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18 Sep

Posted by TBS Games in Strategy | Sept. 18, 2016 | 244 Comments

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5+ millions of games played and counting.

"’s impossible to pass up if you’re even remotely interested in turn based strategy games." - TouchArcade

"...I’m truly in awe of everything that has been captured and neatly packaged in UniWar..." - AppCraver - 10/10

"...It’s probably the best strategy game on the iPhone ..." - PixelatedGeek

UniWar™ is a classic multiplayer turn-based strategy game with an online community.
Players take turns building their army and fighting against each other. It is like chess with multiple races and boards where terrain affects attack and mobility of units.

- 3 races, each with 8 varied units.
- 10,000+ user created maps to choose from.
- Play multiple games at once.
- Team play allows 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4.
- Campaign with 21 missions.
- Play modes: Multiplayer online, Vs. AI, Vs. a friend on the same phone (hot seat).
- Worldwide Global Ladder.
- Email or push notifications when it is your turn.
- In-game chat and main chat room.
- 5 landscape themes with fog of war.
- Select a fast or slow turn duration from 3 min to 3 days.

Whats new

    More bug fixes + 3 new IAP: gift to friend, change player color, change opponent color. Check changes log on forum at

TBS Games part of our Strategy and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 18, 2016. Google play rating is 91.0067. Current verison is 1.9.42. Actual size 20.0 MB.

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Isaac Hanna

Great Game, Even Better Customer Service I need to take a moment and say how incredibly impressed I am with this game and especially the developer. The bot server went down a couple days ago and I found the official page on Facebook and thought, what the heck, probably won't work, but might as well try to message the dev and find out what's wrong. My expectations were far exceeded when I got a response 30 minutes after I sent the message saying they were looking into it, and 30 minutes after that got another message saying it had been fixed.

Sebastian Buntin

Such a great game I can't believe I waited so long haha, but definitely love it

Yi Three

Excellent Game A great turn-based hybrid of Starcraft and Advance Wars. Solo and Campaign are worth the download, and there are also online and multiplayer play modes!

Thomas Carney

It's a challenge! Very fun way to keep you on your toes and active thinking

Cory Crum

Advanced Wars on phone If you ever played advanced wars on the GBA and loved it, then this game is for you.

A Google User

Had this on my iPhone. Awesome game! 5 stars easy.

Eric Scheuing

Amazing Deep strategy and active online community make for an awesome game. I bought this over 3 years ago and I still play every day.

A Google User

Fav game Best strat. Been playing this game for years.

Steven Donald

Uniwar Awesome game, better if it was on Android Wear too! Make it happen!

Ryan Ballard

Push notifications aren't working Not sure what happened, but I don't see them on my stock, 2014 Moto X

Terry Williams

Well worth getting The best strategy I've played, love it.


One of the best strategy games ever made for android. 5 stars

Krzysztof Krakowiak

Best At the moment the best online strategy on android (Note2)

Z. Yordanov

Best strategy game for Android! Great turn by turn strategy game!

Scott Rhodes Jr.

As a big fan of games like starcraft and dawn of war, I have to say this is quite fun. The races are similar but with their own unique twists to take advantage of. The custom maps help make sure there is a large variety of maps to play on. My favorite part is being able to do one turn and then put it down for a few hours and play my next turn if my opponent has gone. As this let's me be really active if my opponent is online at the same time, while still letting me put it to the side for a few hours.

Netta Peterbursky

Best game ever I have been playing this game every day for the last 2 years. The game dynamics are perfect and the online play is great fun. This game is so good that i would gladly pay 10 times as much for it.

Casey Armstrong

Get this! Have played over 1500 games now, this is a deeper strategy game than first meets the eye. Completely worth my money, still playing strong well over a year after first downloading.

Brian Caasi

Amazing! An amazing Turn Based Strategy game(TBS), like a Turn Based Starcraft or ' Great Little War Game' if you haven't played many TBS's. Also has both online and local/hotseat Multiplayer. Multiplayer is like many other mobile games, where you take your time and send whenever you're ready, which is great for mobile. I definitely recommend this to any Strategy fan.

Nathan Adorjan

Get this game.. But should not be way more than on IOS.

William Brooks

Game defaulted all menus into Russian. If I wasn't bffs with President Putin, I'd be SOL

Ez E

Best Best strategy game for any phone.

Filip Slavov

Simple but fun Campaign player is too straight-forward and boring. Multiplayer games happen slow, cause people take turns, of course... But in the end its well made game that achieves it goals.

A Google User

Thanks can now play on my tablet

Teddy Kw

Absolutely fantastic Great strategy game. High replay value. So many features... For only $5. One of the best deals out there, a shame that it's not more popular!

