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6 Sep
Virtual Beer

Posted by FreeApps4You in Entertainment | Sept. 6, 2016 | 143 Comments

Apk file size: 6.2 MB

Install entertainment application on your phone and pretend that you are drinking a real beer. Your phone will be changed into virtual glass, into which you will be able to pour your favorite alcohol. Realistic animation of foam and the effect of releasing bubbles will let you prank your friends easily. Move your phone from one side to the other and watch how a drink is moving in a glass. Advanced physics of fluids will let the drink move according to physics rules. Tilt your phone as if you were to drink a beer down and the golden booze will decrease and finally it will entirely disappear. Don't worry! You can pour another glass of beer any time you want ;)

How to prank your friends:
Press button "Drink". Stand sideways to your friends. Keep the phone in your palm with the screen directed to your friends. Put the phone against your mouth and slowly tilt the glass with beer up trying to drink the beer down. Virtual beer will decrease and the glass will become empty. Your friends will be impressed ;)

Main features of simulator:
- Realistic beer movement
- Very efficient foam animation
- You can drink beer anywhere you want and how much you want.

Whats new

    * Cold BEER now with even better fluid dynamics *

FreeApps4You part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2016. Google play rating is 80.7622. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 6.2 MB.

Download virtual-beer.apk 6.2 MB


Farid Hanaii

Farid H Its OK. Hate the little ad in the bottom of my beer, but hey it's free. Also as soon as you're done big prompt on screen. That messes with the whole "beer" empty glass effect. I've seen similar apps that add a big belch at the end of the glass. Maybe that option in the setting would be funny.

Aldwin Edades

it has no real beer :( i will only give you five stars if you could give us a free downloadable beer

Sean Soboewski

I like it It's very awesome out of the other apps except hottrix.

BaconPie Gaming

It's fun Haha its cool the virtualness of the app!!! Please keep making good apps like this

Jack Storey

Vitiual beer I liked it because it was a good joke and my mam thought that it was beer haha

Joshua Gibbs

It's ok What you do need to do is let us pick our our brands of beer or wine and throw in a little twist with it and add some soft drinks to and please do so because I'm 14 and it don't look right when an adult asks me I am doing and I say drinking and he looks at the screen and sees that it is beer. So please add the changes

Carl Storer

Virtual beer I like it but only if you could choose what you wanted to drink you could have the achol all togerther then you could have your soft drinks separate I liked it thank

Ray Le Fevre

Virtual Beer Good fun app that works well.

Pamila Ndanyi

Awesome Science I can't drink this is cool

Aniyla Brown

Like real beer Nice it's like I'm drinking real beer

Machandre Brits

Cool I like the idea of the beer as you drink it . It's a nice app

Liam Woodall

Awesome Really good app try out very good awesome


Good I like to drink all day

Randy Morris

Great Now we can have beer at work

Madison Ely

Sometimes I don't know why I am helping this app

Jolin Causey

Virtual Beer I like the game because it make me feel like a drunk at the bar LoL

Alencia Brown

Horrible!! Don't install it no purpose of installing

Doris Johnson

Prank your mom and say I'm addicted to beer

Taha Faiz

not fun if you want to try do but it's not nice

Deejay Rentie

Awsome I pranked my friend with it it's fun.

Salona Jugannath

Wow I love it it is so cool

Kyra Hinton

Cool c wat your mom says

Brighton Curry

I like this app to prank my baby brother

Hive Bevt

Beer Awesome and drunk

Emmanuel Paulinus

This app is pretty cool

James Galione

Virtual beer app Very fun and funny

Raeanne Garrett

Eh Make it more realistic and it'll be awesome!

Carlos Ruiz

Especially this awesome

Glen Oliver

Great Good but not the advertising

taja stackhouse

The best thing ever

Gadhafi Muhammad

I luv it Now I can scare my mom see I"m an 11 year old son

Maryam Soorya

Good Niccee I love the sound

Gregg Kelyman

Slow but good

HyruleDefender08 Gaming

Need more I like it more if you can change the color of it

Owen Clark

Swag Now I can fit in at party's!!

Lauretta Tully

Virtual beer app It is great

Kian kirwin

Great!!! Love it really pranks my friends thanks

Talor Davison

Love it Best thing ever

kenny dorris

Rate Now!!!!! Can't use the app to know how many stars to give. It has interrupted every time I have tried to use it asking me to rate it. So you get 1 star! How can I rate the app if I can't use it?

