gets me into trouble my mom is mad at me but I still play it and I told my mom I wold never smoke for real

awesomeness good

It's OK I like it and it was funny I tricked my boyfriend into think I was smoking a real one lol

annette rios

Good I liked the concept, I would like to see less ads and actually know where to blow to simulation of actually smoking.

jennyrockz 45

I hate it It feels like your actually smoking

Mohamed Sameh

I hate this app l ate heart my hart I hate this app

? the

Cigarettes smoking this application its boring @sucks too it sucks more why putting it on your phone i give 1 star i better smoking the real deal

SUPER watcher

Wow this smoke is driving me crazy with your filter cigarettes. Good☺☺☺

Denise Murphy

It's cool It's cute and fun and all. A good trip waster

blue _wolf 67

Love it Its good if u like pooling pranks with freinds

Josue Cruz

It's good I wish you can blow and smoke comes out

Anti Septic

Not bad I got in trouble from my teacher

The random pre-teen

Nice Lol its bad for u but at least its an app

Carlicia Kilgore

It's nice I smoke like 60 a day


good good but too many ads please remove annoying ads

Michael J. Richard

Excellent Smoking from the smartphone is healthy then buying the real smokes

Jesus lizard

Guy in video is GAY! He get alot of practice!

melissa summerour

Lllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiittttttt% When i go in the batheroom everbody thinks im smocking

William Geronimo Ervin

Could be better Too many ads and blow isn't that sensitive

Awesomeness Gamer 2

FUN GAME I Had Fun With It Alot

Jordan G

Nah I downloaded this app expecting to get a buzz but after 1 hour of using it no smoke ever came out of the "cig" and I never got a buzz all I got a dead phone battery and looks from people

Lala Klove

Bad things Its promoting teens to smoke

only in America

The fax is this Horrible hot water heater garbage potentially harmful chemicals

Neetika Verma

It is real Sound is not real but I love it

Kunal Sharma

Very good Its very good

Doaaa1974 Sayed

It's a little good

Briston Hanner

Cool Good for a quick laugh

Sonja Hurt

Good Very good

Shailendra singh

Good app Free smokk

Bellqeen Azwifheli

Fantastic Awesome

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