David McCaughan

Huge treat for turn-based fans I originally discovered Uniwar by accident (on the iphone) and was treated to one of the best mobile games I've ever played. I'll admit up front that I'm a huge fan of turn-based games; however, this is an outstanding example of what you can do in terms of a compelling mobile gaming experience. It's obviously riffing on Starcraft with the 3 races and a bit of rock-paper-sissors going on between the various units and reminds me a lot of Warhammer 40k: Rites of War which I enjoyed tremendously on the PC. Online play is brilliant and given the notifications you can have many games on the go and slip in your moves while riding the elevator. I never find myself playing games on the phone for long periods, but I've drained my battery several times getting sucked in for too long. Highly recommended.

A Google User

A true must-have game The replayability of this game is off-the-charts thanks to the sheer # of maps, units, & options for each battle. Options for gameplay (vs AI, vs local opponent, vs online, etc) put this game over the top

Paul Carter

Great game This is a great tbs game, visuals are great and maps to. Been playing now for a few months so now feel ready for feedback. The engineers for each race should have a special ability against all races for example the sapiens engineer should have ground radar to spot buried units or be able to make them surface, the units firing range needs reviewing, the sapiens boats should have a better range like the launchers. Some new units would also be fun to have.

Barry Holloway

An amazing game Best value game, at 5 dollars, offers so much. Multiplayer wasn't expected but gives you a stronger challenge than the computer offers. Fairly balanced, and the try to keep it balanced.

A Google User

Great Game Game getting boring. Need a expansion... Months later and still no changes. Removed another star.

Carl Paradis

Not into the online stuff. Needs more single player boards. Would be great to see more one person vs AI games. And also would be great to play AI with custom maps. Add another campaign? Essentially I want more maps to play my phone AI as online multiplayer takes too long between turns.

Hunter Chamberlain

Very fun The best mobile turn based strategy game I have played.

Jared Nunemacher

Good Turn Based Strategy My friend prompted me to install this, and it is a good turn-based strategy game. Nice to be able to take the time to play as you can. Unfortunately it eats the battery like crazy, otherwise I'd give it 5 stars.

Alexandre Kral

Most addicting game ever Been playing it for the past 5 years. Well worth is money.

A Google User

Best Async Game on Android I'm a longtime fan off TBS & asynchronous games... Uniwar is the best that Android had to offer on both.

J. Ryne Danielson

Great game--needs an update or a sequel. I'd gladly pay for additional units as either an update or a full sequel.

Antonio Batista

If you like Advance War, you'll most likely like this game. The game is great, I like the fact that it's similar to Advance War except with different races. This is currently the only game in the app store I would pay this much to play. The only reason I gave this a 3 and not a 4 is because I dislike the fact that the map editor is only used for online play. This ruins the game for me since I'm a single player type of person. Add the map editor for offline play and I will give it a 4. Add new races and units and I will give it a 5.

Boris Tanoto

Battery drain Why does it drain so much juice? It's such a small (but awesome) game. Please fix.

Maxim Sukhochev

Great! Best Android strategy game!

Oleg Maslov

Great game Just a piece of art. Very addictive. Very convenient to play on the go. No donate, no premium.

Denis Kalinin

some additional options Nice game with a lot of tactics. But please add an option to save replays to analyse faults and wins. Thanks for the game. But available cheating mods make game unfair.

Pavel Antropov

Magnificent game! I like it. Strategy, tactics - all in one game. Very pleased that Russia has an official website of this game. It helped me learn many important aspects of the UniWar. And now I can say with confidence that I could buy this game, even for $ 500.

Andrey Ioshkin

The best tbs for android! The best tbs for android! But drains battery.

Steve Abram

Awesome Multiplayer TBS I originally had this on iphone and played it every day for a year. 2 years later, I just got it for my nexus 5 and its still awesome! Great work devs!

Donovan Kirk

Best game on android Had an issue with the app, developers responded quickly and shortly after updated the app with a resolution. Really, very good service and a great game with a lot of depth.

Robert Grantz

uniwar error "the coordinate where you want to move is terrain that is capturable" ???

A Google User

Vvv Push is back omg

Esteban Guzman

Great game and great support from devs.

Vivek Jindal

Game needs to expand in terms of social... Very less people have this game just because game is overpriced.. I wish if the game gets free so I could play with my friends... Anyways great game though..... ***UPDATE*** i love open gl, but please give the old music back. new music totally sucks and irritating.

Bob Usualis

Amazing. Thanks to Open GL, my phone and this game are in harmony. Uniwar is back.

Claudie Grayson

Great playability Love this game. Not an online player. Would like to see an additional campaign or maps.

Richard DiPersio

Best game ever created!! This game is better than Chess, Risk, Axis & Allies, Battleship, Stratego, and StarCraft all put together!!!

Jaroslav Urban

Great Reminds me of Battle Isle series

Mark Nienhaus

Best turn base I have played to date Reminds me Starcraft, but in turnbase. Active community. Great tournaments.

Dave Murphy

Been playing this game for 4 years now. What more can I say?!

Kent Prochazka

Great app. always a challenge waiting. Update: 06/13/15- Friendly community and steady improvements to the game. Runs flawlessly on an HTC1S. Designing maps/battlefields keeps it interesting.Best strategy/tactics game on my phone. Addictive. The races have enough differences to make playing them interesting and challenging. Only complaint is cumbersome to add new friends, previous build had an option from in a battle to add a friend to your list of friends. Looking forward to the new units that have been discussed on the forums too.

