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14 Sep
Virgin Mobile My Account

Posted by Virgin Mobile Canada. in Lifestyle | Sept. 14, 2016 | 157 Comments

Apk file size: 13.0 MB

Hey Member! Your beloved Virgin Mobile device just wants to help. And when you hook it up with the My Account app, beautiful things can happen at the swipe of a finger. Pay your bill, check your usage or grab a travel bundle before your shopping trip to NYC. It’s all right there, and it’s all about making things easy, so you have more time to do awesome things. Or just to waste, if it’s one of those days.

Here’s a bunch of stuff you can do with the app:

• Check your balance, view, download (PDF), print and pay your bill
• Easily manage your travel usage
• Check out your usage
• Add or remove add-ons (including travel passes)
• Check out your plan details

We’ll never charge you data when you use it on our 3G, 4G and LTE networks, the app works on WiFi, and the red colour scheme makes it perfect for angering bulls, if that’s something that might be helpful.

Heads Up! If you’re using Android 4.0 and above, awesome! If you’re on an earlier version, please check out our mobile site at to do your account stuff.

The My Account app is only available to monthly members. On Prepaid? Manage your account using our nifty website at

Learn more about app permissions:

Whats new

    • Now you can download, view, and print your bills, right from the app!
    • Fixed permission issue that prevented users from being logged in automatically
    • Various bug fixes

Virgin Mobile Canada. part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 14, 2016. Google play rating is 68.2965. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 13.0 MB.

Download virgin-mobile-my-account.apk 13.0 MB


Paul Clements

Power Issues Worked as advertised however halved my battery life. Back to normal now I have uninstalled the app.

Tyler Blais

It's manageable It does its job ok, but it's cumbersome while doing it. A little TLC to make it run more smoothly would be great.

Cid T.

Great when it works Shows my usage maybe 1 in 20 times. Otherwise just shows that I've sent zero texts, used zero data, etc. Useless app 90% of the time. My phone itself does a better job at tracking my data usage than my carrier app. Lame. Fix pls! I'm on nexus 5

Doug M

Pretty good actually Credit card payments work for me maybe 70% of the time but overall interface and functionality are pretty good.

A. Hodder

Won't keep me logged in Again the app is kicking me out and won't keep me logged in!! This is starting to drive me crazy, I thought this was fixed with the old version and now it's acting up again!!! I've had nothing but problems with this app:(

Lee Riehl

Lee riehl Seems easyer to look after that the last one I used..

Sam Viau

Never seems to work for me, I liked Self Serve better than this.

Geoff Butler

ADD A CLOSE BUTTON Does not close and drains battery running in the background. Complete waste of time and very poorly coded.HOW HARD IS IT TO ADD A CLOSE BUTTON?

Mac McDell

Useless and invasive Not sure why it needs access to my contacts and media in order to look at my bills and features. The worst part is you actually can't see your bill. Just that you had overage.... Isn't that the important part? App is useless and slow. No option to use anything else makes it suck even more.

calvin bob

One more thing to make life easier.

Shirley Byman

Awesome Ten stars to include both Ryan and Nic

Thunderis Jonny Olsson

It works Its layout and simple menus are good and it runs fine but my account always tells me I owe even if I've over paid my bill. I do that a lot so it is troublesome not to see the proper amount.

Jasper Chen

App is very slow The app has very valuable features however it is running in slow motion. It is working really slowly on the Samsung Galaxy SIII

Shawna G

Did not open Says the bugs are fixed but does not open. Does not load.

Larissah Morningstar

Love It!! This App Could Be Improved In Certain Areas But I Love That I Can Track My Account Every Step Of The Way!!

Vivek Gupta

Stuck Always stuck and show initializing. Never get my account from this app.

Claude B

Hard to close Too hard to get out of. You have to logout before it lets you close the app

Kyle Esson

Its not to bad I would like to see more options for data usage to be able to change your plan to open it up to more data it would be nice if there was a modem for your smartphone and you could use it as a bank of data so you can recharge your data usage to save money on the cell network some of the world is use the smart technology pS I'm just talking to my phone

Richard Porteous

Was good but doesn't install anymore! Gives an install error code 24. Cm-11.

