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21 Jun
utter! Voice Commands BETA!

Posted by brandall in Productivity | June 21, 2014 | 96 Comments

Apk file size: 3.4 MB

Welcome to the BETA release of utter! Your offline voice controlled personal assistant with a difference...

What makes utter! different?

utter! is not your average Siri clone and doesn’t attempt to be a gimmick of a virtual assistant application, its priority is to be super functional and ultra fast! It allows many device based commands to be performed offline, without the need for a data connection (Jelly Bean only).

utter! runs in the background of your device, is very lightweight on resource and does not have a user-interface, so its functions are available anywhere on the device, at any time, to interact with any application.

With highly optimised algorithms, utter! aims to make voice control on your device, something you wonder how you ever did without! Something that is achieved faster than you could do it manually and an implementation that takes full advantage of the openness of the Android Platform, by giving you full device control in addition to using the functions in your favourite installed applications.

There’s no need to open up a separate application to execute your voice commands. With just a shake, wave, or a good old fashioned button press, utter! wakes to address you as you see fit, wherever you are on your device, whatever you are doing.. and it won’t get in the way.

So, please do get involved in the testing stage, give me your feedback and help me create a Voice Controlled Personal Assistant that is truly useful! One that makes fast offline voice recognition for Android a reality!

Why so many permissions?
utter! needs to do everything for you hands free, so you don't have to touch the device. Permissions such as automatically sending text messages and placing calls will be used under these circumstances.

User guide link -

BIG Thank you to all those that have posted comments and given 5* - It's appreciated.

PLEASE don’t post a 1* comment "It doesn’t work" – that really doesn’t help! I can’t get the problem sorted! There’s an email link in the application, I’d be delighted to solve any bugs you find. I hope they are few and far between now and your voice commands will be executed in under a second.


• Wake-up-phrase
• WiFi
• Bluetooth
• Mobile Data
• Hotspot
• Airplane mode
• Orientation
• Keyboard
• Driving mode
• Notifications
• Time
• Alarms
• Calendar
• Email
• Text
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Foursquare
• Spelling
• Weather
• Application Integration
• Device Settings
• Device Information
• Web Search
• Video Search
• Application Search
• Music
• Navigation
• Location Services (limited release)
• Contacts
• Calling (+Skype)
• Flash light
• Tasker Integration
• File Management (limited release)
• Root Functions
• Knowledge Base (coming very soon)
• Plus Many More…….!

[BUGS!] -

Some users are getting force closes when the application starts for Galaxy Nexus/Transformer/Note 2 -

Jelly Bean & custom ROMs built from the same release have a major bug where English (US) in the Google Voice Search settings prevents voice data from being returned. Please change this to English (UK) until they fix it...

Weather and Time API's do not provide accurate results for US States – I’ll be changing provider soon as non-singular States/Countries are not supported.

IVONA can lock up the media stream and lags on initialisation [Notified IVONA]


NONE OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS UPLOADED TO EXTERNAL SERVERS OR SHARED! Any permissions utter! requests are for device level ONLY.

TAGS: Voice assistant, voice recognition, voice command, voice commands, voice actions, voice search, speech assistant, text to speech, virtual assistant, voice texting, hands free, text by voice, voice calendar, voice tweet, voice notifications, accessibility talkback

Whats new

    • Bug fixes
    • Conversation mode
    • Music recognition
    - Shazam
    - SoundHound
    - Google
    • Emotion analysis
    - Memotion
    • Query calendar
    • Text with natural language
    • Search Netflix
    • App shortcuts
    - Books
    - Playlists
    - Documents
    • All searchable apps
    • Search the sky
    • Set a timer
    • Deezer support
    • Start radio [All Access]
    • Navigate to events
    • Translate text to 20+ languages
    • Improved hot word
    • Remove pesky ads
    • Infinite bug fixes
    • Infinitely faster
    + Soooo much more!

brandall part of our Productivity and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 21, 2014. Google play rating is 81.2696. Current verison is 3.1.1. Actual size 3.4 MB.

