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14 Sep
Vine - video entertainment

Posted by Vine Labs in Social | Sept. 14, 2016 | 267 Comments

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Vine is the entertainment network where the world's stories are captured, created and remixed. On Vine, there's never a dull moment.

Watch incredible moments in Channels like Dance, Comedy and Sports. Find out about trends and viral Vines before they blow up. Follow your favorite creators and watch their stories unfold.

Download Vine to:
• Check out Explore to discover the best of Vine.
• Share Vines you enjoy by Revining them or posting to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
• Make your own Vines and share them on the world’s biggest stage. Your post may go viral or start the next big trend!

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    Bug fixes and improvements.

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Eka Diantari

Can not add video Everytime I want to make vine, I have to try more than 50x before I succeed because I couldn't add video & it's end up going back again to the initial screen ?. I try to be patient but after experience it for the 15th times, I decide to make review & rant about this

lperezgarcia99 !

Vines take too long to load I don't know why but Vine is the only app that is slow as hell and you might say it's because it's my Wi-Fi but I can download many big apps into my phone at the same time and be done downloading in seconds, please fix this.

Victoria Wainscott

Won't or stops loading Videos won't load or play. After scrolling for a very short time, it stops playing and loading altogether. I gave to close it out and reopen it to load new videos. I know it isn't my WiFi connection, either. It's just this app. Also, the videos tend to load slowly.

Kendale Moore

Garbage on Galaxy S6 [Wed 29, 2015] Unacceptable. The videos still don't even seamlessly loop, shouldn't that be a thing by now? I feel like you guys are an Apple-biased company, from the jump every feature worked perfectly on the iPhone, the app even came out first on iPhone. And I know its hard to develop and fix bugs for all the different versions of android but this is ridiculous. How do our vines not loop after all this time??

Alexi Brown

Not real happy (Im using a Galaxy s6) Vines aren't loading, even on wifi(and my wifi isn't slow everything else loads great) when I upload a video the quality is horrible, and the sound is low, I almost can't hear it. I love vine but if this doesn't get fixed I'll uninstall (just noticing this but it seems like you care more about your ios users than android users b/c ios has little problems if none??)


I cant make vines I have a samsong galexy frame 8 running androied jelly bean 4.4.4and when i tap the rec button it says "your device is not sorported " and idk why but iove vine soo much plz fix or tell me why thank u

Taylor Mcduffa

It layout is so confusing I like the app and the funny vines but the layout is super difficult. What if I just wanna look up a older vine it takes forever so I have to go on youtube to find it. I just really don't like the layout.

Marcelo Matsubara

Keep crashing every time... And some vídeos keep playing on an infinite loop and I just can't stop it

Eveling Barajas

It doesn't let me watch any videos anymore it keeps saying that it can not load video and it doesn't load some videos fast they take too long to load

Elsa Castillo

PLEASE FIX VINE This app use to work all badass and now about 85% of the vines don't load and the ones that eventually load take 5min to load


All these updates... And yet i still cant play half these vines. anybody know a fix

Jeb Cox

Tagging people in vines? I thought you could tag people in the vine captions, but I don't see a button that would let you do that

David Paul

Good Its good but the only thing wrong is that I don't any notifications fix then I 5 star

Pip-pip Doodly-do

Nice try vine I would of rated this 5/5 however the picture of the girl in the gallery to buy this app is hailing Hitler so 4/5 it is

Ian Veles

Bad for tablets I have a tablet and I won't let me watch it sideways and ruens my vidios

JV Sobrevilla

Audio still caries on until the next Vine One more request, can you guys update to the new Android lollipop theme.

Bobby Arellano

Make Looping Seamless Seriously, why are the vine loops not seamless yet? why has this not been adressed? fix this lag in between replays already

Brianna Barnes

Quality issues My vines are in great quality but now when uploaded they are absolutely ruined. Please fix this issue.

Nia Morgan

Awesome Vine is so funny can't stay off of it it's like playing viola addictive #violaislife #vineisworld

Madi Forester

Awesome! You have to be in wifi area... but other than that HILARIOUS!! videos funny funny funny!!!!

Whitney Vanier

New update? Videos and sound are not matching. The audio will play, but the video won't.

Melisa Rojas

Hate it The back cameras all fuzzy and stuff, so I can't make vines.

Jonathan McLain

Cmon vine Why you guys change the logo for the capture widget that was a bad move

Michel Armando Salas Maldonado

Sucks now Ok it was fine then it got good and now it just wont load so please, make sure you fix a bug but don't create 3 out of it.

precious hayag

When i try to uoload a video the sounds of the video i was suppose to upload changes, idk what happen please fix this

Bianca Anderson

Slow It updated and now it's super slow and the videos won't play any sound.

Jasmine Garcia

Won't even let me sign up. Abort? Retry? Fail? Dr this message anytime I try to sign up.

Chase Krenzke Jr.

Can't add video I try to add video and sometimes it works, but them I'll try to add another clip and it stops working. It won't even let me save the clip I was working on. Once it stops letting me add clips it won't let me do anything!

Jn Fg

Enjoyed No matter what you like, they'll have video to fit any taste

Bug H

Great I liked the texting the best so easy

Mobin Haque

Perfect Pretty much perfect app. Works and entertains as advertised.