Katherine Price

Doesnt exit I like that it lets me view usage. Thats about it. When i need to exit the app. Doesnt go when pressing back button. Only the home button. ;^;

Quentin Boone

Slow to get around

Cosmin Nahaiciuc

Nope! A pitiful spying app!! It behaves very strangely for a little app that was supposed to simply collect the info from the servers and present it on the phone's screen: why would this app want to keep a user permanently logged in on the phone? Why even asking for location and location updates? Good luck with this pitiful spying app! It seems Bell's old habits never die!!! Uninstalled it...forever!

Bagha Shams

Interface is cumbersome Why not show data usage on the first screen? I'm pretty sure the majority of users just check data usage. Also, scrolling in the app is weird and non-standard, especially with the bouncy edges.

Raine Pellerin

Glitches Every time I go to pay I can't get rid of the month/year choice on the screen for my credit card so I can't click continue. It's frustrating and needs to be fixed.

Little Blue

Full control over your mobile account without all the wait and irritating elevator music :-) Runs smooth and fast, makes querying, configuring, and paying your account easy while you're busy on-the-go ;-)

David Woods

Pretty bad overall App is ugly and fairly slow. It's also really annoying that it shows up in the app drawer as "My Account." Every single time I scroll to apps starting with V to look for it. Give the app a name that makes sense alphabetically.

Romeo Florez

Pointless Keeps forgetting my log in info. Have to keep re logging in.

Wyatt Keutsch

Useless. It won't show usage of the current month, it will show the previous months, usually. I use this to keep track and make sure I don't go over my limits. Make it update the usage more frequently like the self serve app did. It was accurate to show within 4 hours of my last call or text. It doesn't show a thing until the start of the next month, which it says is an undefined time. It doesn't show any info until the month is over. Fix this so I can enjoy my phone. S4 mini

Hill K

Thanks but no thanks The app likes to freak out every time I try to open it. Besides, if I wanna look at my info, I'll go to the website like before. Just more crap taking up usage on my phone and monitoring my actions.

Derek Broughton

Not really much use All I really want is to be able to easily see how many of my INCLUDED minutes I have left, how many PAID minutes I've used, and how much DATA I have left. Just give me some little widgets. As it is, I have to open the app (which is very slow), select MY phone (I don't want to have to do that—my wife's usage is her problem!), scroll down to find "My Usage", select that, wait too long for it to load again, THEN scroll down to find the number (or select another tab AND scroll down). Far too much work for little value.

Darlene Belanger

Punctuation Wow, that was a bad read. "our my account app" really! Try, " Our, "My Account app"

Michael Cummings

So it doesn't make a sandwich... Big whoop! But it makes my life a little easier? Thank you :)

Elliotte Carriere

Not letting me check MyAccount Wont let me open app and just gos to browser and goes on google play and says the app is installed. Anyone can help me? This is very irritating. One star until fixed. HELP!!!!!!

Dsilva Nigel

Garbage app Never went further than initialisation page. Who makes this garbage? Get your crap together virgin mobile Canada.

Robert Morrison

Virgin Mobile My account Can not remove the app or open the app

Keven Zhao

Takes a looong time to open Takes too long to initialize at the beginning.

Sean MacInnes

What happened? I just reloaded the app after getting another S4 from Virgin and having no problems over almost two years. Now the app will not load my usage despite reloading it several times. What happened?

Denny Lee

Stop eating my battery!! The app itself is okay and works fine. But it certainly has a battery issue. I won't install it again unless they solve the battery issue.

Penny Wisdom

Not satisfied Got my phone samsung s4 at virgin mobile with virgin my account built in.. i started so many times and yet it isnt loading at all i even update the app.. please fix the problem before i can rate it 5 stars

Alicia Smolinger

Could be better Doesn't load anymore, so I can't view my recent usage and bill for my phone. The layout is very buggy as well. Please fix!!

Dylan King

Broken This used to work on my Galaxy s6 but it no longer loads my info. I tried reinstalling it but it still doesn't work.

Steven JY. Lee

Stuck on loading screen This app used to work, but I can't even get to the main menu screen. Stuck on loading...

Ammad Ahmad

Agonizingly annoying The app keeps saying it's loading on my LGG3. I've waited 5-10 minutes but nothing. Please fix the bugs and loading issues asap. Disappointing.

Alexander Morozov

It takes a while to load. You're wondering why people stopped paying the bill on time? That's because the old Bell app didn't take 7 minutes to "initialize" and didn't need a useless username/password, so paying the bill was a swift and painless transaction. I am not kidding, for what the app does it takes far too long to load.