Matthew Luckie

So annoyed. Half way through taking a sip. And it asks me to rate. . No stars for you. .

Vontrell Lanaute

realalistic It makes da sounds it move wen u tilt it very better than others

Lana-rose Westhead

Lol My friend thourght it was real when I was at the other end of the room, I love this game xx

Leonardo Lombardi

Nice animation but excessive ads Full screen app is excessive. It shows up as soon you drink all the beer ruining the fun with friends

William Bazzano

Ads To many ads. Every attempt to use app you go through multiple ads

Austin Chaney

finally one that wrks, all the other ones wer crap , of course though there is always room for improvement

Lisa Stoian

Nice job Its really good my mom thought im drinking beer

Mohammed Arfat

Awesome... Bst app ever...I didnt drink beer in my real life and after downloading thiz app i m drinking beer every day so many time in mobile........

Patrick Martinez

Loved it It rules ive trhked allt and this won all the otherones

Sea Majee

Kidozz This thing is cool.....

Sunny G

Lot of ads Ads which fill half the screen, not small banners and full screen ads, forcing to install other apps of theirs

Joelle R

2 things It is a fun app and would be believable if it 1. Didn't ask for me to rate on the first sip... beers don't do that. And 2. If the ads at the end weren't so instant... like ahhhhads. Beers don't do that either....

Jeremy Prosser

Adds are ridiculous Adds constantly pop up. Sometimes halfway through a beer. Ruins the whole thing.

rajani sathish

Halfway disturbance While drinking asks to rate. .no good??

gavin padgett

Sucks Can't even drink without adds every five seconds

Daniel Davis

Crazy I made my parents thank i was drinking

Jeffrey Chambers

Virtually burping 12/26/15: Fun! But I had hoped that after rating the app I wouldn't be asked to rate it again every single time I used it. Each time I get asked I'll be dropping stars. 12/28: How many times will I be asked to rate the app? It shouldn't ask for a rating in the middle of every beer. Deleting app now.

maria carlos

Funny I fooled my grandmother she thought I was drinking beer

Kyra Ray

I think it should refill after you finish.

Athena Figueroa

Vertical beer This game is on fire

Demetrice Phipps

Ibeer It is a good game for me

John Dybdahl

Funny I really enjoy this application


Love it My mom thought I was drinking but the only thing is the ads other than that 5*

Bobby Verne

Virtual beer Virtually drinking a cold one!

Cheryl Bogdan

Not bad I liked it was interesting .

Aden Minton

Loved that it was like real life

Jason Reid

Amazing This is amazing i ranked my bros

Isabell Hernandez

Gud I need to lol

Kim Lah

Nothing but ads.

malcolm hutchinson

Beer Very good.

SnappyKid Live

Lol Really fun

Relaxed Betty

Too many ads Ads spoil such a good fun thing. Good laugh at work!


SO MANY ADDS It's awesome but TOO MANY ADDS I'll give 5 stars if not as many adds

Aria Flores

Way too many adds There's way too many adds but other than that, i like drinking virtual bear

Adrian Dudley

Pop ups ruin it. Constant ads and requests for a "+1" on Google + ruin the effect. At least wait 5 seconds AFTER its finished, not 10 seconds from finishing.

Emerson Listhaeghe

To many adds Every time I press something it will have an add or 2

Cheyenne LeMaster

I love beer It has an awesome thing cause i smoke to and it has ciggerets so yeah?

Sajid Cassim

good.But... the adds are very annoying

Vicky Donaldson

The rate this app come coming up everytime i used it....before the end of my glass!

joe cooke

Drink beer Level or plum

alberto reyes

Fun Close to real....

fester McHaggis

Its cute But the ads are annoying as hell.

Anubhav Sakhuja

To many ads

Kamal Saha

Rocky Can you make smashing computer please?

John Sadzewicz

Ti many adds Adds pop up as soon as you drink

Akshaya Chettiar

It is like that as we are really drinking

Salish Dulat

I really liked this app.

Panda Luv

Wow I tricked my mom this game is AMAZING

Jason Hatherlee

Pretty bad Pop ups appear while you're "drinking." Every time.

