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9 Jun
UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros

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Apk file size: 16.0 MB

Put your gloves on and step inside the arena because it’s time for the big fight of the night! The Ultra Fighting Bros are ready for a big fighting show! Choose to play the single or multiplayer mode and get ready for some hard-to-beat fun time. Can you win this epic combat? Find out now!

Each fight is a best-of-three playoff and fighters have 3 lives during each round. Climb the walls of the arena and use strategy to grab your opponent from above and tackle him down, taking a life. A round ends when one of the fighters runs out of lives.

Unlock the Power Version to gain access to the unbeatable Power Matches of the Ultra Fighting Bros. During Power Matches, several items might show up during the fights, making them much more exciting and unpredictable.

Some of the Power Matches items:
• Health - Pick to recover lives
• Freeze - Makes the walls slippery
• Electrify - Electrifies the floor and fighters lose a life on contact
• Blackout - Turns the lights off until the next hit

• Fun game inspired by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
• Single and multiplayer mode: play against the device or against a friend
• Easy but challenging gameplay
• Power Version with awesome special items and powers

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Tapps - Top Apps and Games part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 9, 2016. Google play rating is 78.7555. Current verison is 1.0.15. Actual size 16.0 MB.

Download ufb-ultimate-fighting-bros.apk 16.0 MB


Shaun Yip

I loved it so much I can't express myself!!! Thank you for creating this game Tapps

Vince Benosa

Good Great app Please be active on updating its a good app for us

Xavier Soto

Only worth it if you have someone to play with.

Bhavdeep Grewal

Deez nuts? I orgasmed to this, 10/10 , would orgasm again.

Nicholas Morales

Hi This game is really funny

tom schlupe

Ufb I love it so much

Andrew Mendez

It's awsome Star of the show

Luke Robinson

Godly game This is awsome

Jackson Griffin

Not that good It was so simple it was boring.

Jack Wellman

Its good Its a good way to pass time

David Fuster

It's a cool Game

Sidharth Nair

The simplest game ever I saw my friend playing this and it was awesome keep up the good work

Mike Nurhayati Perdana

Its cool game like wrestling Its really cool

César ME

Nice work? Simple and fun

Ruben De Lara

Awesome! Pretty Cool game huh? So that I give Five stars for this Game!!

Bobby Smith

The best

Daniel Santoyo

Power ups Listen I am the best fighter I will takedown anyone anytime anywhere just that spending 1$ and 99¢ is not realy worth getting the power ups think about it and soon this app will be amazing.

Lawrence Castillo

Great game but... Its good but every minute that its starting to fight, it disappears and then going back to my menu please fix this problem to make it perfect 5 stars

Megan King

Okay It would be better if it was easier to control.Also if the guy talking was less annoying it would be cool.

InterACT Supervisor

Simple, fun, addicting What else do you want? It the simplest yet has the great gameplay... I hope u add multiplayer via online, so people could battle each other. But nvm, the laggy things will be terrible. Anyway thx

Andy Vasquez

It's a very fun multiplayer game I love the game the fact that you can play it with your friends but you need to pay for the power part of the game

Herman Pienaar

Simple and awesome We need more cool multilayer games like this! I really like how you start out just jumping around, and next thing you know you're thinking of tactics to outwitt your opponent and making yourself vulnerable to trick your opponent into a bad position. I'm a developer myself and would love to see a postmortem article on gamasutra for this game!

Naomi Adebayo

Fun but needs work Its a good game but WHEN YOUR ABOUT TO GRAB SOMEONE IT GLITCH ES AND THE OTHER Guy grabs me its so annoying so they better fix this otherwise I'm gonna delete this

Adrian Leon

Ok I only installed this app for the hek of it but it gets boring u guys should add things that dont rquire purchase

Johnathan Harris

The awesmoe need an u made a good game men messed of this time a lot of work Read more than a few days of the other day of the way to the new year to be a bit of the other than the other day and I am not sure if you have to be able to see if you can get a lot of the other day

Nathaniel Santiaji

I love it But why we must pay the power match and please make multiplayer

Makalen Cash

I love this game M and ny brother can play agents each other

Yahir Sandoval

It's a cool game It's really cool man but why you need to buy power Mach or something

Jonathan Diego

Fun I would have never got it if my sister didn't see it

wan asim

Its okay The game is good but wheres the multiplayer ??at the screenshot and description said "challenge your friends" and multiplayer ,but theres no multiplayer theres two player and single player and it said theres martial arts fights !!!!!