Lino C

Last update ruined everything App was not perfect but it did what I needed Wich is get my data usage. Ever since the latest update it clocks forever and rendered this app useless.... Htc one m7... Please fix

Romeo Florez

Pointless Not only is this my second rating. But this won't even load properly. This needs major fixing. Step your game up . Honestly why even make something that won't help or show me what I owe or have used. Extremely frustrating. Utter garbage and I have a brand new note 4. One star for the rest of the year

Colin S

Virgin members beware! Ive been told on 2 seperate occasions now by virgin customer service that the info provided by the my account app and my account online profile is incorrect. They are aware they are providing inaccurate usage stats and are doing nothing about it! Watch your usage closely you can no longer rely on this app or the website to give you accurate usage stats

Alfred A

Loading Issues This app is totally useless at the moment. Keeps loading and spinning without loading my account info. Fix it.

Edward Tjioe

Hangs accessing my account Screen goes from red login screen to a white accessing account screen and just keeps loading. Used to work before, what happened?

KFactor House

Working? Can load the application but loading everything does not work. Can't see anything but a loading screen. Needs fixing on a Sony exeria

Darlene Fleming

Virgin mobile my account I love the freedom I get with Virgin Mobile. It can't get any better than this. Thank you! What a great day. What an incredible Life (smiley face).

Leo Ackerman

Nothing Happens I open this app and all I see is a loading icon and it never loads anything pretty crappy

Sneka S

Not satisfied.. Doesn't give me options to see whom I called and how many minutes. No details. Just says used this many minutes which doesn't help me a lot..

Ashley Caplinger

Just bad It doesn't work... when it does it takes 20 min to load and doesn't even load the correct info

Ney Ney

Crap Won't even load regardless of Internet connection. I've tried my own 4G and multiple high speed connections. Everything else is working fine except this crap.

Michael Franke

Hate it now Was working great for the longest time but now it won't load. Stuck on circle going round and round.

peter droblyen

Non functional App doesn't work. Useless and frustrating at the moment. Hopefully we will get notification if and when it's working.

B Pushdaree

Still loading This app should not be out in production . get it fixed.

Mohammed Qadri

This app makes it so easy for the payments

Christopher Chomyn

Awesome app! A big kudos for the folks at Virgin who fixed this app. I was having issues with it, and they had it fixed less than a week. It's a great app to pay your bill and check usage when your on the go.

Abdulla AluCarD

does not work

Eric G

Convenient Seems to work ok, thanks for removing the onerous permissions. Its more convenient than going to the full site to add and remove addons and check your usage. It doesnt seem to be in realtime, but its good enough.

Francis Pépin-Delhaes

Okay, not bad but could be better. Far from perfect. The data usage is always too low. I understand it needs time to update but that's suspicious nonetheless... It's still useful.

Mark Hiltermann

App won't run at all on x86 device. I have a zenfone 2 using cyanogen and this app won't even run for me on android 6.0 not sure why please take a look and get back to me then I'll change my review... Garbage app right now won't even run

Owls Rook

time always wrong Virgin moves all my nightime unlimited usage to regular daytime minutes. Three months of complaining and they still haven't fixed it. Thieves. This installed app is over 20 megabytes in size. Spying on you apparently takes a huge program. I am actively seeking a new cellular provider. Check permissions before installing!!

Lauri StGermain

Usage doesn't track properly. The first time it wanted to update I didn't get an update button, just an install one. Finally got an update button BUT the same problem with the usage tab. Counts the 200 anytime minutes but not the free ones so new users think evenings & weekends are being added into the 200 free ones. It's confusing & I ended up calling customer service to ensure I wouldn't run out of minutes. The my phone settings is pretty much redundant as it basically plugs phone upgrades and tells you little else.

Andrew Rebbetoy

Terrible This app is pretty much just a wrapper for the web page but worse. Even on the device you have to sign in and then you have to do it again. I'm not sure why it needs additional security, what's the worst thing that could happen; someone steals my phone and pays my bill? Every update seems to undo a feature added on the last update so the experience is in consistent. There is also no way that I can see to view your full bill. Fix this terrible app!

Scott TJ Hoskin

Good but... It work's fine and is relatively up to date with the usage info. Would be awesome if it could do real time. Also, cannot see how much you owe for early upgrade, unless you sign in again on main site.


Browser history The new agreement says, app wants to know your browser history. Wow sounds invasive.


Doesnt work well It freezes and half the time doesnt load properly or scripts quit so nothing happens until you refresh or reload.

matt porringa

Waste of space Using moto g phone and this app is pretty useless. Can't check previous months usage or look at your bills or actually make payments for balances owed.....