Alvin Kai

Front camera not work Why Asus Zen6 Front Camera not work in my phone why? say what camera not pass..

Rique Castilloveitia

Everytime I upload a clip, it doesn't...

Joshua Aragundi

It deleted my progress 3 TIMES WHY!!!

Curt Herrin

Force close Let me sign in and then it force close as soon as it sign in motorola moto e

Jakob Hendrickson-Doersch

Time You need more time to shot the vines

Anthony Pancake

Can't upload video from gallery I try to upload my own vine from gallery and I can't. It just glitches out and goes back to the recording screen...Like honestly please hire me and I will be glad to fix this and actually put out an update that actually fixes something.

Роман Гобан

Bad Views are lost !!! Why is that? Please answer the developers !

sarah granholm

Most features work but somehow I can't upload vines? When I try it acts like its uploaded but then it doesn't appear on my page it says 0 posts I've tried uploading different videos from my camera roll and none of them work

Celeste Heinemann

I would give 5 stars, but... I blocked someone a while back on Vine, and wanted to unblock them, but when I went to their profile, I didn't see the 3 dots in the top right corner to unblock them, and now I can see their stuff, but they can't see mine, please fix asap. Btw, I have a Galaxy S3 if that helps any.

Soy Piinwuiis

Stopped working It doesn't let me send messages anymore but I can get them and I even uninstalled and installed again but it still says try again

Shanna Robertson

Thanks a lot vine!!! My account got suspended twice! I never ever put anythingx inappropriate on there or was mean or abusive! I did report ppl but that should not get my account suspended. The person I reported is @Noty Snapchat who put up graphic vines! Give me my account back! I'm crying by now because I'm so mad! I was even getting alot of followers! I'm pretty sure Vine ows me! I want my account back! To be honest, it was pretty good until this happened.

Andre Guilty

Can't record a vine I wanted to record a vine for my dog but it does not work at all I even downloaded the app capture or am I doing something wrong tell meeeeeeee hoUW recordddd

*Cupcake *

Videos won't upload. I'm getting really frustrated, because I recorded a bunch videos last night while at an amusement park, and every time I try to upload them it doesn't upload. It just takes me back to the recording screen. Please fix. I've been trying to upload the same video for about an hour. Also, there's tons of graphic pornography on Vine, and lots of editing accounts are getting deleted instead. It doesn't make any sense.

Bowen Tompkins

Wont let me sign in I was experienceing problems so i deleted the app then re downloaded it. Now it says an unknown error occured... please fix fast. I think it is a problem with the new update. Im usuing an android.

Villeda The beast

The videos are great but... I can hear them but can't see half of them wtf vine fix it please

Justin Warren

Good but not great app Would give it 5 stars because its a good app but not all the videos work.

Destiny Davis

Tagging on Android Tagging users on Android is messed up terribly.I love this app but , when I try to tag someone , their name doesn't show up at all.Please fix this !

Julian Harms

Awesome but... Wish there was a way to not view certain viners who are ridiculous or annoying in the different channels of vines. Would give 5***** but man that Brent Rivera and Alex Ramos are unbearable to watch

A Rainbow Dinosaur Wearing Socks

Do something vine! Its good but there is a lot of gross and disturbing things,animal abuse,child abuse,child pornography ect. DO SOMETHING VINE! people are also very rude and completely disgust me.

Kyle Carson

Annoying Why is it that your iPhone version runs super smooth but when I try to use vine on my Android it doesn't work correctly 90% of the time? I feel like it should be smooth after having vine on here for years.

Chase Yeager

Huge issue. It won't let me upload videos from my gallery. It just goes white and exits the vine recorder. Fix this and I will gladly change my review.

Jared Manickum

Following and notifications broken For some reason I can no longer follow on vine, can select the follow option but if I leave and come back the profile is not followed and notification settings don't save.


Vines are messed up When I try to watch vines they look messed up and distorted. Only very few vines show up fine

Shawnna Parker-Scarlett

Dubsmash is way better then vine,its a waste of time I can't take pictures and it keeps saying its not working and it really anyoing.???

Aaron Miller

Crash, crash, crash. My phone is a fairly recent and powerful one, but when scrolling through vines the app crashes, intermittently at first then it freezes altogether. Very irritating. There must be a way to stop them from auto-playing in the settings??????

Omer Anwar

So many issues Doesn't upload vines, take forever to load them even on the fastest of wifi connections, if I scroll too far out crashes, these are the major ones that you should bring remedies for. It's great that your on Android but sheesh get this right; you've been around for a while now.

ivan kurniawan

Poorly programed? This app takes too much of my internet quota. And also drains my battery fast.

Ru'aa Awad

Glitches It's a great app but there's been a lot of glitches lately. Whenever I would comment on another vine it would comment and then disappear, and the loops on my vines keep decreasing then increasing. I love this app but the glitches are making it very annoying and confusing

Bo Xian

Dose Not Work Every time I try to upload a video from my camera roll it does not work. I select the video and the time & crop comes up. After I finish with that I try to upload it but it just goes back to the camera screen. Please fix this.

John Patterson

Awesome, but it's acting peculiar Great laughs after downloading this app, but definitely needs a new material design an improvements.