Philip Thomson

Awesome Great turn based strategy game. Overall the game is well balanced. Essentially a simplified tabletop wargame this app lets you play with strangers or friends on your schedule. I'd recommend it for anyone who enjoys games like chess, weiqi, or any wargame.

Phil Bennett

It doesn't get better than this on mobile Once you've bought the game thats it no anoying in app purchaces to ruin the game, no gems, no timers Awsome ! Everything a mobile phone game should be, always learning tactics, awsome pick up and play strategy. Needs a new race to mix things up, sometimes one side can have advantage because of race or map though.

Dave hamo

Awesome close to advance wars Can't wait for Uniwars 2. ☆☆☆ Why is there no IOS push notification?☆☆☆

Robin Gracie

***BEST TURN BASED STRATEGY GAME*** Still really enjoying this game 5 years on...In my opinion one the best turn based strategy game out there for Smart Devices

Kyle Kroeger

My favorite phone game ever. I have played for 3 months now and it just keeps getting better and better

Dale Morin

Great game One of the best turn based mobile games I've found, but the last update has an issue with the play list that is annoying

Jonathan Estok

Dev responded quickly. Thankfully the Facebook bullshit that was embedded in this app years ago has been removed so I changed this from 3 stars to 5. Also the Dev responded extremely fast and said they would include my suggestion of auto end turn when all moves have been made in this latest update. Just checked and it doesn't appear to have been added yet. Anyway, As long as I don't have to look at a Facebook logo I am happy! Thanks very much for the addition of the auto end turn whenever it gets added. Take care.

A Google User

Fav game Best strat. Been playing this game for years. GETTING SOME GRAPHICAL ERRORS IN MY GAME LIST

Mike Apostol

Great game Can't say enough about how much fun this game is. Tons of replayability with friends in multiplayer and so many varied maps and quite well balanced .

Allen Dodd

Cant bury underlings therefore I cant advance in the campaign. Very frustrated with the inva operation message im getting. The game was a blast, a solid 5 star game till this. Very disappointed

Warren Child

Awesome game Awesome game, years I have been playing. Only game on phone that I play. First application and only I have rated.

John Sachs

Longest lived app I've had this for years. Gone through many other games over that time, this is the only one that I play consistently every day

cinder block

Reminds me of advance wars

K Higgs

My favorite game! Out of all the games ive tried, this is the one i continue to log into time after time. The strategy required to move up in the ranks is quite demanding. Trying to master this game will hurt your brain. Its a GREAT game. Its also one of the few games left that wont provoke you to spend more money every single time you load it up. Keep up the good work guys.

wolkenwand wolkenwand

Great game. This game is good, the developer are active on forum too. I was reported some bugs and it quickly fixed.

Jeremy Bryant

Best multiplayer strategy game for Android Strategic depth, very active online multiplayer, and NO grinding/unlocking/pay2win. If you're a fan of strategy, turn-based games, or the Advanced Wars game series, you'll probably love UniWar. This game used to cost $5.00 and was worth every penny, and now you're getting it for free (you can pay for more concurrent games etc). Quality developer too, who listens to community and keeps up with balance adjustments and bug fixes.

Michelle Arzul

I like it a lot, but... It keeps joining random games in the online play menu for no apparent reason. I'd like to be able to pick my race etc before the game starts, not be thrust into a random situation. I'm aware that I can just surrender and start a custom game, but that counts as a loss.

anees mufti

Too good!!! This game has successfully grabbed me by the collar. And that's very rare. Recommended! Now for some suggestions add online multiplayer and especially google play achievements

Alan McDonald

Don't like it A 4 year old could have made this

Richard Scott

Nice strategy game Well designed turn based strategy game with influences from Starcraft.

Vladimir Mogylevets

So much good feedback I was enticed to check it out... Turned out to be something mediocre, WHEREBDO YOU GET ALL THIS HYPED FEEDBACK?

bert añasco

Turned based SC2

Joseph Mehr

Loved it

Reed Lariviere

Awesome game! ? ? Probably never delete this app. Go ahead and download. No ads and IAP are worth it. :)

Jesse Yawn

Fun is fun I've been enjoying this game a lot. When I play something being it a console or mobile game I don't look at reviews I just go into it with a open mind and judge it on my own and I must say I can easily give 5 stars. Thank you to the developers of this title

Daniel Stefanov

Great Needs new marketing. "The game that CEOs play"? Really? :D That's so corny and silly!

Wee Anthony

Wish there are more factions that we can choose from, but anyway still a good tbs game.

phil jubb

Incredible Absolutely love this game, the devs should thank reddit in bringing me here :)

Alfred Blue

Let us choose our color on solo

Matt Wilkie

Good war strategy game, weird controls Computer AI is relatively easy to beat, but good for learning each race abilities. Much more challenging online against people, I lose a lot, but still enjoy it (am learning). -1 star because there's so much travel to tap/click the controls, all the way from one side of screen to the other. Sometimes the context menu items are on the left side, other times on the right. -1/2 star because you can't mix and match online and offline games ( giving you something to do while waiting for your turn).