Jane R

Doesn't work on Nexus 5.

Jason Hills

Latest update fixed everything. Updated phone and app and now everything is groovy.

John Lee

Does not recognize my virgin mobile phone number...even though I'm a monthly contract. No help from virgin...

Mia Martin

Deleted payment information Just installed the new update, and it deleted the payment information I had saved onto my account! It now forces me to put in my credit card # in manually every single time, which is such an inconvenience compared to how it used to be! Especially since the app is password protected, so there are no privacy issues when it comes to anybody accessing your credit card information. Bad move Virgin!

Zoltan Halasz

Weak app 3.4? Do some bug cleaning so you'll deserve the high service charges

Rob M.

It's just an exceptionally poorly laid out app. tl;dr It's painful!


Virgin mobile my account Stopped working does not show my usage or my bill amount. Fix this

Rhonda Royer

Perfect except. .. This app is easy to use. ..only issue is that i can't find the icon on my desktop?

Bridget Berg

Maaa, would like more details

Ed Young

Virgin app Awesome

A. Hodder

Won't keep me logged in How many updates do you need to do before you fix this?!?! I have "keep me logged in" selected and it STILL logs me out after every use!! :( Awful app!

Rhonda Smith

Going Downhill Virgin spends too much time trying to appear cool and witty and not enough time working out their bugs in their system. I've been a long time member with my family but we're looking into other providers. When you say free data and pic msgs it should be free and the service should work also the app freezes when you try to check the previous month balance your trying to pay and only shows present billing period so you can't see the bogus charges. Better to just go online

Mark Pollard

Won't even let me log in! I've done my credentials several times over and over again knowing it's the right one and it locked me out of my account because I tried so many times. What is wrong with Virgin???

Ricardo DSR

Full of bugs It doesn't allow me to pay my bill, every time I try it stops in the middle of the payment. It's crap

C Hean

Never works It never lets me pay my bill. Come on now garbage app why put it out knowing it's full of bugs.

A Petrow

Unable to get full bill breakdown Unable to view full billing details/breakdown. Very irritating. Then when you try to log in via the browser on the phone it redirects you back to the app which is no help.

Veronica Brookhart

V. Brookhart Been with Virgin for many years and I don't have any plans to change. They have been good to me.

Curtis Boyd

Make it work For us ppl that wanna pay on the fly n not by talking to someone you can't heat on the phone fix it. I can't even pay my bill. Fix your app

Tasha D

since the upgrade on the app it sucks ...Wont let me enter my expiration dates on my credit card and it freezes alot on the main page ...

Nicole Valcourt

Fix the month and year selections for credit card. The month and year selections don't pop up. They just show a grayed out screen. It worked fine, until the last update. I would like to pay my phone bill, but I can't if I can't even get past the card information page. Please fix your app.

Jared Begon

I should know better.i went months without updating but finally broke down and did the app is useless.wont even load .

Aleks Randall

Cant log in Well I can't even log into the app let alone the wedsite. I was never given a password and username when i received my phone. Shifted threw all my paperwork and nothing

Gordon Allison

Broken with Android 6? Since upgrading to Android 6 the app won't load my account details at all.

Bryan Rowntree

virgin mobile app Virgin told me that when i paid my phone off that the cost of my monthly bill would be ten bucks less . But they lied. I get no such savings . Time to change carriers .

Richard T.

This app needs a redesign just like the My Benefits app Can't see details such as My Usage details. It just gives a grey screen.

Scott Worthman

Can't pay my bill... Every place where there is a drop down menu to choose the date (expiration date for visa card) the screen just dims and doesn't show me any options.. now I have to go and pay my bill in store or on a computer which defeats the purpose of the app.

Dawn Samuell

Won't let me choose expiration of my credit card when paying my bill, now i have to call in and hope I get a human and takes twice as long as once before.

Arthur Baxter

Virgin Mobile App Nothing but trouble for me..updates don't work. ..hate cap like this!

Nick Wilde

Don't like it Cannot use it because I am a prepaid member? Thanks for nothing, Virgin. It's not so "self serve" now is it?

C.J. Nyssen

Won't allow me to complete a payment Still won't finish step 4 to actually complete the transaction, the screen just gets darker. FIX IT ALREADY!

milos milos

Pre paid account Only for monthly or post paid accounts! That's ridiculous! It's 2016! Come on Virgin mobile. Every mobile provider in Europe support post paid accounts as well.