Kachi Okoli

It looks ok This better be... Good or else. Your coming for the power of Awesomeness............this is my last words...ZOMBIES

Victor Moreno

Ufb It is amazing and it's funny because when you nock them down on the floor from the roof it is funny

Alex Cawthorne

Love it Sometimes I use it when I am angy and and I imagine that my brothers facecon him hahahahahah

jose Lemus

Okay game It okay but they have to be more character. In the game and new moves

Farhana Babs

Online I would give it a 5 if u guys please include online battles and earning money and tournaments....also if we can use the money to buy new outfits...I really want u guys to do these and take in my request into consideration

Fames 04

Love it I like it a lot and am glad it's two player's ☺

France Daryl Paniza

The game was good but you will buy the other version


Great Awesome game I am digging the whole pile driving thing grabbing your opponent and Pile driving him into the floor. Nice. This is the only time we get to see piledrivers done in professional sports lol

Rolly Khanna

I loved it but , It's a very gud game but where's the multiplayer????

Kenyatta Woodley

Mook kooky moo Thanks for sharing this with us it's so awesome to play this game

Tatiana Kontoulakos

AWSauM It was so fun i can,say a word yay8

ryan mattson

It got one main flaw The main flaw is that when you jump on the targets in ufb 2 it won't count as a point some times and it has happened a lot to me

Rashaad Kemokai

Awesome game I play this game with my friend all the time

Hannah Rogers

Awsome I added because you could be difrent people

Maniac Madness

Glitch I was playing two player and tht characters and they went to the bottom right corner and turned invisible..Fix plzz


This game is amazing It's simple, addicting & really fun

AmazingReaperGenius Woods

I like it very addicting I love this game it's a cool way to play with your friends

jeffrey newton

Awsome This whas a pretty cool game butt the evolution games where whay better you should invent a unicorn evolution

Mohammad Shariq

Awesome It's great but their should be more characters

Isreal Cruz

It is ok It should let us make rinks or player plus muteplayer ofcors

Kerry Shirk

Great I think it is a great app very fun nothing to add it's great.

Lakisha Lavender

So cool It's Great but doesn't always work

Farhan Zainal

Addicting of my fav

Seth Shealy

Seth Easy to beat the players

Cahiel Linton

It was so good I can't belive my eyes this is awesome

JovenszWPJT Jumper

The game is good,it's funny. But....i can play only 1 mode,why i need to pay to play another? The game becomes boring.

Luis Flores

I love this game This game is the best game ever it is so fun

Alex Orozco

Me The game sucks I always takes me out of the game

Antonio Pagan

It gets boring in one round Me and my friends love it

Rebeca Romero

This is awsome This game is not cool but this is realy awsome because on UFB you get your freinds to fight you . I got my sis to fight me she is blue and I am red but my sis keeps on betting me on round 1 but I end up winning the game.

Shi Ri Waldrep

Great game One of the best games ever. I really like it. I DON'T care if the power ups cost money because I won't buy them but in general the game is amazing.

Rashard Wheaton

Good but dumb It is a dumb stupid fart but good

Karl Grantham

Simple controls? Simple gameplay. That whole thing about there being power ups is lying. They're paid for. To make matters worse, their gameplay is boring and repetitive.

Optic Tyson

One change to 5 rate It's good and all but you could make it online where can you pick your own color and play with friends or make new maps and rank up and every time you win a match you get coins 2 if you win but if you lose you get 1 coin and if you get 50 coins or up you can get new colors like green brown and more even power ups ps just try it plz and good game

The Rock The Nation

Great Game I have no complaints! Its a great game! Only one thing when I choose red, it acts kinda slow. Pls fix bug if not its ok

bader saif

It's awsome It has two player's plus if you win two rounds you say something like why so blue it's crazy awesome you have to rate it

Hailey Denz

This game is awesome This game allows u to jump on each wrestler to win. I would just reccomend more options and level

Outwork EJ

Sis VS Sis Me and my sister/twin play all the time I'm blue she's red all the time and we love the game!

Blake Housh

It's boring no point of playing it and have to buy power mode :( ∆-∆

Nykell Sturdivant

5 Rate it There is no way that you can't not give this a low rating cause this game should be at least the 5th in all games

Michah Beauchamp

Fun and very cool game to play by your self and friends:+)

Jacques Gryffenberg

great game but please try and uptade this game that we maybe can crate our own fighters

Samuel Bursey

Hate it You keep an doing the same thing over and over again and the computer is better then you

Dylan Fahey

Its ok I mean its only got one fighting subject why not make it 3 subjects but what I'm really trying to say is update it so it can be better

Duarte Kids D

Ufb UFB is awsome, and I have ufb 2,can you make ufb 3 plz.

Zakee Latif

Awesome at game The multiplayer is amazing and I like how the game is simple.?+?=awesome

Awesomender_ _Is_Awesome

It needs just one more thing It would be awesome if you guys put a difficulty button when you play single player

Benjamin Rams

GREAT i is just sick. people download this awesome game


Awesome I liked it and i think you have to download.Oh and sometimes it's boring ???

Asia McKnight

This game is cheating hard When the guy is above me he drops straight down

Tom Sam

To simple The game is fun just di some more ti make it funner

Jamie Kung

Unfair Red always catches it's a glitch in absolutely hated this garbage

Yash Sharma

Cool It's a great time killer game. Very nice sounds and effects.