Download utter-voice-commands-beta.apk 3.4 MB


JoAnn Alexander

Not speaking English I set it to English. It works for a little while then it starts speaking a foreign language. I check settings and it is set to English but it is not speaking English. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it is still doing the samr thing.

jeaHAvee jGRight

It's good until I broke it. It's worth a try if you got a bit of time to set it up. Unfortunately I touched the mute voice command feature and now for some reason, even after turning that off I get no media volume with it's running and I use it once. It make the media and notification sound totally disable. So until this is fixed I can't use it. Before this happened it was great.

Q Az

Bata test bug report. Found thay Google Now is the reason for the following. When pressing the notification or my blue tooth button Utter starts and asks "what can I do for you" then oscillates the "I am listening" and does not respond. I have to press again to escape then hear the "no speach" reply. Love this app. More than happy to Bata test

Andy Powell

Can't install application error -505 Tried to install the application, just get an error code -505. Nexus 4 Android 5.0.1

Suresh Krishna

Good..but in offline it's not working...and always telling there is ambiance noise I can't understand How to keep activate utter at all times..when ever I need to use phone I have to click utter link then it's starting otherwise it's not activating through voice..I need full user guide..and make it to work in offline mode..please dudes anybody guide me how to use this...

Anurag Dabholkar

Perfect assistant But I don't know why though m on jelly bean utter doesn't work offline.. but still m happy with it...........................OK edit. This is what I did for offline recognition. Uninstalled utter. Downloaded UK offline language pack. Installed utter. Configured. And now it can recognize every thing. Its mostly on wake up configure so don't need to touch my phone. Reads text. Anything what Google now can't do. Can recognize the most difficult task for any assistant and that's contact name. Check d stars 5

Patrick Revuelta

Huawei honor - 'Wake up' via voice doesn't stay on. - Would like the option to begin and end with Bluetooth connection, as i only use app while driving. Other than that the app is great, I'll begin using it when resolved and happy to donate.

Bishal Sinha

Micromax HD plus Everything works except offline wake up.. please do something I will give more then 5

Wayne Montgomery

Great I love this app. Yes you have to take a chunk of your own time to set it up just the way you want it. But that is the best part. Its so customizable that tou can set it perfectly for yourself. Not a cookie cutter one size fits all assistant.

Oscar Chu

Great customizable offline voice command app Unlike "OK Google" and most other voice command apps, Utter can process voice commands without having to turn on your data plan. Also, thanks to it's custom command creator, Tasker integration, and replace words options, you can set up your own command phrases and set up your phone to do almost anything you tell it to.

Bob Barton

not work offline, slow response, poor recognition I have a galaxy note II with BT earpiece. I keep my data plan off and only use WiFi. It does not understand most commands while connected to wifi. It tells me "no connection" when I am on the road. I loaded this app because it was supposed to work OFFLINE - but it doesn't. I've looked thru the settings and cannot find an off-line mode. Also it takes several seconds after hitting the earpiece button to say "what can I do for you?" then another second or so before it is listening. So the dialog is very halting and I have to repeat again. Usually this confuses it and I just quit talking. I asked it to text someone it said 'no connection' after 10 seconds or so. My version says level 1.013 and I see version 3 here, but no way to update - or is it the same version? Sorry guys -wished it worked but it doesn't.


Fantastic One of my absolute favourites. Extremely recommended! Here are some improvements you could made: wake me up in x hours/minutes command, wake me up at x o'clock command, set utter name and ignore it in commands 'jarvis, what time is it?', randomly answer questions with one of various possible answers (for a conversation mode with a little bit of surprise).