Kyle Basler


yoa escalona

Ehh Evrey time I try to send a message it says error and no matter what I do I cant get the message to send ...plz fix for 5 stars

damon mills

I liked the idea of it but there's this thing called, it's this thing where u go when u want 200 followers, so I went watched the videos n I waited 4 the followers but nothing happened. Please help me with getting the followers vine

Adam Fowler

Broken Can't play vines on my OnePlus one. They appear, but when I scroll over them they just permanently buffer. SORT IT OUT

Imani Stanley

Its ok when I downloaded it the first time it did very well but I deleted it and when I downloaded it back now all of a sudden when I'm on a page and I scroll I'll get you a video and then we'll go back to the start page and I have to go back and find my place when I was in that page and it gets annoying because I don't want to do that every time I want to watch a video

Idalia Pineda

videos This app doesn't let me see the videos! It runs so slow and I'm just fed up at this point with vine. I used to love it but every time I log in, the videos don't play. I know its not my connection because all of my other apps work perfectly fine.

Waseem Jaas

I like the app but please it's time for a material design update i mean the apll looks kinda over dated

Hasan Muslmani

Loading loading annnd loading With an app that only needs to load a 6 second video sucks completely.... one of slowest server's i have ever seen! Would of rated this a 0 if i could! Fix your s**t slow AF

piink cupcake

Can't hear? At first everything was working fine and then I left it alone for a long time and I couldn't hear anything my volume was all the way up and my sound on my phone was working I just don't know the problem

Carla Pais

Can't upload videos The app says its uploading but then when I go to my profile there are 0 posts. This is really annoying. Please fix this asap

Rob Owens

Looping and vine playback issues Vines don't loop properly. There's a second delay before it loops. Some of the Vines just won't play either. Using a Galaxy Note 4. Please fix this.

ruben weatherspoon

It was working really good now I can't send messages but I can receive them please fix fast..... You fixed it thank u ??

Roonie B

Doesn't let me upload It loads as if it's gonna let me add it but then a message pops up saying vine has stopped working.

dance, volleyball, and singing

Won't work It just keeps taking me to the same thing to change my password and it's not the right thing

Jarrod Moschner

Fails to work Poor Customer Service The app will not work with my phone's cameras or allow me to upload video. Edit: Customer support was useless. They consider the problem "solved" by not knowing why the problem is occurring and not knowing if or when the problem will be fixed. Still not working and customer support still useless.

Jahmayka Russell

Something's wrong When I try to upload a vid its not I tried so many times but is my working I've being trying for 4days I can't get my vines up

natalie maldonado

It is funny Its is funny wish I had a account but I cant download the app because my storage space is full so vine if you could change it to sign up with out download I will like that lol

Taylor Johnston

Bugs keeping it from being great. So many small bugs that add up to make the experience less than optimal. First, Vine on Android can't loop properly, which is a main selling point of a lot of people's vines. I can no longer tag people, I press "@" but nothing comes up. Hashtags work maybe 75% of the time. Posting comments is a total gamble, sometimes they post and sometimes they don't. Sometimes they post and then delete themselves which makes replying to comments seriously obnoxious. These aren't new problems, please fix.

John Patterson

Phenomenal This is a phenomenal app. Great laughs after downloading this app, but definitely needs better camera graphics and stop the buffering an freezing, and a few suggestions you should consider is add more color choices for profiles, make smother looping, and fix the lagging problem.

Fahrudin C.

Can't tag people anymore I am using the LG G4 and I can't tag people in vines anymore. I used to be able to all the time but now I have to go to an Apple device and tag someone cause Vine on here just doesn't want to.

Wissem Khlifa

It's OK but This app is the greatest but I can't confirm my phone number, it keeps saying that they are sorry and that they have problems. Fix it please.

Ben Andrews

Meh Great quality videos but only for IOS Android phones can not zoom or use the music feature. Camera is still the same basic camera as it was in 2013.

Danny Lamberson

Block Posts? Just want a way to block certain accounts from ever showing up on my feed.

Brian Palma

Very Good Well I wish it had options like sounds like Dubsmash but its awesome Follow me on Vine! BrianPalma708

Naya lee

Love it Always makes u laugh and it is quick with loading ???

Sierra Culley

Eh. Well for starters my profile picture completely dissapeared and I keep trying to add a profile picture, but overall it's a nice app, just please fix this bug. :)

David Rodrigo

Fix ui Poor ui. We need material design especially the colored notification bar

Claire Baire

Video Heaven I love connecting with people around the world

Ryan Ganley

Ok Ask a bunch of crap questions at the beginning.

Abby Faull

How can Samsung's play music??? People with iPhones can play music but Samsung's can't. My cousin has this app and she has an iPhone and she tried to help me play music but I can't. If you don't fix it I'm deleting it!!!

Brandon Camp

LOVE IT Probably the most wanted app ever.

Breejen Chandler

Revine in search broken I can't revine anything from the search, but everything else works fine :/

Melanie Orozco

One problem?? I can't hear anything,I have my volume all the way up and I still can't hear anything

Christell Powers

I love the video quality. It really makes the videos enjoyable.

Jayda Boots

Favorite app but it no longer works It will not let me revine anything ?