Ana Acosta

Dunk slam I like it because I beat everybody and in really good

skyla evans

I like it It gets time by and its fun

Juan Castillo

IT IS ASOME SO GOOD Best game ever downlowd people it is so asowme

Brenda Flores

Awesomeeeeedee Awesome game we!eep playing a lot

Joe Carlsen

Fantastic Fun,addictive, and glitchy

Abdelwahab Esam

Nice but I need 2 player to be via Bluetooth

Aaliyah Berryhill

Loved it I'm lmbo this game is dop it is so good you should get it ?

Orlando Jackson

Stop always trying slto get money let us play power up

Cynthia Rivera

Ultimate Fighting Bros Best game ever it's amazing. Very addicting. This is my number 1 game. Who ever made this game, THANK YOU!!

Nathan Hernandez

Awsome Its a really cool game, they also have a 2nd game try it out its really fun:-)

Pablo Saldana

Cool This game is really cool check it out

Anthony Gaston

Most likely to get 5 star rating it us really adikding

Georgina Lafontant

Love it It us fun because I keep beating my cousin in it he lose all the time in the game I am better than him it is fun beating him yess

Laura Prosser

Awsome game It's an awsome game only 1 thing there's not mutch to do so it get really boring after a while so plz add more things to do

Cᴏʟᴇ Pʀɪᴄᴇ

Oh I thought this was a game parody of UFC. Yet this game is Amazing.

Ira Jimmerson

Love it This is the best of luck to everyone for the first time I was wondering if you have any questions or need any more information about the same game.


Love it It's a awesome to play me nd my friends have a great time playing it

mark 22

This game is fun. But it needs more ways to change there color?

Ermin Zeherovic

It is a amazing game it it is my second favorite game my first is crazy wheels

Dev Michael

It's Cool I love it but please change opponent in every defeat please.Thank you..

Aaron Jamison

The following user name is a good idea for the game Hi all I'm saying that you are not the best of my resume is attached as well but it is not an option for me to do with the following user says thank you for your help

azeez ahmad

Soooo annoying left hand control Characters are funny.... But i cant play with left thumb...uninstalling...

Palwascha Rasuli

It could do better Its a really awesome game but its too short plz change in order make each round more than 2 rounds like 5 rounds in one go

Dominic Flores

Ufb ultra fighting bros It was so fun

Mikel Prince

Cool fighting game I like it me and my sister played it when i got it on my phone it's cool???

Mackenzie C

Perfect First time i played it with s friend half the time we laughed so hard it is like lol.

Jack Smith

Awsome The game is fun good graphics to good game to play when someone wants to play with you really liked it

Troy Jr. Sowder

It's awesome it reminds me of Muhammad Ali

thuraya Qubailat

Wow the game is so crazy I can play online and with my tab too!

G&S Arriola

Cool Awesome game

dj bannana AKA HENSON

Fun and easy It's really fun to play so if u download it is gonna be really fun and extremely easy

Mostafa Mohamed

This. The best game

Allanzo HDgamer

Epic This game is frickin awesome

Daniel Fester

Great Very cool game. Loved the graphics

Matthew Ivan Cebu

Awesome but I cant power match but still 5star Awesome game thx maker of the game

harry showalter

Hated it It's the worst game nova is better

Abel Tarango

Love this game so much

Kabeer Bajaj

Awesome It is very cool but you have to give power mode for free

Unique Blount

Lovvveeeddd It was great

Ribeiro Yinokuna

Funny It's Great very fun also very enjoyable It's a great game

Lindsay Oliver

J I liked it

Maliek Ross


Jesus Escamilla

cool peopol shold get this game

Elizabeth Calderon

Greatest game. Ever Great graphics

Ericson Sabado

;) Beast awsome game ever made

Mohammed Sufyan

Awsom cant be better

Vedant Navani

Sb Aosome

Hacking World

Good concept The concept is well-made and graphics are smooth.But it needs some improvements like the option to change the place of controls because playing with our left hand will be annoying for a lot of right-handed people and you could also add some more powerups to make the game mire interesting.I would be glad if the nest update will include all of my requests.Great game though.

Billy Roberts

Some adds but not to much at least you can actually play it. ? it's really worth getting so get it now and tell all you friends.?? Awesome,brilliant,cool,wicked

Kareemt Tayeh

Good but it should have online matches Make it that u can play online againts people not by the same phone

Jennifer Rutheford

Better game Impossible A better game then this is impossible

Hero tube

Hero tube This game is awesome. P.S there's only 2 sides and there's a power match. Have fun

Gabriel Hamilton

The only thing that I can get to be great.

Ultra fighting Bros I love it why didn't think of getting this before

russ bark

Boxing Wasn't bad but in real boxing u shouldn't get flicked in the air

Nolan Garinger

SUPER FUN It's got alotta something what it is I don't know

William Maynard

Awesome Awesome. It's so simple and you can play 1 or 2 players.

Aysha Hafsa

I love u ufb I live this game because they play in club

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