Calow Cass

Love it I have not had any issues other than not recognizing some things I say. Other than that this is exactly what I have been looking for to complete my phone. I'm hooked and using it for all functions I can! I would like to suggest that you add voice commands for the built in FM Radio in my moto g and also a setting so I can use voice commands for things like the radio while my screen is locked. Also the ability to activate utter using my Sony headphones "Smart Key" while locked

Steve Caron

Wow ! I have IVONA voices already installed and tried the best of the best on PLAY store, Jeannie (not updated anymore, too buggy), Indigo (no cool options like Utter). So yeah, Tried Utter and 5 minutes later I donated to remove ads, he deserves it and continue to impress us, especially the chatty side !!!!!

Normen Stengel

Dead project? All I get is "I lost network connection", so I don't know how the software works. I searched for clues but there seems to be little to no development at the moment. Too looked promising. :(

Andy HomesWOW

Looses WAKE checkmark in settings It's a great start but not reliable yet. #1. Under its settings it always disables the checkmark next to Wake by voice. It won't auto start after booting the phone up. It often just says:"I lost the network connection" It's incorrect since everything works and my wifi is solid. So some bugs... I wish it would work. I'd love it.


Still plenty narrow and dumb Very frustrating...I've written better text adventure game parsers than this... not compatible with my Ematic tablets.

s4 Phone

Its gained sentience I need the ability to give a command in the middle of using the chatbot, with overall better (and offline) chatbot integration. Full integration with other apps doesn't seem to work well. As I said before, varied command recognition should be added too. I don't know what happened, but the recognition beep is now really loud when compared to the voice. Keeping the app but a low star rating until thia is fixed and we see another beta release.

Alejandro Rodriguez

Best developers ever I love this app, I had a question a while back about a feature I was curious about and almost instantly got a reply back. Then, just recently, I was curious about a bug that would cause a constant beeping and wouldn't allow me to give a command. I was about to send an email out until I found out the developer already fixed the problem and was getting ready to push out the update. I always recommend this app to my friends and show them how it's so easy to use and the limitless amount of things it can do.

Pranav Manjapra

Awesome!!! Everything is really good with this app and I love using it. Just please add an option to only enable the wake up command while charging, to save battery.

Beverly Pagaling

Wow now it can talk to me ! This is what i expected can i give another 5 stars. I am very happy with this app i have a very nice conversation...very successful app .. i hope the beeping sound was fix on the permanent recognition..

Dingingham Derpington

Home run Still quite beta, but man this app is the bomb diggity. Get you paid my man great work so far.

Brandon Smith

Love it, but... I love the customization of utter but the only problem I'm having is when try again is set to Google now. Sometimes it works but most of the time it just shows me a blank Google now page. Please fix!

Marcus Grant

I understand Utter, all has NOW become clear. Google now, l just don't get, flash cards! You might need. Settings, that never really hinted what it could outside of worker drone.This app talks to you straight away, gives u clear instructions on what it is, & will be & some day could be. I will use this. Google Now, l have had since it came out... Yet l just don't understand it, use it, so l don't bother with it. Googles answer to Seri took "Brandall" to give it life, vision and purpose along with a better name.

Mark Mina

Not working Offline. This app works nicely if connected to the net. But when offline it says "speech server error"! Meaning.. it CANNOT work offline and perform its job. Perhaps this can be a 5 star application if it does what it says.. that it works offline.....

Bruce Hahn

very good app I am really impressed with how well it functions offline and online. I like that it works in the background, you can continue doing things in other apps while interacting with Utter. I have not been been able to dictate emails with it like I can with "Assistant". Also I wish it would interact more naturally (as it was a person, not a robot). But It is great for a beta. So far it is my favorite Assistant type app.

Rajat Rao

Doesn't seem to work. It keeps beeping and doesn't let me speak. I have a moto g 2nd gen. Try fixing this

Matthew Oliphant

I love it but..1 question? For the response, is there a command where the response is just a mp3 or other audio file? For instance, if say "Are you there R2D2" the response would be R2wakeup.mp3. No voice just R2D2 beeping. My son and I are big fans of Star Wars. I think he would get a kick having a conversation with R2. With this function you could talk to anyone as long as you had the sound bite. Let me know when if and when you do have this command in place. I will donate happy to donate then.