Alex Nicholson

I love this, thanks Perfectly balanced. Amazing multilayer online or offline with friends bots or humans. Lots of maps to chose from. The tutorial is the campaign guys. I wish there was a spectate button so when your friends were online you could watch them play.

Robin Gracie

***BEST TURN BASED STRATEGY GAME*** Still really enjoying this game 5 years on...In my opinion one the best turn based strategy game out there for Smart Devices

Garrett Smith

Freakin awesome Best turn based strategy I've found yet

Sushant Gite

Challenging Awesome game and keeps me thinking all the time about the moves

Philipp Kuehnel

Perfectly balanced tiny strategy game

Jesse Hernandez

Awesome strategy game I love real time strategy games and turn-based games and this game manages to combine both aspects into one. It's essentially StarCraft but turn-based.

Raf Vantongerloo

Great TBS, seems easy at first, but battles can get complex, love it!

nikolas glines

Amazing Such a good way to strategize and enjoy an epic game play. Wish there was more races to chose from and my online play isn't working (won't let me register an account) but still a 5☆ game :)

Russell Gordon

Best strategy game out there

Frost Bite

Its like chess! Except way more cool

Conner Rohrer

Uniwar Great game. I wish there were other factions to play as, though.

shane fitzgerald-gale

I've long sought a game like this. Good Turn Based Strategy games are hard to come by. The tutorial (campaign) mode is truly excellent and is your first port of call when starting to learn the game. Once you're confident enough with the gameplay, the large choice of maps and 3 difficulty levels will keep you playing for a very long time. I've not attempted online play yet but am looking forward to trying it once I've learnt to recognise what tactics work well with each race/unit/map etc. Icons aren't to my taste, nevertheless, great game.

Richard Bidermanis

One of the best turn-based strategy games out there Definitely. But I have to agree with some people complaining about hard difficulty. While I was able to beat 90% of the levels on hard, some were just impossible no matter what I did to try to win. Others, however, were just easy as hell to win on hard. I feel it's a way for the AI to cheat. Hard makes the game much longer (I beat last level on hard just 1 turn before timed game end). Anyway, love the game and concept. Definitely worth the money.

James Harnold

Good Fun turn based game deep but not too complex and runs fast. Good factions and the story mode is quite good too. Don't really like the icon though

Stephen Sanchez

Great! It's a really amazing turned base game I ever played (besides advance wars) I'm really looking forward to future updates!

Enoch Ko

Great game I have been playing for more than 3 years and Currently ranked 29. There is so much depth to this game, you will love it!

Richard DiPersio

Best game ever created!! This game is better than Chess, Risk, Battleship, and Stratego all put together!!!

Przemyslaw Dabkowski

Simple, but great! Simple turn-based strategy name ideal for the tablet. I strongly recommend :)

John Fore II

Fun and Challenging I am really happy that I can play bots offline and can enjoy online play when I can. Works well also. I have experienced only one crash and that may have been caused by background apps.

Dark S

Need more Race.its kind of boring with only 3 types.Good game thou


Great game Update for more stuff PLEASE!

Thomas Torrent

Worth it This is a fun game, even if you have no desire to play against real people. The campaign is lengthy; mechanics are interesting.

Elad Viner

Real game This is 1 of the 1st phone game ill play on a pc/console , its great strategy game (a bit slow) .and really hard to master but easy to learn.

Matthew Stoering

Well, I was skeptical at first. As a engineering student, I have little time for games, so I expect the rare moments when I play to be downright captivating. When I found this game, I couldn't believe my eyes. "The game CEO's play?" "More fun than Chess?" Build skills useful in real life?" I decided to give it a try. Right off the bat, it felt like a turn-based Star Craft clone, but I decided to stick with it. And, what do you know? The first player I faced online claimed to be Steve Jobs! I have a policy of believing everything I'm told in a video game chat (who wouldn't!), so I was obviously excited. (I really thought he was dead, but whatever...) After facing Elan Musk, Warren Buffet, and Douglass McMillan, I was convinced that this was indeed the game that CEO's play. I would only agree with the second statement because I am not that skilled of a chess player, and I rather enjoy decimating the armies of a twelve-year-old children (and CEO's apparently) every now and then. I still am not sure how exactly this game builds skills that are useful in real life, but I put it on my resume immediately, and I have good faith that it will land me a job worth having. Thank you UniWar :)

Tony Bye

Could have been good, but missed This could be a good game, but right now it isn't. The interface is kind of clunky. The units are uninteresting. The game mechanic of expanding by capturing "neutral" bases that are waiting around for you seems restrictive and artificial. I got the feeling it was hurried and pushed to market as soon as possible.