ChrisDonovan FangWolf

pretty gewd funny videos and cool ppl

Jael Gant

Keeps telling me email is already in use when it signs me out please fix dis it's anoyin

Enrique Hernandez

Liked it I think it is very funny, but they need to stop cussing so much.


Doesn't work properly The videos won't loop properly. The video will play one time, then when it loops, it only plays the audio, not the video. The third time, it will lag video and play no audio. There is no 4th time, it just won't play after that. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, nothing. I have Galaxy S5 if this helps. Help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Efrgor Efraimsons

I love this I'm up to 850 followers and it's very cool

Jennifer Hernandez

Why does vine not load videos! Fix this!

Matt Craven

Ninety percent of the people on this app are the physical manifestation of Aids.

Trevor Jarman

The in app camera is very dim so dim that at times i cant even see

Trinity DiBartolo

Freezes It freezes to the point that the app shuts down. I have to do this at least twice to get the app working

KyaGurl KyaGurl

Booty?? Why is vine only 6 seconds.... Like come on now?????????

Sarah Dougherty

Addictive / boring It's another one of those apps. Can't get enough of it at first then get bored of it

carisa depasquale

Love it It is so fun and so easy it just awesome!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥:-) :-)

Marlene Ramirez

I love it I love the has funny,sad,and other entertainments . I've got 299 followers they are good entertainers??????

Blip Baker

Hilarious! And sometimes helpful.

chellsi mcgarry

Was fine before UPDATE 18.2.16 Was fine before UPDATE 18.2.16 now doesn't upload vines, videos very jumpy its very poor!

Jed Osuji

Too funny Love it, this is the app for me too go to whenever I need some humor or cheering up, it is great

Beth Shepherd

Email My email isn't working so I can't use it but !y email is right


Instagram follow them IG: vine.lab

Sophie Sartain

Doesn't work My app will not let me view the "on this rise" page. I have tried reinstalling the app, but that did not help the problem.

Harshil Kikani

Give the app Material Designed interface! Seriously, this is overdued! Give us a material designed interface with material animations. And please fix the lag this app has.

jonathan major

Fix it Takes up to 100 tries to up load a video since the update take even longer some times then when it actually works the video never shows up updated ,still take 50 to 100 times to upload a video pretty pointless

david S

Turtles are nice, and turtles are slow. Your app is a big dumb turtle, nice, but really slow. That's if it moves at all. stupid, and really slow. Should call it turtle, not vine. One big stupid turtle. Videos take forever to load, or don't load at all...... One big slow, stupid, turtle.

Nathan Scott

Not Functioning Properly I can't even enjoy Vine anymore. I open the app, it will play a couple of vines and eventually it just stops loading them. This has been going on for a while now and until it is fixed, I leave you with a 1 star rating.


Doesn't work properly The videos won't loop properly. The video will play one time, then when it loops, it only plays the audio, not the video. The third time, it will lag video and play no audio. There is no 4th time, it just won't play after that. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, nothing. I have Galaxy S5 if this helps. Help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks! P.S: still having the same problem.

Heath W

Funny So funny i ❤❤❤?????it 5stars for sure there to make u laugh when u r sad makes u laugh good music

Alyssa Williams

I LOVE THIS APP BUT... Lately the videos havent been loading and its not my WiFi cuz all my other apps work

Madison The Cosplayer

It's great but- I wish You would give the add music option to android users as well. I would love to add music to my videos from other videos like others are doing.. but I can't because I don't have an Iphone ?

Elle Manders

Some Vines Won't Play Overall, the Vine app is great, except for the fact that some of the vines won't play. It may just be this device, but it you have an update that can fix this, then please send it out.

Faith Rucker

Best app ever I can see all my best viners instead of going on YouTube for everyone

Justin Wann

Vines won't upload or post Made one video. It posted fine. Made 2 more, they wont post/upload or even play back for me now. Tried resetting my phone, no fix. Can anyone help?

Anna Sharp

Wtf It won't let me revine or like anything, and continues to make me confirm that I'm not a robot, but when I try the letters I type are always wrong

Starla Callahan

Used to like it. Until this I used to love vine but one day i signed into vine and all my info was gone, who i follow, who follows me, and all my posts and revines are gone. Severely angry. I may just stick to youtube.

Alyssa Simmons

Mad Sum log me out of my account and when I tried to log back in it said this account is not real or sum close to that and now I'm upset

Markenson Geffrard

Bruised so cool works don't listen to those other people it's awesome

Andres Rios

Fix it!! We are having problems with the app because of lag and loading issues and when I was trying to make a second account it told me to verify my new email and it takes forever for the app to verify my email and it has been happening for days PLEASE FIX THIS, until you fix the problems me and the others are having right now, I just you 1 star :(

Dawn Cross

Doesn't load I don't have any problems with my other apps on my phone, but the videos won't load on my S5. Ug

Abdul Muhaymin

Yet you forget to add material design. This current design looks like it hasn't been updated since Android KitKat

James Wiles

Buggy mess Drained 40% of my battery while my phone was in doze. Avoid this app.

Fangs Of Rebellion Production

Music files So I'm having trouble with putting music in the background of my vines. Ever since I switched back to android there has been no icon were in can import music from my Google play music.