Mark bass

Still will not allow credit card payments Steps 1 and 2 works fine. Then step three gets greyed out and does not goto step 4. Since your customer service on the phone does not seem to understand English, it would save me a lot of time to complete my payments through the app instead of repeating myself a bunch of times.

Jiju John

Worse mobile phone application ever seen! Really hate this application. Doesn't even worth to use it for online payments as the application itself behaving so inconsistent from process to process. Not user friendly at all .All the time misbehaving the app itself.Developers of this application did a very poor job on intialing any functions as the steps involved in each functions are not even coordinated properly.

Slimm Pickens

Cant even install it. The shortcut redirects to play store despite having installed the app several times

Rabeena Bhajan

Can't pay my bill because it says cannot verify my credit card number even though all the information I put in is correct

Alex Donald

"Allow write system settings" Problem Was using this app constantly and it was working fine, but when updated it prompts to scan to "see who I am". When transferred to do so, the switch is inaccessible. If there's a fix for my LG G3, great.

Darren De Visser

I find this app very handy for checking my data, as in seeing how many minutes, texts, long distance and events used on my Phones and Tablet. I can use it to pay all my bills in one shot and upgrade if I have to. It even gives me specifics on all three lines that I have. I find this app very easy to use and a real time saver.

Harold Ruleratoson

Uh... Unneeded permissions, make this one star. Good application to view usage, but phone privacy is at risk due to those permissions.

Ali Good

Bill pay problem Don't work for paying my bill

Floyd Visitor

Sorry so much pop ups don't need to be famous who wants to know

jon doe

Virgin Loading....... This app took longer and longer to load and open over time and now just gets stuck at the loading screen, completely useless now.....

Richard Clemens

Waste of time. Says the only number I've ever had is not the primary number on the account. Says my email is correct, but won't send me my password. Useless.

Vince Zimmer

My apologies for the first one.

Wenda Graham

Will not open.

Cameron Winters

Garbage Can no longer use this app to pay my bill because it always locks up after trying to submit my info. Self serve website doesn't work either. Do you guys want my money or not? Update: still sucks.

Shaun Pankewich

I love the app

Jerry-Anderson Apollon

Amazing Real-time updates in roaming but not in our network

Keith Baptiste

BS new phone App sucks the majority of customer service representatives can not understand or vice versa due to the foreign speaking tongues. Insurance for the phone has gotten me a phone in the mail and phone died 4 days later. Can this be explained please?

Joanne Johnson

Limited use No way to look at the invoice for a break down of use; payment, taxes. There is no invoice just a balance and due date. I need more info this app sucks!

Owls Rook

time always wrong (edit) Virgin moves all my nightime unlimited usage to regular daytime minutes. Three months of complaining and they still haven't fixed it. This installed app is over 20 megabytes in size. Spying on you apparently takes a huge program. I am actively seeking a new cellular provider. Check permissions before installing!! Edit..I got a message saying I was 400 mB from my data limit. I called 611 to see. Operator tells me I am OVER my data limit. Every "mistake" they make is in favour of Virgin. Thieves.

Erika Brathwaite

Won't even open. I select the app, it opens the browser and immediately closes. The app never even opens. I disabled it, reenabled it and same thing. Piece of crap app. It worked sometimes before I sent my phone in for repairs (which sat in the store for 4 days first cause no one bothered to actually send it while I was stuck with a considerably inferior phone), so I could at least see my balance, but now? Nada. Don't bother, it's a waste of memory.

Jen D

Please fix the pop out menu Pop out menu comes out continually without being touched, I already made a selection, now I'm trying to look at the info, it's sooooooooooo annoying!!! If you fixed this it's a pretty good app.

Prisecaru Bianca

Makes life so much easier Love this app and the new updates to it. The fact that I can pay my bill without having to type any password, makes it a seamless experience


garbage just frustrating load of garbage try to lock it i swear bunch of bs app cant even log in properly

Kristen Godin

STOPPED WORKING The app window flashes open and closed. Doesn't even let me open it anymore! What happened? Tried clearing data and restarting phone. Nothing.

