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23 Feb
Universal Laws Revealed

Posted by Paul Jackson in Education | Feb. 23, 2015 | 41 Comments

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The Laws of the Universe, Universal Law, Spiritual Law, Natural Law..

They come with many names and disguises.. but throughout the millenniums of human history the fundamental truth of these laws has came shining through- a beacon guiding us out of the darkness of ignorance and helplessness.

There have been many times when their truth has shone weakly.. hidden by layers of human intrique and man's lust for power. But as with all things the tides have turned and it’s time for their eternal truth to shine brightly once more..

We as humans have reached a point in our spiritual evolution where we must expand and grow.. we are being readied for the next stage in our journey home and the trip/experience will be so much easier if we understand and apply these Universal Laws ( truths ) in all aspects of our life..

If you have made any spiritual progress at all in this incarnation then you’ll probably have already began your explorative journey (seeking); maybe for you it was Wicca, or Metaphysics or Oprah, or Buddhism or The Law of Attraction- There are so many different paths home.. But before we go any further I must emphasis that the Laws outlined in this book are none of these things.. They are not the path you are seeking..They are not the next big thing..or even the words of God..

No they go deeper than that..They are the fundamental framework of all that we do..all that we are..while in this physical incarnation.. It is these Laws that every single spiritual practice that you have ever come across..or ever will, is based upon. .

Many men powerful and weak have discovered the Laws and began to work with them, some knowingly, and some unknowingly ..and they have used this knowledge to change their lives..

This physical world and all it contains is just an illusion, a wonderful, glorious figment of your own imagination.. But that said it is important to remember that it is a collective illusion as well as an individual experience..

As with all collective planes of existence the universe we live in operates on certain fundamental Laws and principles- Universal Laws

I like to think of these Laws as the parameters that we are free to work within in this physical plane..

Our goal should be to understand and harness their power and truths..for It is only by understanding these Laws can we even begin to make sense of our physical existences.. I would go even further and say once you understand and comprehend these laws, and apply them to you can dramatically affect the circumstances of your life..

No more will you have any reason to feel powerless or out of control for you will know exactly what is happening and more crucially WHY it is happening .. The Laws have always existed, and just as we know physical Laws of the Universe (such as Newton’s Law of Gravity) operate whether we believe in them or not.. so do the Spiritual Laws.

Every single spiritual practice or religion, and the relative success thereof, is no more or no less than the aderhence and compliance to these laws..either by accident or design..

Throughout the eons of human history these great laws have governed every part of our human existence whether we recognise it or not and fortunately from time to time great men and women have been inspired enough to look beyond the illusion of this physical plane for answers-

And in return for their bravery some have been granted a glimpse of the Universe as it really is…

However as with any inspiration received from a higher spiritual power through a human contact, the knowledge and wisdom received will always be coloured/distorted through that unique prism.

Some concepts are just too complex to translate exactly.. Each inspired soul ,having recognized the laws and the power they contain, will have interpreted them differently and according to the beliefs and norms of the society and time they live in at the time.

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Sue-ellen Van Niekerk

Universal laws Totally awesome

Johnson Macdavis

I owe you one

Gumercindo Levy

Universal laws Loved it

Vandal Treat

Awareness Magnificent way of opening your eyes and seeing the true reality we all tend to avoid out of unnecessary fear. Don't believe in propaganda this is a much better path to follow.

Bonny I

The power within To dare, to will, to learn, to know... To keep silent

Rachael Kramer

Great App! I have just been browsing through apps and this one out of all the others I tried was clearly put together with love and hard work! There isn't a lot of information that you couldn't find doing a Google search, however, this puts a lot of good info in one place and I have enjoyed it!

Aion Living

Powerful I really love This app. It teaches me all I have longing to know about The Spirit Realm. Am so,so grateful for your hard work to make such an app for us. Thanks!

Sun Shine

This is Awesome I barely downloaded this app and already it's helped me.


what is it with u people wanting unnecessary access to our mics & cameras -.... peeping Tom's r u??????

mohit rathore

if u wanna attain wisdom. then it is the best app .

zulqarnain haider

I don't have a words for this app..

Sandra Elizabeth Belfon

A feast. Thank you.

Andrew Layne

Excellent Very helpful

Timmy Armstrong

Thank you. Im on my journey already. I believe I achieve

Justin H

Finally found my people The variety of information and functionality and the polished look are completely out of character for your usual feebie. I can already see mysef living in this app.

Tahtahme Xero

Good An intriguing beginners look into the subject. Some things didn't work for me, but what I could see of the app was interesting. A lot of reading, but good stuff.

james Alford

Great Seriously informative and well written.


Denise Awesome

Wendy K

Uninstalled Wants access to everything. It turned my GPS on in the background so what else is it getting into.

FaithA AppA

This message comes from Faith Thank-you greatly for the use of this communication including the readings for myself and the life of a new one for me and my family!!!

Daniel Olivera

This is REALLY COOL!! Awesome app if knowledge on Universal Law is what u seek. I went to the PlayStore seeking, and I'm thrilled with what I found!! Many Thanks to u for this!!

Victor Adaramola

Am happy to get my hands on this App I believe it is going to help me on my spiritual journey. Thank you so much for wonderful job.

mehrdad haghi67

Very good ... One of the best app for mob i khnowing ...

Frank Brown

Anybody seeking a spiritual path would welcome this app

Sergio Ramirez

Expectations The search for the truth is a must to all humans that we are seeking for answers.

555 Tactical

Very cool app I love it

James Taylor

Universal Law How the universe work

Jaime Wilcox

Brilliant app

Carla D. Eagleton

UNIVERSAL LAWS REVEALED Well rounded diversified selections, from ancient thru modern times. Spiritual, mystical, metaphysical, innate, inherant inclusive, substantive & succinct.

Sandy Crommelin

What a treat

Seth Gayheart

Awesome This app is pretty helpful in getting back into spirituality or starting out. I love the articles and the whole thing in general. Great tool for realizations, meditation, education, and thought provoking.

Anteneh Ketsela

Transforming! It has changed my perspective from which I see my self and the entire universe.

Robert Mosby

Some of the sections of this app do not work. One section is "articles". I'm very disappointed with the performance.

Keith Henry

Just found this app which I find interesting and inspirational very good read recommend it to anybody.

Tommie King III

Thank you App Is what it Is will be found on time for THE

Thomas Walters

UL A very informative guide source at your readily available grasp.

Jeremie Moses

Universal law FOOD for thoughts

Lipstick Lesbian

Magnificent So many wonderful tools and info.Blessings to the creator of this app.Mucho Gracias


Im new it will change your life

Lyss D.M.

Loved Very informative, definitely recommend.

Jessica Sharp

Cool Unversal laws are awsome.thankxs! *%100

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