A Google User

Fingers in back to make virtuality real You have to add some missing parts in this app, You need to add some fingers in back to make it pure real. I rate it 5 stars if you fix it

Oliva Vaccaro

Amaze Really nice app and great beer dynamics.I also like the fact the glass doesn't crack. After all its not real beer but its a really good imitation of the real deal.I am rating you five stars because its a great app and adds aren't a problem for me as its a free app and will partially rely on adds which I totally except.this app is excellent and I also recommend their other apps like cigar simulator and other liquid simulators. Thanks FreeApps4u I love your app.

Mohamed Alosh

Ads WAY TOO MANY ads I am not enjoying my beer

Tim Gill

Adds in my beer ruin the taste... Pop up ads come up before you can even get the beer drank. Uninstalled...

Callum Conquest

Awesome!! Totally Wicked

Michael Briola

Good app A lot of fun.

Paul Yamakawa

Ads are annoying enough but I get it, however the begging for +1 ratings that creatively interrupt the one novel thing it exists for. Are UT entirely worthless

Darren Sizemore

There is literally 1-3 ads everytime you empty the beer. Makes the app so annoying to use I just uninstalled it.

Jen Stanard


Paul Saffron

Way 2 many ads Way 2 many ads

kyle impang

Its great but... Its great but when you finish drinking the beer, it will automatically go back to the menu. There should be a small button to refill a beer. Please fix this and i'll rate 5 star. Thank you

Mike Healey

Constant Add Can't even finish your beer with out having an add pop up, when you do make it through the beer, it immediately goes to an add... open the app it opens to an add. DELETE!

Curtis Fink

Crap adds keep on coming Can't use the stupid app for all the stupid tricky adds that keep on pooling up. Delete.

Kevin T

Ruined by ads No bad app just ruined by over laid adverts.

Raymond Long

Beer Way too may pop up ads

Nikhil Raju

Good app 5 stars for the way you have asked for it. It's pleasing. :) Even the is good.

Nice app App is good but it can be more realastic it's ok

roann bell

Drink beer Loved the app. Pretty funny.but too many ads.

ram chandraiah

Very good

Mark Edison Fernandez

It is rude to ask for a rating without even waiting for us to finish our beer. ? No physics. The beer should empty if the tilt of the phone is above the horizontal. Drink moderately guys.


Good but annoying pop ups I'll pay for it but remove all that crap that pops up!

Brian S

Too many ads and pop ups You can't enjoy the effect of the app because after every virtual sip, and ad pops up.

Jaspernet House

Bad business sense Halfway through my pint an ad showed up.

Nathan Kehoe

Sucks Ads... Think you are gonna make money off this dumb app?

Brandon o

DJ be i used on my iphone I tricked everybody ,friends and family

Eric Neal

Haha... Completely useless but I could not resist.

Rafael Paniagua

That's Funny Very funny to prank friends

Emily White

If it had more realistic gulping sounds I would by it.

jm kim

too many ads annoying ads. damn it

Brilliant It is a fantastic app but... there were a lot of adds coming up when i was tricking my friends.☺

Eric Henderson

A fun app to show to friends.

Niki Dimitrov

Funny my mum,dad,grandpa and granma found it realy funny

sumesh munjal

Ake the beer to top it will look good

IMA NFS Underground 2 dude

Eh. Get rid of the ads in your beer

Jamie Tennant

Good toilet app Fun to mess around with

bivas das chowdhury

Not good Improvement needed

Bodean Bisogno

Don't like all the ads

Brian Wilson

Can drink and drive

Philip Florio

Too many adds.

Pym_Ultron _Vision

Really good It's super easy to understand and super funny

Brain confusing I tricked my dad he thought I wet my phone with his beer?


WAAAAAY too many ads. This is barely an amusing app. There's more ads than app here. I get you need ads for revenue, but dang. How about you let somebody breathe. I was showing this to my friend, and was embarrassed to have to go through so many ads or "review this app" before I could show him the fun part.

Grace Birch

That is amazing it would be better if real beer could come out but u cant do that

Karen Jadczak

Tooo many ads and pop ups


Alcoholism Fuels it I guess

David Gillespie

It's ok Use something similar in the past I think.

Dillon W.

Ok Has ads at end of drink.

Rupinder Singh Sethi

Great It's better than the real pranks of virtual beer

Michael Vallecillo

It's OK but too many adds :(

Divyajit Das

Beer it Now something more interesting than pokemon go in India

Best I like it but too many adds

pettyboibill 23

The last one the best one yet


Really intrensting app Nice theme

Where is burp

Kamlesh Kashyap

I like it Awesome

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