Willson Vhal

Great game but... It's a good game but its kind of to simple and easy to boot. The combo of units at hand are easy to plan around due to such a small selection. Because of this even if you Jack up the difficulty it remains easy.

Ryan Taylor

Holy freaking crap awesomeness Downloaded it and literally played it nine hours straight. The campaign is awesome haven't played to much multiplayer but what i have had been great. Truly awesome game, no annoying ads completely free. Thank you guys. Bravo

Snow Anjèl

Campaign Can we have a save thing/storage? I really love the campaign, and wanna save it.

Alex Bevan

Easy to learn hard to master A great game, easy to learn but hard to master, like chess. Great graphics and a mix of strategies used. I rate 5 star but just asking if you could add in more to do? Just a improvement question, not a complaint, just asking. Thank-you for making this game, your effort has been rewarded

david rubio

Finally... Although I'm in easy mode playing against computer right now just to get a feel for the game, this is by far the best hex based war game I've ever played....

Damian hoffman

Wouldn't do anything . just had a dumb robot standing there all I could do was zoom in and out .

Siddharth Vengurlekar

Addictive. Quick on the go strat game that punishes you for every misstep you make. Great for those spare moments between things.

Robin Gracie

***BEST TURN BASED STRATEGY GAME*** Still really enjoying this game 5 years on...In my opinion one the best turn based strategy game out there for Smart Devices


Haven't played But 5/5 because pretty pictures

George Brown

Not the best I've been playing this game for only a few minutes and it got really confusing

k pavan Kumar

Awesome Thank you if there was only one game to chose i would chose this

A Anon

Doesn't work Doesn't work properly on Teclast X98 3G tablet.

Billi na

Great game A nice variety of units and a very good description about how to play so you know everything about the different units and how to play. A lot of maps to choose from against bots or multi player, and always tells you when its your turn so you dont have to keep checking in.

Jesus Gonzalez

Best strategy game out there This is a real fun game and 4 the ppl tat r giving 1 star screw u

Artsiom Anikeyenka

Well balanced, involving strategy Very good mechanics of fighting with real people. Conceptually, one of few of a kind.

Dominic Okapal

Great strategy game Easy to learn, hard to master. Great tutorial campaign teaches you everything you need to know. Hard ai for quick game play, plus online with auto matchup.

Richard DiPersio

Best game ever created!!

Mark Rozentsveyg

Great free game Super fun and no ads

Sebastian Krautkraemer

Great, but where's the tutorial? Maybe I skipped it, but I kinda just have to learn on my own. But once you know, then the game is awesome!

Krut Patel

Really nice game:)

Muhammad Abdullah

Strategy at its best Loved the game! Just loved it!

Skyler Zartman

A great game without any IAP

Hunter Pierce

Great A really awesome game. Captivated me from the start

Rineton Cabuena

Try it its good

Lloyd Sheen

Horrible Worst set of instructions, should get a minus 100

Jeremy Bryant

Best multiplayer strategy game for Android Strategic depth, very active online multiplayer, and NO grinding/unlocking/pay2win. If you're a fan of strategy, turn-based games, or the Advanced Wars game series, you'll probably love UniWar. This game used to cost $5.00 and was worth every penny, and now you're getting it for free (you can pay for more concurrent games etc). Quality developer too, who listens to community and keeps up with balance adjustments and bug fixes.

DJ Dark Cloud

Good RTS game. Playing through the campaign mode & while it doesn't hold your hand, it does have a good tutorial system in place. The tutorial system in each mission/briefing just tells you how new units work as you unlock them & gives you advice on the mission then leaves you to it. You are on your own as you complete objectives & with how it is designed you can learn the game fairly quickly.

Robert Grantz

Roll it back! I've played every day for years. Paid for the game and now they want to start a pay to win strategy! Also the flashing green is disgusting! What are they irradiated?

Daryl Gordon

Very catchy mobile RTS Quite an enjoyable game. Easy to learn, can be complex to play as you progress, very good balance. No intrusive ads. Well worth trying if you like the genre.

James k. Zatoitchi

Lots of fun,old school turn based game with interesting units & abilities would recommend to those I know but play it on hard! Easy is almost to easy lol Fun & works the brain

Adam Young

Strategic war game I think the new green highlighting unmoved players is an upgrade to the game. Often when you play giant 4X4 maps this comes in handy and it takes nothing away from the game. They toned it down and it looks fine. I personally think we should be able to choose the color of the blinking. Instead of green, offer a blinking blue also. This game keeps getting better and better.

Thayne Womack

Rather fun. It has turn based combat like advanced wars, and seems inspired by starcraft. All in all a refreshing bit of fun.

Jonathan Ashton

Great tactical fun and essentially free A great little game, made all the better by having 3 different races each with 7 units with different abilities to learn how to use/play against on a wide variety of maps. It's totally free to play unless you want to upgrade (eg. more concurrent games). My only mini-gripe is only being able to take the whole last move back for a unit - too often I hit the wrong tile to move to but find I can't take it back because I accidently touched another area too.