Renwick Lovell

Has not been working for a while I had to unistall and reinstall in order for the app to work

William Munro

crap keeps locking me out I set to rember password but it doesn't stay on it will not be reinstalling till it stops force kicking the account closed and really annoyed when trying to change stuff on account it say technical assistance is needed and stop spamming my phone with crap I may be a member but not interested in any events or tickets don't want or need

Jennifer Stuart

Very disappointed The app does not work most of the time. needs to get the bugs out

Billijo Wilson

LG G3 It asks for special permissions to see who I am. When taken to the permissions page, I am not able to allow the permission. "Allow write system settings". It is extremely annoying that now, since the last update, I have to log in every single time I open the app. Fix this.

Uros Jelic

The worst app i have ever used Extremely slow to start and load, sometimes it doesn't even load, choppy browsing, full of bugs. I've been with virgin for 4 years i think, can't believe they still didn't fix this app.

Timothy Pryce Jones

Needs work but good Its okay, nothing special but it needs work

Normand Bissonnette

Crashes at launch I used to like this app but now I can't even launch it, it craahes

Kirk Radway

It's okay It's okay. I don't expect this app to do everything under the sun. It tells me my usage data/minutes and also current and past bills.

Venise WC

It's not working 2016-06-23: What's wrong with it. It won't open whether I'm on WiFi or data?? Can you fix it pls!

Richard T.

App needs a redesign. The app needs Material Design just like the My Benefits app.

Roy Parks

We'll see Slow, just like their network...

First Lady Bear

Smartphone data plan not showing in app App no longer shows my Smartphone data plan; only shows my add-on data.

Bagha Shams

Good, but could be improved 1. Ignores system rotation setting and always rotates (in response to your response below, you don't understand what I'm saying. I don't want it in landscape mode. What I'm saying is that even when my phone is locked in portrait, your app still rotates the screen. All other android apps respect my system setting and *don't* rotate the screen, unless I've enabled my phone's auto-rotate setting) 2. Bouncy scrolling doesn't belong in Android

Alex Zebeljan

Can't register Didn't think it was necessary to try to sign up for benefits but I tried today. Theres only one security question and doesn't give me any other options but i have to pick 3 different questions to register. So i can't even register rendering the app useless.


What's going on? I have always used and loved this app, something has gone wrong and it wont connect! Ive never had any issues but now I cant get anywhere. Please change it back. I cant see what data I've used or pay my bill or anything all of a sudden.


Long Distance Details I got long distance charges and it tells me the amount with no details. I don't see the numbers that were called, dates, duration. But I get all this information on things I don't get charged for country wide calling. Seems like everything is backwards.

Patrick Quesnel

Ok Well problem I see is limited options and hardly any add ons available. Plus info is not updated regularly. Takes over a week to reflect payments and amounts due are also delayed.

Koneji S

Even with a password change, the app keeps telling me my password is wrong and that I've tried too many times to continue, even if I've only tried twice. Just awful =(

Darren De Visser

I find this app very handy for checking my data, as in seeing how many minutes, texts, long distance and events used on my Phones and Tablet. I can use it to pay all my bills in one shot and upgrade if I have to. It even gives me specifics on all three lines that I have. I find this app very easy to use and a real time saver. 4 months later and I still love this app!!

Megan Dow

Won't work It takes forever to load if at all and just generally doesn't want to work. I want to check my bills but it won't open great wow awesome!

Kyle Esson

Its not to bad I would like to see more options for data usage to be able to change your plan to open it up to more data it would be nice if there was a modem for your smartphone and you could use it as a bank of data so you can recharge your data usage to save money on the cell network some of the world is use the smart technology pS I'm just talking to my phone

Can't connect to After clicking on MyAccount. It will bring me to Google Store, open the app, but it will cycle, never connect. me further. Ready annoying.

Cosmin Nahaiciuc

Show data usage in MB across the application! Under usage, please show the data usage (travel + others) in MB rather than GB. Not only it would be much more helpful in keeping a close tab on the realtime usage (i.e. 125MB rather than 0.12GB) but it would also be consistent with the reported usage (MB) for local data.

Ethan Chiasson

Started working again today It said, "connection issue", it works again, thanks developers


Logging in I'm having troubles logging in to my account eveything is right but it not letting me in .

CylieJean Court

Broken Won't get past the initializing stage of booting up.

Lizzie J

Credit card issue! Doesn't allow me to remember my credit card for easier payments

Ellie Mac

Says my very working phone number has been cancelled? Not so as I am using it daily and I just checked, still working!!!!

Annette D

Must have a credit card? I don't have a credit card and this is the only option I see.

wendell persad

Its not working

Carsty carsty

Smooth love it It helpful

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