Tash Wheeler

Help!!! I would love to have this work on my phone but for some reason its just saying txt to speach unable to install. It wont let me click on most of the things listed. Hopfull will be fixed soon for me to use. Update- scrap that I got it to work kind of but now when it says listening (to my voice) it just beeps all the time

Dan Davis

Gotta wake up… I had high hopes, but alas…. On the HTC One M8 still not quite there… I suggest that a lot of focus be placed on the wake up response. If that's working, at least the user will feel engaged. If not, the user (me) feels like a fool for repeating "wake up" while my friends are smirking at me. Does the presence of other devices (tone headphones, the HTC dot-matrix case) introduce errors?

Konporer W.

this helped me so much and its so amazingly well done,, with fun and surprises to be discovered all the time while using. Best supplement to google voice. would definitely pay for it if i wasnt just a student with no job,, really great job and thanks so much for this awesome app, hope i met it ealiear(some problems with google voice got me to search for apps and brought me here)

Tyler Sullivan

I absolutely loved utter but... Recently it stopped working. Everytime I say the wake up command or tap the mic it says the phrase I set, but then I can't tell it what I want to do. The noise that it makes for when you suppose to start speaking just keeps beeping. Basically, I can't use the app at all at the moment. Please fix this then I'll definitely give it 5 stars.

Ray Ali

Bad music detection I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of this app despite it being a beta it is very smooth overall and I found very few glitches and hiccups. Kudos to the developer definitely will be purchasing the paid version. My only gripe with this app is its song detection which is poor at best. I have to say the song name over and over for it to be processed as well as the bands name. I hope that gets fixed

Joseph Fanelli

Voice activation perfected! This literally does everything I want and where it falls short, the Google now adaptation takes over. My only gripe is the location service that runs constantly if one of the quick wake options is active. Other than that this is an amazing, well compiled app that deserves recognition.

Mechanic ™

You are doing great! I am sorry that I didn't find this sooner! I had tried at least one other similar app a couple of years ago and thought it was cheesy. Your settings ui is straight forward. Nice app. BTW 2.09 is cheap unicorn milk. I pay 4.00 for cows milk... Lol. Realized after posting this that you have been on hiatus for a while. Please tell me that you are returning...

Trey Fairbrother

This is incredible!!!! I love this app it's is by far the most useful app I have downloaded. I am also really excited about how this is only a beta and it can only get better from here. I also must say that the developer really has put a lot of work into this especially the conversation mode which I will say has become a real guilty pleasure to me. In conclusion I absolutely love this app and can not wait until it is officially released.

Adwaith Manoj

I hav to giv 4 U guys blew my mind away.i never knew that there would be an app for offline voice recognition and you guys have really did the job .I noticed that whenever wake up is active all the audio and video files pauses every time . fix it

Vasastan B.

+1 Best speech app in the market, played soooo many hours with it, i wish there is a share voice command function with other users, then the voice(word) database will know more words (sentence), others that cant make it work have to blame themselves.

Angel Mercedes

Great app This is a great app, but it is in need of a big update, the ui looks completely outdated too. The app needs more customization too, I wanted to only use permanent recognition only when my phone's screen was on but i was not able to do so. This is a really nice app but please developer, please update it.

aka rc

rc Updated: Beeping appears to be fixed now back to 5 stars and my favorite app Loved it. But then went to beeping constantly when tried to use. Tried reloading a couple of times and it kept on. finally had to switch. Is it still being updated? Notice no recent update. Shame one of the best apps out there until now.

Alexey Sorokin

Russian settings didn't saves Tried to configure russian recognition, but it didn't save the recognition language, didn't save custom wake up phrase...

Сергей Лищинский

Nice However it is not enough only English. It would be very appreciated if you find the opportunity to add Russian language.