Robin Gracie

*** Best TBS GAME *** Best turn based strategy game out there, move to competive tourneys a great addition too. There is also a very active community that is always willing to help you improve your game.

Christopher Sass

Great but Use Google play games framework would be nice.

Michael Dietz

Really fun Easy to learn, fun to keep playing. Not annoying about in-app purchases or ads.

Oliver Dykstra

Solid Good turn based strategy game. Lots of options and variability within a simple concept. Most importantly, the play controls and flow are intuitive and easy! Most most importantly, no pay to win!!

Alex Perez

Dope as dope Not hassled to pay to play so far. Good in my book!

Sam Schliebe

Great game and no ads Have no idea how they make money bit this game is awesome. A lot like advanced wars

Matt Johnston

Excellent turn based strategy I find it hard to find a really good turn based strategy, this one nailed it. It's fun, polished, and has great potential. Been playing for a few days now, I can see this being a long term game I regularly return to. I would like to see more single player campaigns though.

Eduardo Varela

Great for low end phones A really entertaining light game and runs smoothly on old or low end phones. I wish I could say the same of many other games.

Stephen Sanchez

Getting better and better The game gets more with every update and the green indicator is really helpful in large maps

Caleb Wilson

This game is great! It has an active, friendly, and supportive online community. Each update beings new features to the game.

Rocco Desta

Awesome Great game well with downloading.

Graham Krake

Wonderful game, Devs do a good job with updates and the game is exactly what it says it is, no less.

jacob ybarra

Good game Occupies my time well some strategy but good updates and improvements since i got the game


Very simple to learn straight forward game play and most importantly fun. I like it.

Michael Alston

Fun Haven't been playing long, but it's simple to learn and has enough depth to keep me playing. Good game.

Johnny Li

Fun game Good way to spend so free time.

William Bork

Well Made One of the best FTP strategy games I've played.


Was the best game of its type on Android. New update with green flashing to indicate unused units is absolutely horrible! I will uninstall soon if not fixed.

John Mistretta

Excellent hex-based miniatures game PLEASE FIX THE SCROLLING/ZOOMING MECHANISM! I accidentally do an un-undoable move about once every other turn. I can never tell if I'm going to be scrolling the screen or moving a unit

Andrzej Kowalczyk

Simple and fun, yet challengeing Simple premise, but will get more challenging. Jump back in at any time without a need to remember how to play. Kina like chess or checkers.

Amator DeNex

Awesome I have yet to play 1v1 against live players, can't wait till I do :)

Deri Thomas

Green flashing icons was a bad move Please revert to old method of marking used units

Daniel Olivas

Throw back Awesome game throwback to older tile games simple but fun and replay able

Andrew Smith

Flash green... No please Why update to flashing green for unused units.

Christopher Inch

Great game But they newest update with the flashing green for unused units is absolutely terrible and a massive eyesore. It was fine the way it was. Change it back please.

cheyenne bowers

Play on commute to work and home. Fun game for tactics.

Robert Zwetzig

So far so good. Engaging, not too complicated. Good game to play when you've got a couple of spare minutes.

Pedro Benitez

Uniwar Best game of its type bar none

Kevin Schultz

Great I enjoy this very much. Great that it is frequently updated with useful updates instead of those that make a new problem worse than before. Well you went and did it...why???? Ads...really??? Ugh

Fiqri Fiqri

New this update: 30 slots!!! For those who unaware, this game now allows up to 30 games! There will be ads after you have more games than you have, but it appears only sometimes (about 5 minutes after ending your turn), but it's 30 games, so why not? Download the game now!

A Google User

Found my gem. It's been years and this is the one game I play over and over again. Love the format of playing when I can. Chess by mail! Great for starcraft or strategy boardgame fans alike. Single player is ok but multiplayer is where it shines. A developer that really cares about this game. Improvements all the time!

Tanner Eaves

Great game keeps u thinking A great game that personally doesn't require updates to be good now I do say that a few more troops/races/abilities would make the game much more interesting some ideas include different support style troops like a carrier troop or maybe a way to modify terrain in the middle of the game like Terra forming sections of the map

Raymond Carter

Addicting and Fun Great strategy game, like a more involved and complicated version of chess. I enjoy enslaving my oppositions grunts and using them as meat shields to advance my army! Also, I can see the respect the devs have for their customers even in the way the "Rate us!" Page is presented.

Eduardo Lopez

This is free? I haven't seen a single ad. So far, nothing is freemium. And I would have gladly paid a few dollars for this game

shane fitzgerald-gale

Great game. Constant love from devs. A very addictive, hex grid, turn based strategy. The devs are constantly improving the game. The AI is very capable and gives you a real run for your money. There is also a wonderful and lengthy campaign mode which is especially useful for beginners trying to learn the game from scratch. I have to delete my cache when applying a new update or the game does strange things which is something to bear in mind when updating. Excellent long-term strategy game. Download it!

Craig Webley

Fantastic turn based game. I'm only on Mission 14 of the campaign and have sunk several amazing hours into the game. I have not touched any of the other game modes yet and it has me hooked.