Brynn Anderson

I am trying to sign yp then it wont let me like fuke. But I want the fuking thing sooooo bad

aki lawley

very slow it feels like, I've lost connection everytime im on this app. nothing plays, i have wifi, but it just loads when i scroll to a post. it's very annoying, its been going on like this for maybe 3 or 4 days. please fix this. I've had many problems with this app. but this problem is the one that stands out.

Cailyn Big Medicine

This is great app I don't really know how to make a vine though

Obadiah Rube

This app has too many bugs! I LOVE Vine but, its quite glitchy at times. The camera sucks quality wise and there's a delay in sound when i record with the camera.

Brittany Kilgore

It's a awesome app but can you make a anime channel


Lost all my saved vines Was made to log in and no sign of any of my saved videos or followers. Thanks for the update vine, won't be bothering to use this app any more. #delete

Yuno Senpai

Vine...please... Add video importing again, I'm one of the few who can't post..

Amelia Bizon

Shortening videos If I upload a video from my gallery it crops off a whole second off the end once I upload. Very frustrating since I try to loop my videos.


Poor execution I want to like it, but it lags so much and is so buggy that it's a huge hassle to deal with. This thing made my phone lag so bad that I had to wait several minutes before the lock button responded so that I could get out of the app, and it literally stops responding every few minutes.

Nik Varga

Great content, bad upload OK, so I was trying to upload a video that I previously recorded, and it just stopped.

Jules Marie

Turns off This app literally restarts my phone after about 10 seconds of it being open.

Alma Palacios

Funny I love this app it cracks me up so bad

Nikki Glisson

Vine I love this app so much #vine

Decimo Trillonesimo

CANNOT TAG ANYONE IN COMMENTS Menu doesnt even pop up to give me the option

SwagMaster 21

When it sends me my code it won't accept it and I tried multiple times and had it resend and still did not work

Teo Koem

Recording form the app just keeps getting shitier.

Maria Dee

Upload from camera reel After the 7th time it let me.

Marisa P

I can't open up "on the rise" which I visit often, please fix.

byun loida

Idk what happened but the video is always late to the audio pls fix!

Andrew Barlow

Desperately needs android fix The app itself plays videos atrociously on Android, to the point that I use my old iPhone if I want to use it now. And it's been in this state for a long time. One would think a company with this much recognition could figure it out, but it still puts out user interface updates without addressing the severely broken core structure of the app. Cannot possibly recommend to anyone that wants their apps to work properly.

lz bahomajra

Performance lag Im not so happy with the current version of update in term of performance. too many lags.. it loads vine too slow.. and suggestion tab should be improved. GUI is better but bad in performance.

Eriel Gutierrez

"People also watched" is distracting New update is good, but now when vines loop over, the whole video darkens because of a link at the bottom of the vine. Super distracting, and takes away from the experience.

Lex Francis

"People also watched" with grey shading over the vines. Which retarded employee at vine thought this was a good idea? Edit: oh now the vines loop twice before the message appears. JUST TAKE THE MESSAGE OFF THE VINES!


'Vines for you' not updating Great app. I love funny videos however my "vines for you" doesn't update or when I press the x to get rid of it. It always comes back. Possible bug. Fix that and Ill give at least 4 stars

Nozomi Ishida

Why? I hate that the suggested vines haven't changed for like a week. Also, whenever I try to watch my liked vines, it always stops after showing me a small amount and won't let me go any further. I've also revined a few videos and they won't show up. Plus the filter used for the people also watched is really annoying.

Rido Arianggoro

New version is too odd, why it has to be black overlay "people also watch". Hate it. How to view suggestion after it closed?

Ace Duggar

Won't Let Me Reactivate Vine cleary states you have 30 days after you deactivate before your accout before it's permenantly deleted. I deactivated my account for 2 hours, tried to log back in, and it wouldn't let me. I've emailed you guys 3 times, filled out a help request form twice, and tweeted/ DM'd @vinehelp several times. It's literally been a month and I've received no type of contact whatsoever. TERRIBLE customer service if you ask me.

Whitney Vanier

Developers... Pay attention! Still a bit slow, looping doesn't exist apparently. Take the filter off the 'people also watched' . And STILL NO OPTION TO ADD MUSIC THROUGH THE APP. ? thanks for working on it, but the changes from the last 2 updates are mediocre at best.

Daniel Jesse Brophy

Fix the messed up shite F*#& you, developers. Fix the terrible lag and video freezing. Also, it's a pretty "dick" move to remove the date and time stamps. Thanks for being assholes.

Danny Lamberson

Buggy and lacking features Sometimes the audio from a previous video will continue playing over top of the next video or even after I close the app. Needs to be a way to mark videos suggested as watched. Needs a way to block certain channels from showing up on my feeds.

Nina Kwon

Lags, cant upload videos, glitchy, sometimes it doesnt capture my videos at all...can someone fix these issues?? update: still hate this app, pretty much destroys my phone's battery and takes up a lot of phone space. after thr update, the update is EVEN worse...i can't tag anyone, and it's annoying that i get notifications that other people have watched other people's videos. very close to uninstalling at this point

Kiana Walker

No sound I have a Dell tablet and sound does not emit from Vine. I can hear fine with all my other apps.