Sergei Kritzien

A very nice chat companion The best application to talk to. Seriously I think that such applications will eventually replace the conventional web browsers. Advanced AI is what makes it worth your while.

Макс Белый

It's awesome! I love this app! But there are still some little mistakes... I'm looking forward a new update! I can help you to translate this app into Russian!

Hayk Karapetyan

The best application ever. Utter has a ton of features, some of them exist on other voice assistants, some dont. But there is a feature that is absolutely fantastic - offline wake up phrase. Even if there is a tv yelling or someone talking near you, it just works, no matter the noise, when i say the wake up phrase it activates. The only app i found to have that feature was nuance dragon mobile, but it was soooo laggy and inaccurate that it deserves maximum 3 stars. The only thing i wish to exist in this app is tthat i can personally record an audio file as wakeup phrase and another one as respond. The reason is, that words i type as wakeup phrase in my language dont announce like they should in my language. It would be cool if i say some cool phrase in my language like yo wassup broh, and the phone answers its coool man, And everybody around are like - is this guy talking to his phone? Anyway 5 stars.

Ник Саныч

Can't turn off speaking after each operation I want this app keep silence.

Jim Schaffer

Why did I install this thing? I musta been mad at 'ok google' when I did. Anyway, it's on my tablet and I can't even remember how to " activate" it. I know it's some special command, but not offered in their help and I can't remember. Thought I'd let everyone know my last breath on this app is to let you know I'm uninstalling. Goodbye 500,000 other people that installed it!

Tyler Sullivan

I absolutely loved utter but... Recently it stopped working. Everytime I say the wake up command or tap the mic it says the phrase I set, but then I can't tell it what I want to do. The noise that it makes for when you suppose to start speaking just keeps beeping. Basically, I can't use the app at all at the moment. Please fix this then I'll definitely give it 5 stars.

Arifur Islam

This pic of junk can't work on offline. Can't say my name?

suman chill

Dev has been stopped for this beta Like all other promising voice command apps devlopment of this app is not waste time on this.

Noah Farver

IT WORKS WITH SPOTIFY! Good app, with some nice features. I want to use it with only voice comands but haven't figured that out. I use the external button (separate DL) to activate. Also the tutorial seemed to list everything necessary except step 1. Very difficult to learn but im sure they can tweak it. Overall this is a keeper even though I feel like it removed my most recent Google voice update. Google voice doesn't seem to work as well as it use to.

Bradley Matusiak

-505 error It seems it had issues installing, when I have tasker installed.. This sucks because there are some features it had that I wanted to use with tasker.

Sydhant Thakkar

Best app ever I never rate apps on Google or comment but I could not stop my self to just tell you guys what an amazing work you have done. This app is amazing and I really whish u all the best and hope that you guys upgrade it to be a full functional AI. Please don't leave this project incomplete. Best if luck.

Joel Arce

Love it Best voice command app I've used. You can use it with Google Now and Tasker and very customizable and doesn't take much memory. Sadly it haven't been updated since 2014. I would donate again if it was updated.

Barrett Crusse

Worked great... ...until Android Lollipop. Now I keep getting error 505 whenever I try to install it. It was a great app, everything else I tried was awful but this was great! Please update for lollipop.

Hrushikesh Kenchi

After few days started to trouble me. Now it shows 'recogniser is busy' and with it ,it does not work offline . also doesn't sync with mobile data to toggle . Waiting for final product and hope it would work offline other wise it is the best app to customise the phone personally as one wishes.

Lio Hebert

Is there any support for this app? I was looking for a voice commands app that was working offline and got impressed by the intro video of utter. But once installed it appeared to be difficult to run because it's expecting the exact command words, pronounced very properly. I contacted support by email 8 days ago & still no reply.