Wayne Dean

This well-designed game sets a high standard for turn based strategy. The map editor makes it easy to publish maps and invite others to play. The three races are distinct and well balanced.

Gi rou

Mind game and your weapon is your wits Amazingly fun and I really love the way the game is,the game is not pay to win which makes me pretty happy cause its quite rare this days,and I'm not gonna hesitate to support the game developers cause this game is exception on my list of game...overall I love the game(thanks for making this game devs)


Believe the hype Even most decent mobile apps fail to live up to their hyperbolic descriptions, but this is a rare exception. Very fun, addictive, and deep gameplay.

Guy Incognito

Military Madness Shamelessly stolen and missing one of the coolest elements of it: defensive and offensive advantages from support units within your zone of control. Also missing experience for having survived a battle. That said, having a map editor built in, and having three races are two very cool improvements. Very, very well done.

Justin Brantley

Sweet time killer Play at your schedule, not pay to win, so much depth, but very simple. This dev team did a great job. Impressive and worth the dl.

Dan Drayer

Extremely fun tactical game I love it! Anyone into tactical games will easily be able to get into it and have fun!

Nona Yabizness

Genuinely Fun Great thinking game. One mistake can make the difference between victory or defeat. A few more species would be fun.

Ronkill3rwo1f G

Awesome game Sweet game Thank you very much. Just started so will definitely give a better description and review after playing more.

Wynde Scythe

Very Interesting This game is addictive and the game play is simple. The strategiea you use will become very complex, but it is straight forward objects. A very enjoyable game.

Zachary Owens

Excellent Turn Based Strategy These games are hard to find. All 3 races utilize different strategies, are fun to play and are well balanced. You can play at your own pace and the userbase is civil.

Mecke Duli

A must play with some ballance problems Epic turn based "capture the base" game. But some maps are unballanced and constantly reappearing. In 30% of the maps: build walker, protect it, wait till opponent surrender...

Life Thesequel

Plenty of tactics This game is excellent at providing a thinking persons turn based game. Well done to the devs for not trying to force feed any monetisation. You can jump straight in and not be harassed by Ads videos and more Ads. Great to pick up and solve the tactical elements based around terrain and unit abilities. Well done it deserves a good reputation and has a thanks and a happy player right here. Give it a try - it's free after all!

Luke Willis

Amazing game Great strategy game. No p2w pressure. Love it, thank you to the devs for restoring my faith in games and humanity in general.

Richard Deck

Good game The screen shots above turned me off (the game that CEOs play?) However, it's a good advance wars style game. I would love to see unique leaders like AW had though.

Luke Stewart

Great game so far I was never a big fan of final fantasy style turn based combat, but I love chess, which this is more similar to in a small way.

Jeff Witman

Cut-rate Starcraft with no story or complexity Simple Rock-Paper-Scissor faction battles with only a currency limit on number of units. Maps are small (30x30 tiles at most), but it comes with a map creator/editor which allows you to upload your own. Tired of it quickly because every game gets repetitive and predictable. Has potential, but needs much more work.

Ben Famlonga

Good developers Love the game. Good strategy game with no adds and no real need to buy 'coins' unless you want to play more games at once. Bought them anyway due to the great game. Keep up the good work and I hope this community grows as big as other games

Dominic Tunink

A+ game. Better then all these play to play/win games

Thomas Minchin

More information Guys it's saying that I'm registered for the new tournaments just announced; using a different account and I'm not. Then it won't let me register, help me out.

Ross Davison

Great stuff Really nice little strategy game with multi player and single player campaign

cory prestenback

Great game! Nice change of pace from the tower defense games.

Tobias Woolfitt

Simple and fun Reminds me of Battle Isle. Very easy to pick up, nice tactical turn based combat. Good fun.

Thomas Chamberlain

Genius Really clever strategy game with loads of different thinks to think about when playing

Seval Reid

Addictive I was never a fan of turn based games but this seemed interesting and it is. Online and offline modes so you can stay in the action with weak cell reception. Great game guys!

John Baird

Mentally Stimulating I enjoy working out a strategy and kicking butt!

Lee Suddreth

Fun, brings me back to my Conflict day as a kid. You should play this game.

Aidan Dixon

Does too much things that effect gameplay negatively by itself you cannot stop Like always having 2 ai matches, and always switching games without your permission after you end a turn... Without ANY options to disable this. 5 Stars once you fix these issues. It is obvious you are fishing for money but don't fish for cash if it negatively impacts the game.

Peter Barron

Very addictive May seem simple but becomes more complex with the introduction of bigger units.

Brandon Weston

My new addiction Best turn based strategy game I've found on play. Free with no ads and an awesome interface AND has player vs player! Highly recommended for board/strategy gamers.

Xereph Lithian

Worth the co..oh its free.. Fun game to spend time on. Recommended to friend.