A Google User

Really?! How about we get the same things iPhone users have had for months for once? Zoom, add music, etc. This is ridiculous. CANT TAG ANYMORE STILL

Bruno Borris

Gave it 3 stars Reason is i can on have the sound on or off for all videos. I'd like to be able to choose wich vids i want to watch with sound

Matt Hunt

Can't tag people in my vines Recently i've been unable to tag other users using the @ symbol, and the 'tag' silhouette doesn't appear above my keyboard. Please fix this asap as i'm trying to collaborate with other people! (Samsung GS6)


Feed I love this app, but lately it's full of vines for phone hacks instead of the people I follow. Make it stop please. Lol

Glitchy Baka

I used to love this app, but now it takes 6 false adds just to get to the next vine

Gabby Nono

quality The quality is so bad. As a vine editor, quality of my edits are important. But no matter what I do the quality turns into crap. Also when you upload it cuts off some parts of my edits, whenever i use audio from someone else the duration is like 6.30 seconds but for me it wont even let me upload past 6 seconds

Alex Orefice

Great but needs improvement I like the app but some things need to be changed and fix. First off the recommendation vines need to be fixed. Just because I like a few vines that have the fitnessgram pacer in it does not mean I want to see 100 other vines that are the same thing. I think that there should be an auto mute for vines that are very laud. It is annoying espcially if you have head phones on. I also want there to be a way to organize your liked vines and the ones you post like you can on gallery apps.

Hayden Smith

Vines not working They play for a millisecond and then they just fade to black. Happens with like every vine. It only happens on the new update and I have an S3 and a nexus 7 2nd and it happens on both. Re: Works now, I can now actually enjoy vines.

milton villegas

Recommended vines after recent update Okay Devs ever since the new update the whole recommended vines are changing like they used to. They have been the same once for weeks. Please fix it

Jonathan Henshaw

I love vine!! But the app is still buggy. Still no seamless looping? Also, my suggested vines were being updated every day for a while. Loved this feature. But they've been the same vines for like three weeks now?

Aidan Lether

The videoing It's a really good way of videoing just touching the screen instead of going through a lot to me just one video

Zain Zulifqar

Reactivate If someone deavtivate his account and didnt get it back account still deactivate just delete this app and download vine version 2.1.5 and then login you will get your account back

Scott Berns

No infinite loops yet? Also screenshots show color status bars but the app still shows black and I'm running marshmallow

Juan Pacheco

Makes me laugh Good app love the sections

Hurgen Burgen

iOS features When, if ever, will the features of Vine for iOS also be available to Android? It kinda sucks that Apple devices get more features out of Vine... ?

rosa salvatierra

Yay Nice app but 5 starts because Thomas Sanders is on the picture at the top!

Marco Escobar

Suggested Videos...... It won't let me go on suggest videos anymore after the update. It hasn't updated in a week.... Please fix it.

Hydra Scythera

Why would you remove the date vines were posted??? There is no reason for that! AND WHY WON'T VINE ON TWITTER SHOW UP????

Junior tom

Vine I loaded out than tried to log back in than it made an new account all on its own with the same name and same picture my account is still there what's up with that

Jeff Arehart

Date of Vine Post Need to put the date of Vines back in. It's been awhile since I made new vines & won't be doing any more until the date is added back. Vine is dying & the more functinality & user friendly stuff that is removed more Viners you lose

Ryan Aparo

Still no seamless loop playback It was said a year ago that Vines would soon loop seamlessly on Android. This is still not the case, even though it's been mostly figured out perfectly on iPhone and PC. What's up, guys?

jesse oni

Can you please bring back the stat that we can see when the video was upload! Not seeing that sucks and tells someome like me if the profile still uploads recent or months.

Naturally Nyanza

Android Androids should also be able to do what I phones can. My friend complains all the time....

Ana Estrada

Tagging I am not able to tag people. Can you please fix this issue it happened after the recent update

Todd Tingey

Not so great update The new interface will take some getting used to, but since they fixed the bugs I'm happy with it again.

Miss Katie Jane Rigglar

I will create my own vines whenever I feel ready 2 do this

Alex Smith

Uses a lot of battery while not in use I have to use greenify to make sure the app doesn't kill my battery. It also doesn't look good and should be updated to Material Design. The loops are not seemless like on iOS. We should be getting the same/better app experience as iOS. It also does not have the same features as iOS like background music and remixing vines. I really like Vine as a service, but the experience on Android could be much better.

Ms Cocopiyal

Freezes a lot This app has be giving a lot of problems lately. It freezes a lot, and it's getting worse. I constantly have to force close it. I am really pissed off now

Angela Campos

Hate It Its so slow and its bad quality! Who would want to download this? Worst app ever! It doesn't even deserve a star!

Terence Abraham

Great app, but camera app is buggy for my device The vine camera deletes the recorded video after getting frozen especially when I do not have poor connection to the internet

metaldjhood games

More options to do things Make it as compatible as vine is with iPhone users

Michael Alfayate

Bad I can't loop videos twice and it only plays once but I can still hear the audio or it plays but no audio

Wild Child the gammer

It's awesome because you can be just like a real viner You can make vines just like the people on you tube just on vine

Chiaki Motomaru

Please clean out users! Make a limit to how many people you can follow. A lot of people follow more than a 1000 users and they become spam accounts. Make the limit 1000 or a bit less.