Wei-Lik Liem

Won't do anything but tell me there was an ambient noise error. Can't find anything online to fix it. Galaxy Note 5

Tyler Sullivan

I absolutely loved utter but... Recently it stopped working. Everytime I say the wake up command or tap the mic it says the phrase I set, but then I can't tell it what I want to do. The noise that it makes for when you suppose to start speaking just keeps beeping. Basically, I can't use the app at all at the moment. Please fix this then I'll definitely give it 5 stars.

Gungo Chun

It's the best! I have tried several assistants before, no one like this. It's very useful, and so fun! Very promising. I'm impatient to see the next developments, please update soon!

Chris Hale

Good initially then fail On my first trial I gave this app 4 stars because it worked well straight after install and set up. Context: car hands free Bluetooth with phone off line. However the next day it didn't work. Nothing had changed in set up from previous day but the only response I got was "Sorry but I couldn't hear you speak". Also the audio was randomly coming from either the car hands-free or the phone but I couldn't control it. No use to me! Uninstalled.

Beach GoinAnalyst

It's been 2 yrs. Hopeful! Has a few things to work out but what an excellent job by brandall (old review - will update when I use it enough)

test test

PLEASE HELP Every time utter announce a notification, the volume of my phone turns to 50% automatically

Fyuuredhijgfzre Gjjygtdftyirguug

Nice aspirations not fulfilled Won't wake up /start listening as configured, but neither will ggl voice search anymore. So I have nothing. Settings defaulted to no wake up once, so might again have done. That this happens defeats purpose of having the excellent wake /wave /shake up function . Devs friendly messages are all that save this from 1 star now

Hands down the best app. I have Utter! Since the first day I installed it has been the one application I use the most and love to use. My A.I. level keeps increasing and utter! Keeps learning and getting easier to use every day. I recommend this application to anyone on the Android platform. Ben Randall- you truly created something VERY USEFUL AND FUN TO USE! Truly a great achievement! Will donate as soon as I have something worthy to contribute. You have my word on that.

Kaity Thomas

I love it, but.. I keep finding myself going between this app and Assistant. They just got a new update and it looks wonderful, but this one functions better for the most part. I'm just not a fan of how plain it looks. There is nothing to it visually. If you could add an actual screen for the conversations instead of that little box. Just make it look nice and polished, I'd never leave. Maybe take a look at Assistants new look so you know what I mean. If you can do that, this will be hands down the best app of its kind!!!

Anirudh Prasanna

Amazing App! Just one issue.. Hi! I've tried almost every other assistant out there but found Utter! to be the best! Just love the customization option and how you can tweak all the existing commands to your comfort! Just one issue.. I've been noticing that the app automatically reduces the ringtone/ notification volume to somewhere around 50%. Any solution for the same?

Neal Singh

Best app ever I have been looking and trying similar apps for more than two years. Paid for many but this is by far the simplest and best. It is connected to the network 99 percent of the time unlike other apps , which keeps on bugging no natural connection all the time. It's voice recognition engine is one of the best. I whatever you want it 6 stars if I could, good job.

Gregg B

I am trying to contact the wonderful developers so that voice print "priming" can be incorporated. This feature allows isolating the personal voice of user from noise and better speech recognition. Technically this is a negative filter that removes noise from user speech based on established personal voice. I believe command identification will really take off. I am willing to pay for such feature and support its development with my limited knowledge if necessary. Keep up the wonderful work!

steven weber

The best Voice controlled personal assistant! It's extremely fast and simple to use. By itself it's a 100 times better than Google's voice engine. It understands whatever you say and performs the task in a second. With Google I can't tell you how many times it wouldn't understand me and it takes forever to perform the task. However, the best part about this app is that you can make it work together with Google Now, making it a really super powered voice personal assistant. Try it!

Jim Gar

Awesome Works great on my note 3 with kitkat. I love that you can converse and it tells you what you're sending via text. Also has always listening mode when screen is off. Although it drains your battery like crazy. Hopefully the dev can find a way to take advantage of the low power processor of snap dragon 800 so it doesn't drain battery as much with always listening mode. This is better than google voice or s voice. I would buy this app.