Britton Cook

Low data! 8player hex like With my shared data. Turn based, chat rooms, board creator, 8 player chess stuff. New species in the mix!?? New units?! Low data!! Commercial s loaded. Some waiting involved if time not micromanaged and trolls can be skipped after 3 skips removed... New updates removed ability and game features for dumbing down species.. Maybe for variety later or some thing.. Maps created delete wasting coins for each map make sure friendly players favorite your creations.

Eric Moore

Why did y'all change the khralian to were you can see them under ground. What's the point. They have a slight advantage of doing that to hide. Please explain. There is no point in useing them now.

Bas van Elsacker

Great game Nothing more to add, does everything it says on the box better than you'd expect

Christopher Bacon

Relaxing RTS A simple, pick up and play RTS. Relaxing and fun. Just what I've been looking for. ♡

Anthony Fincher

Recent update sometimes erroneously shows my last unit in a turn as still having an action when it does not, if that unit can't both move and attack, and it has moved.

David Easler

Pretty dope game I'm a big fan of overhead strategy games, and this is the best one I've found for the phone. Loving it for sure. Definitely suggest playing the campaign missions though. Made a huge difference for me.

Luka Petrovic

Who decided to disable skip turn? Why should I care about iOS crash issue? Disabling skip turn for everyone is bad.move

Marissa Merino

Great game. Nothing else really to say ,just an all around great game.

Evan Hotch

Uniwar Solid, fun turn based hex game. Played it for six months and still learning new strategies.

Christopher Sutphin

Addictive Those of you who enjoy strategy games should give this app a chance. It is quite enjoyable.

Brad Rowan

Great Fast not to easy multiple ways to play

jackson jr

Bug Can't play the game.the screen freeze

Joey Pimentel

Well thought out . Starcraft!


Great app! Love the game.

Khandros Verkhovan

Very good timekiller

Steven Rummelhoff

Such a great game I'm ALWAYS asked to rate and or share apps I download, NOT with uniwar. Never once. Anyways, this way is worth ALL the memory on your device. - If your turns seem to go by fast or you don't seem to be doing well, you NEED to spend more time on your turn figuring out the RIGHT move. - You will really enjoy this game if you take the time to truly PLAY. *edit* - still a great game

Brandon Myer

Finally, a turn-based game worth binge-playing This has everything I've wanted in a turn-based game since advanced wars. I feel it might even be better than my old favorite GBA game. If you are a fan of turn-based strategy games at all you will enjoy this

Level 3, engineer won't move Game seemed interesting for the first 10 min now I'm stuck on level 3. The engineer won't move? Keeps saying "invalid". And I can't do anything with my other units until I complete that objective?

John Meisner

Exactly what I was searching for Seriously a great game. It's turn based strategy with almost a star craft kinda feel to the units. I love games like fire emblem, final fantasy tactics and tactics ogre, but this is by far the best game I've played so far on Android or any small device. If u love this and have a computer try battle for wesnoth too it's great. This is a great game and I really hope they expand and keep creating.

Jack McDowell

Awesome Really fun strategy war game. Quite possibly the best. I've spent hours playing this game and I love it. Some suggestions for the devs: add more water/air vehicles; make it where there can be 4 or 5 nations of sapiens on a single map; perhaps make some passive units that generate additional supplies or add a buff to nearby allies. These are just things I think would be cool all in all this game is great install it.

Nicholas Hawkins

Great game There are not alot of fun games for me in the google play store, however this is without a doubt the FUNNEST game i have played on my phone. Thank you to the developers for making such a superb game!

Darren Ong

awesome game Great mix of advance wars and Starcraft concepts. Different races definitely make this game very interesting. It would be nice to have more units in the future especially naval.

Michael Kennedy

Great game Easy to pick up as it says and loads of fun. Haven't found any problems yet. Definitely worth a 5 star rating.

Hayley Miller

Not too complicated but still difficult enough I don't normally like strategy games, but I love love love this game!!

Jesse Coon

Like advanced wars Looking for old GBA game, a little simpler but so far sound strategy game

Alison Buchan

Jon b Clever and creative game. Fan for fill up a few minutes or hours. An be saved at any point which is a real bonus

matthew grinnell

Can't get engineer to do anything lvl 3 Tried restarting... It's stuck unplayable

Nerdy Mapper

Great Game Turn based strategy game that controls better than most on mobile and has a great balance+variety of units.

Alexander Plamondon

Great turn based strategy Easy to learn and play very fun has online and offline option which is great, hopefully they add custom single player game mode would love the campaign is really fun and best way to learn the game.

Mitchell Wheat

Great game Reminded me a lot of Advanced Wars.

James Field

Great game It's a very fun strategy game. Plays like civilization for attacking and moving. Simple but very fun and addicting.

Lazar Dourakis

Its possible to get an unfair advantage in the online game by using an old version of the game

Chris robert

Fun game Closest game to advance wars that is free to play.

Adam Lenarcic

Great super chess game! Great strategy, dynamics, and game play. Love this "superchess" game!

Xue A.

units disappearing? are units supposed to disappear when they capture a base?

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