KittyKat X3

Good but.. Ok I have a tablet and on Vine you know how people Remix them right. (Use audio from other vines) I can't do that and I wish I could. Besides that it's great, good quality and cool

Kelsey Crane

Wish I could upload in HD This app is great for checking out other peoples content, but sadly the android version of this app doesnt allow you to upload vines in HD. Could the developers please fix this? I want to share my content, but i dont want it looking like an smudgy underquality mess!

Dodo dining

So dun to just go on and watch sum vines. If ur board just go wath vine and ur not bored. :)

DSC 16

Video downloading timea are quite slow and it doesn't allow android users to import videos from their photo gallery.

Yeici Lopez

Great app Vine is so fun to use. you get to see some of the most funniest things ever!!! Vine is there to entertain you and it entertains me all the time

Nick Mueth

Doesn't even load I hate it bring back the older version because the new one doesn't even load

Withered Rose

Yes This app just make me happy on some days I'm feeling down in the dumps

The MLG Bat

One Problem: Loops and Video Lags Whenever I Watch A Loops For Days Vines, The Vines Always Pauses Then Restarts The Vines Again, Otherwise, Still Good!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

Khan Adnan

Whenever I post a video on it,it shows me upload fail tap to try again Whenever I post a video on it,it shows me upload fail tap to try again and this happens again and again.

jahan mustafa

Camera keeps shutting app down I like this app but today all of a sudden my camera work and shuts down the app

The Guy

Horrible Only reason why I downloaded it is because I wanted to delete my old cringe-worthy vines

Ace Duggar

Uploading from Gallery After the new update, videos uploaded from my gallery are suddenly in slow motion, and they won't post

Queen Jay

I really like it because it gives me a chance to show people what I am really made of

TreyDaBeast 300

Great but... Its hard to get followers and likes

Erica Zarate

Zero Stars If I Could Highly upset with this app. I have a Galaxy s6, when I try to upload a video from gallery after I select the time frame and click the next arrow the main screen pops up and the video doesn't upload. Also no zoom option. .. my old phone is a galaxy s4 and I'm able to upload a video from gallery just fine but not on my UPDATED NEW s6?

chickabuu 1

Trends This is where new trends and memes are born

bradley richard

Fun Like the app alot and awsome concept relly fun

Alina Mironova

I like vines but I accidentally stumbled across Rolf I stumbled across Rolf Sartorius in my explore feed idk how but other than that the app is amazing


Upload problem won't let me upload any videos. Just says upload failed tap to try again and no It doesn't work when I tap it

Samantha Okrasinski

I love it It is amazing and interesting

Marvin Wellmann

Videos from camera roll When I select video from my camera roll and select ADD it redirect me at the home screen and can't add it.

Kiauna Bolton

Very funny Love it so much it makes me laugh so much.

Tabitha Lockhart

Best app ever made It is the best app ever made. I enjoy all of the video's that people made

Juan Tapia

Funny people Entertaining good actors are here.

J-Gzz 103

Love it I think it is amazing and a great way to take up my storage not being sarcastic

South Phily

CAN'T RESET EMAIL Every time I try to reset my email it says "EMAIL DOES NOT EXIST" but it DOES! HELP

Daniel Beltran

Login sucks Make it better

Youha Tanaka

I hate the Android version You guys are doing something wrong with the Android version cause we don't have perfect loops for the videos. We also can't switch between our different accounts and when we upload our videos, they are not in their original versions (for fan made edits). Utterly disappointed. Lastly, the windows version has it worse. Please do something about this because vine is very important.

Josiah Eliason

Missing "Remix Vine" feature. Love the app overall. Get my daily laughs out of it. However, I've found a major bug with Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4 Mini Models, as when I tap the three dots on a vine I wish to remix, it fails to show the "Remix Vine" option. Is there a way you guys can fix this? Thanks :)

Ysa Ketron

It's good I like it. I spend most of my time looking through anime edits on here which are great. But the only downsides are the the newest update really lags the vines now. Also, it's really cool when the vine loops, but it only loops on iPhones. For my phone, it just pauses, and then restarts the vine. Other than those, it's a great app and I really do like it.

Unfair and unsatisfactory Android users need to also have the remix/add music ability. Also, it won't let me tag some, but will let me tag others. It chooses to let me tag only certain people. Not impressed with the loading speed either, plus searching for people is finicky. Definitely needs some adjustments

Elda Martinez

Recent update is horrible! I love vine, honestly I do I have enjoyed it since the moment I installed it years ago. However recently, the videos/audios have started to lag and I can't tag multiple accounts in a single comment. The lag is what gets to me the most, doesn't let me enjoy the edit. Please fix this! (Android user)

Elysse Slaughter

It's great but.. It crashes a lot, like A LOT. It will even continue to stay frozen and glitchy for a while, so I'll have to leave it be for like at least 5 minutes. Even then it'll crash still. I hope this gets changed. Best wishes ~ Elysse

Pro VideoGamer99

It's great but... The only thing wrong is that sometimes when I record a vine, it usually glitches and doesn't wanna record. Sometimes it works tho but barely. PLEASE FIX OR I WILL GIVE THIS A 1 STAR AND MY OTHER FRIENDS WILL TOO!