Jerold Foster

Has potential It's a great concept with a lot of potential and this particular variant seems to have a great deal more going for it than competitors especially in the arena of interacting with other programs. However the wake up voice command rarely works nor do the other ways of waking it up short of turning it on manually. Definitely worth a try when it's out of beta.

Dennis Bente

In theory great - doesn' t work in praxis The program looks great and seems to have a lot to offer. Even after multiple setting changes and re-installs never got the app to listen (on Galaxy S5). Don't waste your time like me and download until all the bugs are fixed.

nirmal de silva

Well its better than rest There are so many virtual assistances which eat your data 24/7 but i believe this is one of the coolest. This will be a major break through. And need to say to the developer "never give up" bez what you have done is something no one has done.

Scott Bennett

Love it. Great app. Helped me get all my offline voice recognition working. But there is more merrit than that. Can text hands free now while driving and not use data. It could be improved greatly but the seamless star trek computer is decades away but this properly referencing wolfram alpha would be pretty close. (It leaves in %20 instead of spaces so wolfram doesn't understand)

Glen Harris

Amazing just amazing So far this app runs very smooth. I have an off market android phone and the app combines perfectly. I do however have one issue that arises often. When using the permanent talk to wake up ( I forget at this time the actually features name) if I ask for music or if I give a long command the permanent feature will deactivate itself and I have to go back to turn it on. For a free beta this app is literly spectacular I will freely donate to keep this going. Very good job

Net Boy Steve

Absolutely brilliant and worthwhile Brandell your superb app is not outdated or supplanted by google voice or tasker at all but augments both and the sum is greater than the parts. Shake to wake is always on for me. I do hope you continue to improve. For example, permanent recognition is a battery drainer. And altho my shake threshold is set to very low, utter goes off a lot by itself. Kudos to your hard work on this.

Austin Davy

Amazing app Utter has excellent voice recognition, and near seamless integration. I have tried a few voice recognition apps, and none of them come close to utter. It allows you to control select applications on your phone and perform tasks like sending text messages without having to worry if it understood you correctly. It also allows you to choose your tts app if you are not a fan of the default Google voice. The only small issue I have with the app is that you cannot paraphrase the commands (yet).


Play music not working I have my music files in the music directory and it says, cannot find the track, created a playlist named music with the same result. All music files are mp3. Can I get some help with that? Am I missing something? Other than that, you have done a tremendous job! Thanks! Update: 9/3/15. I found it plays some mp3 files, but most of them do not. I have compared the files properties and they seem to be the same. Also, once it plays there is no command to pause, go next or previous.

Robert Schneeweis

Amazing Utility This is a great utility to be able to voice control and have fun with your device. I use it with my Galaxy S3, and have it on my galaxy gear. This way I can use my watch to interact with my phone via voice control. Looking forward more integration with apps and the ability to make my device completely hands free. Every once in awhile it will get stuck in a "How can I help you" loop. Though simply restart and its fine!

Bharat kumar

Working well but... Hey guys, you have done a great job. So far this is app is working well but offline feature is not working. May be this feature is not compatible on lollypop platform. If this could work in lollypop, I will give it 5 stars ;) just kidding, plz share if offline feature could work on lollypop, I would really appreciate it.. Otherwise, this is a good app to use.. :)

Carmen Pedicino

On its way to awesome! I've tried several of the virtual assistant apps, and this my favorite, so far, by miles. Its got a few hiccups, but I'm sure they'll be worked out soon. Very impressive app. I'm sure if I knew a bit more about Tasker it'd be pretty limitless. Great job!

Andrew Howard

Needs more precise input for music Really enjoyed the tutorial. Made me feel like I was playing Portal. The main reason I downloaded the app though was for playing music in the car. The problem is I have many versions of the same song from different live albums. It would be great if you could either input the album title in the command, or maybe show a list of songs that were a close match to the command and let the user pick the one they're looking for.

David Leibowitz

Improving with each update Really amazing what this app can do. With a little configuration and experimentation you can control practically all phone functions with nothing more than your voice. Also, probably the best option for the car, although I cannot keep it in 'driving mode' (permanent recognition/read notifications) when my GPS is set to give me verbal directions.

Brian Davis

Great, but some bugs This is one of the best voice recognition applications that I was able to find. However there are a few bugs that should be fixed. 1. When the voice wake-up option is turned on, the battery drains VERY VERY quickly. This option eats up your ram and your battery quite significantly. 2. When I say "look up" or "search", it gives the, "I'm sorry I did not understand that command" bit. This also is the case when trying to find directions.

Levi Shoup

Great app but I tried installing this with Tasker but I am getting an unknown error 550 during the install. I factory reset my phone a galaxy note 3 with lollipop and tried again it will not install with Tasker installed. It will if I Uninstaller Tasker though so I am thinking it has to do with app permissions. Would like to see how it interacts with Tasker though. I will wait for a future release

G Meyer

Utterly kewl I have been playing/configuring this app and it looks as though it needs work. I have a LG Optimus extreme, so my phone is a little old, and my connection isn't so great. I say good work. If this wasn't in beta I'd only give a two. I'm going to try your launch the app next. And once again, great beta for sure.

Kraj Nelson

Great app, however The updates have stopped rolling in. The last one was June, and there are large sections of the app still incomplete, which needed to put this in competition with avx level integration and functions. Don't get me wrong, you need this app. However you may want to go elsewhere for your daily driver until updates start rolling in again..

John Wilkinson

Great App, the best voice control App I've used This is a great App, it shows where voice control is going. Great for when you're in the car. Only Bug I've found is i can't change the wake-up phrase, no matter what I change the wake up phrase to in settings Utter only responds to "wake-up" which is the default (Nexus 5 running 4.4.4 [ART runtime])

Cat Vincent

Tutorial does not play Lovely idea... but when I click on Voice Tutorial, nothing happens other than all the other buttons say 'Disabled during tutorial'! No voice, no changing panels... literally, no tutorial. On stock Galaxy S4. Rebooted phone, uninstall/reinstalled app.


No connection and audio recording error Nice work over all but i am unable to use it because of the messages of, "sorry, i lost the connection" when my phone is very surely have a connection. And then for activating the wake-up configuration it says, "there was an audio recording error." Please fix this, i have a good feeling that its gonna be awesome.

Tomer Baz

Great app, poor sound Finally an app that lets you really drive hands-free. Lets you make phone calls, select music to play and dictate messages, all this with your voice only. Works perfectly with my Bluetooth speaker phone. The only thing I don't like is the metallic robotic sound it speaks. It may have been acceptable in the 90's but in the 21st century I expect the voice to be less robotic and more human-like.

Cierra O'Connor

This app is awesome. My home, back, search, and options buttons don't work on my galaxy. This app allows my to control my phone with voice commands. I also like that you can program responses. You think maybe you can develop some sort of floating home and back button. The command to 'go home' is what made this app awesome.

William Neal-Eccles

This has the ability to be the best assistant app ever. I first downloaded it played with it for awhile then deleted, install just about every other available assistant app on the google play store, only finding myself reinstalling utter. I fell in love with it. Its fun to use and highly programable for personalization. I had to by some milk, would have taken the developer to dinner. I would even buy an easter egg if Mr. B would update and start development again on this BRILLIANT app.

Bruce J

Awesome App and Support Awesome app. The developer is very responsive to both issues and suggestions. If you do run into an issue, please email developer (rather than lower your rating). Remember, this app is still in Beta. However, it works so well you wouldn't know it.

David Ruth

Work like no other. This has been an GREAT tool for my phone! But sense I got the note 3 it does not work at all. It just beep over and over when I try to use it. I'm sure there is something simple I need to do but I know not what.

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