Joshua Bell

Lagging So I updated and it seemed to make the bugs far worse than they already were. Can't scroll past 3 or 4 videos without everything freezing and now there's a worse audio lag. The front camera crashes more often as well as crashing while uploading regardless of wifii or data connection. The videos are distorting. Cant tag anyone any longer. Wish I didn't update but was sucked in by "bug fixes" I miss the old glitches...will give a five star rating if and when this is addressed. I really enjoy making Vines.

Connor Macey

It's great but... I love this app but, the loop has lag on my samsung galaxy s7. On my cousin's iphone it works perfect. If they could fix the lag it would be a definite 5 stars.

The Gaming Meowstic

What did you create? The world is so brainless now because they're trying to be funny and be famous please...... we already have enough stupidity in this world...... but I'm still getting it lol

Thế Hoàng Nguyễn

Bugs, lags There're actually many lags. The UX is not really convenient. E.x: I must individually click other users' profile to accept request. Most actions have to be carried out on phones, not desktop, which is also annoying.

AMV Wvlf

Really? Why wont you guys let android users enjoy the app too? We still can't loop, audio remix, upload in HD. Or Tons of options thats ios can do! It's really annoying. Please make it where us android users can enjoy this app too. The vidoes are only 6 seconds, why does it take so long to load on android?I wish you'd make it to where android editors have 6 seconds too.Please fix the app for Android users to enjoy it. I also can't see comments that people tagged me in? If anything at least fix looping thanks


Comment Errors Vine, could you please fix this error? Whenever I'm trying to add a comment, it say's that it's sending the comment for a split second then it disappears, and my comment doesn't get added. Please fix this asap.

Theycallme carrots_

Great app!! Tbh this app in my opinion is such a amazing masterpiece XD it might sound werid but vine is highly recommended for me, once you get it you will be loving what you will be seeing in that sceen HIGHLY RECOMMENDED GET IT?

Elzahra Gaming

Love it It's so amazing! You can put up anything here. Kpop and Anime edits are probably my favorite things to make on here. Also to see, it's something you can develop on.

Alondra Vasquez

It's a good app,but it hasn't been working right recently I haven't been able to hear the audio on the app and only other apps the vines audio can be heard fine but for some reason on the app it's not working ?

Sylvia Mayberry

It's good but.. I'm trying to verify my gmail account since a couple of weeks but it isn't happening. Please fix the issue! It's bothering me.

Allen Gillett

So slow Slower than a black hole evaporating. Why so useless on a fast connection and S7 edge.

Shadow Fangz

Wtf? I gotta log out and log back in just to change my profile pic wtf waste of my time

scorpions brother

What the hell man !!!! There are still bugs my phone freezes when I try to put up a caption

Codylex 'G'

Totally worthless... Why is it that Android users can't upload full videos? It was only made available for IOS users, this is totally rubbish. It deserves 0 star, but let me give 1 since I can't find 0 for this worthless crap of foolish Vine.

Need to make videos less glitchy and not stop when looking at 5-10 videos First some videos I watch are glitchy which is annoying, and the ones that aren't glitchy later become glitchy. Second when I watch a couple of videos they just stop at of nowhere. Please fix

Kylia Vye

Log in I can't log in to my account on the app. I would like some help with this problem... Thx, Kylia Vye

Creative Fan

Please allow remix for android I don't have any problem with it but I used to have an iPhone and was able to remix but now that I have Samsung I'm not able to, so can this please be fixed.

Vishal Gandhi

Unstable cache When you open a particular vine or it's comment section all the previously loaded vines loose their cache and start loading again, even the ones I was looping a seeing ago will now load again for minutes on a 10Mbps connection

Ian Johnson

Some bugs came back With the new update, the video pauses up but the audio keeps playing. -Edit: Now a 1-star rating because I got so frustrated I through my phone and now my morning is ruined

Jack Llewellyn

BUG ISSUES When ever I try to upload a separate clip from my video library it uploads in slow motion for no reason. Please fix!

Jordan Ellis

10,001 updates later and still no smooth loop like on iOS and desktop versions.

Ryan Moritz

App STILL runs slow... I STILL don't have seamless Vines. Other than that, updates have fixed some serious issues I was having with the app.

I love it but Its a cool app but after 2 days it logged out by itself and didnt let me log back in. It took me 3 days to log back in

Yash Punjabi

Not able to record my video....every time it says "this feature is not supported if you are using a rooted device"...pls help

Bella Martinez

Problem I always liked vine, but i can't hear anything anymore from it. It's playing but there's no sound.

Jonathan Eche

Extreme lag on the videos and it freezes time time and thoose promotional vine are not even vines block them please


Android version sucks On ios, you can do much more than android. Ios users get hd quality, perfect loops and remixes but androids don't.

Jamie M Nichols

Error If i post a vine From my gallery it plays in slow motion but the audios the same.

Ivy W

every time I try to change my icon it tells me to I need to re-log in


Android version sucks! It stalls when I upload something. The audio is behind and it messes with the quality! Please fix!!!

Kyra The German Shepherd

How do I? How do I use the audio from other vines. Because I'm having trouble trying to

Juan Tapia

Funny people Entertaining good actors are here.

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